Beers on Us Episode 5: Bottle Shops

In this week's episode, Mike and Patrick go to Saraveza in North Portland to chat about bottle shops, interview owner Sara Peterson, and, of course, try their beer of the week!

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening and probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting. Right now. We are in hazy smoky. Portland. For a week. Appears on us would like which Patrick here as we have been an entire month of shows. And that we are starting must do. With another on location show but it's not a podcast takeovers show first day to kind of has worked out this way you know we knew we had a bit of a crazy schedule these last couple weeks for those who don't know. A last week's podcast was recorded three weeks at a couple don't you want by a hand Patrick was gone the week after that and then I was gonna week after that. So this podcast which is dropping on Thursday it was recorded on Wednesday. One day before so we got one that edited and then we're gonna try to catch back up again and again because Patrick has what does he think about the of the wall. Yeah like all things you know we are excited to start and we got ahead of the game and everything was great and it didn't take long for us to start slacking off so. Here we are beaten and stuff like you know potentially because I wanna talk about my weak beer you know but it was really interest things before retirement or topic today. Actually before that. Thank you for listening. ITunes who will play well and dot com for you guys are about as death. I cannot forget that make listeners. Please rate subscribers view on iTunes or group play wherever you find it. And our Twitter throughout Mike went 27 and Patrick deputies early five you can tweet is about podcast any suggestions out there. We take all suggestions so feel free you. We just bare hands listen what you think Allstate to shut out for the use gravity of Miami or PD 0851 in secretive as well or does more with posting yeah a lot I do a lot of your stuff forum there and then sprinkled in with my cat so. Sorry you get a deal with the rate this cat is named ray after of course Star Wars race. And as you'll I'm sure find out over the course of the like that is podcasts out today but just in general Patrick is a Star Wars die hard. I prefer the term aficionado. York aficionado. And I said die hard not heard that is true if you would also think I've accepted parameters. So my we can be here this week. I went to Las Vegas for sixty is hot Vegas it was very hot it was a hundred fighters every day it was hot here don't worry. But. What I was really curious element went there is I know. That they use is he worldly place people from all over the world go there to visit them all over this country go there to visit. And I know that outside of horrible Bobble here in the northwest and a couple of other pockets around the country craft beer has still not fully on me. We've talked about this that it's breaking through a little bit here but. Generally. We live in such a great bubble here we'll relieve liberal like wait what you have one here that's not one of the pictures that you get shocked by what went to make Vegas expecting. I went to Vegas going. I am going to have beer. That is not the best or I'm gonna have to choose your that I don't want trees but I was pleasantly surprised that I wanna talk about it because. Within the cosmopolitan. My wife is there for complex ML for the for the supper super astute selectors who propelled. End. I went down to the sport for bar when my which he had dinner with her clients in I was by myself talking to people watching some baseball to have a hapless twelve counts long. That included here from Seattle. California. Didn't seem organ Beers on the air but you know. Craft beer places. And I had like five or lesion space just IP is thicker or which is like a 9% beer anyway. I don't look it up at that point her. Say what it was a Dead Sea was nice to kind of have that option available to me completely spaced a salon and I was like you know I'm gonna go with us. You were saying there was some California is there were. That was the thing is they sold the unit as a post here about it Palin I had a series about a pill at the first place you went actually. And in the cause I liked a lot I'd hope I can never say no that here that's one that. As you know for me I would not normally choose a pale. And I'm pretty sure I've had it before and a bottle like a party or something but I don't think I've ever ordered it for myself. And when I saw that one of the places that was our first night there we got their super way to collect him and it. And we just went down to kind of learn the layout of the casino because it when he lost their own hotel. And we sat down at a bar and the answer in about a pale and I got a couple of those and I was I couldn't have been happier to have risen so. That's for you there's also plays. Caught half else off rock which is. I guess originally brewery from Germany news in the have kind of it's kind of become a chain or at least multiple locations place that has summoned in the US but. They had a spot in Vegas and we went there for the first and I can look my wife's parents or their favorite places. My debt or heard that directly from Germany so there's a little bit of connection manner. It's really cool place cold and it really big German team they had determined Bure was really good to have one where they mixed. There there half amateur. I want to say it was their vocal in mixed together at a beer which have really really interesting. I think it is Gupta don't go away but it was it was quality beer immediately. German Stein of course yeah that's how you do it you have to drink beer I wanted DOS boot. But they didn't have bounced food company if so hopeful. That's what I want. Gallagher Buick Buick my beer week it was interesting and then fun. This is one of one of my favorite. But my favorite weeks of the year. More pertaining to why I love my job in the location that it works so we're very fortunate. GBF is coming up the great American beer festival. And because we have the space down at a Milwaukee location. We basically sent this invite you. People in southwest Washington. And then as far south as Eugene. And banned in the hood river and the coast as well. Excuse me. Two go ahead and bring all of their submissions to GBF. You the Milwaukee location we keep it cold. And then we Pallet ties it and then we ship it all expecting Colorado again part of the culture thing everybody trying to help each other. And then you know there everyone's built through you know while Obama while that's all taken care of but what's really thought about it is. All of these they're dropped off most the time by a lot of the rumors themselves. And so you know company policy using no scheduled for walks into that location you know they treat Thomas yeah. And so Peters on and so I just spent you know Friday Saturday Sunday Monday. Down there with all these Bruce from all these breweries committee and Anson haven't pints and and it's really cool I get to see a lot of people that I know in the industry that it over the seal hole on and then meet some new faces and and put some names to faces and things like end it's always really really fun. That's a cellphone that's critical these guys who have for people it's I'm sure that's actually pretty decent cost to ship that oh Colorado