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The Challenge with Marcus Greaves
Wednesday, August 22nd
I thought it was time to give the listeners my story and adversity I faced once I suddenly had to stop playing football, and prepare for the real world. 

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Moon. It's. Our. It's. Welcome everybody to another episode of the challenge podcast with your host mark histories. On the today's episode we will not have a guess instead on me being the host I feel like it was only right for me to kind of tell. My stories that kind of some adversity I've been through. And just a different perspective of ally. Reached to the point Ryan right now on life and so as most of you guys know or listeners know. I'm also for former football player or a state university. I played running back for. Almost four seasons had to retire and fortunately but you know just start off. Obviously. Being a football player you face a lot of adversity. Whether that be on the field off the field. I'm going to class getting good grades at the same time maintaining. You know you're. Real focus for football focus for school and all everything like that. But really when you look at it I would say the most. Or the biggest adversity I face was not. When I was playing forward and state but it was after because I know a lot of guys nobody really let's talk about it and that's I want to bring it up is. You know everybody who is a football player. You wanna make it's in the NFL if you're a division one division to division three no matter what it is you wanna make it to the NFL that's ultimate goal for me I want to make it. Not only for the people who were supporting me the people who were with me but for myself because I held myself to the standard that. If I did they get to the NFL. Then. Ultimately failed I'd I guess I could say in our foe alike. The NFL was alternate side of success. Ultimate sign of really you know the whole saying mama we made it because what I want to do Willis. I wanted to. You know provide for my family from my mom. From my grandma. Really anybody you know I want to make sure that they really didn't have to work another day of their life because obviously you know like everyone says. You make in millions in your living this lifestyle the nominee people get a live. I'm only a short amount of people really make it to the NFL let alone last you know more than a year and so. I hope muscle to the standard that if I didn't make it to the info and I didn't succeed in the unifil ultimately a filled in life. Which obviously has a lot of people know is not the case you know display football players who when they do we get to the NFL and then eventually they stop playing. You get out of it you realize that there's more to life than just you know. Putting on a pair cleats and a lot of people don't understand that. Who played football and I had to understand that as low but. You know just kind of be those kinds of little background of how my mindset was split in all. I unfortunately face to a seals. My last ratio came action a year ago. Wanna say maybe a week ago actually a year ago but. You know after I knew from the play that happened I just want to jump cut. You know moves that I do every single day or did every single day in practice. And I jumped Catan just like that I felt a pop in my knee. Instantly I tears and lies not because the pain because I knew exactly what happened in house tell myself you know popped. And houses whispering to myself I'll talk to myself saying no not now. Not now your finally where you need to be in dollars and great position to get it you know a great amount of carries a running back. How much felt finally FL healthy. I feel mentally ready physically ready to you know really take a big role in a big lead. On the roster and you know us tell myself not now this can happen now. You know I tried to give back in the drill. I mean if and anyone who's the face and a CEO no exact one talking about it just doesn't feel right my adrenaline pump and so. I was obviously I was scared so I knew what happened but I just want to keep going to sort of keep playing so I tried to do the drill again didn't work. I tried to walk it off and from there I just knew wasn't right I sat down with the athletic trainer I'm Steve gall. You know Steve was the one who got me back my first ACL. And you know I told them I I had tears in my eyes I just looked at him and he's like OK you know just relax. Sit down we'll do some task Tennessee would. What we really need to do would see if it is an ACL maybe it's not. But you know in the back my mind hired new really I knew exact who it was and so when I sit down with Steve. And you know he does all the tests you know it was it was painful because he gave me this look. And he knew how hard at work team knew that I was. You know up early doing extra rehab dune three so I don't care heard everything like that and you know in a matter of seconds. You feel like. Everything that you were working towards is taken away from you so Steve obviously told me. Unfortunately. You know his ACL set with a doctor thome is an ACL. I was real horrible obviously you know I. I had a point where. I didn't wanna retire but you know ultimately I had to and just finish school and move all of my life and that's that's one thing you know it's just hard to accept something like that because. It doesn't just have to be football you don't really anything that you put on so much passion into so much time into. It's just. It's just too hard to give up and so. I just didn't wanna give up I kept watching videos of the running backs who toward their ACL