How Justin Herbert's Stellar Play Could Land Him a Crappy Job with The Giants

Will Darkins
October 15, 2018 - 8:02 am

Justin Herbert is good at throwing a football.

The 6’6”, 235 pound gunslinger proved this objective statement Saturday, during a 30-27 overtime win against bitter rival Washington. Judging by the box score one may not think much of the performance (18-32, 202 yds, 2 TD’s). But consider Herbert's crucial throw to Dillon Mitchell on 3rd and 11 during overtime:


































It’s not his poise that’s most impressive. Notice the ball placement creates separation for Mitchell to get up field. Professional quarterbacks make this throw on the reg. There’s no uncertainty about Herbert’s immediate NFL future. The uncertainty lies where he will most likely end up: The New York Football Giants. writer, Chase Goodbread (hell of a name), reported in a tweet last Friday that a gaggle of league scouts, armed with team authorized windbreakers and notepads, would attend the game:









Among those represented was a Giants scout I assume resembles Ben McAdoo and Mark Mangino, combined (Could you image pants shopping with this man?). No doubt the trip was a welcome vacation from New York’s incessant tomfoolery. The Giants are 1-5, sit last in an atrocious division, pay Odell Beckham Jr. to babysit Lil’ Wayne and continually cause Eli Manning’s face to implode:
















If the situation continues to deteriorate, New York will most likely hold the first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. For Herbert, that’s a scary scenario. According to, the Giants’ offensive line has allowed 20 sacks and 40 hits on the quarterback, this season. Add the lack of offensive weapons after Beckham and Saquon Barkley, and you get a team not fit to handle a potential franchise player.

Incongruence is nothing new for Herbert. He’s played for three different head coaches, learned three different offensive schemes, experienced a season ending injury and had to play in the Las Vegas Bowl (Speaking as a former participant in that contest, temptation to saunter down The Strip half crazed on well drinks and moderately priced buffet food is enough to end any player’s career).But the atmosphere surrounding Metlife Stadium resembles a type of toxicity not uncommon.

Tim Couch had rotten luck taking over for Ty Detmer and playing behind a Browns offensive line mimicking a revolving door for pass rushers. Plagued by injuries and undeserving boos, his career ended all-time leader in pass completion percentage. David Garrard earned Pro Bowl honors with the Jaguars, but had to play for the Jaguars.

Justin Herbert is obviously more talented than either of those burn outs. His stature, pocket presence and arm strength have all the indications of a franchise player. But without the right foundation and support system at the next level, there’s a possibility Herbert’s legacy could end the minute he books a first class ticket to Newark Liberty International.

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