Beers on Us Episode 6: Fresh Hop

Mike and Patrick do their 2nd style based podcast, focusing on Fresh Hop beer as the season is getting underway! Plus, listen to them basically freak out over their beer of the week. 

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening and probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting. Right now. It is another addition of Beers on us when Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris we're into an episode. Seven and here on the podcast and wanna give fair warning to all your listeners out there if you hear. Random animal grunts and explore deep deep heavy sighs. That's not me. That's one Patrick Harris who may or may not be nursing a broken rib we're not sure at the moment yeah that's Maine so please excuse V. Yeah around your life's not really awesome right now. You know he's standing he refuses to say because all that hurts them imagine himself he's standing. And drinking a beer so you know he'll feel better soon yeah and currently we are drinking mean Elliott IP MX over the does not appear in the league but it might be a hint hint nudge nudge sort of near the week is. And so we're drinking and we're gonna release eventually noise is probably during the podcast. Yeah I've pop some pills and a got the spear gone AS like McCain on the ribs and yeah let's roll maybe Hillis is almost like a two looting the NRA hit it it. Asa this week's podcaster and doing another style based podcast however. This is a timely style based podcasts as fresh popped appears. Are starting to trickle in and I know we're not fully into the season yet and investors kind of in a weaker to you or more in September but. Most September that is bonkers so many things have moved quickly. But doesn't mean our podcasts in before we dive into all of that. Patrick has a very exciting trip. That is going on that is a leading into next week's episode. And I wanna give you the floor to discuss the upcoming troubles Patrick Harris. This is this is actually probably good timing with this busted written that we're gonna do this because. We're into Asheville, North Carolina one of my best friends getting married. And Meehan all the friends were taken the the pilgrimage out to Asheville as we were going like thirty people deeper meanings of is going to be a lot of fun. Hubble we had set up a bunch of like. We're gonna do some Whitewater rafting insolent waterfall repelling in zip lining and all this cool stuff and I'm not doing any of that anymore. As I change in and out of the car takes me twenty minutes from my pants on a so. I'm just gonna go or not eighty years old yeah I have maybe broken rate so I'm just gonna go to a bunch of breeze and Asheville Asheville is going to be coming this awesome. Peers seen on the East Coast in that I've never been Daschle but I hear you know beer aside that the town is really amazing comes in you're looking at. Again Google map and seeing you know 123456. And you know fifteen breweries. In the Asheville area so while people are having fun in the outdoors. In the I wish I was doing that mom and go check out much stuff anything near particularly interest in going to. I do wanna check out imperial beer company Ahmad had a few there's stuff I had fear mongers a month or two go everybody was really excited about but it was kind of really based in the one style like there was a lot of Cezanne and goes as some kind of a sad to see what other stuff if other stuff they might have. There's a brand new new Belgium facility out there and a new Sierra Nevada facility out there not to keep harping on this year Nevada level on this show but I wanna check those out. And then a bunch of what looks like just tiny little places that I never even heard of yeah that I wanna that I wanna kind of check out there is what can we got there my check them out although they are big boy now. I'll I've always enjoyed their beer I just haven't had it since they had to be team. Figure so that is a little tease for what next week segments going to be coming so that is going to be fun I mean I'm looking at like downtown and then in the downtown area looks like bend on this man I've heard nationally on palm attorney Gloria I mean there's like handing it in like a three mile radius so that's chemical. So that's gonna tease what our next six Simmons admitted assuming we haven't done yet but we will do throughout the life of the existence of this podcast matters not just talking about the different types of Beers and doing specific episodes on Matt. We also wanna do you regional or state based episodes because. Although we appear in the northwest and that organ beer is the best in the country. Many many other states are doing good craft beer obviously California Washington Colorado North Carolina. Minnesota Texas etc. We're gonna do you specific episodes on all of those places. I have a mutual acquaintance through my mom funny enough her old bartender moved to Colorado and is now an apprentice. To be a brew master and neighboring Colorado so we will have him on at some point we'll talk Colorado bureau of him. But this leads us into North Carolina episode yeah I know they've been popping in the craft your senior gonna be there again and I'll do my