The Challenge with Marcus Greaves
Wednesday, August 29th
I sat down with former OSU student-athlete Jayson Baptise to talk adversity he faced, and how it propelled him into owning his own barbershop. 

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The world. It's. I don't. Poll. It's. Welcome everybody into another episode of the challenge podcaster did host Marcus grieves. Today we have a special guest Jason bad ceased. Businessman co owner of a barbershop for Morgan State student athlete. Someone who's had a big impact on my life. He's I know he's impacted plenty of other people's lives so Jason could just those little bit about your story and how you ended up where you are now on life. Yeah shortly. Well Bloomberg began. I. Compliment when a parent where order. Born. And talk now Haiti on my mother was a court order to be almost as a reason it's in America. And are not while she each needs. Operable and huge oh. Look you know lots and opal and the giant attitude and and I and a boatload. 01. On the Sony and old are wanted on the ground brown. And from the air planning Warner. Scenario on that on it who are you know parchment and move. And did really well and finally have a senior you know being raised and American. And spoke. On the big point though you know. You're trio of the united realized that. I had to let an eight keys that. When I could. Notable called able. Brad yet exactly the I don't think my that it could easily have been actually did well on only in particular the one on one time my you can imagine. They'll wait and on gossip that we global ecology now. Did not. So them being that. On double content wanted to walk on urged year. You can't do that out it goes gossip. On the following year and now do yards. I mean believe that Don and number one number two. Is that uncle couldn't get between football here and the second thing that he shot a month. A competent legal network in nonfarm job. They've won. And locals are back that'll probably ought to blow thought they had won the order on. You know owned Barack in the let's. Go mobile. County pretty cool you. Won the rear of the universe in the country though. On. All morning. I knew that. We'll put that away. Live on margin buying you know on Opel gold look at what we're happy that one of mine and coaches. On a benefit to heat wave in college so now Agee the coached. And out men and panel that. Oh on the other day like residential where maturing now. Are we could do on your record columns you know and playing like Roger accomplished I bet on that much on hurdle could Becky. On the Arnold doing column opal the best durable are possible. So onto the regional regional opal and there would be there and the wet cold. Down. Or in a degree but one school in New York. Oh they are typically record oil well it's been a bit look at it during. It's. I got bigger and every every. Not on our plate you know I'll hold that you wanna do you know I good. But the crowd parents sign a little bit yup well it. Struck Puyallup retaliated to the American public. Integral. Girl you know impose of the column like all of the riddler get. You know cold and problems like say no. In the words like you know I'd guidance would be. The thing is an old on up and they'll all work on and and and a bit now the forward a year and a half. Are they have to be there or all the years you couldn't. In their ride them even while there. I'm did you where at all on how it happened to this situation that. I'm really damage control Merck and it and humbled now. And not being blown god in multiple gossip alters. But not from there on Aldridge and Tuesday. Or heard they are all that time. Oh culture and who who love the debt on with the coach over the when I'll be in crude on the move the yet uglier. Between home. To conduct my business. They don't want to regain. At home in Jersey and you know. Basically ignored and equal well look at. All of that goes on. Lebanon. Those who look at one boldly in the well worth it man though. That you're destined to go more with everything so right on me and blow I did one. One or the has. We immediately so I registered my first year. You know odds you know column and roll and just enjoy the on the by either there. On that one in addition our I team and Michael bench of the while bench while at the end that on no and nor happy ample Wonka. No started that mine last week that he started this year. There I'll blow. He's an opener. Down while Lowe was playing a burglar would negate them. India and hurt on that technical dangers of an and I seen her and then never let it are sort of either. So that little you know getting hurt on them training quite mottled and little conflict one will have to learn. Like that a grenade and we'll play freak accident on the thing. A pretty. It isn't me either inquiring Brooke. You know. You know injure you or it really dimension mine mine likes or to you about the and we'll go and look at oil and then why do they do that. Judah you know if you don't let me ask you and I definitely you know I've definitely been through kind of the the experience where it's you know do you come back from injury or do you. You know or aegis you know let it slide obviously in and try to live the rest your life knowing that. You know you have that kind of feeling that maybe I could win pro or maybe there'd be playing longer you know I know especially as a lot of a lot of college athletes you know making a pro is what we wanted to do. Oh. Personally you know like how did you how did you kind of handle that do it everyone handles that Elise asked that earlier that different. We three on all the way and I meet me young which you mean. It was a long arm that get