Denver Writer Scribes Sassy Remarks about Evan Turner

May 11, 2019 - 6:50 am

After the Trail Blazers beat the Nuggets in Game 6 of their Western conference semi-final series Thursday, Evan Turner flipped the bird to those bunch of mountain boys. It was pretty awesome, and would have been more awesome if Turner could back the bird up with some great play ... but I digress...

His brutal act of finger erecting sparked harsh criticism from Denver Post writer, Mark Kiszla. 

And then — with one minute, 19 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter — the Blazers’ simmering disrespect of Denver got truly insulting: Turner, an end-of-rotation scrub for Portland, celebrated McCollum’s big, decisive jumper with a shot of his own.Turner raised his right arm, then erected a middle finger and flipped off the Nuggets.

Oh, dear me! How brutal of him!! But wait, there's more!!

Now that’s funny. This flippant bird in the hand of Turner seemed a little passive-aggressive by the standards of the friendly and mellow Pacific Northwest. I knew Maurice Lucas, and as an intimidating enforcer, Turner adds absolutely nothing to Portland’s basketball legacy.

OK, so that last part is true (about the whole legacy thing). But what Kiszla doesn't realize is that Turner may have been flipping the bird in retaliation for Game 5 ... Enter Damian Lillard's evidence from said insta-story, yesterday...

Is that Michael Porter Jr.? I think I saw that guy play basketball at Missouri ... once ... maybe ... 

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