message try to make a friend was somebody in Sebring get some on the horn and chat with us a little bit about the coming up next week and does should be pretty exciting I'll like kinda have in these. Variations of topics like we do you won on bottle shops last week which is more to me it's like a broader topic. And then we go super specific on fresh copier this week in a we're gonna go into his state next week. I'm gonna go on location hopefully two weeks from and just kinda it makes inching for us to you every week to be wildly different and hopefully it simply goes up there as well also again thank you so much for listening. Were you found us please rate review subscribe we really appreciate we got a lot of really do. Reviews and ratings so far that we've seen. Really really appreciated. If you are listening and want to tweet at us that is probably the easiest way to get in touch with me at least. I'm out Mike Lynch 47 Patrick is that repeated these early five on Twitter is also an NC Graham same name correct to grow as early at five he's probably come in scram. A little bit more moments Graham right now that at multitasking. So let us know what's into the podcast a critiques you might have any tears in my wanna drink or you tried Beers that we've talked about the chip and had before. I saw that today some with I've been listening and I've I've been able to try a bunch of Beers and ever had before. Based on what you've been talking on the podcast which is a really really awesome bush people roll by and scooters just launch in a scooters are dangerous. Wonder how Patrick may be broke his room. All the scooter. Skates on skating yet that was the we in Portland have been infested by the green motorized. Rental scooters. This earlier we can just seen them they're all over the plate is they're the devil and there apparently the double so. Yes thank you for listening and rave reviews subscribe were ever you are and we got us most of which you think what you drinking and any ideas you have for us. I am a little note on my phone and I've added someone. Came up to media today who have listened and said there we. Really need to go to U Bagram on brewing in Salem. And I put on the list so we got places places to go with Beers to drink. And I keep senate tomorrow and we'll get to know we have a lot of plans to this podcast so it's not immediate. Don't Pia offended or anything it's just we have a lot of things already on the docket no get to the stuff to people have been suggesting as well I never drink in Salem that be fun. You never out. I think having to Salem like four times in my 33 years living in an analyst another somber is down there and so we completed it certainly had down there and I'd like to go to bend to at some point there's like. 700 of them McCann to walk round to get hammered in carry around a recording equipment. And just see what happens. As we leg beard special for our podcast. As he did you every brewery in banded one afternoon I can't wait for the fourth hour of that oil. Aren't that you guys were so wherever. And these guys are mad at us and I don't know why why. We're you know are yelling oh yeah and amid taken out. Amid podcast so they just thing to do in the future as well I didn't even think about extended podcasts who. Libya and the beast and going to figure during I'm not the editor write it. You're just the you're just the interviewee in a viewfinder die as those so and the expert is using me and I'm the editor and the and the editor. And the nude. In the first shot beer here okay. So. This is starting. The season is beginning to it and our first question last year before reserve recording and I'm gonna ask it again because it's its interest thing is. Like you hear about IPA's Amber's always kind of styles even like region like a seasonal styles and October fast horror when to be your self like that those are old styles have been going on for years. I really feel like the fresh hop style. Is something that I've only noticed. The last five years or so being me. Booming. Month and a half two months every breweries doing one they're all over the store shelves stock fell. Is that true or is it really fairly new there's been this popular. I would say in terms of popularity yeah I mean it's been around for a little bit but. The the idea of fresh shops being bigger more prominent have definitely come to fruition over the last few years. I'm you're seeing a lot more smaller breweries being able to do fresh up stuff and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact. That they are able to get their hands on these fresh pops an able to do something with a weary years past they might not be able to only. Breweries are bigger hop contracts were able to get their hands on these fresh. You know recently harvested Beers and being able to put him in. So that's I think why we've seen a lot more. Fresh job Beers on the market plus mean there's a lot robberies in the was five years ago. That is true and so the fresh top idea. Basically means in this is sort of a question as well as as close just talking about it. It's when the costs of the freshest from the vine then you pull them off you instantly as fast as you can make that into a beer. Yeah we try to say like