over a lot of video. That. I'll although you know in my apartment. I mean so demand that you know that aids the and also that Google would now you know offer a look bad and taken from. You know low. I no longer have built the Glock and Wednesday. In a while always government. And technical that it took me alert looking at openers and and the firing went over the man on my book and her. And obviously. For people who live at well our league you know twenties. A man who was pretty much. I don't know that. And come on to a month old who want a bit. In that case. You know oh global Barney ability to get a great education and today. Opera world today and one ego would welcomed people doc really allowed people. Between equals. Could well be. You know. Had been parent or immigrant they actually of people on that level. Though one of natural. Trust me go on with that building. On the net while the current department of that became well because of course who. Local people and two. I started. Or a lot to do about it for him back in New York on mine. Crucial tackle me. So I don't like you know on good business well. And then from that point I just aren't going medical boards so switched off so well with the ball so slow and then from there. And local impact Portland though five years ago. That I'm sure about the book and the opening on what does a fine. That's one much mutual passion. One shall didn't crouched. Into the barbershop and also slow. Go along work. And so for the people who don't know about the influence to me and you know I would say just in general from you know obviously I've been there a couple times bullet it's just. It's just a feeling of going in somewhere knowing that. You know it's truly influential because I wanna say when I went in there you know the first somehow went in there was on the first sums that we met obviously you know we. Use steered me Eric directions after a someplace football still timely content like you said identified whoever the Willis is a person. As for such a young age I was just known as you know markets are great football player right in the area athlete and so. I went in there and it's it's you know this is crazy see so many people from. So many different backgrounds. And they just have you know that is have words of wisdom and they're truly influential. Of you know how they look at life and they want to influence obviously someone like myself who was common in young nodded you know not really no one. Much about the world really in certain you know. Kind of just Tillis adversity you have to face just to get. You know get that that parting gift shops started because I think obviously it's a great idea and it's you know super successful. But you know obviously there had to be something that like a role blocked a hit it to to really get that part or to get the shop. Yeah 00 the middle. JG look. You you swing man in a lot you can bet that we will be one. You know achieved an apple we acquired. 21 true well opened up the doors. The shop at these and a on but ask your questions. We don't want them loot the biggest thing. One. A battle who will be after seeing little or about as well as airborne school another up and Bartley the cut my hair. Play on struggled. The lists of what the work electable. And we became friends. You know he among back like I did fumble. And former Kosovo others. And yup there's that you lose my mind. I don't all the men that are on the want to duplicate. You're ever looking. You know also. Barbershop where does the outlook department include its good to go toward an army like Dubai it was life. And I'm new on that. To our relationship that we that we could make it happen. Like transport. You know and now or a year ago. Well our original plan the thing that we always wanted to do that we won at are Edmonton and pencil. Shop. That will be. Grew to glory and a place where. You comment goes and the people that you meet the person there there. The one that you that you come to our growth potential as someone who when you you are the in the barbershop now that shouldn't it work out of politics. Sports. Stress and you know our life. Music he. Wouldn't go that enabled them lord in a manner and I'll bet there. Our own and really our deal with it for a period like Michael look let that are kind of her arm. You know believing all the people who got along well people. A bootable. And away at all or where were also what people were just real. I'm too lightly beat real cute little bit so that's about what we want to bring in Portland because let's be honest. I'll order right now warrant judge Patricia where globe on shops are. For a people that look talk and in the way that people no longer have to go where they could get that I was there she'd. I'll live with more. Oh well we created at the lounge and I'm Marshall who won a implement it and which which and then which. Great now have on it they go hey you know and so. And I'm going to go Wednesday that so. It's a liberal bloc won a that's what could. You know and apple would be meeting and all that much you know oh well I think it was ready. Or it like all of the has also than what we did a little bit and ready for Shoppach. And then you. He wanted to welcome all the open arms. In the mix it also another one more partisan. Ominous music on Florida and then on those are third currently there's no way of between all real important you know that it. Situations occur armory and you don't make in this shop grow and being what it is slow. Is it yeah is it more of you know the adversity I would see you guys' faces is it more of that it's just continuing to ago. No knots in the defeats everything you know all at once or overtime bullet you