Beers on Us Episode 2: West Coast IPA

In this week's podcast: we do our first 'style' segment, diving into West Coast IPA's. Our guest is Mike Hunsaker from Grains of Wrath, formerly Fat Head's. And of course, our beer of the week!

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening good. Probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting. One episode under our belts pressure that we are now on to episode two it's a real things it's real it's really happening it's happening if we've got interviews we've got spirited chase and things are going well we're going to be on location next week. Things are happening I know I'm excited as similarly came to me 23 month's government like hey you do your podcast villagers out of your mind other than when you approached. It was kind of a no brainer and so I was alone and after more like you we've been doing stuff for awhile. And then so it was kind of like a no brainer for me and the first one was a lot of fun at. And dime I've I've been excited to hear the reaction from you guys and please keep. Rating has starring as whatever that stuff is you can finest you know I'd teens who play all that kind of jazz keep listening we're we're having a lot of fun we hope you guys are too. If you listen episode wanting to return for episode to thank you very much you listen amber and have a lot of really good stuff come before you. As the weeks and months move on before we dive too much into what's coming up on the podcast today. Maybe we'll do this every to the beginning maybe not Woolsey. Well you'll really like pat. Trump might be your little nice catch their mind you these hat trick and you hate patents are weird thing is my mom calls me pad like I've never introduced myself to anyone like hi I'm pat I think key for me. I eight automatically go to shorten names for people I think most people do which is why trying to get too mad about it but you know I don't know last week I get mad about it yeah it. Patrick called him after don't column pat thinking you know much in the face in Q nine. My beer week my last week was was uninteresting are getting a new higher. The breeze so you don't training stuff like that that's always you know a fun challenge and then. We we have one of the biggest events in origin throughout the year in this you're brewers festival the big one down on Tom called on the waterfront. And I've been going to have for years and years and years. I know festivals seemed to be leaning more towards Conrad the novice and slashed the idiots that just when he wasted. But I do have a fun time at those that try to pick times to go when it's not as crowded. Because actually just warranty spears it's it's a fun opportunity going to a with. With a beer loving and open knowledge it's fun because you're actually do to try so many Beers. From so many different breweries and a lot of times these breweries make Peters for this festival so stuff that's gonna short bachelor on the shock and it's on of and so that was a that was a lot of fun it was hot it's always hot seat got to make sure you drink enough. Water and it was great this year because now that we have this podcast going on you were able to join me down there he did it was my first you're going to it and if you were lying and it was hot super hi I was dripping in sweat from the second I got there. And then I had some beer and me and it was fine day I always feel like he gets a little better once you get a little beer in here. And then they have the two separate areas so one is almost completely covered intent on the nor sign in the south side. Hasn't tent area but then has a large portion that's untainted. And I almost think like that's probably the better side to stay on because it is ten gets hot yet that ten gets hot and there's more people like fields staining in the north and for some reason I don't know why that areas. Always more popular. Because we started on the south than me and the lines there's I assume there's always lined up. But once we got we crossed over to the other side. I was like I Toledo's in the zoo easy walking around you to bump and everybody people are stopping in the middle the walkways it would happen it's what it's what's I like to joke about it's like a farmer's market pace. When people dislike. Move likes low cattle. And has come alike hate we create an area where you just kind of come and go hey let me take a picture right as we were walking through narrow walkway or gonna stop and take itself anonymous like. Please group. Yeah I Obama but I mean as I mentioned earlier there's a lot of light Beers on the the reserves ton of fruit stuff is always some cool things it's not to me there was some breeze from Baja California and the scope. And I thought that they did mostly stuff was hoppy stuff I thought it was done really well. I would like to taste it. More cold and not handle plastic cup but beggars can't beach users but I thought there was some cool stuff. From them there was a really fantastic your primary figure beer of the whole thing was. Up right I mean no shock here if you're an avid beer fan of prey had a Berliner vice. With the Brett stray. And in it and I think I saw that they brewed beer in February and then sat on it until July to let that would minimize these kind of develop a little bit more. Give it some funk to a but it was like three point six a surprisingly refreshing. Yeah it's not yours I try to just not my -- not my style but but I really enjoyed it it was no shock to me Alex over upright makes fantastic beard. And when it was hot like that a faint. I just Beuerlein history for that got full pork and just relax on it while going like 36 I mean you list. Of the Beers that I tried in this includes some of the ones that you. Gave me to try no this is just the ones I tried I tried some of the when you have as well. I tried to 5440 reckon more under I was great I tried to Roy als donkey. I tried to great divide which is in Colorado hated modern he's yet PA. I try to Clift it's guava DUIPH and I went to bed. We heard last week on the podcast and John Harris that he was making. Try the rusty truck sugar brown ale. Which was interesting Merrill Lincoln city and that's how I started going on a dark beer train after back as you know me if I looked up quickly tell like start here. And we we intensely when found all the darker side try that I tried to heretic do. I'm gonna come back that tried McManaman jester stout in new Holland pretzel stout so that was all a row. And let me tell you. About the drew. Yeah might win shut up about the to clear out there but it was you know I was glad I tasted it was it was great it tasted it. Exactly like an almond joy and bar in beer reform. And I'm so glad I went and got the full four Tokyo and cup vs the taster of and 'cause. It blew my mind it was my favorite beer holder. So did. Who is a pretty deep flavors it was good Mike you had me try all the dark peers that you got into and for the most part they were all pretty good the the pretzel one from Newhall and had an interesting kind of salty cracker you flavor to which about compliments him very well I think that was an early age it is my memory is correct level checked for yoga are their remember. But there was a lot of great stuff that was all a lot of those starters were on the north side of the tent. And then even further down all the way at the very end was not to sidetrack this too much from dark beer but. Was one of the another one of my favorite Beers that was there was summer in the 503 from migration. I imagine you'll beeline for that yet knowing migration. I've I've always been a big fan of their beer and I really hope. The that you're kind of sticks around in the summer I wanna check up in new. Migration location they have Bowden. Gresham. And I'm hoping they have little problem. I was going to be your new Holland was remember earlier pretzel cobble stout that was good and it was a religion I would say out of all the dark periods. I like commitment amends gestures stout at least. Not say it was bad you but it was my least favorite of the four that I tried. And Ambilight Beers I really liked this donkey from Royale you know I think that was a Mexican. Blogger silos what they were saying I remember I don't think I tried it and are are really really enjoy development Apolo and Pia nor Pacific northwest Mexican lager. I think to note that you know