Beers on Us Episode 7: Asheville, NC

Patrick spent the weekend in Asheville, he and Mike decided to do their 1st location based podcast on it! Learn some of the breweries in the city, the vibe of the beer scene there, and more! Plus, the Beer of the Week!

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening and probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting out. Right now. I was wrong last week after the be writing this week this is episode seven. Almost positive lessons of seven last week he knows episodes six. It appears on us what Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris and that this week's episode is going to beat you first of what will be many over time. Of the locations based episodes. And that is because Patrick this past weekend was not in the port. The marriage I was not in fact I just got back yesterday. And I welcome this morning and I feel terrible and yeah I'm not doing anything today just talk to you feel terrible because. You're hung over. I know your ribs still hurt I don't know all of the above. You know let me see allergy yet drugs traveling. I ate a lot of really awesome food but it I did just come back from the south. And my honor and using my body is heavy debt at this. To the south. His Asheville, North Carolina yeah I was in Asheville, North Carolina and and first and foremost Asheville is not the easiest place to get to and you can't really fly into Asheville unless you have to be Julian dollars. So me and a couple of my friends so bunch of us went out there for one of my best friends weddings. And some people flew into Charlotte which turned that's been absolute nightmare as their flights were canceled and things like that. I mean nobody we flew into Atlanta rent a car got into Atlanta about 11:30 PM Atlantic time on Thursday. And drove three and a half hours Nashville got in about 3:30 in the morning that seems OK that was an hour's endorsement and then yesterday flying back and drove below the night before we drove. Back down to Atlantis we stayed in an Atlanta and then flew from Atlanta to Phoenix to Portland and those are all day and never. So where to do this every now and then just like where are still be your style podcasts where. We want to explore other cities outside of Portland which is our home base for their buries in the beer types in the beer scene and all that kind of stuff so. Our did you we're gonna start here because that was their gonna and it's easy to you to do with this week. Don't forget to find us on Tony to defend dot com I teens in Google play into rate review and subscribe. Wherever it is that she find us we appreciate it you can also find us on Twitter IMAP Michael winced when he seven. Patrick deputies earlier five that's the same Twitter and it's a Grammy users to grab more I don't have an answer Gramm's cell. That's you can find us. Talk to us about beer about the episodes and all that kind of stuff we love it and we appreciate all of your ratings and comments and all that kind of stuff to let's. That a lot of pictures while I was in. Well as a national Celine scram is is pretty it's. Are now you can go see the beauty that is one of the biggest birdies. Probably in the country it is and you can see that a Paterson scramble talk about that a little bit here in the podcasts architect and out. At 085 on its Ingraham but. Let's start before we dive into the B you're seeing in Nashville I how the city what was the viva the city. Asheville was pretty amazing bomb it's actually gorgeous I heard a lot of people say you know it's like the bend of the East Coast and I'll tell you what if we cut beer outside of it. And if we cut what you can do outside of the city of bend. Asheville is ten times a cooler city invent more no offense I mean there's sure there's no bachelor there's some river there's a bunch of stuff he can do. All around the outskirts of -- of of bend but as far as the city goes Asheville is absolutely gorgeous trees. Everywhere it's kind of bill reminds me of Pullman when I went to wasn't because it's kind of hilly. Bomb but it's very much a cunning hip. From artsy culture filled town. With with a ton of people it does seem like more tourists then then locals so there's others are Ben connection right there. Of Asheville is. Absolutely gorgeous I highly recommend going there the people were nice you very much gets some north Carolina's southern hospitality if you don't mean. There are some really nice people there. Ten out of ten could not could not have been happier and everything's gonna essentially located. I was laughing that every time we went somewhere I. Putting my putting to Google Maps like how to get there and everything was seven minutes away. Last night everything was used to walking Wear them pretty much yes that's perfect and I do zoomed in briefly up I went on to Google Maps myself. So it's kind of in the western area North Carolina yet it's like forty minutes from the Tennessee border yet and there's a gigantic amount of the state way to the right so yeah totally western looks like it's kind of in some mountain hills or hear what you're saying you. What I zoom in on the map. Literally six breweries popped up instantly. And they're all with him some blocks reach a fair that the but yet so that's cool that that's pretty cool I'd like to go about I'd like to. Experience Daschle ought to that of the ten at ten. Places is gorgeous in ten attempts are surrounded by trees it was very outdoor Z now the I guess. I'll give it's not attend because I loved it but if I had one negative thing it's on a national thing it's south thing is muggy hot and disgusting them. Like always swampy. And when you walk everywhere your body gets swampy. If you catch my drift well of course I do yeah. You step outside of a door. AC on the inside outside his regular key. And it feels like you walking into wet blanket. Yup and it feels like you are already dripping before you to move one step for everybody has air conditioning. Everybody bought after yeah or you would die it was even that hot per say. 