Signing Day Was When I Met The World ... Then Things Got Faster

National Signing Day Sure Has Changed Since My Day!

Will Darkins
December 19, 2018 - 11:48 am

That’s me on the far right. Mother bought me a tie for the occasion. It didn’t match my shirt, but my face tells the story. Signing Day was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Carl Sommer, Kevin Frahm and I sat around family, friends and TV cameras at Jakes Place in Sellwood. I still can’t believe local TV cameras showed. It seemed surreal, at the time. It makes sense now, considering we all committed to the same college. But now-a-days the practice of television channels broadcasting commitments seems elementary. Social media expanded the number of ways an 18 year old could communicate this big choice. Take for example University of Washington Kicker commit, Tim Horn. Below is a picture he posted on Twitter after verbally committing to the team.


Sweet Lord! What did they do to Tim’s mouth? How many minutes did it take to Photoshop those jaws? Is Tim an Animorph? Did anyone read those books? Watch the TV show? I have questions …

Democrat-Herald - myCapture

Four years of football at Lake Oswego High School granted me the opportunity to accept a scholarship at Oregon State University in 2007. The process leading up to signing was a practice in gratitude and ego construction. Coaches would visit my high school and make promises that would later never materialize. “We want you on the field week one … You’ll play special teams for a few games, but getting on the defensive side of the ball is priority … We’re gunning for a Pac 10 title, this season.” In retrospect these weren’t lies. I just didn’t realize how hard it would be to play Division I college football, and I wonder if people like Tim will feel the same way after TV cameras turn off.

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