Dirt & Sprague 6.20.18 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, June 20th
Talking some Blazers before the draft, is Mike Riley leaving again? and Crunch Time!

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Dirt and spray gun generated a trend that conventional wisdom and my sources tell me he would not get past Memphis or so right now in the land. Three Sacramento it's cheap. At Virginia. Who bought. And try to drag this is the draft which edition of dirt and sprayed trustee vice your way buildings enter your summer outdoor projects and remodeling there. Store online at SH URWHY. Dot com dirt and. Prairie dogs and AB hasn't all okay. I love command our number two under Craig back here a Portland sports leader 1080 to Brandon. If you miss the first hour check it out ten Adrian dot com less Schwab tires podcast on demand. Section is where you can find it. Click listen you can subscribe on iTunes as well. Mayor's schedule is not working with our future plans to amateurish. I go watch a mariner game come on now let's go on and I don't miss the the giants are coming up and I'm going to miss it because of jury duty this jury duty is followed me like the plague so far this year you're giving me a heads up Savimbi out the giants as a break here and minutes agonizing Tuesday Wednesdays has gonna take two days off and go watch them but. I had to postpone it because I got a jury duty for the Thursday I was at Augusta. Was the last time landing improve that I was at a town and they sent a cable reschedule the game into rescheduled date for the Tuesday when the giants are in Seattle yeah that's in fortune apart. We had a lot of things to get to an hour number two and we probably won't it's the ma also our number three will be packed as well. We haven't talked about Mike Riley leaving potentially. I think it's kind of a weird it's weird story from me is we is right texts to people and as it is this official and they were like 99 yet. Ha what it might happen all at that even if he leaves he could stick. Brown. Me. Am I brought that up and I was like you know OK but senate side why. Would you want to and it's a weird one so we'll get to Mike Riley here. Coming up in just a few minutes we're some of the blazers what their draft plans are and you know I know the draft is tomorrow and and maybe Portland fan may be your jacked about the draft or maybe you have no expectation you don't care yeah. Yes I don't I can't read that room I attending just get excited for the draft because. Buys O'Shea and every other GMs mentioned Palma is the drafts him we hear that every year he loves young players so. Maybe they'll be active or maybe they won't and I think the frustrating part is a blazer fan is not hearing any semblance. Of any movement we had the Dwight trade happened today and it was a tap dumped basically. From both teams so clearly Charlotte was looking to take on some money but for a lesser price. And we know we have players like that leading get involved Brooklyn did in Brooklyn trying to set themselves up for the future. And now we're not hearing anything about draft movement we throughout hypothetically yesterday just for fun but nobody leaked anything now. Ties I don't know where they're going and I think you know if you told me in the summer. Hey free agency is gonna happen. And nothing is going to go down for us for. Don't we have to. Have like a huge outcry of anger yes towards the GM who just said at the combo line. We need to get playoff caliber of players so he admitted that the roster currently as is does not fit that need yeah. But if there's not a lot of movement if any. You didn't trash. Need to know and so he didn't go out out in that an inning or improve the Rosser anyway and at that ends up being the case yes there should be outraged I would hope it's rounds would. Make data outrage felt in terms of ticket purchases and just say why am I a throwing away hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars and his basketball team. That is completely fine being stuck in mediocrity. But if nothing is different on this roster and they take somebody and Tony for the saints to Simon's kid no big deals happen maybe one minor trade you make a free agent decisions. On guys Wagner can Jeanette Davis and they come back we'll basically the same team next year I'm not going to be surprised. It when you have a GM comes as has rocketed Tracy in my column and I know some NBA experts have said they believe it's going to happen. And maybe Neil assays as posturing suited to try get more out of him but when you continue in that when he continually says that I'm not necessarily expecting it in the short term. And I just I look at these deals and unfortunately I think their best served on the books for one more season that's the that's the sad part the red right now is blazer fans as. That might be the best course of action to take this medicine from two off seasons ago and hope something can drastically changed. Next year so I would be shocked but yes I would be outraged because I think more now than ever. Blazer fans just what you want a fresh start you want something new you want