Dirt & Sprague, Friday 8-17-2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 17th
The guys are live from the Winco Foods Portland Open, they talk some preseason football with the Jets and Redskins, then tournament organizer Jeff Sanders sits down to talk the Winco PDX open and his role in it.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirt and spray that. Sandy dirt Johnson and Brendan spray. Dirt and spray gun 1080. All ride as well vote soon with a rose city it is time for their spray helped Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Rated Spragan Peter Johnston with fuel out at pumpkin ridge. For the 28 teen. Wing co foods Portland open yet again it's our annual tradition we come out here. And you are radio show right in front of the practice putting green and we've taken incredible abilities of the golfers and of course their girlfriends and why. That is right the scenery is the scenery is pretty solid out here ad it's almost like we got to get kind of a quiet show because we're we got some guys up and there's a lot of aligned for this tournament so I. The plan for. Tour cards the last thing out wanna do is be an idiot that thought too loud enough -- a Moscow and in this weekend we we have a former coworker Barr's name Taylor amounts and now works out here for this event days walking around like a big league he has got to walk to -- -- ass AMP I'd like Gary you needed I can get it attic the power rankings of like worker equipment that you can get that would make you feel pretty powerful one right talking has that been near the top I Atlanta I always thought that zoo I just have a Milwaukee sake I he probably never uses it sir I don't think he actually walked he talkies anybody but. Would just have a rocket docket is that's got to and it's kind of an eagle blues Korea why would even take the watch hockey because I remember going to an NBA game when I was a lot younger and a security guard at a watch the hockey and somebody's trying to get through and again I don't want India to okay. And a that's got a little bit of power and I he's got the juice nanny can't get through without the approval from Milwaukee cocky guy yes there were out here and he's walking us around and as we've been out here is the fourth year for us I think it's the fourth area so the fourth year that we've been out here. Like I hole Hartley after admits yet I've never actually walked around the course during a tournament I've never taken in the eighteen green which is right to our right here were were set up. And so we took it in and we walked round a little bit. And it was one of those funny moments that you didn't laugh out loud. But we're watching this guy he's lining up what would you say may be a four foot putt let me have floor and I couldn't we got there Connelly it's I don't know if that was a party platter a par putts. I'm think it it was a bird the way he reacted stroke drove he's trying to move up the lead for good event delicate and his state park to hear right he missed the green chipped up at the par three. Yeah you're right maybe that's it. So this guy's Lincoln at this about it he probably takes three or four minutes to even get the courage to step up to the ball in overall awkwardly standing there quiet he can't move I make it sound and he finally exit. And you don't hear drop. And and you see him like he like a flanks and any taps and any takes the ball. And he throws the golf ball in the woods like a big it was at a golf balls all yeah that is. And I just wanted to laugh but I thought. That's golf. You know when I've been their before I've wanted to hug all fall flat or money tucked them more often these guys try to get a different free. So it's no big deal if you wanna of one entity in in and out of bounds but. I don't have a money to quite get away liberal pro V one and the crowd into the into the boundary yeah I tended to be guy that probably puts it dividend the ground. More and I am throw and one of those guys guys and I northbound in the fringe thought. The greens thought you miss that putt it's your fault it's it's amazing that you can play this sport. For however long you play it. And still allow upset you especially when you're not a pro or semi final and ruin your day if you bat router don't take advantage of a birdie or par opportunity I don't know that. Why do you why do we so much more setting golf. Then I feel like any other sport we recreational league play. Like I've been I've lately I've played pickup games of basketball. Where in a course of a game I've probably shot two for twelve. Which is I mean just god awful and I am frustrated. But I'm not throwing the ball. I'm not yelling anything I'm getting back on defense. And I'm trying to impact the game in another way in golf. I can have a Birdie Putt miss it miss the par putt. And 888 sticks of me select the next three holes at a that's the big question part of it probably is because you're playing by yourself. You know that the team massacre at that basketball team missed a shot doesn't mean you're teams you could still win that needle into twelve right so got to get back and plays defense when your golf natsios of screw up. That's your score that's affected doesn't mean it. If your plant one on one and you go to football and you lose a you know I gave it 2121. CU you flew out last lined out it got three or have on the ground I did what this is what