'cause like today it was the humidity yet because today it's hot in Portland public humidity makes it really really awful. So Walt what persecute you and you say you went to U. How many a with a seven breweries seven mama and I drove by an eight Tom I know that sounds weird but I'll I'll get to that but yeah I went to seven Marreese. Almost all of them located downtown let's see I think there's one. 2345. Of them were within probably. Do you. Eight to ten block radius. So that's I mean there's a lot of bruising bend them but you're not walking. To eight breweries. In ten blocks yeah I want deeper and went to bed last time and it was being tired yet because zipped across the entire city you know ours is like oh they were let's go to this place so that's two blocks down the road Pope okay cool and then this other spot history books for the from that yet CDs do one kind of giant loop. We started out that we can weed. We can we is a highly renowned brewery in the south. That a lot of people massively love and respect. I guess up until they were bought out by Anheuser-Busch. But that as we're went first it was comment we got in Thursday night we woke up Friday we met. But the bride and groom. And the bride's parents suffer a little luncheon they wanted to go to wicked weed and we can we'd the beer was fantastic the food is really good the space was really fun. That kind of an outdoor patio and upstairs area and then head downstairs more kind of like. Tap room self seating area indoor and out. There was table service but it definitely felt a lot more casual. On easily the most popular place in the city limits. Com you can understand why they're so popular because. I remember driving by there a different day. I think they opened at eleven I think I was driving by 1030 and there's about fifteen people waiting outside while yet now it was Labor Day. The town was absolutely Jack full of people. So. I mean I'm sure there's a little not a little special we get to the big place and went. There's a little there's definitely an uptick of people there. Bomb but that's kind of how you know that not say too much away from which you Wii because the beer was really good in the food was great and service was awesome. Public that's kind of what big beer can before is that those of the president of having giant lines outside. Yes you you can update the space you get more spots here or marketing and advertising all accounts stuff pretty much. All of a sudden a lot more people know about you'd imagine past. Yet and they you know and they you know they remind me of you know your classic coming northwest Marie they they touch on all styles they have barely stuff they have dark stuff they have light stuff they're poppy stuff. I'm I was impressed of their hoppy stuff what's their signature. Do they have a team are not sure what their signature is Obama I mean I know that a lot of people. I saw around town at some other bars that there was one of their IPA's I think asserts that the I'm not quite I can remember exactly what it is but I would say that was probably. Come of their big go to. I'm they were offering. Dated some tourism some tastings those kind of with you know I was with bridal party stuff sorting give the chance necessarily tour. I'm not the biggest tour guy. To be fair only because you know all bruised yeah I mean he once she's once you've kind of there's certain scale debris once you've kind of seen one you've seen them all its until you need to do is making you know. A million barrels of your year that things are to change. But but it was it was I say nothing but great things to say about that place IE. Hey I really enjoyed it I think I had three different Beers I see a lot of our peers on their beer manually chooses to ride up Mariah yeah IA I enjoyed I enjoy the IPA's I had there was a hellish logger I had a lot of people French toast imperial stout. Yeah I'd world. The pass on the there was that kind of a common theme a lot of people that tell me Telus loggers which makes me very happy. And so I was able to drink bunch of those so. O.'s next decent you're into what you read a minute trying to find miss this he'd be here as I scroll through their fearless which is very large that Michael Milken cookies also right up my Alley here. Right after. Wiki read where did you go with that the Kardashians have pernicious yes the pernicious was kind of there there you go to guy. Told it was solid I've worked where I draw a lot of it wears you afterward could read so after we did we do we'd I think Brent Ingram split off and then we had kind of started people started. Trickle in the town. Common it was kind of like K were born this plays let's meet up there let's go to this other place. And then we went down the street to please call burial. On my wanted to check out burial brewing because they. Did a collaboration with us a break side about I don't know six months ago something like that and I kind of wanted to check them out and you know any time you and you make a friend with somebody kinda wanna go to their place and seen every absolutely on the they were all over the place they did a ton of like seize on irons and some mixed culture stuff now makes cultures gonna have. The yeast strains that you would have in sour Beers in like barely Sauer Beers but they're not necessarily sour if that makes sense from. No it's more funky. Our so it's not heart is kind of like well this is weird a car bomb they did a lot of stuff like that. Bombs so we were there as well. Com inching place you would really dug the place it was kind of like inside was all like wooden built. Sort of thing was kind of dark and gloomy in there but like in in in a bright hues so I would like you can now are known follow follow me follow me and then the back they had a patio that was outdoor patio was absolute actually really cool. But I think you would have liked him because it was definitely. And East Coast interpretation of what I have incorporate them their lunch elect skeletons and we. Are all over the wall and names of their Beers at a looking at now. All look like album or metal song name yet portal through transgression. Yup. He violent voyage to him permanent I had that beard martyrs of the resistance appears well I know brand name betraying the martyrs so it's pretty close. Death in the distance. Hot or obstacle. To deafening sound of silence yeah. Yes that's bad I. I had that you're too. More pages Poland so so that would so that was that one that was kind of where we started and then. We that's what really gain speed we had golden carriage to a bliss and we had. Three or four people join us there and and our way out we had two more show open now work crew. Now there's you know seven or eight of us cruising through town. Inquiries after we