Dirt & Sprague, Friday 8-17-2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 17th
ESPN College Football insider ADam Rittenberg joins the guys to talk Mayland Football and other college football news, then pro golfer Brock Mackenzie comes in to discuss the Winco Foods Portland open, the hour finishes with an edition of Spraguin The Line. 

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Let's do this final hours curtains ray got a product. A lot out there must get rid lingo foods Portland open. It is make gate Davis that they die out here he's that guy you're saying is it is a man super nice he told us placing a singer company rated those funny story lot of guys that day after the tournament's over. Trying to come out here and average target 28 point nine handicaps that when a play from the tips yeah. Instead a lot of it has a lot of as alcohol infused they get a little confidence lot of courage. That would probably be an eight dollar round that would be dancing with the course in these kind of conditions were at a great time out here though hopefully stop by today and this weekend as ducks in college football we're gonna deal with Adam Lambert at yes he had remembered. On Larry's national college football writer for ES the yen Adam thanks so much that time today and I wanna start. When you guys wrote a story just what about a week ago on Maryland in the culture that's being created inside the program. I'm curious to ask you about the response from Will Muschamp who it was denouncing source is an anonymous sources. I just kind of what your reaction was he's not echoed the South Carolina defending DJ Durkin. We'll get into it you guys you have a lot of a lot of respect for coach must happen Dhabi and understand. It desire to disband when this former assistant coaches you know. As you know out of touch ours how these stories are done and I think because of coaches like and who are. Successful in intimidating at times I think anyone no one wants to. Put their name to something critical very heated it to be supportive but. It's much harder to be critical even when that. Is that true. And I believe this is the truth and ideas with David you rate in my book anyway we tell the truth whether they had at their name to something about it is never got that. Yeah I think this situation is playing out. The way that 82 at Maryland because. You know some mistakes were made it Ireland so but but again a lot of respect for coach and you know I but I also understand it desire to defend what somebody who he's close to in the profession. Yeah it's basically out boil down to me I mean some of the biggest stories our country's history have been broken by anonymous sources I thought that was kind of ridiculous by him but again it's his body. You know item with the Maryland situation that's been going on a parents spoke how much believe it was yesterday said you know you should trust your kids with DJ Durkin. What are we waiting for here in terms of whether he's gonna get fired it's an investigation. Do you think they're trying to bide their time and maybe figure out a suspension what do you think they're doing with the tutor him. Well they have launched an investigation into the allegations that we added our story last week up the president. Said at a news conference this week that that investigations should be quote thorough but. Expedited and they know the seed and coming up Matt Canada is the interim head coach for Maryland right now so if you'd think it would be a resolution sooner than later we're actually witty statement. From the Maryland border regions special meeting today a conference call to discuss the investigation bode into what happened at the work out on May 29. And then also this new investigation. All the slowed and president of the college our campus obviously I was on that call confirm what is waiting to see what the ball. The port cannot fire DJ Durkin the apps you but they could recommend recommend. Aura or expressed concern about the situation there so we'll see what happens. I think it's always very hard to. Fire a coach or cause in the situation like this but there's certainly a lot of pressure on Merrill. Especially after the statements that brought to orbit snares parents yesterday. Down the outside without a member national college football writer sees me. For ESPN at ESPN Greenberg on Larry you know and that's not obviously the only big story in the Big Ten trying to coaching wise Urban Meyer the under a lot of revelers still. Waiting in on an answer for and and just kind of curious what your hair where is the update on your in my situation and what what are your expectations of the outcome there. Right billion got into resources most urban and close to the process here ours they he he told me quote it is going to go the distance. That. It means. We're not gonna hear you saying it's early next week. That it put a teen date time line that technically expert on Sunday but think it's probably going to be but they're Tuesday before you we we are decision beat the Investigative Group at speak to V board