Adam Rittenberg Interview 8-17-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 17th
ESPN college football insider Adam Rittenberg joins Dirt and Sprague to give the latest updates on the behind of the scenes of Maryland Football, and what his thoughts on the situation is.

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What's up everybody it's dirt when I think you for takes time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And that's that's college football to deal with Adam amber at ESPN Robert. On Larry's national college writer for ES the yen out of makes it's that time today and I wanna start. Wish you guys wrote a story to us what about a week ago on Maryland and the culture that's being created inside the program. I'm curious to ask you about the response will Muster to it's denouncing source is an anonymous sources. Just kind of what your reaction what he's not echoed South Carolina defending DJ Durkin. We'll get into it you guys yeah not a lot of a lot of respect for coach muschamp and adoptees and understand. It desire to disband when this former assistant coaches and you know. As you know out attacks as far as how these stories are done and I think because of coaches like and who are accessible at intimidating at times. Anyway and no one wants. Put their name to something critical very heated it to be supportive but it's much harder to be critical even when that is the true. And I believe this is the truth and ideas with David you rate in my book anyway he told the truth. Whether they attach their name to something about it is never gutless than. You know I think this situation is playing out. The way that 882 at Maryland because. You know some mistakes were made it Ireland so but but again a lot of respect for coach and you know I but I also understand it desire to defend what somebody who East Coast in the profession. Yeah it's basically out boil down to me I mean some of the biggest stories our country's history have been broken by anonymous sources I thought that was kind of ridiculous by him but again it's his body. You know item with the Maryland's situation that's been going on a parents spoke how much believe it was yesterday said you know you should trust your kids with DJ Durkin. What are we waiting for here in terms of whether he's gonna get fired it's an investigation. Do you think they're trying to bide their time and maybe figure out a suspension what do you think they're doing with the tutor him. Well they have launched an investigation into the allegations that we added our story last week up the president. That at a news conference this week that that investigations should be quote thorough but. Expedited and and you know this season coming up that Canada is the interim head coach from Ireland right now so if you'd think it would be a resolution sooner than later we're actually waiting a statement. From the Maryland border regions special meeting today a conference call to discuss the investigation both into it happened at the work out on May 29. And then also this new investigation. All the slowed and president of the college our campus obviously I was on that call confirmed. We're just waiting to see what the ball into the port cannot fire DJ Durkin the apps you that they could recommend recommend. Bob aura or expressed concern about the situation there so we'll see what happens. I think it's always very hard to. Fire a coach or positive situation like this but there's certainly a lot of pressure on Maryland especially after the statements that prop. Jordan that snares parents yesterday. Down the outside without a member national college football writer sees me. For ESPN at ESPN Greenberg on Larry you know and that's not obviously the only big story in the Big Ten trying to coaching wise Urban Meyer the under a lot of gamblers still. Waiting in on an answer for and and just kind of carries what you're here where is the update on your in my situation and what what are your expectations of the outcome there. Right belliard got into resources most urban and close to the process here at Iowa State he he told me quote it is going to go the distance. That. It means which we're not getting here do you think it's early next week. That it put up teen date I'd mind that technically expert on Sunday but I think it's probably going to be but they're Tuesday before you we we are decision beat the Investigative Group at speak to the board of trustees said the diversity president an adult decided to go from here or there there's a feeling. Yeah in the sport in the industry that. Urban Meyer will be back at Ohio State at some point this season. Perhaps after a suspension for a few games into that athletic director he could be a bigger trouble. Potentially depending on what do you Investigative Group bound but I'll say that the investigation that they have they carried out there as state. Has been incredibly tight out they have not allowed any real leaks. From what my sources did he can eat you guys be out there. They're probably not a very strong information is that they got a good job keeping this very quiet and no really knows exactly how it's going to turn out it could turn out with an Urban Meyer dismissal could turn to Urban Meyer suspension. I got up turnout with any urban go back and coach in here right away but. You never know how these things are gonna go with a very fittingly a very thorough job by the Investigative Group with a that the buy out. What what they're diving are most likely Monday or Tuesday. Well I guess that's why am at a confused about the urban Meyer's story I am is because. You know for us out here Portland you're trying to follow the national guys like yourself who are getting as much information as they possibly can. Don't feel all felt like it was more. Urban how does he survive this and I don't know ways change because again the the investigative. Team has been so tight lipped about it but it feels like the last week or so. Everybody's opinions at least on a national