The Challenge Podcast Episode 2

The Challenge with Marcus Greaves
Wednesday, August 8th
Marcus sits down with Beaver Blitz staff writer, Amy Schwartz, to talk overcomming gender gaps in sports media

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Moon. Are. I. Hello. We. Welcome everybody it's the challenge podcast today we have a special guest. Amy sports beaver blue staff writer she football basketball. And baseball. Let's get right into it. Amy being in male dominated industry you know what kind of we're kind of charges you really face because you know. We cited sale by the time that it seems like at least he knows in this industry are looked at differently in there held to really a higher standard I should say and just just to be able to get into the industry I can only imagine how hard it is but. To be as successful as you have been so far cottages Telus Telus would charms as you've been through and how you really overcame those. I first went on its luck challenging thing that can be taken seriously because. Mean you yet cracked an I movement or Britney really the only states and so. A lot times I think Hitler like shall you you out in all you know. You get your anger or I'm back where you actually get work. And so I like a majority of my job and not at Al. Acts clearly I'm in top it will. Let me are people out here where. The ground. Are things like that I think I spending in that they can't be seen him. Here are they bite I and their act. Every inked and Eric are nicotine that I think this year there amnesia and people are active retail. So I think it Ali about the chat. Has it has always been like in every industry worked in or not every industry but every. Maybe you're covering a different team or word when he started this kind of and sports media job. As always kind of been like that and do you think you know it'll ever. Realistically if it'll ever change because I know a lot of the time and seems like. We see more and more stories of you know feed those in the industry being treated poorly or you know whatever that may be in it's a profession and I think. Really you know everybody should be respected in everything should be respected for everything that they do and it but. Have you. Realistically been disrespected. A lot when you've been in this industry or kind of just kind of just let us know about that. OK. And India are some in your old. So basically I was a teen talent and locker room aren't old. How we live in content in the end we're at the end you know people here are not keen and I heard you like hearing you. Explain it in the Atlantic a lot of acts I got re at it I. Urged time and one called you how long per article you wrote. The check that you don't like I. Butler. And I'll tell you thought it as you know my old and you know experience. During everything I got there but like I've experienced people. We've seen out there he's there yet they can I get a bowl and all their experience you know people. Comment on what might look like air why you know the outs that I war and let. I get older isn't he like. You feel so much that lol here's. Also how Berry activity I didn't iron and I actually note right. Gaining you know I was when I started our V it's a lot there's urged. But now in how iron out I'm practically on that and now I don't. Hear me and yes our people. And you know lie. Definitely you know and in general. It's super and fair that. You know FEMA as in this industry you have to do it seems like they kinda have to do more and they kinda have to prove themselves. A lot more than you know says I would even though I was a former football player. And then I step into the media world who seems like tired yet kinda have a foundation of people are thinking I know what I'm talking about I hope I do but just in general having that respect from former players from former coaches. Or from listeners just because I played and I feel. I make sense because I I would say I have a different respect perspective and then someone who didn't play this war. But the same time you put in the same odd hours if not a lot more than I have and you know you've dedicated yourself to this just as much as I have so I wanna say. You know I just related super unfair that it's really like that. And the challenges. In all females face in this industry. It's. Obviously painful cause you know yeah I mean honestly know how it is you know you turn on ESPN and day after day you see sexual harassment you know whatever that may be with. Whether it's feed no reporters or whatever it is but. Just affect that few most go to you know you I have a whole different level of respect for you guys in this industry and to be completely honest whenever you know would ever say Erin Andrews is given something right she's. In from the camera whatever that may be I'd I'd definitely listen in because I know that she knows exactly what she's talking about and she has so much respect around the industry. And everything like that but. You know what time hour so kind of advice do you give org would you give about this the Bakken that your seventeen year olds of what advice would you give. A like you how does not care what people think you can actually work on Matt every single day that you. You cannot let people opinion that year literally printing. Pattern. It. Is. Get you know that in. Any sport and IRA court. I get. Married and I wanna come here like. Leave here and you. Are all people. Western international. Airport there. You know the people who aren't your. I think it all. And you know that. If the Google anything. Yeah NIC NIC you know we go to practice you know you're saying hi to people I could see that the coaches respect you legacy at the players respect you. And I just think it's a huge step. Like we said because it's just it's unbelievable the amount of disrespect that fear most in this industry. And you know whenever someone does breakthrough whenever in other is somebody who. Get soon experience where you're experiencing which is you know on your road to success you know I think you're you're gonna go super far in this industry. I'd say get super cool it's super motivate in this industry who who want to do the same thing you do but. To people like need to people in new you know anyone else's in this industry just because you see what you have to go through compared to I have to go through. And I just have a whole different level of respect so. I'd say it's unbelievable Amy I really like everything you've done the last thing I wanna ask you is I know we do I kind of disaster in the way of more would you tell your old self but in the you know anyone. In this industry facing Roy you have you're faced was it like what's the best way for them to break through I should say or anyone who's doing down boring if you know who's doing guns industry feeling like they can't break through. I just give us and them some advice. Billy Jack in the letter I'm the person who in the job you why. And learn everything he can't turn around and see how they get their editors you know how they prepare church. Mean it will buy back move. I think the most important thing to always be prepared and I mean their legal here I. Watch what age you and I stolen on the back at it now. I might Parker are ample. Aaron called all the team obviously you all and then you hear a lot people out who won them back into that I'd ever heard let. Put in the hours if you don't start out every day. And I charting here in China shirt you know I covered all beaches. Are China and lead. Is. Is it more of you do you feel like you have something to prove in this industry or is it more of you're just doing it because you love it because. I feel like you know you're doing a great job obviously after oracle everyone that knows and has senior content thinks you're doing a great job. But do you feel like it's like you have more to proves and someone else. I'm not every day and a group. I ask not why you yeah I did it a lot that hunt people stories and let you vote the other side of the ball. I feel like and they look at I have to Shia on yeah and then and now I can actually. He and writing and act like yeah now I ask for a better question I have to write a story. I'm seeing now and I know a lot that I multiple lead acting it out you know. They're you know they know exactly Howell Ian Wilkes and I will act at all or. You like from a different angle and just. I guess investing is the blessing to say is that they just don't give you the benefit of the doubt. Which can say you know says I say defensive back has a great back pedal right they're gonna look at a lot different say yeah. Maybe he's right he doesn't agree back pedal and then you say it right in the gonna look at NC but the issue understand what that is and that's. That's the thing I wondered try to break and that's why I've wanted you to tell your story at those super great story you know like I said I really appreciate what you're doing for the industry which is doing. At least in the community and you can you know honestly be a role model for anyone trying to get into this industry whether it's a male or female. But Amy I want to you so much for being on the show today it was a super inspirational story. I love Hannah I know you're gonna motivate a lot of people on keep doing what you do and I feel that you're gonna go down in a great road to success and I can't wait to see. Yeah. Thank you all listeners who tune in again today. Stay to next week you'll have another great story as usual. And we are signing off the challenge podcast.