did burial we ran over to green man. Which was again just up the street a late two blocks away from there. Green man one of my 81 in my favor breweries. Of the places that we went. This was this was the kind of place that reminded me of bend. Com they had two spots so ones are mass production facility then they had this small little tapper where they have their content pilot system. And doubt was like. That was like a mini almost like a mini version of Crocs. In the sense world looked it literally just looked like Shaq. You drank in and then you win outside. And there was this patio that was kind of covered as this would benches with a fire pit. Very like rundown. Yet and the crowd was very blue collar interest like you could tell that the people that were drinking at green man. I mean the patio you walked in and it was an ashtray. I mean like the entire patio every it was smoking oh that's another thing you got to remember in North Carolina. North Carolina is built on Tobacco Road. Everyone smokes while everyone smoke doesn't. Singer that's totally a side note from any beer discussion but. I've I've noticed. Lately. That less and less and less people are smoking. Year at least you what I think that's a thing a lot of that is more than northwest. Right portion yourself here in the northwest I use notice so many fewer people smoking. To go to a place where it's that common would be kind of a culture shock to. It was crazy I mean there there is. There's like dead the coal ash trays you know that you see on the sides of the roads Obama there's one and I feel like every 25 feet. Obviously step outside and there's all these guys who literally just like they look like they got off work. You know one of the spots all around there and just outside laughing having a great grand old time date the atmosphere in the air was very lively but like I said. Very blue collar to a wicked weed was more like hey we've got some money in and this is kind of the brewery we want. Green man was very much Dele what you have in man. Kind of place. So that. If I could compare to port number is that I know. It sounds like we could read it. Is almost like ten barrel. And once they got bought. You're kind of upgraded the space empathy rooftop deck and it was clean and there's Lloyd and it's all your nice fellow degree and Greene ma'am up until recently is like bone yard. Because schoolyard was in a garage he can talk until they opened up their new place yeah and it was tiny and it was just like. Blue collar and anybody who just walked in their relief in the neighborhood grab a beer. Mets and then of course Boehner as the bush couldn't get a pint at the Bonior milk this placing upon this is a talking about the actual bide your describe. Very much so it seemed kind of road how's he almost yeah like there should have been peanut shells on the ground. Over the defense I thought it was really cool the bartenders were super awesome from. Yeah we were actually yeah they were great I had I had an excellent time agreement they really creative logos are killing all of them have the same things. Think that it's a green mania that put that. Thumb and then I'm trying to think after the bat. Oh boy. After that I you can really drunk and you forget where you are walking and I think after that we started we had a goat to you we had to start getting ready for like some wedding stuff so I think some of us had to taper off and we do you ready for rehearsal dinner and all that jazz. After the rehearsal dinner though we walked on the street. Back towards where. We're green man and burial in which you weed are we went to a place called. Brohm Mari your mom they are here right material for that place that place was kind of like. How to explain they had an outdoor spot dating indoor spot. Mean I don't know like some somewhere between that like a green man in a week in week. So that was a nice stuff inside but it also kind of a leisure outdoor patio. Com. It was it was it was a nice spot I wish I could remember how much of the Beers I liked. More it was later in the night and I think I just drink a bottle of apple wine during. During the rehearsal dinner. But I remember not being remembered not. Haiti you need appears I had. Yeah so a move rousing endorsement I know I know I feel bad if anybody is listening from Brohm Mario I apologize I get it going back later that night. For last call also that that must mean something ranked bright yet. You used can't remember how they tasted skewed doubly camera relatives have for Alaska for sure but I went back so it's got to be good there are three other breweries around so we're back there occurred. Come after that I went to the phone tutorial which is down the street as well that is also owned by we can weed it's just a sour place. Com that is literally just you welcome to Boris is a giant outdoor. Spatial sports. Com there's like. A live music stage there is fire pits there's perils everywhere calm but they're all sour economy based and funky stuff so. We went in and had a few stuff on tap everything that looked great was in bottles so we've got much balls and pop bottles. And then after that and some dollars and and your announcement that not everything merit that's just one day you're talking that was just have to pay him yeah it does most of and I was is that. It's funny because. Just this past week in my parents for time my life and it's fun house mirror you know helping us do some stuff and may stay with us because of the first to make it actually stay with us from the desert sort of having to get a hotel. And it. We went to the river. And because no one of few places in Oregon may have not being in the in the eight years that I've been here they've come to visit. And I was like hit the Cisco do the couple the buries over there you know this is kind of go wander around have some beer has some food. And my dad and home amount to much for dear person but my dad. He couldn't keep up he could barely drink a pint at each place he was giggling bubbled up in full announced an ongoing. I'm Greg what are you talking about ending your over here don't know like I went to three places you went to 89 places in one day. How on earth did you survive the bubble does that was assured that happened later that night. You know it reminds me of when we when we first only open slab town and house work and there's about. I don't know is about. Eight months and us being