happened. Barely stopped by never really takes seriously. But when you play a certain team. They react in a way that can suddenly engage competitive factor right so where played widened and the last night at a famous advertising company. And we've always we play it's a few years we know they are the serious softball team. Like they're all fighting games but they start playing they're losing you can hear them now that I'm getting that yeah and we started playing really well we're waiting yadda yadda yadda. They start getting really competitive and take it serious based arts star scored runs that tied it it's the lead were signed it we almost got a brouhaha like the fifth adding yet there was our first face almost got a fight like. Yeah on any other it got elevated to a level it shouldn't have. And so yeah out followed it I flew out last night and it was the bottom inning we were down one run we have one now. I popped up like put us at two outs where an out away from those in the game and I think Matt Iger announced frustrated checked it on the ground I did in and the guy behind me luckily hit a home run over the wall data adding golf as just one of those sports that it is you can play other things and not have the competitive juices go like you can play casual. Give a pick up basketball play casual game of the league softball and right into roped into it. I don't really play. Out and play cash around a golf. And I get it at some round of golf contorted casual if I'm not and it's like pac and I and I got up and play for at that point not an awful. Back now illegal you have a couple of Beers you write whatever you loosen up you know Medicare in a bad shot you start laughing about it at that point. But if you got a good round owner you got to score your try to hit are you got a goal you're trying to get to. And and you're not playable that it is at it's never just a casual round of golf for. Have seen the tough thing with that is I'm always trying to shoot low. But. I don't know if I've ever been in an ultra serious round either. I see what you're saying about the super casual I don't know if Letterman is super series round yet you think you get mad at your normal rounds of golf did you get what you you have you and your body's usually do well out every year it's intense man say yes certainly talking and we just are you don't talk to each other and it if you start to fall apart or some on the back nine at stake gets intense out. When you got some money on the line you got some pride on a lighter play him for it just adds to this The Hague I guess that's a good point you miss one of those putts when you're down by water like the sixteenth all of its. Try that reaction that's of these guys are practicing right that's right our let's find out what's on tap today's radio show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be crying there's a lot of sporting and it's easy alike got to go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford might pelicans. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. What's on tap brought to the fans by collective memory company court at the beach on line appellate him brewing dot com. We just witness said hello to the pelicans and rep for the show. Our guys AJ and Ryan out here hanging out having good time there there is a gathers his sweet girl very F those of you who haven't been out here we've checked it out yet you whatever reason they come out aside from. The golf they're dead is a really nice area got a drink and watching golf yes the grove and it's and then there's like 1012 or result there there's wineries there you can walk around they gave you free tastings pelicans out there as he tries and years. It's a great spotlighted it and you got a good view of par three yeah if you par five behind yeah. It's a sweet spots coming out of your ads for this week we get somebody in the growth actually say hey I. I hurt Jason swipe card was here it was like a like somebody told you that he was coming out they don't know I literally hurt him here in the grow at a plan. Guys yes these incredibly corporate rates over at that place. That's why guys first all the fans. We got a good show today it's got Friday we have some fun. Paying now we've got Jeff Sanders. Which he's he's kind of the guy here Jeff Sanders news and he he has been for awhile now. It's our tradition around here to have him on the show exit you know it's a thank you from us to them you love being out here them be partners with them. And it also makes it really knowledgeable golf fans only get his thoughts on the Tiger Woods PGA championship. Turn a minute talk about the when Coke foods Portland open as well he's gonna join us at 1230. What talks of NFL I I watched a lot of Sam Arnold last night. I was almost late or softball game because I want to watch every time. Arnold to the field that anybody else by the way I think the miner and Anchorage sounded weird that's gonna take a cloudy used it well I kind of wanted to bring at a I I. Took some observations from that as well that was my first time listening to Witten. Booker and has the story. So it may touch on that. Russell Wilson seems to think something is completely turned around that. You know they're recent history would suggest has been maybe their worst area. Possible talk about that a little bit JJ Redick has had a podcast. And he told. An interesting story about a