Dirt & Sprague 4.12.18 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, April 12th
NFL news and notes, Thomas Ian Nicholas joins the show, and MLB fights. 

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This is dirt and sprayed in other news. Prime minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my tiny little holes went to France. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spring in my notes that are slightly no. I didn't want that doctor. Oh there are small a lot of pressure along with a lot of pizzas yeah. It was good to them dirt and spreading beyond 1080 power party which you. I've been through it together. He had a little change. All right welcome back here in our number junior and sprayed with you on Portland sports leader. 1080 the fan over here and join us Thursday afternoon. You missed our one check it out on our on demand section attained eighty the fan dot com. That's where you can find what's weeded out at 1080 the fan after the show. Mike can we get tea port for work we get some NFL music I always like NFL music when we do stuff like got to have an irony. I you know we miss it ideal. They released a pre season schedule I got that notification yesterday in my drive moment ago yeah enough informing. I miss regular season football that actually matters and that'll be a net when the schedule comes out there's a bit of a conversation about that because we all react to what the schedule is thinking Leno every team's going to deal OK let's let's start with the 49ers. This was not good. And I saw your tweet this morning the 49ers are your tweet and said we're gonna go the other way and half course. Their linebacker they just drafted out of Alabama. Last season. Rubin Foster. Orient questionable character. He was officially charged with Reid felonies and his domestic violence case. He attacked a 28 year old woman. Hearing February argument after it was it's it's it's it's a Los Gatos home. Leaving her bruised and with a ruptured eardrum. That's according to the Santa Clara district attorney's office. The release that in a statement. The 49ers Lee's statements that they were well aware what's going on are you okay again but they are going to allow the legal system play out a little more. But they have told you have been he's well aware. That. He is very close to knocking on their franchise at all. All ready as they kicked him in the first round last year you hit one more female volume better not Rubin you better not if he was a fourth round pick he would have been cut months ago that charges for his felonies can carry it to eleven years in prison. This is the frustration that I house. About today's NFL if you will not to get into a home morality thing. There is so extreme outrage about one guy and it's now back in the news again today. Because of what may or may not be true with a trip to Seattle. Rubens processor. Could end up being in prison for eleven years if he's found guilty of these three felony charges yes. Is there are not our job better and Foster has not been cut yet. I this guy his Bennett questionable character for a while now this is not a one time incident. And when you re going to read the report from the DA's office. It's awful. And the only reason he's still on the team is because he was the first round pick him when he was healthy he was Camden lesser as a rookie he dragged her by the hair according to the report. He thriller. And I'm sure they'll face an eight to ten times. They apparently have. Photo evidence to back up and corroborate her reports. But the 49ers are not cutting him well and you know I I could jump cut is that they should cut a months ago what I think. Heats things that sounds like. According to the what if they find where they don't find him. Guilty. I think if you have so I think if you go through this process and you look over a lot of different evidence and you talked to the victim in this case. You're charging him a three felonies and if you only if you have something yummy Nick Diaz and when I take a big plus they're not just like it is that they're not confident. I'm just gonna swing and say Alan made is an avenue maybe someday and I don't know that that's still had charged him at three felonies there's got to be something there. I'd I this. The 49ers have a lot of good things the old form right now and there are franchise that was great in any screw everything up and have been irrelevant for fighting for me you. Is whenever it's bad. Their back going in the right direction and they'll kind of sleeper team in the NFC west here we go niners are back a little bit got the right their coach got your quarterback don't. So Roland stuff and nonsense like this you don't need Ruben Foster on your team he's not worth the headache cut him. That's simple. If you ask a question though a few fans care. I I'll be honest with the big guys. Don't think they do I haven't seen much outrage I see a lot of outrage about one former 49ers today as I am and I think we've seen attacks Ryan I've seen enough. Media I've seen them blog posts. And winning guy has this pop up frank Clark had something similar with that unlike divided seahawk fans. He would be something like that would divide people would be like. Now up through that doing nothing to do it did yeah I mean she had a flag down a stranger's car driving down the road. When she flagged on the car they called 911. And I and he she got AC gave them the report she was