oh yeah I mean there was only you know. Anywhere from forty to fifty Brees may be even more. Sewn up with anywhere from two to four cases and the horse that you work. I don't know enough time ago I mean that you just some little hot a lot of time to some of America well there's 24 times and mean that we use during. OK so it's really working I mean that's gonna argument to have patent law like my job that's why it's a good general really are but you know my jobs fun. That will the perks are great so I don't know. I don't know for planning and doing an episode and GBF we might be major action going yeah I can go this year I'm excited but I'm very curious about. How that all works amid you'll see her for that episode but like. How would do day do you trust the judges how to they get judges out of this where the Beers Mickelson at all for that answer many questions as your shipping them all now for the Beers they're going to be. Entered yet in a month in a month yet competitions in a month so maybe you'll sit for them but that's totally accidentally. On this week's podcast. Is something that I do not know a lot of now. I'm a little bit of a fish out of water right now. We are currently on location if you couldn't tell by the music played through Mike from about equality of microbes that are using. We are at Sara raised which is in north Portland Portland's worth it is one of Patrick's day responsibility but Islamic affairs but it's just were like totally show up every day one out. Your favorite spots of this is home this is my home away from home and we are going to be chatting with Sarah who is the owner of the players who attempt it Sarah is a are coming up in the next segment but how we came out here because the topic of the show this week with bottle shops and for me. Living out the birds. This is not really anything that we have right there's one. By mean it's called western half house and bottle shops in the got a tar balls on the air but it's it's different. It's kind of a restaurant with a bottle shop attached to this here. It's a bar Newt but it's not but it is so this is this whole topic is totally out of my world so for me Amber's gonna ask a lot of questions with. Yeah you're totally fighting this is actually probably more in my wheel house and breweries. Just to be honest because this is. Going to bottle shops all the time this is. This was my introduction. Into really the craft beer world select an actual missions introduction I should take out of it. Because I think. Drinking craft beer for a long time you know and I would see things don't go places and see things on tap and then when I moved when I moved back home. I started to realize old man at their places that literally specified in this. And it they become neighborhood. And and they all have their own kind of identity so we'll give food some of them don't some rumors have houses some of follow shops as well. But I moved in I moved down to spend two blocks away from surveys after really nasty breakup. And I was wandering the neighborhood those like a man any. That is gonna figure other neighborhood mall wal woe is me down on myself and I walked by and a lot by this place and I looked in the windows was likable and so here we go hook. Craft Beers push for a check this place walked in the door and I was like we've sick if you don't have to wait. Fort generously pro some food. The hell's going on this the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. And and so that's kind of what what drew me to this place and it was definitely more businesses you know this is my neighborhood. Is where I live this were a spent all my free time. Double what's so great about it is it. Is it is. These places can create a safe atmosphere for beer drinkers because they have so much to offer and especially this place. You know they have but see 1234. They've ten Beers on tap and it's all different styles and in the coolers are full of different Beers that you can. You know if you don't see something you like on tap you can go through the coolers and grab something and you know the Bart general crack before he can drink it on the spot. If you walked into this place and if you look at it really any Photoshop and you can't find appear that you wanna drink you'll like here. I mean this has everything for you. So. That little monologue right there that spiel if you will get some of the Yiddish America. It opened up like ten questions in my head some server one before. You said it creates a safe space for beer drinkers didn't we or any city and Portland organ that is already kind of a safe space for beer drinkers what makes a place like this. That much safer quarter on quarter quotes you can't see it then and they were also missing. Well I think first and foremost you have right. You're in you're going to be able to find any seen anything you want like I said you know we've. Whatever kind of style you lawyer going to be able to finding usually in these pleasing carry cider too so frenetic if we walk in you like fear I don't like cider. I'm defiance of the how so I think I can't imagine I don't know of anything well you know getting used examples. And so I think that that's a good spot. Number two. For the most part there are some expect six exceptions you know. Every every place is run differently my can only speak necessarily to my experience here and some other couple places. Let you know the staff you know the staff that works at these places they were here because they look here. You know it's not like I serve at a restaurant just because and try to make money. You know I mean I'm sure there are people in this business that still do that but for the most part people that were kimbo shops that were there because they love beer so when you come to them whether it's like. I'm in you know I'm really looking for legacies on but I want something super dry and up and no fruit. There would be like automobiles do this way or you can walk going to be like I only drink have Verizon. More can you give me and they re like oh this way. And that's what I mean by safe is that you have usually in these places you very educated staff that wants to help you. The wants to create this great environment for you and it opens doors as a beer drinker is gonna start trying new things that's what I got from the. So that you mentioned neighborhood as well being important. Now. I guess this is more broad. Topic discussion based and assessment is necessarily a direct question but. This there are a lot of these in the city not a bottle shops lock them up houses like this about much in the bird compared to here. So there are a lot of use so you're not going to make a name over other bottle shops in the city. In my opinion I feel like you would just be bad neighborhoods place to go fears of people who live near where you live I'm here north Portland. Within me couple mile radius are coming to surveys. Because it is the neighborhood bottle shop is that in my kind of thing emeritus. Right by this kind of sort of I mean we talked about this with we talked about his breweries and now when Marines moving to a neighborhood it and kind of create identity with the neighborhood right but it brewery is still its own unique oh delivers beer beer whereas this is. Of the Julian options all around you totally agree totally agree however what I will say it is. Yeah I mean there's you know whether your fear mongers on on division. You know bridge