of trustees said the diversity president and then they'll decide to go from here or there there's a feeling. You in the sport in the industry that. Urban Meyer will be back at Ohio State at some point this season perhaps after a suspension for a few games into it. Athletic director he could be a bigger trouble potentially depending on what do you Investigative Group bound but I'll say that the investigation that they have they carried out there as state. Has been incredibly tight. They're not allowed any real weeks. From what my sources added it to you'd actually out there. They're probably not a very strong information that is the day got a good job keeping this very quiet and no really knows how it's going to turn out it could turn out with an Urban Meyer dismissal could. Turn to Urban Meyer suspension. I got up turnout with any urban go back and coach in here right away but yeah. You never know how these things are gonna go with a very fittingly a very thorough job by the Investigative Group with a that the buy out. What what they're diving are most likely Monday or Tuesday. Well I guess that's why am at a confused about the urban Meyer's story I am is because. You know for us out here Portland you're trying to follow the national guys like yourself who are getting as much information as they possibly can. Don't feel all felt like it was more. Urban how does he survive this and I don't know ways change because again the the investigative. Team has been so tight lipped about it but it feels like the last week or so. Everybody's opinions at least on a national sales have seen change to. Well I'll probably get suspended not fired what what what is it that I'm missing that led from. Pretty sure looks like he's getting fired U this is feeling more like a suspension. Well I think of the big question people as well as well. He catalog of production EU and you'll eat as a statement he now he but he backed up in the investigative process. But it does seem like the question of urban hiding information from his spot as there are not testing along hip patient to the title nine coordinator or. Or elaborate. That that got to have gone away a little bit out that the investigators made it agreed at that you viewed it that the best. Based on tech that is that your wife and other people that and he didn't share that with your options and that people cared for that reason. Iraq is here that that could certainly be an outcome but. It does seem like detected this year do you athletic director Jean Schmidt the specially regarding the incident back in 2015. What Dax that was investigated for domestic violence. Issues that that plane apparently came rate school I was eight from the police but it still wasn't one way. At the behest barely passed along from urban by air but. There are also other issues there clearly this is that a troubled marriage but it released and possibly a very troubled individual why did you keep it understaffed for so long. Why you have understaffed in the first place those are some questions I'm sure that we're active Urban Meyer during this process. Am yeah we're talk without an average former national college football writer for ESPN at ESPN. Remember God's putter to one coach in the Big Ten it's not under any surveillance or trouble aegis has a lot of expectations on his shoulders. And that's Scott frost. It is curious your take on Scott frost become and a coach at Nebraska and what kind of a realistic expectations that program content is should have noted the Witten for so long to get back to where they were in the 1990s. What's got to the year one expectation and the expectation of where this thing should be in three to five years. Well I think he's got a really good job at big that he days speaking to the date of Nebraska and getting them fired up about bringing back what we're made the program great for so many years he was part of but in the same time being you'll probably inoculated. A national championship this year and are not. Rosters not good enough and probably not good enough the really puts Wisconsin in the Big Ten west division so but I think you know you really think next year 2019. Is a year or potential breakthrough will have a young quarterback. Two of them are competing right now but young quarterback who is yet talented and a roster that you got divorced eat it. To be more cut and the late big that way you like to be thing. And he's coming from a place that eat you know got to zero win do. The only undefeated team last year in India PS so you know and yet tracker track are gonna die history on that side is tremendous momentum. You're being the face of Nebraska football now so I think Nebraska it's finally going to look like the Nebraska. The debate and thought it was getting in the league went out there that are believed and not just that way mean that that this is a team that's made the Big Ten championship game one time. And join the conference despite being in the eastern division. So it's certainly a program needs to be upgraded and I think Scott frost think he can do that in the next