taken to a hospital she was treated for injuries. And that's when they went and of foster's house and they found the guns in the magazines. And that's when he loses he was officially arrested there there's something here and there's no need to associate yourself. The declare like this. That's almost a topic I'd like to dive into maybe in the summertime why don't. They have no problem because no problem voicing their opinions. On. Different issues mainly. Political societal issue hurts. But like domestic fight there's not like this big backlash from Lagos. Larry that's awful. Pete Dye primary season could add on I grew up a forty niner fan I'm I want them to be good again. But this is the credit for the league for them to be good there was no doubt this is the kind of stuff I just. I hate when fan bases and you see this all over the league used you're you're willing to ignore facts or turn a blind guy because somebody plays for your team or he's good free your team and it doesn't matter but have been somebody else's team. God forbid you better not and I and his. I hope forty niner fans are not doing that and they're not clouding our judgment just because he's a first round pick from Alabama are right let's go to this when Jarvis Landry the wide receiver of the browns guys. From Miami. Just agreed to an extension five years 75. Million. Dollars. Which makes him one of the highest paid receivers in the NFL guaranteed 46 million. That's just three million less than beyond green Hopkins guided inning making fifteen million dollars. I a year and and a lot of people are kind of assuming this is just a report but a lot of people are kind of on the blink they believe. They're gonna pay him. Down because the Cleveland Browns could be looking. As Ted Josh Allen the quarterback out of the University of Wyoming is guy with a big CNN. Can now I've done it kind of comical. Our buddy bill Barnwell had a really funny tweet today. If I can find this roadway you can read is that. Thank you and. Right the Internet this doesn't wanna work it's one of those things are CM building. He tweeted that Jarvis Landry they love. Josh down because it is being armed. Jarvis plenary was a hundred Nate out of a 110 wide receivers. In yards for a set FF FFF at that he does not catch the ball deep down feels like at odds I sets of videos that it is saying oh landry's gonna make good money to get hit the ankles 200 times a year by Josh temple and I remembered that I had that once. And and again a great year last year. And Miami's close to close to a thousand yards he's been healthy isn't this the game yet in his four years in the NFL. In back to back tears over a thousand before last year he's at quarterback turmoil. Could I get you look at the number and like I campaign ads in the slot receiver is it worth it and you compare him to what other guys have done in the league. An amazing need to remember for Cleveland as a catatonic cap space they have money to spend they're gonna have money to spend the next couple years. This isn't going to cripple them financially so I'm not to lose too much sleep over him I we've got more to get to. In the NFL including an update on holing cap for next. Half I had I think a lot of people saw one report Indians see the other so I'll read both of them you can have your opinions I don't. Really wanna dive into what's wrong and what's right in the NFL. People have their opinions never gonna change. We'll update you on that. And we got some more tidbits to get to in our NFL these notes that's next on 1080 the fan. Me this is durden sprayer is beyond 1080 Nelson and all right let's dive into the dirt a little things. And leave me out of this it's. And being discussed today I was earning at that point it's still can't cabernet back in the news. This came from Adams chapter by the late Thomas Ian Nicholas will join us at 130 Kevin Myers American pie. Can I had read Amy wrote wrote Scott got no partner now. I know you started knows her as a Mac attack. Would join the show at 130. Also. Texas buddies with strength. And text three times since shows and BD. Adam shift your tweeted it best friends. Do a little nervous is dealing take my spot and co host. Broad frozen blogger and spread and grow my hair out at the come to join is Dana removing Los Angeles to get a roll the next American pie movie that would kickass. Adams chapter tweed after arranging for calling tapper and to work out for the Seahawks this week yes Seahawks were looking Colin Capp predict. As they shed fiato postponed the trip. With the quarterback declined to stop kneeling hearing the National Anthem next season. Well I'd say about five minutes after that report you know wrap up war. Came out. And said this yes did postpone it tentatively scheduled work out with only Catholic as show after reported. It was not because he said he declined to stop feeling though the team asked for his plan moving forward on how to handle everything. And there was not a firm plan. The CI express John Schneider Pete Carroll want calling cap pretty consider how he wants to proceed on everything not just in them. And get together at a later date when his plans are from. Armed clearly Seattle has accepted players speaking out. What they believe. So kind of a little bit of a contradictory afford here between team trusted NFL raiders. And he said she said. Adams show after. Our question who do you trust more of those to us after a seven point