down on Mississippi's surveys though on. On killings worker John market. That those places they'll still kind of represent the neighborhood even though they're they're kind of different you know I say you know I live. I live in north Portland or. Where I live there are many Ries to wreck we hear me OK I've looking lab by the look you lab location two blocks from my house so that's all I've got. But you know when someone says when we are talking odors you know regional he's gonna neighborhoods drove Mississippi there's storm breaker and cryptic that's too and they're two really prominent reads. You know Mike I live in north Portland I have I have lucky lab but I also surveys and people like whoa oh cool it's like when your own Belmont. You know when you get deeper into east Belmont. There's not a total breeze over there. What do you know what station right next door. It almost suffices. That same that same need for bribery and neighborhood so why do you think some. Of the bottle shops and tap house without their actions. Options that they have whether that means they producer food they don't hear fruit only dew bottles only have taps. Why didn't they choose that and in your opinion what's the best way to go up well I think this is going to be great question that we should as Sarah as well I think. I think it boils down to understanding clientele I think it also for boils down to. Just what do you war I mean when you decide to do restaurant when you have food into the gain. That that's a whole new overhead that's a whole new process now you're paying chef cooks equipment. Out of food cost all that kind of stuff. I think a lot of it boils down to what the neighborhood needs I mean when I first. Started coming here and what I what I noticed is. There's wasn't a Harlan of food options on. Around here and so because of that. I came here and have the food and I still think to this stage this is some of the best food in north Portland. Especially on killings were. And so kind of you've got to kind of look around the neighborhood and see what's going on like you know Belmont station they don't have food but they have from current extort. It's kind of just how much is it about your how much is it about inspire me how much is it about atmosphere. It's kind of what I would say a man. When when I'm asking the question about. What is the right choice to me in terms. The types of the year you because here. They have bottles of cans they have tapped. They have all sorts of different options for you to. To partake in and made the open the bottles for you if you want to keep them out for the cool. Again this is it holding new world for me right so. Is that common do you deal lets you drink the policy volume house and open it for you at the varsity. Without it outside that's standard operating procedure I mean that's that's how things that's how things work in this because when you see. Who's he when you see things on tap and you know if you don't necessarily like what's on tap I mean what's fun about walking into a to abolish up that's not going to let you. Drink here you know and I mean. So I think. I think you'd be very silly and I don't I don't I actually don't know any place in this city and I think you'd be absolute terrible idea for any person. To. Decide to deny you. Drinking the beer in the place I think that's the lowest point like I was seen about variety and selection it's like. You know I'm looking at what's on draft right now and there's a couple things that interest in but you know nothing was really talking to me some kind of like a moment Xperia might pull from the show. Another question I have two was about the prices because. You know looking at some of the bottles and cans that were round and Greg are you some of the ice or bottles. Those are pretty spent two bottles that you Richard nightmare yes and I'm curious about the pricing aspect verses. Just regular bar or separated itself. And what is a Smart decision and also lesser about well. Yeah I think I think that is what separates these places from so many others. Because. These places allow you. To. Have the opportunity to drink something so when you see something that is that is pricey. In a bottle shop that's because it's some serious barely edged style here whether it's dark Beers hours something like that. That when you go into you know if you go into it it dive bar work you know thirsty line for example were not necessarily. They're not necessarily pouring suburban barely stout on draft there's not a lot of draft options on the so would a lot of times you can do you come in and as a as of as a barely sell or drinker like myself. Thank coming here with two other people. And we can say okay so this close to a cause that's you know eighteen bucks. You guys wanna share. He doesn't assure this who occur and so it it gives you the opportunity to try Beers the U. Would never really get to try. And as far as you know prices in relation to other shops Ameen is the markets the market you know everybody buys the beer at the same price. So it's about their Marca and everybody knows that if they market of two high. That people are gonna go other places so I would say. You know prices are basically the same from shop to shop. Now how important he was also the vibe of a place like this because we talked about how has to fit into the neighborhood obviously good people good. Good for your bureau office all accustomed to sitting here right Rattay or it now there's a bunch of bald caps kind of built between the glass on the table. They had like seven coasters are different careers we sat down used obviously they've got this most of the your places in this town happens to your stickers all over the place right. The camps are right up for when he walked him. You know bar a couple of groups all that kind of stuff kind of that. The old fashioned brick inside five. How important is that word do you think that's just like. Adam plus to a place that has to people have different well I mean we're placing a bomb amounts. If we take this pleas for example from this place it's an added bonus for me answers built this as a Wisconsin themed. Beer bar. And it's easy to track bar people lined up outside. An hour and a half two hours before tiger you just eating your watch Packers and stuff like that that you pass these to get a big midwest style. Menu and so then that has a little needs to it. But I think what do I think the biggest thing that was down there are follow shops in this town that I love go into their auto shops in this town that I do not go to. And you know some were prominent and I think a lot of it has to do with that type of people they think you know and the staff. I think to meet the staff is one of the bigger things because when I walked in by a I want to be taken care of no matter where my range of years I know wanna be look down on the because I only like Lou Lou you know and I don't want to be I don't want my book kissed. Because I only wanna drink. Belgian Trappist fears were. You know fancy and Snooki and stuff like that I want somebody that truly loves being here. And it's going to take care of me and you and every videos and create a positive environment because that's what theories were trying to have a good time there is no. Unfortunately there's too much of it and I think I think it runs rampant in bottle shops there's too much air against there's too much ego. Where are the places that I enjoy