Dirt & Sprague, Friday 8-17-2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 17th
The guys open up the hour with some Seahawks talk and what the direction of the organization is. they then review MLB Network's segment on expanding baseball into Portland, then the hour wraps up with crunch time and the new helmet contact rules. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. All right welcome an our number two under its break with you off Portland sports leader and eighty the fan appeared joined Friday. As. Evian next to the practice putting green is that it's a very exciting experience to get looks. Yelled that by golfers moms who. Popular locked behind not surfing you know who you walk they're just being nice city at the Rand and had nine 88 hadn't had not a lot of salutes over here. And I isolates you to but he. I tell you amend the views out here are incredible. The it's not bad as a lot of talent out here that's Italy's and boy especially over in the girls area if he if you make it out today marvelously it's yes check out the growth. As. Nice scenery you'll thank us you think is that you do you're welcome. We allowed it to herald lose nine does the gulf so it Jason Zweig art in fact you would probably tell you carries the golf show which Jason Zweig art so I would probably disagree that senator. But he's gonna join us at 115. Or 130 here in the second hour Adam written berg. Is a national college football writer for ESPN he's gonna join us at do it he's got a Big Ten inch. National guy so we're gonna talk about DJ Durkin Urban Meyer. If you wanna get his thoughts on the pac twelve and where the Big Ten is going to be at these yourself out of Britain Merck from ESPNs gonna join us at two. And then of course this great line at 230 but let's start in Seattle with the C oxy you can hear right here on the man. Every Sunday. And yeah a lot of people wondering how they're going to be this year in the NFC west where the rams want it they still look like they're good they add more talent the 49ers seem to have found their quarterback. Are they gonna take that step some people feel like it's the odds are probably the third team in that division nap now. And Russell Wilson is still the quarterback obviously the all pro quarterback. He was asked about the offensive line that group that's been the most shaky. Probably for three or four years now. Any add this to say quote for the first time in awhile my agent release and probably the year we won the Super Bowl week at a consistent offensive line in practice. And that consistency. Is huge. Obviously guys feel and every once in awhile but I think all the way from the left side of the right side where really solidifying our line. Well we're doing the calls in everything else makes a difference it makes a big difference in communication. And how guys step up. And how they play. So he seems to think they have kind of re gain what they had on the offensive line the year they won the super bubble that's great to hear from Brussels and if yours Seahawks fan Deke. Has that as as you mention that that has been the biggest question mark. About this football team now for the last simply years and I think when you're looking at a team that is going into. Quite possibly the toughest division in football you know a lot of that it's not a chance for error the rams the book that a hybrid of the niners about the high Democrat a year that's the docs and cardinals have but the outlines you can make an argument one of the best divisions in football. You and your defense in my opinion is going to take a step back from where it's bad because of that. Retirement on Earl Thomas situation is gonna play out you got a lot of young guys you're just not quite sure what they're gonna look like. You're got any consists consistent offensive line play you're gonna need Russell Wilson to be at its best if you wanna contend for a playoff spotter for a division championship. And it all starts up front for them so. I think a lot of this is the consistency is he mention of guys playing in the same position knowing their roles and being their for awhile. And at any brown at left tackle well but it put ticker whatever pose sick guys are left guard Brett senator Lugar right guard Freddy's at right tackle. That's your group and and that's where they've all been working in training camp they know what the role at the same five guys are playing together. You haven't had any injuries to the five a bomb and you combine all of that with a little lecture experience forum. And and you're gonna get some decent offensive line play so. You add this on top of the comments. From friend of the show Doug Baldwin who said that Russell Wilson looks the best he's ever looked in his career. And this rule with Schottenheimer coming over the new offensive mind they feel confident in the offensive line the offensive group. You're you're liking what you're hearing at this point. It it's got this the on Sundays in the regular season right a lot of question marks but you're hearing good things at a training. You know it's kind of funny because we're so used to custom talking about the Seattle Seahawks defense and how it how great it is and how it helps them. That I've either weak spot this year they're pass rush doesn't seem to be what it was loudly wondering how good that's really going to be linebacker used to be finally KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner and the general out