two million Twitter followers in rap artist one point six million U don't want him out there were wrong. Easy. Does fall I don't and I are far above that is I'd call balls I don't like track how much they get right or wrong I enjoy have to run them. Jefferson this doesn't stop these missed on little things down. And for what it's worth pro football talk and Florio now corroborating Adam show after his report and they're saying Ian Rapoport cannot be trusted feverish in a phone network which is owned and managed teams that are pushing an area he's a crony I I typically there's some truth to bowl. The bees I I think mailing obviously it's. Probably the main thing with him but. I you do have to have a plan of attack if you're gonna sign Colin cap because this plants and our text line whenever his name comes up and there's gonna be some outraged fan so you need to have a coordinated plan. I wanna handle the PR aspect of it because that is the reality now and citing Colin Catholics. I I would I would hope this wouldn't keep them from from signing him though because Seattle needs a backup quarterback. And this is a perfect fit for. It brought outlaws and Davis anymore pick I don't know but I know college averaged better than Austin Davis. Blake it's gone because he got arrested one too many times. Cap critics far better than Blake in the first place so. Made it seems like it's a match that that that should happen you know it's it is a good college happening came out last year while he was looking for a job and tonight will not feel any more Daryn the National Anthem. Probably Eric Reid has said something similar of saying I won't Neil ID you know I just want to keep playing football here agrees not kidding Cheney on his diaries and I'll play for the same contract I have less of a look at for more money like the news he just wants to play football. Solved such as a governing apparently now is gone back on that statement from last year you believed as reports saying it now I will still be dealing. For National Anthem and I am I gonna bash Seattle too much on this because every single team in the league. Act as. Decided to not psychology capita for one reason and one reason along because he takes Indian because it's bad PR there's a junk you're fans of like it or beyond board with a you know I thought when he filed the lawsuit I thought it was like. OK here we go and I don't think it was a good look for him. NIC goes against his goal of being back in the league. But at some point out lawsuits starts with a little. Paper he'd just testified. And the loss and I believe it was last week he doesn't get Simon is the ox you're gonna have this record out now they just said they're not gonna sign that he's got to deal with. That's through Galveston they're putting in my putting it on the run all of putting in a hole. But they won't sign him because he's got to take NA. Out and bruises whole case. Is there anything he continued to switch motors our industry signing by the way. Yeah seriously big beat a large RG three's refresh okay he took a year off and he's ready to go. Let's recap turning its side. You're immediately and have half your families at least it feels like after ten days. Upset angry old school fair what this kid came out got signed. Instantly volunteered. To help the local veterans community. The veteran Centre anymore ever seen let's say you guys something like kind of ride all hypothetical. Some sort of volunteer is there anything this guy can do to switch the opinion by people or is this just a done deal he kneeled. He's not a marriage in screw that guy you see our country right now. Am a little heart out it's a done deal. I don't and I agonizingly India may be able to tell you what he's been doing the last two years all I had this conversation with my book club. And I actually enlighten them on like four or five things he had no idea that happen. And Alex even likes green being pro cap Brad sane I think he should get a shot as a back up. And then I said hey you know they were like gays and attitude that you know they needed this he knows they needed that they right now. So I do know that I would say no doubt because. Yet the following a last two years maybe it helps a little bit because it's local community and that evil covered for sure. But I think that's what led to their theory is though is the back ration whatever city has mail as an end and that's where I think I do believe wrapped towards peace a little that is that if there are kids going to considered signs telling capita. You have to have a PR played a place like that and you have to have something ready to go. To a to a trying to alleviate that ain't right right it's got to be there but if it maybe you could win over a a couple of them portion of it because he does this for charity here. Still Linksys not a salary whatever it might be. But IDS of my dad's place maybe a bit lessons yet maybe guys are on to something because part of that conversation I had. With those individuals they were telling that a certain. Police department. And a city that shot nappy her name or county. And how those people did not watch the NFL because of the cap for next up the and they still what about that and to which I responded what do you think about the veterans who publicly support calling Capra. So like it if one side matters to people the other side doesn't so there's a group of veterans or active military chirp that. Despise