Damon Huard Interview 8-9-2018

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 9th
UW Football insider Damon Huard joins Dirt & Sprague to talk UW Football, including whether or not the Huskies are the only hope for the Pac-12 conference, players that have stood out early, and the overall vibes of the program. 

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Everybody used to mean the only team the chance there is got a roomful from big year this up in Seattle were excited about it David you provisional. As the analyst you give a follow on Twitter at de rigueur let's announce the offseason them. Good and you can't complain you know we. Most doctors would ball pretty get a lot of guys banged up during the she's last year that are finally getting healthy which is huge gap in policies. Great recruiting class again. Everybody's excited appear on the return player so yeah up about three weeks with a little over now and we have a nice cup kick start. We thought great that's right a good start. It was easy SEC teams right. Oh yeah well no but it worked on for sure that's great that is for all two yen. And a lot of big expectations periods you know for the season for sure. Well let's start was up before we get to this team and and the puck is in Iran a roster I did one as image it's kind of a weird story the last couple days ended the big time linebacker commit that was Seattle over the summer he DEA wants to be closer to family. And they mean granted his release he goes Allah be a what are the folks up there are saying about that situation. Yeah you know. I mean there's a soul winning rumors circling him and no one really knows. But the whole story that we do know that he's no longer husky. He's been removed from his. Letter of intent obviously and sounds like Kerry's going to be going to Alabama so. You know. But all kinds of stories. About. Obviously his family situations and wanted to go home and then. Well no turned up in Alabama. Note also issued me well at yeah. It is what it is and what we worry about the ones we have not the one we don't so you move on. Well we know a lot of other kids to the boat started to be here and on the just kind of is what it is. I would Damon Huard on Twitter at did Huard. That's the let's get to this team such high expectations as you mention adding a lot of Vanessa doing what they govern turning on the defense this side of the balled him and we've seen some great defense is their the last couple years. It's always hard to rank bit but what of the strengths that defense of where is this one rank for a mini college football playoff defense we sought to yours ago. These outlining the secondary is every bit as good even more but you know all the constructive first sit around. The makers of Gerald Kevin Kane. These guys. Don't have these are slick are practically all you know Taylor rap. Many new young guys right behind him pushing. Children. You know legible can down there also Jordan played legit football force last year when George organize her. And then my outlaw and typical guys just. Story generic term for your apps so a lot of talented guys on the back in the old coaches about bird in Geneva just recruited so well. Even with three kids. We recorded in this class you know well we start with Kyle and Gordon religious Jews do. And they are long. That wrong. And it just the back into the speed differences. Is criticizing here without football. And you ultimately. Are ticket places season with a linebacker corps to the Booker when. Little football or have a sport of the kids that rushed on the outside last year we've been inside the world. He's a talented guy put a lot of football force humble guys machine years so popular with the good about double linebacker and then. A lot of your party lines of Gregg canes candy maker of that. But. You know Jalen Johnson we've borrowed to Rica today. While leading sacker a year ago Ryan Bowman. His Big Brother Shane Bowman I get a lot of good yet they're you know superstars of great games. The guys who played football and unstoppable and obviously we will miss you today. He first round pick in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the global. All but but a lot of guys put a lot of football coming back. Should you really good defense. If you Seattle Washington. Now retired when Damon Huard Washington color analyst on tour grads. Damon Huard you know. It kind of build for the future year to college football playoff the number surges off the charts with what he's doing without offensive and last year a bit of a regression. What was last year that you think held him in the offense that may be a little bit wordy you see him going now earlier for. Yeah for sure what there is no doubt about it and that sophomore year. Jake was was beat up on the shoulder was. Was injured and knowing their policies and surgery and missed all of spring ball league in the last year's campaign. He missed the weight room. We kind of slowly brought along during training camp and you know he's not a good year anniversary trip wouldn't let you write the numbers. At the same as a sophomore she's and so. Now he's healthy. I kept the weight room that were involved. Some way. Sort of football better than ever. Also I love. Bush handed rockets coordinator. Quarterback coach has to change. Sometimes change is