Challenge Podcast Episode 3

The Challenge with Marcus Greaves
Wednesday, August 15th
Aspiring businessman Demitrius Watts takes us through adversity he faced to start his own barbering busisness.

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But. Goal. It's. Welcome everybody to another episode of the challenge podcast with your host Marcus grieves joy we meet today is Demetrius watts but he is a barber currently in Corvallis jones' own businesses on barbershop. Let's get right into it Demetrius you know you have your own business cutting. It sounds like it's going very well super successful. Really tell us how you kind of got into cutting in how you had the idea of having your own business. Here so my first introduction to Barbara Cain. But the agents tools that he went on them first period clippers. I wanna we needed Erica. Four. Pitcher day. The following day and he's not a scientist so much as the quote that you so so. Went and got some Wal-Mart clippers won't hold down it was all I needed to ignite. My my journey to department if you. You know the passion you have for a man looks like it's on a whole different level. And anyone who knows who you are console that you take a very serious you know with. Obviously if you have a passion for anything you can take it to a whole different level because you list that much so a hundred. You know what else happened like house so I know that's how you got into it but where to go from there. Yeah sole power couldn't you know friends family road to neglect a ball. Game. Slowly but surely to started to develop a passion for at first it was something that people want to work you know. Asking me to compare this. Want to go to college. On that when we don't develop them into a passion for now recognize that stadium to yield more than not stadium. Or. How important could hear you know ordinances. You know. Maybe go through the mock them yeah they go out on something else yeah and so it would like it was like an addiction like a passion for sure. He knows that it would stuff like that is always on your mind you know when I say that I mean like. I know I mean obviously you're my barber so. I appreciate that by the way. Logo when you grow and it goes. As you know maybe you're done cutting for the day you sit down it's wrote champions and you can't basically all day you're sitting down and then. I'd like where do you where's it go from their do you ski more. Because what like I said many we can tell you have a passion for this. And it seems like in every you know every single day you're willing to learn you want to grow and find you know not only a better way obviously to cut. But at the same time to motivate people because I think the difference between you and a lot of Barber's is that. You bring a lot of passion and you bring a lot of motivation you bring a lot of hustle. And you know really everything you know you could that we can just tell that it means so much Hughes so ground really is there anything. Like does it keep you up and I I guess I'm trying to get to stuff like that Borough. Yes absolutely I appreciate it quit the peak. May. I keep saying that on the days and co written you know for twelve hours and hours whatever it may be all you in my day you know. Following that consists of looking at footage so let to capture market during. And even poked even Cree Cree you know four and after pictures a look captured a moment like to see what I can do that crime. Well also studied were seen you know the things I liked about the Indy cut it would have been about silica could have improved. And I think there is kind of separate vehement. From a lot of the people or Obama growth may be asked to promote that could accept that they did it would be the process I wanna see now. I can improve each in every cut so. A lot of my time epic that is dedicated to studying as well that called Bangkok. Well. Outside you know. I would much in gain on social media following that he brings in you know cart clearly. People. It to follow my journey so that's really come after couldn't goes into. Is it and annoyed could chew off but. Do you wanna just continue cut its own and I know we kind of got. College. With your story Madea's wanna continue from there because obviously you know you had to build. Kind of a reputation kinda had to build a name for yourself because. Obviously living in in Corvallis where you live you know obviously. With the and is going to be I'm acute ultimate right with there's not a lot of Barbara's you know select an army. When I found out that you that you could hear a as you know house titan and I wanna go find I want to see which are about I want to see what it was like because you obviously. And anyone can say you know you get a new haircut may feel it in men but yeah. But I want I didn't have that feeling yet so I want to go find someone who put that much passion into the cutting hair and you know who just love doing so can you gonna continue toaster story. He had been so McCain church should Oregon State 2014. Doubtful and you know from that moment I would vote in the dorm at fair and I you know outlook I have my clippers and I have the during the and then. This started that not would get right back into clippers and better equipment and it was you know people want global skirted well. You