Beers on Us Episode 1: Beer Culture

Welcome to Beers on Us! In this week's podcast, we chat about beer culture and how it's changed (with a bit of craft beer history). We interview John Harris, owner/head brewmaster at Ecliptic, formerly with Deschutes, Full Sail, and McMenamins. Also, we wrap up the podcast with our Beer of the Week! 

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening and probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting right now. It's weird time baby welcome into the first ever episode. Of the appears on us. Podcast I could not be more excited to get this thing don't country. Yeah I do this is kind of crazy I never thought I'd be doing a podcast but when you came to me and asked hey let's do podcast about fiercely adamant let's roll so as an introduction since this is episode one and this is your first time listening. We wanna introduce ourselves and kind of what did the whole idea behind the podcast is going to be. So I'll start my name's Mike Lynch and I am going into the role of the says novice I love beer alone drinking beer. But I am only consumer and that's that's my entire role as a beer beer guy is drinking it that's it. So I wanna beef for all of you guys who were just the average beer drinker I wanna be your guy wanna do want to ask the questions you wanna know. And the one who's kind of more on your way of playing and a majority in probably a crowds dollars in 20187. Years ago now time last. And since then I've been just all over the place trying all the operas I can. In the in the Portland area as well as the rest of the state and southwest Washington whenever I get a chance to driver yeah I'd I'd try to make sure to do it. And down so that's me and. After yeah our minds kind of very much the opposite of yours I am kind of born and raised in the Pacific northwest a group in Vancouver. When a way to laws to go to eggs. And that's kind of where I started discovering craft beer and then I've been back to Portland for probably 56 years now. And ever since I got back of beer was kind of always the staple over the lot in restaurants in the industry and I've seen a lot been around. And beer was always my favorite things even though I've worked with wine craft cocktails it was always my passion. And I have a fortune and I'm knocking on two years now working for breaks ivory in the sense that I am the tapper manager and our Milwaukee mass production facility but I also managed at our slab down northwest. Point thirds by MB what breaks out of the last two years has been. Fantastic has really opened my mind to Beers he's got to be like you Michael just kind of a kind of a consumer kind of a nerds so to say some images loved beer. Instance of what we're excited stately old other level in your name's Patrick front and my name is Patrick Harris yeah I forget that that is my name down it is in the interest in Oregon I don't have an amendment just want to make sure do we edit stuff right we can still do that how we can Gooden or just let it go completely by the seat of our president what do you suspect that if he. So. Where did you kind of and me being the novice and Patrick beanie insider experts thing. As just a way take kind of try to involve all of you listeners out there appear here in the beer industry awesome great thank you for listening aperture guy. And I'll be for all of you were the average average drinker and adding that should be a kind of a really cool way to attack. Beer as an industry we Markota do you. Everything if that makes sense in the beer world we want to you. Taste and try Beers we haven't had before or that one of us hasn't had before. And that's going to be included in our beer of the week portion of the podcast which is going to be the end. Of every single week's podcast are gonna have one beer ever gonna try we're gonna just talk about it and we wanna give small discovery. Or there's a story behind it awesome so we're going to be doing that every single week. Column we're gonna have interviews with people who. Who's who ranging all Scopes in the beer world they're going to be owners are over is there going to be brew masters are going to be bartenders are going to be. District distribution people. Any later that there isn't the beer industry I'm sure I'm missing some but we're gonna talk to them. And our Ross is gonna talk about beer let us talk about topics were gonna talk about styles regions all of. I think the biggest goal of what we're trying to do here is just going to be informative kind of make sure like. Mean we're getting lucky because Mike and I we talk about this our own anyways this muzzle put it on Mike and said that you guys the goal is to be a little different than all the other beard kept your podcasts. We do want a taste beer we do wanna talk about spousal we will give our opinions and stuff but this isn't meant to be like a massive. Critical analysis of everything this is meant to be more informative. More exciting more fun Beers such a laid back thing in this town that's actually taken on its own. Personality. That our goal is to kind of just pull the curtain back a little bit and kind of see how big and how much of a movement this is in this town state region. It's pretty wild and for me it's it's a lot of bowel learning because you have so much more knowledge and not Roman and in the guests are gonna bring obvious they're gonna have the most knowledge in the ground. I know nothing John Snow I I don't know anything about the behind the scenes so I'm just fascinated it's a world that since I learned about it. As in the back of my head I'm like pass for the interest and wanna help for this work MB ER one what it's like Orkut beer and I think this'll be really cool chance for us to really dive deep and discovered that so that's going to be a discovery two I don't. I don't I don't wanna do whatever the beer podcast where we're just rating in critical. Who but I do you wanna have some of that because I wanna try newbie here yeah we can totally do that I mean I'm really excited too because this is kind of like my everyday job. Oh it Ann Arbor as we try really hard to enhance all of our beer knowledge. And this I don't want to just teach you stuff Mike I'm looking forward. It wouldn't stuff from my own because I laugh when you call me an expert by no means a mine expert. But they are you for being recalled G shocks but I do try and I make in gold mine every single day when I'm robbery to learn something new asked questions there's still so much. That I don't know about and so much that I want to know more about like I wanna become an old man and live and hobble. And built my own suitor in May. Wild Sauer Beers with fruit like Lambert's style built barrels of scooter the food and yet if the leaders opened for magician vessel ought to my hours it's all made out of wood. About your making a word about Intel had to create a crude for food are my own from Rooter in my own drinker I am watching a lot of the office right now so maybe I've got a little Kevin in Mira and with the but I don't know really anything about that bring process so it's things little things like that like him still really excited. That there's so much more that still gonna come my way in this. And you know one thing to limit and we might even do a whole episode on this but if if you're listening out there and you don't like spear read don't love beer. They may be you're listening where significant other who does like you're a lot. In their listening in your listening along. I personally really struggle with a couple of styles in terms of like MM mean you mentioned Sowers I don't likes hours a much young adult voice is on them let them but I am totally then you're gonna love the Belgian segment we do slob but I'm totally willing it. To try a bunch of them and see if I can find some that I like because there's political forum like. Between bella fell on. Well there's always stuff I mean I was trying to say stuff like I don't really care for the style of Kozo because the salty news and it is a little just too much for my pal and I'm a little. I'm little sensitive to salt in food especially food and drink. But I'm constantly trying goes as some I know out there there's a beer in every style that you will find annual like goes a spelled GO SE. By the way correct when you for so that I went to those. And I realized oh I've seen those before