something different you don't want the same stale team. That we know ultimately what the outcome is going to be you know where go back for the last signaled listeners about trading guys and free up space among listeners you know Brooklyn. They have an incentive to Korea this cavs face because his Brooklyn eon and look that's true I'm Brooklyn is a desirable place for people live. When you would think of historical free agent destinations Brooklyn would probably be included in LA as I respondents on no doubt. Who have they got the they have signed by they have swung and missed on any of your freeagent they've tried to get sure why may have now they've been digging themselves out of about a whole nowadays that would dad Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett trade along time ago and they just they have minimum dig out of that yet racquets and say ban him Brooklyn they've gotten nobody know they haven't and but but the reason why you make trades like these are free at caps face even if he still Portland is one. I came from and maybe a knife and as I do look a day Mueller different than blazer teams in blazers stars of past hiding in there is a guy. They can cut through the sales tax and the rain and do I wanna live in Portland. I think it's a guy like Daniel liberty is what respect and around the league. His peers he is peers know how good he is every time stars come to this town to talk about the idiocy is built great relationships with stars on other teams. And if there's somebody that has the ability to say come team publicly and play with me I think did Baylor does that and you could also use it and you pointed to sound techs like. You could also unit that your use of the trades and you have cap space. You can trade something that's not a great asset to another team to take a bad deal. Or at oral bloated contracts are expensive contract off the books for a team that's just simply looking to dump some salary if that player can fit into what you're trying to do. When you're over the cap you don't have any flexibility in free agency and you don't have any flexibility to go out make trades yet to trade sentient but we haven't seen a news. Yet he had an exception is thirteen million dollars Sochi helpful to have to ease the yet maybe they will. This is a pretty funny pointed the tax line and then will get to Mike Riley what's worse though caring about a bunch rumors and nothing happening or not hearing anything and nothing now. Not hearing anything in nothing and I know I think I'd rather see art that team that we root for and that's why it's being involved in some conversation nationally at least that gives me hope. That there's clearly activity as false hope Kazaa that's gonna happen but. At least it gives me a glimmer of help but again I'm sort of has now I want nothing more than to be wrong about free agency trade activity in draft activity and right now it is there's not a lot of optimism. I hope I'm wrong I'll brawl wrong out with it surprise tomorrow. Some seed we'll see NBA draft tomorrow let's move on Mike Riley is already done in Corvallis. Boy academic quick that's next on offense yeah. As a draft regulation of dirt in spring game. You nicer way of building and tear on the 108 and oh yeah. Are welcome back and learn learning on the final drive all oh yeah. 1080 fans. Might. There was some rumblings going on yesterday here in the show. And I don't always buy and it was being too we did. But dirt and pointed this out to me he goes is my crappy leaving Morgan Stan because let's. Let's go on all of my down there are elected up and I saw a couple people Sweden carefully he's leaving sources are telling me he's leaving. Well Alex marked as. Who is a a writer or no he's a radio host for series XM I think he used to write in my view wrong on that used to be on Yahoo!. I ever and sporting news and is known for the dog picture them as I dog picture on Twitter so you still keep Peter King thing. Yes right Peter King does or eczema is a big dog and you think about that well he tweeted this yesterday. He said I'm not sure what this says about Twitter following make up our no that's not the one where is it. Oh multiple sources have told me to expect Daryl Johnston moost Johnson's leaving the you know I guess who potentially may be may not. To get named GM of the new alliance of American football franchise coming to San Antonio. Mike Riley's expected to get named head coach. He also then followed that up. Where I'm not sure what the says on my Twitter following make up but there's a lot more feedback to Mike Riley heading to San Antonio is that coached and who's Johnson being the GM. Out of the response and feedback the year fan was some home. A little upset there's no loyalty from Mike Riley but and we don't know by the way if this means he's not gonna coach anymore. Mike's said this week goes on the spring so we can coach and then go to ten coach's eyes officially kicks off I believe in February. So. He might be god he might not be gone. But. Out of nowhere Mike Riley head coach for a pro is pro leaguers similar program. I don't know probably the car products like another one of