Dirt & Sprague Friday August 10th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 10th
Dirt and Swag on a Friday discussing the 9-9-9 challenge and their chances to take it on, plus all sorts of thoughts after 12 games of NFL preseason action including Baker Mayfield, Ryan Nall and the Seahawks.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirt and spray it. We're standing under Johnson and Brendan sprayed on second down. We'll look wolf. It makes it look. It's. Okay. Durden spray gun ten maybe. And as happy Friday everybody welcome endurance pray in the name Friday afternoon. Right around Portland sports leader detonated the sand. Fill a dead man to Friday. At good vibes in the office today goodbye I have. It's. Sparse. Hits it did the local spots out there today. Slot open parking spots when I pulled in as many relenting a bit for the weekend added to try to get out of town for three day weekends and we cannot early little ban it. I declared this may be the last weekend so really let leasing go deep. We think this is it really we still got a couple more weeks until now I know hall's goal and football. How to make racist base because I got to do a lot of preliminary stuff to get us ready yet you don't wanna go there. This is my once I get through today I got a gravy train for like three weeks once I get through these solo shows are always a grind I hate doing these entire week's. Springer will be back next week Campbell you know once I get through today I got three more hours left that I want to see street for a couple of list this might be my last weekend it's they actually have some file and go deep yeah I you know odds and I'm glad that you brought that up we got a lot to get to today and it's going to be a fun show a lot of sports to talk about this afternoon I promise look at the some. Some heavy topics you DC deflate dates back in the NFL. Just boggles the mind I know it's back I do wanna start here though I you know cumin and sometimes you always think about what he wanna talk about an opening segment we like to let the opening segment breathe a little bit been elected to straight. But Collins starts to show he dives into a rant right away and every show us a different philosophy we kind of took that from primetime it's like a bottle wine. You uncork it let him breathe in and you get this stuff starting in your second segment but. I wasn't quite sure where I was gonna go to days something and I you know eyes damages have to dive into some pre season football right. Felix got demoted like it did there's stuff I guess sports wise I can get to. And then thankfully Kyle and upper appointed me to some thing that sparked quite off this debate this morning. And I want to know how many people think that they can do this I didn't know that this actually existed or was saying and I don't alert initially came from. Quote comes one week. I mean we don't have big wall let's see what they're now there's a financial aspect to it that's kind of ridiculous therein is and that's why we've created a we sidestepped that a little are we starting a go fund for them to show reassert its they would deals and a planet's I don't know affairs it there might be an inception point of this idea that we saw you point me to a YouTube video. Courtesy Cady Noland who's now an ESPN and when she started media stuff a lot of it was just these are my. Is this to any Nolan when I get like bring her to the forefront she gets me like a million bucks a year to do enough and I G I want to hear her and chase Daniels and the easiest job in the world right now right easy veggies Daniel's dad get an idea get paid like 25 million screeners from a four passes. So Katie Nolan. Did this and she did at a Mets game and I don't know the dude was the Jews went that I heard a dude tried this and the idea behind it. Is it's been 999. Challenge. It's not kaine run for president here but it is nine Beers. Nine hot dogs. In nine innings. And there's there's like a four and a half minute if you wanted to search and now occasional 1999 on YouTube does a video that a problem but I tweeted about two. I've Dieter Johnson's ego click and watch it gets kind of funny towards like the seventh and ninth inning. They got a little loose now neither of them accomplish the 999 tell me she did it seem credited to all they both did it all an end and at one point I believe she gets up computes in the bathroom and like the seventh inning I'm pretty sure that happens a hot home. So I think she ended he being eight hot dogs and drinking issue did the eight challenge she got to eight trying to do not suitable pricing sixty needed relief are. The dude if she was with did the nine beards but he only put down six hot dogs meaning had to cut off after six hot dogs. So this got me thinking. Could I do this and we need to try this. Because I didn't immediately piqued my interest of something that it sound like exam pick you know it's it's attainable goal you put it a try it you gotta have goals that you can accomplish make yourself a good about yourself now so some of the qualifiers on this because I've I've thrown a sound people in the office have been asking. Right so regular hot dog not like a big right foot long