Ready for the first event of the season?  May 19, 2019 ~ 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.  (7 miles)

Kaiser Permanente is prescribing a bike ride to THRIVE this summer. Bike, walk, or run at this month’s Sunday Parkways, presented by Kaiser Permanente.

Visit all the Kaiser Permanente booths to earn a collectible prize and a donation to mental health organizations will be made in your honor.

Visit dates and locations.

Parks on the Route

Laurelhurst Park 

Ivon Park 

Colonel Summers Park 

Sewallcrest Park 

Activities Available 

Live Music (Carroll Rauum Swing Orchestra, Jordan,  DJ Prashant) 

Four Park Marketplaces

Circus Cascadia 

Original Practice Shakespeare Festival (Ops Fest)

Sparkle Movement & DJ Doc Rock