twice and mayors to come back to make it to the NFL. I was asking Steve you know can I just put in and in knee brace and play the rest is season. Is there anything I can do. You know what can I do is they're like a certain type of surgery. I'll pay extra I don't care just I guess put it on my account that I didn't have and stuff like Dow's is trying to find a way. To really. Keep playing and and you know it was just. The balls my passion I wanna say united so much passion forward I just want to keep going. But like I said ultimately I had to retire and then from there you know I would say I definitely hit a dark spot just in general not just. You know physically and mentally just who I was as a person I didn't I mean that was a problem I didn't know Lois. You know growing up I was always. I was Marcus the great athlete I was Marcus a great football player Marcus a really great basketball player really talented all around in sports. You know he's super nice kid. But ultimately. I was you know my whole identity was around football or around basketball. And so when it came down to it in a subway vast well of assumed cause split football. You know I'd I would really. Fit into the idea that I was just a football player and so. You know it's just so it was an even now it's still hard sometimes talk about it think about it because when now being in the position I am in the creator of the enemy and I'm still around full blown a lot of people can say oh leash will he. You know restore on the game. But it's different manner mean. I still there's still days that I just go put on my cleats and Disco run drills for the hell of it just because I wanna do you know it just brings back great times great memories. Puts me at. At. Great place mentally but anyways back to the story obviously I'd retire like I said. And then in I had this I'd like a set at this point that I just didn't know who I was a did know what to do. And you know from a former teammates who listen you know every we all know that you wake up. At god knows what time for 455 o'clock. You know you mope out of bed to get. Ready for work out served get ready for meetings. And I want to say for the first three months those are tired. What I did was wake up every single morning at 445 I'd still semi arm like oh still on the team. I'm like I was still playing and in I would wake up. I'd put on my sweats it always Wear every morning. When I was two and I'd heads the football facilities are put on my jacket same being same exact jacket same exact. Based alpha though put on every single day when I went to football you know I would just. Sit on I would honestly dissent on the edge of my bed and you know outcry marginalize cried for about. Probably 2 hours every single morning and it was it was hard thing to swallow you know I would and I even went back. I watched a bunch of old football games maybe as high school football games college football games I was part of and you know this is hard for me it's all men and I was trying to find really. The right. Seeing that would really be you know kind of have an impact on my life I thought about coaching. But you know I decide to step away I think I had to step away from football for a little bit and a solid three months went by I'm telling you man every single morning I would wake up. And I describe. Iverson Moore had cracked. And it was you know it was probably one of the harsh times if not the hardest I've been through. Just because I didn't I'm telling news when you say when I say I didn't know why was I really didn't know who I was because. Now talk to my mom probably every day. I cried her on the phone all the time you know I'd cried my brother cried my best friends. And let him know you know like. Like I would ask him constantly like who am I what I'm supposed to do you know like really. Now that I'm not playing football I don't know what I wanna do I remember I told my mom that numerous times. And you know I'm telling you without her support it would. I don't even know man who's just. I couldn't thank her enough you know to begin with but. Anyways back to story can be sidetracked my apologies. Outs on the edge my bit outcry if we do every morning. I eventually you know I remember Yvenson Bernard when I announced that I was retired and some Denard for Morgan State running back Ki. Is not only used to be a great. You know player but I would tell you guys he's probably one of the greatest people ever met. You know he reached out to me really said hey if there's anything you need please reach out to me man like you know on here for you. In the biggest scene within his or anyone who is willing to help you have to actually reach out whom and help and so. I'd say you know he told me pages come to me won't get some figured out and I had no idea I had no idea what it where it was gonna take me from there. But you know I listened to Mike came in I decide Donna looked at him and you know we still talk about to this day I looked at him and I you know. I really gave me this look and he could tell that I was lost he can tell that. You know really much that my heart was broken in you know I lost a lot of passion for. Just a wake up every day in you know live my life to the fullest I just lost that passion and you know I said don't we talked for a little bit. A different show a couple of tears just tell them like I don't know why am I don't know what to do. What should I do. And you know Regis three shows he says hey I have the spot NBC sports network. You know they asked me to do was show there. When you see if you come up with me in at least you know maybe we could see if you like sports broadcasting. And so. From