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Tuesday, August 14th's Ben Kercheval joins Suke to discuss the University of Maryland taking "legal and moral responsibility" in the death of football player Jordan McNair

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Story of the today Astoria today I'm Merrill and accepting full responsibility for the death of one of their players Jordan. McNair. There's reducing coach was fired the DJ Durkin remains. On leave but he is being paid during the investigation. But I think an unprecedented move to. Under encourage both CBS sports college their covers college football formed as a great job there find his stuff online at CBS sports dot com. Then did you ever seen a university. Kind of fall on the sword quite like the University of Maryland did today. It's rare. That's for certain but nothing before. Go to pat on the back a little bit few much let's remember that Jordan McNair dot Q. And it took them. Repeat something days. To get up to Baltimore to apologize for years and and for the strength and conditioning coach it would be fired. He resigned and mutual parting of ways so big guy. Should be responsible. For absolutely. Zero gap. Under his watch. Is walking away from that would like 3151000. Dollars the imagined scurrying out so about. And walking out with a six figure settlement. Yeah I mean he ought. Do you think about it Jordan neared goes and plays for any other program in the country he's not dead right now. What we'll cable and note that this is where the conversation. To carry. Football is violent sport on land and training these physical training to get players straightforward. Is obviously very demanding. That happened changed over the years be reluctant. Safety procedures have improved over the years a way to. Opting out of bodies monitored over the years have troops certainly but. You're the job of the coaches and really industry conditions out through you know let's remind listeners. In the offseason. Players are with the strength and conditioning are far more coached in a work out some work out not really their their coaching staff. Throughout most of the lots. It is. Those coaches aren't there to push players. He would what they think they're expected to deal. And especially when you're trying to. Get a program turn around like in Maryland DJ Dirk the first part head coach. You always hear these sort of quota or changing the culture and European eat up as story. But that the other side of that is there's coaches pushed those players. Q where they're gonna find out who's capable mentally and physically and who is now. Where dot lying is wrong. It is. Where the safety measures are place. Every one dollar and 110 yards aren't in the summer they're not on but everyone does that. Where you might really be wrapping up here it turned out future. Is. If Jordan McNair had a medical condition registered and about five yen and eager are piano. An hour later there's a 911 call got in in players. Who were there told CNN. Everyone's looking around and everyone knows what's going on everyone in Europe and that is why she's not she's not. And something have to be done about it it is the responsibility. All of the training and then you know jewelry larger extension Richard the coaching staff should make sure of the those got tracked. Replace net you're accurate picture now how many times have we heard about someone go to condition you'll. There are a lot of dehydration and in you know pushed insult you or. But then they go in the initial work out so. It definitely in the aid blurred line of what acceptable and what works and what goes on everywhere else college football. At the end of the day what we have to remember is when a when a parent and their cue ball to a program. If they're giving normal way that their kid Enders he he has got the utmost important. And coaching staff and training. They can push them. But at the end date they need to be first and foremost concerned about their safety in Maryland where they apologize now or two months ago. Clearly did not how about. Yeah it's it's amazing me I I played cultural BYU and you know again I I remember you know workouts were where people are BC were were pushed the limits. The fact that you can have that many people there. And and no one provide any kind of help it it makes me wonder is this easy read through that piece about kind of the toxic culture of football. How sensitized. Did that staff gifted people being in duress we're for an hour here's a kid with a 106 degree temperature. And no one didn't think about it that's the part that I I I wonder how what the what role that played. A true to read. Too much and you official statement I read what the strength and conditioning coach. Released today when it was about that that he was no law can be for a carpentry paragraph again Jordan. And look up the kind of software. As. Did it doesn't think you were so cute looking. And it just seemed to be all right there is beyond the standard like well. Airs its it. Well you in the game you play you what happened in Taiwan. To guide you around where. All the partners you know you're doing two days with each other during the summer gear apple called voluntary work out it would never pol. You've been with the coaching after wicked for hours on end and they yell and each. In action pushing you but at the end of the day everyone comes back together ago. That they have a common purpose and that's how would rather crude oil that everyone don't talk about what I athletic. And if you're gonna pushing it to the edge you've got to be there for the on the other side are working hard gotta love. And they just aren't never got that impression. From Maryland staff and all I I don't know why but it it's really. Disheartened and serving and that you don't eat with all the medical centers that these programs are