those new startup leagues is trying to cut into the market share in the NFL and coached. And was Marv as he sent out by the way the Riley might not leave ya could see he was going to created the report. And then somebody seriously reportedly losing an assistant coaching goes not necessarily as this is desperately. Right that's right don't hate it if he's got to go coach summit like this full time MB to head coach if you're John Smith what are you keeping them on staff for right I did that doesn't make this is recording time that is the offseason that is for a program right like organ state right now. That is the most important time of the year is going on closing on the recruiting trail. And if one of your assistance a guy who is known as it is a good recruiter you know and as a guy that you're trying to Leonhard and in those situations. Is up coaching and AAF football team in San Antonio. What what he won an assistant coach like that fours so I don't necessarily buy in a decade happened. The only scenario that I could see playing out is maybe he coaches this year in Oregon State and saying am I committed to this year and organ state. All be on your staff through this season and then once December rolls around you know you are an November your last game. Down and go become the head coach at San Antonio you can replacement that I could see potentially happening I don't see him long term doing bald. I guess the question for rally I have and it you don't have better and I do and and you brought a good points on Twitter. About why he would want a job like this but. I just professionally it's what's the end game but what do you do what do you. What are you hoping this leads to him he he clearly still has the itch to coach you clearly still wants to be head coach I guess I 64 years old. I just I I just wonder I guess it does better so rolls. The you can take. More secure roles that you could take different positions being Anchorage in the AF I just wondered what the end game it. All he strikes me is those kind of struck me as a guy dad is coaching tele seven the might be something he wants to do that six more years a long time. AA coaching edge is still there needs me and fifty K. I tonight it paid this year right we nice to get payment brass Brazill case as is not struggle and we know that he still wants to coach you don't take that job on if you don't want a coach. I think this is a pretty logical step for am I didn't never view him being hired in that role is like all this is a long term position. This kind of and I know Bieber fan has felt this way too. Canada's felt like let me help Jonathan a little bit know the the lay of the land is the head coach Mick lock him through some things I was going through when I first started. A lot has changed but it's nice to have a voice like that general by the way. I still know football. I am I not had a great record at Nebraska but I still know football and it's nice to have a guy that knows slope on ads accessing grouse around. I never viewed as long term. So when San Antonio Gates brought up about this league I'd never heard of by the way Erickson took a head coaching gig one of these teams any day of it makes sense when I first met Mike Reilly I locked into his office we talked for an hour and a half. 45 minutes of that conversation was just about San Antonio. I know idea I didn't know anything about him really outside of the stand around San Diego coming back I didn't. And that's why got to interview. Andy was telling how he coached the San Antonio Rough Riders frightening a year to. And he loved it so much there is vacation home is in the hills there are term he goes back every summer. His kid who did video production working organ state got a job at Texas a few years back. I am I acting she might still be there so Austin's an hour away from San Antonio yeah. There's a lot of things that add up you love that city and if you wanna be a head coach. He you mentioned even a place like you tap that's an error or you TSA yet UT San Antonio how many gigs are open in how many gigs wanna give Mike Riley as you mentioned 64 year old Mike Riley. That head coaching gig I think they're the pros of coaching in a league like that if he is to leave Corvallis. You still get to get that it's of being head coach. There's probably some of him that always thinks back to I wish I when he got more time in San Diego and they would listen to meek is remember Mike Riley really like Tom Brady yeah and it's. He gives suited not deal with any recruiting. Johnston Joseph Johns and we'll talk to a guys they might pick her draft whatever they're doing. He'll probably say it is awesome film on that cater yeah I cut those games and make the right move he just ultimately gets to coach football. And I think for 64 year old he'll probably make a 10030000. Dollars a year nothing more than that. First article begin you'll get to live where he already has a vacation home he loves that warm climate. And he'll be close to his kids now who I believe has a family so there's a lot of pros here verses like the why is still do it I can see why you would wonder that but organ state was never