as you know Della used Cecil imported from Mexico and a blend of different citrus. I was really did like that ought. Colonia royals sweeper there out to add to the mountains and Jones Sybase about from my ministry is fun I'm glad I don't troubled spears lets you got a kick out of every time my TCU guard bureau cycle that's pretty good you were like ha ha ha you like dirt Baird now start Napoleon out of Hilliard and no but it was fun we had a we had a great time and I miss the Wednesday first day but that's all right we'll survive side it will be enough and I. I also for the first time you try the new body Ebert in the pro districts and that might be a subtle hint to bureau of the week. Vote we stop by there after going to tell burger which also has a pretty decent little tap was so there till it's great to make awesome food they do you Acela might weaken the beer and yeah little hint of whatever of the week is my neighbor opened in the space of fat heads by the way for those who don't know and got a really really good beer they got me to bring it in for us today so that's coming up. On the podcast of course at the end we'll have arbiter of the week also coming up on Beers announced today. We'll talk with Mike unsecure from the graves of rap owner had brew master greens around formerly Arafat had little bit of a connection there. And we will do. Our first style based topic we're going to be doing at a general broad topic thing we did classic with the culture of beer. We're gonna be doing regional topics or states beard topics just talking about beer for Morgan are washing call for an Colorado etc. A British style based topics which MB. As broad as water to as narrow as we're doing today. Which is very specifically. West Coast IPA's. We thought we thought. You know we don't wanna do styles every single time we didn't think you'd be fund everyone's welcome a dip into his style and this kind of chat about it and talk about the ones we did the things we like about it in a little bit of its evolution. And that kind of stuff and we thought there is no better way to start than the West Coast IPA I mean most of you out there listening. Are probably IP aid drinkers and if you're not you know everyone else that's an IP drinker it's kind of with the plethora of hops that we have from the Yakima Milan at Bally's a West Coast IPs are kind of a no brainer for us in organ. Was I talked about last week with John Harris in the interview in a little bit in the culture discussion is I would darker guy and I go dark here first. But as I've lived here which has been seven years now. I've grown to like IPA's season. And oftentimes now which surprises me still to this day I won't choose IP is over dark prison by god to over your restaurant. Just because I know. With certain foods will match better and it's a little bit easier to turn sometimes I don't wanna get like tempers any dvds. On a Saturday afternoon for lunch they'd be viewed on a Saturday a like that thought the so I've I've kind of are you man I've got a B Holmes is generally hated that I don't have a what does that mean tell tell learned that a decision be viewed throughout if you. Susser drinking a few years older more and that's not to say I peers don't have high if you fees either of some of them do. But a lot of them are just their their big become for me easy drinking and the problem. For me. With our topic today West Coast I've he has yet. Is I still prefer malt. Hops. So I found a lot of IP Israel like attend have a multi your body but tend to be a bit easier drinking. And then I'll have a really hot BI PA in all like it. But it won't be quite the same but I have a feeling that today's topic West Coast IP is as more of the latter vs the form. Yep that's what touches with me on its I you know I do understand the importance of Malta and let's not forget to everyone out there making. I PA's and trying to cut down on malts even if it's a West Coast IP there's still a mall present their let's not forget Malta is. Is very important backbone especially to the IPA's style. Hum someone say it at times is more important than the hops but in the West Coast IPH. It's very much like there's a mall presence there to give it a body of some sort but it's very dial back in terms of flavor it's meant to be. It's meant to give it its body but not really approach it as its flavor its its main highlight is those hops. I find that they tend to be very very dry. This is my favorite style. Obama IA not not to shameless plug were I worked too much but I remember I had a wanderlust about 45 years ago and if you miss Leslie Patrick works at breaks yeah and I I had a wanderlust tonight instantly fell in love with that beard to the point where. That's all I'm kind of chasing right now are our West Coast IP is an especially in this. In this day and age were seen you know tons of EZ IPA's everywhere and the brute I PA's start to come on strong. That someone out there is making. A new as a new recipe of a West Coast IPA I tend to gravitate towards it I think it's because the less mall makes me feel like I can drink more of it. Plus I love the character of hops. And the character of the the bitterness. The citrus the evergreen the pine minute and give. Is featured more in the West Coast IPA and I think that's what I did the most about it so for someone who. Who still is a bit of an obvious about the west because I've PA specifically. You national on a hop a lot of hot pop flavor with a little bit of malt underneath. Is that really all Wesco is IP is about is here is the hops in he's taste the hawks need to see the combination of hops and we want to present. Specifically here in the northwest. What our one of our biggest. Farm growing. Plants is in hops. Yeah I would say that's definitely the point is to showcase. All of these. Great hops means you'll find the you know and people are using all different kinds of Hobbs but. There's ones that icy consistently it's your cascades your mosaics. You're such as I see a lot of I see a lot of Amarillo lot of el Dorado some simple thrown in there and it's very much. To push the flavor of that I mean I would say the two most popular hops in most people's palace these days is the mosaic and the satcher I mean I feel like if you. If you put if you put on a label hey we made this with a mosaic and suture or just mosaic or just sit trek. Even if you have some other hops in their those are the ones of people who I liked those hops whether they know what they really taste like or not. They they really dig him. Guilty yeah yeah and that's fine because due this week I bought. Well by our be your lot of the times mere hours of in the berms we don't have the same options in terms of going to a bottle house and getting a lot of different options shout outs north Portland right where you live and it's like perfect for. Getting all sorts different types of beer taking care of yet but. So I bought. One of the pelican IPO boxes you may have in that box I had appear today just a mosaic I PA who yeah and I went. Well that's interesting and I liked it all lot and you mentioned Jose cops this to me again I like cops. But an overabundance of pop scares me away Melia when I had the mosaic which is 21 of the most commonly used right now in West Coast IP is as well. I was like well maybe I can diamond will be further into that. Yeah a lot of times you know. I will always say you know there's some people that I've heard all you know I really don't like Eldorado Hopson and I never I can't really listen to battle that much because. You can make a bad beer with any hop so it's not the hops fault you know so it's not an I've had Beers. That are a single Hopson trend that is not very good so. The idea that just because it has this hop and it is going to. Make sure this spears is not necessarily true. However you can see some of these top combinations that would at least keep you intrigued. In make you want to try mosaics a great example from pelican I think that beer is great I've been drinking it for years a really exciting scenes when he twos now they do and twelve ounce bottles. I'm so that's exciting because it's dangerously crush will. That's the thing is. I like a lot of the simple hop Beers and because it allows me to understand what the flavor profile of that populous. When I have Wesco site PA is Mike Reid went like you discuss like we mentioned. There a lot