doctors cupid on action. Exactly mean EU mission it's it's a violent sport and you are gonna push yourself and there's people you know that they have heart conditions and you don't know about it and know people die during offseason workouts and in the you know violent trauma and things like that. That wasn't the case here at this was 100%. Preventable and I would like what the NFL has and this. You know this sort of thing is collectively bargain to the NFL players have a voice players can ignore or not doing this. Might question here is in and from what I saw from my time plane in fifteen years covering this. The players and the NCAA have no voice no Maryland was able to raise their hand and say this is it OK he's in trouble worse stop being miss. Is there a way it end in light of what happened that Jordan McNair is death. Can actually have something positive come out of it and we can actually get some change in her voice to the players or is this something in a month's time. Just gets filed the way and then you can be continuing business as usual. Circuit machine mentioned that it and wondered if you get what dot com give machine must plug your dentist doctor Derek Robert. That that would carry grant foundation K where from all of that if there was ever any. Reusing to push for unionization. It would be out if you go back years number northwestern players were just. You know and new York and pushed pushed for you medication not there are a lot of lot of holes and and got her a lot of reasons why it could potentially work you know quite a workstation. Like. But the idea was it it was it was done and it is Ed O'Bannon. I'm one of the people can achieve the mutation with the Arab and and case in Washington to get. Money treating them like that you should generally what their Union Station or push with a bow was. You know making sure that certain standards were met with with their programming can Coulter over the quarterback at you the very outspoken. I'll be kicked four and it all kind of and that getting shot down I don't know necessarily that lists. Will begin. Object that pushes things in in another direction and a more opposite direction. But I'll say that. Everything that I need to know about. The voice got an athlete. And and in college football right now comes from the fact that any player. Wanted to step forward and voice their concern how did you shall anonymously turn in an article could take years some sort of latched. On the from the coach. And and then you had will must champ. You know coming out in rich beam those players for a have been added the guts to speak out anonymously because they feared reprisal. That that culture still exists in football that you've got. A high profile coach did in the wake of a player's death is criticizing those people that are speaking out against it that's sort of culture it's amazing to me that that is. I'd like to see it's rare but it's not it's it's prevalent the world cultural. Woke coaching and the coaching fraternity but poetic but it just India and we'll much chance. Would sooner. Defense and it is by DJ Durkin and even acknowledge and thank you Jordan dictatorship have died in the first. Now that that's. That's whatever we should Matt. Don't be mad at being anonymous source except that's not anonymous sources are way dot. People can come forward and have a sense of protection. In the media it is something that. He has done for longer than and everyone uses anonymous sources you know coaches speak. Not off the record it was not repeat or report that XP obviously all the time we have eight series right now. Go to any coaches know they'll that they spoke on. It at the show got part of that's part of the game. And it's really not a problem here and it would muschamp says something like that. It added traction from what's really important and important years. Maryland screwed up and it was great if you don't take from us some accountability on the tractor black. Again there are a long way to go on on this for short track. Yeah I mean you look at just over the last what eight to ten years we've had Texas Tech Kansas recently Illinois Indiana. Remove coaches for. You know basically you know player abuse now this thing lands of Maryland is there any way to Durkin keeps his job. We're not in public response to that I thought for sure Durkin unity golf and differing got exemptions all flow. Put a lot of the blame I would say almost exclusively. On the turning up in court had strength and conditioning coach Scott and it is gone on and so there was. Had wool pants. On that night I was a little surprised now that. Turkey will not. Let Oprah factor. Well it was so I'm very adamant about saying that this was a problem with the training staff and not necessarily the coaching. That gives me a sense that. DJ Durkin won't get I guess we're due process throughout the course of this investigation which. Service she is entitled to but. This right now scandals between even though they're different things that your pitcher in Ohio street from Maryland you mentioned. Apparently practice and within our conference. Approach is being let go. Four player misconduct allegations. Earth you're a player mistreatment allegations I should say. I still find the changes that Durkin would survive this to be slim to none. Certainly their liking it was a little bit more daylight after two majors because of the G atrocity is entitled to black. If you're in Ireland after the speech I heard won't let gays today are you you're knocking at queen's and how that would seem a little apartment. Would would blow me away appreciate taking a couple minutes you can finest of Anchorage both CBS sports dot com. Do a great stuff do you great job covering college ball really enjoyed the the work. Check out the stuff again online CBS sports dot com and we really appreciate technical minutes force. Thanks.