there and oh there there's person who works there and she says snitch as you know Patrick. I think you're the only person years since we've opened that hasn't gained weight from drinking. More beer. And I was like well yeah X and I thought about it I was like oh wait this body has been an alcoholic beer drinking shape for decades ticket all right it is not a new thing for me. So I think that's how I made obvious surprise. Ounce down spry as opposed bottle wine and a half at rehearsal dinner that that I was still standing. Material to keep going to multiple occasions I mean I was loaded but now was like party time now we now we were like the crew like 1520 people deep can now everybody had finally. Everybody that was Cummings the waiting from the West Coast was now in town. And so now it's kind of mob mentality aren't so now was. Which can read for burial beer remembering. Brohm Mario brewing in the focus Torre and then. Repeat offending Oprah Maury okay and the repeat offending remarks about was the five. Of the seven plus drive by any that you went to he had backed him because that was the one day I had time to do breweries and I was very lucky that I was with a bunch of people that also wanted to do breeze I mean were all from back here so. Makes a ton of sense to outsource its IK let's go check this out so then from then on out I kind of just had to sneak some stuff in Warrick could. I think it was let's deal was. I'm probably mixing days I am mixing days I don't know what happened in the middle oh Friday we had a wedding probably Friday we had dinner with our friends Saturday it was the rehearsal dinner okay so on Saturday before the rehearsal which we went to bring Mari. And funk and tore him on Saturday. So before that I had some free time and I went to high wire brewing they have two locations and have gone their mass production facility. They have like one downtown than they had the mass production facilities like high wire big top I think is what they called look at. And I instantly fell in love because it looks like pricks I Milwaukee. Law yet I walked in their house like a giant birdie giant warehouse but topless couple nice people were about a box. I can hang out here you like instantly step behind the bar hey guys yeah I think it is here where yeah I can tell what to do yeah. That place was easily my favorite on the not just because you know I fell in love with the with the location. But. It was economical look at embark on a picture and that's done spoiler alert it was my favorite Marie. Okay of the trip bum not just because location I enjoyed the location of sorts or a stake open house it's 70 and I was like look it. Not really because and it was like 4228. Yeah quickly and escort turtle club but I but I tried every beer they had on tap. And. What was weird was their most popular beer. They had a mosaic IP the most popular beer was. The worst we had while every other bureau had it was fantastic. My favorite beer they had we might talk about later. But then I had a bunch of other stuff their pills there was great Dan blueberry sour that was barely edged that was fantastic. Drama they had it. Too hazy IP is that I really enjoyed one you know. That's that's an upset. And because they were just you know the they they get more Connolly breezy C appear in the sense of that every you know just touching on all different types styles. And I really really enjoy them plus they had a food cart outside vomit that. I got some some smoke pulled pork. Which I was really excited about and finance a stunt and the woman I was like. Com where else in this town to me you're good barbecue and she was real quick very polite was real quick to remind me that the smoke house is very different environment. She is able of I ate barbecue. I go to these places but we don't do barbecue here. And I'm just like. Seems the same demeanor that he'll hit OK that was no barbecue sauce put on it where there was like some hot sauce I didn't know but it was pulled pork. Mac and cheese baked beans and toast. And I was like sounds like barbecued me that she is very quick to let me know that it was not barbecue smoke house. I watched the Food Network and on chops going on right now or maybe it's over I haven't seen a mall or during a special barbecue. And hit master edition even they had her masters from each of like he's forming in cities Kansas City. Dallas etc. Am I forget which one it was they said they don't use barbecue sauce on the me. They want to meet to speak for itself he may be what North Carolina I don't know his Carolina barbecue and noted I don't know a lot of barbecue so. Do I I apparently you don't I don't see a lot of good food I just ready give whoever akin. So high wire was your favorite. I wire was my favorite and that leads. One close to drive violent yet the drive by it was that was funny is putting the drive I was before high wire I mentioned to a friend who's meeting me. To this couple and I was like Cahill wanted to check out this high wire place new like OK well we get a check into our checking Norah hotel. Freshen up a little bit will be a little behind you knowledge you know. Is like 00. Use this opportunity to grab quick Beers somewhere else place that I know. And then on meet them high wire. As I was rolling in to the new wish location of new Belgium in Asheville, North Carolina I got the text message Ron awaited I'll I O. So I just drove by. The Sierra Nevada I will be in the Colorado in three weeks so far one of those here and that'll do that when I'm up there. Other it was massive just a giant place where what I thought you residents concerned about it sorry you don't allow. Look at their big boys and using. On solid I just drove by but what it looked like his right down on the river on kind of an industrial old part of town. Com I didn't get to go insider anything but I mean tanks school or blah blah blah please massive. And it is new Belgium brewing right across the bridge you. Our. So that's one stop left free to go or what spikes are free to go in Colorado but that leave us. The biggest of the big boy is self Sierra Nevada brewing return to spoil because I was confused lionized as well it is an idiot. Is by far and away the biggest place I've ever seemed from your pictures yes. The outsider Marxist numbering in San Diego the inside reminds me of the Tillamook cheese factory when you look through the windows when you're at the