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Wednesday, September 27th
Man Alive Clinic is committed to all aspects of men’s health. Hear how Dave and his team are taking a new approach by treating men's issuers proactively. 

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910 ESPN Portland presents northwest business a weekly one hour local business wildlife. If you would like your business to be featured on north was business please call 503535035. Million point. Or email NW business said entercom.com. Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. It's okay Anderson thank you for downloading the northwest business podcast hey you're my conversation would be much quit because one of the founding partners of manulife clinic. And you practice it focuses on. Aspects of men's health online ad man alive clinic dot com this interview originally aired June 17. 2017. On 910 ESPN Portland. We'll they've I want to thank you very much for taking the time of the day to sit and talk with me. It's a pleasure being here thanks for. You are one of the founding partners of man alive clinic in Vancouver Washington you know tell the listeners what man alive clinic is. Mel I've clinic is specifically a health care clinic dedicated to man and we cater to general men's health but have. Featured services that we provide and then include hormone replacement. Post testosterone and and even growth hormone therapy. So we we also. Treats. And diagnose and treats. Sleep apnea. Heart related issues. I'm in general medical known issues for a permanent so you're. Basically general practitioner but you focus on men's health as opposed to taking all patients correct. Compared to do the clinics the focus on specific. Issues say somebody that focuses on maybe one area of men's health I was manulife. Clinic at different. So we focus on. Those issues that matter really. Kind of embarrassed student to come new clinic for that's one of the reasons that we won in two. Two former clinic is too you give men at a cultural environment offered them to field come men. And to talk about sensitive issues. You know there's there's issues that. Big guys houses that. If they go to a general practitioner. They may not know who they're gonna get especially to go to an urgent medical center or. They may feel uncomfortable talking with their general practitioner about certain subjects. And so we provide an environment for them to command and and talk abouts you know if they've got low testosterone or if they've got erect tile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or some of these. Some of these issues that they just don't feel comfortable with and then also in other skies that are in control you know addressing sleep apnea or. Want a place where they can you know talk to somebody more about some cardiovascular issues. We also like to offer services that the focus on more of a proactive approach in looking at micro nutrient. Testing or screening. More health care issues weight loss. Healthy living diet and all those other issues that. We need to discuss. It's so you can replace the general practitioner then fur for many men. We believe we can Yeltsin effectively and being able to take that proactive approach to somebody maybe that doesn't have one of these issues that and maybe needs. You know school for example testosterone shots or something like that by working with younger men you can actually get ahead of those issues before they become a problem and if an old man is already there than you can not only given the treatment but hopefully Obama avoid in the future does that sound right exact. We're in now and and that's what we're designed to do is to it to educate you know patients in a lot of lot of patience out there. There's a lot of information on the Internet you know and Haitian patients that Google information all the time. And it's amazing though command and obviously we're concerned about those that are the other and just that information that they did it. Just so broad based and that they have a hard time honing in on. Specifically what they may be dealing with console. Sort of their basically it's those kind of act as a health coach who you know but a provider. To direct them in the right direction you know being a concierge practice our fee for service practice. I'm patients like that. Because they have a little bit more ability to make decisions for themselves they have that ability to. To participate based fuel more in their health care and so we sit there and and together we work as a team. And held directs you know they're health care in can direction that they desire. We'll tell me how manulife clinic came to beat this is not something that is replicated I don't know of another clinic like this in the area. How to have manulife start so this has been. I thought process that I had been thinking about for a number of years have had a background in medicine for over twenty years. But it's recently moved here abouts. Two and a half almost three years ago from Texas. And I was working in Texas with onion and thousands throughout the next surgery group. You know under their feet and really enjoyed my job had a great experience there. With some family situations that happened at new brought me back to the north collapsed. As I was living in Texas. I was sitting at a I think it was 7-Eleven current and a convenient store. And I saw this in the sky pull openness. Beautiful a 350 who's just it was raised and it was immaculate which grades. And then I watch the sky roll out of it I Russians are a lot of it but you're you walked out of the heroes. He was above 300 pounds easily and so you walks in here and gets on some food and he comes out of this big fund again a 64 rounds big gold. End. Gets back in a strike I'm I'm thinking to myself hungry and what's wrong with this picture. You know this this shouldn't be happening. A guy taking better care of his