within 24 hours because it's harvest. Right now this is the time of harvest on the Lam it valley in the Yakima valley. And so your goal is basically to pick them there's still wet this this. They call them the style can also be called wet popped yet so there's there's still way. And you the goal is to get them into your beer within 24 hours to just kind of capture. The full. Majestic level that is the hop at its at its peak performance basically why did team. Summer reading an article about it here says the first fresh cup beer. Was in 1993. And England. And then the first one in the US. Was. Surprise surprise. Sierra Nevada we should just get sponsored by Sierra Nevada 1996 harvest ale was their first fresh top beer. And why did take so long do you think. Four brewers. To saying. What shows do you this fresh wire we just let him hop super as long as they say in the putting them in the behind now. I think it's because you have a little more control over the hops when they're dried out impala ties and I think you're able to. Control your beer a little bit more. What do you mean we seek control well because you know which means you know hop I think probably after. In any initial aspects of using this fresh wet hop he probably didn't know which were gonna get you can give a lot of like kind of vaginal. Flavor to it because it is such a fresh green. Product. So it probably took some trial and error and fresh. Off the vine hops are expensive. Are very expensive really yes so to do this you have to kind of have an idea and know what you do when. Interest and so. Otherwise you could call a lot more expensive Maryland if you just get props. I guess dropping this is what you buy normally I I don't know exactly ups top my NN com I don't know what that price structure looks like. Humble whenever I talk to anybody who's making a fresh appearance like. Yeah they do they were pricey. So to meet. Fresh appears taste better when when I drink fresh out during the season it's like it blows my mind just how good. They take you Slowey I think about think about Beers that are hop driven like I PA's for example the fresher the APA is. Generally most of the time the better the beer tastes so if you're using the ingredients. Fresher as well. The better it's going to taste a mean thing about this do you wanna use. Fresh Morales that you picked in the in the forest. Today and for your little mushroom ravioli and safer freer for your dinner this evening or do you wanna use the Morales he bought the store that have been. Flash frozen in my B six days old has some into admit. And no morals were until two days ago when I saw them in a chopped basket on Food Network how do you. What are they teach you on the East Coast. I think what you mean and apparently they don't teach you anything. Anything yeah well demise severely you know I don't know do their mushrooms may I know now I know they're mushrooms but. I didn't like motions until a year ago so I wouldn't eat them at all. And I knew like she talking mushrooms right prime and I knew what Cantrell Olson. No okay cool again these are all near to being under it's amazing with the food never has done I've I've learned a lot about food ingredients remember. I am not one who's worked in a restaurant before fare so I don't know. Smaller name ingredients that are used more frequent and I think I've also never watched the Food Network. Hell yeah really got behind me. It's long ago I need places it's a fun as a fund channel is she trying to. You should try and it's fun OK outright but but I mean that's kind of what I'm saying is that the fresher ingredients. You know use it most of the time every doing whether it's beverage order food especially is when it comes to vegetables. The fresher just the more flavor your Guinea at its peak performance and that's and that's where the hops coming in so. I do tend to like them a lot more. I do you tend you during the season this is this has been a thing I did maybe for one or two years I've done for one or two years is that. Whenever fresh cup season starts I try really hard. Not to drink beer that isn't fresh pot but I know it's a short season right. I know get a for another year once has done. And especially lately. Maybe it again this is maybe just because of the supermarkets I go to. They are carrying so many. Fresh pot Beers from. Essentially all of the breweries in the area will allow more people are packaging them now to a lot of people dull and a packing Jim because of how expensive it is. But I think it's a great way for smaller breweries. To comment. Put a new trendy you know a short. Season window to put something in it Canner and a bottle and get it out there and some is going to be like. I remember a couple years ago three years or so I didn't know wild ride brewing which is essential organs and they had a journey to the planet fresh cup I think is the name of the beer. And knows like I've never heard of wild ride this might be like four years ago. How all take a stab at that and about the 22 and it was like now I know while brightest I learn them from their Putin butternut crusher bureau which I was gonna AI is I imagine you've had that beer before so good. Yes and I go to the supermarket and all every