GAME BLOG: No one left but Rodney Hood

Our Heads Hurt ...

May 03, 2019 - 11:34 pm

If you thought Game 2 of the Trail Blazers' playoff series with the Denver Nuggets was rough, you were wrong; poop brown wrong.

Portland pulled off a tremendously hard 4-OT win, 140-137. CJ McCollum put up 41 points while Rodney Hood's 19 seem quiet on the stat sheet, but a late 3 to pull away meant the game (rest assured, you're writer is scribing this at 11:30 pm and hsa run out of creativity). Let's get to your highlights:

  • Damian Lillard put in 28 points 
  • Enes Kanter has a double-double
  • Nikola Jokic was not human: 33 points, 18 rebounds, 14 assists 
  • Will Barton reminded us we're bad at trades

Here's what #RipCity had to say about the game:

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