O Mike is going to be so much fun right on the front. I'm not I'm gonna learn a lot and hopefully guzzle too so. Where you found the podcast ray does comments like whatever but being options are on your podcast please do share with your friends tell you peeps some like we said this is for everybody even if you love beer feared nerd like me and beer go for it if you don't know anything like Mike go for it yet and like I was saying before it was a train of thought. I wanna talk about how to introduce appear to people who don't love polls such a great topic because my wife was one of those and now she likes they're a lot but when I first met her. Matta fan that he put much easier PA's interface and socialism I did not just a no I did not. I put a lot of a multi Peters interface well into since restarted but that'll be a whole another episode we'll get to the up and that's that's kind of an idea of some of the topics we're going to be talking about. On today's podcast. We will be talking about. The culture in a slight history of craft your wanna start broad it was hard bear our first guest. Will be a guy named John Harris oh. I've been told this is a big deal is a heavy hitter he is the owner of the clip to brewing. And he has spent time in the past with the man amends full Silva shoot some of the g.'s in the Portland craft beer scene he also was the guy who created the recipe. For black Q Porter yeah we chose not to appear. Johns really cool he accepted the lifetime achievement award the or number. Or debris awards oh that were held in I believe was in February. John's character. John's got stories for days. He is no short of words I'm really looking Forbes and now it's on so that'll be coming up on the series podcast and our bureau of the week. True say it now bush really does surprised and let's leave it as a surprise we have our Bure the week coming up as well. But let's start with our our dive into the topic here and that is the culture of craft beer and a little bit of history of craft beer now. I was doing a little bit reading about this before we sat down for the podcast 'cause I. I know a little bit about rubio g.s are here in Portland you know we talked about it right there and remodel tees or minimums one of the first one delivers one of the first ones Bridgeport Bridgeport to shoots Portland brewing full sail all kind of or again. In introductory craft breweries. But I also found out that a started. More California. And down about who's really into sing about kind of aware of the California restarted. And I guess we'll start there before into the culture aspect of it because the history of craft beer. It's not Sam Adams they were the first ones who make craft beer even though you probably think that by how big they are that. I'm sure I'm sure there's you know and you'll have to forgive my ignorant sometimes and these kind of things there's I'm sure their people that have made making craft beer around America. Just as long somber and yep us us on the West Coast I think with the introductions of yep the local guys. An anchor steam being a big pioneered. Just because they may be your way back in the old days before we'd any sort of grid equipment that we have now. And then the big one for me that always comes and in my head this year about those are the guys that I always look at when I was. Seventeen years old you know I don't I was drinking does that would be illegal. Wink wing think. I remember going to parties and seeing Sierra Nevada pale oil in the little kinda stubby twelve ounce bottles and that thing's been around parties are don't think it was not that I'm an appearance and kind of rouge if this equipment at. I remember a lot of keystone light to Indy and still trying to Rainier by. Mean hundred more West Coast I Rainier to this day I didn't say it is an introduction but I grew up in New Jersey a group on the East Coast region ridden country and there wasn't a thing there was judging when was our craft beer that we had out that's funny because. Rainier is closer than being willing. To get to the East Coast. I suppose but isn't immune brutally in Delaware. That my teacher at the exact cause yet you call a popular religious make in America they say it's gonna like that curling Guinness they say the closer you get to Ireland the better. The Guinness tastes warmer days. That's one thing that we can talk about this too at another time that the everyone who goes to your articles lines every your war between wired every single one room temperature at least a a sandwich when you drink it down America we like Herbert Kohl told the core often globally yes yes so yes so. Realist art history oil as we anchor steam we mentioned that was woman's ever Cisco over the Bay Area and when I went down their last year had after the for some I didn't even know I was drinking when the original craft Beers you know in steam and it's an amber correct yeah I think their first steam beer is an amber which is kind of the classic. The classic introductory style I would say I've never personally home brewed but I feel like I wrote when I run across home brewers. And if you're home were out there and I'm wrong please correct me. I feel like a lot of them start off making embers and reds and kind of mall driven things. I think the recipes and to be a little more. Was sort of looks for I think they tend to be a little more. Introductory I think they're easier to manage again yeah I didn't want to discredit the style too much but I think their little more approachable is the word I'm looking for. In terms of the overall bring process when I was him. I'm. College and now one of my friends decided to try homer he got home bring different prepare something and we did it with him and the beer remade as a member. It was an amber it was it was the first thing that this whole group home bring kids said. Try this first name the little I think of the way it is what the Molson not a lot of hops it's a little easier to cut. Letter for manned and over a long period of time and I think they're also re just really approach appears to ER yeah rehearsals just weakness in the air and that kind of helps it. And then so here and or him. We talked about it they're a little bit the oh geez include Widmer who shoots yet Bridgeport if I'm McManaman Sweden. Portland brewing and false correct yeah it was all like my missing in me. I don't think so not not nothing off the top of my head I mean there are people like. He realizes the orally browns out of speakers either they're they're forty years old men and I didn't I couldn't fathom that maybe because I didn't know. Who they worry. Ten years ago or so when I was first kind of starting to really get in the craft beer. But yes those guys those has been around for a while they're all over the place when I think of the when I think of the oh geez and I'm I'm sorry for missing anybody I think of you know the win perhaps Verizon I think of Bridgeport IPA. I think of mere pawn from the chutes and black peep order from the shoots and then I also think of likely women's ruby terminator style. And the hammerhead you those those are kind of the Beers I think of when I think of OG organ craft. So what do you think me do the classic appears different from the Beers that are being produced right now what's so what's different about. That's dial herb what they did back then and do you think you still can obviously those Beers are still being produced them in mass amounts yep but is it is it different. Do you think Benoit. Is like a new beer now when it comes out. Well I think a lot of it is probably just the evolution of our palates the evolution of the industry itself to where. Back then I think people were just really excited to have. To have to be able to enjoy. Something that wasn't. You know Rainier or keystone light something that was actually crafted an had complexity to it and over time just kind of like anything kind of represents American and extent. That whenever something we've got somewhere okay what's next. Okay what can we do now and then that just over time progresses and progresses I mean. I remember like one of the first IPA's that I really enjoyed. Was probably like total domination from him posse and where that beer was. Ten years ago is way different than where the IP IPA is now because our palates have evolved and changed. You know people want lighter bodies now and