couple years. What is your hottest college football take for this season. I should the he Betty I take I'm just very is that a lot of the up story I think you know articulate that the really negative stories but yet so many quarterback situation yet so many. I'll new head coach's name and I do a lot coaching industry. Guys so yeah I loved it be eligible pitchers get a fair and ANN you mentioned stock rot that Nebraska. All these new pac twelve coaches. You know what were you guys are too new to new coaches. For the two flagship schools in the state. How it how are a crystal ball got a pair with a quarterback in just sit in and you know adept at Herbert who I had about a pactel school right now coaches who are raving about him. And then dobbins met you know returning back to Corvallis on those that they that I'm really excited about is certainly. Quarterback opposition at Alabama is unique and fascinating. And there's quite a few of those constant outlined how it Michigan going to be and you did it shape Paterson gonna get an opposite of there's no shortage of fun story line talk about a fortunately that's not indicate that a lot. You Meeks who would you would you lay money on wind could win a national championship first Chip Kelly are Jimoh Fisher. Who act that could one com. Any chip Kelly's track record in the act so that so impressive that he's at a place where it shouldn't take long. Two build up the roster to where he needed it did to win the pac twelve so. The III even though develop Internet clearly the expectation they can Alley at the go to it go to Alabama which is that the dominant programs college football. If you go to Auburn team about not going anywhere. And an Ellis unit not going to be you know Gallagher relatively down forever and it absent a top talent in the country so I think heading in terms of a pass. The national title. It would be Chip Kelly because. You know he eat he got there with Oregon got the idol stage at a program. We're you have to recruit in really creative ways that if you don't have the talent based now he has the talent base. All you have to do is obviously beat Hewitt beat but you're you're not going to program like Alabama right out attack well to get there. And at great stuff out of Britain or national college football writer for ESPN get a follow on Twitter. At ESPN Greenberg Adam keep up the great work we love reading your stuff than thanks for taking a few minutes force here in Portland. You bet thank me. There you go out of red amber he was part of the the group thirtieth Vienna wrote that piece on the yet culture Maryland. That led to this whole issue with DJ Durkin right now so and another example in the sport and of great reporting and Dick Murphy do it with the urban Meyer's situation yeah out yet this trio of reporters doing it Maryland that could end up costing DJ Durkin his job and Great Britain signaled them accountable and it's a matter you know what I find funny about the. These stories. Not that there's much to laugh about given what went on at both places. I find people more angry and upset and wanting to talk about anonymous sources. Then coming out in denying it more of what went on yeah. You know like will must camps but hurt because his buddy is involved in a kid's dad. And instead of maybe to shutting his mouth or tiger let us that it is that in nineteen year old died he wants to attack a reporter for using anonymous sources. Urban Meyer Ohio State I mean not all the fans because that's not fair to every buckeye fan out there would accept a couple that say I don't know how he survives this. But the ones that are vocal on social media our go to a rally in front of the stadium they wanna attack the media verses saying. Hey maybe we should talk about why domestic. Violence guy was involved with our program since urban came back out later Meyer not. Let him go round why did he bring them on in the first place. While we're more questions ask itself from Latimer berg of ESPN let's stick in college football as another day another batch of actual predictions have come out. From a prominent pallets of Colorado we'll tell you what you think's gonna happen and that the bottom of the hour will spread like to take sponsors and 55. 305 more content bright lavender pumpkin ridge on 1080 the fan. Welcome back and they live on your heads up on it Richmond go foods Portland open have a good time change of plans little bit here as we got a golfer hanging out with a speed up Brock MacKenzie northwest dude what's happening as Brad what's up guys into the city we got we got a bit of an issue K a year ago and really just get out of the way you know it might as well and he's a Washington Huskies I don't know about I I asked yet -- and fans are beaver fans they said bolt Kosovo. You know let's go on top film anyway Alice though that is sitting you do you realize your school is this both our schools well I can I insisting that hey everybody scored in the yeah OK okay amen and we can have it we get three guys on the morale problem right. Enemy of my enemy might perhaps after