not like a big polish or timing thing standard hot dog your normal run of the noble our product on foot long not a die right just your normal you know they probably heated up in water it's Luke and Laura your normal ballpark not dot. The Beers or sixteen ounces or not twelve cost of their sixteen ounce Beers. Because usually the ballpark you get slow slightly bigger cut became a twenty bucks for but decided bigger cup Somerville and sixteen ounce Beers. And you can take whatever kind of the year that you want. So if you wanna go big go big if you wanna analyze their daughter to see you gotta go anyway I don't Coors Light or something like that that evidence that most people will say a monster just psychotic genuine intrigue 990 days and you think you can handle that with man on dog that's. That doesn't sound like it would be a fun afternoon. So I would not how many people out there think that they can do this a little poll question up on this actor and spread on Twitter you no vote on it I have one question okay what's your question who's pitching. That's a that's a big F it's a big part of this equation. Because if you get a pitcher's duel you're screwed there's no way you can accomplish you got mad Bowman Kershaw Chavez ravine on a cool night forget if you get a one not then two allies in fourteen minutes five combined heads now you need to go to one of these modern teams that like. Like the rays would be a good example like they start to the little they have portable well or I'd get like yankees Red Sox at Fenway that's gonna go four and a half no matter what there's likely to be a brawl in the middle of it fourteen reviews. At eight trip to the bullpen and right right national then again I think I can now pull that off. Yet because you Brad that I beset of this is if this is a pitcher's duel into gonna be really tough and I think that's apart amid dad. If you're getting three absent three downs there's no way anybody can do this no way you're you're gonna have to you'll have your earnings they go quick in your gonna need to be you're gonna pass early Oscar goes up I mean. But yes if you get something in around you start getting you go to cooers that it turns into a beer league softball game and I brought a they're going to be OK gonna sink to be fine so indeed he did it is 55305. We have some people who have attempted at one. Listener tweeted me earlier cities attempted this I'll tell you what his snap flu was. And double reed Samir is not the let's get to what's on tap. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be crying there's a lot of sporting and it's easy alike got to go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. That's what's on tap crusty but delicate brewing company born to be John pelican drilling down that I think he can do nine B breakers in their Beers are too good. I don't divide one even drag they would like almost aid drinking nine of those who don't like ruin that you wanna enjoy pelican when you drink it well yeah I will some of the the higher ABB's though what's the lightest pelican one they got. Maybe co want to create mail that's driving yet there's size flair that they did for the summer is pretty light sky. So you might be able to get something down there that's more in the for a 4345. Range that's fairly light that she could. You can get through it right. Yankees you go I think I PA here for you get some of the dark and get the scene were matters something and I. The tsunamis doubt it no that ain't happened existed at all though you and I did do that. Add to the Mayweather Pacquiao fight I'm pretty sure we got nights now dieters with adult ones you have the I got hammered out a rough night black scales at some opera night. Cool. But it all right here's what dubs up we are getting into some stuff today have promised pre season action kicked off last night. We got some bad injuries all right that's really brutal I don't know what's up with my NFL network speed yeah I want asset I don't know if that's the Comcast saying or what happened because I didn't get to see my cowboys and now is hopping mad yeah I I had. I didn't make and he's out on somebody as an answer to now I don't know what the hell's going on but. We'll talk to pre season made field impressed about Ryan all right not a big game last night yeah he must have got some reps with maybe the first or second unit because that and all of the day I Jamie came in late and had no room to run shot man in did not have a good night last night that I didn't see this man. I'll update you on the PGA championship throughout the show all we got some guys don't really low today would have to lead at ten under tiger Rory and Justin Thomas the big power group for the afternoon. They're on number two they dealt a birdie looks are on the second hole. They'll get a gig on the of that cut lines and even even par right now some are growing tiger there are just. Thomas on the at one under self big animal little bit if they wanna kind of clear some room before. The end of the day Al talked to Tyson Alder is gonna join us at 1 o'clock a little fall camp update on the organ docks of course and the athletic. I and he wrote a great piece on aaron's fell to their strength