people want different things and I think it's as they evolve. The beer style start to change I think what's really impressive about a lot of those Beers that I just mentioned is that they are still around like we cannot forget that. Even though everybody wants no you know what's what's the new logger coming out what's the new hazy IP coming out we can't forget like. Woodruff at Verizon is a good beer in a mere pawn I had Amir opponent couple weeks though those may it. Wondered it spears still around these beer is good it's really good. And I think that's huge. So hurry to transition this into the culture sort talking about some of the energy buries them on the West Coast specifically. And palates are changing. And because of that the styles of the beer changing yeah. But I don't think that happens. Unless the culture of beer is as prevalent as it is today because. Dick the consumer. Is driving the changes in beer because of what they like spurs is the craft. Crap ever saying. I think this will be interest in what's put out C a delicate they're such a large base of consumers now am. That it's almost it's it's flipped on its head yours sounds like is what you're saying is they're they're saying whoa. We know all that daylight while ball wide PA yet but we also know they like this flavor a little bit from the spear there they'll love this era we want to bring this up. Yeah it's almost typical for a brewery you know let's let's just for example say one brewery wants to OK I really wanna push. Sais arts OK I really I really want this to be the next trend. They're gonna have a difficult time doing that on their own unless that's kinda what the crowd demands I think the only way of a brewery or broom reasoned general or going to necessarily push Stiles. Is it's almost like they would all have to go in on it together. It's almost like you have to pull the heads of every big brewery in this town put them together be like. All right guys let's make this Cezanne thing happened boy we have to all be in this together sort of thing you don't ever happen pretty and not I mean may be not to my knowledge. It's kind of like you know this hour's work all the rage last year when the camera was making Sowers earned 11 it's ours number one detritus hours. Was that just like some big secret convention underground or what. We never really means hours before or two women one or two. Stock market although now I mean I see what you say and I think it's kind of like that. But I think it's more in the sense I mean per Brooke masters are always going to want to the they're always gonna want to. Evolve themselves and become better I mean I have this conversation. Oh with a Hebron messer all the time we're always talking about. Diversifying your portfolio and and you can have a Speedo style of beer that you really good at. But if you can kind of encompass all styles especially traditional styles. And you can become a little leash you came in and some niece breweries do really well for themselves are believed cascade is still. Cranking out thousands and thousands of barrels a year. So that works but all hours yeah but a lot of them really want to diversify themselves and there's always gonna be brew master out there that's gonna say. Oh man I don't know how to make a sour prominent learn. You'd better believe that I'm gonna come that was something so. When you moved back to Portland. When when I guess tell the story of how beer became part of your life and how. Your personal culture with Peter changed. In the Fed into the bigger culture of beer. Well I think it got lucky that have spent a lot of time in the restaurant industry. Even when I was you know when I graduated from was due. I was kind of teaching for a little blip also need to supplement a little more income news flash teachers don't make a lot of money don't worry were trying to change that those guys we got back. The buck who could have. And and so working in restaurants and bars in this kind of stuff there's you know I got in the craft cocked season and wine and and bearded try to be better at my job sort of thing. And I always gravitate more towards beer I think it's because. When you get into liquor and wine which I've still massive fan of they're higher higher in terms of the alcohol. And beer is a lot more of me. I don't know it's you can drink more that I guess without trying to sound like an alcoholic I can sit here and have you know. I can have people over my house and have four pints of beer. When a 54 glasses of wine that's a bottle. I'm probably feeling tipsy and a 54 cocktails Armstrong and I think what I love about Beers you're able to cutting continuously drinking and I mean if you were non alcoholic. Instill tasted the way the alcoholic beer tastes I would love that as I just. Enjoy the slave role I'd be like your breakfast included so I was constantly like hasn't been your practices. That maybe I mean if you don't wake up till noon though doesn't count as breakfast I'll OK remember about that's not true I wish I. To sleep until noon but had done and so I think what was so great about it was. Working with distributors and end you know putting orders for new Beers on tap and having owners of these restaurants want to. You know find new breweries and kind of be local vocal from all different areas. Got me really and in to enjoy EB year. I think once I moved back to Portland that I had the opportunity to explore the year. And I think that was a lot more fun because I was still working in restaurants still trying to create cocktail menus and wind programs and things like that but. When I was done it was like apartment warming and it could be years. And then I was able adopted you know some of my friends in my social circle and people I knew in the restaurant industry was like hey let's get off let's go grab a drink somewhere. And we a lot of us now don't say hey let's go grab a drink somewhere a lot of us don't know like. It was program of the years where adding that swear I noticed a big shift in my world. It's funny because it's it's very very different for me but it leads in the almost the exact same spot news so. I moved here when it basically negative experience and craft beer and when I was growing up. And I was of age to drink and mrs. I'm not managing your winking and this is true I was of age you go restaurant with a Paris some clearly had wanted to be here. You say hey what are you guys have that's not the regular stuff. And ride her up what and when I was 21 the only answer I got was a little blue moon. Well blue moon and I was like sure that that's that's good that's analogy that's been around for a long time right and I I think when I was 21 Mal was no longer craft beer was him being mass produced by one of the bigger companies all that. But that was it that was like the only extra beer these places hat. You went to Mexican restaurant in you can get corona or something but yeah it was generally very much just hey you know balloon. We can have the regulars but like Miller Light cords at all like stuff. And when I moved here I knew about the beer culture I knew about the member salaries here. I came in with negative knowledge when outside it's I didn't know anything did you come here and wanting to know more about the year. Origin edgy not quite figured that I hadn't figured out to be announced that year was something and you drink and write yet bureaus what I drank two to drop out yet so. When I moved I still drinkers drunk but cannot penalize me typical but now it's much better if if it much more Mac whose hangovers so much more pleasant since it has all these exquisite ingredients because I enjoyed drinking beforehand. And are it's better so I don't feel as bad today that it. So what we did was we were purely we live downtown. For the first couple years in my life and I am I my girlfriend mammoth time. Artist. Yemen from the time. We lived downtown for a couple years emirate is looking up pale are what are really highly rated restaurants wanted to go off for dinner. And the one of the loans if Hollister shoots. You know what I'll call to burglary but. I like that type of food like burgers in and brew pub food I love that spot yeah that's a great location as you know right at the front of the pearl district remembrance Federer it's birth it's in like perfect. Not to sidetrack this too much but it's like in the perfect