Dirt & Sprague Friday August 10th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 10th
Dirt & Swag wrap up the week discussing how King Felix's demotion to the bullpen will affect the Mariners postseason run, how the weather delay in the 2nd round of PGA could affect Rickie Fowler's chances to win his first major, and how the 9-9-9 challenge will come together for the show.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I'm on these hills and I want the right now I don't have a job I have no place they hope you're not. This is durden spray painted. Others model and life is logistical. Lost his eloquent but this kid. We're ending injured Johnson and Brendan spray you think you're ready to run them all of them for. And Bernie Smith the next compassion textbook rental here's the thing is to Catalina wine mixed but yeah. Please send home consent and dirt and spray guns and. The days stars aren't aren't brought damage you can spin and I don't know soon cool. It. We have to give them isn't this final hour. Off Friday welcome back here and there and spray based Bayless surround her own sports leader 1080 the fan and the one hour away from a beer countdown continues. It was bright line coming up at 230. Little PGA championship got a lightning delay eight. Everybody is off the course right now. Stale if the weather conditions the last it is out there are. So let's announce they have that to back out the next hours so that's up that might affect the rest of the set around a little bet. If guys can finish today got a fits holes and tomorrow yeah I don't thing Ricky had a goal and start to get to the back we're guys have been make him pay was at seven under he's in the tenth. But I think he would have preferred not to have to play a 2627. Holes tomorrow on a Saturday at that big time to transit the whole thing in itself local level. Updates John out here. Unrest the hour the show let. Get did says women wondering about this story now for our guy who knows how many weeks would bring in this thing now what do they get a Bill Owens is Lucia what's his what's his career going to be 398. Appearances 398 star cents and Felix Hernandez's career looks like for the CI a mariners. Number 319 in is going to be out of the bullpen and an ounce yesterday the merits by the way a bit when that last night they jump all over Verlander. Earlier I was watching I give their first four hitters a lot of for the cycle. But out and earned income from. This offense to the last month and a half they need that. So they jumped all over Berliner got a bit on the road and Houston but tell the story that I Fidel wants Felix Hernandez as they announce he is moving. Officially the bullpen he's got a 573. ERA this year and it also it is this is not easy for a team to handle of just SA the franchise and Ed a demotion of sorts. And it's it's not simple and I thought service handled perfectly. He came body said he you know he's done an unbelievable job as America. Don't negate the slightly adding just trying to make the best decision for the ball club the best decision for feel exit this point take a breath step back. Gather yourself he said he bow respect him and everything he's done. Throughout his career these things happen ultimately is about the team it's never easy but again hopefully he takes the right way who get a chance to pitch at some point. Down there may be could work his way back in the rotation Woolsey. We know they did concern me a little bit and I won't overreact to a because it might just be heat of the moment. Felix Hernandez declined to speak to the media after the game last night. Which it does a tough day from I understand it would've been nice having the team is to say hey I'm here to do whatever I can and help kind of quote. They have a blind. Alex hasn't ever been really wonder it it's to deal with the media in the first place now as I left you know he's all I. You know if he's not one that's willing to go out and chatted up with them and life is good and then what makes you think when. That's a blunt yeah I don't know. Annals as the right hopefully takes it the right way eager. That's that could it then that not talking to the media and then again I give us and also if you you know you got to look at the other way if he also doesn't think he can keep himself from speaking his mind. Where you could cause a lot more problem by taking things public about us and if he still. Frustrated and upset and disappointed and all of those the you also have to recognize. It's not wise for me to talk to the media right now I'll because. If I get pushed. I'm Mike off and you know that sent both suffered a my teammates are. Now we know it's not I would hope that he is seen this come and they got a 57 ERA you've been terrible basically all Europe they're there have been very few bright spots through all of your starts this season. And for a pitcher of of who is this image of being a running game as long as he's been around you see this kind of stuff happened before so. I would hope the decision when it wouldn't catch him off guard and I I think when your Seattle. It your seniority have it a unique if you will Ole. Dugout and locker room situation coming up here and a