body. In the back of a taxi cab. With him in New York when him and his wife for their recently had sounds normal say you know you got that going Soria who doesn't have one of those experiences in New York after I haven't lived and lets you hadn't had anybody in the truck no big deal will look well we will break the line. At 230 as well so makes 38 years breaking line sponsors of the better you'd date tax land at 55305. With socks in college football school and down all who were trying to work out schedule wise to be on next week. He put out his pac twelve predictions on the athletic so talk a little bit about that we've got some of those odds for the games are out Huskies are two and a half point dogs against Robert. That's of football or golf or baseball Portland to the Portland diamond project as we got the hat right there from a young man every go Amanda. Rock in the Portland diamond project that they were brought up on the MLB network last night by one the I don't know members of the group Harold Reynolds he Rodham out. So we'll talk about that as well we got its aura director and spray at Peter Johnson and apparatus break. Let's start with some football did you watch him Dora last night. Our thoughts of what we saw from the rookie quarterback Alex Smith in Washington in a Monday Night Football crew will start there yet their Sprague relied on a pumpkin ridge on Portland's. We're out he went co foods Portland open here pumpkin ridge. Beautiful day a lot of other years it's been like. A 120 degrees it's not like this year really is that picture perfect 85. The alien now. You can't beat this it's gonna be great all weekend to and it's vital business it kind of sport that are connected to an obvious hockey guys that's my reference at but. It reminds me of the that would hot games and getting a chance to see guys that aboard have been drafted in the first round and you know like in two years that you'd get heaviest on an NHL team up in a book about our Zell is the rookie of the year in the NHL history played for Seattle and you got to Kansas in Portland all the time. I've I was under two years ago or maybe it's three years ago. We got dealt with a shallow and I was like this is awesome I'll walk around and I have fallen Tony Fino yep for about eleven or twelve holes and this film it was Adolor where many people follow them around and there's got to get back glimpse of what you know. What is thoughts are your thought it was caddie in the back and forth there haven't and then next thing you know a year and a half later your turn on the masters and he's right there is in the top ten and it doesn't on a Sunday so. As got a phone party you might not know a lot of names now but you cannot you watch him. You realize it's not when he five guys are gonna get their work hard. And then you're gonna turn on a tournament two years and boulders that guy's going to be playing on Saturday and Sunday yet so we'll talk with Jeff Sanders who helps run this whole tournament he'll join us at 1230. But I wanna start with some NFL football that you watch Sam Garnett last night I did I got a little bit up that I didn't watch a lot of live I like DD aren't that stuff when I get home yes I'm curious these rookie quarterbacks are fascinating to me and I'm I'm I'm wanna watch all bomb. Yet it was. You know I know it's pre season right so ultimately doesn't matter all that much but it was kind of like appointment television for me I had to make sure I was all right at 5 o'clock. I brought it up right away on TV as I made dinner. And I I just want to see what he looked like I'd seen his previous game but kind of like you I'd watch it out right it happened and have let us raven about a math or gamble on and I thought you know he Odyssey through his first interception chirp. Is up at the line was a little shaky he had a couple plays probably wishes he could have backed by. You know I eat you watch what he was doing. And I don't know how to gain I think we can relate to this with Damian Miller when we first got him. You're ecstatic as a jet and knowing he's your quarterback absolutely love your going all and yet no idea if he's really going to be a window open. Yeah what you've seen thus far the arm strength the mobility the ability to move defeat in the pocket in evade pass rush. And just recognition on the field and being as Smart as he is. I think at least you incredibly hopeful for the future and so even though he wasn't perfect last night. I quite enjoy to watch him be out there. To see what he is going to be like in the NFL and you know I can't wait for the season to start to see what we do in the regular season amend it this changes the whole direct. Your franchise it you only make fun of the jets because in the last what twenty years outside of its year round of wrecks trying to Mark Sanchez. When they had an outstanding defense they've been irrelevant yeah and and now they're feel my case you get you draft you're guy. And and that'll change your direction the next ten to fifteen years and you can be irrelevant team. Especially in that division where you know there is a limit on New England against some point Belichick and Brady are out there. And all divisions can open up for itself. It's perfect timing on their part I think. Last night watching him that the one thing continues to do we really conservatives which it's which is good for rookie quarterback