Bruce Davidson Interview

Friday, May 25th
Bruce Davidson joins the show to talk about Davidson's Insurance.

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And I intend ESPN Portland presents northwest business weekly one hour local business spotlight. Your business to be featured on north was business please call 503535035. Million or email NW business Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. Hey it's looking Anderson thank you for download in the northwest business podcast in this episode I'll be talking with the Bruce Davidson the founder of Davidson & Associates insurance agents. Since he's been serving court can perform 25 years. Online at Davidson insurance dot com this interview originally aired on 910. ESPN report. Bruce thank you so much for taking the time to talk to some north of business. Thank you for inviting me. You are the founder of Davidson's insurance and I wanted to kind of get the story. But how and why you decided to start your own independent insurance agency. So I. Started in the world of insurance actually so we years prior to. Launch from my own insurance inducing. What drew me to the world of insurance was the interest them the ability to work with variety of individuals and businesses. It's a service pensions. It's something that I believed them and it found the opportunity to. Learn about it. And decided take it to the next level by Sri in my own agency. And you started the agency said march 1 in 1990s. Here or 27 to your business this current 27 years under our belt and year twenty is what we're in right now so it's very exciting Porsche will tell me a little bit about Davidson insurance as a whole what is it that you do as an independent insurance agent. There's an independent insurance agency were fortunate enough to work with businesses and individuals. I'm we'd like to say that worked one to help people protect what matters most to them. We find that. It's not uncommon to begin working with both the business torn individual when they first have a need. Neutral maybe Hersh buying a house or buying a car in order complete that transaction. May need to have some insurance from place shall becomes a matter of not. Will they get up and who they're gonna get from pencil we. Work hard to position ourselves. To be a resource for them at that time and then can build a relationship. That's not unlike what happens with a lot of businesses when their first inning established. In order get a license you're gonna leafs are reduced financing in place for any announcement chirps. And as time goes on as have dozens grows and develop. It moves past just telling to comply with somebody else is requirement with the recognition that. And we have a meeting we need to protect ourselves some things we've grown and evolved and developed and so. Thankfully we are often given the opportunity to come alongside somebody. Help them identify where they may have a need to lose my business how to approach those install home. And we can now work relationship with the tell the difference between the different types of insurance agencies out there we talked a little bit before the show about this but you've got the direct insurance agencies you've got the independent like yourself and then there's kind of the in between if you can kind of go through the difference. Typically the way I would describe it is that. Insurance companies take three. General approaches to getting policies to policyholders are some companies that if there. Policy to the polls told learn correct baseless suit then call in. Don't speak the same person that doesn't have an insurance agent ball. They fit some people who needs. There are some insurance companies that. Believe that there's a role for an agent with him when that engine to be exclusive verb. Not handle any new products with the wrong. And thankfully the world that we appreciate being part of as a world of choice the independent churns agent. The insurance companies that we partner with whom worked with. Understand that term we wanna be able to find good fits for clients none. Always can one company provide all those troops don't have a problem that we bring choice and options to learn church clients. And the good partnership portion that's that's one of the ways that I believe inched independent insurance agent who's differentiated from the other. Insurance. A channels that term companies use the world independent truce agent offer Schwartz so let's say I was a business owner and obviously had individual insurance needs as well as for my business is there a scenario where I could possibly have a different insurance company that's providing the policy per. Several different aspects of it. I am absolutely we are fortunate enough to work with those whose owners. And help them with only their businesses need good picture of their individual needs. Well home auto motorcycle insurance. And so we do look to where's our client going to. Get the best. Insurance coverage of the best value where we find to do his best trip. Source pure personal Luke who had a collector car it would make sense for us to look to an insurance company that knows and understands. How to ensure clunker cars stroke clicker Kirsch who used. And held their value so that. You have to use that insure the state are going to be the best fit for you. No I provide the coverage for taking her claim should that ever occur. And then for the business I might have a different insurance it's covering my business and and and have a different one from my home and we just work directly with Davidson and not have to worry about keeping that puzzle accurate every month. We like to be a resource to our clients whether it's just for their business news we're just from their personal insurance needs or for both. Our desire is to. Identify. What's they wanna protect how best to address those needs. And then bring them solutions and we don't look kind of from the standpoint of we have to have 15 cup works exclusively for them and that'll screw the same company. So we pride ourselves from being able offer choice and options. For when just join in the. Program I'm speaking with Bruce Davidson is the founder of Davidson & Associates insurance agency. There in Vancouver Washington you can find them online at Davidson insurance dot com or give McAuliffe 360514. 