equipment the news was body. And so then that's kind of when the libel c'mon I thought in other screen but there's a better way that we can approach medicine if we can become more proactive and educate. Patients and help them understand. Luther is a better way to take care ourselves and and then that's my my whole purpose as I want to. To be able to sit down with patience and a comfortable environment and help them understand. How they can improve the quality of life for anyone just joining the program. We're talking with Dave mcqueary he is one of the founding partners of man alive clinic he eager to man alive clinic dot com. Dave Vick the clinic is. Aiming to be a comfortable place for people who go in and and like you said talk about things that. They may be nervous about. Tell me a little bit more about some of these treatments that. We hear about on both television and the radio. What. It is a blow tee. So low testosterone. Is. A condition that a lot of guys are experiencing and you know it's it's one of those things that you think about. And a lot of people assume that you know when you're older that's something that you're getting experience. Guys in their fifties and 60s70s. There are the only ones there should be roaring about Lucci but what we've been finding as I've been. Working in this clinic in through the research that I've done. The percentage of guys that are experiencing low to kind of follow the decade you know 30% thirty year olds and 40% four year old. And so we we see a lot of younger patients coming in and an even twenty year olds come union with low testosterone can be. Associated with two different two different things you know there's two types of low testosterone essentially that we experience. The primary is too is basically testicular failure that's primary iBook and doesn't secondary. It is. What we're co I've gone out of Tropez a couple of good medicine announced where the pituitary gland essentially. There is a disconnect between them this gland in our brain that sends hormone signal to testicles to tell them to produce testosterone. But the signal was interrupted and with that harm. There's a lot of people who experienced bad. Illnesses fevers. Can cuss and injuries you know movement and sports obviously we know there solution could cost of injuries and that's been. On the topic of conversation for the past couple years and then well. But other other injuries such as that to the brain. Can can in Europe that signal that the two turned instances testicles and so that becomes a more common we found. Has become more common. Cause of low testosterone not necessarily testicular failure. Just make sure that I understand that that's so there's there's one that's a communication issue between the brain. The pituitary gland and you were testosterone senator which is your testicles can and then there's just the failure of the testicles themselves correct do those showed the same way and so do pros dims would you know without doing. Tests which type of of testosterone. Deficiency it wants. No you really don't you have to there are there are certain things that you can to look for physically but really they they present essentially the same one of the ways that we detect that goes through footwork and is it treatment than the same for for both. Did you have to approach it differently. We do you approach it differently. You know when that one of the things that. That I'm trying to help educate I'm not only patience and other other primary care providers out there is that. Primary. People go Mattison testicular failure. Is one of the things that we seem to be willing to treat. More calm me where in the secondary title gonna autism or electrical gonna tropic approved on Amazon and sorry that's the communication issue. Exactly so that's that's the pituitary issue at the disconnect. That being Mark Harmon. It appears that through our clinical experience. Vet. The treatment options are different. So for primary huddled on Amazon. Usually treat with testosterone replacement therapy because you're not giving enough testosterone by yourself. Where if the signal is interrupted you know that I am the factory. May be capable of producing but it's just not getting the signal to do so when they're so there are some medications that we provide. Vick can't enhance production Iran tests Ostrom. More naturally than just giving. Testosterone and so with just giving testosterone sometimes in most cases when they do you have that that pituitary disconnect. That could then. Inhibits their ability to produce testosterone that much more so it takes knowing that capability moment haven't. Real quickly I don't spend too much time mom testicles. But if we didn't. And what are some of the symptoms of low testosterone how would you. And like you said people go on to do on the self diagnose what should be some of the signs that told him. So obviously you hear about and on the radio on to her about sexual side effects you got to erect tile dysfunction and you've got. Decreased libido. That that is just apportionment it when it comes a quality of life community you've got decreased energy levels you can decrease cognitive functioning. Durham a ton of benefits when it comes cardiovascular benefits because it reduces inflammation. You also have. Bone density improvement you know over time so. One of the things that he offered loses signal for patients that may have be at risk for osteoporosis and and improves those chances are. Reduce hazardous inefficiency those chances of experience and over time. And then and then the athletes out there. When you hear of about athletes you know using testosterone. I think that's unfortunate that there and there is some negative connotation behind athletes using them but. When used appropriately. In this is incredible for recovery no patience that. And that I have come in and we have this frank discussion about their work