that I hope we love you delegate that all of them let's it just a quick update at weekends fill and I even playing at an ink tablet what you see out there on the course on the course little tricky that I'd get one I. Bogey free five birdies I said he's did it it well it felt good that I needed national gallery yesterday so this gets me into the weekend in. You know anything that happened that we can argue of course our firm up a little bin. Now hopefully nobody cares about in the afternoon I can kind of stayed stadium Oran thirtieth or whatever you know make my move I don't know how you answer this question but I've always wondered at with golfers could you talk no bogeys it right around right somebody like me goes out and I even goats duels with no bogey. It is all that is in my mind is studio did you bogey your job get you get your iPad if it's anything you've identified when you were he would. Where you're able to block things out and not allow things to consume your thoughts that that's got to be some kind of skill you guys have to do that you if you if there was if it was that bit of skill than I would have made seven bogeys yesterday that's not talked about it. Offset four birdies an eagle itself. You know I don't know maybe I slept better last I don't know if I had that solution and I I would be talking you guys have you talked and got it out there and championship. It just that it Locke as there was a couple of guys who are we struggle every time we play. The pressure that goes into a tournament like this of knowledge that top 25 guys skull and if not that your honor the four playoff for you know tournament is kind of mentally. Go back to that mental part of it howdy trying to handle that when eagle until around and in a weekend knowing what's at stake. It's tough. I mean that's the biggest you know I am. I need to get week this week in the into the playoffs to finish tops in the five and I've kind of known that the last month or so that I mean does have some good events and a it's hard for not a creep in there morale and you know force I have my wife my my parents here so it's a kind of eased a little bit you know it in puts things in perspective a home. You know one of our friends passed away this week you know Jarrod Lyle and we're aware and ribbons are suffering and you know let's perspective. So. But it. You know it's what we do in we're used to that type of pressure you know I mean it is and that's just we we know we week. Were getting ourselves into by picking golf as a profession and in some that's an elderly and others aren't and in the desert don't you know don't stay out here along you know. Now just the way it is I wish I said it's. It's hard not to put pressure on yourself. Imus you unplug from golf when the tournament's done when everything's away how long do you take off before picking them back up and say I need to work on this and that etc. but don't like offseason just get up early as Sunday turn and ends in the in the term like the next about both. Usually Mondays you travel day. Com at the turn and Sunday travel day Monday and come back at it on Tuesday now offseason is different I'll go if I have a couple off weeks before tournaments. On plug for its report days go to watch movies yum ketchup on Netflix this FNL. Melodies or start for fancy football start yes and so. You know there's a lot of ways unplugging you have to on some of these guys don't think how enough for the balance. I'm old enough or I've learned I'd I'd welcome once I'm off the golf course I really don't think about gulf. Now you know it's not a Brock MacKenzie is a northwest guy University of Washington majored in economics man. Now all that's at that to the PGA what web sites to outlaw the supply and demand SFF I got out. Of more pick up more foreign invaders yet evident. Right up there are elected and hasten our allies and I try to get a lot more girls but. That's what I did. Been taken he's right there aren't exactly there's sociology and well let's get your Huskies can't immediately play golf related ourself at Washington as he's got big expectations this year. Start the season with Auburn how I'll live to weigh it we think this year well you know that's about as a neutral as a neutral site it's playing in Atlanta and playing Auburn yeah I'm neutral site give yeah right. The only good thing is in if we happen a loose in the you know. Early loss but somehow means more than a late loss on its a good test I think you learn a lot when you play hard teams out. And I don't talk you about pac twelve schedule they don't do us any favors and how to I NC organ schedule I know your plan us up by which. On the outer happy organs got an easy escape got a really cupcake schedule an error in daily nobody on it my best quarterback in the country out. You guys are always dangerous I don't ID I troubled a lot of games I won't go to Austin. It's a bad experience of what you're seeing this I know I just yeah just bad feelings he. Mike hasn't received in the ninety's like you just save them in years as AMR at Baylor those guys right and