Beers on Us Episode 3: Stormbreaker Takeover

In the 1st edition of the 'podcast takeover', Mike and Patrick go to the new Stormbreaker location in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland. They taste the beer, try the food, chat with bar manager Patrick Sheils, and do the beer of the week!

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening and probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting right now. We're now into episode three of the fears about podcast with Mike Lynch him as a terrorist why would I have Patrick and you. It's your first I'm listening thank you so much this is going to be unique episode of Linux but if you once a month. Where we are going to you neighborly takeover is podcast pickle if you will we are gonna go. To a location it's been the entire podcast they're throwing beer at a food chatting to someone from there and and of course that you are clear the week. From said location so once a month this is episode freeze over right smack dab in the middle of our first month that we will be. Do and it live from a store breaker brings new second location. Yeah I think they call it I think and in the inner termed the call SP do you. SE UUSP. Two as blitzes they can't really speak. Well we are it's at Johnson and important their original locations and on Mississippi north Mississippi your knowledge seen John's right on. John Street right that's Lombard. This lumber at a comedy it's okay it's preacher appear used to live out here probably five years ago or so and just kind of see where saint Johns has come has been really fun. This this was given that it was a dull by any means but it's getting a lot nicer. Seeing this building come up here's a trip because I know used to be here and we used to be here was pretty crazy is please go to clues bruise that had. Like. The whole place is kind of like black live. And they were like board games and really disgusting couches and it felt like they were told elect. Runaway teens living in the bar them and they had weird bureau and that they may quote unquote and then other people's fears. And I remember there was Monday's they had what was called medical Monday's. Where it sounds really really uncomfortable. They have medical Mondays which they had this like. Rap hip hop reggae band play in the whole place reflect chronic pharma all they did was talk about smoking weed and then they would smoked joints out on the out of a street in the middle sets and it was pretty crazy and why is it medical bonded I don't know calls for the month marijuana yet because they they sound. Cool like guests or can affect what can it cement which is or is gonna scare me a little bit where it's like you. Yeah you have to sit on the couch including yup yup which you really don't want us economic stimulus you feel like there's you keep things in size. You feel like you're gonna get up and have to shower immediately. The the bathrooms were really creepy. Acquaintances slow fall Blackley is it was it was strange so. For these podcasts from here on the location of the brewery are planned. He is instead of doing like a big topic or beer flavored top marker regional topic. If our entire. Podcast is going to be based around this locations so. We've already got in front of us and sample trees which look dole yes by the way he's over who was simple trees have ever seen in my life. I might agree with you on that because they've got the scene so we're in saint John's and for those who don't know four colors this infamous famous. Saint Johns bridge it's like green if cup the school spires on it was designed by the same guy who designed the golden gate. And the sample train has to be exact style of the saint Johnson their custom made on the edge and then all of your peers are on. The saint Johns bridge yep it's really rent from. Mike got his first before before I got mine and they said it down and I just kind of kept staring at it because it's it's really gorgeous it's made of wood. Some excellent craftsmanship. I mean and it's even like down to the last drop like the one there's five of them though the one as the lightning bull instead of the number one which is kind of cool couldn't go to this. Rinker theme here. So it's funny in this could be topic that we talk about multiple times by doing a ruthless. Voted to accept sensible try the beer we'll have the fruitless talk about the Burgundy instead of doing a big topic this topic is for Brecher bright and its new location here. In saint John's. So. But the the thing I wanted to ask was. Just how important is the sample turn it looked because to me I mean I like to order sepulcher is if you go to a new place you want trial here's where it counts up but. I think the way it looks is so vitally important to how you intuitive here. Even though that might sound silly and even though are all still enjoy it if it's a generic like paddle board look a lot of the mark. But this too stats beings experience I don't know. I agree one of my favorite taster trays I think you've had one of these two is the do we want because it's like literally this metal like I don't know who we. That they and the Beers rap all the way around it and that clicked goes the theme of of the restaurant goes the theme of the town. And I think this lifestyle a part two especially because it's made out of wood you know we're sitting in this Booth all these tables is total would work in this building. On so not only does it come encompass the neighborhood in the marine ball so the building that into. That's the thing to. Why why do you think every marine or almost every Marie tried to follow the scenes kind of wouldn't. Industrial building feel. Local or it's the very similar fibre a lot of it is not go to I think it's a northwest thing you think so yes I think being. You know with with the amount of forests and and just trees in general that we have that woody is a very. Complimentary. I don't know field five people who were around at all day every day. So which spears did you get on your sample rate I got good to the last lap. Which is a session nail that I got house Martell which I believe is a mosaic sit true hazy. Honestly quad senator. Different or there yet they get a fresh off of Lester that was absolutely amazing they got a lava man which is it. Doubled to right opt guava. And then I got one of my. Gonna go to use regulars here. What recalls. I did their. There. They're classic five if you will. Sort out the recalls as well I'll sort out the start of course. They got the right as rain hail. Which is you know just classic tale oil made with galaxy hop success here got the Mississippi dry hopper at which and other known for. That's one others that are mainstays. Also got to clobber for IPA and I got the extra of the savage and his double life here because I. Because if you have trying really hard to learn all the different out here styles into appreciate I like give the president but you appreciate them. For what they are. I will with a custom because. We go to the store breaker on Mississippi. Since it opened for years. And their course of what that it's about the right as rain is usually my goat to. Or the total recalls. Yes or wanna to cover of adventure route a little bit more. Kind of taste some of the Beers that I. Haven't had left one of the things I like to do that that's the thing for anyone you who's not super. Comfortable or or they don't normally go to Newbury is. Is they almost always have a classic simple turn you doubles always have one where you get their classic here's a policy that's about artwork. Because that's what they're not for get that's the fear that they make all the time the seller than. They're following all that kind of stuff is definitely the right route if you've never been there before but if you've gone multiple times. I always tried to not even touched one but I