him. It's almost like the other side that support them. That are veterans or active it doesn't matter so maybe you guys are right maybe nothing there's nothing that can be done I think we're I think everybody's pretty well dug in on that power. Or in a weird space word. Nobody who is in disagreement seems to be able to have a civil discussion of our donkey or an elephant and there's no in between there's no understanding of either if am not that goes through its spreading to literally everything and I just what politics based publicist kind of mixing it's everything. He can't be disagreeable and you know I was one side are you keep the others. Will he get signed by the Seahawks. No I don't think it's dead yet I think the obvious you would do with the Seahawks. Exit seven they've had a history of outspoken players let back in the sporting outspoken they had guys that deal during National Anthem and being home. I don't know all the young players now ones that were productive and vocal they don't. To say now. I'm gonna say probably known about Quantez perfect got suspended four games. Shocking he tested positive. For banned substance. He got back on. I saw there was a report. I think it was. It might have been cap predict or some meals that there was like a Cincinnati was like unwilling to sign a guy because of conscious efforts in that Adam Pacman Jones what everybody had to sweep that was like wait. Cincinnati. This novel and did you kidding me. Insisting dots on the tax plan. One from Cleveland Chad be donated to on the time and money to veterans are reform as a veteran myself. However if you were to sign and pain in the plane. Time and starts playing like he didn't. Years that fan base of 180 pressure on it becomes benefit out of fair weather fans of the highest degree of support anybody if there's if they're winning. Every everything they threw the monsters yes we did that Portland secret party to see a unit anybody else that's played and you go I've played well off the field. Situation. I'd say it's a fascinating on them. I'd there's some NFL news or notes broken up Soria. Mainly two big stories but in jars Landry involved both tied in with the 49ers. Kind of sort. They both worked on hopefully they're both soon to be former 49 called and Smith also tested IN DY usually is for old. That's up there as a big Dewey. They're all the lies my. That's tie is here after the comes him. This old dude caught a home run ball perfectly with a glove and they did this weird falling down throw the ball back at it. Hudson back up that's just stupid thing to do I would always keeping an accumulating student when the chances of catching a home run because I'm Italian lot of amendments they KM SU one of those guys that's your personal and it's juvenile on that family doesn't conferences procedurally from a net app. Higher rates of 61 racist against Italians. That's a good down there racism avenue right now all right let. We'll get into baseball's of their two fights that happened yesterday both pretty good. And then also a pretty bad story for Derek Jeter in your one running in Miami Marlins. So we'll get an apple first. We will talk with Thomas. Ian Nicholas he is in town for the wizard world comic con starting tomorrow. Through the weekend convention center are. And he's gonna join us in studio Thomas Ian Nicholas Kevin Myers American pie Hillary Rhone garner from rookie of the year. Joins us in studio next the first Mike with a sports update. I this is durden spurs on 1080 those. I want him back in third straight year after Thursday's Argo while Albert really excited for our next guest are below them for this one for a while he's going to be at comic con. This weekend April 13 in the fifteenth that the organ convention center it is Thomas Ian. Nicholas. I hate you and all boys all the names were okay and you're on Twitter at TI and band we have a million things don't ask you about first and foremost though. We've got to poll question running in the building conflict for days. Of what your more recognized for. America empire rookie of the year. Depends on where you war. Interest don't mean Kabul I mean obviously like baseball is not big in every part of the world OK so from me from me generalize like. More places. They would be American pilots have been recognized like the airport in Caracas. Annihilated. Margarita island with my wife is she's a DJ and has played all over the world. So not rookie of the year right in Caracas American pie. Like you know obviously here's the 45 anniversary. We happen to Pia I'm I'm assuming maybe. A Sports Radio stations yeah cars we have I guess rookie of the year vs American high quality asset debt and you know that there's so much to be asked they think of that movie because I think you're hitting us right here the core demo guys that grew up. Watching people like you on that movie American pike Saturn lot following your career what is something. Day what is him what's the number one thing that stands out about making that movie for you. I think just you know the cubs in Wrigley Field then. And obviously at the time you know it I heard a story we have like a about it flicker of a year and a half ago from the producer is I went says fox and I was like Haiti has when I. Reboot this movie or do a sequel or something with that they were there interest habit is not a bad times so I might like disrupt the system. And do like a crowd funding campaign this year