Dirt & Sprague Friday August 10th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 10th
The Trailblazers regular season schedule gets released and the guys work through the highlights, plus Tyson Alger joins them from Eugene to discuss the first week of camp and why they signed a 3 game deal with Boise State, plus Dirt's armpit hair is too long and the NFL can't get out of its own way to start the preseason.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Rat flag and blah blah that neverland. This is durden spray your big man problem but Dario what they're doing avatars. But don't Jack thank you Kyle. Not about being bought back about the endangered Johnson and Brendan sprayed my excitement about things. I can lead to prevent sudden doctor now. Durden spray guns NB. I want her to the future with Donna I don't look past this group was nothing more than about old man with a little girl like this shouldn't be an Intel and. I'll. It's okay this is our number two on a Friday things available to us around the world and sports later detonated a fan. The tigers got to go on they. In some trouble on number six par three yeah this is all this scene now in the water you see there the hazard on the right feet now had seven birdies and triple bogey. A bogey number nine so didn't quite get is a birdie there on nine and finished with thirty but still. Hello front nine considering Schobel bogey a par three not a great way. To handle par three NBA schedule has been released break that down for you here at some point the second hour what do we make up that. I did see from Bengal towards the few is back to backs ever in the NBA schedule southern stone China's space that stuff out from people. Tyson all there is gonna join us coming up and about twelve minutes from now. He's done an organ practice today and has been obviously all fall. They got their first scrimmage of the fog coming up on Sunday is that going to be a big weekend for organ that's always a big wanna see we're guys are rats. And he's got some notes on health practice guys returning I'm who's looking good all that stuff we'll talk to Tyson coming up. In twelve minutes I I do wanna start here though changing gears a little bit. I had sent us penciled in but this is has piqued my interest most of the morning. Morgan State fans feel about their logo. Is it it I mean is it like. Yeah I mean I'd I know you're OK if I don't hate it well. But is there a desire for a better logo they did to get rid of the real beef are I guess should be some thing I I have to see somebody come up with something. Okay what about I mean it's not in all. The beavers right so. What about because our in state football tweet it is out this morning October 2 lane I don't really plan October 20 you have to look at the schedule rabbit but on October 20 I don't know if they're doing a full rich or uniform but they have teased on Twitter. That retro Benny returns to the Helmand on October 20 and they and they do and no Jack visits at beaver football on Twitter. And so how bears' other plank out. I'm hoping this is a full retro a uniform Abby got eleven teams do that. Or did that you know good times Hillary uniforms out and reggae you know even though like 1990s you know Adobe I add those are good luck to bibs were horrible no not like a brassiere is not those slugs and I'm vegan like can Simon ginger -- he is simple all black pajamas Mets jerseys you know. But they're bring in the end it's the old school banning. Not they're like beat it's a demanding old school Benny would the top OSU top pat absolutely is that some and I Adam not his works for schools and often they can change things around. They they need to DB eve. I thought they saw as a veteran out long ago that they put all the time Nike put in all the time and effort to rebrand its season hey thanks for your effort to her home back to Europe alone we did it for. It has to be at least 45 years at this point it's been awhile now. As I remember doing a show that night when that logo came out had a big unveiling and it was all saying. Well I think. Dave first of all need to. I'm Jonathan throws got a lot more things to worry about the matter right now drag out a way to Isaiah I think you wanna hold that off until May be you start to. Get the momentum going in the other direction in you you ask any venue change it up get a little hide. You know all you bill to get some recruiting classes and maybe a year to you get a big upset maybe you'll win a civil war yes scare. US earlier. Somebody like that you did. Six wins and get back to the Vegas bowl or something and show everybody going in the right direction and then venue change over the top with that. Get a whole new look going on because for the time being I'd I don't think it really matters other than not and other benefit alzheimer's crude or not yeah. You you know kids think you know off the recruits think gets weirder looks fun team okay fine. But having said there worry about your deck unikom those I'm not I'm like get out I thought I can't I thought to be reloaded because the ducks were crazier from. The ducks have done this from time to time they've tried so that didn't work and that's about it I want the basketball team to go back to the old Ralph Miller. Looked the rust was OS you were right there just a symbol Alessio present right now Oregon State team does that the best is their baseball baseball looks grayer days volume knees are clean their on point