going to or places that just loves beer wanna talk here. And it's like the bartender to be like I love the spear you should try this you're a contrived Buick I don't care for their like oh that's crazy. It's not just like oh. You don't like that thing. Silently yeah yeah yeah that's interest in the because. We've talked about how the breweries themselves are so welcoming and want people to come in they want similar in the year. Where is that. Extra ego coming in when you open up your own personal bottle shopper you where you hire people working off a life that's separated I think you can sliding because in a bottle shop you're trying to find the best of the best. You're trying to provide the consumers the best product you can find on the market in the style that they. So it's not when you walk into a lot of bottle shops it's not just like here's thirty randomized PA's. You know it won't see which you like it's different than like a grocery store the grocery stores that sell you a lot more on. Name brain. The grocery stores and say hey you know this is Marie you know this re to a barbershop is gonna have a little that sprinkled in but also any. Have you ever heard of naturalist. A have you ever heard of ruby's you know stuff that the average consumer might not know. And so that you can say he they've got this they've got six packs of this year that I've never looked over here. Hey bartender what what's what this is is this any good news cycle and when yes there are elected to say there's this like that and so I think once you start. Pulling from all the bad stuff. When you kind of see the sheet in URC and a what's with this I don't want that but I want some this but it you know want more of that is there any more of this left. That it can kind of create because you're getting the best of the best of every other read he can create a little arrogance and for illegally. You via the best years. That's interesting I'm I'm really jealous that you have this right down the street from me because I really don't have options like the south and I have a I have a prowler placement I guess a similar they have here like this yeah it. It just doesn't feel the same as what I'm here right right and there's nice people there and it's it's just different you know and in. Novel that tells about that so support a local bottle shopper tapper if you've got one near you and makes you find a place that fits your personality that she could feel comfortable going to on a weekly basis like. I almost prefer coming to bottle shops and Marreese I think that I might have mentioned this before I mean there are some reason that I do really really enjoy and think. Across the border all their beer is great but what I love about coming here is. I age you know I I'm country Rubin's here right now. We're about to drink at different beer in the beer at a week later on in the in the podcast. And you know when we sit that was Sarah might be drinking a beer from a different brewery and and there's just I just I really enjoyed that it let me bounce around. And this is actually how I discovered all these Marines so when someone's like if you heard this briefly yet. That's where my arrogance comes about a guy who he said that it was very like. Yeah yeah that's that's warm right now I tried it too late in the superimpose that on somebody like I'm better than you but it's like that's going that's how I'm able to. Discover. You know these are new reasons because they go to these places instead of hearing from you know from my head brew master from somebody LC. This is open coming Berea of this city global blah it's like oh I was able to us to hear about this because I saw somebody roll in with some. Package or draft at all right today we've seen probably six or seven different for his role with their delivery today already includes of the precious beer on what this service is that a fifth a and it let's use that as our transition coming up next we will talk to be older. A survey says Sarah herself mrs. spears on us what Mike went to Patrick here. Interview portion four week five years on most of likely. Patrick Harris says you've heard here out of surveys on north killings where we are down. Right now with the the service sister Peterson thanks much for having the Celtics look to spell out those as well behind there that have Armenia Russia absolutely so first question since we talked about with a Marty. Bottle shops are so out of my normal realm where I go entry here. Why they choose to open a bottle shop and why here what was your thought process on an opening here in north. Like has suffered a lot about us passes because I worked in the during world I thought it was going to be ever. And we're working very quickly defended it wanna be a bird. It and the next best thing for new recipe to surround myself with as much as possible. And I I've working in restaurants before and so I understood what that was like but I like the retailer aspect. Package as well and why here of course once why here in this my hearing killing. The killings earthen combo. IA used to live in this neighborhood from 2000 sued 2007. And grays they root in Portland. Onscreen and off and that's gone through a lot of changes but back then it was really hard at 10 o'clock at night and six pack. Something that excited me when I mean I'm talking about it's hard to find that packet here in about a pale right. Which is still pretty darn exciting thing. We yep that's by the by my beer for life we talked about it earlier in the podcast as Larry ago if it if I think we talk about Sierra Nevada pale though at least once every other part as. You talk about a way more than I do like is it damn good beer. You know it the funny thing is I I have a hard time selling cared about Palin here because of the type of business we do about stand behind. And that's fears. Three this neighborhood didn't have anything so I always thought that as an opportunity. So I got that back pedal is my next question is how do you choose to be your that you want to sell here because. You go to ever gets all of their fear and sometimes they have some visiting peers are there but it's all there do you come here you have the topless do you guys bottles and cans all over the place. It's Wednesday so we're seeing all the deliveries come in on record in this. Power you'd Tuesday. What you want to sell. Ray is a pilot the most fun day of the week tend to be doing that here yet without habeas covenant. We choose that customers choose that leaving myself from the nearby air and I have staff. That also. About a lot of information but more pertinent customers what they want my of that and more. And then. I worked with the distributors slippers and people in the industry that are that are strong and swept available. So you take out the information you assess that in and put it together securing your selection we have about 250. On the high countered when you know account different Beers. And we're trying to and we do tricky right he's fresh. You know anything that's volatile needs to be fresh so it needs to be something that you are that we're excited test out and try. I also really like. To get Newbury is a chance. Test the market. Again am I also. Like to Iran. Make sure that if my staff really like something that we got here because they're gonna sell them. Terry and I. You from are you from Wisconsin correct yeah wearing them but if that married now. I think I think