Those Insane 5-OT College Football Games Are About to Look Very Different

April 24, 2019 - 10:47 am

NEW ORLEANS (WWL) -- The NCAA announced a couple of major football rule changes on Tuesday. The Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved changes to both the targeting and overtime rules. 


With targeting, there is now a three-pronged litmus test when reviewing those penalties, and officials must confirm all three of those elements are present. 

Those elements: a defenseless player, forcible contact, contact directed at the head or neck area. If any of those elements can't be confirmed upon review, the targeting penalty will be overturned. There will no longer be targeting penalties that simply "stand": They must either be confirmed or overturned.


There was also a fairly major change to the overtime rules. Now, starting with the fifth overtime, teams will alternate two-point conversion attempts rather than starting drives at their opponent's 25-yard line. According to the panel, the change was made to limit the number of plays from scrimmage in games that drag out into an extended overtime when players are most fatigued and susceptible to injury.

By Seth Dunlap

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