of hops team all America. It's almost like I'd say it's a hot punch in the mouth and you take a sip and it's like whoa there's Omaha we got it we understand what's going to do that now. Bile like the kind of simple once because it allows me to taste the difference between them but I really do have trouble. Deciphering the difference in a multiple hops. I PA. Mean for me or any novice drinkers out their do you specifically have any tips about that. Or their flavors that you do you look for with certain possibly count once you go okay I'm drinking a Sam co operate out yeah. Arm I don't have the best Pallet that can just pick alcohol. In that specific beer mean Saudi arms it's not easy having some of their own you know some of the people that I know they can do it have some of the best. Train pallets of anyone I know. I'm what I'm looking for when I see these aren't just looking for. Like consistency and smoothness I think. You know that's that's a big reason why for example like boat yards are PM that's so popular in this town is still extremely popular in this town. Because it's a West Coast style like PA that uses different Hobbs but has this smooth kind of almost soft consistency. Is you know a West Coast might have a little time flavor might have a little searchers might have a little both. But I think what we're looking for the most say is something smooth but kind of a lighter body that. You know from export less interest in them because to me. That's not what I would consider west because I appear just from my experience. Is like I said at the half punch yet UC smooth and drinkable. And I go oh wait a minute. A punch of Hostin amount to meet isn't always smooth this you're all this labor right. Right but are you thinking are you incorporating like an added bitterness to it. Added light vegetative flavor to it is act on which means we'll deal editor. I know I just make stuff on what is happening if you're a vegetable I believe is the word I was looking for. I mean is that what you're thinking everything you'd like actually tasting a matter well because I liked the taste of hops right do you hence while like beer. But. It's almost as if the first sip you take of the beer like that. It's it's almost overwhelming amount of flavor that you get it wants so when you say smooth. To me it's hard for me around my am miner come out with West Coast RPA is specifically because amused she just like number one while this really flavorful. Yeah I guess so I mean I might just be because you drink a more comfortable guidance it's my style it's my goatee style. I mean I've I've had a ton of great West Coast IPA's I've had some if he West Coast IPA's in my day. I think is we you know one of the more mass produced styles. That we do especially in the in the Portland area. I'm I think I'm just looking I think. Without thinking of pop to mall balance I'm looking at. Hop to flavor balance and I think that is what I mean when I'm saying sleuth like when I taste when I taste like like. Bode soffa from Georgetown. The sources from where Seattle from Seattle yet that. I mean he did win a gold a edgy BF and Colorado which is the big beer festival of for the American style IPA which West Coast IPA's don't. For the most part do that well in that category because they're not more than traditional style I think bode has enough. Enough of the mall characteristic also enough heart going on that that beer. I don't know how to describe this at that beard has that balance that. That there's a little citrus and there's little tropical aspect into it but it's also not overpowering. That's interesting because. You say American style I've Pia and even amid an estimate podcast maybe we just talk about a couple of times but. To me him and in this could just be because we live here in Timmy America's ally PA is West Coast hops. I know there's other Beers out there that don't utilize the northwest house is much the response from all over the world really that he used and in yours and IP is but. It's demean. And I PA is hopping. Hop forward and flavorful. And from the experience at last year's West Coast RPA biggest well the difference I mean the big difference between like the traditional American IPA. Is a lot more ball profile and in fact I think you would enjoy. American IP is a lot more than you would Wesco Stipe is because American opiates I wanna enjoy what I PS2 I'm trying I don't I don't I don't mean you won't or anything like that but I think in the American APA. Their action the Malta is there to be part of the flavor it's to give it more body you get a little more residuals sweetness that is kind of meant to balance. The hot bitterness to it to try to get to that equal level I actually far and I actually find that there are more approachable West Coast IP is from my palate. Because sometimes when I drink American style IP is if there's. Too much of a mall build to it it's too heavy for me for an IPA and that doesn't mean it's not a good IPA but I think badges as. Emphasizing the fact that I'd prefer that West Coast lighter bodied up aggressive. See you mentioned Bono RP ME as a classic. Fevered. West Coast hyperion yes region. It makes you kind of curious. About. What common Beers and I say common as in what mass produced northwest Beers. Are also considered West Coast IP is because. To me both are still very. Small Misha Parikh another opening a bigger location Dunham and now that at least got a garage yeah it's critical you can get a point there and I've I've got their pub on their one everybody who goes in and they're like I can't wait to get a pine it's like. Tourists can hit and took our failure adios and it was packed when I went there and it was hot. Because it's in a garage FL all right off the highway so to me it's it's a very mean each brewery and so for those who are like me out there who were just saying hey. What Pearson I had on a regular basis whether it's from an Albertson's or Safeway or Fridays. Or. Whatever that our West Coast IP's real like all I didn't really has a drinking Alaska's here yes some of them I mean I mentioned wanderlust. From break sighed as some other ones out there that I've enjoyed lately. Vicious mosquito from sun river. They've got two locations one in sun river one and then they're making great stuff. I ended their Ben location yet we sat outside of this comment is when tree out. But they had this really cooperated with the heating lamp some heater didn't like being on top of the upper area awesome spot to a cool. Yeah I dig that one a lot obviously the guys out of stream at their house I PA is fantastic as well you can find out almost anywhere about him. New seasons it's in all I wanted to satellite Fred Myers even in his Safeway and stuff like that and I really enjoy Elliot from X Novo they do that I believe that's for sixteen pins. Is expect I think it's four packed. No I think it's this expect a but that's really great X nose over by the Mota senator. Just that's just their house I PA I think that's fantastic and then some some heavy hitters on the West Coast outside this region. Russian rivers blind pig is an excellent example of a West Coast IPA stone's house I'd PA's also you know kind of a ground breaker in the West Coast IPA. And then there's a small robbery down their. They're swami. I PH is a port he'd support yet to make pizza and I think so I helps I would ordinarily thank you better idea of a but they make it classic West Coast IPA and you know. Green flash before they went under. They they were making classic West Coast IPA's of the school open from ballas points. Appeal from. Sierra Nevada although I think that's getting a little multi year these days. So Alpine outlet makes total West Coast that is. You say that it's getting a little them Alter these days and when I was reading up a bit on this before restarting the podcast today. A lot of the Beers ever mention is Wesco side PA is you kind of I policy scoff stat was UN. Not really much anymore. One of them was like ten barrels apocalypse IP it was on this list and there was a Bridgeport pops RI PA on this list. And those are bigger Burry us who they are or vigor and are more known buries. Ten girl as many know was was bought out by by big beer. And to bridge supports the local but really old colonials peruse what action probably beetles per ounce on the minimums in the city. You were saying that some of them