there. And still though Earl Thomas he's not reporting to camp because he's got no new deal and evidence that a change there he's gonna get traded late night ID. And it's that you get a secondary that's a real question where is so their offense you know probably up at the line blows the complaints that. The fans that had you mentioned like that Duane Brown in the contract extension. They're hoping Germain a that he takes that big step in here is what is the second year now at a text sane and yelled that he takes that next step. And solidifies the right tackle position brits a pretty decent senator yeah he's not your top ten but I think he's he's he's in the range of you know not bottoms and seek you just look at their group and sure shot penny has that. That finger injury now's he's going to be out he won't play till week one. And their OpenId it's only two weeks it might be three. You know wide receiver Doug Baldwin is hurt he's basically out all pre season. So maybe they can be okay at wide receiver and you know they lost Jimmy Graham but I don't look at the offense and really panic and mainly that involves having Duane Brown. Kind of banking on this offensive line group that's been so maligned to take that step in navy gel a little bit. I think they're okay depth wise at running back and you press wasn't as your quarterback who I I want I don't want arguments anymore right yet know how I feel about him I think he's a a top 34 quarterback in the NFL. I'd in all some people out there don't agree with that that's fine but I think because of having Russell Wilson. It shores up weaknesses I mean just look at the production he put up last year chair with what a lot of people. Would say it was a week group nay let the NFL touchdown passes exactly he took some shots and he probably should have missed the game after before uniter injury. But heated he doesn't miss games he's incredibly durable. He's very good at not taking those shots unless he's blind sided and so because of that factor. I think he can make up but it deficiencies you have on offense and be okay I think the real questions. Are going to be on defense they release markets Mitt today. The former when he for 20141 round defense event for Philadelphia they released him in what some people are saying it's a bit as surprising move. Against don't know Earl Thomas. You know it's Jack Griffin out on the quarter might be okay year to you but we don't know and so their defense might be to shake his part not the opposite. Lines the that you highlighted some it's important and that is what Russell Wilson has done the last couple years with a poor offensive line and you think of if you just got a group upfront they can give him some time. And he's not running for his life half the time. The sky's the limit for how good of a year he could have and I really think he can carry a football team it. Yacht I look at Seattle this year and everybody's down on and I you know I get it to a certain extent it does he look up on paper what they've lost. There's a certain aspects of principles and that you just never wanna count him out he's not innocent category in my opinion as an Aaron Rodgers but. There is an element of that whether honors degree bank no matter who comes and goes agreed to pay you always make them to win the division or content for the division. Our make the playoffs why because they're writers who cares about their defense as they haven't had a good running back and how long that he lacy got fat. Right but there are always there when Aaron Rodgers is healthy and as a certain aspect that was Seattle and Russell Wilson to meet. That I think a lot of people are are counting them out a little too early before we see how good the offense possibly can be with Wright coordinator with the better offensive line. With improvements on the outside with the tide and it knows how to block. Those are all positive changes in my opinion and I think when you look at the NFC west. The rams with a division last year there's always a dissecting your pro factor for me on they added those personalities that like they did it did you know it and on paper they're better than they were last year but it doesn't always mean that's how it pans now show you saw that from Oakland a couple years ago and what was Oakland thirteen and three NL called informants in our car got her I get the playoffs but. At last they took a step back it's fired you know so. We always state we can go in the NFL based on what we saw the year before and think that's how it's gonna follow through. And it's not always the case I think it's important reminders of that after the same way about the 49ers you know on paper the 49ers look great you got to make a drop below couch and everybody raves about it. Who really that big feat last year at the end of the year and Jacksonville Jacksonville that's a weak tweeting giving that stuff locked up a half point you know what reclaimed for self. I think there's there's that group back there for me was San Francisco was well and and I I do feel like in the NFC west ambler count Seattle out there are a little earlier than that maybe we should now maybe it ends up being in the case where on paper that's out this this division goes but. The NFL such a wild leek. Rarely works that way out to the niners Sloan like their best win where you'd say team. Gave all under percent was probably Tennessee Tennessee comeback win yeah exiles or fight for a playoff spot now