Challenge Podcast Episode 1

The Challenge with Marcus Greaves
Wednesday, August 1st
I sit down with Cincinati Bengals' running back, Giovani Bernard.

He details his difficult journey to the NFL and the adversity he still faces, today. 

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Welcome everybody to the first episode of the challenge podcast with your host Marcus grieves. Today I'm joined by a very special guests Cincinnati Bengals running bag GO wooden art. I think geo has won the most inspirational stories I've ever heard you how you doing this wanna romance. I'm don't get mad don't forget me army air. So every kid's dream is to make it to the NFL you know obviously it was not easy road for you and your brother. To be successful were you guys are at right now in life realistically I mean obviously as you're gonna say it's tough but. In the bottom of your arm in how what do what was that like to have to go through so many. So many obstacles and all of these you know hurdles just to do it not only to the NFL but just to get to college. Yep for sure I think well. First of our talk I think the biggest thing. He grew up and it really realize how tough things war. Com to me you know it was how are how are. Really about it BE. You know differing aren't you there. The word here yet school. The biggest thing words. How much of earlier craziness there were no holes. So Google so I never really part of any different. What exactly who was. At least some of the top the singer whose super said here. You know your mother passed away when you guys are young just you your dad and your brother have. Connell was like a football away to get out of it or get out of everything or was it just like you thought this is just con how life news. Yeah pressure in the biggest thing mom passed away. It was just not because you know a lot of times I grew my body out. And you know eat them there or am in you know not having a mother can lead on. Sharon mom would be that make sense so how old we never. You know be a mom Euro in so my dad and try to take we'll ribeiro but you know he could edit in Britain it. So he's really you know you know. You can do it men and bunkered. You know he did against. Eastern targeted job. And I agree that my arm for a. Definitely did you lean on have a lot as well you know I know as their new least for me. He's been motivational inspirational just to me you know not only tell his story to me but. Given me. Life lessons and talk to meet through experience and everything that he's been through you know he'd I mean he's been a super huge impact in my life did he kind of put the lower your life as well. Pressure pressure and you know have been your eyes. That deplete the age. There so. When I was younger you so much which. Or do you travel on Pete would couple law but time. Will either. Oh. A lot of oh. You. Asia. You know. You can say he can't make news and level. And you know every time you come home obviously you know I was back now. A but you know out about our kids now as the year. Because you know. He your brother used to. Be light in a into the air Gupta will. Absolutely and enemies gray dude we know when you made the decision obviously you go play university North Carolina what Condo kind of steered you I guess has its say in that direction because. You were surprised we recruited you were not only. Experiencing tough life situations good did what what really made you go to North Carolina was that part of just how your grown up did you buddies that go there like how did that kind ago. Yeah a lot originally committed. Him and then launch or short armed allies fired. Brought in new coach. And I never really thought these so. That should be committed. And then. Growing up. Backtrack what they've grown up in Boca. My coach and I played with one of its time Cris Carter. Key you know. Obviously was one of the guys an outlook on it you know it purple ball and say hey you know for high school you should take out and Obama's seat comment though. He acknowledged. Followed you know what then I'll go really take heart and that he had North Carolina gave his op or mean an outline what Peyton you're Iowa. We'll kind of if you don't mind me asking you know I'm sure especially you know I've played or to states so. I faced my fair share of you know tough times when we came to football football's new way for me to get out of you know not only if I had. No deposit said mentally physically whatever that may be but. You know did you facing you I mean did you face any of those kind of things Murat North Carolina and you know how how did you at least. How did you get through those tough times. Yep for sure I think what the church here. Or actor and that this third date training camp. You know year here via. You know any you know what we're. Going. To. Need. Take away you know the college it made it out you know that's Chico Wall Street that back. You Greg you are you late you. Both also are in years so. Really had to rely. You know the above can be hurt. They'll eat cake here mean anything right. And so now it would lose. I am art and you know other members and got me and so. You know obviously you know. There have been able to agree. With everybody in my camera. Absolutely in my manages to backtrack a little bit back to the AC opening I feel that a 100% just because you know you work so hard especially you know both of us being running backs or maybe a former running back. You know you work so hard