it's really I think it's such it. Mike can I talk about this a lot with with or gain in the northwest on the West Coast in general being you know such a huge. Huge market for beer in America especially when it comes to craft beer. That to to not be from the West Coast and come out here and get into here. Would be something that would like scare me from anyone else in America that you code from the midwest the midwest actually. As a pretty strong staple of craft beer do you think that helped. In bringing your midwest ideas I'm here because I guarding him the dirty kind of knew what I am honored to announce an extent. Now I'm I've been in Portland since 2000. And and there wasn't a lot of craft beer in Wisconsin. In Minnesota when that definitely wasn't the case so much with that it didn't bring it here that's enough or I moved here and it's when I moved here. And kind of discovered my upper right. And factory. And understand the depth of flavors and I went to the course brass and tried to think that blew my mind and I learned a bitter fearless for the first time out here in 2000 the bitter beer was a really bitter beer of the bridge or. Yeah the yes or no it was more discovery period for me being out here and definitely it come from back home. So might my other question would be for map that is collective New Jersey to you right I've moved him 2011. And in a place at the met any craft beer at all when I left and I came here and it was it was such an eye opening experience for me how do you get people in the door. You kind of help those kind of people like both of us in the first moved here learn more healthier. But what is it that that you try to do to get those people to come back and experiment vs being you know may be safe to me into your choice of they have the. Well when I started a very purposely position myself to be friendly to. Anybody whether they knew a lot about peered at me and I always nature attend happening in the future one of them was camp at my domestic and choice. And the whole thought process behind that was if you don't wanna spend that extra dollar to learn about and I keying or. About generous our something you you actually had something that would get you to sit down and start talking. In here about what we have. By about five years in the business we got rid of that hands tap and me we've put in our own. House. House here for breaks my. Premium for great size and that is our era post here now but it. But I think that whole attitude stood death rates come on come on in and tried something and then if we don't have what you like we had your players play let's. If something that you might like is that when you've. Either that matches the great quickness for a lot of people it ends up being a transplant but it in might just be you know coming them it's marketed similar. Or mismatches flavor profile is that. The most important thing to you about running a place like mrs. Being accepting to all beer tastes because. Of just how many times have people come down. No I mean if it. I like epic that thing we're gonna accept you. The hundred million of weather area apartment in beer not please don't have a beard even if you hate it yeah it yet. In just because you like it domestic here that you pointed to here in Britain you know that's a stellar years. But but what did you learn is it's kind of that. That openness. That that that hospitality. And that that's something that's what an intimate business and woven in my staff man just intimate business model. And I think that's important regardless of your selling path. Yeah it's one thing to me it's one thing that actually got me in the coming to this place you mentioned staff and I think that's what's so important is that you. Easy is it is about information is that you know somebody that comes in that doesn't. Wanna spend the extra dollar that wants that hymns. There's still gonna sit there they're gonna listen you know it's something I love so much by your staff as they're gonna listen to them talk to other people about beer. Different styles of beer and then eventually have to while the person like. You know I threw his hands all the time but is there. Rose and so for those that I might like it went like this how how he saw Janet India and how important is the informational side from a staff of a bottle shop do you. Which you break it. Hi hi hi in the middle. Only first open in 2008 I think with III but now a customer base in general is just so darn Smart that. I think it think it's a little. Less important but by no means is that not porn it's we need to know our styles and you know what's going on in the industry. Just mainly to be a place that is a resource. For whether your terrorists and not a clear drinker or courier serious here drinker and you need to know where to go you know liberated it. For those listeners and this is me included as as the host who is I don't know about this. How old do you use. Cure rate these relationships with the breweries. And place orders and can hold the relationships how do you even start that process of being like hey a bottle shock here there's lots bottle shops in the city but I want your beer. How does that kind of the whole process work. Well we started this almost ten years ago though it is really we just opener arson there they are asking and I feel and harder now because there's so much competition. But I think China you're serious about what you're doing and and respecting him here and just doing good business ray I mean I think Demorrio order. Where people want talk to you right you. No that means that Maurice felt he can talk to you and for us it's how you sell Beers to keep customers happy and you make street got what they what they want. He said the work competition to we've talked about this with craft breweries. Generally there's a pretty kind of open door like hey we all at each other wanna support each other atmosphere. Is that similar in the bottle shop we'll let you down there. In my experience. It's brand I spend more time going to Curry's on my free time than I do going to battle shops. But I haven't met about a shot I don't like. I don't I keep government figure yet a mixed in that although I'm also. Kind of a follow with what Mike was saying is it is even worth it for you to pay attention to what other bottle shops are doing I mean it's like what Mike was saying with debris in the brewery Coulter. You know. All the breweries they'll support each other they want you know each other do well we want to keep making great beer all that kind of stuff at the end of the day we still do that a seller product we still have to. You know make a margin since it that. Or do you focus really at all on what other place other places are doing or you just gotta say this is our model it's been working this is what we U we're used to pull in from other people. Why don't we wanna do end in. I do I am looking at other what other places are different when I'm going there you know there's there's a king Apollo shots were not McCain thinking about shops where we're not gonna try to sell every single here there it. That's not our goal it's to save trash. Keep your freshman need to be fraction have a good good selection that what I do look at when I go into other pop shops especially a lot of those little smaller newer ones it. What's sitting on their shelf for their old seasonal on the shelf is that moving are they ordering right. Because I do think