are becoming multi year. Because it's more approachable for the average drinker to pick up and say hey I want a bottle costs are because they're not going to be out popped by the this year. Yeah arm you know I don't know if I would necessarily. Choose anything specific you know in or in regards to those two. Specifically but what I yeah I see a lot of them that you know ten years ago could have been. 1015 years ago would have been a classic style classic and two rotation on the West Coast style but I think the evolution of were a lot of kind of younger breweries have gone with the West Coast IP that that's that's also changed plus when people start mass producing a ton hop skip expensive. And sometimes that optimal racial comes back down towards the mean. And so that's kind of where I see it I I find some of the better classic. West Coast IPA's tend to be smaller batch. Styles and not that it you have to be a smaller brewery but if your big brewery Lotta times big breweries if you. Make a smaller batch IPA. Those tend to sometimes be more of a West Coast IP like. But she's ten barrel for example apocalypse might have been at a great example of West Coast IP ten years ago but I would say they're Joseph I PA right now is a way better. Interpretation of that and I think it's because it out of the port number it's I believe so yet an ice and that's given them the chance to yet dial back the mall a little bit. And kind of really emphasize. Those cops so let's go aside he is the first of our style discussions. On Beers on us here and Mike went to Patrick Harris for me. It's a really tough style they get into a Patrick gets his favorite style it's it's his go to options it's my go to for beer if you've got to favor Wes goes I appearing. Tweeting at us. I might miss 17 at PG 085 let us know what you like Campbell will try to we have and I'm assuming we probably tried a lot of them but we animal deathly trying to. And listen what you need Ellis goes IP is there as well. On Twitter coming up next. Interview time Mike I'm sicker. The owner. In ever master greens are wrapping Khamis Washington formerly a fat heads. Joins us here on Beers and us with Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris. On the locations. In Kansas Washington tax free to wrap up. We are joined by my confidence. Owners can never mastered the grapes of wrath. Thanks over the summer and thank you for coming out yeah it's really exciting I IAI group in Vancouver so it's fun to kind of drive out here and sometimes I forget that it was really beautiful. On what this delta plane opened here yes that you can see what people realize who haven't come back across to C campus when he yours which are both the vast majority of reporters. Until we live with here. And he's put so much money into downtown campus and just beatification of downtown all the banks and shops so people love and it's got a really cool main street five to it yet and I think it you know if any street USA kind of yet here it has everything you need it. From a city you know with Portland across to weigh in Vancouver right next story as well what you still get that small town feel you do and we'll UN being that I brutal run in Portland. For fat heads you know like we got kind of grew a little following that are that have already come across and checked out Khamis people would never have cancer and many camps and forever. And like I had no idea probably. It's an and that's kind of the part of reason we distances as it needs to be used to cut elect welcomed to the party sort of thing you want. I'm curious because. Opening neighboring camera's persistent Portman and you were important about it but he mentioned. What are some of what the positives of it but also promised him in his negatives from being. Far out of the city where people are always down they're going to for reverses driving up candid he's been with the people were starting to realize in more and more when I think kids. And listen this is they're more more people were not from Portland that are moving out. Come and so more people used to traveling. A little bit you know I'm from Chicago originally and everywhere you go yet to travel between 530 minutes to a story. And you know it takes time and we r.s twenty minutes from downtown yeah I I live I live in north Portland. And I drive to Milwaukee. Four times a day four times a week excuse me. And it takes me the same amount of time is that you get here but minister primarily about Bieber to teach me third amounts tournaments get to work every day it in the four years they've been here realizes this. There's seem to be this huge disconnect between. You know pick you have to come to Washington is like this huge. Over you know huge undertaking it's the bridge they don't know I can grow as a Brit I do the annual I when I first moved here people would go talk about the east the lesson of Portland that way. I've been I mean aside. Four years we'll keep talking and on the commitment important like you know the big neighborhood in Chicago based intuitively he would keep give they all got. Cutter on that note you've come you came to Portland from. Cleveland right you Rhode Island I'm looking Cleveland working. So you came over when they open the new fat heads downtown what was that like leaving the midwest and coming to a bruising because I'll take this for some of us in the beer industry or for at the tar him I was second period Susie is. And I'm not gonna lie we collect. These fat heads guys not only are an attitude they're really having a place in downtown had a great night PA's cool alright yup we have the three groups break boycotting. Now not because we were. Com anything else it's a per ounce. Not they were standing in line to give in to Anheuser-Busch shirt and Merrill and and you know which guy drove me nuts but only the two blocks away there would get more in the pen barrel but. You know we're an independent so it was. You what it was. The brewers remains being with death you know calm they knew Matt was my boss medical and now that you guys came with a reputation. We did and in that message. Yeah I'll I don't mean me. But Matthew chance on me out here and but people like you know. Men admit to brief side and you know out scan them in in childbirth can I. Big long list who were so open dust and so welcoming to us as brewers made us so comparable because the outside static was pretty rough. I mean now that I've lived here for four years. I did. You know the snow globe the protective snow globe that we live in here I I I like that I'd love it you know became hopefully it became part of the fabric of is that the protective several of because you guys were not a Portland based hurried yells and number yes you got resistance because of that hole yet I mean even if you want we're from Ohio have been. You know what you know what would you know we have awfully. Large. Stuff to come in here and you know I think we can see. You know and I kind of took that big shipment right in my shoulder and told them keep their mouth shut let's make the yes don't mean to you as a consumer at the target this that was kind of my thing I was like I don't know about these guys their midwest they don't know Andy about. About how Portland does some things you know we're very tight knit beer culture here and were very like you said very protective. And then it wasn't far off that I was I was managing a restaurant at the time and you're fired. It was like. It took me maybe. Eight months for you guys make him beard until I was just banging on the door get me some bad it's getting so bad it's what this fear it would click you know it. Nobody came in the door from the first four months ago. Definitely look at that's a big place in the heart of oh yeah luckily I didn't hear a lot of pub about it you know just from. Being in the city and knowing buries I didn't hear much about it until I walked past it. Probably not going to do shoots this down the street I was like wait. What is it what is that what. Yeah fat heads of those like what's the regular Celtic value and estimate to put possible return of the book active first to meet you know like a lot a couple of your writers that we don't know here com or super right off. And but you know they've the beach since then them like hit the wrong you know you know but I but I get you know I I appreciate that. We talked about this last week in our. In