like for the classics because they always got the rotating Thomas got the seasonal on. And it's almost always on the inside he did you listen you gotta go there. That's always the well liked doing it's it's a it's a way to truly discover. What snapper is doing so. So we discovered that pretzel dropped off we do so that's exciting. Was some beer cheese subvert she's pretty excited about the search and that it excites the tactics like it doesn't shock me that your excited about the if if if if the lines that. But we know like a lot. I am not the biggest eater so I was have to be careful. Because of like I eat this whole pretzel. Who will come and all you like to bikes are probably need to budge on any ruined yeah are just small your. Attempts. We're also the ability to like hit a candle myself more room for more beer. If I like it just you bill. If I can the more food I consider him. The more right to open up the place well no bigger you might I am six before I'm five foot six with equipment that fits so that. Whatever being you know with the W two stubborn stupid you can work. Drive so out of orbit I've I've tried all the ones and it got so from the simple tree here. And I'll Wasilla the stuff up thoughts were that it wants like a slow start there. A together some of that sort of talk about it but it it's telling me on the list here and I always I would also like to read the description of the year you have like try to final those flavors. It's telling me it's Coke so deep roasted coffee and horrible as well as the Hoff the dark chocolate and coffee. And I have to try to finals went. We don't have to try to see if they talk I wanna try. I do taste of coffee in the flawed yet. An account to get that hit the dark chocolate in the back of well it's got a little bitterness from the books its economic. I get a heavy roasting is in the backside. That's kind of nice so that's one of my favorites of four and also I like the fifth potter writes yes. Yes I like that when a lot yeah I don't what goes into bounce a lot between the right as rain hail in the cloud ripper. They're just they've been making them here since we've been really. Yeah all there I mean that's I think that's one thing that's been very successful personal breakers. That these Korb years they have have done really well for them it and they gave him evolved over time. You know they're getting better they're not just the same recipe these guys are constantly tweaking stuff trying to make things better and as everyone in this is should do my question for you or someone who is. Promised Robert replied no that's you know I've only been as Robert once before their original location that's it. So I mean. Maybe this is because I've outside of the year's team and I don't work in beer but. Store breakers name. It's not that it. In the city right in my opinion and yet they're opening a second location. You talk about the Milwaukee all the time. What is it about them that. Keep them afloat while also come under wraps things up. Well I think I think they're not going to be is underground for much longer. There Beers have definitely been getting better and better in. They're getting more more notoriety and I think when you realize you do have a product. That's working for you he might you might not need it to beat the big name yet before you start expanding its almost like expand. And that will help push that as well it's like oh and others to locations OK I think one thing plain and simple and that I don't think these guys are denied either is that location on Mississippi. I mean a good thing they don't but I think be making garbage beer impede the security going out there because you know it's it's gorgeous outdoor patio. And I think this is is the same kind of thing right here to the patio caddie also really nice it's right in downtown saint John's the building is cool but you know the year's great. And that's just going to you know aesthetics are huge you know I've deliveries before they're gorgeous places that means trash beard trash food. For people still go to collect. What is going on here why do people come here. Because sometimes locations huge. People what the experience of people wanna be able to go and say. I went here and it was gorgeous and I stayed for hours of a lot of fun. And it. I think that is huge I think the thing that's lucky for us living in Portland is that. We need. Don't really have a lot of places that make that bad here. He'll have a place that looks awesome but even if it's not like top of wind here in the city is sort of make it easier to gonna enjoyed going there is gonna wanna go back and I mean I talk about the simple truth be important by the Bible the restaurant support to obviously. You know we talked about she took the view on the first podcast where we walked in and it was like wood everything in it was carvings of William and that stuck out to me when I first sat down when I first came here today it was stuck out to me was awesome patio outside and it's really nice out there there's music blasting its. It's and it's nice day today is about hope she's well let. You know that's what stuck out I think heat recovery needs to have kind of a distinguishing feature that's too. As another example I kind of thought that the temporal location that's Portland. Pretty. Typical it was a generic however he really opened up the rooftop deck and you're just elect annual world now what you Ager I need to go to the rooftop deck yeah I'd go to that kind of thing. Whereas. Other places like they're nice but there's nothing super unique about them so even if the food beard really good which it usually is. You're not having that extra although I really wanna go back there for about five yeah I think later. And something you know I don't know maybe I'm looking too much as that this kind of it's the same vibe as Mississippi. With what I look at the bar. I don't know reminds me of the Mississippi bar but still it's own kind of thing. Both of describing it well let's. Well I mean so that they've got kind of the open. You'll concealing re gonna have been exposed. Events and stuff which are certainly is Albert they've ballooned up there I saw evidence that's been there for like. A week and a half and I don't know if I were here we'd be playing a game of don't take it down with C along it'll stay up there maybe they are you Nebraska our guest about that when it comes on but on. But yet it's coming up you expose bad thing which is that it's it's just like styled ballot although it's not just for us for a typical buildings. Give us like it's like the tables of war is really nice to wood structures nice then when you get you know above like. Eight feet. That it has this guy like industrial looks almost coming compasses both sides to it of something modern and sleek yet something. Old and this out it's the thing that's different about this in the original location in my opinion. Is here's the size the original disabilities and the outside is huge out the inside in diapers and at least all up. And you've got so what sports resort with yours and Mr. Big comfy and it is just it's clean it's new you know so it's got that. I wanna either couldn't bring you might yet come yet give a little bit they'll they'll grow up this place up and they're liberally for is when we first opened slapped down. The northwest breaks I've location I remember looking around weep for Israel's. This was way too nice activity year picnic it would be this bad boy up we'll how to give the little house have been few and that hasn't been beaten up and I'm pretty I don't know. And it overlooks the second to hit fifth and you know I'm sure these guys say this say about this place in the years delayed I don't know walking every day. That brick fell out I don't know you know. But you'll start a season like has placed its a little more aware in terror on