Uninformed Portland Sports Fan Says: Trail Blazers are Doing Fine!

Each week at The FAN, we let Will Darkins channel his alter-ego “Uninformed Portland Sports Fan”. Most of the following is not research based and heavy in sarcasm. Enjoy!

Will Darkins
December 13, 2018 - 1:51 pm

My social media time is spent sifting through old photos of Meyers Leonard’s dog, Bella, and photo shopping Trail Blazer jerseys on players I think should play in Rip City (#Melo2PDX). But while watching Portland “effort” really hard during their 92-83 loss against the Grizzlies last night, some pretty “not chill” posts popped up on my feed:

What’s everyone so worried about? Dropping from first to ninth place in the West in a matter of weeks is not indicative of a team in Chinese Fire Drill Mode. The Trail Blazers are just working through a rough patch. If you look at the remaining December schedule, it’s going to be a cake walk for the ‘Zers!

The only piece of advice I would give Terry Stotts is to limit Jusuf Nurkic’s minutes. Not because he went 1-15 shooting last night, but to preserve energy for moments he decides to mellow out the offensive pacing and hold the ball for five or more seconds.

Good things are on the horizon for the Portland Trail Blazers. Jody Allen is keeping the team in Stumptown and CJ McCollum seems to think this two-game losing streak is a phase:

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