to see if you -- like MC and all I'm mentally I had zero Carter's son gets drafted by the time anyway so. The aids coat the thing is that at that time they went in Maine met with the administration which obviously in 92 wasn't owned by Tom rickets ride and they were like going to we filming a scene like October and like what about the policies and he said yeah now we can 100% guarantee you there will be no post season for the cubs. In 92. Cell isn't have is the first time we shot on the stadium you know was like. That it was imagery in double header was September 17 1992 cardinals vs cubs big rivalry. The ten minutes in between the game Ding assert explains to 35002. Cubs fans that we're gonna make a movie. Twelve year old magic arm takes the cubs had the World Series. So I have an affinity for the cup I didn't know that's been shot it was before so the whole crowd was there are actually watching a baseball game and ages were yet they've got just like the one shot like when Henry first it's called to the amount of guys in the coaches like rule. In the end immunity. An agent I guess 360 shot and I look like I'm in shock as I am in shock is there's 35000. People saying how crazy it. And very real and me. That's not just like a twelve year old standing in front of 30000 people of every loner bragging 3535000. And he's into it and get a kick. How funny and they have more seats doubted this is before you know I don't like rooftop seats out and everything how many takes the job to do with Daniel Stern how hard was that as a kid I did IV aids still see me like almost cracked up when he's joking on the sunflower seeds. Like I'm pretty sure that was like one of the tougher moments because they were like sometimes it mean to face. These cough and Britain was even in the original script oh really yeah just like Daniel Stern is stress relieving role he was the director for a while ago. That was like his way of you know blown off some steam when you felt like well yeah I it's all I just showed my six year old son Ricky here for the first time two weeks ago. And his reaction to Brit Mamas like concerns genius in because he just like gets the kids in he's like. We are at it a bit is that thing you know if you leave it exited a hot IC you know that I. Adamant decade isn't always time can be melting ice I don't guys can I best of both world in my eyes it was you know an avid movie watchers seemed like every Disney film ever made three guesses the ending of everything. So you know Henry throws the first fastball and he's like. So when's he gonna lose is magic arm. My son just what. Oh man. Of spoiler over like twenty minutes into this thing revving at Thomas in it was here. NT I N band is are you voluntary is going to be a wizard world comic con this weekend April 13 in the fifteen at the organ. A convention center was Gary Busey crazy back then. Yes he's always been crazy yes account has been crazy year over disease Canada's bid to televise and utilities gas. Maybe now I've seen him since like 06 cell business objects that mean Gary BC was not entourage scary BC that's for sure no pressure for share. He was really nice to me now basket and yeah he's the nicest to me he wants some carry me in my underwear across that lunchroom. But 25 feet from about a hundred crewmembers on nice OK okay but remember he was the nicest easily deny yes yes something apiece to work with on a movie set yeah there's other stories you got her radio cracked cracked can you explain. The feeling you guys all had making American pie vs the reaction to what American I turned out to be. And you mean like just for the first one just did you even have any idea that this was gonna it was gonna blow open a one dollar no meaning and it was a sleeper hit as well as sort of slowly climbed. Up you know in in theaters I think it was in theaters like ten weeks. And it just kept doing you know the same numbers every weekend just never seemed to trail off him and always seem to just maintain. And who I mean even then we didn't know like court never franchise right he'll make three more these things we were just you know all excited kids and had a good time min. You know try to make the best thing we could and pollen Chris Weitz where. We're really focused on like you know keeping everything grounded in. And and you know I don't know it was a it was a great it was a great experience I've I've very fond memories of all those films is there any chance of making another one. It's I mean it. There is there's Evelyn chance card. So you're saying there's advantages does that I think every single line has been funny for different reasons like watching different moments you guys live gold from high school to college to the marriage to have any kids in the union stuff that's been it's been perfectly yet oddly placed the next one would be like American pie meets the hangover. Ride enemy like a Vegas thing out Abbott has been written. It's just not been made aka if they can have ten fast and furious there can be there's no area that Hillary can't not making I don't counts down whole band camp like when you guys aren't NN I don't count towards what we wouldn't have made American reunion if it wasn't for those films I think that. Spike it it. It degraded the brand but it also kept the brand somehow alive half so we kinda had to answer back is like a demand like can we get back to let this drag it was yeah I had you know it's funny it's ironic