yep they now organ needs to take a page out of their baseball unions with copy them just by getting a baseball program to begin with. Copy the uniforms duke is they got to know looked right there. I know this is what I did that new tree is not terrible the united easy wedlock and it looks like nutria and that doesn't look like a beaver. They need to go back that's all I'm saying that's my not taken the day they need to go back to the old go back to deal many days in if you wanna see the yield any uniforms October 20 they're gonna be wearing them. Animal but it's a whole top to bottom kind of thing ready on Jon Huntsman duties in the ninety's they'll Stephen Jackson uniforms are good clean luck man as a Mormon does sell. Go check that out on I'm confident enough on Twitter if you want beaver football. Waited it out I remember what organs did that I wanted to the first time and busted out those drawbacks was like 2000 in I aimed at. I wanna say adding it was almost solely in endow a number cal was in town and they wore the old you all on the sound of the helmet. And it is the old shade of green not the new kind of forest darker green that they had war for a long time. And I lie it was a good luck that they did it the next year against Washington and then. It is a kind of cool to see the team's plane with a throwback uniforms and actually had that. It does and for a while their origin or status aborted like the color rush saying where it would be electric green vs orange and it did. It'll much at times they just to new age college football. And I was not basic go the opposite direction on knows I didn't flip it back in in every year in the civil war. Wear throwback as sort of stays Denon a couple of times in the civil war and number they wore the giant killer uniforms I wanna saint 2010. When now when organ was joined on trying to make it to the national title game I think they were the giant killer Younis in those. But that was just the black helmet with the white stripe down the middle of it no logo on Ernie thanks some. Yet they do or is Lister points out that you today Tex and they do Werman DO nine civil war to. Yeah those are nice so Oregon State on October 20 they are their rap and the old begging to be very is coming back end they tweeted out to how it looks clean man black helmet meant to be row as he top that. Read your comments I say DB bring those things back permanently in a mild form intent the NBA schedule is out. And we have a couple highlights here when he gets in the blazers this from Casey whole ball. Who tweeted this ounce as the blazers and officially treated others get up the blazers are travel 64333. Miles this season. Which is fewer Glasser Casey point seven still the most in the NBA so you still have the worst travel time. And the association this year in the blazes actually did a pretty funny organ trail tweet for this I'm kind of break it down the schedule and what it looks like mom son no four games in five nights again the NBA has done so that's a big thing it was into with the players. A wanted to give more rest and recovery time and that's why I remember they moved the start the start last year. They moved up the schedule eyeglass tells us seriously they did and so no longer Halloween they moved it up a couple of weeks and down the blazers all of our ministers and their opener is the eighteenth. Solids you can see how much further it's moved up. Back to back as I mentioned there they are at a historic low averaged about thirteen point three per team this season. It was nineteen point three in 2014. Cell in the last three or four years. They've cut down six back to back games for teams it was fourteen and a half last year so. Even from last year to this year they've cut down on the back to back schedule for teams which is good that's good for everybody in my nine off in between. And then the other note I saw this Ashanti tweet this out. They have eliminated the eight games in twelve nights stretch for the first time of the schedules like you are no longer gonna play eight games. And twelve nights on the NBA's schedule sell. I like that one there's only one instance of a five games in seven nights per team I saw somebody had that so. There really got to balance in this thing out for squads and now we have not outages and he dulled and yet to the blaze is scheduled yet it just a look at this interest on the bottoming are. I'm trying to find where it's all. Put in a you know like a list form. Now app I haven't seen around the whole thing's posted on sites yet so we are searching searching searching I do not have a press release yet from the trailblazers either a pact. So I don't know if they've got to wait until then BAT's got to go through their little dog and pony show person before they can put everything out brake the whole thing yeah yeah out as soon as we get some things will bulletin now. I'm one last note from although he had a he had this the upcoming schedule also sees the return of no travel back to backs. Which you not had an A non lockout years since 2013. So there's another scheduled benefits for the blazers know travel back to backs and and and and add that since 2013. Cell. Now a decent MBAs scheduled tidbits come out today outside everybody's circle and obviously the return dates I saw the return date for awhile latter going to San Antonio everybody's been tweet about. Harry LeBron. And the Celtics lakers in the first one is February 7 in