outs. They indicate that can they really have a hard time making it through work out where there really sore there there's a lot of payment experience after working out. And then we do their values and find the early low and so did and getting them through workouts. The post were to a recovery user are much better and enjoying to impact can muscle and and commit soft tissue inflammation develops from all and his as a reduced by about monogamy thrown off their company softball team for using these treatments. And endlessly tests etc. if there is some requirements that are weak and we have to viewers. June is men's health month we're talking with the Dave mcqueary he is one of the founding partners of man alive clinic. Users interested in learning more about them go to man alive clinic. Dot com. Some of the other things that you would treat and focus on a lot of the preventive medicine isn't necessarily. Something that would fall into this. What a lot of people because men's health care. Things like weight management sleep management does seem like more general practice but there's probably benefit to focusing on. Men they probably suffer from these issues differently than women how do you approach weight management sleep management with the patient. So when. When patients come in regime. We want him obviously to feel comfortable and so I do my best to wanna sit down with patience to let them know that I'm there for them to help improve the quality of life and her freeway. And when we sit and talk about some other concerns or issues and some guzzle comment specifically for weight management. Because they've and they feel uncomfortable with what they're carrying around. And we'll talk about. No different topics with weight we'll talk about. You know what third their chemistry profiles whether blood profile has been we we we call it a metabolic profile we gonna figure out what that is that they've got. You know cholesterol issues or sugar issues. That they're dealing list and then could be contributing to the way we we held figures that out. And then we talked about diet you know what what kind of effect of dominant thing in wanna participate and and and then we do talk about sleep sleep is really important you know there are some a lot of advertisements that we hear out there about sleep apnea or interrupted sleep. And and the reason sleep is important we talked extensively earlier about hormone replacement. But sleep is so important because if we don't get a good night's sleep in a 788. Hours of sleep potentially usually about seminars is if there's sufficient. We don't get that a Knight who were not able to recharge hormones. And that's and that's 100 charter hormones and so there slug guys author that are. Surviving on minimal sleep and yet they're really struggling through day because. Either they're not recharging hormones or they also have sleep apnea. And they can get a good night's sleep what I do as I just essentially trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible and command end and then we talk about any subject. That they. Want to talk about and I asked them all right so is there anything that you feel uncomfortable talking about because I do want to talk to you about those who specifically the things that you feel uncomfortable about pride because I know that there and I can address those issues with their general practitioner if they have a general practitioner and so I want them to feel comfortable around hands and be able to bring those topics. You you focus on pro active help with your patients who what's the profile of of your average patient I know that there's I'm sure there's variance on. One and the other by it. Right now the people you're seeing most. So we see a lot of a lot of guys that are. Thirties 40s50s. Song and a third fourth and suspected. That are fairly active in other they're pretty active guys or. We do see a lot of patience they come and that our. Disappointed. With maybe the health care that the receiving yards they're disappointed in some of the decisions that they've been making in the life when it comes to eating exercising. Or just managing themselves in general. And so. You know those two different categories and we'll we'll sit down and we do approach things a little bit differently about it. Yet there's there these guys that want to take charge. Of their life and and one of the pleasant things that I mentioned to a number of providers that I've talked to and even patience. Is among just a majority I'd say probably. 95 to 98%. Of the patients that I have come and are compliant. With what we discuss what we talked about the treatment programs are offerings that we. That we provide end. That is one of the most refreshing things that I have that I've experienced in medicine over the twenty years that I've been practicing as because patients are there because they want to be in there in the patients that want to invest in their help. They were they know that there they're taking that time and effort and energy to come and talk to me about it but yet they're willing to invest. In their own health so that they can have a better quality of life. And it's making sure that they understand and are participant in their own health care exactly. And and they're excited to be a participant in and we make them we encouraged them to be excited mucus. You said the most of the patients you see thirties 40s50s if it were up to EU. Would used her simian patient oh definitely yes so I worked in family medicine. I used to do sports physicals for young men and did quite a few of them and actually. I'm lived in woodland for a period of time just north of Vancouver. Helped coach athletes allotments I'd encourage them to come and then I would talk to them about a lot of issues and and have them coming in and do sports physicals to make sure. You know that they are proactive and in managing their health that they. They