and conditioning coach and 45 things to learn about a nine joint raid it. Well doctor and also the Boise State series what his thoughts are on that we have an NBA schedule release Zach and I had 1 PM 1 PME dropped. A cable bill they say starting at 130 able cracks of Beers a logo game by game by game for 82 gals pretty much mail in the last hour that I can chalk up wins and losses that is not lazy day by the way that is I'm trying my best today man the beavers are doing some saying unable on a one weekend basis that they need to do on a permanent bases yeah Palin's dad is. Felix we finally have a decision on him and I only Hamlet the right way. It's about Campbell's bright line today what did I even those breaks double actually had a chance or an instant best and nasal spray the line in the final hour of the show. As well that's a that's what's on tap instructive that pelican brewing company bought the beach online at pelican brewing dot com what do you think. Can you handled 999 challenge some qualifiers it is and also people who have tried it. What is their testimony to it because I've created. A case study each year to get this thing done not say what that is were often run on a Friday thinks being blisters break on 1080 the fan. So far it's. Right out millions trial the back again. 121890. Mile us. Accidental pre season here in a moment. Tiger got birdie on number until he's looking at another birdie on number three so he's turning on today readies them. Holtz we got some low scores this morning. Becker 63 days earlier today I kept -- missed a putt to set them the major record you're pretty side Duff stick close as is it is this kind of funny you just gotta expect this when you go into a PGA championship just Noland of course is easier numbers are good I usually saw as we go there expecting possible shower and thunderstorm activities. 6 PM central time OB 4 PM so there are going to be trying to hustle and up. OK everybody's got to speed apple and he had no litigants get a little bit darker out there's so it's been a thud PGA championship so far we're keeping up today. On that throughout now we're talking about the 999 challenged nine hot dogs nine Beers in nine innings. Which is that I did it is difficult I think for anybody and we do have some people who have tried heads and think of one person to Jimmy Graham to it me a little bit earlier today said he's tried this before. Any said it wasn't the Beers that was a tough part this is harder than you think because of the hot dogs which makes sense I think the hot dog would be the toughest part once you get five of those things down. 6789. Would be brutal to try and who brutally trying to handle. And by the wayside now on the hot dog eating that we do have to hold Joseph Fisher accountable because he said he Keating five hot dogs in an hour. And he'd be he may dabble boldly made that claim on the show and he is not yet attended that challenge to meet all of accountable to that legal do that next week. I think there's a group outing to to the pickle are the pickle still no I think they're season's done they're in the playoffs are a thing. I think I think there's still playing Indiana another option is still black ops are still appoint another Bozo gone. So people are are asking. You know can you do this and Hobbs game yet you can do visited India one you can try to. Nice night I would suggest a minor league game as opposed to Major League ballpark price that is exactly because that is it's gonna cost about 300 dollars if you're doing this -- a big league ball down our ego the Safeco Bryan yeah well and and one other point and I didn't really think about this I'm glad people pointed out is concession stands usually close at least beer sales Leno close it was close after the seventh or middle of the seven player whenever my decent you gonna have to order -- so you got a W got a double up your Beers double fist for the -- -- I last won unless it's a very -- believe in myself a little warm bright line what is the way you want a top at all all right well and John's a Canada's chimed in on this on Twitter and I think he brings up about job I can see I'd I don't drink Beers that's a thing when -- I try Rangers so he I he could probably controlled and I'm hot currency get away with old tools. I'd make injuring nine -- -- who. Halls. Those seem a little sick I don't know how to be what injuring nine others things I've never had no duels they just seem I don't now not to candor you would want a drink nine of yes of me since I dug in near drowning it's easy PC. That's that that's the thought process and I have as well although I do acknowledge the difficulties of innings five through nine I think that's when and adds up mostly on the hot dog side of things. But job out of the good one on Twitter saying an aspect of says that will play into the outcome. Is the weather. If you're at a cool like it here in San Francisco and you're watching a game and it's about sixty degrees or not sweat and it's not that I stick in your seat. It's gonna be a little bit easier to throw back nine hot dog but if your sit Ned Dodgers stadium at 105 on a Saturday after candidates 96 degrees. This he had that right the I know that you're