you don't wanna guy going out there and thrown 34 picks but. He's not really push the ball downfield and he didn't do a whole lot of that as for pre season game either. And in part of that I think is him still trying to get its feet underneath them right and part of that is what you mention is offensive line is terrible. And then this is one of the concerns because we talked last week or maybe earlier this week about that you start pilot plant that's one of the bigger concerns I have I think he's ready to play. To a certain extent without offensive line is the cement plant in Europe it's a no win situation for him because in less here Russell Wilson and you could run around and extend plays and it you know create things out of nothing. Sand Arnold doesn't have that criticism and he's gonna be Stanton back there. Just wait and they get drilled in the pocket and that's the biggest concern I have about the jets through to pre season games he's looked good. He's got a bit out steaks but profits of one as. Atrocious well and that's the thing to be humans in the division do you think about the jets history Europe quake and I did this last night they've had three quarterbacks. In like thirty years the seriously don't think about this Vinny Testaverde yeah what two years really. Chad Pennington. Chad Pennington he's not like he had some good seasons it was a playoffs is the prototypical their quarterback right he really is and then Mark Sanchez but like those three guys. Yeah you're talking like a 23 year run here yeah they have not identified. That franchise guy and you just wonder is this it now for them anyway geno Smith Christian Hackett now now now if that on a whole bunch they asked where they've tried but they went in and maybe they've nailed it now. The other part of last night's game. Was Teddy Bridgewater played well now a lot of people wondering too do you try to trade him. So that I would just simply say no. I don't understand this rush to wanna trade somebody because they play well he might. In doubt the hearing it out again in becoming a franchise quarterback for somebody on the road. Why would you wanna get rated them and what do you truly can get right now like what team. In the NFL needs Teddy Bridgewater to the point they're gonna give you great asset stayed until it yet. But but that was it curtsy side because I do think ultimately that is what the jets should do in this case I mean at some point it probably should look into yeah they are right now he is not their quarterback of the future is not their franchise guys stand Arnold as and that's why they use the third overall pick on him right and and that's right I think it if you can continue to play bridge water in the pre season and he continues to look like it's his body's gonna keep going up trading him right now it be done. Because is there a team out there that desperate to make a move and as you mention it there isn't one yet. But at some point it guy's gonna go down a last year we had Ryan cannon will give her an extra Jay Cutler got brought out of free agency to go play you know Tony are almost neighbors even mentioned during the pre season to get a finding jobs. Somebody assign him. At some point there's got to be exotic goes down either in the pre season or first sample weeks of the year and maybe that don't feel confident about their backup quarterback situation. And you need that insurance policy and maybe at apple gets out of it I eat is not on an expensive deal so it should be easy to move in if you can get something about you in return. I got the win win and you wanna continue to play a lot because of this stock goes up. At some point it seems get a new quarterback like that you wanna create the ascent commodity as much as you possibly can and you do that by playing him you do that by making him look good pre season. But you still wanna keep in intact your quarterback room right so having the Downey's he's a veteran presence in there. He's gonna be worth it because of the guidance he can provide to a guy like Arnold. And even a guy like Bridgewater who still relatively young is damn he was only starter for what was that two seasons and any got hurt and I much so you always want to keep that going and then if you get to a point where you mentioned injuries start pop and up. Then okay utilized the asset you have if you want but I don't think the jets need to be in any rush today. Of saying how we've got a trade Teddy Bridgewater. Yeah keep that quarterback room the way it is because Bridgewater could start for you may count could start with you are for you or you could go with Arnold. And you know you have two veteran guys kind of behind help guide him. Both guys one wanna keep their jobs and to the other one guy wants to go try to be a franchise quarterback so I think it actually is working out well I don't know if they're going to be very good. I wouldn't go that far but watching him play. It's pretty clear to see why so many people think ordered. Still feel that he should have been the number one overall take over baker I satellite now almost all these quarterbacks that were in this draft. And I think beyond the ability to work in their respective areas. Or teams. But I don't think it's be rushing to change anything about that quarterback room weeding it's the Monday night crew. Which I thought was interesting somebody made a huge comeback last