there. I was thinking to myself I was like well might as well I don't know from right to be around for boy yet but I might as well do and so I'm went up there with him. And that a couple people I know we're too little bit up there and it was great experience you know I've. It was hard at first because they recover their target or NC football and I was like man this is one I wanna do. Like there's no chance to talk about Oregon State there's no Jessica it's about football Oregon State Corvallis. Bibi said beavers and like anything I would instantly get emotional and you know with someone like who can talk you through certain things are stone in the housing man might I don't know if I can do this it's too hard. But. You know and hit a point where. I was really try even even once my knee was view I was trying to find the spot that go back and play football I reached out to Portland State. The contact me back they are basically just said yeah I you know if if your interest and we would love to have you. We would love to bring you back into playing football. And I told of that and I don't know how we convince me because I was a 100% assesses either. Really looked at that. Even though that they send meals together that's this absolutely what I wanna do and I told them that. Poor and stay reach out to me I reach out to them we're talking and he said man this is a really worked because you look at it and the NFL's a businessman and not really gonna care about you as individual. You're kind of like a piece of property he didn't say that but I knew that and so. After lie I contemplated so much I was on the verge of telling him uncommon in. You don't about the play again remember tell a lot of people that I was ready to play again Andre did do this I'll trade you do that outrageous to really. Come in and not basically waste. I thought god given talent in football but. I think the biggest thing was I really realize after talking to have for so long that. Because I was just so much more than a football player because someone even like Evanston. Or someone like Stephen Jackson who. Both were great running backs Oregon State. Stephen obviously about to be NFL hall of fame running back Evan soon definitely top three best running backs or to say it's ever had. And just like that football's taken away from them as well and they tell me you know you have to get over that kind of thing YouTube growth through written. You'll see delighted to end of the tunnel eventually. And you know without they have like indefinitely so I wouldn't be in this position. But. Ice I've. I really witnessed the light at the end of the tunnel because I kept shown up every single day with two. NBC sports and Portland. And I was just you know I don't know how that man sued. Really just keep showing up and Keith Boykin. I mean I'm Tony I'd wake up cry I'd get ready. I'd go. I would sit down we'll talk shows you talk football. Being on that one of the producers. And he just really sad Dowd told me like this is something that I think you could do year you know you have that in so or union the players' view you have. The charisma you basically have all this stuff that you could really be a part of this. This industry if you really want to sports broadcasting is not easy to shoot to get into. But you know if you put in the time in the dedication. It's gonna take a lot it's a grind. Then. You know you can get what you want out of that you just have to put a certain thing into and at that moment I remember it really clicked in my head because. Everything him and ever saying I'll look at Merced. Man like that seen myself that's a that sounds exactly like football. And it's he told me his competitive. You know if you're not gonna work hard and someone else is gonna take your spot now singular I was like that's exactly what I need to hear. So my guys exactly what I want some leg as exactly what I need because it's just the mentality that I adopted after all these years. And so after that. I was fortunate not to be able to do some stuff with the NBC makes and videos on my own time. To all the stuff talk organ state football. Pop on some of the shows with them into all these things and it was a great time I loved inducing moment of it in housing all right this is it like this my career. In on the spend the next couple years that NBC sports and Portland. And just you know beyond talk and b.'s maybe help on a different show talk a bunch of sports stuff like that I'll super excited. Everything like that and then. I don't know what happened in between. But. You know that. That really darkness Condit came back around. You know I'd say like christmastime once football season was over because obviously wants football season's over the what you have right. There's basketball season which. I didn't really think about in a way but it was just a factor it was nothing but football that I want to talk about I didn't wanna do anything else to talk football. Because the competition level to be sports broadcaster. Was so high for football because every former player wants to be that guy who can just come out talk sports and then be done like that. And that's really what I wanted but. You know I just couldn't do yeah I just wasn't ready for it mentally but. Eventually a single at the end of the tunnel you know I NBC house fortunately I said to keep doing videos keep doing all the stuff. I had another opportunity to join engine the child in at beaver blitz and do what I do now between the videos between. Still work with NG as a football analyst and then. On my reached out to Brandon Sprague who is my current coworker or reach up to him I basically told the same