position. Especially back then before you know ten Merrill popped up there or. Fat heads now on Ebert is there. Or Tennessee ten barrel yet do that they're like right there by Powell's the right fibers side. And so the clinic in the heart of wanna check out downtown of this new town I live in oh. That's a cool look and Marie and looks like an armor a moment ago there. Go inside and there's there's there's just like woods skull sculptures and carvings everywhere and elects. So we went there for the food but I like Peter and I was like Elena tries some beer I know that. I know that at that time I didn't like cops because like I asked the Dow's like what can I have that's not hoppy. And you know I knew nothing again the he's just the puck reporter it was normal I think it was the first beer I ever tried in Portland awhile and easily a win. Wall. This is a Maine he's beaten and ever since that point it is still my favorite beer in the in the whole world. And from appointment went well this is really do it so. I tried probably tried their the city and south as well because I'm I was an Ocala dark Beers at a animated in my house doctor and monitoring doctors are mineral. Efforts that you know I was like hey do you like beer you're like yeah like fear about you and those are well. Yeah I love beer and regret if any and US Meehan at that time and so the C we met like what four years ago or something like that. At that time I was pretty heavy and I PA's really I PA's only. And you at the time were into darker only remembered it was like. Wanna say a year ago or so you went somewhere and you had a beard it wasn't a dark green you came back to view a disappear it was amazing and I was like. Virtually and to our peer. I think that was the blue we Posner a home because attacked hills here you mean. Maybe I can't remember but I could titles there. Because I didn't like that kind of beer and then went to brewery which is a story organ for those who don't know. It is countless like what I'd like this young man opened my hope my whole mind trying other tests appear so after I had about a quarter I'd just like this is great. Now let's look at other breweries and there is a lot and realize how many there were but I knew there were a lot. And we just kind of we try to err on the city we tried road because it was right down the street from mayor. Don't think ten girls opened when whenever there but I can't remember exactly who we did we try to bunch and I basically exclusively drink partners and and then we'd cited trouble little bit to try some Beers and I tried to the tolls are in the water from Berea and we tried some other smells like India like please. We are going to the supermarket and have the public bottles and you rooted. Billick I've ever seen on before let's grab it and try to. And then you start growing it's his right pupil bit which is when that happened for me. And now all I like almost everything done and except for Sowers and his content like polite but I am struggling. So those were all started for me. In the big thing about the culture for mean and how I kind of got agreeing intuit. Is when people come to visit us. The first thing we do is bring among numbered toward yeah especially if they haven't been here before we bring him to like four places. And way too drunk you know and you apps all the places and stuff. And every single person you do width. While and when they come back like I've got some friends of Comerica multiple times it'll say now we do better and they say what Newbury Israel until. And we suit up to me in my life to come up with little pockets that we can walk into the driving and wander around. Your friends are a lot cooler than mine would mind coming to town they're like killed its corporate excited and so called. I love break side that's why weren't you the two we got some Morales is it expected. But 101000 breweries so while my buddies he he just got a new job and he has like a month in between where he's like how he can travel bitten I'm not sure if he's coming but he said. All I wanna come back up announcing okay cool. I don't know if you're just because we've got the last three times you've been here but. We went to hundrer for the first time I tried all the breweries up there and you amend the story is like you down to go driving Travers who is like of course. Counseling. And that for me is where the culture revered change from them we want to doses go to some restaurants and we wanted to have some beer too. When people come visit us we intentionally go going to be your day and when we have a weekend meal out. So those who don't ever able oftentimes like to agree 100 Tuesday because it's just we like to be there it's not. It's not even just like hey it appears really good. The culture and the environment at the burying. It's also cool it's a cool vibe almost all of them and you kind of you always feel welcomed you always feel like you're part of some weird small family that when you're only there at the same time and. Most of laurel really friendly all the servers and inflate your some really cool spot you think you touched on probably the biggest reason why beer has become. Such a cultural phenomenon especially in this city in the state. And the Pacific northwest and general notes and she's the West Coast for that matter is. Is that in that atmosphere that environment is you walked into place into bribery you can say this ten years we concede this right now. And there are people from all walks of life in there and it's usually. Really casual. Really laid back pier is not there is a lot of science in beard appears not. Full of like. Geniuses. That have doctorates and all this kind of stuff it's common blue collar working class people making this beer and I think that. Because those are the guys that started this those are the people that started doing this. That it is transferred onto the consumer as well that we can say hey no matter what type of person you war. You know you can still. Go to a brewery and have fun and relax. There's no. I mean we try really hard in this industry to not have any sort of I don't know arrogance. I mean obviously there's going to be some air in sending can't speak you know there's going to be some. Some rogue vigilante people out there but for the most part. Everybody just wants to drink could be here. I mean everybody wants to have a good time. Nobody walks into and I'm sure there are some people's so yeah operas will do this month for the most are people walked into Parikh. Already assuming they're gonna have a good time. And I think that is so. Huge and and I think that another thing that helps with that is. We. In this industry. Sure there is a little competitiveness you know we we do need to seller bottles. Seller package in the store so cakes or restaurants get her name out there to have to make money to pay our employees and stuff like that. But at the end of the day. Everybody's in this together we're all in this together that's why. You'll never hear me. Like in a public forums such as this or whether from behind the bar or on the floor. Or out at a release party or something like that you will almost never hear me talk trash because they just I don't think it's helpful. At all I mean not like something I may now be. The best representation of the style that mean obvious style that I even enjoy it but you'll never say you'll never hear me say like F those guys. You know I can't believe those guys think they can make beer 'cause that's that doesn't help anything and I think that is helped. Push the culture pushed the movement by keeping us all on the same page I think there's there's really only and I think that's super helpful to you because most industries when you think about it. There's super competitive. There's a lot of hatred between rival company is releasing Pepsi and Coke would say that about each other personal way. Well I think there's one wall laughed. And might be an impossible Walt breach. In terms of because it's a lot of positives for him everything is posit ever once we tried for the most part is happy in cup so it -- good together. But the one wall you're gonna face and the UC all the time. Is there is a fairly large population of people out there who looked down on craft beer and say. You know that's not what I drink going up. They say nope not gonna try it a mistake with my beer that I drink growing up EST