it and just more bodies coming through and this might be a little hippie as but. As you know the that the people rolled through in the vibes rolled through you know this this building starts take on its own comic character. In my enough physically change but it will start to. Gonna have its own vibe to it well and then also take some person out in the neighborhood oftentimes well yup. Instantly I'm getting at different vibe here. That I do when it went to service secure location and saint John's in Mississippi are completely different places so as someone who grew up in Saint John of the appointment here awhile. How do you think that's gonna do what what's the vibe Saint John I have now been at saint Johns are right and so will the vibe in here and I think grow up here I just lived here for about a year and it was just it was. It's kind of like a neighborhood off the beaten path like what's really cool abouts in jones'. Is yours do in Portland. Everyone thinks you Wear me out there. Which are really not that felt far driving here so I rule leaves you alone you know but I remember you know when I lived out here a group of Vancouver's so you know my mother and my. My sister in my knees live in Vancouver. But then it works. Downtown and it was collect. Well worked every need to go from here you can get to you because you can take the back roads in two. You can take the back roads in two. Head of north and then get on I five release we to go to Vancouver or he's crossed the bridge and you're thirty you're downtown in ten minutes. So I had this kind of feel and vibe like all that so far away and when I was out heroes like. Yet is far away joke about it over the Internet so that so it's it's really kind of its own little private. Neighborhood and receive are thanks in this neighborhood will kind of embrace the new storm breaker has I don't know I think. Hum this town opened up years you wanted to be a partisan tone yet saint John's been growing a mean. Gentrification is a reality not beat around the bush on that. Hum that's definitely happening out here thumb but outside of that I mean. It's just did that the tone is getting a lot more alive. Is what I would say and I think adding things. Like storm breaker to it purchase would help. You know there's only. Seattle to be wrong on this there's only one other re in this neighborhood that's -- that. And they may soon be eighty fantastic German style loggers. And other German style beer that's all they focus on it as much as I like occidental. That's you know your one kind of one kind of zone of making beer and so. With these guys here it's gonna reach. It's gonna reach more people you know and it's also little more centrally located where hospitals down ovals under the bridge but that's Apple's products other than doing their. So I think having something like on the strip in the heart. Is going to. Just hope continue to build this neighborhood that they're trying to do now. One thing to him again this is kind of separate work and its interest in my opinion. Is. A conversation that we've had once before just completely on podcast related. Is oftentimes. Gentrification. And neighborhoods starts in the city summer for repealing it. I think that's really fascinated me. That and it's a restaurant but it's a brewery. Going into a neighborhood that maybe hasn't been touched is a classic Portland neighborhood all of a sudden wolf than. Jack up the value homes you'll see different people moving in why do you think that is what you think that the brewery itself has done it because. Honestly than your own brewery creek side of the original date and location palpable quarter blowing now. Yeah her group five years ago was scary here and now circle I think it's we talked about in her in her first Marquez having a lot of it is. Is is the culture it's it's people want this is people get excited about it and so. You know I can't tell you how many times when I'm working in Milwaukee. That someone moved to Milwaukee and they were like this year put this on the listening and house iboxx outdated next gen grant live next to this Maria and I think people just. Or the that's that excites them Beers such a such an important cultural aspect in this town that. It does drive people in. Push people to go places and do things that would normally do so what's what's the beer your look and Aaron parliament joined them in temperatures ya I hit the I'm surprised because it's not clear. But the global mail. It's just really juicy yeah it's really fresh in an exciting if it's not as bidders I would like to be considering it they're calling it an IPO but I also understand. It that's where the styles going so it's nice I have a bit of they. The groundbreaking opinion here. This is not a I'll storm breaking opinion I. Had to. Something for. Yep for those that don't know. I am I am a child away from being a full blown debt. And Rick I have got terrible jokes and from budget about everything when he's hurt I've got love handles that bugs the Max just to the children. While sort of Bob. And I also don't have child Devonshire married I am just bought a house yes you're knocking on that I like tilting super dad like arms his bachelor and it up with my cat in my apartment. This is going to be a shocking opinion for those of you who know me. I think my favorite here all of these that I got which is there classic five post the public here him. Is the colts. I don't generally like the super light drinkable Peters that would have been. I should say I like them but I don't like them in the same way I like Amber's rents start. Here's the ball your fears yep this cold she's in fantastic if it's one of the more award winning Beers my I think it's one that they're super proud of vital that they they bottle it. I think you can get it in stores at least bottle shops which can definitely get over here robbery. Courses are nice you know their ills from it it like a logger and and so that gives you a light body but. As you read medals it will sweet delicate courses road course if you if you like compared things between Michael Coles I was slaughter of bills that are. Your course is probably going to be. The sweetest. And that's just on the style well forever enjoyment like. Venison and out to me out of there have gotten witches shocking to him indeed I just say that I like it is yet it is. A quality yet you know and I would I would normally look at that elect gross next you're not doing him and now it's yeah it's we're better once they got we also got our effort to somehow what you think about the pretzel on the virtues of thought dig the pretzel presents great at a guy like. It's a unique kind of consistency through a lot of pretzels Ehrlich very kind of they're like crispy it really hard to to my team since super soft yet and it kind of got like. It's not selling its super well but trust when I say this kind of got like this. As you read our when you take to do with it where I'll like it. It's all together it's like it's really neat yeah it's like it's got to crispy outside texture with a soft inside but it's not to go we itself to thick stuff too heavy. And I I got a burger which I'm also is there room for improvement services and wouldn't you know I got a Dele. It's not the case bill Welker. Looks pretty well. Excuse fizzle out well if you want a piece you can have one thumbing you let qualities but the. We'll see how might take some of the home to the fact that. So good beer good food here at storm record at the new location. And we will door bureau that we get the and don't forget we've been tasting DeBoer we tunes. Which fears are accurately from for breaker and of course we also have power interview. Which is with the bar manager. Here at the new location for breakers named after he's coming up next here on Beers on us with Mike Lynch and Patrick here. Interview portion size