that. One problem with a lot of the little bottle shops around is that they have big of a collection. Man I think digger doesn't mean better and actually recently we have we have to vintage coolers. Better my babies and then. I did add a coroner a while ago and fat cooler when it was on death row I had to make and decisions replace that are not and I decided. Not to end it it wasn't. For any reason except let's keep our. Let's keep our selection moving faster you know let's we yarder every week. They don't need or the more let's ordered tighter better and that's one thing when I got out of our shots say hi I think if you're sits around too long from him you know. Customers here now that's the case here's a prominent checked their dates on the the year and especially experience and never again as an hour on Dave yes and if you wanna be relevant those states have to be relevant at least for that. The type customers that that I have. That's actually great point I mean we sit here and you know you've got your two coolers and mean it's two banks of coolers I should say and I guess I never thought about that I never thought that you were packaged selection is tighter and I think. I think it's a testament because I walking in and hey I can see everything really quickly and I know I can find something quickly because like you said it's about what's fresh what's moving. We don't want stuff staying on the shelves sometimes it's overwhelming when you go to my business just like. That's here gigantic option appears you're like I don't know what are you all right yeah yeah. Yeah I am taking you there with the pressure and you know back to what do right by. Tying in that question talked about keeping things thrashed apples here in about a thing one of the best Berry's world. They're very that I that make. Can't put that Helio for example my show beat president's. Fair to say ubiquitous. You know it's a grocery assure you mr. appear and I I I can't have those years here for saying not all of them work. From do sometimes. But if the coolest move and keep them fresh I I I don't do justice to break your like that settle for longer because a lot of people wanna try new or different things here. The Al lot of these street hurries that we have amino. I end up not caring for those reasons but it's only yours back there. So. You sit ten years you guys have been business right in October and October 10 years. What is in the smartest decision you made in this ten years. And what has been the biggest misstep you feel that you had to recover from Mexico what are your way. To the point where you are right now as somebody that comes surveys so all the time I'm so excited here. I think it could you. My biggest misstep author went there because he had this answer for silence ORT. That there is another one but now I'll wake up in the and I. Another more about it but when it started way. Hillary yeah. If he brought the wrong Gloria wow. Don't feel as is there reason yet. Yeah it's they say one. On now I opened the second ago but that's if that's really boring question but I am I am. You know entrepreneur and a small businessmen and mean if my bigger my bigger policy is that it kind I I don't know if that ends as a mistake and it went in business and think though. Definitely wandered over to the basics. His tank on. That balance is expensive and Gloria effects. And the question is just the greatest decision even though the kind of push you forward and we're more successful. Rate of them. Incision but it was a realization. When you open. Well first thing they open up by and it really realizes opening up our. And I built this place and bill. Apartment with duels but to me I was building communities beef with you learn about the year. And I and I think that like mine fat but probably I pre. Wait for me to think about that wasn't my open a the first day and that's pressure coming in enters the after Favre didn't go and really writes I really did and I and I think it is that ball like thing in mind as it. That they for community together. I think to a place before where when we've when they first open I went in the Ehrlich. You know you know we're not really planning to be a bar we switch to come get some beer. They're just apart now right at them at a different there in May hang out for hours and had a very quickly adjust their their mindset. Right hey it is ticked me about five minutes after opening at if you pick. Well Larry found and that for me let you lead in to this question then. And he said you have experience in restaurants. Not many all the shops have houses in this county boot race. Did you and food can be costly and numerous wrote it myself from that such a larger overhead was food. Always going to be food. Never knock on the youth who was there ever a time where you were like maybe I shouldn't do food or was the necessity for you always always an if is that the midwest and you. I think it's sending it likes food and appreciates food and thin when I came to Portland I think now I throw and how important. Or what that big differences between well prepared thoughtful loving plays vs questions that pie island. Whatever Manning is yeah didn't click that and if you know I drink whatever so it again it was that that idea like extremely thoughtful. And and provide a place where he can sit down. Becomes the that makes sense I mean we chatted with John Harrison are first episode and we are asking him because some his food is some of the best food in the breeze seen in the world that. Have brew pub food and he was just like. We wanted to push the envelope you know make sure you can still hit your burger and Fries and you know folks who put. Because the Portland food scene is so great we felt that it was almost he felt it was almost as can be. To have great food. I don't mean it basically so what you city goes that was never a question we were gonna push the problems of food because we know help for the conference it works. Absolutely and and 2006 team back one of the better decisions and it mister kitchen. Men. Or toys in the kitchen and become a full kitchen after. Eight years where we are just happen. A card game this year. Sarah Peterson Matt Serra mesa and after personal little bit there on north killings were at the north Michigan come check them out it's really really cool spot. And I think what Travis football season's Cavuto what's the what's the total and they look like go pack. I have heard that you guys are at the minor little lower that got our our chief they act it hit it. If I give you little love on that mean but the word and it and I think what it looked like it if your yes it's it's a bunch of people because if you. It's a bunch of people in green manages assets cash and yelling at football team is it hate it it's actually critical environment have been a couple times. And every time welcomed by the like a Sundays when he kicked bullied over at peninsula or. And it was like a day it's Sunday and he got severe autism by surveys in the that walking is we don't know how we. It's just as walking in grabbed what ever just reaching the cooler out something and get out of here we have. Hacker magnet you know the schedule magnet. We have an every year and for so long it's just for the Packers keep opening when it com. But West Coast timing and now I've realized that this year it's a lot for our regulars of it they know when not to be who can continue. Dual purpose the. Didn't