commercials from big beer companies. Saying. Where are not like that we're better and there's always good I don't know there's always good to me that's the wall that still exists between miss herb. Between this becoming a thing that is universally accepted is great and that is. From what is currently now I'd say. Largely accepted the screen and I think so there's two aspects of that comics and yeah I am extols such as he exactly we your comment there's two sides that you have to take will not two sizes two things I wanna point out. You have to take the big beer aspect out of it because they have other motives the big Beers telling you. Late word up those guys drink our beer it's what you grew up on because we're the biggest threat to them there that's so that's that's its own point in. I'm sure we will do podcast on the road big beer and how it affects craft beer and blah blah. The other aspect eased some people that's just kind of how they are I mean I'm a single man right now. I I go on dates with women from time to time and I am never going to try and push beer on them if they like beer awesome if they don't like Peter Obama are marking your benefit. Plus I might say hey give this a taste or would you not like about beer but some people or wine drinkers some people only drink vodka soda. Some people only drink cores like and that's what they like. And I think you have to to an extent except that. I think the only way breweries are gonna change those people's mind it's the consumer it's the UN meet they're gonna be like hey man. I do this all the time I got some friends that only drink Coors Light that's all they drink and it's hilarious but. Also pain because everytime I go to their house I have to bring your. But. There are times roll look at something like we're gonna there's there's this peer out their called dad beer made by barely om and it's basically just. Oh light domestic American blogger that they put in sixteen ounce cans and I pull one of those in my body and injuring scores like and and he was like it is is a bad. Still like course like more but this is a bat and at that moment inside a Mike evidence evidence evidence are several Arab thriller. Because he has got to kind of realize that if somebody you know is somebody likes red wine. You might be able to find appear out there that's kinda like red wine and I think that's the only way in breweries. They're gonna keep making styles that cell and things like that but that's the only way you're going to get through to that on crafting that's on us also though. And this is starting to happen. Is the distribution and spreading it further from where you started me. So 11. Small story here is my parents first came out here. When we first moved out here we brought them to do shoots because of the first place we've gone deaf and aisles like I know my dad like beer and you'd like he's a cue love Samuel Smith's. He likes their oatmeal stout per. Thank hospital wasn't there talk apartments is favored here says mr. room for a long time and I was like. And you like dark beer captain tried his bureau I just yes. And it's so funny to get a ringside judge your country open it's so putting new people like you have to try this beer it's called Lackey reported on my oh my god. We'd like fifteen. Like we drink black you portal we are fifteen because there's nothing else right like dad had black due to order in the frigid minus choked it down it's still that good and and he tried it anyway at the same reaction was cited I guess you know were related to same case but he went. Wall blow anything like Keon and yet wolf well amid talk the same time you can remember him for the retirement. Never changed her. And there were three of those early seventeen of them generally understood back. Ends every time we came back he came back. He'd we had a good and issued seek out reporter he finally went work and I find mess. And they were not selling New Jersey at a which is where my parents live apparently New Jersey assembly weird of liquor laws but. Right across the border in Pennsylvania. There was a store that had black reporter in my mom one day drove the hour and a half out there in picked up my dad a couple of cases the black reporter. And that's great. The fact that he could find it in Pennsylvania. Yeah I had issues is bigger innocent wife points to right it's another issue is bigger and other Witt had to have more distribution a lot of these robberies but. I think just the availability of these years. Being at I don't whine plus or any store that's out there total bad oversight elect honest self. If someone goes America goes there's him out before. And if they're open to trying it loot that's also where you kind of seeped into about world as well or that person might have only had coarse light like your time. But maybe he's curious or she's curious and there you go I think that's the last step to work already seeing at LensCrafters exploded the last five youngsters but. I think that is the last upward you can get. Attend barrel or two shoots over Widmer. Anywhere across the country there I think it opens adorable but more for those areas to build their own Michael Burke opera is among barbarism well. Without a doubt I mean I'm like you know I'm unsure what some point do podcast about like easier PA's and I think that. The the biggest reason that that. Trend to hit the West Coast. Was because we kept hearing about these East Coast -- these new meet these northeast. Breweries that were making these like. Unfiltered. Each seat. Full of Hobbs but not very bitter I PA's there was no net what do what we did something you feel about these giant lines outside a trillium and and all these. New England breweries and then someone finally brings you that appeared. And there is a little aspect of the of the excitement I should say I'm trying to I don't know exactly are trying to put it but. It's like someone could start of front anticipation yeah assumed would starve for you this is. Eddie toppers. You're like oh my god I don't know anything about his spear of the Super Bowl one guy I met who knows a lot about Beers is is because we're America. And so outside attract you crack it you reported last and they treat you like this is amazing and you have no idea few others right there have been no idea if you like it and hide he needs is yet junior had invited. Yeah yep because you're like oh my god I just got something from the East Coast arduous stood silently two hours it's two kid limit and I got one of these cans. Oh man I'm so pumped. Even there there's a lot of that aspect that's why. And summaries do really well for themselves because of that that's the reputation that the bill and when it travels across the country or across the globe. Com. That's gonna introduces many more people. My my parents have a bar they go to your friend and for happy hour and they had a bartender who would be their bartender every time. He is a big big big big big craft beer guy who and he asked them for two different things and make him out there. He wanted her Bana played from cascade both anyone had a great notion. Just track or something yet to anything and he and went out here yet and been out here but he had heard. Online through the grapevine from somebody you have to try those figures yup and but they traveled with that back with their moment and their suitcase and given Tillman. I was like that's exactly what you're talking about or about one person said he should you have to have this AM and he asked them how they're going their neighboring miss some I am done pago. It's funny that you have that story and those are the two breweries that came open that story because. Working in the industry whether I'm in Milwaukee or or northwest by. Give us a crucial time you were emotionally though he were from Chicago were from Texas were from Florida what are the brew shall we go to. I almost never have to tell them to go to cascade great notion because they're like where he went there. If if if an edit or should we go cricket and it's like so because they have that they have that reputation I mean great notion is debris that's coming thing there three years old. And it everyone in America that's in the be rendered. Community on knows about peppery. And cascaded to make him a beer for 1420 plus years and everyone knows that if you like Sowers cascades that tops out robbery in