allowed are you allowed to also be drinking water just I think so yeah you could ingested any other thing you want only jazz. As we have multiple listeners willing doing just marijuana during mass to try and and up their appetite a little bit as the game goes on. They've whatever you need to do countless and I know and I and I'm not your set rolls okay I'm just trying to lay out the framer for an M one other thing that was brought up as well because. This idea Pete land just a little bit but I think he gets away from the spirit of the challenged. And that is he wants records to enemy earlier today saying continue space this out at any point that you want. I can you lead three hot dogs injuring three Beers in the first sent anchors your ready to get after it and then you only have sixty bill for the rest of the eight Jennings. And that I I think your get a little too far away from the framework of the 999 challenge there. Simon I'm gonna have to puns are now I think it's got to be a standard one hot dog. One beer every single inning for nine innings and you got a load up on nine innings memory nine so some coworkers and I have decided we've officially made that decision. That were going to try this now not NA a capacity at a baseball stadium just for fear of what could potentially happen you look at potentially go wrong. We're gonna try to sending home controlled environment so we we got some guys that Bennett and next couple weekends are gonna give this ago. On a Saturday or Sunday ever watch a random ball game. This will also help us save a lot of money because you're not spending ten dollars for hot dog you go throw it all. Your normal ballparks sized dog on the Grilli guerrilla not a and so there already to go for everybody. And then and then you're good for the effort and so we're gonna try this and ominous Obama for porphyry back. On if I can handle the 99 challenged in a private setting. Public what it does it freaks me out a little bit just for the case of throwing up vomiting we have one person who said they tried it. And now once he told his body that the hot dogs are made of like pig lips and our rear end. His buddy vomit in 3COM and you don't wanna do that any fertility fanning and I was on to solve. That's that's unkind luck if somebody's gonna try and this you wanna be supportive. You know you you need to make sure you've got to you did the right seats so your near. Aisles close to the facilities. If you need to. You know. This in a move quickly yeah you're gonna have to I'm gonna have to plan for this I'm not worried about it coming outs allowed top memorial Bonham I don't from Trent. And if you've been consuming Beers you're probably not a self aware issue would be at the start of the game if you were having some issues that's very that's gonna be a mad dash and you need to make sure it's a short bench that's very true that is very true. Some thoughts are this is the better you today Tex lines 55305. Minutes and 999 challenge you can never sit your seed I have to get a second mortgage to afford it. He added the bathroom trip is fearful and the prices cheerful that's why we're gonna do it at home and just tried just one branding just you know controlled environment and you can go get a case and a light beer for pretty cheap. People's saying let us Maggette I think we need to show up but the Sprague can appeared a man cage in the garage that's not a bad setting for a man up and just with a sack dogs bonds in a couple of cases. Into rebel unskilled are you grow. We gotta find the one they cans that are in the sixteen ounce cans yeah you gotta get a little bit in a tall boys power voice app so couple cases of those and yeah British is it's just because I don't. It's better from Alaska so deny it and you're doing the nine and I asked aren't you ready for this space or listen on the stream their power get to an end of the show all right. The buddies that I can easily do this however I would probably go to the game with my girlfriend and she dumped my disgusting asked by the sixth gear and the dog GAAP net. This is a bad look for significant other's this has to be a normal suddenly gonna do with the boys this is and this is a bro outing at a baseball game yes he can't I think it. You can't do that would let. The significant other and let us that we got you here hear her. A people lasting bonds or necessity app you got to have fun not part of it any thought not again just take down the underdog party now you can go you can goal -- match around you don't have to put any condiments or you compile. Whatever you like right yeah wanted if you need ketchup or mustard but I I would tell you to go light on those item isn't. Right yes because I think I would just go dry. And I would probably go drive yeah you decide maybe one or two might have just a little catch up. Yeah people ask you about comments you can do condiments of data line I don't think I wanna do a lot of onions the relish or anything like that. Yeah no she's I'm certainly not going on on on on analogies. Dye eggs no no chili involved in Madsen is in my gut history in my gut is I understand that this is going to be bad people saying don't do it on a Sunday to little effect Monday. Best