think it. Well thanks so much Travis are really appreciate it equally. Coming up next here the week as we wrap up Beers announcement Mike Lynch Patrick yours. It's time for fear of the week. Tougher I. It is my turn it's your turn and I ain't so all the look at your eyes on apple these canyons out of the trust you look spots it brought me the and I was a little shocked because all the you know I'm not gonna pick a dark here I'm gonna go with something that I had recently that I enjoyed evening. And one of my favorite neighborhood local. Sort of like half chain have to release chain restaurants by our listeners to wind. Haven't really Meehan burger and have a really really good hapless there and that got seasonal section without they're also big soccer or they are and I'd. I like that a lot I always liked traveling with a seasonal commitment so many times that I had an exhausted their hapless that Apple's all of them. And one of the seasonal this time that I tried was. Fort George. Three way idea. Allah for George and automatically read scripture smells like. Again we've talked about the previous podcasts and try our country that he is better yet try and tease them a little but definitely let me get this one. I didn't even pay attention to how it looked when I got it. Will be darker than their house starving I was like let me just I'm gonna have the bureau of my through the toll failure of the like it was will darken their I was stoned. And it had no idea what was going on no. No we were starving OK okay starving my wife and I have purchased a home. And we had just spent hours shopping. So I was incredibly Hungary waiting for it I'm like five years older than you and your so tilting way harder so much of opening flopped the little things going on while different routes. Actually exhausting but. So I had this year and I really enjoyed it. Technically read about it and felt like I'm gonna make this here that we can elect or George there's a lot and it's my piano once surprised Patrick but it's something that he didn't think OPEC. And I didn't think you pick this took this out of the lunch box and UN. Are you picked up and you would pick three way too few days ago so that's the fort George freeway IP is the fear of the week this week. And why did you react that way initially. I think it. You know they know where to start. Mostly because I did not expect that. Because it's an easy. And I didn't realize it was his yeah probably it probably but it's not a good thing because we just talked about how we're not that he's fans and when I drank this I didn't get. Any of the negatives of these is about to select I think I think part of what surprise. Me too is this beer I think the first batch came out in June. And it's always. You know nine get into. The history of three way if you like him. It came I believe in June and it's always a huge popular thing. Which three ways always something it's one of the bureau releases I think people we look forward to the most throughout the year because it's they've been doing this for so long. And because the last couple years have been hazy is in my you know distaste for he's he's. We're in August now almost September nose like the UA craze is almost over the race made. Through this year it's usually like three ways of just does that the because he's he fare well and then you open that up to pull the mountains like. It's that. The. You can't escape it as well here's the thing I like him a lot I was like that or towards artwork on the news about kind of cool cool plus for me and like I've talked about in the past I get my fear from like mrs. Clinton and on the fly because I was gone for these party last week and talked about earlier in the podcasts out in Vegas for a week. I was like I just got to get Beers on the world will benefit for the week right now but I bet you need seasons has freeway I couldn't find it. I was like looking through their entire camp selection which it now expanded. A huge amount. In finally in the top right corner of spotlight turned backwards I couldn't see the name of it smells like. That's as for towards seasonal and turned it off like yes but the bureau wanted so there go I really enjoyed it and that's why I picked the. Yeah I'll give you some some quick history on three way of fort Georgia's been doing this a wanna say for about. 56 years something like that and what they do is they reach out to two other breweries. And previously collateral on an IPA of some sorts. This year's modern times and holy mountain. Modern times is a it is open to new for Victoria mom Belmont. They are the San Diego based reed although I think they have like relocations in the LA San Diego area. And then holy mountain is a small Marie. In Seattle. That they special it's really for key that they got in on this because they specialize in a lot like Cesar is barely stuff. But it was kind of cool to see them dabble into. Into an IPA and so they've done this over the years. I think most notably most people's favorites was the Boehner. Maybe three years ago four years ago. And then the war one of them that I really enjoy it was what are they enjoyed elect the parlay brown opens from two years ago and I think last year it was great notion that Rubens that was. A huge hit because it was kind of at the beginning of the eighties the big Darren Hayes crazier in the northwest. And so when they got together with Rubens. And great notion it was a what we heard Greek notion it was like oh clearly they're doing AZ right and that kind of pushed him and they kept hazy train and now they're here with modern times and and all go holy mountain. That's fascinated me that they actually. Change up the breweries are doing it with every year oh yeah they don't do the same that's cool that's what it's really read. I think that's why a used to don't you made it through the season it through I think that's why people like the idea that someone but it's always a different here. Which I didn't know was going to be back. And I think what we will we start to notice them doing is is that they've they've taken. The it's them and then of the other two breweries the choose the choose one that is kind of no it doesn't have to be established necessarily but it's like great notion everyone knew great notion was a year ago when they did collapse with through. But now many people knew who Rubens Wallace which is a small -- Seattle one of my absolute favorite reason northwest. And then this here's the same kind of thing water Terrance comes to town they have a presence in California we've seen their product here in Portland for awhile now. So they're kind of issues established sort of thing and then regret this tiny. You know seize on barrel mountain are fairly aged. Project up in Seattle and their like hey I also you know it gives. Holy mount a little exposure as US merely I don't know what the other ever released yet and I was like of those dead yet but he it allows. People like holy mountain Rubens we can say Melvin. Two years ago because even though they're huge re Wyoming they were new to the area. In a room those programs. So it's kind of they've they've started to use that that third Maria's let's give some book to a smaller open combing that we all respect and enjoy the game. Hey that fits exactly what you talked about the first episode how crappy your support to Sunni towards each other it's a way to give love and for George's huge and I decided in