where and and I said that last strike at the end of the game and that's why people got so crazy it's Amaechi. Alessio it shapes up. By the way real quick at the defense kind of plays again I think that even a big big step back is gonna be weird to watch Seattle be so bad on defense to compare to what we've seen in absent history. How many points per game eating they need to score so it just for reference last year the rams that the league. With 29 point nine points per game last year they get here and it's 14 range. And I and I think that that number you can get to Brussels and they got through 34 touchdown passes in sixty games he did it. I I think that's the point you can get it. You know it defensively in the division the niners have a good defense but not a great defense ranked. The ramseys dimension relates the other new personalities gel and it it has the potential to be ready but it's latency. Cardinals don't have a job or not and so you're going to be able to put some points up in that division both those teams. Rams and 49ers especially and on what they can do on offense now so Russell Wilson thinks up at the line for the C docs is going to be okay. Says that kind of reminds and consistency wise. The year they won the Super Bowl in when he thirteen and beat the Denver Broncos on our Odyssey not a bad group and fourteen either when they probably should've repeating in England now but they obviously it did not and well for them. Art let's move on let's go to. Major League Baseball Portland got a little bit of a shout out last night and got a lot of people excited what's not there'll blues nine. Who does golf in the northwest with Jason Zweig art every Saturday morning at eight me now that's coming up and then we'll also get to. Stuart and delves maybe pac twelve feelings how he feels the pac twelve is gonna shape up and an ad Rick berg is gonna join us at 2 o'clock all of those things ahead. Their spray it with you on Portland sports leader and eightieth man. All right it is once want me here on the fan of being joined Friday. As we watch these guys continue to warm up you ready for the rounds. I you know the one thing about the golf frustration that'll save wrote quake is. As frustrated as I'd be I would love. One round with the pressure they have like pace Craig if you don't I don't know if you want that why. You when wanna have that experience one time that literally it would it Jeff sailer and this thing gets a 140 K now. Yeah I imagine playing nine holes you got a 140000. Dollars on line I'd love to see how bad I would. But Cink did otherwise how far in the opposite direction of ago could you harness the pressure knocked out some and not doubts putts it would be like tiger except I wouldn't be able to hit out of my bad tee shot. It would be like well I dropped dead at ten there. Fifteenth market fifteen market. Now I don't get right now I've got like the opposite of its tired on Ike Ike hit it like I played on Sunday it stone creek I hit thirteen of fourteen fairways in and fell apart from there with the I literally on every hole hit a perfect tee shot yeah chip I should shot a 76. I was and I was the head case and I shot through in my head and I couldn't I couldn't agree that my life you always wonder ideas I would love to see and feel what that pressure is like to know that kind of money is on the line yeah I play for on about Stiller vomit up late you know lives that's decent money from it eat right I've had those kind of around the utter a sorority that pressure builds up as an excellent game and as a 140 K hey. I didn't see is alive I'd seen it on the Internet. Apparently. MLB at Portland got brought up on the LB network last night by our friend Harold Reynolds. And former Yankee manager Joseph Girardi take a listen the two teams that I would like to add. I think we need another team in the northwest so Portland. You and I think we could use another team in the midwest in May be in a Nashville. Then we have four divisions of four teams and you got to kind of divided up a little bit different I think we're gonna be at 32 Tim's time is gonna happen in next couple years. Or the next 45 years but I do believe that commission mantra will move the 32 teams. Regrets the Portland and rivalries are determined a lot by proximity who hate and I put the what battled the Seattle and Portland were look we're gonna have been in that division when we go high or higher rivalry. And the awesome natural average. Please give me Joseph Girardi yeah it does now. Braylon bad beat me and I've a conspiracy theory for in. Harold Reynolds so Joseph Girardi did say that the little pressure Harold Reynolds is a part of the Portland diamond project grew I don't know what he does if it's financial it is just spread the word and let me tee in the right meetings. He's part of a group. And so I think the idea came about in a production meeting. And Harrell right you don't think Harold Reynolds and Joseph Girardi here talking to each other pre show I think they absolutely are hiding Girardi is well aware that Harold Reynolds is part of this group. And so I think not only was this great for the group. It was great for the city of Portland. Because I firmly believe. Girardi did this is a favor to Harold Reynolds. I've I'm also I bet Girardi not opposed to being in Portland for Major League Baseball let's go gel so you know I I'm buying and I think I think it was kind of a set up and I don't really care that was