night I don't know if you notices but we're gonna talk about it there was also a really controversial hit last night's game two there was a roughing the passer call and then also. We never got to Alex Smith. I'm curious how Washington's going to be with Alex Smith because we know he's good enough to win a division and and we did it twelve wins. We don't know if that's going to be in Washington. So what it's an apple we're gonna talk with Jeff Sanders. Well run this whole tournament out here at the other when Coke foods Portland open he's gonna join our show. Just a couple minutes next the first wag the sports update. Hey welcome back out of that we felt boots Portland opened their straight with you happy Friday everybody out there appeared join the day. Our next guest is every time I see this guy. But my goal is to heed this individual that's it life's goal as the turning to Jeff Sanders and I if I curtains greatly stepped up. I don't think I've ever happened yet now don't know the way it's my choice. Let's make bogey nightly on ask UCL is talking about this though and the show if you have that same intense reaction within the sports but he played pickup hoops or sop on strike you know. It's not just as famous as golfers golf separate now I think it's the same when you're really competitive here contaminating you do whether it's business or sports or anything. I think you'd better you'd yet the more. Eat more you expect right or irritate you get with a bad shot golf let's say. But no I think I think when your overly competitive like I am and you don't really micromanage peavy is intensely trained them. I think you know. I need you and other problems yeah but it's up to get a beautiful higher than we we love coming out here in the last couple years it's been like. 9900 degrees we are to say this year. Is the picture perfect. I can't believe I did this weather's you know that smoking and whatever that was couple days ago thank god left this weather today is as good as it gets mean. It's just perfect out here on CNN and of course pumpkin is the world class and you know most everybody knows this yeah we we travel the country in rent golf tournaments and there's no venue like it means there's that the from the parking to two courses today. In all the things we can do here you know for the the fans you know the fan experience that. The new greats and bruised and golf you know over there on twelve and mean just just fun I mean it's it's a great places got such history in Ireland. We did years amateur here in 96 and tiger repeated in the women's open the next you're not it was trying to repeat. And that's as close as I've is as I've ever seen two witnesses you know when and why is that well because it's so competitive and there's so much on the line these guys out here. Type in the utterly reform on the air that. You know these guys are playing for their dream their life their career mean they this is big OK and and last couple years ago or Varner. You know came down the last day in unit getting his card number 25. By 200 dollars for the year in prize money he would. If he did you know 201 dollars heated and down the road rye and you know it that's where that term trunk slammer came for a bit and it. Opened up a structure bag and slammed it throwback Florida but yet here at a stop for gas you know about blew his brains out of the way. I but this is so competitive he's got to shoot 61 here's Terri currently gas Soledad you know one the Wells Fargo PGA tour event three years ago. So he's a PGA tour player he's here is status back but it. And any birdie eighteen and in part by the team humbly I overburdened right now so I can't let alone a round of golf is Scottie Scottie here intimately there. Gavel and that's ran I want because I we talk a lot about it and lack of course bring that up on the golf show but for the people who don't know they haven't been out here and don't realize what's on the line is explain where this falls in the schedule. How the points that yep works in what guys are plain. Four OK so there's a. 156 guys out here at the top 156 money winners on the Web.Com PGA tour and they've been this is tournament like 23. And at the end of this tournament the top 25 money winners mean right off the money list one to 25. They get their PGA tour cards they're guaranteed to play mixture in the PGA tour. If they don't finish atop you know 25 course there's there's four more tournaments there's 41 million dollar were playing 300000 here. And a 144000. For first. There's four more tournaments term as 2456. And seven they're called the finals events in those events are a million dollar purse and so what happens is. That the number 126 to 200 on this year's PGA tour or semi five guys. We'll get together with the top 751275. On this tour for the years make it killed 150. And they'll play four tournaments million dollars million dollars million dollars million dollars all start from zero money. In the top 25 money wares at the end those four tournaments will be than will be also get their card. Shall be fifty total I'll and the way they viewed as a scissors in the hands of the number one money winner on the Web.Com. And the number one money winner of the four finals events are one and two. And that number two money winner becomes three and and the number four so forth dozens of around fifty so. You wanna win the qualifiers you wanna finish