single like Sunday I'll grab a couple that wanted to use and Billick look these are all the fresh top ones who do we all new to me. And generally each year. They're actually don't buries change what appears fresh top sometimes or do they just keep going back to the well. I think it just depends I think it's Korea to burrito I mean I you know like I can't really speak for everyone. Some you know we're drinking and Eliot right now I know that they have a constant that they do and a fresh up intense and you know speaking speaking on. Semi behalf of our guys I mean we we tend to do. Wiest we tend to have a core Kabul like you're always gonna see breaks that I PH fresh out here I was gonna see wanderlust fresh chopped but you might depending on. You know depending awoken hops he can get your hands on you might wanna put that all this raspy sounds great Paris be sounds great to do fresh up. I'm so that's the case then maybe yell get a lot of the same Beers insurance happens but yeah I actually really enjoy it I mean it's always fun to have new Beers. New Beers to taste as fresh out as as fresh out but I don't know some of the stuff that's package that you drink a lot. I I I guess I get more fun out of drinking the fresh up just to see. Howell that one different you know quotable one differing ingredient can kind of change the whole dynamic of the beer the other day I had. Levels of fresh out beer their game on their house side PA. And I didn't it's not that I don't like the game on it's an IP bill that's not quite from my palate. And I had the fresh off and thought it was fantastic so it's like oh that's good arm to go back and revisit the non fresh shop. Because I enjoy the pressure up so do you think fan. Then that's a better way to approach eyed peas for those who don't like it is to go fresh cup early. Seeking tasted LA or does that almost make it worse because on the fresh house go away you're getting. Some of the bitterness to come back from the regular appears I guess I don't know what you mean about early. Like we talked about a couple weeks skill introducing. Beers numbered well someone like me back in the day before I'd knew about fresh copy here doesn't like I PA. Is it fresh chopped by PA easier to. Enjoy. In a regular one for someone who doesn't like it got much because it's fresher it's a little bit more. It's a less bitter and more floral and little bit more abusive badger hole which is true taste. It tastes like ha yeah like purely so is that easier or do you think that would actually make it harder to get into the batter later I attacked I. I actually have never thought about this thumb up I think the fresh ingredients. Might eight I I always find them to be a little brighter. You know little little more happy tasting if if if that makes sense to anybody out there. So they couldn't be any easy in easy introduction. Because yeah a lot of times fresh chopped do have. Lesser note some bitterness. Arm up but there's some fresh Bob Beers that I get a ton of like fruit flavor coming out of it. Are more so than any other kind of citrus or fruit flavor you would get. From something that was drying up instead of fresh chopped. So I mean yeah actually and now that I think about you could. You could grab somebody who's not an IP drinker the bitterness is toned down a little bit different levels citrus levels they're a little more and that could be a little more approachable. Citrus and I'm glad I introduces a pot here at the yeah ha you're talking about trends here as sort of point to suck as a spy sob do you view today. We talked to Mike unsecured immune. From greens are rather episode two and he was talking about the next trend. Was the brew I PA's. Guess what when they're everywhere. In other star and BI we went to Brooke for bringing this week in London and bill to prevent PF there also books ago period also trimming at the moment he died of freeing brood IP of the day it was pretty good crew saw and it was it is interesting I had numbers for one all my wife had and I've tried it. And he saw a lot like a brute would you know it tastes a lot like a brut champagne would. With a little bit of the beer hop element on it in era at the end. And to me dal was it was weird. I didn't dislike it I just went. Is this what this is supposed to. Answer restrains me. More malts more malt smaller mall so that's also had. Yes so that's fresh appeared to me it's it's refreshing minutes later. It's it is it tastes like a hobby if you don't know what a hot tastes like drinker for a shot beer and you'll instantly understand what a hot it's like. And if you enjoy IP is her amidst it's a lot of them are a lot of time he has been if you enjoy. Any beer tried and fresh top official that way because as chip it's a wholly different experienced yet and I think it's just. Outside of like the flavor profile and stuff. It's kind of because we live in such a great place were hops are so abundant to us it's it. I don't know it's like supporting local times to. Does cause sure every Berea you know I ever drew most of brews in this area that you are drinking their beer from your getting Hobson renewal Lamine or Yakima valley. So you're always still supporting local double time. But then when the fresh