car truly take over. Appears on us today we're at this second location is on record opposing Johnson your opponent. By Patrick feels he bar managers here spectacle. Thanks but so. I think one of the things I'm most fascinated about is opening a second location. And you guys have the Mississippi location and built a piece of people who go there and look at the year he decide to come to saint John's which. It's far but not far it's been isolated in the city of Portland. What kind of goes into decision that of picking that second location when you're making that next step in the effort. Or mean. The owner of Robin van near term richter. Haven't they knew right away is that they need to get a second location. And it's Hewitt you know it yourself and the community. He trend these days to death of a salute then. Fidelity to our idea was like they've looked around you know and they found a couple spots. Saint John we'll tell. Yeah those are first or first did we lost not been I think everybody wants that is letting about a bunch of guys came in with much of money and then took it over so we found this. And it was the so we like pacify it. Waiting we've agreed you know phones we. Kept the shelf. I think you were now really wolf wrote because. And it's. And New York Sesame Street I mean we have mr. Ellington view where you know so that we mentioned we first started at the beginning of this podcast that. It's got this like you were five kind of on the floor level. And then as you raise that topic has that kind of more old school the stout in industrial vibe it's it's it's complementary. But coming in Saint John they think you know it's the top program for a figure out you know just turning fast. Napster just for it to mean like me cross that every day that's the best viewed around this driver and average it averages the most gorgeous gorgeous intimacy you know. I'm not balanced and and ability to since he had made. Them. Do you think opening the second location kind of helps stabilize the brand. Like Mike and there were kind of talking about like in Mike mentioned it earlier that it was like you know store breaker doesn't have the biggest. Name in Portland at least for the average consumer yet. Yet the opening a second location and at my thought process and damaged in which you thing is that it might help how to stabilize the branded health. Push that is that you agree disagree or my area at the point stabilized. It's no more. You know especially under saint John's Mori's. Well what's. North Portland. And yet the collective was I mean. We. Might might there is you know. Rigor for the community needs here for us. So I mean you know being in Saint John is still very tight knit community. Where we. I don't like the hour up the walk and it's a little bit because. Alternative but it's an inherently open arms that and super welcoming. You know and getting that that will mean it's like. Who like you'll like that in itself not commitment like they're here for a community. I think that helps us with our with our. Our name marker ending to get out to him like he's got like really bad about being in the Portland meaning we've that is it's. You know we are fortunate to have that application on the city you know that this nations while of course but here like this in the communities with. But now to the neighborhood right yes exactly do you try to. Makes both consumer bases for both places or when you open this new one are you saying. What you're saying it's the neighborhood and we're not a silly worried about the people who good or Mississippi location also come here. We're you have to think of awful things but we do we definitely do you think about both you know. You know. Like if I keep seeing Anthony briefly community. But you know. Portland is a big hit this spot so. We do little things like hey you know you have missed the placement like I've been nothing jumps into tryouts or Johnson missed it by about there the city. And vice Versa no one's. Their customers I still that into division that come here now you know and lecherous like it's that's fine because. For example to tee right as the mind. They just come in for the triple both me and it's just it's more reflective but seasonal so we do you know get off in its. They'll come here and to get that like Kentucky no estimate yet two minutes of that stay they're here to enter into although like like great to have those kind of customers enough. It kind of gives you the opportunity like. Mean you know if you it's almost like so I was an overlook so I'm kind of you know in the middle of saint John's Mississippi of course in Mississippi and now here. But it's almost like oh if I have friends in from out of town you might send that we might go to the Mississippi spot it's a little I don't. Let's not say who she is that the blue chip opposite me. But it's a little more lively spirit I don't mean you'll miss I mean the street but it's a little more lively it's constantly patio it's more like the excitement where. If Mike and they're grabbing a beer. Michael at saint John's will more federal president virus sort of thing. I mean unified. If I'm going on buddy it's like. There's no like fronts not sound like the city's public not norm for a like I'm not gonna go to Connecticut does too lively in off the guys wanna have. Cool laid back kind of conversation my friends like. You know put out so what else you know for Brian and have a phobia is there and you know that's you know mode if you were there but it sounds like. There is Syrian tavern where on the corner which is like my fear of art in Portland. You know that's a secret move to Canada and so against ethnic conflict under the nuclear and obviously you are there and step. Negatively. That would everybody is asking me your democracy tavern mosaic. Yes they'll ever go there technical equipment a commitment that I put the cat people ask you to move to Portland yeah it's great but don't don't Luger death how do you try to differentiate between dislocation in the secure location whether it's. Fears that your making whether it's. From pitcher making it clear who their depreciation or you wanna keep similar. Because you know you have to keep it down there you want translated. Well the food was so. We have a new. Think here it's on record is. So we actually have grant through. It's our our caters essentially. This doesn't come out of commentaries that they. They have the pitching here which we have a much bigger kitchen and it seems publication. Vs mr. Bewkes. An investigation. That no other CNET. It's literally a line and governors are drawn. And as the very right there but like cooking and bird essentially. So we have a lot less space but we still put out an immediate future too and here. It then great because members because it's worked with trying new things and these things are will be. Finally moved down the line to disabilities and so we just like yeah that's different here but. Around I think it's it's still hopeful you know. We I mean for green. It's been yes it's between it was a feud. But things are gonna get but he gets around like this is going to be eventually I mean facility. But so I'm like we will just like Saint John Theres no way. That's not you know builders not you know. You have nothing. And there's something really cool about that I mean that. You know you do wanna have some sort of consistency across the board so somebody that does like the Mississippi spot is it gonna feel like. There are completely different place when they're out here. But as far as the year goes I mean if by live CIA live on Mississippi shape. You know CM three blocks from them from from your butt down there and I love the place of ruthlessly go there all the time. If you don't have anything different especially your wise at a different then I'll never go out there. Sort of thing I don't know maybe not