America. And every and somehow every one knows that. And here's stupid old me that's born and raised in this town and just like oh yeah cascade on Belmont. They make a beard and it up if not as a shock to them and I'm just so used to it and I think that's. That we laugh about those of us that are actually from this town and being here for a long time may have seen the involvement you know we like to left that we're the unicorn. Boy we'd because home we have so many transplants in this town and were now eating getting so many more visitors. That. We have to remind ourselves. That there are things that people don't get. And our view the excited about it I think has gimmicks fantastic beard they're barely edging program is second to none and I have to remind my eyes I'm always does every single person I talked to wanna go to testing we've 93 breweries to. In the greater Portland area growing it and an ever once thought oh right. Does that make fantastic Peter. That's why is the same thing when he heard out of everybody on black reporter we've had dozens for fifteen well. Because they mr. gray beard Jack and I didn't have it since I was fifteenth in your instant yes exactly and I think yeah I think it's it's really cool. Where craft Beers right now and it's as strong and healthy as ever my last point on this before you remove undated the interviewer John Harris is. It doesn't seem like it's slowing down at all and because. And we see this on a monthly basis here in the city again Portland Oregon for those were listening for the first time. There are brain Newbury is opening up and 90% of them are doing well yep because. And you feel like just in economics and naturally if there's. Over saturation of something. All of them will fail or all of them lose business and him but that's not happening at all of course amber is closed and of course some change owners of course things happen. But it's not that often that it happens for the percentage of breweries that are here it's pretty wild. Yet saturation is is is a topic that comes up all the time especially with people that come to this area and there's like. How do you know awarding owners want everywhere isn't it too much. And I you know and I wanna preface this way to underestimate how many days and earned a year yeah I want to preface this with if you are somebody out there weather here a brewer order or a novice. I do not want to. Implied T that you shouldn't follow dream of open bribery if that's your dream. But I kind of live and die by this motto that this town doesn't need more breweries. However we will always drink good beer. So it's like I went to the I went to the grand opening at ruse. One of and a Newbury on seventeenth and hold gate. I mean I'm fortunate that I've known you know Sean and data for years now and we're all when really excited for this project for him to open but. We don't need another brewery to open and then they go down there and I drink on their peers and Mike nice you're killing eight the spear is phenomenal. And it. At that moment it's like once you start making great appearance on the same way about level they came with some heavy hitters when they open level up by the airport and it's like. Here we go another brewery and then I go out there and try to make as this is great. And then you almost don't realize their new brewery. 'cause it's like the second they open. It's it's almost like a facade you see the outside and you're like well. Another birdie I can't keep up and running a marathon this is brutal and then you walking in the beer is great you're like oh yeah there is yet they've been around April. While we wanted to bit a while all wrap this up my little hole Seagram Latin. I file level have been around for a long time because I've seen them in supermarkets have tried their beer and it's really good Niles like. Amid this sort of putting it in in new seasons or an Albertson's to remember. Maybe that's why I've seen Melba you that's the first time I found out there fairly neat yeah I think there about a year old may be too I mean they come with like X noble laurel would experience like some heavy hitters with was some good monies could be your money behind them right it was just. I didn't know that yeah I thought they've been around forever no I just started just booster. Putting just. Words putting bottles into Albertson's and seasons could pass rush shops in time smells like. Okay call try it. But that's exactly it if they make good beer they're not new yup they're just a part of the culture yet that's what's so crazy about it are less Getty image to an interview with. One of. Heavy hitters inferior Portland the arbor clip that you spent time and the commitments fulfilled shoots and he also has the guys who was behind black reporter. John Harris joins Beers on us with Michael Patrick. There's no bigger name than the John Harris and we appreciate you do you know those jobs. You literally worked. We're good we're great man we're were discriminating and out of this kind of a whole new adventure forests were excited are you going we kind of wanted to. Bring a whole different aspect of the beer podcast world can be a little more informative. And we recently kind of started off his first episode talking a little brief history income at some culture stuff and we thought there was no one better to talk to. Venue but how's the clip to go and how are things going for you guys are now. And a pretty good to go to the poor quality is just over streaky but it's. So what are you brewing right now what's coming up on the topless out there. All I'm new here and now they're quite good pillow of and the modern take a pill overlay. Lewd Chris little bit about. Then them we're gonna. Collaboration through butter in terms of American political week of food and drug. Now to meet you guys McClintock have the best start here in the city bar none. Where where does your affinity for doctors come from and and how do you specifically cracked the code to make you successful partners can you started of course. You may like be Porter and and a clip it's got so many good ones too. I mean about hundred million supporters. The general doubts on melatonin didn't doubt that the but looked at the bit let them. No they. Know this though. But the combined about you know finding a critical remote invoke it because it built the base flavors. Let let reporters a couple of quarter two completely different between vulnerability of the content. Totally committed couple clueless she's put it didn't take. So. And speaking of that I was I was kind of curious in in in your history. Of kind of where you started and stuff did you ever expect. And we were talking a lot about culture and how things have evolved in this town and did you ever kind of expect. Things to become as big as they are now. You know thinking back to when UConn ahead your young starting up till now how far we've grown did you kind of see that coming did you expect it what did you. Think would be different what are you like about it. Well I mean there are also couldn't go and so between those firm had no clue that this could become as big as a Muslim. We had. You know. We had this is just the people of color there you go with this the sort of lights went according to the net or credit they're. And now people want the most previous single McClellan. That he had never thought would ever so you know you can always grated. Who were deliberately who spoke about it but when it's sold. Scrutiny. Did you think that some of the original creations you had at a place like say to shoot swift like reporter mirror pond would stick around and still be. As successful as they are today when you made them. Well they're probably not only that what kind of Madonna well here is Ian. Until we get together. You know should we go to the trigger thousand billion Bernie is up. Apple let mom mom mom mom grandma didn't technically. Am I doubt we amounting. Attitude. That's it you know certain preferences that took root early on in the and those that the birdies to even the food system you know. Great group is competitive and go to the good customer controller. So I grew up in New Jersey which was kind of like a craft beer wasteland when I grow up and when I first moved out here to Portland. The first to be here that I tried that I loved was black people order. And I guess the question it is just a story