a long term viable. Option for him so if he goes San Antonio and leaves. More power to him go be happy to people that are talking about loyalty the same people they got mad that he came acts. But I got no. I'm for that message in part about because I never wanted to tell another families how to feel about a figure inside their program BIZ or receive fans I'm sure have opinions that are all over the map on a guy. Like Mike rallied that was the part dole when he came back. The reason it made sense to be. Was because I did kind of feel like that made sense long term not in terms of a coach. But just in being an ambassador to the program being a guy they can shake hands and raise money. Being a guy they can step into an administrative role inside the athletic department. Once he's done in China is is officially scratched the agent of coaching football. It didn't make sense to me long term was eager to be in and assess it was the tight ends cushioning and always listen as right now. Yeah I'd be the tightest presidential it was to get to be out for ten years in court browser gentlemen's bet now that wasn't going to be as long term play but I could see him being around that program for a while. And in the other part of this that I think is. And disappointing is the right word but I. What would she was hired in Corvallis as a not Oregon State guy I thought that's got a cool is coming back he's meant a ton of that program IDs. He coached John Smith he's going to be on his staff like I saw positives in it and I saw a lot of Bieber fans. That word negative about it like why we don't want him back what are we gold back to the old days for we don't want him back in Corvallis. And he left to go to Nebraska beef a favor for something I did and I think now that enough time has passed to adjust. Tim being back on the staff you see no end of it's an impact potentially that he could have on the recruiting trail I think it'd become normal again that might rally was around. And then just ice caps like. How long ago was even higher to six months ago and now he is a's C a later on to go coach DA AF it's kind of where because I've I want Oregon State fans to have. A positive light in a positive opinion of my credit because what he's meant to that program right and I don't want this to leave like a sour taste that he was there for six months now is bounce and again when listener says and if leaves. Any what's successful when he does well he could get one last stint at the another. Not that he would ever go to Florida but you know program of that stature. A USF type program that's you know non power five and a I don't know maybe empower friends school would take him on for cup who knows but. Yeah China's Nebraska players have not had good things so out his time and offensive lining came yesterday and asked him what the Riley era was like it eBay he was like it sucked. It sucked. Odds are it was disconnect there that was a random out of blue they offered in the job he had no ties to it. I think he win in much more. Blind then he he should of that that just that never felt like. The right fit right lake and is sent arrogant idea when you see a coach take a job like that. You can instantly get a feel right lanky aside Jim bell goes to 8 am well a cat I'd zip. Or as Scott frost not a Nebraska processor Brusca when Riley got on the plane and came out a Nebraska wearing a red tie we only. To hell is this going on right now. Our. Our Sara I think that was his way too late move I wanna show be like go to big schools he does that are leaders career I think he has success but. Some elements of the coaching staff had passed him by X at a rock. For any beaver fan that forgets what he means to that program and university. I got no time for those people those people miss it the EU just missed the mark. You never realistically what he was able accomplished for the program what he meant that program. And what he brought back from a university. Those people will always missing those of the former interns that things cash Gary Anderson the better had coached and they say he's turned in this thing in the right direction I got no time for those people IC we you're saying about long term viability with that job but did you seek and you see him and like an administrative likes hanging around the F lagged until Shanley. Black around shaking hands raising money would donors weapons those soundly goes you know I have I wanna go do something else I go good yeah go do something else's commander of the Marriott city where you don't build this is you you are Portland. Mike rally is Corvallis what's the this is different though it's obvious knowledge. He drops there before he for any other pro league USFL and that was the Donald Trump Lee and I innovative for the rough writers cell. We'll see we'll see what this means long term if he's gone dim we'll find out their press release but. As of right now nothing official is Alex Marvin is saying that they expect him to be that coach in this news San Antonio. Football team are we have a prize bribes still to come in the next hour and a half of the show. We have to get to Mississippi State audio