the podcast we're talking about culture is we kind of brought up the idea of saturation and how. I live I kind of live and die by the statement that. This town this area we don't eat more foods we just know the reality is that we have enough brew pubs to suffice the demand however. If you make good here we will always street could you have enough could. Cooper that's that's the point to have ninety to write many of them are actually help. How many would municipal income in the town how many can you say and nothing negative Ali you say. This is the list to pass it. You know and and I hit seven or eight it's not that big of a list that's that's our mind now now I could be missing a few others and you know things they don't go to what is often but I mean you know. There's there's room he threw for green beer always completely you know that was one of the things that it's been fascinating to me since I moved out here seven years ago now. Is every single month and are brought up on the podcast you find new breweries and almost. Almost none of them fail almost all of them close you're a lot of success story in early slot to stay afloat. Can make money in there and are able to keep going. It blows me away just. In this city or in this region if I suppose that's Europe and in southwest Washington. How many people will be willing to try and you place multiple times. Be willing to support the nucleus multiple times even when they have their favorites that they're leaving out for months because they wanted to try to places I develop multiple times you know I get it. We've been lucky to get. Quite a following outside of just camps and washes away. Come on people involved Vancouver and I'm so excited about people I see that I know from. Being you know brilliant or three years but much in my customers that come up on a regular basis. Come I think people should realize that you know like you'd find yours you know trying to stuff we've always in the back and and lean on under favorites. And you know people that you know we've been very lucky. My cuts occurred guest on the Beers on us podcasts right now greens of Braff and if you moved here from the midwest. A Serb revered here. How many years ago enough 44. Years of your belt for years makes and two weeks and so this week's podcast who's our our Roosevelt West Coast IPA. And further the bureau novice who's listening. You can't from the midwest which is a different silo like give in the West Coast IPA. Could you explain in in layman's terms I suppose or as a few sleazy can the difference between that I PH and what you sort of bring out here. And what you like about Bo sure. You know I I. I dropped midway so you know I I was coming used to to those styles and three fluids like the biggest influence my career period and it's one of those object reflect that you know those and those are good guys good friends and that was on my biggest baton and the founders that we're so my biggest influences because it wasn't a whole lot of crap compared I outlast. So my initial bring corrections in Virginia Beach so going from the East Coast and there are IP days which are not we're not easy at the time. To the midwest which is would have thought I'd bring him right. Two wheels which is kind of a hybrid of West Coast in the east so calm it's it's still has Li gum some crystal ball backing on what just like half. You know run at about 7%. You know they're a little higher octane compared to what I started making out here you know my biggest influence was you know the West Coast. Especially sandy for me you know pizza port it's no Alpine. You know when I first started getting some Peterson to me you know when I first had before they were there or Buckley green flash when I handling two way. Nelson window outs like hole and profound effect is it literally those kind of things you know and so when I got. You know. I get back it's it was amazing to it to learn from that Colin and that crew. Super passionate that's which is just drove me and again just has a little bit of work more crystal mall not quite old school northwest. I'm miles foot home quicker. Heavy since so you know kind of Citron flavors. So when I got out here becomes to them you know the Wii shop incinerate well you know make some records. You know thinking the ones that sell them pretty much I had I had licensed whoever you want it. So I made the IP is I want. You know which were definitely you know lean malt you know just keep it to two or three malts mainly to grow. Are built from all. And then just but the house bomb you know have a have a come you know sharp bitterness to it not being too much and then just let those schools flavorful so. If that's kind of how I took it and and made in my own out here. Do you think it's more of an approachable style or more of the chance to showcase our office because we grow so much ups in this fit in this region. Is it more about showcasing the officers are more about drink that would. If you go alphabet that is because of my PA's mean you don't see anything of their seven about seven. But do you say I have to succeed you know overkill which is our number one IP is 65 attorney keeping ending under seven for the most part yep. Just because it's. Will be you drink you know and you could have more put also the same time I think it's less malt overcome. So those cops just stand on their only little more than they would it 77%. And does that mean. I mean do you view the really really high a alcohol content IPA's differently viewed negatively because you don't like to bring them or you don't know her time and place in your mind for always time. Place home but just you know at the innocence of a percent for single IPA. You know they get a little meat. You know you'll have one or two you know it's 65 he could have three. Actually easier you know the malt lighter consulate that this has not waned. That's gonna way I would never understood like the push back people have first session right it is. Simply because like if you like that being cheated for maybe he. And in my mind I'm just collect Wyclef six of those you've gone on and off topic you want my idea that is a couple things I think that if he honestly it really hard style. Because you have to deal to balance. A small body a smaller it doesn't more profile altogether and then still have a soft hop without being too much right so. I I think session IPs were one of those fears it first came out that we've done very well. So people will always see that we too watery or this is just point pops. LT and find that balance which is why you. Harder to hit the you have to say that I mean. Session IPA's had to come from the West Coast IPA one right culture. Because they're they're basically kind of the same build in the sense of style back there right exactly I mean you look at lunch break. Yeah you know that's who it's fantastic session I will likely reveres yeah yeah and in the country I tried too hard not to not book the brand too much but yeah looks great I I at this point. That's all level off from people. Who is give me something whether it's like hoppy pale. Or assessment is something like that give me something that's lower in the ABC BNP that's with like paper maker pale for us is hopped pale I mean really tonight. Yeah actually just a lower rate yet and that's what that's like one of our number one seller especially Portland news actually having this award that Portland anything else that he'll. And then the ticklish warriors the session IPs become like a pretty popular with collective thanks to see people don't like going back to that that's on me in the summer obviously but. And. Can we we've seen in you mentioned that he sees earlier we've seen Matt take over its countrywide I feel like it's everyone's making it yet here is. To meet that seems like overkill if the specific style. I like going places where. Every. Beer is unique and different and you can try about different ones and not have won the remake for different easy because Davis is the style liberal wants right now. Do you see that stopping with easy anytime soon as their reason why it blew up so much more than other styles. It was different I think it was. My take on is is. The people who didn't like I PA's. Getting to it because it is so approachable it is it did it in any bitterness so you know. Com those who know me will laugh let's do this because you know I was