cup comes around it's like oh this is something super bright in fancy from down the street that is less than 24 to 24 hours old. I don't like it it's romantic to me what's your favorite fresh cup beard you've had. Who. The favorite fresh hop. The year. I mean not to Hong the company line too much but fresh trouble on her lust usually comes across pretty great. In my opinion that that's using cascade. And usually the last couple years my fear fresh appears in her what's going to be your during the week. Oh that's at least into second question. Fresh hot beer. Is it only ever one hop or did they use multiple fresh house at a time and how much is that change. The flavor is in a massive changes are subtle you can only tell if you really understand what the house is slicker I looked strong nom I can't think off the top my head breweries that are using multiple fresh cops in one batch. There are ovaries that are going to say. We're going to make this IPA using fresh sent to any close but then we're also gonna use this IPA and make use it with fresh Amarillo. So they wouldn't you first got there but some places my due to versions. Just to kind of see you know if you have a beer in your hop build a lesser single blogger Bob those going to be malt swaps. And assuming you choose the right ones you could showcase. You know this is what are B. This what we're looking for out of the sim co ops and this beer and then. But then this is what we're looking trying to pull from the same beer why we use mosaic as well. CU I think you have the opportunity. Again it's expensive and you got to use your hands on these hops. But if you're able to that's kind of a fun idea. Just to kind of see you know if we use in called mosaic in this. I PA at a decent week even ratio. Of Beers if you fresh trouble on and then fresh on the other are gonna taste probably. Fairly different they're not gonna have that same bland that you would normally have are easy to mess up. Pressure appears I imagine I mean it I think I mean fresh cup is just like anything else I mean. For every for every green I PAU taster gonna taste seven that I PA's. And I think fresh cups unfortunately kind of follow that same path I guess I've had some really bad press shop here. But the difference to me is I'm not saying mess up and you still use it. I'm saying mess up like you taste it you know like a wall I can't even package isn't so good in the article I was reading about the history of fresh topic are saying that. It's it was such an unknown ingredient at the time that it was really difficult to even producing good. Or at least an acceptable by the people who were making its standards. Fresh top beer do you trash it or do you just say have bought this I need to make money back profit and that's dangerous. I mean I think you're walking into. I think I don't think I think most rumors that are going to use fresh shops have a pretty solid idea what they're doing. I would really hate to think of the idea of debris saying taste in being like this is trash but we have to make money and putting it can or bottle. I imagine that exists. I'm not I don't wanna play a new inner dumb. But I would hope. Were still trying to put quality products in the market. I mean I don't believe that every year you're I would if if you dump that batch you do with the you know Guatemala's thirty barrel bashing you got fresh shops in their around. You could you can get you to be in trouble. Well that's fresh top segment should remember we're gonna use style segments every once in awhile are gonna try to overload you with the depend you know it's kind of they're similar in an idea of the different base from the style of course so. My short the next will be maybe will do we don't west because I PA now fresh off sources tend to be RP is able go darker beer for our next specialty segment Tory something European. Who or European. And Patrick enjoys the you know paean style Beers year. In oil for your house that'll come up and probably another month or so we'll do another style episode but. That's it member tweet at us you can refresh copiers if there's when he wants to try that we have a lot of snow out my Christmas seven deputies earlier five. And are coming up next. We do not an interview this week coming up next it is time for our beer of the week and for the first time. Under the week is related to the topic. That's next here on Beers and also Mike Lynch Patrick yours. Time for yet another beer of the week here on fears a thousand Michael Patrick Harris and it. We usually try to do here the week that's different than the topic we're talking about if it's related to appear. But this week that burden do a fresh hot beer as arbiter of the week in our earlier in the week this week. Is the X Novo. LE ITA. Fresh cup. Which I tease in the beginning we were drinking. As irregular appear during the episode. As Patrick struggles to open the candor with his lack of fingernail. Well I don't have fingernails and this thing was canned like an hour ago. So limit her open. No it's just say it's got you know the carnations there give the kid who looked like he was sixteen behind the bar that fill this for me. Did a good job good thanks did awesome yeah and that it's very tight