first if you want in in the higher you finish course. Like if you win the web if you're number one on the money list Web.Com tour that year in all the tournaments in the in the nothing uses it you one bit of playing your year plan your schedule when I played the tour I mean. I was a wrap it is Monday qualifier was no dot com right right either played in the tournament are you practiced for a week now. And eagle try again in easy about a 150 guys for thirty spots. And if you're one of the thirty play if you're not you'd you've missed you missed the Monday year you're down the road was not perfect Howard Johnson's in red roof and an audience we dealt a death death and it doesn't read through it yeah definitely a brand new bad. Nice putt and by the way when you really got hot missed every putt he could throw it he could throw a ping answer putter right through that well law if but he did right on accurate. But union EU that was a different day right so you use. Now you can actually play all year. And the cream does rise of the top I mean you can have a bad week or two or three term but if you play enough good weeks you're gonna get your card you know and like we're talking also. They're being 36 wins on the PGA tour by graduates of the wind cuckoo's Portland open. Justin Thomas being the number one player he's won ten times since he got his car here fourteen. He's got he's won ten times in the PGA tour so when you see are ads says PGA tour golf in Portland. Well it is PG Pergo earnest you know their current one Wells Fargo he should 61. Justin Thomas is his cart series won ten times so in peoples who how you how's that workers who look. Taking anything you take all the major leagues like football basketball baseball soccer hockey at a all the athletes in each sport. Okay and then compare him to the number of athletes on the PGA tour in the Web.Com combined. Three iron fifty guys told between the two tumors PGA tour Web.Com. If you do the math for the NBA in the NHL MLB NFL. There's more than three iron fifty athletes and now so so that's why this is really these guys it is that's what it put the numbers on the scorecard the UC. No surprise to me once wherever there's only three and fifty these guys in the world doing this so they are PG this is PGA tour golf and you get a chance when you watch his tournament. To see the next you know she will can Bubba Watson. You know. Tony Fino ought to run out Daniel Daniel Berger out. You know Justin Thomas yeah those guys played here and there are now superstars on the PGA tour now and all the news it was it was tee time. In his communities that they couldn't get one but now they've got one and of course wrist is history. So it's just fun that you know I've been members since 92 and I love this place and it's fun to watch it light up for. This competitive golf turn and also. It's fun to see people coming out here you know for junior day for family games for the breakfast ons prefaced on Sunday. And and the awards ceremony on Sunday night you know we give up to 25 cars all the families come right and they're there with their son who's now at a tour card let's say and trying since junior golf high school golf calling all play the whole time. And now they get their tour card in this is like in all happens right here in the eighteenth green and it's just unbelievable now you know super emotional. Super competitive. I was gonna say judge Sanders or gas. Those guys and I imagine. Now but somehow have to be breaking down a little bit Riley are coming down I mean you have total lifelong dream yet we have lie yeah surgery. Now it's it's. You know I I I put my play I played in the two or five years in a long time ago. Now lost my card every year and I I got this thing called tour school which is like that grinder well Anders. Five times and and so I can remember each one of them were it was what it felt like. Aspect when it pay phones you know beat that with a quarter ended eight pages that the card. Was a card called it is definitely on its iron about this pay phone was let you know four feet high and eight feet wide you know it it and you know you can call home in years you tell your parents say them my card you know. But eventually when my license plate said no wins a new I was out of here. Yeah I a lot you know if the but it but it was fun it was gradient you know playing golf around Portland and it is we have so much great golf here courses great players. Great young players right now with the actuary and a off and on I'm biased but a lot of those guys come through here as well yeah eyes here in lies would what a great story now. I ain't got time got his first tournament this year while he got his card it would a year ago yeah. He wins colonial thing we talked to last or wherever we definitely don't want to tell ya he's a ease ease its mark in Austria. Amaze you want to me it just from the golf that you played in now watching these young guys it in the EC and a guy like Brooks Capcom he championship. Did you ever think that you big game would evolve to this point couldn't believe what I subgroups doing mean win when tiger was put it on him on that back nine Sunday. And that rowers were going on people talks people who were there. That toll that they've neighbors they haven't seen crowds like that in tiger was doing as tiger things you saw not at any fairways which is sixth floor if at any kind