Boston. So those candidates who started Terkel a little bit and double it you know once we get a look at the blame the schedule. Take a look at and it's and kind of templates and tough stretches for them that's out NBA schedule released a catch the fever everybody. Let's go down Eugene shall we ties it all very covers the ducks for the athletic front of the show is not a lot of time. And that he's down at camp today and it just wrapped a practice he's got some notes from when he saw this afternoon. First scrimmage is on Sunday what should we expect any wrote a story on aaron's fell their strength and conditioning coach it's his birthday today it's a pretty good one so what can you expect him that story. Tyson already athletic he's gonna join us next on offense. There regimen seventeen. Busy talking and so far for the orange Dodge City every their first scrimmage coming up on Sunday they announced they now. Coleman home a home home and home. And see what it calls that against Boise State yesterday. A lot of good stuff going all the dog treat that would bring on ties longer our body does it us for the athletic can give a follow on Twitter at Tyson Auburn ties it would suddenly I doing today. And we don't guys just down here outside of Eugene cracked complex and and join the fact that it's about it ordered out yeah midnight. And go home. And the Clinton ninety's that close enough little but I do wanna start today with a hard hitting questions for we we spent like the first half hour on the show on and today. They Jew. Could you handle the 999 challenge which is nine Beers nine hot dogs in nine innings. Somebody who. I sixteen ounce beer eating cheese that are very blunt and we're talking like normal standard ball parked job. Well. That's it's variable don't have any answer to. Okay. I could not duty hot product partners. But yeah I like yeah I can do all like 99 yet it's my I. I I went to moderate deal afterward could. Mega ball like a 995%. And you know. Ninth and ending up like that let's let's talk about what you saw down there today I see your tweet Johnson notes is kind of about injuries. I'm running back position wide receiver position of what was going on down there had to name practice. Yeah you know it happened. That stance toward different and you see him kind of the first. Two or three weeks of fall camp organizer to school that bank got you know the docs say they where are definitely out reaching down their debt collect like a walk onto the ball. Giving incorrect. Today you know you you have TV at top the tiger exchanged Egypt repel a couple of the guys it's a little bit nicked up and banged up but but is there and I still expect that to be at rilya kind of on. Wondering here over the next couple we just yet just Allah those carries lay out want to receive and starts because Iraq. You know Tony Tony exchange and as has been couldn't recover its current or by Hubert dealt really looked at and I'm excited to eat. At wide receiver just will now are behind you graduate transcript more or. Didn't really practice the first week coming up minor knee procedure. And he's getting back on the field not completely full go yet but EE. Definitely coming along and give them some narcotic chemistry work got stuck with this team right now. Our Taiwan ties longer the athletic covers and us for the athletic on Twitter at. Tyson auger I think what what has then I mean even cover in the is now for a while this is the third and coach in the thirty year for organ. What what is the biggest difference I guess you've seen the just from the ins and outs of practice and getting a glimpse of the way they do things the way they operate what stood out the most TO. It's very disciplined in that aircraft. Down and then on the disciplined assignment. I think there's a single coach called the vote could come around they were not disciplined with art to your aren't aren't all sorts but it. It really seems genuine McChrystal on the staff and the players of odd and I I've been really impressed kind of quick yeah. To steal trade income culprits are out the horizontal leadership I I I had a decent athletic today about how. You know freshmen are a plate you know in all there are still welcome our media. And and the way crystal Ortiz is this is probably cracked and contribute to the team I want them to. I don't want any barriers that make them feel like they're freshman. You know public deal leader. I didn't want to take responsibility about service and then turned to collect calls not. I mean you can depart about stuff to do in the weight room with a child I mean last year. Last year it would use its strong strong strong strong strong in the spirit is strong but you wouldn't wait that's like Q. I helped you out on the football that is not just you know you yell for the state for the sake of. Amazon would ties an already athletic you mentioned the newcomers being able to talk to the media which is is some of the change of pace. Well what are some of those newcomers and it's a Nazi mention for Dell like he redshirt last series shut out so foreign Campbell us is kind of shown that they have a chance to play a little bit here in their first here on campus. You know that that that's that's its union that's as good question that there are a lot of kind of registered freshman. I have as far as as true freshman I mean they have they have circle absolutely but let's on the often aren't. In coach Chris ball park or this is a