to lead into the question for me is. Do you think bad dark Beers are way more approachable for people who. Haven't had a chance to really permanent crappy you're trying to craft beer. Because for me that's kind of how it went I I went all dark here's a for a kind of ventured into the IP is bloggers reds center. I'm glad that kind of the odd count yeah and Lucas let them at that refers open in addition he is. The cut them look a little bit quicker little little addiction about that look blue you know what record reporter who sweeter and a I think that that's discipline most people's but it struck that would that crap is that. That was something that group. My approach more concrete because eventually. He had towards the dark side of the pops up for the that you agreed yet been so it will lead down back. Loggers it is there were no hit the cup because it. Are coming back into some of this evolution stuff I'm I'm curious. What do you think has changed in the industry to get us tour we are do you think it's you know more modernized equipment do you really think it was just something like you were saying. You'll just need to try your beard do you think. It was eventually back and that's what I hope to group. I'm I'm just curious so what do you think was maybe the big spark that pushed everything. Are there any question over. That is typically is certainly different. When he's gonna crap they're in the groat. The first within the humidity is still. What really appeared eighty put it here that are but I am into the mid eighties couldn't get the ideas where you're just trying to get people try to. And I think that you know with the carpet of the release with a diplomat that bella. Good luck to have a little slow down their code to cut could go to little note that a lot of birdies business. I'm English might. This Cuban group in Mexico or the blossomed. But I think that. As people that could spare their labors as any that you look at the public could see it in the bank Haiti you know yet week he's a restaurant you don't. That would be considered I don't know how he held up into the country this is in the country's top plenty to pinch hitting little hole. Welcome because you know. No black without a word no without question it's good that while most of the support of all the lakers who look like this or local on the businesses. I've got to follow questions that the first one is. You mentioned buries your game don't really feel that often and to me. That blows my mind a little bit because when you generally when you have an over saturation of something. Eventually admit that ends kind of falloff in you kind of go back to having a core group of buries but. I mean every single month it feels like one or two places are opening their opening multiple locations. Or peruse that existed elsewhere like here we just saw the new backwoods open downtown there's the total amount that's on the east side. They're opening multiple locations and almost all of them. Are successful or at least staying afloat why is Portland so unique in your mind in terms of keeping all of these buries its around. I don't look at that we didn't think it could discuss those who support the local Oregon without sort of complex that they could also look. That Google on the verge on the diluted limited stocks to also not just who spent two putting that there is a bit bigger than them. Distinctive. No the bureau mark in the country is biblical garden without question so just we haven't been writes that he typically they're this well will be there. In order to do what we can just go to bridge now. In the second thought that was you talked about how the food seems grown in Portland and I minute clip Dick the menu is. It's unique you've got really unique stuff on the menu eclectic in my favorite brewery menus in town by far how important. Is the food. At the brewery. Compared to just the beer because some people are going to be going with their significant other in the in my I like beer. How born in your mind is the actual menu in the shot that you yet to articulate your success over a gallon. Or the provider of business on. This is a boy is that really true I didn't elect and the truth you know quote it is Colin. The burden on people by. You know you don't get don't get into the food and welcome we've been liquid that include noticeable the year yet yet but is due to date that. I want Oakland's system. Known trippers who do well to this so crummy little priority went to a person that you know. Crap the mini mouse in this young Buddhist and momentum from Costa. It has to do better product and at that I would hear. It's really important to them and so to a lot of other closer or further typically works as it. We've got DO organ Bruce vessel coming up John what do you guys we get put in for the fest this year. I wouldn't go kind of from this group go at with a massive on this 1 PM Purdue and call political planet squabble blog L coaches come and like I got my deal with those who bother. So this is really deeply into some of the crowd don't you play like this play cruise control really popular so we decided it. We the people look at. You know. Google planet. John Harris owner of a clip to brewing formally McManaman is full sailed to shoots and I'm assuming some others might have missed some. Thanks much for coming and so one of the leaders on us man appreciate it. And the people who carry guys well to settle. Thanks again to John Harris for sit there with us next week we will continue be interviews by bringing in that Mike Hunsicker from greens of rap and formally a fat heads. And assert check in next week when we have an interview but we got to do over gonna do every single week at the end of the podcast. Which will be our beer of the week so. Back and we have been with us this is not just for a talk about it on on and on and now. Are gonna drink until it's an excuse so this is. This has barely growing which is here in Portland. New annoyance I PA I have not had those from before. So this'll be a new experience for me. I've been drinking I've been drinking a lot of a lot of barely not just lately but since they opened up they are new were ish brewery. I've been fortunate to know. Rick who's one of one of the lead brewers there and Elden is one of their sales reps the got a placed on an eleventh. In southeast Portland I believe it's just before division just path pas Hawthorne I think. From remembering correctly but they also is open a new place that's why kind of thought this would be fun beer to try. They open a new place out on sixtieth and Halsey Ivan had a chance to be to go out there yet. I'm really really excited to have really enjoyed this Marie thumb I think these guys have the chance. To really kind of down the line become a big player in this town I. Have heard of them before him but I haven't seen a lot of them get four. I've never seen the breweries and actually even been down where their original one is but I haven't seen it maybe issues I have them in awhile. But I haven't seen them. Spread their tentacles necessarily have so it's. If somewhat derelict had I think I think I'm fortunate because I go to a lot of bottle shops and tap house and stuff that I'm exposed to a lot of bear lakes. I'd like has said and I've always really enjoyed their beer. Put a little side note I was at the or nuclear awards. Last February this this most recent one. And it. These guys did very well they did very well at at the showing Obama I believe they won midsize brewery of the year. Which the year before they want small brewery of the year I'm might be mistaken on that but there's some growth than Baghdad but and what was really great. About. Being at that awards show is because there are smaller brewery and they were able to kind of bring. A large majority of their staff front of house back of house everything like that and okay sure they had been enjoying some adult beverages and has all OBA's go. But I remember. Seen remembered like being walking down I owe something to go back to icu are sitting near the Tyler something in the it won an award I don't remember exactly which one was. But the looks on their faces the smiles they end. They were just so happy. To not just be there but that people were accepting their breed they're giving hugs to everyone. You know some of us who work for for a larger breeze or high five him as a going down it