set up through. Because at that that anytime you get your city talked about. In a positive light like that. We haven't had that we really have not had that and last night you had to really respected baseball guys speak on behalf of our beautiful city. Yeah I am and I I'd love to continue to get the public mentions you know you touted from the commissioner member journal star week we talked about that of the idea put a team and for land and it continues to be the top city that he names as as an expansion or relocation city and I get this on the MLB network. Yet worlds apart that he knows the north less obvious legal and organ state plane for Seattle he knows this area well you know soccer baseball could you hear. And Joseph Girardi as manager Sammy up he should never been fired by the Yankees it was in the ALCS last year. They lost that game seven to the eventual World Series champions they were a year ahead probably as a young team. A where they should have been the eighty got fired because Cashman wanted to guy it was a yes man and in the dugout would do everything he said. So I would like George Gerrard is the manager unfortunately I think he's gonna get a job sooner than daddy will now get one this offseason because he'll be probably the top commodity out there. And maybe Mike Metheny at this point. But it's I think it's good to continue the conversation. You know it with a diamond project right now it's something that we wish we could talk about more often. There's just not it's on a noose on it until there's more stuff the comes out. It was nothing really new to add the conversation until we find out OK the land was purchased or if there's an update on the eighth story or. I you know maybe as somebody investors are revealed and they come out there and interviews along those lines and if that that's that's not happened and it's hard to keep it in a day in and day out conversation so when you get this kind of publicity. On a Major League Baseball network two guys are very credible and well respected inside the game. Anywhere would you wanna see baseball go we're using baseball and worked investment in Portland that's great publicity for our city. You know I I. And I saw our friend hold all. And then there's another guy he's director there going he's now an author. He's either really nice guy Menem the insulate term or name Ryan White used to cover the ducks for the Oregon and I saw it on Twitter this morning. You know there was an article written I guess about the Portland diamond project in baseball the Portland in. Ryan White aids said you know it's great but I like that were acting like we know 100%. There's no public money being used them saying there won't be public doesn't actually prove that there's no public money. You know I get that I get that sentiment I I understand that feeling. What I would respond though for some of those people that are still around and still out there is. Why can't we have both. You know I'm I think I'm kind of boat like you have. Slight skepticism. Or questioning of funds being a 100% price bit. While also actively. Advocating. For baseball to be in Portland Oregon yeah if there's not public money could be if their needs to be public money it's not happening that's the whole thing I thought I eat that so. Yeah immediate it's gonna go away for a hike but they're telling us they don't so why don't we keep driving it making it in forcing their hand to show was. They truly have all the private money to build the stadium so vitally. Yep that's right don't quite get that argument now pushed back because it's not like it's a case there's a guy over a worm pineapple pants. About Pat's a deadlock and an apparent it's not like it's the key score score it. Because if that is what ends up happening this is a good it's not gonna go through or we're not stupid enough this isn't a group that's gonna pull the wool over our eyes. And end and though the city out of 500 million dollars in tax money and. As it has never gonna happen it's never gonna fly at a city like for you go back to win this thing first started and I remember when the baseball America oracle came out. And it first reference the Portland diamond project before we knew it we did a segment on it. And I sound optimistic about this and everybody was an ace there because of what. This city city never gonna pay for bracket him put money towards it right this is never gonna happen. We've known that all along and I've agreed with panels on and that's right don't quite understand it just because they haven't revealed the money. Why would they. Risking being out did like what they'd benefit by telling you that don't benefit all know that we don't know forget it he would Arnold it's relocation we don't know the expansion of poppies away and yet yup so why is somebody get a cannot Xeon donate a 500 million dollars this thing around donate a hundred million dollars this thing. And tell we need to at all and if they don't have those investors and the line all time guess why. This project that a fall flat it's gonna fall flat on its face and I don't they won't make fun and I agree exactly did happen and I don't think it would come this far and make this many public statements knowing that if that happens it's not the deal's gonna fall through he would the other thing too about that group. Everything they've wanted doubt happens when they wanted to happen. I tend to believe that that I know we know of a couple people in