year where double probably cycle through that are now aren't. I would be surprised. Could actually Brian hasn't it complaint kind of like adults are obviously have been kidnapped last couple years. He's not obviously. When you see into the starting position are on the cover are shark in the ball are you got a creature in the orient our Bay Area. Very fond of Procter and he's looked in practice so our. I'm obviously not coach. It is like it accurately yeah great quarterback yeah I make an open more money. And by Becky he looks like yeah vote to eat a big kid he's got strong armed so I'm I'm really how he plays in the first. Into that season where probably the and then back and collect or perhaps just because the canoe. And CAA rule that allows customers to playing a supporting. Now minutes ago upon Milan and applied NC give four games in for freshman quarterback can you still on the Almonte of that redshirt year. You know one thing I'm curious to ask you about an end this is kind of been something we've discussed on the station now last week or two and some Diebler costing against it some Diebler just dive in head first and that's what. Just the expectations for the upcoming season just live with that the closer and closer we get to the start of the year the higher in the higher the expectations. I continue to go did you think Gordon fan aren't you hear from them probably more than I do with your stories your tweets that kind of stuff. Do you fear that expectations are getting to a higher or should they be high for the season. I mean a crock amp I mean every article is quicker and eleven wins you know it's. I. Hadn't. I think organ has a very fair expectation. Of our they're thirteen to meet expectations now. A lot obstacle right and I think about on the order by you know that the one thing that I've kind of realize honest in his train and haven't expectations but I mean that BitTorrent are not shy about saying they want when actual idol. I I think ally that you hash tag take take the patch. You know they they place a lot upon themselves in running its yes they have a new coach on this staff by. If you have a potential first round draft a quarterback and if you have a defense that. At improved like it did from one you're 200 and let it. Are some in the first governor to let I think it's completely realistic that they'd be. Think that they can change. At least with the Washington can't hurt in this act all worked him you know looking down south seas and you are American morning. Organ organ had a couple down years last year at the turnaround and I completely expect that this team understands right now. Is much better than what last year and the schedule plays outlaw them so. I'm a warrant and it's okay to get excited but also keep marvel. In our young young players like airs from time to time in a lot of times in the game when they're close or an error and you different so it park project out that the the potential. Now we're tied with ties an already athletic on Twitter at. Tyson auger is some news yesterday they came out and I have been frustrated some because of their history against the team that. Organ announces his three series against Boise State star and an and I am fully years into Johnson and play a Boise one of the year's. And and the criticism that I've heard from some is it why would you even scheduled as a what was the bonus of playing a Boise State. Do you agree with that does this count as a big nonconference land what do you make it and schedule in those three games against Boise. I mean you I don't think you can win. Not not not one against quick say that I mean this year arc and perhaps there. I don't like becoming apathetic aren't out just add this non conference schedule is so. I mean it it's kind of got a 2.2 one count greet really non conference games and at the same time list capital strength of schedule at it if you are getting into the conversation in the playoff or. You aren't cigarettes in play it passed in early in the Yzerman and you risk losing a game tying nick if you. If you go to war in history did not never. Really I shied away from pulling in big gains in only eight played a few years ago they had that exceed eight home and home series with Michigan State. Nebraska the last two years Nebraska. Is an at a key still big power our program. And you can project out you can certainly they announced Ohio State coming up they have Auburn coming up. You know it it's. I think it's just turning and it's because the boy stay in the Boise State and I haven't done well where they go back ten years he can go back months it's. There hasn't been a great match or buy it I mean. That's six years from now like and who knows where either of those currently are at this point but I. From from our standpoint I'm I'm happy about it because I like it was on the talk about. From as a writer it's a lot more I underwent a double a Portland who we are going to Boise State are now deployed a Bowling Green or Portland State. Alex's list lead in story in those Almaty on that wall mobile get jealous when you did write a story. I'm one it takes an editorial credit for this desire I logged on this is a great idea and I knew wanna know more about this guy and always make in the media rounds and stuff now but. I you wrote a piece about Erin sold 45 things in honor of the 45 day challenge trees that. He's still on the sleeves down there what what did we learn about the new strength and