that you were in upcoming studio 'cause we found out about this a two weeks ago. And my niece had a up project at school she just did yesterday saying IC pictures after the interview and she added be Walt Disney. And she watched you or movie on Netflix and no way is it ball before Disney is a while for making a while before Mickey yet and yet John heater plays Roy has seen my brother yes want me to tell you 'cause I told her I was interview today she loves the moving. Thought it was great she hated the ending. And I so like he said that in egos will because the whole movie he's in misery trying to create this and we don't get to ride the journey of happiness of Disneyland. And what is it wasn't happiness even then they're at they'll last the last moment of the movies he makes plain crazy. We would have had to have one more down Faulk is they almost went bankrupt again playing crazy didn't sell the and so that's why everyone thinks that steamboat Willie was the first you know Mickey Mouse cartoon and a it was the next cartoon that he made. Sell and and once again like straight being you know pennies together. John heater and I do a a Disney trivia panel that's hosted by Lanny Sarah who's the author of Hamburg for morals. Who I'm not here in town which is a book signing tonight at the Barnes & Noble in. I'm gonna say this totally wrong tennis born nest perfect this doesn't this time they nausea she's got about science and as Marshall BMI. My table my Booth out was a world Friday Saturday and Sunday seeing get a signed copy of Campbell from portals it's a bestselling book. That I'm gonna be producing into a film Prius already hosts the Disney trivia panel with John heater myself I think John's got some. Some some organ roots yes yes and right here Sam Madison County area from the area like as a what's it like when you go to these comic on kind of things that would he experience like of deceit and all sorts of fans can Monty is a pretty enjoyable for yeah yeah I it's absolutely fine meaning it's a you know basically tell people thanks for watching they tell me they'd. Enjoy my work didn't. And then you know I obviously like. I I am not I am very proud of all the success of my past films so I've I love talking about those things and it's always exciting on the news Cecil like. We do these book signings on the Wednesday before hand earth it's Thursday right yeah I think on the Thursday before and I ground if I know it data as I swear I have two kids and obviously yeah so. And then we you know people will come in they'll read the book and they'll come there was a world. And then sometimes like people are dress like the main character in cause play from a book that they've just read in and not just like. The main characters Zaid on the cover him of morals but like. The description of Zaid what she's wearing only pay 827. Has crayons so it's it's really cool because. So it was a world is it's a great place for the whole family. People you know gates is like that have seen American high rookie of the year but they're also you know very open to a new project and that's why landing and I have been. Two in the wizard world comic contest since last may we have been at every single was a world across the country and across the tension there as Powell and you got a good life many married to a DJ had two kids and you go to all the comic con has an argument right there today alibi and I'm playing in all planned and entertainment stage out was a world you know trying to assassinate the band and then I have an after party at the barrel room on Friday night that Barry gets old guys the official was a world after party nice Sony plans on my mind that six albums. The most recent one is the frat party album which is all my favorite songs from. The American pie soundtracks. Including one of my Alan and I like men reunion. Got to pick your own right here I go about on and then the my fifth album though that the first five roller is a much been numb. Actually wrote here in Portland. In 2014. With my body to determine who is an event called Trevor the sickest kids. So he Seles here so we're gonna hopefully hang out do you have do you ever not work. Bernie down time the downtime. During the comic con tour for us is every Saturday night. And every city that we deal was oh we go to an escape game. He has ever done an eight game I don't know yeah yeah one like a month ago a local which one should give it was as it would to put this in a two we are test patience of some sort of me figure out how to escape these two laboratory dude you should come with us Saturday night we're going to escapism. And ironically the names of the rooms are the wizards aware of behind magicians menagerie older YA it's got a perfect out here wizard world. And the storyline of Hamburg for morals is about a young. Woman who moves to Vegas to join a magic show but she can do real magic so we're like. Wizards Blair magicians menagerie you and I sold it fits manifest that's awesome so let our listeners know when you need money for the next rookie of the year movie where RD and Cusworth yeah. There is no all right to check out my Sunni would know it's gonna be like a bottle you know I'll tell us about I don't know my social like I said at ten band you have is to Graham you know Twitter FaceBook I'll probably do like a pledge film campaign. So you know you'll be pre ordering you won't get charged unless we hit our goal and you get