me specifically but that the average consumer might be like we go to correlate saint John's missed a very good out here. Which you have some offerings especially with your world. Like the from you know from his consistent. What people want who they like people by daylight so that consistency isn't something that. It's is a thought to be but yeah having different years gets me to want to go to different look. It's one that's sort of thinking about when I asked the question is. Is I would say all of us or breaker what is what might have moved forward today to I want has the admissibility issue and I've only been there twice now but. Eventually like you beat him there's kind of crazy stuff on the many words here like. You know more reads republic it was so burgers and Fries and solace in the absence pretzels and stuff like that. Like I wanna go. Really unique kind of have the amplifier if there than I would go there but I can come here I guess the more relaxed viola you're talking about. A closely you can do to the same city like Brett let's go to postal workers with good precedent here that the further thought here we can get an app in one place of all three of the other players I think that. Yeah I mean I thank you actually encourage my customers. From if you want to come up Dustin Johnson like you know it's still easily think about lava like that is the hemisphere balance. It still took place you know both locations you know and but it's funny you're saying like that. Generally about to miss the Buick call like this if you know like the paroled in north yeah it really is that's what they're going for being up you know and to me is is. This occasions like feels like home now enough. You have Mississippi it's it's interesting and and I'm sure you guys have seen this down there because you know before you guys rolled in there it was in Asia Mississippi was not. What it is now right I mean yeah me and my friends didn't. We would go to Indonesia all the time. And you know we this awhile ago so even like I can be honest like I don't even know if I if they're Bure was good or not sort of thing like my ballot wasn't at a place. Really I like truly judging of some meat here but we always we went down there because location was great. You'll see it like at Costco hot dog poop burger they had some guy flipping them outside and then. I think I think. Store when store breaker came in at a change of the profile of that building and you know they put in seating indoors and food and became more of a group of I think that was a big spark. That pushed a lot of that neighborhood I mean you were you guys in their before a clip Dick. And I actually could take opened up. Four months before OK I think your putter but I think you two both of you guys. Have pushed that have been a part of well in that neighborhood I Wear ties until inaugural Mississippi studios on top of it and with with a nice music venue. Nice music venue to breeze at least gonna you know it's. Yeah I I remain if you look now like for and actually put it all those all those apartment allies are going up there I mean. Let's have a minutes that's there and it's not what you're sort of customers into right exactly there's a blue star opened up over there. That's important you know over the it's a beat if we talked about the from the perspective. The brewery in Portland he used. What starts the gentrification of neighborhood and a lot of sentence. It goes in the hand that people come knowing they wanna go to the brewery and they realized it was kind of cool so that want him to the neighborhood. It's fascinating to me how it's the breweries here that start that start back well let me first say let's get this thing into saint John's is that nuclear like. Hi it's not like this is gonna be a transcript and Johnson were here now and his offense so we love those guys that's great now like. I think now like you're gonna move enemy and a storybook finish on neighborhood so much. You know. I think just coming in such as being able martyrdom and strips and that's I mean it's open a lot of doors for a lot of people. Yeah I'm really sad not to not to woe is me too much but at the X not left me. Did I publish to be living out here in saint John's I love this neighborhood so much we are talking about this than in the first segment that. It it's very tight knit it's like a small town almost out here and everybody that doesn't live out here thinks grossing tells us we too far away it's really not enough. It's really easy to get to know especially with the bridge and highway thirty Nestor and resilient to errors the secret. The other mail item in Ireland you know into the Broadway essentially in the united dump on cross the bridge on the thirty there and fifteen minutes if you know them and I'm likely recognize that until missile. So I ask Patrick this what you and ask you why you think it's the breweries that cause. Those kind of rooms and areas that in this city in particular why is it that really goes to mr. He has that we'll have to question. Well you know take with juries like. Like you'll wake of the temptation so on the use for a from a New York what he can you are. You know he can. I'm from because he deacon was on the spots where. It wasn't a great place to live and then you know now there's developers out there and now it's the hot spot New Yorkers York city. Voters sixty New York. They go upstate which which is something which is the hypocrite you know it's southeastern it's really not that far and discipline train. And it's that brings his people offerings I mean like well there's a career like that must be something invested there is community and I think. Suffering second aspect in what people like. Well you know what you can totally different neighborhoods you know and I think like saint John's from the LA you know that's gonna happen I mean. I mean. We I think we're out of the boom now from what I'm reading informal ones but this is 30000 apartments available right now death and yet. Put up the housing market still crazy and that you can believe we are valid but that I mean. We think about it lake. Prompts from this from the patients. We'll say interstate thing. The variety. You know if Theo feel like port mouth overlooked you know like. It's inching its did you dynamic you know and it's actually my fiance and are trying to find out about settling its mean. A matter of York's mountain. And overlooked you know it's it's wild it's wild but I mean. I think it's just you know. I went and it comes like well we're very can do that we can do it you know lament that kind of ties back to our first episode of the of this podcast we talk about your culture. And how especially craft beer cultures teams from. All acute you know is like what Kraft really out on top was some place with all the bugs and over the course with a colleague at this one place that's local whereas now. You want to go to the movies and try craft here Friday night. That's going to be here it's not just let's go out it's let's get a beer and because of that cultural shift. The pru re going into an area they're like let's go to be here and they go to the new area because a lot of pride that the news or breaker and they're excuse the neighborhoods their actions here and it's all it's all coming intertwined and how crazy cracker culture got in my. I don't know it's because that work in the biz but. Then ten years ago I would have never thought. Here was as big as it is now a death and Graham and and maybe maybe because I mean it all day that it does gonna consume my life that maybe. Sometimes you feel like oh we have at that consumes your lives your your. You was a little skewed. I don't think so I think beer is unbelievably huge in this town got more so than even we realize. He turned back a little bit I mean to Mississippi where early so they can use if you want him to be