Just be happy you're getting football

The OSAA's fall sports shift was responsible and doesn't change much for fans

Will Darkins
August 06, 2020 - 11:55 am
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The OSAA announced Wednesday that all Oregon high school fall sports will be postponed till spring, slated to begin in March. Unless you forgot, football is included in that category. The organization says the new playing calendar will take place between March and April.

Reactions were pretty swift from parents and fans alike who had become accustomed to the smell of synthetic pigskin wafting in the frigid Oregon fall air. Plus, who the hell doesn’t like bundling up in a coat and watching high school football in October? It’s a tradition we all look forward to and celebrate.

The plan also calls for spring sports, like baseball, to run from May to June. Two-sport athletes will naturally feel hamstrung transitioning from a sport that requires conditioning for brute force, to one with more finesse. To those athletes, I have sympathy and respect.

To those fans who are frustrated by the delay and overlap; get over it. Just be happy you get to watch any high school football during this pandemic. Player safety is the most important aspect moving forward and we have to display an enormous amount of patience to ensure entertainment and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

This will be a new tradition for everyone, so we might as well embrace it! Instead of serving hot coco at games, maybe we can set up margarita stands (in the parking lot). Hey, dads! Trade in that billowy winter coat you’ll most likely wear to a November game for a brand new Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt! Go with the flow and just be happy we get to gather as a community and share in something that’s fun and true.

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