don't seem the cut in the baton whatever cup so there was a lot and you could hear so. You know that parents OK well understood to be cut by a conflict except in you know when about it. A lot of word of mouth and it it would also at one occasion being in one of the article so much walking a beat. You know Pakistan in my area on the stand and it's been awhile ago but Stoudemire broke because buck. A couple of hopefully Rio you know to let that situation like this little currencies like. It's little things. Yeah but I don't think people really understand the fact that it takes that little bit of consistency because. I'm no matter what industry you're in you're gonna have to grind your way to the top you know I know for a fact the you know you're not gonna say you're at the top right now. But now I'm outside outside looking in obviously. But for someone like myself you see the amount of success you have. Maybe that's based on you know the followers on your barber in page and it's a grand maybe that's. You know just a success you have with each and every cut in the amount of time it takes whatever it is but. I'm yet to say consistent with that and you know you're gonna face some challenges and I do I guarantee that obviously. The road wasn't an easy one to get there and its own pretzel can you tell us a little bit of the adversity that you faced. You don't really get to where you are right now and to have basically your own business. Yeah. The part but part of the most good a looks Darren. As I reflect back to. Those times where the hardest part I think the biggest thing. The big hit adversity faced with. I guess recognizing my work or believing him so all I got them in packages of markets in the stadium. I'm income gains for the year while. Looking caloric descent like this is this distressed I don't know. Global. Com and get out wanted. Like I'm not satisfied with my outward and not to speak. All that stuff because I could easily just given up on me not being an hour and both days a year on year. Yeah among these days quote Emma bad days. A year like wired. On the and the mark it on the can have all these you know these borrowers were very successful in industry city in the word quiet not work not like there's. And it was just it was a content dedication patience. That help you keep that adversity on. But I yet today that's a lot of things that's a lot that people really don't get in any industry. You know like it's gonna take you dedicating yourself is gonna take you dedicating. Every. Ounce of fiber that you have to a dream that you and and I don't think people. You know nowadays with the understand that no matter what it is maybe it's you know someone want to go to the NFL. You have to you mean you're not at the the grind is an but you can't seem to grind is on trial you cannot you cannot much as you think you can finesse it and get through it without aren't exactly in so it's gonna take obviously early nights I mean early mornings long nights is gonna take stuff like that regardless it. You wanna do it or not because if you really love it. Like people say they love it then you're gonna put in the work and you know so what you just said. Sometimes you forget to eat that's a big thing there. BI gets a used thing I remember I watched a video were beyoncé was talking about coming out of her albums man there is just that you like three days thus have a Sunday. Right it's just stuff like that just. Constantly being consistent with that and then you know that leads us to the next point I wanna talk about. Is consistency and determination. In the industry like this because. You know obviously as you know there's plenty of barbour's around. And hundreds and thousands and you know this a crazy amount of barbour's bullet here. I think consistency and determination really separates a lot of other people so can you just talk about that for a little bit. Yet stick it to implement its current user. Here so. Consistency a consistency. Yes we separated alone expressing. In this initial Barbara. Like studying yours like studying your. You pass cuts. Yet to yeses and that kind of stuff. How could be consistent. Eating it actually performed at school. No market you can attest to this. If I you know cut to a million different ways and come cultural years you'd like and the corporate America you know it could yeah. And I am critical part of our new content beyond happy. But nobody nobody appreciates inconsistency all about consistency whether it's with. In Albion on top four point consumer. The quality of work you know all this stuff so. Is this the debt consent that the that definitely put a port in on boring. On dedicate an opinion opinion. Elaborate on that and though you have to be dedicated to let you sit you have to want. And that issue you know I don't want to bring you like a quote that would create grow it. Because it's all it's only gonna take off it it's like any dean especially having your own business around barber and you know it's. The T shirts it's the hats it's that obviously the actual cut. It's getting exposure it's put yourself out there also takes consistency you know even even now on radio that I'm in. It takes said because think about obviously there's. Hundreds and thousands of people who wanna be on the radio hundreds of thousands of people