was. It was probably the my biggest memory. Of all BA's was and is that the next state house of BA's last night they were fantastic those barely guys they were a lot of fun so. In all of these Beers weeks segments are gonna do. I ain't. Minute a minute early on lean on you for some of the scriptures and I'll try to give what I what I think about the Beers well site I took a couple supporting talk America to mean. This is a really easy drinking I PA then there's a lot of IP is a punch in the mouth of hops where they leave you were really big hop aftertaste not bad just it's and it's a very obvious style. This whole menu problem when you take the set it doesn't even feel like you're drinking and IP immediately almost as feels like a smooth. I don't wanna see amber necessarily but it kind of just has that smooth amber revived to it. Well the first it is very easy button and then you circuit and a half flavor as is going to amount was. That's a really good here. Yeah I think what I really like about the spears yet that the hop character and the bitterness comes across really well on the back end. For those that know me or as you guys listen to this podcast and get to know. My palate. My favorite part of my palate is the back end is what leads me. Because that's gonna tell me do I want this again. If that's the lingering flavor and I'm ultimate that's even if anything about yep that's the kind of thing that too well I didn't know of prolonged time and then some was like what's your very import your palate nose like what's a Pallet that could affect cook and minutes are economically Mets that holds other things of how important you have to. And so gummy kind of thinking is that the nose is the initial taste is that the body in the middle or is it the lingering flavor. And what I really like about this is that lingering flavor of bitterness hop character. And I think what you're getting when you said reminds me like an amber you're tasting mall yet that's the mall that's gonna give you that residual sweetness to it. And in a day and age where I PA's are very much. I mean were cut out all over the board right now when it comes to IPA's. These are kind of the ones I like I don't like overly multi IPA's. But I also need some mall characters that helps give it body to meet. So sure it's easy drinking. But it still kind of fool in that midsection of my ballot and you said nose and I'll be some of them are trying to pay attention to do you mean actually just the smell get. And it's because that's the things I also enjoy wind which I didn't bring up in the beginning I'm I'd I'd just like drinking like Demi does that's kind of bad at the primitive yet. I don't really drink vodka because there's not a time of labor in vodka. Not a knock it crate with blistering him but but it's like I would choose chin over vodka every day because they're adding something to it to give it more flavor so. I love smelling wine before drinking it but I almost never smelled here it's just I didn't human knows a thing it's the first thing I do so pursing a news said nose and I spelled. And I don't know what I'm looking for new blood. It can't. Cast mobile sweet to me new. I don't know that about the mall or talk about about kind of what I'm smiling yeah most likely come into spelling I don't know thinking I don't know if you can hear this but. Out of him that could affect it. But I was Melanie yet and I think that's how I business repeatedly if income. If anything that's how I kind of knew what when I first had this spear the first time I had this beard. I cut in becoming gave me that initial like. OK I think I'm gonna like. It's you know there it. The nose is not always the best to scripture of the beard. Bomb or or the like the most accurate script or I should say I've had a ton of Beers that smell phenomenal and then you tasted it's like wolf. But I could smell OK there's small characteristic as I know there's going to be body behind this and I think that's what got me excited when I first had his here. Men on the front and on this once he said knows front and back. I also talk about the middle up the middle is where I get most of the body characteristic. Like is it fate is heavy is it light. That's kind of where. That's where my palate is an eye and when it keep referencing my pal in a minute I'm gonna go through some sort of what mental gymnastics to figure out my palate and I think I think the biggest most important thing and I don't wanna take away from our bureau of the week that we wanna talk about the spears has Parikh. The most important thing is and I and I think. This is a great reason why you and I are. Why this will be such a fun endeavor for the two of us is no palate is the same. Like no matter what I'm fortunate enough to work next to a head brew mass through as one of the most amazing pallets have ever come across but even he says this. He writes beard to scriptures are read them I look for what he's writing but at the end of the day I'm gonna tastings difference in him. And vice Versa and that doesn't make me wrong. That doesn't make me write that doesn't make him wrong that doesn't make him right you have to remember you or palate is your pal. So I'll spare the week we're gonna do it at the end. Of the podcast every single week that was barely brings a new noise I EPA. And if you've got any suggestions for relief you want us to try feel free tennis up. And will put on only a symbol added throughout all of our podcasts 'cause we'll have ours too over and wanna bring him but. If you've got some you really want us to try feel free were on Twitter I'm out Mike clinched 17 Patterson. 085. So we got us whatever whatever reflects still make a little note of it MM now wolf we'll get to them throughout. The next couple months while we do this. So yeah I was that was episode one day. Here we go and what one less thing on on the beer the week is you know I it sounds like next week are heard. Topic of discussion will be the West Coast IPA yes we figured if if we're gonna as. Do with style podcast you we won't do styles every time wanna talk on a lot of different topics within this industry but we wanna sprinkle in some style. Podcasts we've figured IP was the best approachable. Style in terms of the sense that a lot of listeners out there are a lot of beer drinkers up their drink I PA's appears almost always from what I hear the favorite. From a lot yet but our peers of the week's segment will not have to necessarily pertain to the top of we're talking about correct in fact I think it will be I think you would even more advantageous for us. To be talking about IPA's. And then Beers on us probably about something not hop. Dude cold dark appear on Euro or burning amber yeah so we can do anything yet and literally I I brought in the beer this week so you can you can choose and the beer and things if you want. OK you know mobile alternate. Here in our every other week and we'll bring in some of the beer hospital and some cash forget everything referendum earlier today so much for listening really appreciated please rate. And review us. A little podcast Lowber their mind over the country can be had if please read a review disarm whatever platform your findings podcaster really appreciate it. We're gonna drop this every single Thursday at a brown for PM sprint leading into your first and third they're right where you get off work so you're going home with him are. And like we sent on Twitter IMAP Michael is 27 Patrick that he didn't do early positive all the fares for business. Suggestions appear to drink or topics you won't hear any of that stuff will take all mental health and thanks much for listening to use the hash tag here on us. Don't know I saw that on Twitter being used for something the World Cup so. Oh it's because they were throwing appears in here every time they scored the English word but there's any kind of caught on a look at emerging next time you know really it's weird. These new ideas and we had this before the world car no rigid. It's fine used you use cash or bears on us if he's likable and we'll still back from them yet maybe some French guy who just hash tag Beers on us you allow frost is going to be like what's that podcasting budget and friendship and well I'm thinking of the farmhouse podcasts and if whatever defense daggers on us let's find the use back and CSX it was what was. Since it.