like. Cooled you know memorabilia and stuff yeah I guess I'm not a little bit exactly enamored fingers crossed for another American pie and you don't sub make them okay is you have our most RD album I'm I'm in listened. If they would let me produce and I'd just do it for you tomorrow right in the meantime I'll I'll produced this one I've got three other films and I'm producing this year. Adverse. Stealing Tom Nichols whereas stemming from a myself and and bitcoin nice okay. And you know busy mail a check about this week it was a royal comic con is at the Oregon convention senator. Thirteen through the fifteenth stop by say hello Thomas Ian Nicholas as you mentioned TI am band on tour thanks ma'am we had a great time vote. I. Got back there aren't and re re road win gaga and learned a little bit it makes me immigration MM. That was a phenomenal Henry groaned aren't there at the end we we need to pull that does have that as a random drop from time to ask to be a drop the Thomas and Nicholas awesome stuff from him we had a great time and hope you enjoyed that interview take -- baseball brawls yesterday Google fights or talked and written rules but. I almost fantasy press sat next on the fan. But about the blazers delicate series coming on top of the hour. But he the other matchup sit and talk any about the east playoffs. Can you sell me some entertainment Eastern Conference I could say entertainment but ultimately it's not in America's most people. I think you're just thinking dollar okay Boston's done rise not just in Toronto how funny near eight straight NBA finals the front you likely to be Cleveland could foresee it. I think it's gonna Delores any guesses on who. Ers all the sixers are only a sixteen game winning streak going into the playoffs I don't see them losing to Miami they murder Milwaukee last night I don't know about that. The sixers are I think I thought the really young and am in the post season. Who do you trust some of them he. I think the heat are very good team. They've got James Johnson is their best defender Wayne ellington's actually played pretty well there expose street got Goran Dragic. And you got dual big men. And oh by the way and satellite are now at a some Whiteside justice once those not bad. But he is sneaky good team in the east that east and I saw him in very hard. I'm I'm not gonna convince you otherwise the Phillies won sixteen games in a row but the Phillies but I think there's entertainment to be had in this film and the Eastern Conference but. Are you eat everything in Victor early deep on the pacers to be Cleveland know we're Cleveland sucks. Outside of LeBron so I'm idol but they have LeBron and on December curious to see if they're in a struggle this year because they have outlook good. For a long stretches the season missed Ronald loses in the first round. Who if there's a Washington based around Washington and got to be very raptors for them to lose Crabtree well there's Charles Simon on the Eastern Conference scenario coming up of the fun moral figure out something else talked about a 230. They know they're workable baseball fights yesterday and Zambia these really cool the first one we talked about yesterday briefly on the show. The abroad a course field as normal Nolan are not a got into with Padres. This step back from the night before where is Colorado that Mark Bell weather center fielder. And he's going on the DL only hurts ribs or something is so he's out for awhile there retaliated in the air or not he was not happy about it he charged the mound. And then he had no one last night yankees and Red Sox is Kidd took forever like was this an eight hour game it felt like. Clothes. Soared four and a half hours or Jake Long on game one game but tempers flared between these two teams and it goes that long and there was a situation Tyler Ross and slid into second base. It is not spikes will not hit rock hole. So all everybody got a came out yelled at each other not that happened couple innings later Joseph Kelly hit Austin with a fastball and then that's when all hell broke lose. Threw two straight pitches. Right in Austin the first access the second one that he tried I always love the guy after the game and tries to claim Agassi pulled my eight let slip engaged and I my control the planning is also in this position Seidman go outside for slider right at times I distraught throw a couple of pitches inside but he NM. On a couple solid fights yesterday in baseball guy I personally enjoy the Yankee to red sock. Fight a little more than I did the Padres and Rockies and the reason I say that is because. There were people legitimately had locks there was actual fight going on where is. Colorado should have had Mora fight going on in the pitcher was a lawless it would have been a great fight I kind of like all the Padres were a bunch of going Aaron I'll always ready to rip somebody's head off the Romo threw his glove and when I miss you just what united peddling. If you are not out connects. There are two things I would pay for that I can be atop my head right now sports one would be I would pay five dollars to watch known or not as punch can act yes in his second is I would have paid to see LeBron James finished the yen one dunk on dream on and keep them and it could it be the I think there should be a new rule instituted in baseball that of Europe pitcher that throws at a guy like that. You should not be allowed to leave the pitcher's mound. Thank