observatory when there's the estimate there it's just gigantic. MM there were people everywhere there's people sitting everywhere I guess Labor Day weekend that. Yeah we went on we went on Monday. Com. On our way out of town or away head into Atlantic is it's about a half hour south of Asheville. So. To go you know you gotta kind of make a trip of it you got to kind of be Smart about how you're doing it. But we went down there's about a half hour south half hour 45 minutes something like that. There's numbers similar to other ones near and we knew when you roll into this place. I mean you get off the highway. And you take a turn and you start going down this road called Sierra Nevada lane. And that's Sierra Nevada where Sierra Nevada way excuse me. And then you start to follow this path to get to the parking lot and it goes should this wooded area. With this like wood structure bridges you cross its super intimate you can't see anything but the road and these trees. Then all of a sudden you pop out to this massive massive. Like Disneyland. It is insane. I'm looking there right now it looks like. Looks like almost like a car dealerships are like a place for the build koppers they had it was Monday at like 430. And they had its still three parking lot attendants directing traffic. In the parking lot so my friends went on Sunday before the wedding. Because they had time to kill so they went down there and said that they had a part in an overflow lot and take a shuttle. To get to. The brewery. That's just ridiculous and yet that's insane. So this place is gigantic obviously it's a big neighbor here in the yes I am there just pulling him. Hundreds of people and hours sounds like Sunday was their biggest day. In the history of what what I heard we heard rumors so if if someone from Sierra Nevada is listening. I apologize if this is wrong. We had heard through hearsay. That on Sunday. They had nine and back to back hours of 101000 dollars in sales. Well well well written and White House in 90000 dollars in nine hours of sales while now that is insane that's insane all right I went for one of the bigger robberies in this town it's not that our location is the biggest location. But like the building would be on fire before you did 9101000. Dollar hours. But that does look at this place is huge man that is I went in a McDoogle maps street view. I wanna go there and so what's really what's really cool about this place where particular share I would love to go back is. Is you wakin. And you know you walk in the first thing you notice when you walk in his they've got you know they've got some copper takes a look more like show on the right they might actually be used but they look kind of more like for show. And you walk in it's kind of just like a restaurant it's a she'll address on his front 200 tables inside his past. And it. And so we waited in line we grabbed some beer. They had a bunch of Beers on tap in like I was hoping they had a bunch of the mainstays that I don't know. We didn't find out exactly if they how much of the like core brands that they make in Chico that they also make out there but they basically had it set up. He cited one of there's a full side of kind of their normal stuff the pale male torpedo. Nam. Stuff like that and then on the left side was clearly things that they may had made in house was really cause behind the bar they have three serving tanks. Each full of beer that they were pulling beer off of the tanks and you concede that takes. And they had a little sign on each take of what beer wise yeah. And you can see like them pulling the beer to what no I mean it's it's just it's hooked and it's still a steal that sucker it's to a metal producer apparently little like windows for you want to hear that would be rat dragged but nobody to. It's because you don't want that polite and gentle but but I mean they were right there see I can learn some things they'll. And so that was cool and you can I think the we should look into this but when we got there at 5530. And we grabbed two Beers. Last tour was at five there. So we get it tore him however. There are two ways to immature each either sign up for the actual full blown tour or. There's a self guided tour. I can still walk through. And sees stuff and you guys kind of know where he's used to simply know what's going on Yahoo! would need to toward got there was I think there was five or six of us that dating and I was with one of one of my best friends who has worked in beer before in restaurants and and you know him and I are on the same page in terms of Beers we are able to kinda. You know put two and two together to see some stuff. The only thing I think we missed out from taking the full tour is asking questions about light. You know what Beers teammates here. How how what's your barely edged per year at this location. Distribution footprint you know stuff like that but in terms of how they made beer was you know we are able to kind of put two and two together. You it was nasty they're packaging line was the size was bigger than. Bigger than any breweries in this town just a packaging area com. I'm used to seeing hops coming in boxes they had giant brakes in bins at the U snow shovels. Four to get out and that kind of blew my mind. The biggest whirlpool I've ever seen in my life and I'm assuming the beer and food was good. The beer and food was fantastic drama again they made a hell of Slava that I have that was absolute phenomenal. I tried another pale ale that I thought was great he came back Khazei and I thought they give me the wrong here and there are like nope it's easy in this foiled again and protect it. But that was good everybody was drink in this poppy red that they made there on coming out of serving take and this rose RO ZE. So it was like a rose beard the well PH trend is hitting as we talk and by PepsiCo and it wasn't an IPA but to but it was some sort of like rooted. Great Beers something like that and I try to it was good that everybody else had at least one point pine and I had to. Of course finished with a pail attitude. Of course who hit your favorite classic beer and announced there had to of course of course and then you step outside and they Ayers I don't know another fifty tables outside. A giant lawn and it concert venue stage again everybody is second in the future. It reminds me of stone minus the concert because stone has Bob huge in this indoor area