know for a kid I guess I'm trying to ask for a kid come in like myself right. Damien you know not know much about life not knowing really who I am you know I feel like the stories. Of the adversity there and face in there and how they got there was no threat to inspire me to. Go to Iowa but you know what kind of advice would you give to someone who may be struggling and maybe in the same situation as myself. And you know what kind of advice would you give them that they won the CB a business owner of abortion. Well the truth a normal. It. You know to do that thing at all and all the people there are struggling people that. But on we've got re fine though. On you to that you know you're going door and Ernie on the audio as you all back speak Lou. On that aren't good that the Internet. A closed implemented. Like on it all. Don't worry about. You know a week from now a year now among them the sort of make a mark that ultra formal you've betrayed will be. And you're able. To listen. On meet people that are with you you'll you'll make it. On that on one the second thing is that. Yeah. In our in our culture that our border. Are people that met or talked about people wondered struggling you know group that's around on. What part of being open like. You're not strong enough not enough brave tour you know and and that met not. And it actually the opposite block away the old are evil. All the people or a day like today. Show a little bit they need help would go with a strong one. Because you Heidi you'd be real. I mean culturally Latin with Leo you grow or wool. How are going to be will actually all like when he when you're going to need. We will look at. Yeah was this I think this goes on the hardest things for me to. The grasp and that's why you know talking to you talk in Evanston it really kind of changed my outlook on everything because you know I remember you used specifically saying. Listen and like we all started somewhere we'll lower in the exact same position as you were and so. From there you know. We we got to whatever we're getting two or getting through in this how we reach to where we are now so you have to wrestler you just have to be real units have to reach our policy. In on this I was like man struggling god so you guys straight up like a struggle yeah. You know every and obviously wants to be successful and they wanna you know maybe dual list on how all the money at everything and wanna make it seem like that the living day in the living good. You know efforts that you guys by signs that say you know struggling man in the house at the height when Judas told me that. I you know you've been to them before Edmondson has been that therefore. Looked into that they in the cool where they are now like that was stuff like that is exactly. Kind of advice to give to people NASA is exactly what we need to hear especially me being part of the younger generation. It will air in the entry about. Council and the current debt. You know when we are going to whenever. You know one you know what that what we are now on our oral let let you really be. It you know are at that. Art you know a girlfriend who are being on the lines on blue eyed Lamar. On literally or over the back. There. They're typically what. You know on blow it literally like Lego Obama well I had to get either. Moment humble but 00 I'm a big black speaking out now and not blindly you know young man like oh. Well without let or we'll talk about this huge beyond weight. Two with bill today which are at our new book Eric Berry always Obama. Over nine out there at that art and about people on division long. On basketball and football. All of the on people that are our god to others that lady on the one. Are you want program. Only 300 of those what is human just like thirty whatever that. Become professionals. And a lot of people that now be the government of Nomo. Leo let me look at that. You did not. Really into all these programs but all of them all on open the lead again. These young men and young women. Like little if you army slow it and use all the people and you know my my light one remark that one now that it is the odd part. And in an opening quarter in whatever way it would have to about it. I mean that's about it through the gates honestly you know OJ that you know we're just about to run the show to solicit that you so much Mano. Young people really need to hear this and I know a lot of time moma show us say in obviously. Whoever's on says give me your advice and give advice of the young people. But I mean realistically man that's probably some in the best advice have ever heard it does not only keeper had to be real you know if you need to reach out if you need honestly need though. You know you have to do that and you know for someone like yourself. Who was going to alone or going through with your girlfriend regardless whatever that is. You know. The fact that you kipper real and understood where you worry in your situation and you knew that he would do is keep your head and eventually you can see the light at the end of the tunnel note. That's gonna that's that some advice that you know maybe it's it's it might sound cliched sound but it's about Israel digits because of you and all that kind of stuff. You know it's gonna happen and your deficit by the end tell. So I just wanna say thank you so much Jiabao after being on the show. Everywhere man this is Jason about tees co owner of the influence of grooming it's more important state. Football player. Jason the game that you so much from and you remedy thank you for listening on the board did. Being back next week on Wednesday for another episode of the challenge podcast bullet for now we are signing off.