conditioning coach for the ducks. Yet he. He's quite the character down here. You are bending. Pretty impressed by his way cute kind of I'm market and so and your strength program I mean he's. Coaches are giving him credit left and right for the group mixing scene and players and I'm wall art I think some of the but what you see on his. A little bit of a caricature but it's it's based out of kooky is I mean I was. I'm producer Eric marketed like Brittany says notes yet at this is authentic you know the two or during play. You know this is also they're Smart guy who is practical Lebanon's earlier with the way that you instantly program. He has loads of certain occasions he has master's degree. You know he either guy that hasn't mustache and unions. You know looks like your typical strength coach but there's there's definitely a lot more content and are in Canada each guy. That aren't. And now let's underage go check it out subscribe to the athletic Tyson all are. A the other leg in a follow on Twitter at Tyson our thanks man we always appreciate the time a mistrial on those 959 challenges hears him. Yes on demand that their. Very good ties armored down in Eugene as ducks wrapping up practice today their first scrimmage. Is coming up on Sunday. And that's get have been inching wanna watch that's an imam a buddy but a bad name at the running back position siege ever Dell's going to be a name that ET not I it. That was one that I kind of forgot about because he red shirt and last year but he is turning heads and people around him and that running back battle. And I also thought it was an Encino and watching how every coach handles it this year. It's going to be fascinating and that's the new redshirt room college football where you can play guy and up to four games and still hold on that reg reform. I love that rule because it he especially when you look at the quarterback position. You know a guy like shock whose common and is highly touted created maybe you want him to be your back up and you lose her Burke firm. Two games minor injury in the middle of the year and new you can roll the freshman out there you can start to game's story and hold on of that wrench or does not that. Not that same fear so I I love that that idea for college football I think it's great coaches should utilize it well. And that's wanna watch especially at the quarterback position. Down and you Jeanne. This year worship we go from there let's give an update on the PGA championship dates Hewlett chill or all the big names are rat is some guys start to make the turn in the afternoon round. Trying to finish up before the weather gets underway house Tony Fino do and after his wild front nine. It's been a lot of fun also Dustin Johnson got it wrong today what do you have to say after his round. Talk a little PGA championship to do an action. Now we'll try not to sing about it. We'll limit. Stop the wonder years below the back end they're just pray that Friday. 135. Very firm nearly an hour and a half to go. Our half. It is anywhere question asked but I'm getting some slack in the office for an I don't quite know why. Thirty guys whether they shave their armed men air. I think for people outside of competitive swimmers outside just yet he's doing sports related. Meeting into beast leader in the water nun and like just your normal dude. Anybody could change their cuts their armpit hair. Because I eyewear I Wear red cut usher for softball Gilligan guns out a little bit. I was gonna say how how does become I know that's I should set that efforts are or where to the office in general. Oh by the way we get some guy lightning makes a student play at bill read seek shelter immediately rendered I'm moving fast enough people both say yes summertime thunderstorm in the midwest has gone to be trifle with. Audobin royals game handful years ago and it was thank your picture perfect beautiful evening. And by the seven sending this guy just opened in dumped about fourteen gallons of agent. Unbelievable amount of water and everybody had to run game cancel postpone it was crazy yesterday a little slight delay in the end PGA championship. Does eyewear cuff shirt for softball with guns out a little bit when I play at a top you know I just feels that feels comfortable. And that one go work out a call up by name because he's the only one who's done it. Eric's a mantle has commented multiple times on my armpit hair in the volume of my armpit hair and saying you know he's city. Minds wanna think about that stuff turned out of clean and enjoy it and it caught me off guard because I didn't know guys actually guided allows it saying asset swimmers so. I get into the office today and I'm so we got his big white bullied a leopard thirty miles stays on RNC Rampage tending to the fans up. I'm sitting there are still about the white board of things to do a write stuff down. And Sierra. Sales gal walks by and she wants ready IA I ate ice Gaza's donkeys Jay Don he wants by then she stops as she turns processor is wait a minute. If she comes walked back to me homeowner and she says hey let me get a look here armpit hair. I'm like great what you my arm hare and I as I didn't quite understand when she was saying. Is she was she was genuinely curious to get a look at my armpit hair she's and I herds really long. I heard you got like a lot armed and very needed chairman back a little bit I sit and wait a minute blip. This is like a topic of conversation in