needed he was terrible accident you know and and he became in. And Danielle and I mean they're the first period but there on the simply you know and no we are portion of you know rob was with December and they offered to some of location. And yet rob picked up like no why would not you know the decision that changed his wife's death. So for a Robin then you know both those cuts and and it's like to be an analysis. Hugely successful in the adjustments on our work we retreats. You know both locations. Shifting gears for me don't wanna talk to you about something specific that's in your neck of the woods I think one thing that I that I. Noticed at the Mississippi spot that you guys have carried on over here. It's your beer and whiskey pairings it's something that's fascinating to me I've been in the restaurant industry for a long time so we're cocktails were the wind would hear all that kind of jazz. But I've never really seen a read that. Promotes. Whiskey and beer there you know like some restaurants might do it but I've never seen an actual read that's like. Hey we've got these great we skis that go along with her spiritual seeker showcasing. The whiskey. And then to slide in the beard with their time talking about how that came about what what you guys like about it. So to be honest for profit a fraud this is the my fear part of my job school and you know I know I have a feeling you're gonna say that is if there's. Three yard par beer and and having a was he with a gunman trying to find. You know to the value is but you just I'm with you Ford here so. Are certainly signal a season you know. That yes it was so well you know with this fear for your reasons I'll get into you you know. Classic shot in the back right yeah yeah you know I feel you know. You'll hear about this you know that we could you know. And myself we sat down. And you know that's tonight we re you know how do you. He first original. Six pairings on the menu you know we can kind of chemicals like. The thing is she away judging them comment you know not looking at tapes and and I give me that. That's. Brown now I guess you'd say and it's taken over and the pilots and as with seasons meet personally I like strenuous he's. For the moment no vote Billy what what they're only vote this you know like for example with our menu is. Let's say that the plaque goes you know but so is that a northwest northwest with these fellows goes the stuff from local stuff yeah its Hebert did. And with the drink Stowe to ski you know which goes along I mean everywhere embargo. But I think it is something. That. Brings up character to them beats and just that was the end of the year you know there's different profiles achieved. You can you can teeth out like all of us. Working out it's or you know the product that. It's you know. And it's great because we also we were comfortable the distillery event. Because her then but we do. That you read it went for buries we try to hurt them but they distillery alone all here in the Portland area and ordinary and so. Same thing I think an idea like people you know what if they get comfortable because we get tickets so many on the you know they're here. And their spears you know. For that we needed we've done before with them. You know you can we've actually made your still there. But I mean. Our focus is right now it's no it was besides. Let me I was fortunate to you. Do we sequence with Stuart Ramsay and he goes no and it's. He's going to Portland to here in the industry and saddled with Patrick is. He's super super Austin views. Like world renowned like supernova votes itself. Was that it was a four class. Some are. And my guess or like I got the intimacy not just Democrats you know Scott just forbids for it's you know. Robiskie it's known northwest pistons came to know all that. And public wants. I got on the class and actually when no problem was with him a class. Announcement and three have different storm where we have to make this thing and so before we open like where this is our ethernet yeah. You know by the Mets I think every distillery element Spaniard now and they're like about like you from voting figures show that such a gifted us. And it's like we've never been sort of an out before Berea it's like yup what tribunal. To. Amazing yeah I was quite surprised that it I mean and act I could be wrong there could be another re out there we've gotten 93 of them in this town so might be missing somebody but. Yeah you guys are the only ones that I can think of in my head that it's going to say. Hey yeah we got fears over here. Just thought this was he comfortable with a beer with it to death and getting it to get the different US yup that's find you know NAFTA was being mean again it's better than a shot at Jim beam and a PBR that they're gonna be a drink some local whisking its craft your behind it is it difficult to. Find the right kind of hearing with them for fear that you guys happened with users a lot easier than it but it sounds. It's it's kind of like having mistakes it's fun you know what they're like something does don't match. You know it's been my Dudley and through try to send. You know there's you know I think right now like there's been that big whiskey bloom where people are just you know an off his miscues and you know like here's some other than others you know it's funny that that was the that you want there was part here. If various style whether it's got a bird dinner or right networks that's in your opinion or is it really just. You know we'll know when you know the run this place and since that it's like I'll try to go to Morgan who like us who your lucky day. You know. I think that's not a good way to look at it. There are some you know but we do like her like you know lower IQ tonight it is. There argue it still goes back suburban you know. And suburbs and that's that's you know yeah heavily alleviate. More of a mall here like he you know so you want that's just wanna. I know you probably kind of like mean this is me getting off whiskey here from it and get back and appeared. And bright light Meehan we bounced around dancer on the different styles but was the storm breaker beard you're drinking right now. Like go to my god yourself going to the most. Right now in the summer it's it's probably the total repulsion. Super light just one gold medal. At the North American group. So. You know they think for us. One so remote for. The colts in order of the day. It's a rhetorical it's a bit. I think it's still underrated you know his gold medals you know we were getting you know. A minute I mean. And as such units that behavior like we have anywhere he you know going to belt system you know so I think he's always changing. Earlier numbering no expertise in the corner. Six point oh maybe the tuberculosis has it's true tropical. That's it your back back Pallet. Gets more does that and it's a test do you remember Obie is. Yes that's the whole thing. Rip wealth dealt with the fifth ethic that it does look like you're having fun pineapple and Evian but we won gold known for a sound like you never expected it's. Mandela's commitment. Let's go straight so I do a question so I notice from the minute you put the gold Mexican Beers the government video. The bronze which the drug approved woke up also just. One goals well CF. My question is. Means the average consumer. I don't like the metal system to me like a softening up looking for right generally. Is that something that helps that yourself with regular people or is it more of like in the industry everyone knows what's on record obstacles that would do it it's yours awesome. In its more for the guys to understand the awards estimates of what. Yeah that to your question. I kindly Gaza does go both ways that does help consumers. You know let's say like in the mystery location you know to move amendments. The Billick hey I