there's a great prank somebody pulled a the World Cup don't listen percent as. And in New York Yankees are gonna break the home run record is is good for baseball. It's all that. Final hour coming up last half hour of the show or second hour of the show. Coming up as well the first here's Michael. Everything this it's draft we tradition of dirt in spray you get from you guys are always building and Caroline Kennedy. And it's the question that run at immaculate thirty saying that everybody but a lot to get some of the ocean today columns. That story coming up Mike Lynch additionally got some baseball stuff to talk about Oregon State play again today. We got our eye on two of the commercial break Dan Wetzel wrote a piece about the Memphis Grizzlies if you don't know they have the number four pick in tomorrow's NBA draft. Which is AF fun hypothetical trades that we've thrown out there a would you trade CJ in the 24 pick for the fourth tank. And Chandler Parsons and return. And outlets those pieces saying that no top prospects wanna go visit Memphis none of alarm play for the grizzlies this is not unusual either to this draft class should be don't step curry did this he power play Memphis he did not wanna go to Memphis at all. This seems articles said he well I I wanna dive in an article probably later today after the show is over because this is a topic that's interesting I know doesn't involve Portland's I get some people may not care but. Memphis is a kickass city it's got could food. There are a great fan base they are grit and grind it grind house right and to see all these prospects discount ago. And I'm good like my Obama might not be a top five or six player drafted he's not gone there and he was like yeah I'm gonna I don't wanna work out for the fourteen in the draft on the follow up question or two as the does this make it more likely Memphis trades the pick. I think he gives you an opportunity and that's kind of in the rumblings for a while now as they were looking to may be if it meant them being able to dump the Parsons contract. That might be what does it so if you were a team we put Portland here because blazers where board. Why not say take Tom Parsons for two years or it's terrible dealing Sox but but day when he plays not a complete bomb. Right not a complete bomb when he went nowhere near the same color and black and alive and actually the second of men's history is in basketball last here's a limit look at his numbers the that I'm not defend I'm not telling you Parsons is remotely close to worth that contract that was a really back contract. But when he plays he can act like he. Is worthless so gays 29 years old you would have gone for two year eBay you're eating the contract for the fourth panic and that would mean getting an asset that you feel will put you over the top and a year to. He averaged eight points per game last year. That's more than marquis and thirty in 36 games. I now want to play the final game of who had the better obviously he was. Evan Turner played more eleven term pattern numbers. And Evan Turner average like thirteen points with the team you watch in camp probably now eight point two since when he averaged them right Evan Turner averaged eight point two or Jana Parsons averaged seven point 93. Point three so your telling me I'm telling you users can pay fifty million dollars senator's sixteen points a game for a slightly lower seven turner rebounds at C Evan Turner -- three game Gemma Parsons to lose 2.5 she's got slightly and rebounds that's it. Kill percentage 46 for Parsons. 44 for Evan Turner well. Same guy that the 36 is the biggest number there he played 36 games he's not been healthy I wish seven generally played 36 games I don't think he cares about his fastball career anymore hot take Chandler Parsons I think he's gotten his money he stopped caring in Dallas and moved on to Memphis and got money. Nighters on scene within two Graham models and traveling the world which is not a bad choice in my of so I'm I do not investing in him as a long term use eating a contract. But it would mean your pitching for. Yeah that instance I would say seriously you would not consider doing that CN Nasser a beautiful Wedgwood is denizens were ready best Catholic third segment anyways so we. A poll question today on this of would you pulled the trigger on a deal like that. And there are a lot of folks that's give a Texan when we have thought that we brought it up earlier saying that's not enough value for CJ McCollum. Which I I don't necessarily understand. All I get that is not ideal to have to bring a bag contract in return but that's that you're gonna have to do because you can't trade you know Manchester never trade exemption to bring on that kind of money. And I just gonna Trajan and mourn number four pick for CJ McCollum C got to make those matchups so yes you're eating another bad deal for two years. It's going to be up to books at the same time as Myers and Evan Turner fuel on those so sure that's not ideal in the short term but. The long term play would be to get the number of floral overall pick and right now what is Atlanta Jerry Jackson remark in that