9550. You mentioned that there's the direct agency union do you kind of set it up to it in a way to where if someone. Is getting a new car new home a new business they need to get the insurance and a lot of times. They're just for filling about obligation to do that. And and he said that you know growing with the business is something that you vote is enjoyed what's the advantage for somebody that is just giving me the car insurance let's say and they want to save on price. They don't necessarily have been no big portfolio that they need to cover what's advantage of working with an independent agency verses of let's say direct. I would sure that one of the advantage who's working with the independent nation news. Having somebody who can provide choice whatever that meter scenarios. We recognize that somebody who's getting a job for the first time moved out we've got through an apartment they've just finish school there and ring who. Work world. They're looking at things and they're saying I just do some basic auto and church. We're out lease gonna have a conversation says yes we recognize that you just recently Chicago church. Let's talk about how to protect not only were you wore today and where you potentially to be in the future. Because if you don't get the right kind of coverage and you have an automobile accident. And all of a sudden the insurance company says so are we run our coverage. Luke we've paid out the maximum limit we have available for you. You're on your own and and the burden of being on your own could last for many many years. At least if you have the conversation awareness you are in the position to have the ability make an informed Schwartz. That's a lot different than just. Making a phone call buying exclusively on price. And hoping that nothing bad ever happens. What do you do with someone when they come and they say that the biggest factor is price ex I just need to cover the basics. You can work towards that price trend. We we will do our best Turk took owns someone's relationship and trust. If somebody is looking at only from. The standpoint of how to white comply with the minimum requirements that straight to Washington and straighter war can house. How your wife just paid minimum dollar to soy can do. We'll do what we can for them. Hopefully. Help educate them so that down the road when they're feeling that there in a better position to begin to address that need. They don't lose sight of that forget. You described insurance earlier as old. Always trying to predict the future by looking in the urban commuter you've been at this for 27 years. With Davidson's insurance I'm sure you've learned a lot of lessons for your clients at at this point. And I learn something new every day. And it's an exciting industry. In that regard. One of the things that I enjoy about that is the ability to interact with people to learn about what they're doing that understand. Where they're warning to grow their business or what their personal goals are so that we can. Cohen tried them and work with them to. Help them design their level of coverage. The level of protection. That they wanna have insurance coverage for. Here in. As you called it America's banker for her is the world headquarters though. Where where do you service clients is it just organ Washington. Primarily we worked him. Clark County in the Portland metro area. We do. Have the ability to take care of our clients' needs opened on the West Coast. We're thankful to have clients that. Maybe have a they're primary residence are meant to burn a secondary home another stick and we wanna be in a position of being able to assist with that so it's important for us to. How did you reach and the ability to go into a neighboring streets even though the majority of the work we do wish miserable quarter. In Vancouver Portland is there's some things that. You specialize in that people could really learn from or do you try to cover as wide a base is possible. We are. Focused from the local community. And therefore I would describe us as a journalist. That has some complimentary net change. Which sounds a little contradictory. Our our desires to have. When we're working with businesses to work with locally owned and operated businesses were in the business owner somebody that we can. Interact interface where it's. We have found this time Rosie ball that we have gravitated amenable to warm shorten may choose. Within the local communities so thankfully. One of the niches that has developed in our agency's ability to work with professional services. When Irish are professional services I'm talking about architects engineers. Accountants. Lawyers. Realtors. And deal with some of the business insurance needs they have for not only general liability insurance but insurance for the service that the providing. We also have been fortunate over time could develop. They miniature working with a nonprofit community. We're glad to be supportive of the nonprofit community. And we. Approach. Working with a non profits. News. An opportunity to serve the mission of a number of great organizations. Around us if we can help them. Find a way of obtaining. An insurance need to providing could value. And helped them free of British worsens to we permission. At their warning to achieve. And then they were who were positive about what we can do for them. Such as an example a couple of new actions that we have. Found we've been able to develop over a period of yours what sounds like it here focuses then maybe I'm trying to strengthen the community around you that's on rent. We were grateful to be part of the community. We tried to not only sure the needs of the community and those prisons who's in our community that are growing and evolving and prospering in our warnings to. Stretch themselves and we are grateful Brill of Poland signed them. We also recognize that we wanna be a good community Stewart and and supporter. Pencil we've. Made a conscious decision to. Look for opportunities to partner with them be supportive of church community causes and and programs. That we think make. Our community a better place flip. For to a just joined the program or talk with. You McCall at 3605149550. 