the office side shorter my armpit hair. Now she calls irresponsible in the armpits but I don't feel like I have that much is now again. I'm dreadlocks coming out of my arms here we're cabaret admit now or rob brave men is not that long I've I feel like I have a normal amount of thirty year old aren't there. And I wanted to just does anybody actually. Do that and I never knew that was a thing I. There will accomplish a 47 have never taken a reason they're so thick sheet for a hit a rough season here is he says now now right they have breast is a hairy dude do a year for sure Harry and I ended knowing values yeah. Gallery and I sure Atlanta our act a arrogant loose on a Friday let's go. I. Have missed that Madison is a landscape everything. And somebody say yes and my three sons two of hygiene and it's easier to clean. And I'm not launch day but it trim ya hooked one. You you've caught your limits. If if you know unless that's been brought up. Who cares that's a very valid point. I could let myself on not not like I gotta get through the wedding looking like a decently confident human being yes I would say that work out programs for you for the next twelve to sixteen month is gonna be crucial yeah I'm not I'm Don Doug and and that's right. Start. Did a little bit so slim and trim there look at the penguin suit then chill will be most happy. I don't think she's gonna care necessarily what's hide and belief beneath you know the four layers of tuxedo that's coming at it it. No anomaly and that's why nobody's Sprague is maritime and ansari miceli is like jogging routine that I've known in the mornings have been jog a lot lately. Which is sucks I hate running Bob I I know myself as the procrastinators that I am. The finals start exercising now it's a blessing as I got two years I got plenty of time to get low and it has always that was on our team yeah where I'm falling down horrific clear right now Don I'm screwed if I don't start now I I you know I am I gonna do this I got to do this and then 87 things come up and you're like. May set I shave mine once a month or year but this thing apparently. People people cut James their armpit hair boom. I don't know where you do when like Calvin Klein out answers Friday we got there the voice of the day in a calendar year I don't I don't know about now then okay I did it if she's got a really good point. When I David Everett nobody ever even sees my arm princess that warrant our confidence off thoughts it's on a walk around shirtless all the Thomas brag here I mean if you're wearing tank tops outside all the time. You know. Then I might see if you're in the backyard there we know spray shaves his armpits all right sprigs for sure trojans are the I don't know how hairy beast he really is he's not hairy many B I don't I never got the sense that it was it was all over the place is gonna wanna go hairless dog as regular route he's going in or mr. Beatles were here it is the a's could have no eyebrows at some point. The hole on man it's unfortunate 'cause mines belongs. Yeah they get face it minus two rival like other arm dad has imposed a drop right religious and a florist. America became antsy to skim through that tank will too thick down there. Yeah mr. me up I don't know yet I never expected to Canada and have a co worker sitting haters show me your armpit hair I didn't I didn't I was not expecting that this morning in threw me off a little bit I don't think I have that much armed and air but apparently Ideo. We did a poll question on us by the way after the spray onto there but it's a follow our course I pull questions today and what a bomb we asses do anything she gave. Your argument here. And so far about 25250. Votes and they say 70% of you say you do 83%. Say we what now. 70% in donut. That's going to be able to icing are going to be the ones and actually ship their appearance on market overreact too much about you today Tex I'd. And the responses that we've got so far as very Portland as somebody said. Very Portland. CR I think could be very Portland not until I was for Jackson is yeah for checks but I look at them now point a point. I mean with some of the that you would think with some of the beards that you wander around seen in the city that if you're not shaven the outer stuff you're certainly not gonna take a blade anything under a shirt you. I'm immense shaping means to be done. Our pits got John once Amare. The news I'm not alone in their Friday notch in my arm hair out and make up. So it's a little delicate and there it is one that was my thought duke is he said he'd. And I've just if kills litigated Sheehan prickly on the inside that tank. And you know I didn't poking around allowed to put an arm down the ball nobody wants that now by regulators to initiate you might as well to shave the whole thing off free just had a minor trend when. We don't hear where would lead. And and it's gone there. All right let's get to drenched I'm shelling we have a delay in the PGA championship we got all lightning delay even though Andre you dollar for some reason is on the stage right now I don't know what the deal is what that. See from Saint Louis certainly. No clue or is he there to help roll out to TN t.'s NBA. Among schedules and says a break in the action there was Ernie. A gut and his team is finally about Tommy's dad says desolate like eight shots back he had a one over in the first rounds I OP's. Zeng and I'm learning all have to go check that