true a very well could in some it was me alive tweeting I will walk all but we do this all live tweet it. In Atlanta radio and has set this up yet but we're just is on is it a private setting and I don't have to worry about the Dodgers when the giants win they do have a series coming. Next who adding it's a weekday series but all. I love you wanna do is on a Tuesday night. Want to find the next weekend's series to try a little golf calendar yet there's got to be Lamar we had series in the mix I know in my latest pitch and yet exactly. Andrew Suarez at this point he's gonna like four bombs purchase landings so let's get some pitching changes your boats can't take time market out to the mound. Of throwing up does that start over icy I don't know I think that's a deal however you wanna do some other get there or you don't cherry at a restaurant yet you vomit dad says probably the end of the tellers. I would suggest not trying to pick it up and continue as well and yet you're here you're done now and won the last play on this and I've heard multiple people bring this up and I think it separates. The men from the boys. What are you doing an extra inning ball game. We go to the tenth how do you handle this thing you keep gun challenged challenge continue. You can't glitz. I think I'm gone I Siegel as far as you can go. He's excited Jack Morris song it's like Cramer with the empty gas tank committee on the test drive like let's keep going on man to go hand in the lights and on the Tony miles and see how far we can make yet. And the Dow point you just got to commit CO Fareed now yeah allies remember bloodstream of troublemakers that we'll get a sponsor. Well did as 999 jealously they can you pull it off of our poll question on that one of our core sample questions. Act or spray on drug and it results and the rest those questions on the other side we started around an option we actually get to some sports now this time. NFL pre season kicked off last night. If your neck and it thank let's get some hot takes I take someone did what did and a baker may field. Sake while Barkley look at they ran the ball one time and everybody's raving about MC knocks. Impressive on defense what did you make of the opening and a pre season we'll get all that stuff next. Heads of 34 for the MacKey and PGA championship runner on a Friday. The leaders are at ten under par. You'll want to the end all fans and only cares about tiger he's got two birdies in his first three holes. And it's things have to save par your food bag got himself out of trouble with the way we did shut there was saved par from there are those of tyrants two under Callahan ran about even par right now assailant a and yes the end it's gonna miss the weekends and that means he will not automatically qualify for the Ryder Cup so the top eight spots that Ryder Cup. Will be set after this tournament that's right. Yet I'd certainly keep an eye and to not only effort today but in the coming weeks of the captain's picks are and stuff that's still yeah they'll pick the read. After this. The event after that. Yeah after the policies is still going strong man stumbled strong two more thought to this on a promise to move on some idea I said Sprague would Chinese Allman dogs. He would will immediately disqualified he's gonna Chinese like Turkey die down around Arnold. Manning hot dogs come on and then now submitted Texan evaded a Tex I think I'm dry a driving over to tri cities right now and I'm going to UNC LA ballgame at my brother. It's one dollar hot dog day and five dollar beard how low did I Dyson is a perfect and imperfect conditions you need to giant has 54 bucks won a report back on how this goes deadlocked for par on the show Monday help my only concern is did it it's probably a 102 still is tri cities Cyndi he'd party I. Yeah about throw our Ivory Coast fans finds out who's shaded areas. There's ways to combat that a little bet good settings sort of pre season football kicked in full swing last night we had a hall of fame game last week that. That's always kind of an out liars a lot of guys don't play and down yet last night he got a chance to see a lot of the first round draft picks rookies some guys played a little bit some guys played a half some guys played a quarter it was Karl over the board. And you know I I think the main take away from last night there are some injury concerns we'll get to those in a moment. But I thought the main take away was the guy that I think everybody was most excited to watch. And he had a lot to lose last night you know. Precision football's agency because. A lot of people always you know what what can you take out of pre season has does that even matter and not any answer is not really there's not hum you can take out of pre season football. But if you look bad. It's about look if you can't show that you can hang in pre season. Then people are gonna wonder immediately what does that mean for your chances in the regular season not you come on you play well. There's going to be be combative. Counterargument of duties pre season my group that that that doesn't mean it's gonna transit to the regular season. And sometimes it's true and sometimes it's not you know I'm Emeril adapt