one of those very staunchly. How staunchly against. You know how you as they did it's effectively and I PA IPA have certain amount of bitterness units in the did. And I was you know I was more than outspoken about it we've marry me like. And if and I feel the exact same way just don't put the letters after it yeah you know and that was my beef with. You know and and just the fact that we the people threw themselves that and I didn't. At that time I did hadn't had a whole lot that were very well crafted news and the seemed like this come of this this. Mess. You know and again a lot of places that jumped on early just you know I think you were doing it. Because it was you know it it's old but that didn't have what technique to it now you're seeing all these places being a great notion came and he killed. Those guys you know. It lined up support for they'd make one of the best styles of that. In the country and it just doesn't mean here again and that's pretty much what we do for the most part. They do so well on the break side you know they'd be they broke out was that you know and and has been a night to one. My first Haiti was bent experts from the collapse called pulp free. And it was kind of a poke at the at this styles because we had seen so many of them that were just calling it countless aspirin count. Weirdness to it and then tonight we can help we give them a interface that you're gonna make it clear. That didn't clear up include an America that there was an early Doug I don't know what I would call it out pelican hatton really well you know its own it but the pennant and it was one of the fastest selling Beers you have. And you know we that event at crawler guys SE there and they work. People worked him out until shortly with before kegs of like. Three hours four hours well in the news insane I think I think the biggest thing that worries me about that style. Is its long term effect on people's palace and I think you kind of touched on in the sense like. There's a lot of poor practice with fitness and people you know there's a lot of things whether it's you know VDK I did I astle and all that kind of stuff that people or. Starting to accept those off waivers. That we in the industry works what's his art to get rid of what do you wrote for those who don't know what is what are those flavors means or those. VDK and what was it that smog yeah it's big it's it's basically your east dies. And it and it creates some off flavors the biggest off later gonna have it's like buttered popcorn kind of flavor it's a. It's a chemical given out during fermentation and all it takes is that time because these weakens him. Com and sometimes places just pushed and faster to harder. I don't know. But that that was one of the first big things and issues and ahead of them were just a poorly crafted with the mice that he's a great notion. And unshakable where it breaks I feel it and then a lot more popped upward equality Texas people we're actually learning how to you know a lot of it to me it was almost like people packed room. I'm not think that was that weighs just the way the from the flavors kept me. But then you start seeing them being done well now my biggest. Question mark having to do that style is we'll see that social stability. You separate panels on one shells at any time. Woolsey. We'll see an amount. Because I just you know because when you have that much you know Easton and such suspension. There's a question that we just don't know what time. You think West Coast IPs were like that. Back in the day. What do you think do you think. When West Coast IP is sort of becoming a big style especially as prominence they are now voting. No no I mean in the sense of just like poorly crafted and missing the mark on stuff and eventually evolved into I don't know seekers because the stuff I got when I was in the midwest people would send out to me you know there are really. Is that you know the article does say boys you know bad boys you know and people who wanted they stole it and love it though things like I you know and and everything in life and Alpine. You know all those guys come and so mountain. I didn't notice any of that you know as and we are not here for years and so. But the Beers I got you know it's so. Is there anything you think he is. Sneaked in underneath that might take the mantle of he's he's in terms of being real popular cross figure ephemeral why he and taking it but does the brute IP is now our our. I'll actually disprove my very first one my of reappear from Mexico. And we did collaboration. It's in instrument and the group IPA's style scares me. Because welcoming group like campaign Brit yes who you're you're you're you're from renting it out to basically zero so there's no there's no residual from. Sugar it whatsoever what scares me it is is I I'm I'm afraid that a lot of these brute I PA's are trying to kill the ball game. And malt a lot of ball as as a at this as a as a staunch as a staunch IPA drinker even though I am more of a West Coast that it drinker than. Since a year traditional marriage and I PH has more formal presence of malt still has a big place in the IP world the and it worries me that the root train coming on is trying to kill vault. I IKEA I can see isn't vulnerable evidently we want to you know it helps balance you know he wanted somebody evidently you know all his. Back below them in your drink. But you know it. Look at my word I have one easy out there I'll have one group out there home when it comes up and I'm I'm. I'm not gonna jump on one bandwagon or rather I like what figures that make him. We're traditional styles. The analysts see clearly that you know and I spears is always nice for me and you know I'm against pandemic which is known for partners. Hazy. And you know what I'll keep making this is definitely group of people here at that level so I think that's the biggest I think that's the most important part is. As much as I don't really love these guys PA's. I respect people that go about it the right way you know. And whether you're basing it mostly on. Funnier yeast strain it and not using what adjuncts. It might not be the best hazy but if you're gonna make it in like true traditional. Now traditional necessarily but approaching it in the I don't know the word I'm looking for in like the correct way good growing practices last year that I'm okay with yeah. I mean you know what it for me it was. Oh this is exactly I you know I I know these misconceptions in my head about how to do it which was basically distinct. All the technique all the things I've learned just. Don't bomb our. You know crappy beer. In my head back then. Now it's like I don't know it's the same green practices. The I changed the vault. And enough you can pops I picked up her as a or exceed your name. I know and people don't go on like a different companies spanning 181004 back home if you saw how would you Carson compared to a normal IPA to be equal to those who. You would lose him which is crazy to me because I don't get as much hop character. In Casey's. And I think it's because I think it's because argued a case the individual hop I think it's because I'm so used to having bitterness and the like on the West Coast as yet yes with the West Coast style unused to having that bitterness so what I don't have that bitterness some kind of like we hear. Hops I know you're using it out of it but I want more war yet. I agree. But it's if that I'm I'm I'm not gonna be eat. You know still old man so he's an old school. One more thing for me I saw this I was there was an article that was written on you when you opened this place and it said that you were part of a program. That guy you experimental hops that you could play around who have been in Jupiter's worth. What does that mean and how does that. Turned out for users are are all of them good or some of them mediocrity don't like to use older Indy you know what that's what they'll put an expert so I mean none there's a there's you know I need. I made it very calm a very big point in my career after moving here to two to three hours away. It is to stay in the face of the hop brewers and learn about them the products are coming out. You see the new ones trying to turn to give it a jump on people who who who would. Come. I made a lot of good friends yeah. And they've been very good to me in and I'll plead either of them with their