you should have to face the music with pat a federal I give you wanna drills a lately let me stay with you kinda help you can go to the other side hoping trips over the hill or something like Dublin if you're gonna throw it ninety miles an hour and somebody's ribs and then potentially hurt them. You should have to face the consequences of that. At least like Joseph Kelly when Austin was walking towards and said are a skill he waved him on. In any kind of ducked out of the way but I think I was more leverage thing to try to. Yet again and again let's go bringing on Italy's like. I kind of like that is oh points or Austin we had Yankee fan in the office telling Mike that they thought Stanton slide with the spikes up. You know losses I've yet Hoss is Isaac was on purpose. And Mike was defended it as a duo known jumper of his I think the owner Mike I think you say for sure he meant to do Clinton. Ross the replaced clear he didn't mean it was editors different definitions is as Jones piped in on this too on Twitter all Egypt really don't let it Chipper Jones have basically any we all know you don't slide with spikes up like that yacht. It's it's gonna happen it's gonna police itself I agree I disagree with Mike at the same time I don't think he did it on purpose. I don't think leaves at least slid into second base with the intent of Golan spikes in. It's still ended up being kind of a dirty play they'll because you made contact with the spikes that's a that's what I'm I don't know it is the spikes operas like that stocks you are supposed to do that. But I don't call a dirty play because in them intent it's dirty if there's intent behind it because it's OK so if you have spikes up. You know that that's not how your sources like it so even if he maybe didn't mean to hurt somebody you should still be. Aware of the way year cleats or point correct yeah. So kind of a weird way it was on purpose. This city slid into the left side of the bag with a spikes up it was intentional I think it was man. No one this is I had a direct my bread and it's a basic and you remember a baseball forever dude Khat a solid right hook to the fates always seems like the broken up to quake was about Shuster and prevent a door to Shea that's that. A judge on totally forgot about that was doctor Suttie us yeah that was a great that was a good everybody it's Jose about Jesus though right was even better. All of America was rooting for that one the other sad part of this is. Boston needs to be careful with this kind of stuff. They went down all worm hole with this last set on people remember this public titles slid into second base. And they threw it Manny which idol like 25 times after that. And it did not legged when he five tonne and might be over exaggerate a little bit but they were thrown at him for like six weeks every time they face and it did not go away and they did not forget about it cell. I didn't I would hope that it les obviously tempers flared a situation like that it settled now right I mean Austin slid in high. Brock poll wasn't super pissed about it after the game goalless in his interview. They hit they hit the guy that slip highs it was a ninety retaliated against somebody else so as I fry us is that high he got it with a pitch. Hopefully it moves on from here humidity is Red Sox it's not gonna move on from here and him bringing up on Ryan of course lighting that's great. That's when I walk away with is yankees Red Sox is annoying is that can be acting for non yanking on Red Sox fan. On the West Coast and out every national game. It's interesting again. Robbery is back then it's back yes did you see that Nolan are not O interview by the way yes and after the game. They test him do you think you're gonna get suspended due to start by countries like a but it it's gonna he said yeah I will get to spend it kinda I don't know how long but yeah I know I get a funny thing is is people think it's going to be a light suspension because the punches didn't land it should be he shouldn't be suspended for more than a game not I just trying to play that you could throw hay makers like that. But if they don't land it's not a series suspension but got if they land and it's different thing he's doing the same thing you just happens to miss with a punch how long did oh doer get suspended. Who went after a back out of a number I wanna say like 7 games and am IB a week or so would be my guess summer that range. Yeah I've got a lot of good little baseball fights yesterday do they say and in his early in the year Boston and a New York on at a Colorado San Diego about Mark McGwire to he's been in the middle of the bunch of those. Normally was and Arizona. He got in today in the Dodgers got a big fight one guy and he likes that line and from the bench Yasser he's been he's been around he got into it yesterday too so a book of fate now baseball sized crowds ever had to back crunch fitness always not nanny found a month so why would you repeat more free gym membership to find out more about or spray an average out. Actress stuck on let's get to the final out of the show we got an addition of Mike's slums coming up to fifty look forward to those who take a look ahead. More to the Eastern Conference playoff picture is it just Cleveland or given anybody else a chance bubble started gamma blazers M pelicans. How many games does the series go and who wins it 55305. Go to final horribly orders bring on 1080 the fan.