thing. In recent the cut side down had to talk. And not UConn into my scenario because. You know he's ruled down to earth guy just really understands that night I reached out to Ross tell them like man. I have the TV experience. I have the writing experience. And I was just look at it from a whole different angle now you know I was. Most are going vials and OK I'm evolving into this the start this is starting to go away you know I'm really starting to. I was I don't know how to put it but I was real. We think it muscle man I actually think I really love doing sports broadcasting. In the and so from their ages. You know I just kept getting better and better for me because I knew it was more. Competitive the more stuff you wanna do the higher you wanna go in the industry I knew it was competitive like anything obviously good. You know I feel like I I kind of took it. As you know this is my chance to finally be in a position to be that competitive. And finally be in a position that. I can take what I've learned and you know I thought the same thing in football. But obviously like I said it was taken away so I had I needed to fill that was something you know some players especially if you talk to former players in any sport. They know a lot of people and a going to a kind of the depression depression stage and I know I definitely felt like I went to that but a lot of people flew with. You know maybe drugs maybe alcohol. May be on something not a Selby is what I'm trying to get that and for me. I knew that I knew that I was put on hazard not just. Not just to play sports after law then. For the longest time in on everything are really thought that's what allows you for was just to play. Football I thought I was gonna be obviously you know small town kid come in from a place were almost nobody wind played college football I had people. I'd come back to central organ people would ask for my autograph people would. Talk to like I was a celebrity. You know and I didn't really want to look at it like Gaza celebrity but I want to look at it like. I was giving these kids hope that they can do something that not many people were able to do. And that's what I want to do and that's why I think also passionate about as 'cause I had. You know I kinda had a a city on my shoulders and I wanted to take it all the way to the NFL in not just take it. RBC to college and then. Break off working nine to five job you know for people who do do that I give you guys all the props in the world obviously you know it takes a lot of commitment. But I felt like. To me to me like us that I felt like I was. A sense of failure because. I just wanted to and obviously you know every kid wants to reach that point where you hear your name called on draft day. Do you get you know and a fellow Jersey with your name on it. And just stuff like tablet back to a story. You know I resent the Brandon. He was I was lucky enough to meet with some guys here at ten neither fan. And ESPN radio. You know they either you know intern form for a little bit. I was working super hard trying to just a sudden and I just have to do it in here I just have to try to get a job obviously get all this experience I can't. And then just like that. I don't know how would all fill in the placement I think god every day that it did but. It fell into place not because I wanna say. I was lucky but I was saved because I hit a point Ra I was like man if I can't motivate people through. Sports I'm gonna motivate people in general with life just by the way I live about the things I do you know Salt Lake and up every morning. You know 5 o'clock I go to the gym I would you know. Read my Bible I've watched videos to to be of lifting I was doing all the staying all the stinks not because like us that I wanted to be looked at. It has better than anybody but I want to be looked at. Like acted like anyone can do what I'm doing you just have to dedicate yourself to and I think that was the biggest thing. Is that. Until you can really dedicate yourself to one thing and have so much passion for something that you know keep to open night. Like a lot of the guys that I bronze to the show you know maybe it was. Amy Demetrius to do that bring onto the show. They have a passion for what they do and I admire that beyond words it's unbelievable what they do and how many people's lives. That they can truly impact on the here's storyline or when you hear their story. And so on May be my stories and the best. And maybe I didn't tell really how I wanted to because in those kind of choppy Oscar on the spotty here in their bush. The biggest news. I just want I just wanted to. To tell my side and how Kyra I got to the adversity which was Soo hard work which assumed dedication. Which was through. You know idea and don't get me wrong I didn't say every failure that I went through on my way here but I can guarantee you anyone listening that there was. You know there was definitely times even now not even now but there's definitely times in these past couple months. Just getting into this industry that'd definitely broke my spirit a couple of times and it was. You know it's super hard to. Wake up every mall every morning and say. All right you know there's going to be a good day and I know that's hard for anybody and but I think. After constantly talking to the right people costly having the right people in your life. Dedicating yourself to the right things having passions for things that you love. Whether that be sports whether that be business whether that be in Austin running chess whatever it is really whatever it is would have have a passion for and and make you happy. Pursue that. Because. At