don't know though appears you know and umbilical you know polygamy you know. And graduate and ultimately. They you know also like triple triple double won a gold medal it's amazing that life yet or where it all although for the it's got to be good let's go right. You know and but our fuel economy and sing this one goal my want this yes competitive gap with our style Adobe like. People like gospel. I try to stuff now. You know and not being an issue it's like. Also like yeah like drink that the like if you I won gold in own I'd yet you're still clear to the point does help with customers and people that he can help him. Well that's what you want to we do what have you sitting with us on our fear of the week segment of the before we can let's get out of here in this interview portion of one when it gives you some props to us or break who once again thanks for having us out here and all that jazz. What would you guys that coming up anything cool going to next weekend is the August 11 is our second annual round rather fast faux. Residents radler how popular is that. They're sitting in Russia they have. Car out of nowhere I'd people I mean. Yes and asking about it I mean it's it's as we sit the most refreshing council meeting you go to Portland. In meaning and are we used banana pineapple rather that's. Two point six maybe the perfect you know trio he says so remarkable for you guys that are ruining the rather or you actually like Dixie. During brewing OK so will be the year it won't be like we take here and mix it with pineapples or nothing no school board do a very process. We're gonna have twenty plus periods. One anomalies have small gust no problem photo burned. Is there rather last year they had us Mike Simone cookie. Microscopes that it's like and it's put her cool while I kind of a sweet tooth so I loved it is fantastic so. Super excited as he with those guys malice. Couple other periods you know coalition we got swift. Our bodies if it were forty coming up something super excited about that includes the teased on the was injured so my death. Kind of very thanks he would that it puts out. Those guys that is the kicker Patrick feels arbiter. To your store breakers in Dallas for the interview and stick around for after the week we've done is. Coming up right after this. To wrap up this week's podcast every do everything podcast challenge here a week. It's just via restful records they are doing the movie is over here. And that we are talking about the first segment we try to bunch of different fears we have a little sample trees. And I I teased this cited those picnic facilities this but my favorite here on the sample trade with the fear of the week. And and you've liked it before it after the sit with us again for this I know what your favorite peers here it's not your favorite here here reduce the total recall says are clearly the Phil Berger wrote. Yeah of X this this fear is great I think what always brought into the spirit and it's so funny because despite being in the industry you know that. You know naming Beers as is part of the game. But you know a great name for a beer can sometimes cover up and not so great taste I'm through your course but this fear is fantastic and the name I mean that the pony names that we're always trying to do you can you try to walk the line to make sure it's not too bad of a total recalls. Just kind of talks death he Roy's left Bailey president Rickles like oh my god it hit like not a over it and and you know do it. Pitino words were clear voices you know I it's US deposit read jokes that include adequate if there. So the reason I think this was I don't normally turn corpses in the when I have it on the simple tree it hit me as. Absolutely. Freaking delicious threat collect just your a lot. And where were talking about it before retire at the record this part of the podcast app to reflect young student. I don't really almost all the time when deaths so one thing in this is for you Patrick but that listeners through podcasts. I'm learning how to tried here and we're like learn how much how it works and stuff and so its nose run in the middle and back in the work on. And I'm trying really hard to. Correctly. From my own palate find out how to teach those flavors that it took part but I'll college guys do why do it to you. What's the nose front and middle back in the wee. And Patrick could start because he's the one area after many timely course yes I mean you get that that tells her nose you know and I mean. And physicals but I mean little to comes right out you know. Then what they assume that you do get that. Noble hops you know he comes right out you know but to me it's just that cut me finish. That it's that little bit you know. Not back and distinct but it's. So it like for like you know it's overdo it that's so what does it know what's the noble hop flavored. So what do my BC that's noble hops. Well I mean it's. Endorsement that's where you need to yes. We've got your oil Lil bit. I mean I'm what I'm getting would terms what are I mean what I give from the noble office I get I get. I think at select the crispness to it it it gets that kind of shine. On it. What what I. I'm nuts when it comes to lighter Beers the hops. Aren't necessarily what I get a lot out of it I'm more mall driven when it comes to these kind of things so it's like I'm getting that touched sweetness. Courses tend to be a little sweeter on the side of those German lifestyles. Thumb and some bum go a little too far overboard I think what's nice is that this was. We complimentary. The hops for me it's it's just kind of giving me helping me with some Christmas giving it a little bit of borrowed. I think it's like that might it's like the Christmas so it'll it'll Milliken dryness to new you know out of the fools out of this method that it helps balance right that struck stressful up compounds you know. But for meaning and it's and it's you know and I think about how also guess as to what little bit of that and its link you know. Which I think is a sort of struck political solution that Jimmy over sweet I think you have to close is that and a being able you know this way to sweep but you know. Deciding the Torvalds does not that trying to steer in the clean that Chris. You know finish. The the dryness that's its success you get that completely and that's I think in the middle when I'm facing her yet. I get back Christmas right away which I guess of the noble hops and I get the dryness and the sweetness comes about the way about him with a little bitter at the very abrupt. The nose of tough for me on the spot. I don't really I guess I just because they don't know what a poster. Knows is I don't I'm not a huge older drinkers so it's tough for me Celek are identical and both. But it's. I guess it is sort of like you're still put electors to me I don't know it's tough it's tough to me. I stressed the rest them yet. I smell the ball is what yes well I mean you definitely get the mall of Buffett knows him. Definitely you know that's. You know tools and what you said you know for these. I don't beer debt covenants I don't know I fear that's accurate thing you know. And it's it's colts took but you know. When I learned I learned something about the style the other day that I didn't know and I've felt really stupid about it and I just kind of laughed at myself for not realizing this course is not. You can excuse me of but like German style beer's cold stents either the least of the three that I dreamed. You know I've I tend for more like hello slaughter. And then I would take like filter over it or adorable under and then I'd get to a course what I learned is that a polish. Is an Italy east correct and you guys he's an ill used in this but that it's longer. So it's instruments that colder temperature fight. Felt really dumb that I learned that the other day because that's