doesn't yet feels full all the way to the top institutions and yeah. So we'll hear the track and I can eventually once he has been open I got it. Audience that crawler crack through and it's going through in your. A little kid in good job. So that is that is arbiter of the week it is the tax noble Elliott I PA fresh out in we've been drinking the Elliot I PA. In preparation for this sense. We really really wanted to you kind of get a comparison oh my gosh did you smell hops. He's got the biggest wave and I'm not even smelling the beer like he was sitting in front of my glass like responds like in Somalia. Sort of looks kind of similar in color to to the actual IP that we've got next to us here. Paterson slower drinking and I'll have to look a couple sim slot to my glass is not a savage might well savage is a doping notre. Or Camby go they hope. Possibly coach pretty similar so I don't know about changes of all the fresh olympiad and ask you know during the segment put. I don't think it necessarily would I mean I still bring the same ish beer. Well I'm very excited as Patrick walks us across the room with his broken ribs. To me to smell the fresh off since all the difference. Oh my god you write this smoke it's like. If smell this is good this fresh cup IPA. Smoltz the most like a garden. Of any fresh up by PF had it doesn't well just like cops. Well. It smells like you came from the guard who just went full Kyoto on that we woke me seriously played. I've never smell the fresh compass felt like episode if if you guys are out there and you can't smell worse going on on the podcast but don't smelled his beard. When you get a chance he just blew my mind and your little wrong I get a little gonna just smell to it too you know. The Marshall wanna I get I suppose I guess how well Hudson canvas early part of the same family genus or whatever I smell. When you went to a summer camp and your Al playing like dodge ball in the park. This is what does appear smells like. Is that kind of aggressive when you get home and it's still on your clothes. In it kind of has that smell to it that's the slalom. Owe it to you taste it. Hallelujah. Yeah I don't wanna I don't jump the gun on tasting low because I know working on you tasting. Whoa. Wait a minute bad taste like a 100% different than their actual oil and yet there is pretty crazy I am I at all. I catch almost nothing similar and it except for the back end is a little bit similar domain of the two. What's been really fun for me with this beer is this to your tends to be my favorite. Fresh rob beer in the past they used. Amarillo in the fresh up of this but I believe this is Centennial. This year. From. What and what's funny is is ex noble this Elliott fresh cup tends to be almost. Consistently over lessons I wanna say the third year of theirs or could be a fourth I could be wrong but I think this is a third fresh out and I've had Elliott on and it. Is usually the first. So I don't know if these guys try to. Pete into the aren't sure if there hop contract lets them get some fresh antennae those little bit sooner refresh Amarillo for the last few years sooner but. Once I see the Eliot X noble fresh problem like oh here we go it's time here we go do it like a week and a half and then all of a sudden everything is going to be fresh chopped so. This might sound crazy. The front end of this spear. Again covered grassy taste 20 yeah that's your vaginal I mean I smell it. And that was what I was saying is it smells like the feel that you played dodge ball and in the front and I get the grassy. Pretty smooth middlemen trying to take other superiors at its regular middle and the back and get some of the citrus. And I get some of the bitterness of the hearts but it's in in any actual original Eliot. I got the bitterness almost immediately. MM a kind of a last the entire way through with this one only hits at the very end. And it's Al so get a dollar citrus the very and it's like I've antagonists have in two minutes the citrus is still kind of resonating in the back my time. The bitterness that idea on the back end. Of the fresh operation. Is such a different bitterness. I look like I think that's what I mean when I was saying earlier in the podcast about. Bright and how he's so different yet like Brighton happy I get this different kind of bitterness up falls in the same sort of line that it's. It's Peter but it. For lack of better terms it's fresh. It's like fresh bitterness. Instead of just kind of that standard bitterness you get from an IPA. This almost has like like hey I'm new to the party bitterness. This again this might sound crazy. Although my grass comment is not crazy not crazy arm it's actually spot on my in almost reminds me a little bit of a slow. Hitting the hot sauce boom. With Howell when you first have it with the bitterness and talking me first habit and it's like oh OK just kind of hot. And then as when you don't you for a second and ministers coming up your throat it's like any. And and hot hot hot hot hot out out out out out elect does not sure probably a good product ready in time. As it again I as they take a break from drinking it. It's still entering my mouth more it's a slow hitting bitterness from the hopping right