Brock Mackenzie Interview 8-17-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 17th
Northwest’s own and pro golfer Brock Mackenzie joins dirt and sprague to talk the Winco Foods Portland Open, and other golf topics such as Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Change of plans little bit here as we got to golfer hang out with a speed up Brock MacKenzie northwest didn't what's happening as what's up guys industry we got we got a bit of an issue okay a year ago and really just get out of the way you know it might as well I mean the Washington Huskies. About Ella. Our I asked or organ vanderveer fans they said bolt Kosovo. You know let's go on top of them anyway Alice though that is that you would you do you realize your school is this both our schools well I can I citizen. Hey everybody sport and oh yeah hey hey hey man you can we could have did we get three guys on the morale problem right. Enemy of my enemy might perhaps after that I hope we love you delegate that all of them let it just a quick update on weekends fill and I even playing at an ink tablet what you're seeing out there on the course on the course little tricky bad I'd give one I. Bogey free five birdies. Secular did it it well it felt good that I needed a shot one Rory yesterday so this gives me into the weekend in. You know anything that happened the week and here of course our firm up a little bin. Now hopefully nobody cares about in the afternoon I can kind of stayed stadium Oran thirtieth or whatever and now make my move I don't know how you would answer this question but I've always wondered at with golfers could you talk no bogeys it right around right somebody like me goes out and I even goats duels with no vote he. It is all that is in my mind is do your job bogey you juggle it gets elected if it's anything you've identified when you were he would. Were you able to block things out and not allow things to consume your thoughts that that's got to be some kind of skilled you guys have to do that you if you if there was if it was back get a skill than I would've made seven bogeys yesterday at bats that's talked about it. Cops four birdies an eagle so. I'd you know I don't know maybe I slept better last I don't know if I had a solution and when you talk and you guys have you talked and got it out there right here right. It is that it Locke as there was a couple of guys who are we struggle every time we play. The pressure that goes into a tournament like this of knowledge that top 25 guys gul and if not that your honor the four playoffs for you know I've tournament is kind of mentally. Go back to that mental part of it howdy trying to handle that when eagle until around and in a weekend knowing what's at stake. It's tough I mean that's the biggest you know I am I need to do it week this week here in the into the playoffs to finish tops in the five and I've kind of known that the last month or so that I mean does have some good events and a it's hard for not a creep in there growling and you know force I have my wife my my parents here so it's a kind of eased a little bit you know and puts things in perspective on home. You know one of our friends passed away this week you know Jarrod Lyle and we're aware and ribbons and suffering and you know that's a perspective. So. But it. You know it's what we do and we're used to that type of pressure in army that it and that's just we we know we week. We're getting ourselves into by picking golf as a profession and yes and that's Hilda and others aren't and in the desert don't you know don't stay out here very long. Not just the way it is I wish but it said it's. It's hard not to put pressure on yourself. Imus you unplug from golf when the tournament's done whenever things away how long do you take off before picking them back up and say I need to work on this and that etc. but you know like offseason just get up early as Sunday term and ends and in the term like the next how about both. Usually Mondays you travel day. Bomb at the turn and Sunday travel day Monday and come back at it on Tuesday now offseason is different although if I have a couple off weeks before tournaments. On plug for its report days go to watch movies yeah I'm ketchup on Netflix this FNL. Melodies or start for fancy football star yes and so. You know there's a lot of ways unplugging you have to run some of these guys I don't think how enough for the balance. I'm old enough or I've learned I'd I'd welcome once I'm off the golf course I really don't think about all. Now you know it's not a Brock MacKenzie is a northwest guy University of Washington majored in economics and now all that's at that's at the PGA what it website stellar laws of supply and demand there SFF I got a remote that the more foreign major yet ebitda. Wake up there elected hasten our allies I cry I got a lot more girls but the that's what I did. Been taken he's right there aren't exactly there's sociology and well let's get your he's can we lately played golf related ourself at Washington's eyes he's got big expectations this year. Start the season with Auburn how I'll live to -- it we think this year well you know that's about as a neutral as a neutral site yeah it's playing in Atlanta today playing Auburn yeah I'm neutral site give yeah right. The