week when Robinson can help is back he's in the lobby returns the suspension knee injury. He hasn't been around long time he's going to be in line up again planet gossip you get there. That's kind of a weird law and to try and handle a navigate from ball club. And and you got on top of that now this is your franchise again it's been a leader and everybody looks up to and respects and I club house. He eased he has did. I think he has to go about this the right way like Felix or NS can be isn't said as he want he can be is this is he one of the merits for wasting away as prime those are all valid concerns but. At the end the day it if you're still two and a half games I don't know where you are fighting for something here murders have never been to a World Series M and a 1016 years and you. Your attitude should be and I would hope is is and I think you will well just I'm here to do whatever it takes to help us win. Key for that if I'm Scott service. I am going to look for. Key points in the one and I wanna see where Ted is act. And and if he can come in for whatever per assault they're going up against Cole quote here it tonight or golly I heard yet gear call. So if it's a boy. And I leaks starting so who knows what you're gonna get out only eaten so if you get to the fourth or fifth inning in leaks out of gas orgies in danger there. You got a spot. Well spots. And if they can get you know two innings out of a lesson I need you to get through to get. Get us to the eight inning. This is really important and you put it up like that and they get a victory may be gets a win in relief sort of thing yeah yeah. I I think if I'm Scott I don't ought to find I don't wanna bring a men went at say 112 game in the eighth inning. And I need some that bat well put him over the edge I think I've. Push him out about it don't use him in garbage time with you on that. Because this is good and being a really important role for them if you go the marriage and all this here you know that that meant part of the bold plan. Update on the right middle relief that middle relief is awful they well got Zack do he's given up all right Zach Duke he gets a home run every time it takes them out. Warren right as a guiding after the Yankees he's been asking any comes pours on fire. So back everything you do okay clones of pretty solid Diaz has been fantastic we know that's a DA says eight. Ninth inning or good. It's that little stretch that you don't have right now and that's a huge part if he can find me think about how short span Drew Miller is too wide. Francona does with Cleveland that's where I am so if you can bring image and in a crucial situation and say hey. You're our guy did this out of this jam this is what we need. Bottom of the hour did you think sponsors and does 5530 far little hodgepodge of stuff coming up next some of the highlights you notice the blazers scheduled. Also and not talk much about the PGA championship can an update on the leaderboard. Where guys are out now we're in this to label kind of set the landscape Soria. Heading into a possible but at least seven holes tomorrow afternoon would do that X on the fans. Pain. Him illustrate the line coming up by a many hour in your face sponsor since 55305. But a fund showed they were tied about a 999 challenge tonight beer's not on dice nine innings giving the poll that bad boy chaos. Ellis talked about killed all surge strategy is we are gonna China executed some pointed out all live stream that we and Jared listing your high techs and settle sponsor that we got the we got I think government sponsored for this. 999 this challenge is gonna happen. Who is the prep was Herman came in was he the presidential candidate that had that was his tax plan B said that over and over and over again and Karina are nine. The cause some political good grew up W bad that was into about it was the last election cycle. In the net tax Atlantic event or any in fair speed pushed evening nine and hanging tiny news. The man man man challenges can be fun I'd give any hot day so the blaze schedules like Aaron. And the fact that they see the lakers three tie in the first four weeks I think could be good piano playing analyst at the eighteenth and well again and then they play them again and Portland on November 3 and at Ole November for an eighth and a slow. I think that benefits them I think Europe it's a take awhile for them to come to gather. I don't know if the went off three but I think get a chance to win two of those. I kudos some of the other older guys see what sort load aches and pains they're gonna have to fight to do you. I think it's gonna take Luke Walton a little while so an understanding get the reins of that team. I think you can have young guys being frustrated I who knows what Alonso ball is. Because he's had he said is he's he's had procedures. Are season. So who knows where that ends up so I I think there's all up more questions. I'm a lot more questions than I think Vegas and other people seem to have. But how that all goes together. You got a huge road trip February yeah right after the all star break right after the all star break where it is your ballot results are game. That and I'd say yes again I hate