and has a huge outdoor area. That it took place is just massive us by itself kind of there's a deployed military area on a silent near San Diego kind of it's kind of hard describes yeah north of the city. Password is an anxious gigantic the biggest one ever been to sonar systems bigger is just reminded me of that if any you've been to stone in San Diego. There's where the stages there's apparent there's a walkway to the left. Echoed as going downhill and it was closed on Monday but my friends that went on Sunday told me about it and said. That if you go down that all that is down there is just a larger field that you just kind of hang out in. And they told me they were like if you go don't try to sit in the restaurant it was a four hour wait to sit in the restaurant but if you go down that hill. Into that grass area there's much food trucks down there so when their super busy. They're able to open up basically another extension a four hour wait yeah almighty god yeah. They're able to open another extension basically giant lawn with beer games. Long games things like that and food carts down their seniors eat out of food cars that we in the restaurant. So if you're going to Sierra Nevada get the remain open well I'd it was Labor Day weekend I know but still. Get there when they opened ya and try to avoid the just lines I did watch an older woman try to walk in with what looked like 830 pound long haired cat. It was and she asked she'd be sat with pat cash yet I'm not king used giant white cat and bless the souls of those little nineteen year old host girls at the front desk they they try to hold it together and then when she walked away. They receding us and they were just dying laughing they could not believe that some woman trying to come in with a thirty pound cat like at thirty pound bank soon long haired cat actually you know ladies you can't bring his caddie and is that North Carolina in a nutshell are now that's just people being idiots out there a couple of. Playing I'm pretty jealous of dialogue going on these here trips word I does go and try bunch robberies because I like you can handle. Having a beer to it every single plays it doesn't destroy me it doesn't make me fill up texture than than just food. And moments I do have a couple questions before we wrap up the segment AM. Favorite he said was high and high wire high wire. Then was your favorite beer and high wire Bure as well. Or wasn't favorite beer you have from somewhere. Yeah I would say my favorite Beers highway or beer crept. Can we get any of the national brewery beer he's not to my knowledge I mean we don't need it we can weed out here. Outside a new Belgium in Sierra Nevada I don't think I've ever seen anything I've never even heard of these breweries the only reason I knew burial was. Was because we didn't collapse of them. What about disappointing places are underwhelming places where hope. One really funny thing is there was a lot of times who went to overreach. And I ordered a beer and four other people ordered different Beers and I hated mind the most. It happened to me multiple times that's weird sort of style that you know that you like here isn't necessarily as good in North Carolina though wasn't that it was like my buddy Eddie we walked out. This to it to green and and he ordered an he we rely would you feel the music you reunited piazza thing amending the same we're looking dynamic three on tap. And he goes are we get this 1000 cool he that would Alter this one and let's try music sounds great hate in mind. Lunches and and then we went back into the same thing there was a third IPA and pale ale. I got the pale he got the IPA and he would mind and his was great and I think that that could that happen to meet that happen to me I green man. It happened to me at. Funk Tori him in happened to me at Sears that its. And us is just the luck of the draw yes so I have bad luck on that mom to be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of burials beer which is kind of disappointing. On just because I wanted to. Like support them as someone medical lab with us. Again this is my opinion. Laundered Vienna lager that are really enjoyed. On the outside of that wasn't a big fan. And then I think the biggest thing that shocked me while I was there. Was the service at Sierra Nevada was atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. The food that sucks but I'm also not surprised because of the size of food was great the beer was great the location was amazing. But like. What do bartender looks at three view and you each order beer. And and any charges you pay for in the because I went to and then walks away inserts make a centuries Jews like well maybe forgot no big deal. And then we had a woman we are sitting there was seven of us and then it dropped down to four of us. So that the far end of the table was completely empty now and we had people dropping off. Food and the other end of the table were known was sitting. And then one guy. Literally reaching so I'm at the head of the table if you think you'd be like a table of eight with three people on the law on each side of the long par and then and Capps each side. He's standing at the far end on the one and there's two next to me on each side he's sitting at the far and is trying to reach across the table and you beer. Meanwhile there is so much space around. I was like OK this is strange. But we'll just go with that. Yeah it was just it was a little to be desired. Okay let's get to know for anybody on up there do you think. And Israel to stem growing or hit Islamic do you think that at Asheville on its. Tourism site sells it as the most buries per capita in the US which. Paid the salary of 37 or forty or summer on the number. Do you think there's room for it to go bear from here's a short time mayor did it feel like there's too many equals cut your feel about it. I didn't think I didn't think the market was saturated I mean that could be because we live here. It kinda used to brewery being on every corner wreck dom I would say if that town wants to grow in its Bruce seen. Just to be frankly just he frank and honest the Beers got you better. Come the beer was good not great. I had some really great stuff. Put on a hole. And one could argue that on hold Portland's beer isn't that great on a hole. You know that there's you know ninety Marreese in this town that you can go to but really only wanna go to