press got in his first three seizing game in their play in the rams was the first game back in LA and I remember coming on the show the next day. Thank you look really good in control the offense it was thrown the deep balls like. That press got knew we looked like eighty look like he knew he was Dolan and a lot of people say as pre season who cares a matter and obviously that's translated well into the governor great rookie year and down a little bit last year but still a good NFL quarterback so there are things in my did anything that you can take out of pre season football. And just looking competence is the first step in looking like you belong is the first step and I thought. They guy who had the most to lose last night and he really showed on how to phenomenally leading. Was baker mayfield number one overall pick in the draft controversial number one pick should be gone their off field stuff undersized spread offense. And he came out. I did see what drive when Todd Haley called three straight running plays and went through my TV through the window like Todd dammit nobody is sure to watch you run the ball puck OK can we throw the ball around a little bit. And he finally did mayfield move the pocket he looked really athletic. He didn't look like the moment was too big he threw some good deep balls out a couple of touchdowns. He had one great play to Callaway on the side my memory escape they converted. Any eighth through a dime on the raw Indy gobbled Jose and I. Baker mayfield last night if he would've played poorly that would have been one of the lead stories across all platforms today you need to not play poorly you look really good last night. Yes so now the question is is she did that mostly against back up second and Third Reich to immerse. Fool into tigers of ten well I mean dropped an F bomb out their not so nice so tiger is it nest feisty today in tiger mode. And so now the question is OK when will he get a shot where the first. Group. You know it is what I'm just admitting you aim being tarred time Tyrod Taylor's serve starter he's going to be your starting quarterback to be in the season. Which he should be mean he should be out in court and he's well I think IDs fighting have an incompletion is an awesome title I touchdown baker playing with Cleveland's number ones it's going against number one defenders. Guys who are actually going to be on the field and NFL games what can he do can he look off safeties guys you know. Those first unit defenders out there who were making adjustments. Well when teams start cranking up the different blitz packages all that sort of stuff can be read it Kenny. Call audible skinny do all that I arrived that's really the difference between him. Being ready to play in an NFL game. I think Cleveland let your Jackson might not be that guy for that job and who knows that this is another dumpster fire embassies and I kind of jokingly on their bandwagon and it's funded there on our Knox and not be a fun episode again on Tuesday. I I was at residing there and related spot now though with Tyrod Taylor may feel because Tyrod Taylor. He is the great data had a baker may feel these is not gonna lose ball games he is consistent he doesn't turn it over. He is he's solid NFL quarterback and all the bigger good number one and a half height isn't gonna rattle him no it's not gonna right he's been through this the we got benched last year for need to Peerman who threw four picks and half of football like Beckham. Back has been through this role before and I and I actually took out hard knocks on Tuesday. If felt like they had a good relationship they got that QB RV like they're not letting this kind of competition gets home and both understood Tyrod Taylor knows it's not his team in the long term. But the Uranus spotted at a cleave a lawyer. You know Tyrod Taylor is not gonna play so bad that you're forced to move baker may filled in in the starting lineup in week two against its not gonna get down ugly for you and I think that's a good spot to be. And if you land of faltering and say you start to win five or you know whatever it might be in the first eight or nine games. I you know you're three and six and things are going I you wanted to go under the browns again. What down like you throw baker mayfield out there but there's not going to be that pressure to play him right away because of poor quarterback play and that's a good spot to be sought a baker may still look pretty good last night. Not to overreact too much but held pre season football so it's fun to do anyways the one guy that I will overreact to you and I am absolutely stoked to watch this upcoming season. Is sync Lamar. I think how much of an overreaction this is. You look at the trend of the last couple years in the NFL rookie running backs and the impacted they've had immediately on teams. From Todd Gurley to a ZGLEN two Korean Han Alvin tomorrow last year like those guys have had a huge impact right off the bat for their teams. I look it was one run and Eli Manning says come down this is only one round but he gives him the ball goes for 39 yards on his first touch he makes three or four guys miss. That's bad dude is the real deal and I felt it all the