the way the EA does the all star game. As a Alia I'd LA again I'd that is so dumb. And they did just bounce around in the same handful city seemingly every year they did one in Vegas Vegas Disney would have he's in Charlotte Church are they said net arm good city finally get to the deserves it and so I think they need to bounce around every NBA markets that sense that. So yeah so I don't do that Iran. So poor little play San Tony had a ball on Thursday February sentiment. I'm one home game until oh march 7. And that's Golden State the last game before the all star break from your pencils all on stretch right and so oh if today have any designs. On and being in the playoff chase. A year so that. Road games include Dallas Oklahoma City Brooklyn fairly Cleveland Austin Toronto Charlotte and Memphis met to DeVon and you come back for only two home games and you'll be back on the road to New Yorkers pelicans spurs yep so that that strut its mid February to mid march. Is I think when when your season gets made or broke NASA got third. National TV games including their opener against the lakers on TNT on late night game on that law and they got pegged pelicans game and TNT weren't there other TNT games he got against the heat spur he's got its second most of them are home limos they're TF begins or rather that laid that laid 73 Almonte actually ate there at all. TNT likes they like come at a Portland I think it's an easy set up I know the announcers like coming hard on all scum and Portland's good environment usually you'd get a good crowd that comes out at a number gizmos they're Campbell they're EST Indians are on the road can they do those liberal or. They implant those he had a couple of big blocks of relatives that got orderly out of the gate and I told her Orlando Miami Indiana Houston and Hamlin and on November. LA Minnesota Washington New York Milwaukee Golden State. And is odd and the most daunting one other than finishing up but. Yeah yeah I had to damage embezzlement LA is certainly in the year let's Minnesota look like this error but. I think Washington our expect as much from Washington the knicks are still masts the MMI counting only a foot or rub road trips longer than three games this year. Yeah the really long one after the break them the stretch in November and and one towards the end of the year and I don't have had to trade Minnesota they only have one. Old road back to back. A bunch of those before and no data so I am killers she playoff game in any out of back up including Utah are Sacramento or something new and Allen side they only have one of those this year which I like cells there's a mile rise to the blazers schedule it's allowed Casey old doesn't tweet on the all the facts out today at C hold its Larry gonna check is that Twitter casually take a look at it. Still legally could lead the MBA in travel. It's that you never be able Nolan tells Intel is now team back in Seattle I think they well there's just. I mean the close this. The closest road trip as Sacramento and that's still wide 800 Michael's death still a long trip down there so there's an NBA scheduled to dented its in the blade is. The the developing story the afternoon is the PGA GMT Jim debts pour in their right now and it's been an absolute. Thunderstorm right now so they are all off the course this does not feel very optimistic that label continued this afternoon on the scene and he did well let's just two hours and that's. In the midwest. Ten may you know today have to go out and squeegee greens is third is there tunnels and bunkers because they can't. Exactly absorb all that water so quickly eventually overnight they'll be able to at oak and it'll soak in though disperse and I don't know that the sub air system on the on the greens there are not but. So for a guy like Rickie Fowler was seven and I stranding 21 jerk under control. You know fortune rich he's young he's in shape I think to be able to handle play in 26 holes. Anti early in ZZR that panels on his back down and re loosening does that tighten up on M 27 holes. I think they got adding tigers through seven holes or Rick he's got a little bit less to go Piaf the entire. Yeah I I don't know how else they'll have 2829 holes to. Peru with Justin Thomas and Rory and so yeah we'll see what kind of told how early they have to get back up and that's the other thing if it doesn't look like it's because. They Pryor won't wait too long Ned does Colin at some point yet they're gonna have to get those guys out there right deal early. So they wanna let them get back and get rest and I hang in the quarters for four more hours away so it looks like it's a just a short sell all of that might be pass and threw in the next half hour then maybe it'll try to get him back out there but if it. It looks to be of any length or if there's more lightning. They might call today and start early tomorrow. Yes so that syrup day for the DJ Jenny Jim Garry a little Aziz shot a 66 today you is phenomenal yesterday and today's town on our kids are came out and are the 64009. Under cap got. Almost out of sixty Tilly was seven uttered today. I'm eight under determine. Isner look up there had stood the big bomb first the end cab guy