eight. You know so they could be suffering from that as well. I think what might be interest Singh is in the self there probably isn't that much of a craft beer culture so maybe Asheville. In in respect to the self. He is ungodly amazing yeah but in respect to wall we have grown accustomed to in the northwest in the West Coast. Is just good not great. Because think about human people who were vacationing marrow from. Alabama or Georgia or to Tennessee or whatever that maybe doesn't have the craft beer seemed. That were used to that nationalism is about level higher towns also really small. The two towns really small. So. Mean yeah I know that there was actual bring company is another one downtown that I didn't get the chance to get to there was that other high wire location that was downtown editing get the chance to get to. Comes so there is even more downtown then. Even I was able to get to but. It's just small sledding that's something you gotta be you gotta be careful of murder it's not a sprawled out I will say this the city. Cooler than the CD of bend beard not as good as the city event however. Better food better cocktails in Nashville and way more options to you yet the food in Asheville was absolutely phenomenal and the craft cocktail scene is alive and healthy and well. Cool that's Asheville, North Carolina everybody if you're gonna go down there will hopefully he'll take some of Patrick's advice him. Some of the Beers he tried in some of the positives and negatives and let us know as well what you've done there if you did charity capriles no of course. Your territories in your favor appears again Twitter zapped by clips from the seventh and captures deputies early at five. While both Twitter and answer Graham are coming up next it is time for our beer the week. In I've been told it is FEMA base we are going to be drinking in North Carolina beer. Coming up next here on their Beers and that's what Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris. All right here we time our favorite segment every single podcast you know Beers at a time holding it right now. We have a glass in front of us from high wire bridge which I guess it's no surprise considering how classic went Paterson replaced in Asheville, North Carolina with high wire. And the beer we haven't heard of us is the high wire easier this past October fest beer. It and to be able description of what tastes like on the beard yet. Of gold medal winner at 2016 American GB add from the German style mayors and category use of Munich mall in this full flavored beer provides upfront biscuit and honey flavors. That feed into we light. Dry finish it was funny because it was like. Hot muggy the last thing I thought I would want is a multi locker. But I tasted and it was just really good and as funny it's funny because. He just cracked in September October's ought to fart on the line. I didn't know it was award winning because I just got I basically tried every beer got a sample trait each time I needed to try every beer. And this is the one that talked to me the most. Well based on that description alone the flavors sound exactly up my Alley Brady has humming sounds perfect to me. And I hope that we both have. Bottle openers under t.'s of course there tribal per bottle openers to your opponent who you have got to show you some idea of Oman. I got to shoot sent a golf tournament they had like a little slide truck there and there is tantamount like I do get a bottle opener my key chain. There ghetto but to a chiropractor after this I hope she's a man and having a beer when we should be mad Marty had a beer before. Bonser went there today to offer. So if you government able to tell I'm slightly sick. Paso my nose might have some trouble with the taste on this on. Some new real quick adept to fly with these home. I think I've mastered flying home with beer. Get some bubble wrap wrapped in the towel. To bring back whatever you want so I brought three of these back to to this segment one for Fred brew master and then I brought. Abrupt three Hayes he's back why the candy Hayes one of the hazy can I just. You could argue what do you don't Patrick I know I know I know in China and you're getting into fresh off season Dallas knocked all he's an idol finalist on the front and make some fresh off his tour that Malia so we're making too. This one. It does kind of give you little honey right in the beginning it's funny and then. I guess the mall of October fest style hit to right away it's a very light caramel color Lou it is that. It just taste good. It's got some like residuals sweetness to it it's not overpowering I think that's what I really liked about it. And again it could hold it could be a lot of like atmosphere when I was there but I think that was issued a reason why I liked it. Because it was it was bright it was crisp but had some sweetness without it being you know. Kind of too sugary in your mouth. I thought the mall balance was just really nice to it. And I can drink this kind of all day every day as when I was thinking. It kind of feels like it hit the sweet spot between both of our style student which are pretty on the opposite end of the spectrum where you're much more hoppy I PA guy much more multi Porter stout guy. Kind of sits perfectly in the middle because it has that. Clean refreshing pale tees that you like so much news. And makes it more drinkable more sociable but then all of a sudden you get the kind of the Brady you malts to get some honey which I was like in my beer. And that's more towards my spectrum and it kind of does both really well this is really get. I mean I'm glad you brought the smaller the kind of a feeling that speaks to both of us. Well and I was it was so funny too because I might bounce around all these places and you know and and keep him in the back my mind you gotta find something for beer of the week and I I didn't wanna bring something from Sierra Nevada. Just because I think this is is our seventh podcasts I think is that each time we've mentioned Sierra Nevada and protect anonymous though. I didn't wanna bring something back from them and I was really just didn't wanna bring back tonight PA to be honest because even though has some good ones you know I think. Being in the market we're in and you know the direction this podcast has gone you know I've I think we cover IPA's fairly regularly and fairly. In. Intensely. And I think we're gonna have