he levees easily stayed if it. I took him to watts in three or four years whenever that was. And he was hesitant and we walked in there and he wasn't flashy you don't guy but he Eddie got sure Oca. That's fans were fine and end up being the game you don't want like Santa Anita twenty wanna and elected meeting goes. Really glad he convinced me guys out there are a lot of guys out there are a lot of years or about ten or twelve years are definitely wouldn't stepped inside odds fri oh. But you know it's a great atmosphere on our game making errors. All against making errors actually I got it seems good every game now say to yourself on the line area in the week but for fur you know him flee years there. I wasn't nervous watching dogs but because we had no expectations weren't very good so it's it's kinda good nerves is kind of like when your contention in golf too you want those good nor does it mean to get a chance that sounds have a chance and he took care costs and it's dot com you know I'm looking for us in on this football the no expectations I can relate to his beer fans. That's true of that bridge when you go to the game or below the Goodrich and again that I haven't been paying close. We got a baseball team if we don't just shoot an obvious and this year bill that I am curious as it as a golfer guys that are on the sport a long time what was it like seeing tiger last weekend get a chance watch on TV year I was highlights I mean I loved it united and missile slightly older. Player out here you know all these young guys in India's Tennessee tires aren't. That's crazy to think of an hour right it was. Thought it was it was just great entertainment I mean the guy. I think I mean I think it's an amazing comeback what is nailed it I'd had a back injury last year's I don't know last year and for him to come back and compete like that I mean it's hookah. It took a heck of a round by rooks Africa to hold them off now and I think it's only a matter time before it wins again ideal. Hopefully it's in a matrix I'd love to see that I had it's great for golf. What he's done for golf. Parallels what Arnold Palmer did you know for our sport so. It it's only good things the do you see the conversations that happen like tiger plays really well and everybody follows him everybody's roaring in. You know all their respective Brooks is he's amazing. He's not getting that response he's not getting that crowd following in an untapped in before. Adam Scott it would get picked that moment on I got a strange he's captain before Adam Scott you Sosa finished now. He has in his explanation but I was strange to I a you know he doesn't seem to care how I got like Brooks is one of those he's he's got like a baseball player mentality he thinks he's an athlete in our league offer and you just those wins tournaments. Picks up the check in goes into goes out of that echoed takes his girlfriend on vacation today it's like I mean there's Leighton literally I mean and in. ESPN ticker and other sports figures it's Tiger Woods finished the second right you know and oh and kept kept away and you know I mean in the headlines now the ratings were up 7% and in the numbers don't lie people like all of a needle what he is a needle. When he's competing in contending. People are able strong and not just golfers anybody that likes sports you know they wanna see him. So now he's great. Yeah Brock MacKenzie here's silly getting give us kind of a glimpse of what the weakens gonna look like when we need to harness what are we China issue was the goal the next I'm talking department probe two more rounds like it did today I'll be very happy feels yeah I need you know nine I think any probably top five it and move on playoffs on. So hard about 25000 meter hurdle on the weekend and hopefully can let's go where polls show similar answers in an earlier highs the hostile ballpark is I appreciate these are entry team inside out and about coaches all right almost separated him right out now coming national houses or. You know if we don't product outlet mall and you yeah we like accounts the the important sports the pactel considers like track and field. I don't mind the other. You know those kind of lines basically distracts you. At Berry and guys did great in golf what we did tonight. Out of the article on the gulf today. Brock MacKenzie you. From the north was desolate it's all right appreciate God's there ego Brock MacKenzie back with more after this for its lack of sports. It's brilliant straight in the land. Spragan Abbas Reagan and I involves regular line. On a Friday 235. Minutes brought to you by angry golf long ski down Donnelly earlier picks cost me money but you're loud mouth will cost my son money to just get. She even looks exactly how that woman sounds this not just say that they have a lady yelling at us for being too while talking on the radio and I guess that's about what you got. A lot rats that pineapple and desperately cool is no longer attainable and I wanna see who that guy was hit those local plants and and where he sat standing have run up the pants