out he might be flirting with making the cut clarity when Megan McCarthy they're really make classic at stone brain just. More on that tomorrow morning now all of the northwest overnight payday out early on a Friday anyway get all down let's get zoom. Let's do it. To flaky. It's back maybe. On the Steelers cheating and trying to win pre season games pressure on next on. Hey guess what people we. Are an hour away from Rebecca black line. Regular line coming up the final hour as well that's hot digs come and an armpit hair appreciated the Betty today tech's linemen unscathed to. Crunch time pressure's on now we have enough. Tim to reestablish themselves get a big win knowledge about the history and they need to know we got to go home and make sure that we take care risks that are humanness and help its friends stuff. I look at the hottest topic since. Tribune is always 995 Vermont. So why would you ever pay more for a gym membership migrants have brought you back I'm always not nanny found Alonso while you are paying more for a gym membership when ya again this morning. One point four miles a vicious Scotland of drowning. And their ground on a Friday. That's like looks like and a twelve minute dog there my friend has a nice easy dog. That's good the folks barely warm enough. Paglia you go do you go longer John's men's laggard when I used around not object yet okay it was known was that. It's been awhile and then went on Kanye. And when I used to run. It's a long time ago. Paced around like twelve to fifteen K road races have sounds awful lot would you ever wanted to have far. Yeah did he did over one you like can't get the governor running Phil and I used to I ran their run between the states for several years it has not thrown in cross country UW got a runner's body now. You're tall well all right I'll used to have a runner's body hello age 511 a buck 55 exactly after. Short and stocky doesn't necessarily translate well to long road races. Shin splints or fire and them even and that's not pretty in on somebody needs that to me agency that stuff. Let's get it says so pre season football was last night an. Kirk. Two controversies they came out of it and I have I held off on one because I'm just refusing to talk about it the anthem thing is back again if you're neck kind of I have. Mass bags not going anywhere so just buckle up because that's going to be a story all season long president's tweet about it. It's all fine man but the other 1 is this morning dashing kind of funny to me. Again if you're talking about the two biggest controversies in the NFL they just drive people nuts over the last five to ten years. You have kneeling during the National Anthem and the whole debacle around it. And you have Tom Brady deflating football's like that's those are your peak I think did he do it did not do out of time this story. Well guess was back folks. The flight gate. The NFL issued statements. And they are looking into a football used by the Steelers last night did against the Eagles. Apparently in the third quarter of the football look like a marshmallow hunt still hurts a title I'd. The NFL vice president of football communications a release a statement. He's also pulls her compliance with the NFL rules following a three game inspection and all proper procedures were followed in the third quarter. A football that was found to be defective was removed from play and send vegetables and for rubio. Guess what folks to play dates back pre season. Stand out I mean affected if it's true doesn't it look like a marshmallow. So did the Blatter. Inside bids or acres some thing or third all that bang or did. Somebody were they trying to pull load quickly won over there on the Steelers sidelines and something something. Came out of a locker room at halftime though wasn't there to start the game. And Landry Jones is just the and he enjoys drawing deflated football's more than full sized football's. How does how does the NFL lead this turn into a tank and it just say there's no investigate like this just say LA when the football's kind of screw it up there's no investigation. The Steelers clearly we're not trying to cheat when a pre season game can we are at least agree on that like this is not. This is not a an AFC title game there's no gained advantage for Landry Jones in the third quarter against the Eagles. Did they win or lose last night did in Plano Lloyd's of Faust or that other Steelers hammered that Google guys and they want to exile. They add on and they needed a deflated football to push their lead a little bit in the third quarter. As is this is one of those nights it will when you see pre season action I'm all jacked up about talking about rookies and stuff. I seem to do a top headlines allied pro football talk this morning or Donald Trump tweets about the man that he can some issue. In the Steelers used a defective football's sake of god. Buckle up folks yet use of football's a marshmallow last night. Well it sounds like whole encouraging Lee this is not going to be like old Ted Wells were or knock it again all that thing again. But just one of those things he had to keep her I am Steelers potentially cheating in pre season football last night. Welcome back football welcome back commit producer of the but I get out of their own way as never gonna hurt a monthly Borough is gonna watch and and now I am vulnerable or not I would think over. All of glued front offices. Of the big major. Professional