a lot of my peers to try and during the week coming up exactly and mrs. good opportunity to kind of take a step. Away and this was not the beer that I thought was going to be talking to me because I was likely gonna stop I was kind of they IT Saddam blueberries Sauer from these guys and those like army because it wasn't overly tart. Those like me to use the time that we bring this hour. And then this was in my first Acer tray. And it just blew anyway I had to do it it's really good sadly American vilified this year because nothing apparently from Nationalists here but it's got to bearded lady on the label. Yes it does that mean I saw I think that's their logos the bearded lady right. I am assuming high wires Palestinians do receive this is their logo it's like a guy on a high wire with that the balancing beam got you. Com about a teacher about a sticker. You can tell how much Patrick like my wire we need either taster tray. It's it's silly you get four at a time you write the four of them. And and it's it's on the front it looks like kind of like yeah like a circus act sort of basis like a sky on the front you rate for Beers on the back. It's a postcard. You can mail it to yourself. Off. That's pretty cool it this is so huge you militants although I forgot I got drunk. But I got in my kept them I was like ODs mop economic totally mail these to me that I saw him in Atlanta and aisles like your mail from a let it become a layer and then I forgot about it again and I'm home with post residents and myself totally separate story. We went to Vegas couple weeks ago with the my my notification of my phone habits are running a week had a term for those. Popped up mom's birthday nose like out crap because I was in Las Vegas and I wouldn't have time when we got back to send to get their all time low because you're getting back like a day before her birthday so I went to receive yes on the strip. Bought a card and went wait how they going to mean Elvis. Am I went to our hotel assists are we don't melt things for you can FedEx that dogs like. FedEx in a car do you think I am not spending thirty dollars the Vegas strip hotel to FedEx a card. We went to Fremont street which is kind of like been more downtown portion. And we asked around and we found a post office and I was like three blocks away at the super shady. And there is 11. Little row of containers to de Mayo without going out containers are generally don't exist anymore. And put in there and got there even faster than we were legal stuff from here yes certainly two days I'll clicked Diego Las Vegas random mailbox in the middle of downtown. Big Q could affect that's about myself because you're like I'm not near home panel will be. Yeah I was I had no idea and it was a lasting you really meal things which daughter's birthday is I don't know anything. I don't even do that even wish people happy birthday and that that that I don't expect from you so. I don't I don't I've got a big letter got a lot of my people a lot of my family members are so I still have to abide by those laws of the family if you will but. Among mr. Britain cargoes were my best friend's wedding that's why I was Nashville. And people come to me you know I was lucky enough to ghastly Grossman in the wedding was actually gorgeous it's amazing we'll rich people can do. And you know people are asking me and so would you give Pete firfer for wedding would you PMG for both for a wedding gift nose like my attendance. Of fact and it flew across the country. I'm here congratulations. Football that's got it that's really all I got for you and looks like probably was very expensive yes indeed plus a man hotel in Atlanta he had just is everything yeah I mean yet priced at a thousand dollars. In this easy when he's there for our wedding when we got married we got married in New Jersey where sperm from. And we flew all of the group has been in bridesmaids out on. A dime of the wedding season and up to worry about it but everybody else and you want. I'm gonna tell you this story. And it dom may anger if you end up listening this IA I apologize that sounds offensive it's more of just like. I am clearly from the West Coast and understand how things work in the south. But my buddy Peter his now wife her name's merrier. Right classic southern tip maggert she's from a Tennessee. And her father his name is Greer. Trigger nope just career and then as the last name is right agreed if this lasts that her last name is you know Russians say last names on the air but yeah. But silly but his first name is Greer Coca he has a brother. Who has two children. Both girls one is named Mary. The others named Greer who moved from my neighbor's daughter's name Mary here. The wanna Grunow and now it's just a lot alike I don't understand going on for. Paterson didn't know how I mean I know it's like what's your middle name Mike. Gary yet so it be like this is my this is my son Michael Geary and then it's a strange to me. I gotcha I gotcha OK I got to understand. I saw was anything worth it lights which is cut that out now we're not selling as funny as I want or not cutting it out because of her alerting you were learning it was clear of the week mixed in with random women talk to all. From our life punching you all men audio on TL a lot of deals I'm sure. I just can't do for us this week thanks so much publicity once again where we found insights into the Clinton didn't conduct characters they rate to its subscriber review area please do so we appreciate it. Also less snow on Twitter estimated that era Affleck was twenty sevens can join us today. Defend that there's welterweight and activities there is finalists the which is thinking listen we're trying. And Asheville put put aside when I was here which you talk about the city and you're there. As we are trying to hire lawyers October fest here again is too high wire circuits fast October fest. Music onion gravy biscuit multi delicious and it's very easy trees and as well and has a very very kind of sweet back end. Whereas the very multi front and it's kinda we didn't really go through all the players because a little sick but. That's kind of how I got to throughout most of it is just clean. Just as clean smooth. Not shorted next week we you're gonna try to do all location believe. But that is not set in stone yet if not we'll figure elevation to it will be back again next Thursday core clock has always. We'll see him.