accident whatever bridges or dodge dodge its rivals to four right now we LA indecent I don't know it's a missing 53% of people say that's not enough for CJ McCollum to which I wanna ask those people what do you think you can get for CJ McCollum. I think those people on an established yet duke players they don't want to risk. Of a freshman in college going to the NBA and now working out because you see a lot more of those players and our cal recently the best established for you begin tonight only hear her brought up does Harrison Barnes. Right but which by the way you're reading another big contracts though right the people are saying it the fans. Are putting together all these trade scenarios to go to acquire Leonard. And CJ is part of that right now that's realistic blunt saying in the fan's mind that doesn't want that kind of a deal they're saying. Quiet Leonard is what we wanna get procedures blossomed equity six Kevin Love go on that category. Yeah I established players who have been stars are stars and verses they really. The scary rescue taking a fresh from from. Add to those people I mean I guess slow appeared in Tyler and I think that's fine but. Chip in just a little Google. On all star players or by the way he's not been an all star now players that are all star or fringe all star players that you can think of global what they got in traits. Held global just also our players go DeMarcus Cousins. Gould Carmelo Anthony getting a body healed you get a lot of role players and future picks you do not get this huge hall now. Well you've gave a CJ. Cheers. This guy and that guy that are gonna put you over the top and make you substantially better than chaos and confusion dear trading with the team that it's either you once CJ you're getting on assets because they need one more piece or out of their trading he's a mouse yeah. And like it did. I see the concern or pause from people back oh. Do we wanna weighed in developed a college freshman or European player that's never played over here. I get it. You're also being about the timeline of Damian Miller here but that timeline is a swing not going to matter much. If you go into next season. With almost the exact same roster realize your nowhere near competing maybe even for the second round and that is where. Your fear should go right out the window. Because this is a league that is being dominated by the warriors is being dominated by LeBron James Maas and is on the fringe of that sure Billy looks like they might Deon is something the lakers might. You know create a super team in James Harden in Houston. I seem to know what the hell they're doing. When you're sitting outside of those teams. You need to sometimes be. Willing to swing the bat. And it's not your not I was Gail runs we have basically not hit home runs here outside as Amy Willard a long time. So I understand the hesitation I understand and not trusting oval shaped by. It is the fourth pick given the top talent we have in this draft. That's where I just think it's it's deserving a spot dismissing it I'd I'd I don't get that went up when you say Don TH. Bagley. Jackson in rage is. And tears I don't Jackie Jackson fill in the blame ranks top prospects in this stressed that people think or can't miss roller. Could be superstar players. You got to roll the dice what you're let me look up grow quickly and lower against. It's last year or so. A little bit use the example of a guy like Jason Tatum. How odd how much different as Boston feel now having a player like that he's untouchable because the number three player in the draft so they trade him for right now in the league. And on an image of what demanding it include many for a while Leonard. No I eight hours now ski seems to think that. He is untouchable for Boston if they're gonna go after quiet it's Jalen brown in future picks LA LA may be good Josh Jackson and it doesn't pan out in year one at Lee's it would be great for Jackson and Phoenix right. Which by the way I mean I know brown is a much better version than what you get Parsons but that's an example betrayed. You would be trading may be the second or third best player when healthy. And best two way player in the league and in return you would get a couple picks. And Jalen brown and good young players that work we've we don't know who always going to be in a couple of years might be a fifteen track per game Geisel career he might blossom ended 25 point game guy. I don't know. And then draft picks that's what you get for quite Leonard now I just that. To maybe thinking on CJ McCaw ams I tell you to agree with what I'm saying on the on the trade here I'm just simply telling you. It's not like this window is open for us to win a title with a backcourt. It's not like the league is going to somehow shift. Drastically in the next year for you to suddenly jump up and be a contender unless something out of the blue captains. So if you're not gonna go more long term thinking a couple of years down the road. It's it's not a bad idea it's not if you can't just dismiss it like that S president's state articles by nobody is working Allen Memphis nobody wants to play for the grizzlies