products and so I I. Once early on you know you're not allowed to select your own crops. Until you get to a certain sides yup by at least 5000 pounds of the varietal that selective. Well not that it. But luckily for you. Connections and it was too fat heads I'm in the friends and and win com -- union and my teacher out he decided to branch out and that. Com. They used I was the groups be in the beta program if it which is now actually. Tuesday taking off a bit. And where we're actually able to poor numbers together was wicca X more Bruce support numbers together and now we get to select group which. People don't realize is so impaired as to what we do especially if I keepers. We know. If you're buying Hobson who could select you are literally. Getting what you get it and in might not be the same. Match from best bets can be inconsistent because that's not the same line pops. Now it's like my house I know exactly what kind of profiles on looking for individual pots which might not be exactly what the guy next new thing for. But we all have a basic idea. And down. And now I can. Know what I can count on consistently. Through after groups and in that same line every time that it's. You know if you heard any meat in mind or other interviews you know raw materials is. Is in better news is number one pom technique obviously easier but what you can selectors. There Hopson and use the right malts it's urinary tract two to questions like two full on this which favor halted work. Not necessarily rates put to work. Man and those kind of a loaded question is a loaded question. You know come from the midwest and in the world school means you need to get over the house except. You know malls schools. So I know and when Le Citron yeah Obama makes it through a mosaic of my favorites. I think you can. Bring in consent so in mosaic I think you can sprinkle that they mediocre appeared naked early. And he immediately clear which you say those or you're favored to taste is well. Of one I guess I'm wondering if there's something you like working with or there's something I went outside that you. For it or lose quote from in public believes those those constant kind of tie in everything. He's. Either one or both those jobs and most of or or even some constituency that you know visual history. In the branch out there I even actually I've started using a lot of Southern Hemisphere out a lot of Australians. It's a much. That's my jam picked up it can mean. Com you know overkill my number one I PA that is cinco mosaic. Alex yes and PGA illuminate your IP. Is was that one that's. Since you know etc. Nelson survive. And so you know and so. It goes on to it was warriors got a new one called enigma which. It's hard yep that's them via you know I don't you know I know people that if you. I'll finish with a with one last question for Mike. The West Coast IPH means a lot to me you know it's my favorite style that's what kind of got me into craft beer big time. Where he sees this thought it would take years do you see it just getting perfected do you see any kind of evolution from it I think this is gonna be our stalwart. Come. Delivered. He's gonna love this we we you know the last fifteen years have been about making great West Coast now like PA. People that is part of who they are now I think as Peter traders now feel branch out program through the program. He's he's. An and whatever else comes down the pike says he's in rose years. Bernie you know hours and stopped to lose my mind I'm sort of benefit for equipment and I'll put that in I think that's bound to get to go anywhere that they you know armed. I think certain result fallen wayside if you can't. You still have to make a great I PX do you think it's important that any breweries that opens up and whatever cutting your hands out and don't know equality that was you know just amazing reason it didn't make IPA that his. You know. It sometimes it you know it is hurt they're business. Monk fish you know we don't there's yankees and the list Belgians styles and some of the best food or Beers and doing. Here of oil. No one cared and he he was struggling even had signed him as we've said no industry no IP. Could occur at. And now he's like more profitable businesses and for reason in silk out. It's just in to us. You know it is what it is does that have ninety does that worry you that you have to have an IPO. What can make it's because we like the perfect physically like I PA's I mean there is economic and military tribunal I don't think you were what you don't know I mean I don't know you know I have my opinion again. It's like fifteen years and they've won two people six of them right pieces or variations. There. No mom and we have those are the top three sellers and it's of then things got to filter that so yeah I mean it's going. Michael secured green zarrella thanks for having massage your man much appreciated it to become. And come out here it's on northeast. Fifth yes it's right on thirty northeast at them. When you get off days for Khamis is busy right after the mill in Kansas and yet it's extremely easy to get here the Beers fantastic food is great the environments are some big outdoor patio with a metal notre Octavia let's go I don't think if it I highly highly recommended thank you Michael Hastings and tell us as we appreciate. Thanks again Mike unsecured correspondent Bonnie talk as severe winter thus and that leads us right handed to. Power beer of the week segment so I talked about this little bit earlier in the podcast. I stopped by the pearl district location upon Ebert this week. And it whenever I go to a Newbury or neighbor and really I like to start with the dark beer first because I love dark Beers I. Love the flavor profile it's my favorite so if I'm only gonna have one beer which is rare but if I'm only gonna have one after the dark here and I don't light later I like to go IPSec and. I don't know why it's it's it was just wanted to see me that's the craziest thing for me I'm I'm probably the exact opposite I like to either star. Like good old fashioned I appear maybe like Ellis longer that's kind of what I like to get going. And then if I wanna do darker at the and I very much treated traditionally like like the desert beer. In that sense I don't I know I rarely do massive pours. I think I just like to drink too much. And if I start with these big ones and it's kind of like by by day. While I like how today's going to be well we'll be fine don't worry about it and is scared and you dole so. This was the the one that caught my I'm Emmanuel I went and it was called the opium or read what they have straight up off the menu. Mexican style Asian burba barrels and infused with venture chilies and has 12%. He BV and it thank you to Molly from behind the bar for film was four in a crawler for me much appreciated so that we can do on the podcast. And when I when I first drink this beer at the brewery this weekend the thing that hit me was depth of flavor than it was. All of the time style surges heavy right bear bit you taste them in the rich and I'm like rich fruit like restricted doesn't affect like a dozen other people. But you know it's there. This one. Had layers a lot of lawyers flavors so. I poured it out for us I want to you. Try to practice we did last week you've got the nose you've got the front end and you've got the middle in you've got to back him. That's how I like to. That's how I like to have to view my palate it's kind of like a story we'll seems correct me yet it's kind of like I can relate to viewed as a story it's almost like the noses the cover of the book you know when your karma like looking at the book cover of the book you're like okay that sounds interesting. Korda out about that and then the book opens you gotta beginning middle and so smelling you right now. Spells very sweet. Cyclist Alberto Lemerre a little bit small little bit of chocolate tila I can tell it's gonna be a Mexican style. A child but he kind of Burgundy stout right off the nose for me yet you can get you did spices right off the bat which kind of leads towards that Mexican. That Mexican coffee stout style. And I did say that the Chile's. Coming our late tickling my nose hairs in the back and for me sometimes when there's that. That kind of little extra adjunct like adding that Chile's intuit. If there's a subtle menace in the knows all of a sudden for me that's all