sales have seen changed to. Well I'll probably get suspended not fired what what what is it that I'm missing that led from. Pretty sure looks like he's getting fired U this is feeling more like a suspension. Well I think at the big question people as well as well. He catalog effort should eat you and your EE said the statement he now he but he backed up in the investigative process. But it does seem like the question of urban hiding information from his spot as there are not testing along hip patient to the title nine coordinator or. Or elaborate. That that got to have gone away a little bit out of the investigators made it agreed at that you viewed it that the best. Based on tech that is that your wife and other people that. And he didn't share them with your options and the people they cared for that reason. Iraq is here that that could certainly be an outcome but. It does seem like detected this year did you athletic director Jean Schmidt the specially regarding the incident back in 2015. I'll Wear Dax that was investigated for domestic violence issues that that plane apparently came rate school eyes they from the police but it still wasn't one way. At the behest early passed along from urban by air but there are also other issues there clearly this is. A troubled marriage but it released and possibly a very troubled individual why did you keep it understaffed for so long. Why you have monies that in the first place those are some questions I'm sure that we're at the Urban Meyer during this process. Yeah yeah we're talk without an out of former national college football writer for ESPN at ESPN. Remember God's putter to one coach in the Big Ten it's not under any surveillance or trouble aegis has a lot of expectations on his shoulders. And that's Scott frost. It is curious your take on Scott frost become an head coach at Nebraska and what kind of a realistic expectations that program content is should have noted the Witten for so long to get back to where they were in the 1990s. What's got to the year one expectation and the expectation of where this thing should be in three to five years. Well I think Scott did a really good job at big that he days speaking to the date of Nebraska and getting them fired up about bringing back what what made the program great for some odd years he was part of but in the same time I think you're probably knock it with a national championship this year and they're not Iraq or not. It has been and probably not good enough the really puts Wisconsin in the Big Ten west division so but I think you what you really think next year to nineteen is a year or potential breakthrough will have a young quarterback. Two of them are competing right now but young quarterback who is yet talented and a roster that's that's remorse eat it. To be more cut and the late big that way you like to be thing. And he's coming from a place that eat you know got from zero wins you the only undefeated team last year in it yet PS so. You know and yet tracker to tracker gonna die history on that side is tremendous momentum. You're being the face of Nebraska football now so I think Nebraska it's finally going to look like the Nebraska. The debate and thought it was getting in the league went out there that are believed and thought this outweigh me that it that this is a team that's made the Big Ten championship game one time. And join the conference despite being in the eastern division. So it's certainly a program that needs to be upgraded it I think Scott frost think he can do that in the next couple years. What is your hottest college football take for this season. I should the you Betty I take I'm just very is that a lot of the up story I think you know articulate that the really negative stories but yet so many quarterback situation yet so many. New head coach's name and I do a lot coaching industry. Guys so yeah I loved it be eligible pitchers get a fair and NN even to stop rot that Nebraska. All these new pac twelve coaches. You know what were you guys are too new to new coaches. For the two flagship schools in the state how it how are a crystal ball got a pair with a quarterback in just sit in in you know adept at Herbert who I had about a pactel school right now coaches who are raving about him. And then got the net you know returning back to Corvallis notes that those are the things that I'm really excited about it certainly. Quarterback competition at Alabama is unique and fascinating. And there's quite a few of those constant outlined how it Michigan going to be. And you did it shape Paterson gonna get an opposite of there's no shortage of fun story line talk about a fortunately that's not indicate that a lot. You Meeks who would you would you lay money on wind could win a national championship first Chip Kelly are Jimoh Fisher. Who let the good ones from. Who any chip Kelly's track record in the act so that so impressive that he's at a place where it shouldn't take long. Two build up the roster to where he needed it to to win the pac twelve so. Yeah I I I even though give a picture that clearly the expectation big rally at the go to it go to Alabama which is that the dominant programs college football. It to go to Auburn team about not going anywhere and and Ellis unit not going to be yet out of relatively down forever. Absent a top talent in the country so I think adding it terms in the past. The national title. It would be Chip Kelly because. You know he he got there with Oregon got the title staged at a program. We're you have to recruit in really creative ways that if you don't have the talent base now he has the talent base. Am all you have to do is obviously beat Hewitt beat but you're you're not going to program like Alabama right out attack well to get there. Yeah at great stuff out of Britain Berger national college football writer for ESPN get a follow on Twitter. At ESPN's Rick bird Adam keep up the great work we love reading your stuff than thanks for taking a few minutes force here in Portland. Even.