it's it's a strange saying that Memphis it's from damn let's of them on Yahoo! they have number four pick in the draft and that's gonna make some on I've pretty interesting and in this isn't the first. Crop of players it has done that to the grizzlies but tell we'll see how Memphis handles Atlanta when did you. But that number four overall pick right let's gets an idea let's get to the crazy fan story chalet. All we have actually two little ones from the World Cup and the other one from the college World Series to which I asked what is that. Craziest thing you've ever done to be able to go to a sporting event because of Mississippi State fan might be able to topic crunch time next on the fan. Salad tonight engine has always done and he found Alonso wanted to interrogate more free gym membership I was out of the glory assessing and this morning. Didn't see your lazy ass anywhere around there and mouse game. And inside the room. Stays out. No days off I got a killer workout in yesterday. It was so bad I I needed change my son my work out shirts are just like plain white tees but there. Canon that cotton mixed material a kind says sometimes and I'm sweating too much and I cannot get my shirt off in the locker and it makes our sticks Tia is stuck to me and you hear your shower in the gym guide to. Well because I can't Arab the time to go from the gym dad's my house in the OC and then come to work so time wise and works for him. Yeah ED UID like ray's leg up on the entry that guy. Now now. It today there's a couple. Older guys that god bless them they're kind of walk around. Cans on the hander strikes the back and ARD IE do again a big deal just hanging around. Them thousands in his points. But they can or buck naked. I always thought of autos but. Isn't it but I thought it was buck naked why would be but if you're blocked naked if your buddies out you bring up a valid point. Sorry I didn't I could I descended on Mike and feel like people usually. And it's ours I've heard both but I think it's buck naked. UTT he was butt naked in the dictionary block naked means completely naked. So what is so what is it you buck naked or did you Google but they can. Only be careful but for now there's no dictionary definition it comes up her up so buck naked is actually in the day in the dictionary about that. Interest and it is accredited word according to the smarty pants that's right. Nip this thing in the bide. Yeah nip it in the bud ads bud yeah. Not but now in doubt that turns out we don't want these bots in these expressions and attitude that I a year data de language sounds from a buck naked eye about that. At some point to the final our show we make fun of hunter Strickland to -- did yesterday or two days ago I guess it would event joining funny your own team we can you a sad story this morning. Gosh what was shoot. Some flags and I you know I broke a couple things myself in the house and I read that one last night we'll get to that at some point. Let's get to some fun fans stories though one we have audio on the the other we'd also we'll start with the not EO. This we had a whatever she wants to it is to residential areas and I I would love to be able to pull some length is also. It's a father and son debtor in there in Russia at the World Cup and their their their fans and it's the o's go and enjoy it. They could hold a restaurant to try and get a reservation. But obviously with the World Cup being there's a lot of people down the restaurants and you know like sorry we are weirdly the book rest tonight there's no reservations you can't unite to be a lead your tonight. A couple of minutes later the father I called back to the restaurant and claimed to be the prime minister of Morocco. The restaurant bonnet and they gave him the best seat in the house and the chef Kimmel over with a plate in asks him to sign the. Plate too which state took pictures with that with the head chef at the restaurant is so he won in was it Shaun it's and this has this AM viewing sons and this video to us and it's O tweeting away will re tweet with the a town of we have yet. Actor and sprayed it is fantastic because it showed you the guy he's getting up he'd just finished eating a great meal. And then these Russian studies argue we get a picture can you sign this play ever sign a plate so I looked it up if you see the guy in the video the dad. Pertaining to prime minister do you know with the prime minister Rocco is by the way no clue it is say dean and eating. To do dvds he did eating cat all the money sounds about right I Google image Tim similar. This gentleman is may be fifteen pounds heavier looks just like okay it's always got the so to pull off when they go this guy. They will believe that they took a picture with the prime minister unless they find out about the source via social media. But this was brilliant and have social media in Russia on a crack down on that kind of stuff I was just North Korea maybe in his I don't know what gluten doesn't. Because this it is I hope they poses and they have a good picture on the walls of the the prime minister of Morocco came a year in the use it is a probable hobbled brag