all caution that cynical style AOL's it was of course is nailed so technically. But it's brute like a logger and been for those few like ills are brewed at a higher fermentation. Temperature then bloggers are okay yeah I figure yeah it's delicate but so I think I think what's really what's really cool about the style of courses it's. Taking from. Both styles because it is going to taxpayers get AL catalog them and the fact that your. Taking ill components implementing in Walker's style. It's kind of group concept that added to the Germans and that's across the board proposes that. That way to my knowledge I'm still kind of learning to put this ballads I thought I knew about this I spoke. Yeah I mean he originally and other Cologne Germany you know give us you know let's or what is. About it you know. And I get to. So go over for a tour folks in his comments hi and the Buffalo Bills the bucket list they are going to point one actually so plan beyond stoked I mean luckily there are like. German beer bars here like pros stopped this were. You know I thought you know it's not good Germany that Freeman here in my some might it and we can go down the road and drink just that not just don't know Alessio the other says degrades the death. So that's our brutally this reduced our breakers total recalls. And for those of you who were like me and maybe don't favor the light here. I'm the sort of tried and it looked into my little that an interest in Patrick in which you think that this is kind of you know we we touched on last week we are talking with Mike Hunsicker about. Like he's yet PA's and now they have made you know big wave. I wonder now light Beers especially German style loggers are extremely popular amongst brewers amongst you know those of us in the industry. IE concerning believe that this trend is going to get away from just rumors and this might be. The new big thing in court. Of of of German style loggers. Yeah I mean is do you see in my crazy to think that. Does that mean. We go in waves you know eyed peas are never going away. People that like dark you're never going to wave of the lake Sowers are never going away but I feel like this is about to be the new trade ya like utility and I mean. You know. Fox our guys know that sounds like they start like. They've they can offer a tear up our own you know. I love their circles dividends and now we don't know yet haven't got to wait funder who's making great news and we start to see so many more people putting more time. Into these longer style of Armenia ambulance and nobody can kind of fall into Mike you know I don't but like with the concourses and watering it takes a lot longer. The group you know. And Summers don't wanna wait so long you know and so the pop on else you know you know they can't time with the water Merkel you know. I'm really excited for this I think. There's so much more you know I think in in America we've. Tried to focus on our own styles so much that. Sometimes the traditional especially German traditional styles he can sometimes get lost in the shuffle for the average consumer and I really think we're. At a point now where it's about to start being. Thus again I Pisa Italy where Gretzky is going to be around for a but I do you think this is the thing that's going to be the next it would. Why I've noticed. And again it's in my in my small little world craft beer but I have noticed that there's some breeze opening up in the city better. Solely devoted to German silence. Oh or walked for years let's just say well he's a little house we want to Alter itself Beers and we went to be. We'll be out. The other weekend it was. A couple robberies over there that you were telling you were only built file and only German style and they were very specifically sticking to that style of the year. So more of those places are opening the guys who I consider it if you know. I'm down especially. You know since global warming doesn't exist and it's only hot now because natural trends. Says that sarcasm. Do. That these lighter Beers. Mean this stuff from turn it trickled it did not that's why like session that is keep the winds me up even keeps life right now progression minutes you can. I think I'm. Arlen clerical closely you can taste our work put into me but you it's like perfect after a heart to work. You know it's refreshing it's like you drinkable you know but I think. You know. You that don't know much photograph was still can't go about those light years but only meant auditors are coming out with people like you know reportedly. Picture for those guys hammer out the other closely and has eight vehicle just. Also you know. I think what you said this is the trend now it's going this way. Well and I'm really glad that we picked this fear for the beer of the week because it ties into what we want to get into next week on our podcast in. How to introduce. Craft geared to that on craft beer drinker because. And I've I think we mentioned this in her first podcast. I gave a buddy of mine who only drinks Coors Light and like Widmer at the Verizon and I gave him a dad beer from barely seems like well this is about. You know and that kind of like semi condescending but not condescending tone I do pick I would like this I don't look I don't like this but yeah I don't craft Beers stills. Walks but this prologue a dose soldier did you know and I feel something like total recalls. Is the perfect appeared to put in front of somebody. That doesn't that really only drinks. Domestic American waters to kind of say. Try this gives you a little touches sweetness lot of those rights based big beard domestic bloggers have sweetness and houses not. You know hey. And it's five point 2% so hit that three point six crap out here you can draw a better take the president appear that the opponent that's wagering accords like rights and get drunk. So let's do this instead. Plus I also like working out a missed location ridiculous politics course letter you know my when you say you go financially down and regularly like us so good. One of them like what welcome to Crawford. I don't know if we're here who can well Patrick senate that's going to be next week's podcast episode four is going to be how to introduce craft here. She's been on beer drinker or the and occasional. Beer drinker because to be honest that was the US sort of tricky here was my wife who heeded here when we first got here. And a lot of peoples and get out of it to topics file be next week I'm a lot of us might not cut you off here but you're innocent than what we've all been. Just because pat and I are working here. You know and we love here. We were once that too that got through not so sure we were 1617 years old but again not. We will we lost 43 when I first got here whatever but you all there and anyone out there listening just remember that we were all. There had so. So that's next week remember every Thursday for a given what has dropped stands on iTunes I don't particularly its stride great review us. It's going to be a brutal play it is amazing you know hopefully it's gonna be outfitted with him dot com which for the placement Janet. Stand up I'll read it out applicants for the seventh Patterson hit job opportunities early five. And capacity to defendants were also figured out well so fast he could find a standup thank you Patrick and found here and it's about those throughout two seconds thank you got six rounds that nothing rob. We've said it many times you get the chance it's worth coming at saint John's was beautiful. The staff has been extremely friendly and accommodating to us who was fantastic. Peers speak for themselves and exit John Everett still have that kind of Coppola felt it was too gone so I'm like come down here just. Not to be very up but it never that's why I'm never leaving before. Play catch us next week 4 o'clock on Thursday. We'll see them.