sports league slowed the NCAAs and a whole other class. The right right but that's because they're not in control the run everything. They're just there to monitor they have all the responsibility in no power whatsoever I I do feel for the NCAA in a certain respect. Where they're supposed to you know be the police but they have no power no funding because the schools in the conference's. Just skim all the money off the top and but the NFL I think Mike beam the if you looked at competence in leadership. Of the big four. I think the NFL might be at the bottom of that. Yeah they got to be right anatomy Terry Bateman Bettman who nobody here in a hockey likes but the NHL and Billy's done right the right thing recently they have date they run a pretty tight ship. And they're pretty they're as transparent. I think JR of the big four. You know when they try to crackdown on player discipline they're trying to get hits to the head out the trying to get charm you know trying to keep guys' sticks on the ice snow. And they have a player review and there is any time there's a big major suspension there's a video that comes out with bit. Explaining what they saw in it and boom they're Udall and it. Takes away a lot of third. The rhetoric in the discussion and both food arena goes on and because of Roger Goodell talked out of both sides of his mouth now CDC about allay that there was an annually as our first injection last night. And the Seahawks game yeah and I got I think what it was towards the end of the game and shot Marco Thomas when a name and I was actually watching at that point when it happens shall Marco. And it's. I gotta say if if you know that's the only objection. I don't there wasn't a lot of one was at the end of a pre season game but to. He launched himself he was airborne alibi and nasty and it was a helmet to helmet hit it yet there's not much you can if if that is the standard and say dad is an injection I can live with that. There was another line up lamb and then maybe in the Redskins game. There was another one that was kind of controversial it was an injection and a fifteen yard flag other some penalties weren't even like can I mean he's the guy supposed to do. Yeah there was one there was some remember the one of the hall of fame game in the end yeah. And got the fifteen hour flight there was one similar to that last night to people were scratching their heads because there is no about it and Ohio and Hillary and. I would say there were a couple when I saw live action because of the angle of of you know was the wide angle you know of the live action play. Or I was like. Well at a and then when you got the replay on that angle directly there you saw the helmet come up into the face mask you're like oh okay so. You know I haven't I haven't seen any thing where the arrest just made something up. They're thought they were told we assert they were told to throw flags at any thing that look close because they wanna get all these things on tape. And it wasn't an egregious number of flags last night died down numbers around on out it wasn't like it was got to worry later went all the backups were in but that's what happens in pre season out. Yeah one vote on this then buried in it I sent us after a funnel more concern about the fact we're going to see more torn ACLs knee injuries because the players and I can of one hit high. But Robin went ahead loan now he and you have seen enemy says yes those guys are to when did you see more torn ACLU. Seen that you've heard receivers and running backs talking about that since they started to add to really crack down some former players it is at it rather have a concussion and a torn AC on a granite yeah short side and how long sighted but yet in terms and then getting back healthy and play icy there adaptability to make money in the short time of their careers it's much better and have a concussion they would rather you know deal with the consequences after the fact then. You know if you're going to sacrifice your body you want to obviously make as much money as you can in the time that fit works for Indiana. Yes and yes our first suggestion last night's show Marco Thomas what a great and that is called safety was in the CI scan he got the heave ho for the ball game and then on the flaky expects Steelers used ended deflated football like a marshmallow they spent at. So we'll see of the Steelers was it Ben Roethlisberger gets suspended for four games tremendous. Is he delete his text messages he playlist and I don't know I don't know I'd indicted knows you played or not. Scenario gobble more NFL pre season story lines Fauria lustig it to the final hour of the show. We rules Greg lined a 230 even though Sprague is not here isn't it just makes sponsors and a 55305. Or read them will actually have a chance to win some money is is that's will be on the show so I will bring me he was a couple of gambling pixel doing it to thirty. What else do we got coming up in the final hour getting any thoughts on the blazers schedule is had a chance to look at it. So will mention that for you. I am some jealousy going on right now but I need to bring up because a couple of people in my life for don't sub net. I'm does not a good chance to do and I wanna start though. With we finally have an answer to the Felix Hernandez situation where's he going how did he handle it talk a little bit about that start the final hour Oakley in order to spray on 1080 the fan.