like pick up it's kind of just like all these chili's or are these chili's are here are really excited so take the set. Because for me the back end is the chilly that's what gets me to come back to take another sip of the spear. Is the fact that he gets a little little tingle able spice in the back your tongue and throat. And like all I need to wash that down musical a little bit it's not overly spicy of course but. They just gives you double tingle at the end which to me kind of creates this over and over drink ability of the spear. That is. That makes is so deep. I think. I I agree with you register to sip and you definitely taste the Chile's kind of lingering in the back and and tickle. To keep using this word is kind of kind of really the best way to describe the chilly profile in this. Because. I mean it being a stout there's so there's you know you have Chile Beers and then you have scouts with Chile's there's kind of the difference or toward Chile Beers are trying to kind of like. Do you view that burn. And I don't get that burn from this I think it has a really nice complementary. Part of the Chile's kind of in that back end that you're Conner writing it's it's almost like why they serve popcorn and peanuts. In bars because they're salty and it wants you go back and drink another beer. That is what I think is working really well with this is yet you're getting that little chilly on the back and that's like. Oh man that's great and I can feel it kind of just lingering their lush take another set and it just keeps going going gone so. The front end is tough for me to take mr. again. It's big it's bold that's for sure but I mean you're gonna get that that's that barrel characteristic and in south. Urban right in front of you tasted immediately from the Errol. And it kind of like okay. And Norbert river barely is right now this is perfect and I think that's what you get in the fraud for sure she got nose is chilly sweet. Birdie chocolate. Front end is the Bergen who. Back in as the Chile's yet and angering the middle is tough for me to figure out am I what what I'm really liking about this middles it's. This is extremely smooth so once you get it. Once you get past that that burping characteristic that surely trying to skip it once you move past that part. Of the flavor I feel like it just kind of instantly smooth things out and kind of settles down. And I think that's adding to the part where why it's so kind of smooth on that back and is because that middle bodies soft. It's palatable it's it's creamy. It that the richness the barrel barrel character kind of calms down a little bit. As interesting elements that are simpler when you are saying Matt I dude I it's it is very smooth and it makes it way more drinkable in a lot of other. Literally it's doubts when you're just there sipping Beers early you have got to drink to slowly disappoint more trampled me because of that. It almost reminds me not in flavor of course but in the way it fields of a criminal. Oh yeah I succeed as smooth. Right through familiar like okay. That's it's like drinking on a very basic treatment publishing your water but you know I mean yes I drinking water it's easy and it's just you're drinking in your have a good time there's there's really great I mean when you look at a and we cracked it when you -- at there's definitely some great carbonation. Levels in him but I think. That might be adding to part of that cream Venus that it's almost like I'm not a big fan of Beers on nitro because I like. I like a carbonation a lot but it does kind of feel like and I think you know sometimes you put cream ale on nitro. And do you kind of feel that little smoothness taste that it's almost just got a really settled out. So that I pick gave dark beer that you like because this is eve told me you've liked our peers and what you almost never choose dark Beers. Is this woman coming into Yuma yeah yeah well done I really like this I mean we are drinking a pint glass which kind of scares the be Jesus out of me but I didn't Philip Walton today. I'm sorry I don't own Snickers in my house. But but no I enjoy this I think is a very well maybe year and I think. I think those folks out of on Ebert did a great job with this I mean these peers are expensive their labor intensive but also time. You know they take a lot of time to do and anytime you're gonna put something new barrel there is some risk involved. And I don't know if they've blended from different barrels or any other bases or this is all one Bat's thrown in different barrels and then from back together but this is nice it's really. It's really complimentary to the Pallet for someone that. Doesn't drink a ton of this style I dig it I can I can see myself drinking more of this and as someone who. Who does drink the style as much as I can admit I find new ones I always try them this one was a rare one for me or I just went. Wow I need to drink this again why. That's not to say the other ones I wouldn't drink again yeah I like them they're good I would go back to them again. This one has the qualities that. Makes me excited to drink and again tip and that to me is. Purely complimentary of what Bob Hebert did their brain to. They opened up in the old fat head space in the pearl listen rock this outcry when they also have a location northeast police in England to veer Horry two locations this early is with past. And probably you guys for for making this kind of a beer because it is it is my point you have brief history of Barney. Is there in the old fat head space they are under the same ownership as the fat heads that was there that was a franchise they kind of got out of that started there. Their own kind of thing but there's I know win win. Fat heads closed. Outside of the you know the Bruce staff had some had some changeover. But I the rumor I heard and I I hope I'm not incorrect on this are speaking out of line but. That most of the front of house stayed on the pick and transfer them over so was like a massive layoff for anything which is always great that's. Part of kind of what we talked about last week about how great this community is is that. Even though something happens it doesn't necessarily have to mean that everyone looses their job. So there's arbiter of the week it is Bonnie hurts opium it is a Mexican in the style which is urban barely edged him infused with the insured Chile's. Go check them out disappear is delicious you're gonna get in the Specter of course somewhat dour pint glasses which are going to be regretful decision soon and I have a feeling. But I think I don't have to go to work today ha ha wink wink nudge nudge wife work what's work. I'm Sybase a bush wasn't method for episode two of our podcasts remember where you found its rate us review us we're really really appreciated. And coming up next week we are going to do our first. Podcasts. Takeover news on location in we are gonna go to storm breaker brood and go to their new location in saint John's. I'm really excited about this I've been tuned to storm Rick from Mississippi a million times I remember when I was amnesia I went there a million times. And I have not been to the saint John's location so I'll do my best to make sure. I do not go before we knew this podcasts can actually have like because the mileage to go to. But I just first time expert but I would love to like get to the pod cast the first time experience so that's going to be next week and try to do want podcast take over a month. And Canada's borrowing on the idea did you go like a ground for grower place I mean if you tap takeovers in the entire. Parity of perhaps all wondering. Calendar whether podcasts and photos are unbreakable drinks Robert Shapiro talks for a break we'll talk something. Talked with someone there. And that'll be kind of the trend every once a month old little one place yeah I think it sounds fun and if you guys have any suggestions or any place you really like to hear about you can. You know reach out to us mics on Twitter my clinched when he seven you can find any PD zero H five yup there's something you guys are really in citizens if it's the new body Ebert location north itself. Or if it's an old school staple at the French Quarter somebody like that you know let us know and world between any kind of suggestions will be back next week around 4 o'clock on Thursday thanks much for listening guys pieces and.