for the lead. Straight back to professional golf hecklers Harold give up coaching this is her true calling. On the tour and at. And Harold a lot of fun. Greg and love recognize the pre sees it of the NFL and having says I don't have a gambling problem likes breaks pre season partly a boy toys that. Through straight backed it by Jose radio I've been out expects that that was him. Thirty ansari going out Narnia and Israel Brett identities because it's never too early to introduce you count the port integration and gamble. I had to go. How many measles changing its cradle back is that it's like thirty got you policies and hurry up regularly it's all yours typical loser. We talked about how uranium is only get one game suspension. Yeah this is missing ones died down that's such BS regularity on my golf game. From thoughts of part two real quick. It's very able and a rat's you buy demise are much likes breaks advised okayed it except when you're young and ignorant but eventually you realize it's just different pass on it. In the line that you buy debt jokes not even a debt joke and make Sprague picked that good and. I gotta say right at that whoever Tex that's re aligned sponsor and we had a lady luck but I heard it she laughed as she did she left ear Yeager miser sponsors I think we also another ladies here you too young for me it's not O Mayo a yellow and it's like an it is. She was that's good hitters out here for a lot writes Michael Mann's got one please come by and shots break up when he. Gambling by. Oh low ball me and it. He he tried it works real lab rats you the articles Playboy magazine the only thing people pay less attention to the its brakes advice what waste got a magazine. I don't know if that's the question do people still subscribes to Playboy magazine I mean I'd imagine if they have a magazine people are still subscribing. How can runs it runs it escorted out visiting the aided only kids yeah I think he had a couple. You know it's it's amazing to meet you still on human beings that subscribe to those knowing they have access to free porn and it's not you want it. Raddatz at your finger. Right exactly whom. Exactly about it ahead and start us off here as well you're gonna take that off but it is it needs to be a running theme balance brain Lyon and now and it will be every single Friday through the remainder of the baseball season a cac until I get one of these right OK I will continue to throw this one out there. Because if you cuts redolent it's right was nine years I was the one stuck in the pickle at the end of the segment realizing I needed to make bets on it. Ya can't just read sponsors and actually at the product that's like pulled up the first baseball game I saw and I took the under. Of nine in Baltimore Boston and that escorts one 31 runs and I guess that it 31 voted on and again I think the under nine. So now the running theme to tell you what is right will be to take the under the Boston Red Sox baseball game. They're playing the race today at 4 o'clock the over under is nine and a half. You know it's again do you get taken in our dad take the under any under or nine and a half. I didn't enjoy those that would just missed the putt everybody ground I warrant LA ship yet ship. That number of people who do not follow me on Twitter then they took the time out. To search my name on Twitter yup not follow me Freddie says it's weeks. After coming out statement that that lies and I gotta say it all in it that I appreciate your effort on not all heroes where I am right now they say that's right now. It's your turn out that what you are anymore and I let them go Abbas and only. I'm a duke Marla okay every out that's it it's pre season let's dollars let's put some money down let's help let's winsome on the pre season NFL. Giants Detroit. The Detroit Lions are three point favorites you mean giants plus three cents a since. Excellency I hate humidity students that if I have eight that you make me it is estimated that on stuff I don't wanna that are. It's ridiculous to end it's up to lie at giants plus the three Kansas City Atlantic NC two and a half point favorites give me the falcons plus two and a half alone. Miami Carolina umi dolphins plus three. Arizona and New Orleans Iowa take Arizona plus five. They yup there's your Friday prayers are led three cents. Par may not only did I get you all those picks. I give you all docs we're gonna a lot of money trail that's it by the city of Juneau travel bureau we can offer even more at its brakes fixed yeah I had to generate. Actually VMware your own money on NFL pre season. Got to be on another lab would. Straight writes yet my Portland smoky air still more healthy for you inventing a Sprague picked. Am glad that craft got out here react to state that straight alive ratchet I feel old she made him but the only man who can possibly play a positive spin on ice break pick. When he's trying Jennifer roasted. On second thought not even that Ian broken polish that her answer to do it right out date they want quickly Alina bodily since we're on the subject I talked