do take the right steps to him to eat healthy you know to have to put themselves in and in the best condition. And situation than they can to excel in their sport. Being proactive is gonna avoid a good again avoid a lot of these things that we're talking about where you run into weight issues going to run into testosterone issues there's ways to get ahead of those. I assume by being proactive with the treatment. Definitely down and that's. Who we all know when we exercise. And me improve. Our condition in our situation we all feel better and that. That is because the body is designed. Two to have resistance to be able to work out to exercise and and to be able to 21 circulate blood through it and more efficiently. And we sit on the couch and and we're sedentary. One of the reasons that that we become inflamed and and irritated is because because we are sedentary and we're not doing. Things that we need to them to get the blood circulating in and move. And then messed helps us feel better in general Fannie was just too. The program we're talking with the Dave liquidity he is one of the founders of man alive clinic and you find in my mind and man alive clinic dot com. Or give them a call 3609845806. You started this business is is a clinic that. Kind of was your idea your building from the ground up what is it that process been like him you were to health care but now you're also a business owner. How difficult is that challenge been for you. Amanda has been a challenge that is no different going to cause a do you have to say that but it is done pleasant challenges and one. That. I have taken. Guests that come a love hate relationship to. And in some cases there I really enjoy what I do good time I found that is really important to where many counts. You know when you start a business and I know there are many people many listeners out there that understands. That at the beginning of the business unit you sometimes have to do things that you don't necessarily want to do. But being able to witness to essentially help people feel better and improve their quality of life I think that's sort of the big goal that I haven't sold. Sure right experience a lot of difficulties and and you know starting a new business. As we almost half. Burn a lot of the a lot of these stats as it is it's tough but it's worth it in because. I'm into it to help. Next to serve other people. We open clinic a year and a half ago are you where you expected to be are you ahead of pace and you would you like to catch up to where where you thought this would. Kind of go. You know that's a good question because. Some people that know me I'm kind of an impatient. At that idea I want things have progressed a little bit quicker than sometimes they do. But when you look at and in the realms of starting a new business in new look at where we are who were had a roof where we should be typically. When you look at new businesses. But I don't once again you know I would like to. To begin spread the message and to get the word out to intends to be able to share my knowledge with other people so. I would like to progress a little bit more prepared us us regular equipment firm enough. What what do you expect for the future of of manulife clinic from from where you are now let's say five years pretty expert Rick. Or hope to be. Well I hope I hope to have. The opportunity to. Reach more people. We're we're looking at technology. And and what we have available to us and a nurse. There's a virtual medicine that we're looking in Tucson for companies that were speaking live. To deal with do telemedicine. So virtual medicine. News is moved. It's the next thing when it comes to health care and actually there's a lot of clinics out there that are starting to implement it and we wanna be one of those clinics who's kind of a digital house call. It is yeah out and it's you know guys are busy in guys there are. They're responsible for a lot of things in the end it's hard for them to take time out there day to the to. Travel across town to come cius and so with some of these follow up visits that we can perform either on the phone. Or virtually online you know visiting there's there's sort of that the compliant facetime essentially positive we can call it. That that I can speak with them and see them and personally can. We can accomplish a lot of the things that we need to accomplish and that way and I concede patience you know in different areas you know throughout the states and you in the country depending on licensed. Axl so that that is IICS implementing that but also. We do and opened more clinics. We want to. Involve more providers that have the same excitement and encouragement. That I do when it comes preventative health care. Two to inquire. About an opportunity to to work with the best. But we we are a team environment and we are in a fun environment an environment that time encourages people with state. If they want to be involved if they want to be involved as a patient who has that type of team member or they want to. To join the team and somebody that would that would like to educate them and help others. We encourage everybody to move. Come come forward and a modest home. So if anybody out there is not happy with the healthcare they're receiving right now that are that are one to be more an active participant in it. They're suffering some from some of the men's health issues that are common other. Give them a try man alive clinic again it's a man alive clinic dot com he give McCall at 36098458. 06 for the located at 9430. North east Vancouver mall drive in Vancouver Washington. Hopefully in the near future you'll see more clinics popping up around the Portland metro area. Dave thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us on the first business thank you so much Bluetooth thanks for. If you'd like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email NW business @entercom.com.