it's different it's. It's fresher it's I mean that now might be just because oppression opens its more pleasant Tibetans in years past I'd do it. In years past of this fear I've always. The middle body has always given me so much of a watermelon flavor to it as crazy is that sounds. I swear the first time I had this fresh out beer with Amarillo. Sold not this season not last season but the season before I was like. No way no way this a six straight watermelon and you're just using fresh Amarillo as and then last year. The Jason again and it was like straight watermelon with fresh Amarillo I think what's really nice with our also went from watermelon for one half. You vigil on grass you with the difference out yet but I do you give a little melon in this not watermelon per say because water Mosul sweeter. Has a little more prominent taste to have for me but maybe like may be like cantaloupe. Kind of Mellon Norah honey do you sort of thing. I did that in the middle but I I'm with you I give a lot of a lot more grassy Kirstie news. To it and that could be did you know Centennial is one of those classic classic cops. One of the big sees as we call them so doesn't make it doesn't shock me that if they use Centennial. That I'm getting more of an earthy flavor to it. I I think that's the theme I'm showing with the most with my palate at the moment which I hope to improve for the time this podcast is in the middle. Mean I feel like I get the front and very obviously right you take the set and yeah play tempo the back in hangs out CU when you're done you still feel at the nose you smell. I'm having trouble sticking on the middle 'cause you're saying you tastes a melon in the middle. And maybe it's as simple as I'm swallowing it too fast. I was gonna say I tend to take a sip and let it sit in my pallets for a minute and then go down and that's kind of where I'm able to grab the body because the body. Is literally sitting there like a Marty had initially touch it hasn't gone down yet and it's literally sitting there in the Pallet. And then drop it down got him and his lets it prevent a tennis wasted little blip yep yep I mean think about wind it's not so much different man I tasted. It's it's more water roaming can look to me a taste a little bit about watermelon flavor is very very subtle. And again I'm trying to learn my middle Pallet here but I let it swoosh. And that's throws like a follow. There's Millen here. There's a fruity flavor here now is only getting citrus Sheehan in the back which is naturally from the hop but. Man that's crazy I've never even smell the fresh opera that was this digital before. I also wonder am them. Aaron. And Theriot to the penguin out I had to get that one out opinion. But I also do wonder and now I'm no scientist I am no farmer's almanac you're not a scientist I am knots. Hub of being born and raised in the Pacific northwest. I do wonder this and this is more of kind of like a question. And a semi rhetorical. But I mean if you're somebody other than knows a lot more about this please please hit me up I would love to learn some more about it. I do you wonder. How much and as I think we don't see it as much wind hops or appellate ties and their driver popped. And we see them throughout the year but I do wonder when it comes to the harvest. When it comes to the fresh cup. I do wonder. How much. That this clear. And I'm not need to be around the bush global warming is happening in this region how much of that is affecting these hops. Because. Hobson do you harvest in late August early September so they're used to seeing you know it. At the end of their growth spurt there used to seeing the hottest part of the summer. But at least here in the will Lam it valley we still it is used to see some rain as well. I mean is almost 5058 a can be ninety for three days in a row but then it would rain for four days general. Now were seen fifteen days straight when he days straight of ninety plus. And then 35 days of no rain so we do wonder what that's doing to hop. In terms of how it comes when it's at its precious peak. That is interest things like is it premature and again I I am I don't know I'm asking these questions yeah I think I've heard something similar from from wind errors because when we got a Weiner yes I would think the same thing won't they they say that every year is wildly different. It's based on how the summer was mean yes has been warmer here the last couple years but. Even in those years there's big differences between how hot it's been house how many straight days of no rain yeah army straight days of nine you were this year I think we. Tied a record for like fifteen straight day is going to plus in the Portland area. Which is not good by the way I live in the northwest because I like the rain yeah well and that's is because where I'm from I like the cool yet. And so multiple multiple ninety that's that's so that's will always freaks me out. You know not to. And not seen you know kind of 5050 rain to sunshine in the summer. It worries me about everything you know I like wind numb I'm I'm and avid wine drinker as well. And it I don't want that to lose out I don't want you know musher morris' we're talking earlier about Morales and she entrails