about this last week when you're out yes he the ball allotments or. Now Buffalo Wild Wings is researching and hoping to put in a a book east to their restaurants. Well I mean I would I would think a lot of restaurants are gonna be doing stuff like that. Like we're gonna get a big house on Wednesday for the draft. How that great on I got a vision somewhere to gamble out gals the most TDs in that room some Venezia plays very that you can take the kids eagle watching game while you're there you throw 25 but you can be like Clark Griswold in Vegas vacations sneak it away from the table here's what does it go to an arcade yeah it would be right here trying to win money -- a bit on the right here and our man out of here and it will lose the money yet that doesn't surprise me and I I think a lot of companies are gonna dive in once once all the legislation it's gone yeah I was somewhere without out of that was critical they go straight line every single Friday at 230 thank you for these fakes sponsors of the body today text line. A 55305. Wrap up the show wrap up the week and that idiot at a pac to pac twelve. Predictions from Stewart Mandell the athletic what does he think music outlet in the conference I don't Oregon and Oregon State where is it they're gonna finish forget that. Predictions would do next on them. Pick up this trumpeter playing at a weekend that we do it every single Friday it is 47 guys into coming up top of the hour. When your braves get a get a big brawl at the Marlins hell is that drug that's a done enormous beat. I don't live in the south I can't you buy it yet they got big touchdown ME while you go down and got things like the size of half dollars Graham. The ping pong ball sized d.s giving Oklahoma. I am not that note on how Oklahoma's got these mosquitoes that are next level size Peter's they're bites leave welts on your legs for like three weeks it's stupid a lot of those Oklahoma bugs like why people live here and I'm messing around. They would now what are your braves get beat up the Marlins the rainy only got a one game suspension essentially yeah I was you know. I guess they shouldn't be too shocked that one to one start basically six games they had to put it into perspective I Osce Oakley who I did some shopping. Ethnic coming the other night he got a two game suspension until they'll appeal also likely be brought down. To one game but they did they handed him a two game suspension in your radio is only gonna miss one start I guess slapping a catcher with a mask on number is growing in ninety mile an hour fastball and somebody's elbow is basically the same as threatening and somebody season by doing that I I have why don't we do picture suspensions like that. I am never understand it and starts not total game just having your suspending him for one game you can't come out with a six game suspension that's ridiculous what do Harry's every fifth day what I have liked on that topic is I've I've liked seeing some of the baseball writers like the real. Long time writers come out and just write articles about how dumb that whole thing was but why. You want to retaliate IS OK but. Hitting a guy because he's been playing so well that's that's so stupid not appreciate at least the national voices. Coming up right those articles. Yeah it's good and because you saw a couple of bloodied bodies come out like Keith Hernandez by the way is he released like if fake video -- -- -- joking video on Twitter of his kid thrown at him and he saw that and you have you seen Keith Hernandez on Twitter I have he's it's famous for his cat he needs the carries this cat everywhere today but discount as solar and there's that there's actually some pretty funny ones that elect Lockett at the edge of his driveway don't go to the mailbox settings cat ended up his newspaper in the morning he's like talking it was at. It distinctive the advocates equate that is like that come out amp M beyond work with it right I got this mass I would have done it. And and it's good to see the push back because I am a played ID when it comes to baseball. But that's that leaves a bad name it's like when you get like a huge fan. Right it's a bad representation for the entire fan base that somebody says all all inserts into this team socks and can't stand. But not me just deal with three or four bad ones again this busy now with Keith Hernandez is a terrible forty that he doesn't mean all of us but he daddies that bat by letting us like chipper coming out and tweed exactly but that was that's why it was you know things like better a little bit import number. The crowd it's me getting into baseball and they see an old guy yeah yeah he should do that we're going to yeah you should try to hurt somebody if they're playing past 2018 people let's move on Stewart Mandell came out this pactel predictions breaking news. Let me guess wait wait for that. I think he's got Washington and upset winning the conference and AM bold detailed production from Stewart Mandell the as the Huskies winning the taxable this year. He has been beating Arizona so another