who wanna be on TV. Hundreds of thousands of people obviously wanna be in the NFL or NBA any big industry in need anything that you make big money right. But we're that separates you and everybody else that's going to be your consistency is going to be how dedicated you are it's gonna be what you're doing. What someone else's is not doing right so you studying that film I've legacy and now we have just talk about time I go to plenty of barbers who. They cut Meir once I leave them like. Messages from back majors every single target I think that's and that's that's the truth they but. Does stuff like that is that you left a mark because you put in so much for your wall you know so much time in some Barbary. Now when he came down to the time of someone else. Lewis saved me going to someone that's more convenient down the road from me right and I give it a shot and I'm like you know maybe it's. You know maybe it's nine hour drive to get their but I'm not gonna leave that you know that C happy they said I would rather make that hour drive. In I would much rather make that drive obviously and get the cut and leave and be happy just stuff like that so. Demetrius. Obviously again thank you so much to be on the show I just wanna say that real quick but. Continuing. You know mode motivation regardless. What it is if it's you know a lot of people nowadays want to chase money. Me personally I'm not a big fan Jason money my no perfect you are either you know I feel that we can't have the same mindset no way you're there. No Qaeda tell us what your motivation is and you know who you look to in times that maybe you're facing adversity and people who get you through your tough Thompson obviously reach success. Then I'm sure my markets and lies and so many up my motivation excuse me. Luckily the people first of form their own and all those quote to meet debt. Kind of not kind in heavily in the two all my life in seem constituency Mueller is critical on opening. That is where most of my motivation I just wanted to make the problem. Alone. In also. Everybody I get them at that point now where. People look at that song you know I'd to have this sept social media platform. Or whatever people following the phone much in the wanna know what idea how what you know how I'd be. On Italian debt laden knew exactly now you're in a position where you can. We can give people that advice and yes I think it's huge that's another reason why you know I think you're extremely influential to a lot of people not only people wanna be Barber's. The people who wanna obviously hustle and reach their goals and and be successful in life whatever you know of their version of it successes. But. You know that's that's. The reason I want I wanted to bring you want like I said you're just influential and there's I feel like you're at a point where even someone like myself. You know upon feeling down at a time more there's a time that I feel like I hit a roadblock in my industry might want to think about it like this you know Demetrius is doing this he's grinding every single day. You know obviously stand in. Twelve hours a day could Harry easy right it doesn't sound that we do it I mean you know from the outside here today here but just of like that consistency is there is going to be huge man and you know I just can't stress enough and that leads me to my last point leasing in the your on this platform you have this. These people that you can motivate you know what kind of advice would you give anybody who's struggling who needs said. Fund their sewn some sort of motivation find some sort of passion and you know legacy edges give us some advice men of how they can get through tough times. The number one piece of it but Butte is dedicate whole heartedly and write. Access to increase sit down giving everything like. You can't. You can't like you bowl you cannot keep declined but I promise you anything that you. Put into what you look you know if you put in everything that you could possibly give the aircraft are you a question we're prepared a Amish. It will. It will be reciprocated control and that orchestrated in that city and two. Don't talk about these people. I appreciate you so much Demetrius or being on the trauma and it's it's you know it's on her obviously after like this episode is not it is that. Maarty Leunen it's etc. it is special man it's taken us a long time to get you want finally but and you've been busy but we finally we're able to do it and I appreciated somewhat meant that you. Thank you editor of annals. Everybody thank you again for listening. To the challenge podcast. Demetrius if you just wanna give your info whether that be you know in Seagram handle so they can follow you on your page you Twitter handle so they can follow you on your page. In audio now it's time to do. Yes so who read to follow me on all its program and Twitter handle is at credible. He you see it. The YW. A TT it once again that's TU TE NBY. February GTX. And that's on IZ and twelve receive it in the flow Rita would actually come here. The majors again that you so much for being on the show man everybody misses another episode of the challenge podcast stay tuned for next week on Wednesday we'll bring on another guest and continue to motivate. And here everybody stories of how they reach success or.