only good thing is in if we happen a loose in you know. Early loss but somehow means more than a late loss on its a good test I think you learn a lot when you play hard teams out. And I don't talk you about pac twelve schedule they don't do us any favors and how to I NC or schedule I know your plan us up by which. On the outer happy organs got an EZ scan it got a really cupcake schedules that are in daily nobody I think my best quarterback in the country I don't. You guys are always dangerous I don't ID I traveled a lot of games I won't go to Austin. On the bad experience of what you're seeing this I know I'd just yeah I just bad feelings he. Mike hasn't received in the ninety's like him disastrous event many years as yeah Mario Bailey knows I'm right and he lobbies easily seen if it. I took him to watts in. Three or four years whenever that was. And he was hesitant and we walked in there and he wasn't flashy you don't guy but he Eddie capture Oca. Duck fans were fine and end up being the game you'd have one like Santa Anita twenty wanna and elected meeting goes. Really glad he convinced me guys out there are a lot of guys out there are a lot of years or about ten or twelve years I definitely wouldn't stepped inside dogs fri oh. But you know it's a great atmosphere on our teammates meaner this all the games making errors actually an elite teams get every game now say to yourself on the line area in the week but for fur you know him flee years there. I wasn't nervous watching dogs but because we had no expectations weren't very good so it's it's kinda good nerves is kind of like when your contention in golf too you want those good nor does it mean to got a kiss and sounds have a chance and he took care costs and it's dot com you know I'm looking for is here on this football the no expectations I can relate to his beer fans. That's truth that's occurred when you go to games or below the Goodrich and at that I have everything closer. We got a baseball team get well yesterday at an obvious thing this year bill that I am curious as it as a golfer guys that are on the sport a long time what was it like seeing tiger last weekend get a chance watch on TV year I was highlights I mean I loved it united and as though slightly older. Player out here you know all these young guys in and to get this he tires aren't. That's crazy to think I'm all right it was. Thought it was it was just great entertainment I mean the guy. I think I mean I think it's an amazing comeback what is nailed it right item back injury last year's I don't know last year and for him to come back and compete like that I mean it took a it took a heck of a round by rooks Africa to hold them off now and I think it's only a matter time before it wins again bill. Hopefully it's in a matrix I'd love to see that are out it's great for golf. What he's done for golf. Parallels what Arnold Palmer did you know for our sport now. It it's only good things the do you see the conversations that happen like tiger plays really well and everybody follows him everybody's roaring in. You know all their respective Brooks he's he's amazing. He's not getting that response he's not getting that crowd following in an untapped in before. Adam Scott it would you think at that moment on united strangely captain before Adam Scott is as a finish now. He has in his explanation that I was strange to I a you know he doesn't seem to care how I got like Brooks is one of those he's he's got like a baseball player mentality he thinks he's an athlete in our league offer and you just those wins tournaments. Picks up the check in goes into a sign that echoed takes Israel fraud vacation is right it's like I mean there's a lake and literally I mean. And in EE it's amazing to economic ESPN ticker and other sports figures it's Tiger Woods finishes second right you know and all in capital kept away and you know I mean in the headlines now the ratings for 7% and in the numbers don't lie pure like all of a needle what he is in the eagle. When he's competing in contending. People are able strong there and not just golfers anybody that likes sports you know they wanna see him. So now he's great yeah Brock MacKenzie here is silly getting give us kind of a glimpse of what the weakens gonna look like when we need to harness what are we trying to issue was the goal the next I'm talking department probe two more rounds and edited they'll be very happy feels yeah I need you know nine I think any probably tough on them on the playoffs on. So hard about 25000 in general on the weekend and hopefully can let's go where polls show similar answers even earlier highs the last couple are I appreciate these are entry team inside out and about Bill Clinton is all right well separated him right out now coming national tiles or. You know if we don't how to outlet mall and you you know elect accounts the the important sports the pactel considers a track and field is I don't mind the other. You know those kind of alliance basically distracted. I don't sound like a secondary and guys did great in Gulfport but we did tonight. I got a brother got a dollar out of gulf today and Brock MacKenzie you dub of from the north was desolate it's we are appreciate God's there ego Brock MacKenzie back with more after this richest Latin sports.