the end of the day money is money right and you can make as much money as you want you can do whatever but. You know money is not to answer to every single problem and I thought it was and that's part of the reason why. I'd gotten these kind industries because I was like okay we'll sports broadcasters make. I (%expletive) ton of money and that's what exactly what I need is all this money. Then that's gonna fill that NFL kind of you know not as much money but I'm gonna get paid. A lot of money in and from their identity Caremark fearing for American do this from there I can do that and I realize that's not it because. I just hit a point where. There was no longer about the money. And I wasn't basing my success off other people. Because when you do that you compare yourself and then from there you you're always gonna be chasing either materialistic things are again be chasing a lifestyle. And he never wanna do that in my eyes. The way I look at it is that you wanna chase. You want to chase happiness for your own life wanna chase happiness for your friends like for families like your loved ones like everything is wanna chase. You want to choose happiness because if you're content in your happy no matter what you do. Say you're a janitor and you love being injured if you love doing it then you know wake up every morning you're gonna love doing it. If your. You know if you're a high school football coach if you love doing that and you wake of their morning to a do or they keep doing it because of the head of the day it's. Your happiness is the most important thing and you know. What a lot of people tell me and I take it into I'd take into consideration every single day when I wake up is the worst thing to do is. You know die with regrets and when I say that is not obviously damn I wish I could once went skydiving or whatever that is. But. Dan you know I'd I don't wanna die. Knowing that I. Could've done more and that I could of you know impacted more people's lives or whatever that whatever that is you know. I want it from base to what I'm trying to say is that take away from my story. Is. Yes I shifted my mindset and overcame adversity within myself because. The cars were not all lined up for me. And you know I was fortunate to have an opportunity to obviously meet the right people. But then from there I had to take advantage of I did change my mindset. I found a new passion for something that I love doing I love doing the sports broadcasting. You know I wake up every morning I'm super thankful that I'm able to do this. You know just really shifted everything in my life and I feel like. You know now I'm at that point while my 100% happy you know I couldn't. I can't complain about anything you know I wake up if something bad happens in my life I look at and say. You know. Yeah that's unfortunate or yeah that sucks. But I'm happy right and not a lot of people look at it like that people will look at and say why is is happening to me why why is this. You know wired things not falling into place for me and then I look at it I feel like the way I look at it now is why not me right. Why. I understand why this is happening out just because yeah I'm and hit a roadblock. But what is it trying to teach me so win you know if say for example of high school kid gets cut from the team and he says why it's it's because I'm I'm not good enough I know. I know I can't do this I'm not a good football player I'm not a good about twelve where whatever that is. No look at it entirely different completely change your minds and say okay. What is this trying to teach me now what am I gonna learn from this and then from there you just costly continue to grow I didn't really finish my story like I said. You know but I kinda hit the end of it long story short I was fortunate enough to come through adversity. Prevailed in now I have you know my dream job of of working around sports whether that be with videos. With TV whether that be with. You know interacting to social media whether that be interacting at football games doing play by play whatever that is basically. I've fought through that adversity and I'm you know I'm truly happy is at the point I am in my life with the people have in my life. What I wanna do with my life I finally hit that point so. My advice is. Just change your mind set find something that you have passion for. And really just go after it because what's a worse second happen is gonna you know. What's I can happen is someone or something is gonna tell you know this is entered. The direction I wanna go eat want you to go in the way I look at is. No the man above always he always prevails always you know he's not trying to say no this isn't happening. You know for a terrible recent. I want you to learn from watching you grow from it and then you're gonna be something. Even better and that's what I like to look at things now so my advice you guys as honestly. Rotation happiness you know forget the money forget the materialistic things forget status. Forget these goals that you know you're comparing yourself. To other people honestly realistically from the bottom heart just coaching issue happiness. I'm telling you when she made a point of happiness your life fool you wake up every single day and I guess you're gonna be. As you know you're gonna be grateful for every day so. Obama just want to do because my kind of advice my perspective. On these stings in the adversity I went through. That you got so much for listening to other episode of the challenge podcast with your host mark is grieves tune in next week again on Wednesday we're gonna drop another episode. And that you got from listening or.