this city. That are trying their dam is to find out who the real players are financially. And so far this group is incredibly tight lipped when that comes out it's gonna happen for a reason. So. Again you can be skeptical private first public money. While also still advocating it rooting for us to get a baseball yard it's OK realizing the positives that right re you can buy for Qaeda now pack you can bifurcated got to buy forget that stuff herald. I we will go to college ball well at. Stewart Mandela as his top 25 ranked or not suffered by his pac twelve predictions that were put out we'll talk about that Christ I'm coming up next. We talked to the world's most successful short golfer herald. We'll hop on the Mike are on the and it carries Jason's Schweigert every Saturday at 8 AM. We'll talk a little golf we have him are for an Arab whose sign is next pursuant sports update. I welcome back at 1350. Right well there's great lap not being. When I go to the news for a little. Hang out pumpkin ridge got Harold Stein famous Capitol Hill as a single world famous as a leper con what's up girl probably do it okay I'm good. It's still great way well I'm not. Then a candidate route reliably getting out of god accidents it is it's. That's an HR. I think that guy. No it see it I've got a little bit ago yeah leopard. I don't wanna find your goal is out. I don't think anybody. So it's good to have you guys. Pumpkin ridge yeah much movement at golf yet which I know you know absolutely nothing about that please I'm on the Internet as you as Mikell quit eating I don't know. Is it appropriate. To buy drinks after you make a hole in one. Where and why now clout that Kim wow. I can't. Right out of the blue I thought we agreed to keep the gloves off this round. And not people. People do not forget they shirt out you know they don't they are doing some things if it as well there dot Ellis Telus the the non golf knowledgeable people Yahoo! or the guys that watch this weekend. Actually. They've got no you got glass IPO I got a couple that Vega at the fact if I had hit it. Everybody knows as I have they don't make you look smarter I'd a hate the guy. July if you if you look at your program anyone because they're gonna take the top 25. From him. So number one you watch those guys that are about 262728. Were a little bit higher. I watched the young man this morning. Taylor Moore. And he's eleven under right now. He's. Somewhere in 63. So he's trying to get naked in Iran had absolutely. Missed a couple of short putts coming in a good player could. Solid player made a couple putts maybe should have made this compilation and out then that's golf but it's nice to see a player. Rise to the occasion trying to get his garden. And then the second thing you watch those guys because we start three Web.Com. Tour. Playoffs. Next week that out yet or events out for weeks and they're gonna pick another 25 still if you finish really good there. Then you're you're gonna get your card. So what we're looking out on the you gotta get into the top 75 okay. To play in the play out so those guys that are about 7677. Somewhere in there eighty the year out about your your Jesus done up as well eEye yeah it certainly does exactly. Depending on. How well you played where the money plays out next year. Ali you're going to be back on Web.Com that you didn't get a chance to go to the major tour yeah out. Yet your your golf pro you help guys get their swing going to help and try to be better golfers. Is there anybody you've watched out here because it's owed him good. Is there one that stands out where you watch the play and you went I literally could not help him be better. He's that amazing now I can help them off at the. Next question connect that question of it was the best you've seen out there it goes I only IKEA so he. I know you watch this like. Yeah I mean. I thought I'd like it since you've come out to this tournament not not to all day not just this year. Who's the one that stands out the most in your experience coming out to this tournament Carlos Ortiz you know. Hands down. I know what it's races yell at you know Soviet it was on the tour a couple of years ago it was in got his card here yeah years ago remember that any loss at ease back here screw you sir Alex he Ilia Carlos got cut. Carlos is you went from Zach Galifianakis is just grew up peak eight Carlos he's a nice kid I was very nice migrants and when I brought them out and has had taught. Chat about watched him play. He's really solid I'd like to see him again get back in the major color you know if the Florida now where unheralded Spaniard I'll show you catch it Saturday morning. I wanna ask you about Mike Lynch. Yes now I've heard stories are golf instructor the and I. Gave it to you gave Michael lynch a couple of lessons now he's in Vegas that week and here it is right. Worst also when you've ever seen. You know it's it was kinda like teaching Frankenstein how to do the Rama. He was I think that the heat of the night. If you can't block I couldn't move him he could you have the flexibility not no flexibility no sense of athleticism. I have not prices on the radio. With the rest of us. The I he was pretty damn it and it varies yeah yeah he's the guy very big guy yeah I was surprised when I you know first met him. I'm not big you know in this gonna play here today got a land small people yes exactly yeah that the kind. Well I land it in which a month's gain and landed with