27 years in Vancouver. Serving the Portland Vancouver area how much have you seen it change. In the area in that time and a Vancouver's one of the fastest growing areas. There's also been on a change in Portland how much is business. And individuals lives changed in that time. I'm grateful to have been part of the business community for since 1989. Him in this region. I've have seen more change than people been around them for 5 years but I am missing the change of state complains for group around for forty years. I'm it's an exciting time. To be in this region. Machine. People gravitate here and recognize that it's a great place to live we call home. Pershing and pollution in the type of work that people can do. When they live in the Syrian. The offerings that have. Taken place in our own backyard. Quarter of a mile for offices pushing. Comparable waterfront. Well paying. In Vancouver and buildings under construction and so exciting time. In the insurance industry I'm sure things have changed quite a bit and certainly in the advent of the Internet I guess has come since you started your business how much has the way. Insurance operates changed over that period of time. You write new things things are changing them and the insurance industry is having to learn how to change with the ten years ago nobody thought about. Something called brutal left. And how to deal with insurance mis force somebody who wanted to be it Berlin a driver. When their operating their own beer coal. And they're using that car as they normally would for running an earned going to school going to work him into the store. And and they activate their phone and there are on Hoover and or lift time but they don't have somebody who has. They've designated ride with them and also may do pickup they're they're passenger. Or passengers. I'm we've had to learn about that as industries and learn about it and figure out how to address those needs so those things are happening console link. We're also finding that people are coming to learn how to protect themselves from. The ugly side of the Internet the cyber crimes are taken place try to keep people out of your computer data that a sense to open and what normally what happens to keep them out but if all of a sudden. Through you find that somebody got into your data. And it created a problem how do you recover from that. So it definitely. And an area that is evolving. And is reflective of things are changing our world I'm sure the insurance industry needs to figure out how to. Come along and who understand those. And be able to address from respond to people's businesses meets. How often do you meet with your existing clients to kind of go heard that elements. Of everyday life that are changing whether it's as a business owners and individual. I set my insurance when I was 21 don't think it looked at him again cause 31. Our goal is connect with folks at least annually. Some people welcome that some people are saying hey who you take good care of us and we. We look for sure was we was flown to a cause and effect at a we do try to take advantage of technology. To have some of those questions. We have begun taking advantage of email and an online surveys to make some of that connect when it's appropriate. The big thing we wanted to do was understand what his client's expectations. How often should we connect. And then tailor our response to that need. In just a couple men's what would you say the differences between working with Davidson. And any other independent insurance agent or or working with one of the other types of insurance agency what does it makes you guys stand up let me go back to. Something assured earlier. The underlying theme of what we do is we help our desires to help people protect what matters most of nor can do that we need to know. And understand. Where people are in any given circumstance. Of their life where their business cycle today. People that have me. And awareness so what they're facing. And we will offer them solutions and refine that when we can. Can bill that connection to understand. What are you doing as an individual word you have needs what are you doing this boos were you have needs. What are your expectations. What is it that you like tell us bring you resource to you. That we can do that positively and effectively we've got a great team of people. That are able to be responsive to those needs and we think that sets us apart we try to. Make sure that we are helping people understand what they are getting an insurance policy and what's insurance policy may not be covering action that they. Don't ever get surprised. Wouldn't what I refer to as entrance through words of insurance or no coverage Bruce thank you so much for taking the time to film a little bit more about your company. Again if you wanna get ahold of Davidson & Associates insurance agency the number is 3605149550. Or online at Davidson insurance dot com. Bruce thanks again talk professor Northwestern's. Luke thank you for inviting me this opportunity. If you like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email NW business and