Portland it's just a huge for him and they were seen and I'm assuming the earth was beyond this and I'm not sure that scope but it feels like its big. Big deal. And and castles face it I. I got the smelt from an already which. Effort virtually light for his own talk about the color it. They don't put organs from is that it is very orange there is some slight head retention not a ton of carbonation. It is not opaque and chalky. Like lake some of these these can be but it's also not his darkened and in deeper as some other his is cutting its right in the middle. Wenzel a little opaque but not too terribly. We're having trouble discerning taste smell to it maybe because well you know there's all the smoke that's in the air and at my nostrils are burned. Two crap but. The the front of this is fully orange county's the orange immediately and I love orange yellow orange juice so to oranges to oranges my favorite color fruit candy. Hartford does everything. Well it. Interest I don't know but orange soda is my favorite soda. Or is the fruit is my favorite for a few blocks orange juice is my favorite shoes. And I have to have a glass or she is in the morning or on the crank yes OB you do it after or before you Richard. Before there. Because after it is awful brutal with it and who. And then but I like great can't allow them but I prefer or soda that is so that's my that's my thing but it's Lotta orange immediately in the first set. It's all orange when I was having trouble getting expelled from what I smell it I do it's I mean it I do it at you get the orange. You know that you see it smell it aroma to it. But I I I also smell some optimists I smell some vegetable. Gonna matter a little bit that's kind of got a nice aroma to it I mean you got to kind of searched deep I think that's what's. And a tough about this style is that it's hard to really. It's hard to really separate the flavors and the smells that your getting because the role kind of bush together into one to create this spiral. So can be tricky I don't blame me for you right I can't smell anything. But I do get the orange in the beginning and that's like the that is the prevailing. Labor updates throughout the gears a lot citrus orange but I mean I I called hours just because a slump finding but. Citrus all the way through and then I get a little bit of the bitterness from the hops of and middle. 'cause the same as the front of me on this here it's its interest of Orange until you get to the end and you're like OK there's a little bit better this Baird says. To what you do go back for another set concede that I. Yeah I do they've bases. I don't know they've the price of three or four matches this could could be more. I could be mistaken but I remember the first couple batches I was not a big fan of I thought it. Reached too far to the end of the spectrum pace that they don't care for this year you nailed it this does have some residual bitterness in the end. It it's weird because it's more of like three REA. It's more of lake. I don't know how to explain it that the bitterness is more of like when you eat something that is Peter as opposed to make a hop bitterness I don't know. How to explain really the difference but. I'm almost thinking like. Like there's a half bitterness and then there's a disturbed that it is that you put like men and sort of thing. There's I mean maybe not bitter but there's a hop bitterness and there's an eleventh sour kind of thing there ego different player from there you go and that's but it's part of the citrus flavor to manic. Done alma. When it comes all these I wish I could give more bitterness and I wish I had more. Hop flavor to it I just know how much officer in the spears. And for how much cops are in this beer and not getting as much as such as this fear it's it's the style is it that penalizes the stylish little tough on me. Just because. Like hops are sure hopes are so bountiful crops are so expensive if you use that which pops of the year and the opportunities that out of it that's where vibrate and those like what are we doing here. I ask that is are here the week for week number five of the Beers on us podcast that is before George throughout the year I guess the season is coming to a close of Bassett got a before goes away for. For the season there should be able to find some I mean we're here you know like we said we're here at surveys are right now and you can you can grab some I think they got some here mean any bombshell new season he should be it was still part of. Absolutely so thanks much listening again where you found us please rate review and subscribe to us to get podcast every single Thursday at around 4 PM. And you find us on Twitter. I'm am Michael it's 27 Patrick Turkey to these early at five we freed up podcast also wanted to defend dot com and on Google play is qualified to seek to find it there. And if you have any Beers wants to try to places he wants to go we're suggestions for topics. Don't be afraid to shoot just on Porter wool will take into account that Robert talked about this at middle listen my phone of things we have to get to replace them every Saturday. Some would want to have to chat about all the stuff that your interest to him because frankly your listener you know whatever your interest in what is now. And we got some people last week I was released the opposite kind of cool. They date we needed to be their first craft Beers that they had so far after our introduction podcast that launched. And up and out kinda cool just to kind of see the journey of somebody else a couple other people based on what they'll listen. In our podcast so. Please interact with us let us know your stuff you know if you're listening and we talk about something and in. I mean if you disagree please reach out you know conversation is gone now this is all born and so a lot we will hear from you guys opinions are opinions of school you can have your own and we can disagree but it's still there what's up the rotate through it better than talking about politics right always been in the talk about politics are next Mexican podcast. We are either gonna do one of two things we are gonna do you are fresh pot podcast very soon as that season is. I believe kind of under way it's it's getting close I know that we have some pressure ops showing up. Well I guess if podcast drops on Thursday showed up today. So we created we could be seen for shops at least from break separation I know. Takes Noble's got some fresh chopped party I think they've already got some of theirs and they do believe that's always fantastic. We'll start seeing them steal August. It's either going to be back next week wore our second podcast takeover which we are attempting to do. Bit of a distance from where we are now putting Corvallis or in a bloc particularly in May have. An amazing here. Called sticky and you which I actually bought. Before passover and we'll campaign. And I drank a couple left for Vegas who. Don't come I'd ever had it was when you brought it for me. In that theory. Which superiors rate of excitedly what's what fifteen hopefully we can make that happens I'm. So that's either Mexican going to be either one of us here yeah we'll see how that goes big shout out to Sarah and surveys of Berlin a sitting down here and sit him with us. I mean them personally biased in this us. My own home so I look at what's works out pretty. Thanks so much closely you'll seamlessly. Since.