eyes you be thinking you're so big. Because we also you know part of wrapping blanket. Right out of it if while as. Because excite you or any and this deal this week and we we started talking about Tiger Woods right now there was comments about from a a national radio policies that it tiger played in this era wouldn't be the same guy he benefited from a weak field. You know it nobody good when he was in his prime late nineties early two thousands. What's your retort it's not like that well tours Munich now can I don't think we're there in. And I thought that was like a little pastry Rafik to a Ivan IU report. But anyway I get summaries that are because you know when I crashed your production meeting which is. Astounding that suit them production related. I. I couldn't believe it. I crashed effort action meeting and you brought this very subject up so I I. I went home did Doolittle home of pat and I looked at school was tiger competing against back then right and and what that feels like now. So I can tell you David Duvol between 97 and 2001113. Time now exactly. In 2004. Vijay Singh won nine tournaments behind tiger won one sees okay. So now though when you look at now in 2005 though tiger came back and won five of following. As son looked at this whole thing and the players were out there Phil Mickelson Vijay. Ernie Els who came into. Second to tiger six times to Easley he's got to hate him although they were actually good friends yeah. The one thing that stands out is that and because I went back through how many winners were there in 992000. Okay and there are a lot of guys who just won one term in them multiple wins in those two years. And then I I look at this year. And you had. Three players that have won three events each. OK you got Justin Thomas. Bubba Watson and and Dustin Johnson yeah they've each 13 so what does that say about the rest of the field kinda weak. Correct right is it's more ignorant argument LA earlier and at him now is saw that I went back and and looked at these other years if tiger was playing with both and granted the guy won 27%. Of the Sharon at the he editor Harold in the putt for seven years later I hate that stupid exactly and I. And he and I share that common item is to cut seven years now yeah got to play in brightly. Anyway what I'm looking that is the strength of field. Overall I think right now we're stronger top agree. And we were back then I agree but I think when you look at the total field that death outside the top one a year out only 58 served I would say that. This really not a big huge change kicked aren't. He's got a really good point gap art need to define greatness is always a fascinating one to me in any sport I mean. I think it about his nine year beyond and we were gonna ask you this question might. Do we do we how often have we ever talked about when Brady retires and let's say he. Does it does not so five or 62 doubles whatever incipient. Are we get a look back on his career knock him down a peg because AFC east sucked every year he was and it Yao went back and it gets ridiculous well late night because the Buffalo Bills my team this in the if you're built in not break tables yeah. But I explained to every day I still tips off season. I gave that so you bills fans elected televisa bills fan you've had these four nights with your wife you've come close to finishing that happen. You have an attitude of wife during the third it's not. That I got is average and a anyway I think what you look at what it was doctor. After the Baghdad borne out good with the coming full circle Hewlett. Have to answer your question if he's you have to say it depends on the player now tiger was a better player backed. And in the news tonight is it that tiger it doesn't matter to beat you with that tiger is maybe the best of all time maybe not but. He's in the conversation slightly to try to. Defining which this year in this cry it just doesn't make any and I think you can apparent within the player himself right tiger event tiger now. For the rest of the field pick and and who was planned. Where right tiger's not the same player he brought today but I can tell you last Sunday proved that he might. Be. In all of the clubs serve of her than they battled player absolutely plus that in most people's a place like. I got a 104 handicap. And floor I took lessons that you look at it meets him. 1036. From here really worth the money it's shave a few off that would track and it's a sick game this sickness or put it. I don't know I can't I'm a senior swing at it but I think it probably gets you down to. Can afford to turn to where you play. All over the place okay thirty year. At most places you're probably coming in as a eight or nine yeah that yes I can get it down to a six refined and you're hired yeah her again they are that's not a prop up put us in any basic. Hand conversations got as you know it's got making a run for the when Koenig here I took I took why guard from the forty down to a 35. And that makes a lot and I and yet the list until the whole lot of us and that's why guards I think. And a bit. I am upbeat and it a to get a it. I've got hurt watching his golf ball through the air which direction it's well I don't like leapt out this never know if you are. And Errol thanks but let's do another segment let's keep going well that's sort of covenant and there I don't exhibit and I felt like go radio on these enterprises like all of this. This is prime time response