good in football. They get the guidance familiar with or had a relationship with the went on the coach Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons welcome back here and joins us. It didn't have to change to hold all the off and all of that stuff with just another. Another voice. You know in his chain develop a little bit look at that it's such as Qatar. Other side of the argument and you're here in. And we all need to open he's done you know over the course of this co leader of a missed opportunity to draw a big way I think he's gonna do it this season. It ever so much about the strength this team is we talk about the defense being just loaded and we know Peterson the track record as a coach Browning inexperienced quarterback. Well what are the weaknesses from Washington is so. It's gonna keep them from reaching that may be playoff goal and then beyond deny and 310 into Connie you're again what is it that's a weakness and hold them back. Well you know I think everyone always concerned about you know maybe they're off its line. We got you to tackle that are gonna play on Sunday that they've been bowl probably get drafted first couple rounds two and Terry Adams into the material changes. Big sizable succeed 330 turn around and they've both been all corporate players in small American talk and so you really good about. Guys. You know anchor the line on the outside. If you haven't been able struggled against Alabama Penn State discredit them interior part of all that the water. And we have some guys that played a lot of football. Alba Mick Harris are left guard and the winner this year and he started they execute in the as a freshman. He's a little undersized or about six and two or ninety pounds which is a guy who really good football player. Moving the center for the first time developing image of oil and then the guards. Look what bird as a kid who played left tackle last year we trojans Kurt. He's a sophomore. Guys have little experience. But still playing gore now kind of for the first title at right guard kind of on the ball to deal lot of guys a lot of football. Boomer so to be right James. Heavy rock virtual. I think that in Q are part of our old lives would we play. You know teams with incredible what like Auburn's gonna have on their view on corporations and submission is planet so. That that there was really got to shore up and Jake brown and what people questioned him at times but when he got out of all the football. If you could anybody in the country means an accurate these great decision maker almost thanks. But in tear apart the old line I think the other big question mark it's only people bottom is wide receiver group. And you know certainly. A lot of football callables. Maybe up to go to guy so it could be orbit. By committee deal you know chuckle McClatchy has that probably the most well known of the group airport quit towns. Under originally owned. Played cut touchdowns so you'll see who emerges from that group can take the next step that enter your own life and good receiver. Opposition in maybe a consistent edge perhaps what is it just to pass rush specialist if those guys might be some question marks. And the kicker operatives. Are over the kicker last year. But the headquarters acute delegates aren't so super backups. It you know I had Damon now gives on this one guy I went organs this tough sell for me but a lot of in this conference and their sandy Washington the only team to the only one other realistic estimate the college mob playoff. Bad all season last year I gotta save say. Auburn make it and and pac twelve fan keep this pack to all fans should be rooting for Washington to make it. It without hitting the rest of the conference fan base should be pulled for your dogs. You know you really do need to put all this emphasis on one gene. But because of laying the bowl season in the last year. And there's no doubt there's a lot of question marks about our conference. And you know Lebanese coast bias that's when people and so you're though. Also more opportunity on the big stage. Against a team that the ball seems the national championship a year ago. It's eternal. Players in the quarterback the defense and so it it is a great opportunity that not only putting it over to Washington. But the culprit as well to gain respect earlier this season. We know how massive and pension age. But yeah it would be great. Is there an actual start of the season. At the dogs and in the pac twelve conference can go on the road. I guess it was in it is usually culture. On in opulent male mormons maybe made you one overs and I have to stand in everybody in every business and it has the as the wind business street you know. Article also. Yeah ethics. And now it's you're a little bit about picking up pieces and move most of that would bar club with no real small build the bar and I haven't followed him. You know the ocean wind industry and someone like it is an organ is just hesitancy. Kuerten or other places around a little but don't be part of that team. It's a lot of phones were also known him that you ask. There ego good stuff play out until a man college football couple weeks away Damon Huard. Huskies got our analysts on drug Damon Huard takes the time men and allowed to go to the Digg and your sin. Aren't they now have a great one. He got Damon Huard.