Gary Trent Jr. Is That Emo Dude and I Love It

Rip City's guard has a style all his own

Will Darkins
August 05, 2020 - 4:23 pm

The Trail Blazers held many team narratives heading into the NBA’s Orlando Bubble League; Jusuf Nurkic’s return, Damian Lillard’s title ambitions, Zach Collins proving grounds. But one story line that’s emerged from their early success is bench guard Gary Trent Jr.’s full on embrace of that emo vibe. I mean, he’s pretty good at basketball too. Dude had 16 off the bench and hit clutch 3’s when Portland needed points in their 110-102 win against Houston, Tuesday.

That’s tight and everything, but look at what this man wore to the game:

Gary’s jacket looks like he was on his way to a Fall Out Boy concert, saw a billboard for a motorcycle show, attended, then proceeded to said Fall Out Boy concert. Every fiber of my snobby being wants to crap on the fanny pack, but you have to admit, the red provides an aesthetic pop that tells people, “I’m an NBA player who still likes to party, and might carry glow sticks.”

If you’ve followed the team extensively, you’re no doubt aware of Trent Jr. posting an airplane bathroom photoshoot during Portland’s flight to the bubble.

Long flight ----✈️

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Note that he uses a face cover to protect teammates from potential COVID-19 infection. But his eyes tell me the cover expresses his inner angst against what, I’m not sure. Scroll to the last photo in this set, and Gary goes full zipper, looking similar to the character Rorschach from the graphic novel Watchmen.

CJ McCollum slid into the comments to state “Bruh something wrong with you.” He’s just jealous. Gary Trent Jr. is the first openly emo NBA player, and I need more.

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