guy. There is some sort of result that we talked about yesterday who as Arizona winning the south he has Miley is USC finishing third of the south behind both Arizona and Utah. I could see that yet JT Daniels who is a feels like file reports is going to be the starter unless. They wanna go and experience like heated Max brown vs Sam Arnold. But if you go to GT Danny's gone through freshman the kitchen via a senior in high school this year yet skipped his senior year. If you don't know that story and he got to college a year earlier than the should've. So if you start him that it's gonna have Lal moments. And he's gonna have really bad game moments so I think going USC's third in the in the division. Within the conference. You know if you if you got that right I'm not stunned by that and so Stewart Mandell I like the actual predictions he put out. I think it's really hard not to wanna pick you don't Arizona the only one I would contend with in this is a team I think has a real shot to finally get that pactel title game. Is Utah. I think lighting units are really has the horses. To win the south. And and surprise people. USC their defense is pretty good they stuck Jason Hanson back there he stressed that quarterback I think Tyler Huntley and know how winning amateur pactel media days his emphasis was. Don't make mistakes don't turn the ball over and I do you trust Kyle winning hands coaching and his staff. To be looking. To be looking to improve decades accuracy so. I think overall yeah I do I trust Huntley and I trust Kyle waiting him and saying this is the year potentially. Make it finally break through and find themselves in the pac twelve title game against a team like you'd nonconference schedule for. Utah is out Weaver state northern Illinois to open the year Illinois excused mean and they close at BYU so they got that rivalry game in the last week of the season. So line needs you want to start for them and they host the Huskies on September 15. But adept at wash is stay at Stamford native organ home that you see at home and I hit Arizona home I think they can win all three of those and his listed. I think their defense is gonna be way it's always been. Write cycles we know what's up that is the plane yes I do believe they have what it texted to finally breakthrough made up just wondering mr. Mandela's teams finishing he's got Stamford second in north nine and three another person picking organ to go nine and 36 and three in conference now. So that's probably lose in a stamp from Washington in Utah usual suspects ourself and it went in the rest of yeah I does have tallied in doable in at 66 Washington State is on the outside looking in. At five and seven as I mentioned as south as Arizona nine and three utes on nine and three. I just a different conference record how many wins in my beavers have him two same thing too intent. I like that he thinks are going to be Nevada items any confidence in that game yeah that's kind of the giants and you get beat seven you've done about it you could be staring at it when it sees you will Arab when Aziz. So all those that it was a civic is Bruce Feldman it's got to listen to Ohio State ballot if you see the cartoon videos and put together for those opening week marvel comic one doesn't. Pretty cool they if I like the four organs that are house it was more problematic LSU Miami was on Iraq got has argued. The finals that job they can on those yet don't. Rob is there I don't think they've given people any way to print those out or buy them. Yet it's usually I'd frame endless babble I'd buy that and organs it's neat their ass kicking insurance they but I still live at the chemicals a fun non conference game that you've brought up and Hank gave lack have a couple buddies that are going out to Columbus for that that football game our producers don't sound you hear is and I texted me today and they say you know what. Actually don't care about the game at all I just wanna take in the atmosphere and see what Columbus like on game day that's provident that's kind of the you have to be York city that's. I think ethical thing game mentally lies that you can't you have the biggest spread of any game available to college football I'm Mike Vick could be plus 35 though eleven that. Yes. I don't like it but it's really bad might look let's go I think it's going to be a mix of fight Lou in the fight while some. I don't think it's that people quarterback connected. It's definitely. They are not nearly a foot four opens up all but the great for a particular awesome job put this thing now we have a blast out here every single year. I think it's at the ire after us all feel either are there saint on the outer tomorrow. And I'm here all weekend that he got a thing though not watch golf comes I'll find out about it raised. Fun tournament you'll see the future stars of the PGA. Or that over us both sensitive part of our Friday it so much about our podcast. Stated event dot com is where you can find and have a great weekend we'll talk to you Monday at its next through this thing. And eating the pain.