and things like that that you can find. All around if there's no rain you know it's hard for fun guide to. To produce itself because it needs that damp moisture and if it doesn't have it then we're just shoot ourselves in the foot. I will send a good thing about the northwest is even though the Summers have been hotter we are slow getting plenty of rain from October through May. So there's still plenty of that item in my right in the exactly harvesting season but it still here yeah. So to my point though so. Every single year cold wind that's why if you don't know anything about wine. They put the year it is not having me two dozen fifteen penal and more right in the out years in a taste. Potentially. Completely different mid 2014 can in the war based on the summer based on the grapes and the two dozen sixteen for that right every year so. Even the weather might be affecting the fresh popped. But I guarantee it's not gonna ruin it because it's just going to be different have to be a different flavor has probably been different every single year anyway. Because it's like wind up getting a fresh like that in your make and immediately. However that that week or month was of the growing period is gonna be is gonna be doubt wildly different I assume it's a point. Yeah its it's kind of dead the nature that's what happens when year making you know massive products based on the earth exactly. Sir I presume though Elliott fresh top I appear or beer of the week it is. This is a wild ride if you if you wanna try a fresh chopped. This is unlike any fresh top I've you have ever had if you wanna try one that is. Most likely very different for you as well. Go get this. It is. Until I've never tasted beer like this before this is showcasing the hop the society ridiculously yes eye opening to me great job X Nobel. A lot of guys and oh pride go there are some pointers while. One less thing when it comes to other fresh rob sees impression of season just had to keep you guys in foreign. You know usually touches in the you know kind of peaks its head out in late August. And then really hits it stride in September. And then but come. Come late September it's a very short short window so it's almost like adding I don't remember senator Peterson said this to us in. Her interview last week or if she was saying this to us off the air. But it's almost like. The second huge drink so much fresh shop pitcher now sick of fresh shop is when the season's over. So I highly recommend there's a bunch of festivals out there there's usually wanna oaks park is usually one and hood river. You know treat yourself go out check them out. You know just punch in your face because in 34 weeks it's gonna be gone and then worry in a multi October says spears and then. I strive guy's a winner yes yes yes and I'm excited for those I may you be excited but like I said earlier in the podcast I am going to try to drink fresh chopped. Only. For the most part. Or the next month it's my favorite times of the season because I don't wanna miss out on this season in such a short window and located any of the other Beers that I drinker kind of like this it's gonna blow me away because I've I've never had momentous like this so please everybody don't try. It's the most seasonal sensitive. Style all you can do because I can make in October fest in May if I want yeah the problem is is like you know that. Those fest Beers that are attached ended the month October. They they're knob Peru in October because that's when you can get there. More quality of ingredients that's just kind of how it is. To where this is literally based on like a six week window more like winter Beers Herbert in the winter because you want warming elements what exactly but you can still make them when ever you want to do so this is so dependent on a six week window so please. Go out support your local brewery you're locally owned brewery and drink their fresh. Once again thanks so much for listening where you found us please re reviewing subscriber really appreciate it's twitters that Mike latest on his seventh communities nearly five for Patrick. Policies Obama instruments that same name which is where he is more active and on Twitter. I'm next week our first. Placed based episode because Patrick who's going to Asheville, North Carolina and then we'll learn about North Carolina Beers and I know literally nothing. About a sign I don't know much about it either great learning experience for both of you aim please reach out of your questions if you know of marine that I should check out please let me know. And the fact that it struggles to I strolled to walk means I'm going to be. Just probably drinking heavily so women walking and sitting him yeah I will now yeah Al standing crawl crawl into lifting and discos and robbery. And so if you know some places or if you've done some research and you really wanna check something out. I knew I was told to go check out the new Sierra and new Belgium out there. As they got massive facilities so wanna check that out but I do wanna see the small guys to so you got anything please hit me up let me know and I would jump on it. That's next week on Beers and doesn't buy French Patrick Harris thanks must listening to everybody.