has been nobody is a way kids every bit. You and I always ask you guys jumped out of my rounds of Saturday morning that thank you very much they're not actually make a point it's not listen to Europe and where you minutes and and we are so good well I got it and 50% of us entirely out of that shows braced all it is now it's not like your marriage. Which. I thought I hope hey Greg does that are starting AM we're backup or app that's on him. I can't stop right migrants as always. And so quietly give him more every gym membership that was not the glories the gains. I was in there. Could make up. You know Italy at a stop all last dying art gaming get done til like 9:30 am real lately it's extra innings last night and that Tubbs lightly with ski Maurice like it's 8 o'clock or we play any right now. They think he got a bad time as an escape and it plays. I think if if if the critic doctor Aaron Bert I thought our college football and then don't forget spring in line coming up in the final hour always but it's not with Errol that it's cared about it and era of the eighties honestly we give each a lot of crap might. You don't meet people very often in life that are a lot like you personality wise addict in that they can get it take it is simply can't. Well yeah well search. Back. He is he's got to cycle there me and I enjoyed talking with him he's a really gave guys a lot of fine. It does it does do a good job on the golf show with with swagger and every Saturday every Saturday coordinating Anna be on your tomorrow let's get to this now from last night's three seasons yeah we have not talked about Alex Smith yet. I looked OK there was a controversial hit on him. And that was that was flag. And it and it raised a lot of red flags. It is this what the NFL's it looked like this year. But he was healthy the other don't analyze nice to court said that he tweeted that that's always ate (%expletive) that I. Be roughing the passer then he's got the ball on a sand. I know public that's that would jets worth play in a fellow rabbi you know and maybe I'll concede position as I was like I was like you know he had the football in its stance that he hit in many thrilling I didn't see that at all sought out with little concern about Abbott. The other battle last night was Nichols Nichols got it now the Eagles are trying to repeat obvious these champs in Carson Wentz. Think he's hopeful we'll be ready for week one but they're not sure. And at last night Nichols goes down the shoulder injury was sick kind of roll the ball. Now they cut onset you know is optimistic that it's not going to be April long issue it's a minor injury but. Asked to be a bit of a concern for Philly knowing that you're not sure where Wentz is going to be we want and I don't know what bulls is going to be like the pre season yeah Wentz is still going out there any. I think he's super confident in his ability to get on the field rather quickly. Again I'll go back to something I said about Carson once in his rehab and now you have fools with a potential injury. You don't pan. You do not rushed you do not freak out if falls healthy you plan if he's not. Guess you're gonna play whoever it is the third string quarterback is annually for Carson went to come back in week two or three or whatever that incipient. I you know he's not gonna take much longer than that according all the reports coming out of Philly. So it's unfortunate Nichols gets hurt. But you know it aka panicky stuff written out defense you'll circuit is they'll be a really good football team how much fear the hangover do you have for them you know it's weird. I don't have bad that with this group I think that group had such chip on the shoulder and so much doubt you worry about that chip on the shoulder going away now yes I think you that Michael Bennett I think he's does a pretty productive year in him. So I mean you're adding to an already pretty lethal front seven. I think they have the ability to get right back in that conversation and maybe even get back is suitable for a chance to read them they they remind me. There's just so many similarities to mean. About the way Seattle had their back to back years with nearly now they're built differently it's not all these guys are homegrown drafted a mixed in some free agent signings. But they still got Carson went on the cheap deal which means they can afford to pay other players they kind of have that fields and he long lines of Seattle they have all the ability. To get right back to Betsy pearl I have no fear about it. NASA next fall's hurt his shoulder last night it by the patriots in New England he says these not fearful long term injury but. Still no word officially on the united diagnosis and how long it will take him to get back. And be healthy lots to get to any final hour of the shows department delicate out of college football rankings got to talk about those he works the athletic emerald what I have on the show next week we gotta spread blood coming up. At the bottom of the hour and we're gonna start was dropped the ball out of Britain Burke who as a cup writer for ESPN mainly covers the Big Ten so we'll get an update on the urban Meyer's situation. The DJ Durkin situation what about Scott frost that they can think it is debut. At Nebraska this year also pac twelve makes him so. I'm Robert Burke's get a kick out the file our output of workers spray lied about it he would go foods pro and open here pumpkin ridge on 1080 the fan.