of roll those in gaining and and but but Brooks kept making birdies and back when they were afraid of them. I'm not afraid of many more they were one time. They start making bogeys when he started doing and he would one. But now. Please keep going and they keep the that'll that'll make is they know they got to go lower and lower because someone will and it's just fun it's fun to see tiger back planned. You know the fact it is the readings here off the charts again he plays is great great for the game and the great thing as he's healthy I can't believe he's actually able to play in practice the way that he does after. What four backs. Or trees now I mean crazy we just heard a story he was that a gust or two years ago. And I guess champion yeah and at the champions Agassi was walking on Saturday I'm done I can't I can't walk Barry get it. Saying last Ryder Cup he couldn't get out of a golf cart Kenyatta Walker and now equities it's amazing I think that's the story to not only is it tiger it's. The physical come back that he is made in his life. Yeah I mean it's he's you know Lanny Watkins I were talking about him one time and you know any sing and he just every you know he can't count him out I mean when he was a fierce competitor on the PG terror. And Andy you know he says GOP's that this guy was he said. He made spewing church Massachusetts cannot get out of you know how much I needed to loses it on dealer remembered egos. But Tiger Woods is just one of one and you just never wanna cash and now maybe thinks he won't be back to really be careful because. He's gonna work and work and work and work out to where you know don't be surprised his comeback I've just been amazed at how well he's played the last couple months. Yeah it's been a lot of fun. Just real quickly put out get out here information for people that maybe listening to this for the first time about the Waco foods Portland opened. Where they get tickets. You know all that's really simple you know win co golf dot com you know fifteen dollars a data come out remember with that fifteen dollar ticket we're gonna be ten free tastings over the gulf and grapes and bruised area yeah we check that out today that's the place to be right if you if you're you do the math a little bit there your network to create edit it and then that fifteen gonna go to whatever charity want to go to an in Portland cynical now you've got kind of a double win. Thank you wanna take exit 55. Off I 26 west which is I think it's Durham yes he's just wanna ball X 55. And he's come out here parking free. And then. You know the golf school and on this afternoon until 630 or seven. The grove is on fire until 630 years at a I'll be over there you know by and shots at MI and I. I it trying to stay out of trouble but we're gonna we're gonna have some fun of their social social great you know golf straight. And then tomorrow Saturday is is family day from 12 o'clock on the violence for the first turn fifty kids. And then Sunday we buy everybody comes out here in the morning breakfast here and then we watched the guys play their brains out to try to get a tour card. And it's just an unlikely interior right now it's is this the most emotional day. Spotlight will be on pumpkin around the world now these guys this is where it's out. It did amounts drive you crazy yet. Taylor amounts I think he's got a future. You know he can't sell anything. But he can certainly ease ease and got a chance it might make it yeah he might make it if he is keeps grinding it out run these Dreier oh you know try to lift him up. On a daily basis that our company was pretty mixed when he left half the room was crying and and how it gets at the eyes are very tiger it was a party you know again Virginia delegate buses and you know he's going over it like your sports they were eager to do the rumor was well never lasts there you go out and work with the ethnic ethnic. Now he's greatly let Taylor counties of course he went calamity universal right local can't load a gay rights tells you played basketball. Actually Randy was coach yet it is coach said he weighed about fifty pounds listing does today. When he did not miss it make this nickname was cotton ball that I am never touch the rim it. A hot and only this president Lula thank you so well thank you guys you guys agreed to a job a lot thanks higher debt great partners and galleries out. Sanders out here at the Waco foods Portland up or have a good time what's not about the Monday Night Football stuff next on the fans. And welcome back in there and spray 1250 soon. Appeared joined today. We just got yelled that. By a golfer's mother so that's a first for me. We had a older woman walked by and the hits keep it down there well I don't think she realizes that Jeff Sanders is an. You were talkative (%expletive) were cracking some jokes navigate time. And this woman comes over and she's this is like. Hi guys need to keep it down a little that in. I actually was just like kind of joking because we were laughing and telling jokes. And they're Jeff Sanders in the group with him Dana leaving and she stays around near me in dirt on and she goes. It's a turn and then. You're being way too loud for the golfers and we got a quiet for the turn him. We gotta go golf talk threats that showed keep it nice and low as grin like Jim Nance the head she goes. What you do and MI were award go to radio show at