for their place. But the only the only that did it took us out of my head with a line like that is kick ass to be able to pull off. The other one is how dumb is this restaurants are realizing guy that blocks in wins. When you look at what he's he's wearing like it looks at a time Hollister maggot in just a loose fitting a couple of buttons under on. He's not dressed up and all there is no security detail. I nothing outside of now that I know his looks that would be only thing nothing else reeks of disguise a primus for prime minister's eating at your restaurant on Steve that's a pretty big deal. Like some some you know some some guards and security guys Kevin Lockett in with some glasses on him protect the dude. How do you fall for that as a restaurant now you know look. The prime minister cause you got to take that call you got to oblige. I don't know in the moment would you go always you don't have security detail I think you're good yeah I think I would I. You just block it in the just to register. I would think the it would have moth to the guy was wearing a regular short sleeve but Masterson and it is almost like a Hawaiian look in shirt as nice not dressed up at all now. But it looks like him. Any sign the played in the exe to Olympics with the edge of the restaurant. And it's funny because you know they're gonna frame that and it's a prime minister Morocco hands let's go to the other crazy fans are you today I believe we have audio zesty Mississippi State fans sell a point by the way the he did brisk pissing off Russian shaft end not a good idea is a little dangerous I'm not a sending any Russians if I have the choice but if you need to get in that's a Smart man and maybe it's usually during an ounce this comes from the college Rogers I believe this happened during a rain delay a couple of days ago and it was a local news station -- around talking to fans about how they got there how cool it is to be there. And no one Mississippi State fan had this story to tell. The sacrifice that we first we might be here are incredible my wife's boyfriends holed his prosthetic leg on Craig's list afford me the opportunity to meet here. But I get a long time. And I get a chance to be an Omaha. We biomed Israel now. Well first of all my wife's boyfriend life's boys sold his prosthetic leg 0% chance it's real but a 100% chance they still enjoy listening to that story. You think that guys can get on TV and really admit that I know it's Mississippi. And that is Mississippi is the abide it. No all I camp I can't live in the world we live and I can't buy this camp I've. There's ridiculous things but I think boyfriend console of her prosthetic leg of bids for. It alone time that somebody somewhere in federal court or something that the doctor Frist somebody's doesn't make his support I'm gonna be mighty disappointed that you gave here. Lastly for the us oh thanks dale who daily deal would. Where's your leg so I sold its lack it seems you do the World Series college so we can have some alone town hall of detail let me leave. UN Alice can enjoy the house are Seaway thanks dale. I can see the intro to this born happening. So let's just let's just pretend. That it Israel. And let's just pretend their brand and springs porn intro was actually happened from fright maybe the boyfriend wants the husband out of the house for. Yeah we do a long time he's called is not a leg or slate right now what I need is your wife half of the learn to watch Omaha as a marked that this guy he's geared for two weeks man deal. It's your she'll be okay deals over our shoulder all the time well guess what you're getting code due to stick on the World Series buddy you're going to see the ball down. Selective from the college road series one fan who is a problem question is the only bit of the news that is like post it online and went viral. But the news could cuts off Fred there's so he was sick there's a follow up clay their wedding and then tho gotta tell you there was a follow. Please tell me this is a real story so one guy tricks a Russian restaurant in and think committee is the prime minister Morocco and Mississippi State fan is that the World Series because. His actual hides boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg and he says you don't sell legs on Craig's list that's where he went wrong and he said he bad believe it you know so let me just solely I think it's only thing on Craig's list. Yeah I feel like there's a very dark category like if Russell had a prosthetic legs on Craig's exactly I'm like there's a category for that M four IL EGA half percent go on their mouth something going on am I it was hitting it to the final hour of the show we got to baseball stuff to get to the Yankees are satin are on pace to set records so is Mike Trout an unbelievable season he's Avant. I do pitcher broke his hand punching something when are people gonna learn to stop punching things. Sadder story got a gates we have not talked Kline Leonard yet is he said Donald Gregg Popovich. And Oregon State is up plant an acknowledgment series resumes financial muscle to get to the final article in order sprayed on an eighty the fan.