legal back to his Penn State timing he can do so many different things out of the backfield they can carry you in the running game with 25 carries a game. He's eighties and is a lay beyond bell type of player where you feel like you can swing until out of the backfield. You got to be feeling great rent out your giants fan and the balances our offense could have to. I think there are offensive line is somewhat improved but time will tell on that and who knows how much Eli Manning has left in the tank but. When you have a deep threat on the outside like go to Beckham junior and you have somebody that you take the top off and you always have to be honest and respected in the passing game. And that's it opens things up and and similar to this situation Ezekiel eight had in his rookie year in Dallas in my mind you got good targets he got a bit a guy. Who go deep and then you can still pound the rock and and give it to 25 times a game I tiny sink while Farley's boys for a big rookie season. And I wonder label looks back on that wonders if you could add in that one I'm mayfield live for. Presidency might anybody else is gonna take baker may fill in the first three picks imaginable those guys are key combination. At quarterback a running back. Out of a sudden the watch that was again on us an hourglass that browns once played attend mayfield NSA while Barkley very limited for Barkley. On the four carries for 43 yards but that one Kerry got everybody array of Amman more man Almonte is I've drowning he's going to be a ton of fun lodged. And he's got a huge rookie season we'll talk a little bit more. About somebody other games in pre season on a big injury in the nation's capital it's the last thing you wanna see the niners seemingly Los everybody last eight. Why it was a night game on TV I don't people out an answer that one and I differing performances from former Oregon State Beavers are running back in a quarterback when opposite directions last night. Little or pre season football talk next on the on the blacks. Greg tell him in the second hour some and I'll Oregon State doesn't permanently ago. What are pouring stays standing greased me on that one size and Alder is gonna join us in the athletic he's done a time practicing and today. Those they don't fall camp plays CNN's. Also he wrote a piece. On aaron's fell their strength and conditioning coach get to those coming up second hour of the show. About the scorecard from Tony fee now we can't take our eyes off this thing. He can't he can't. He started right bodies Stiller and I need to says one blip on the radar so get this this is our Tony fee announced rounds so far it's gone today birdie birdie birdie birdie birdie. Triple bogey. Birdie birdie. Explain number nine he can cheese on them and as a birdie here. They could shoot thirty on the front nine with a triple he could shoot a scenario with a troubled by the literally tripled to it was a par three he poured in a six on the on the sixth the general is there water us Macedonia has and there's no other excuse for that being out there had to have been somebody at one LB year in him when an added in the hazard. Sell on Tony phenom I that birdie birdie birdie birdie birdie a bogey birdie birdie. Seven birdies and a triple bogeys on islets no he does on nine I finishes up. His front nine and today you know I don't know what the issue was so because I threw out there and in the last segment while learned the niners and cowboys not on TV last night the. Only thing I could think gov is because. The Seahawks game was on local TV. That very day NFL protects the local markets. As the only possible thing I can think. There's so many simply talking about it was on TV now watch almost the entire game and had multiple listeners saying that their cable provider haven't so isn't this must be a cable it's the best thing yet because we both have gone out of acidity and Beckett was not on my TV last night they showed a rerun of the Eagles I was Eagles in Steelers because that was actually that was stick around Watson and second half eyebrows here now as I united. It was like whoa did they have was there like a thunderstorm and Ed Lee Brice stadium was there lightning and it's. Big percent of in the locker room what happened yet Betty T beepers. As an answer now I've been put us Comcast wise. If he didn't get either up. Yeah Ali we I was looking for a wasn't on my DV one none out of that game by the way for the niners they got really banged up. The an offensive line when down a linebacker went down a tight end went down and running back went down I believe that there. Those are Russ injury ninth floor of the big injury though that night and we just on his sound a little bit ago before we. I'm Donny or any Darius guys who is a sec trumpet of the run and highest drafted running back for the Redskins. Since 2002 I wanna say and I got a lot of people follows the steal of the draft wondering why the Seahawks didn't use him or take him at their first round pick. He went down last night early on in that game a couple of guys landed awkwardly on top of them. Tore his ACL done for the year. The Redskins last year rush offense was thirtieth I believe in the National Football League