to get to. Where you rat no matter what it is even if you're just practice squad order to you know you work your way have you worked so hard especially you know 5 AM 6 AM workouts. It's everything you know mentally physically and then. Just taking a huge step back to have an injury like an ACO fortunately me I don't know I mean out mommy you face when I went to two of them. As you know mentally when she goes to one ACL you know you rely on the board go through that again it's probably the worst ever experienced. Sister takes so much on your confidence and it just so hard recover from and then portion the face of the gay and so I just feel exactly what you're saying you know it's tough you have to lean on the right kind of people. You need to be with your family members you need to be with your close teammates need to be. Around those people who are gonna bring you love because after you face something like an ACO or something you know whatever hurdle that may be. Hard. On it yet that are sure. Eyeball that to me the well go for me. And they are what are actors. Wanted to get Beckham is also. I remember you know my birthday CEO. Where I had no bigger that was one of them being as well you know for the most part you know we have. This bite you use this back this is stronger Iowa. But do you ever every. So I did so yeah yeah just can never be recovered right away in. You know he got party injury and there's brat. Obviously that now. Yeah its just really the way out. Of mine. Field and you know equally. Little incorporated radio eco. Yeah. GO kind of lasting will hit on. Like I say we kind of been in Oskar has gone through story well obstacles you face each each point in your life. You know a lot of kids stink a sushi made its in the NFL all your worries are gone. Whether that be you know financial. Mental physical whatever that may be you know they think what you get eSATA contract economic team you know you get to Wear the Jersey would you name morning that's for a lot of kids like myself I was sink in that was. That was success he notified if I make it to the NFL I made it because I just obviously want to take care my family. Much like a lot of NFL players do. But being in the NFL now what kind of we'll kind of obstacles you still face because I I know for a fact they're still there. A 100% no matter what might face obstacles. And you know so you know I've certain you know. You know money that you know act here are you certain that. And gesture you know have all the money. He yourself and not happy with. Now these are Golan Heights at all. But I receive and hope to be able to do certain things were out of people. But you know. What should make color into whatever you know. You know flat or whatever it. Told me. Every year there's you'd think I am. Do it way. But what of the borrow on a remark on hey you know cart serve. Out. I'm there are any optical I'll try to lead in men in Vietnam. There. Is there. So did you hit a point when you first minutes of the enforcement that league that you thought now that I'm here at least I made it and you know most of my hours are going to be gone did you come to have that. Mentality going in did. Yeah per share mean. Are you gonna yeah every day. Which you may folks. You know especially at the on it you know you're given so much money and you've got to deal active. I know it and manage our way out blow through it. You have to be Smart with not. In the way I grew up cut me hey I don't want. I don't wanna go back situation that I like ground. So I get to see so much memory and figured out and obviously talking to the people that are property things I have another wire. To help meet. You know the better person you'd better you know you know another better time. And this. To be better overall. GO last name a man like I said this podcast all about inspirational stories motivational kind of things. Not only for young athletes budgets anybody who may be struggling in whatever they're struggling with carted you have some advice for them whether that be phased whether that be. Talk to the right people I just think it's a really good thing to get a different aspects from. Each and every person that human debris on the show always good to hear from somebody else other than. Maybe your family members or you know your best friend do you have any advice for anyone who may be struck in life right now. Yeah for sure I mean obviously any one part of it but I think not being occurred they'll. You know in and you as you're gonna come off the least I don't like where you know it you're full of doing something real world the outcome. Are certain things and think. Let me what I've been due. Respect your. Are you back here so deep in a positive note. Are you not are not yield on India to do so at Q I am very. You can then make you want chapter may do they expect it you're. So I think the biggest thing being able to allow owning your ear. You know but these. Are. You I appreciate you so much everybody this is the first episode of the challenge podcast would mark is grieves. Right now we have GO Bernard on current Cincinnati Bengals running back GO of one of the you so much rather be on the show are really appreciate it. You know I think a lot of people are gonna benefit from hearing your story I think it's I think is a great story man and appreciated somewhat the next episode will air next week on Wednesday. I'm gross Marcus reason we are signing off the challenge podcast. Little.