all. In neighboring Saudi I'm not gonna see the way I taught as is the way it works and Nash usery Colin that turn men and I said. Now working on a radio program on and rise they said on she just walked away yeah so she was none too pleased that we were laughing and enjoying our lives they were telling them is as got a lot of a lot of stress lot of pressure on and this weekend and now less than a couple of idiots that it lightens the mood a little bit form before they get the round underway also it's it's the practice putting green so I think year you know where distracting you on your practice by. You know what we're helping to build pressure that's right that's right you're gonna instantly get a deal with the noise if there's a bird out there that shot up in the middle of the year Birdie Putt at our units are you know wait for it to be quiet in Iowa say this as a golfer I am that way I I think that's my biggest weaknesses that golfer is the smallest little thing can throw me off I think you should be careful saying. As a golfer in front of out on not a poor golf for the editor at professional golfer because hey hey wait wait didn't feel to it. Is practicing here looked at you with a look of light in and out for all your fan access and thought. Audio eleven handicap it L I'm actually practicing their golf you're sitting here talking about yeah we we are let us let with the bodies couple weekends ago we had a group that was like three or four holes either both ahead of us are behind us and they were you can tell they were hammered have a good time and it was like every time they went through it we would run into a lot of green and tee box they would be loud and it would happen right now backswing right right right trading at the ball and every single time it threw me off man. At yeah I get distracted easily among the golf course yeah I I never experienced that before that was a first for us. We are below its second hour allowed things to get you. Just because we have some things I wanna talk about in our number two I do wanna bring a very quickly. Do we address that come back at Jason and hair may it last night the if I watched where Britain play with the Dallas Cowboys the last three seasons. Had to do was go and ball really bad it is this LeBron James territory yes eat it put it that same cats now. Yes Brian Urlacher the occupants are locker at least he's acknowledged it. As I don't think LeBron has never publicly talked about his hair plugs. And Jason Witten I'm assuming has not yet Urlacher I've known as has said in night. It's all ball I want there yes Urlacher talked about the procedure he did and how it actually recover quite well. I think Witten has an interview out here from not mistake in. Where he addresses that he he is trying to make the comeback for the hair. And it's coincidentally I was into a podcast this morning. There is a hell and I can't remember the words not Propecia it's it's another word. That a lot of people Hollywood take. They hair though like Tom Cruise should be ball but he takes a hair pale and it it Pickens and hair thick air and it basically makes it's a year local ball where was this that George is stance that needed it well hold him so. Little before his restraints. Some creams from China Megan has had burned. It's taken up until like man yeah I just I saw that here last night when they did the enterprise that Jason Witten Telecom backed by user. Yeah and that's the weird thing to it hair do you not think people are at it notice that. I think it cubic you're proud of you know who has probably the worst hair moment that I can ever remember right this much I maybe it may be seven a crack down on this and he at least cannot admitted it recently is public Howard went to Howard yeah started at fox that is the worst hair moments in the history of -- it we act like he's from an gray fox you know we'll sprinkle salt pepper tube like bright red round immediate threat to go yellow that you could not let it or not 27 -- soul like Brent. What you clinging to you know just as he moved to LA doesn't mean I got to try to look like your entire I think he finally came out recently and acknowledged it like yeah that was one of the worst moments in my career well what happened here's the steps Collins. Here's my new hair. I'm defensive about my hair you can't defend it Obama to criticize the people who got upset about my here. You know the hair was about it yet he goes in the four steps he's got to cut through the air cycle there to get that last point did you like that group. I gotta I gotta get some I've never liked those two are actually he's going to be good for Monday night. I'm a matter of a reserve judgment okay it's what preceding game I'm I'm not gonna I'm not gonna have a strong take yet right I did not like them. It's just different. Broder was really have a lot more vocal than a body would be a burglar was all over the place but he talked more than eighty and it keep down bugger. I I don't know if I'd like I'm I don't like the immortal like witness I don't know at that time without date decent start for you out. Our equivalent its second hour and now let's start with so calm. That was the C Cox news let's get the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson says this. Is getting much better than has been in the past behind it though what they what it is next your spring with you on the fans.