indeed it was has. That is brutal. Your first game as a pro you're getting rays got to be the offense all year he's going to be the guy. Terry Aries you Alex Smith welcome to Washington the ad that's a that's a tough funding that signal one saying the year hoping to avoid in pre season is just any of those marquee injuries. And they went through and mumps and Darius guys went down last night. A there were some differing performances from former beavers now Ryan all who we did talk about last and hall of fame game because it bears play enact game. And he really shuttle but last night he had nine carries for wanna say 95 yards so Ryan all look at pretty good. And his second chances of pro and the one that did not go well. This this guy loudly so the rams decided not play a lot of their starters they basically sat everybody. Including Jerry god he did not start so sharp Manning got the start for the rams. He was three of thirteen with sit for sixteen yards and an interception he was also sacked twice in the as and I ain't gonna start the year for Shimon millions. And it never arbor. And I handed Brandon Allen who was. When they're like guy who's vying for the third string gut reaction played OK granted in the second half so wasn't much against they stiffer competition and a ball game but shop Manny and really about opening night for him three of thirteen sixteen yards. So there's Canada you're others around over the opening night the pre season how many Dem nominee other takeaways Josh Allen did look great and I've now got any of those highlights you're pretty bad last time for the bills. He and one flavor they have I don't wanna say on the two yard line and they Heidi I didn't they've got to pressure he's gonna get sacked all the way back in the 35 hour. Los about thirty yards and he looked bad LaBarge Jackson showed some flashes again pretty similar to his first game. And Seahawks fan rounds you'd better hope and pray Russell Wilson doesn't get a significant injury now Russell Wilson is your offense and the backups. So you're an irascible sincere but I image he looked really sharp this year and you know somebody said IIMS other defensively than they look good they detonated losing game but the main players are out of my game until the first quarter she can't get into eye socket now but I digress a lot of really good for them I was running around making plays all over the field. And what other big question marks defensively they had a lot of them defensively this and they had guys guy I have some guys out to Syria idea enjoys up land Clarke's op plan right now say Jimmy go last night but their interior pass rush they got a couple young guys I've looked and looked decent last night so. I mean they held their own which is are you wanna start and end it may not backing and I will say and it's not see op related. It said Andrew Luck played he stayed healthy he threw the ball. I data such a wild card in the AFC south Neve see in general we know how good they can be when he's healthy. So the fact he got through his first pre season game in go down that that that's a real big positive for colds fans and for the. Found out when he was able to stand back in step into a throw look like. Tight spirals on a line there was nothing was floating nothing was you know didn't seem like it took forever to get passes to the sideline so yeah. I think for colts fans that's an encouraging sign. Yeah people say about it is not a cowboy thing into DirecTV Sunday was that it was on DirecTV and on a Soliai clearly at Comcast issue. And AS NSA it was nominee gets deals replay somebody sitting on DirecTV they cut out of the end of the browns came and went to it at the start of it. Which I was wondering on my TVY they were doing that because that browns game in giants can't brag a little long. Now's got out of there is like to get. This thing's over Edward gar percent of pre season game moved to San Francisco. And they didn't do that and I want to the pre season last night I watched were way too much football but a man was have fun some hot takes coming out today. There are a couple more games that I falcons and jets play in the lions and raiders both of those are on the NFL network hopefully they're not blacked out. If you're a degenerate gambler the jets are favored by four in the raiders are favored. By three pre season is in full swing. It lustig until any second hour of the show are mobile Oregon State does some things on a permanent bases that they're gonna do one weekend this year I'll tell you what that is I'm curious to beaver fans. Agree with me the NBA's schedules coming up five minutes. Game by game by game by game let's break that thing down Ali also did well NB ATV hit and it and we'll do it. We might have to make fun of the NFL because yes deflate gators might. The play dates back people. In a pre season game. That happened last night emirates are its eyes and Auburn the athletic he's got to duck practice covers the ducks for the athletics and they'll get his thoughts on the open in fall camp. What are they said Boise State's death and the Aaron felt story he just row which is pretty entertaining lasting until in the second hour employee ordered spring on 1080 the fan.