DJ is at seven and one of the longest hitters along in area Fowler is like Menzies and still a doppler closely to birdies at two under he's got. Eight holes to Ghali got ten and John Ron had a decent dated a's have five under par for the tournament out of Scott had a great round this afternoon. I'm honestly what Jordan speed got to go to a little bit did you see a pop the ball now is a 1717. I hit it I had. Or when I was at a gas Diana was is look at my ticket reading through some of the tidbits on it. I was I think if you buy a ticket to Augusta to go to masters and a day is rained out tough. Tough luck buddy come next year it is that it's no Rea first man. There's no way we'll tell you I'm in tired and I wonder if an entire day gets lost but I think if so many people that buy individual day tickets how do you. About UK is only selling people even have all the property true and just that move within our being after the match and Horry is a madhouse that you can add another 101000 people that badly. Salvia PGA championship it's it's looking pretty of the leaderboard look pretty go we'll see. As look at that as of right now let's play a little pressure golf tomorrow afternoon if you're wondering where tiger is he had it going was three under through seven. Deborah potter work and what didn't landed missed too many fairways he was looking solid to 300 to seven birdies and after the it looks like continue his round tomorrow afternoon as a PGA championship update about a one and a half days and this turns into one have to play a lot of golf tomorrow afternoon by the wayside now I got some buddies on abandoned this weekend and I'm so jealous. I got two different bodies they don't even know each other they randomly are going on the same weekend. What about plays David is texting me pictures from all over the course. There are now serenity now. Serenity now never done it many too amenable to a tabloid yep I'm in their winds. Don't need to well I've done a golf shop from there I know we can do a show on site and it's got a show on silent strength this thing half men summer baby. Pete golfing condition the Allen looks beautiful down there. You bastard of jealous idea it was at its bright and alive yet if they sponsors cinnamon 55 feel five as the Betty today tech's night. We'll read your take sponsors make some bets that likely Dylan despray Iranian loses bad civil makes it takes for you would do it next bug. Spray. In the last Brigham alone straight into the latter get moon. Has logged on why we get zero day in the normal rotation. Good talent in town. Face spray him alive and rob do you. Actually when dirty in the line stodgy by the blazers schedule release it's good to know. Where the disaster is gonna happen lawn advanced like Friday's at 230 woods breaks fix. Straight alive rusty red dirt is lag shows spray him. As gallant fire him. Straight lover antibody 999 challenge verse break 89 almonds injuring nine bottles of water in nine innings shock to bring your own and and and yeah they did he get in on nine omens and I'm miles lotteries got that damn straight lover a team by solo shows are dirt is that's hanging on Sprague is out shirtless running. Pastor. Straight latter antibody Alaska bureau of tourism will cover your losses you take him back today eyes ears man even. They love Reggie by dirt armpit hair dealing more unattractive to women is losing all your money betting was spraying. Trail Reggie by our weasel doing mrs. woods breaks wife asked him last night. Bailout Reggie made thirds illustrious arm but here it's more interesting and spray stakes got down right. And good flow. Sprinkle not being proud you Niger mega bases away at least there's a chance of winning this week thrive. Trailer I'm writing by Juneau Alaska if you're afraid of flying lie and I go fishing in the middle of the Bering Sea. Bailout Reggie about Brennan's trailer he's in Alaska guys as cold as his picks usually are. Anything gets me excited. Hey easy. Only and as we got years straight ally Brad seemed like I'm guessing city we put as much violence of the cavaliers gave you get from spreading. Trail ever denied goes sack since Israel is any chance straight hasn't making a pick I'm liking. Our attributed to some picks sprained it a whole big NFL Orlando we were too lazy to write it down and. Let's be honest I think he's gonna lose all of them. Well on the remain and so on there's only four games this weekend yet oh he did all Oilers last Friday likes round off like six different games aren't there yesterday and that close and jam in Kyra. So there are two games the NFL and I aids we have falcons and jets who got lions and raiders never better than gambling on pre season football. We get the debut of a couple of coaches. Jon Gruden back Oakland and he got to Patricia their Detroit raiders minus three were eagle and Alan. I will lay those points if you say on the first opportunity. That players have to put on the pads in the helmet for real and show Jon Gruden what they are all about that there is anything less. Now they might have fourteen personal foul penalties yet they have they might have three guys get rejected likely there's no way in their losing that game at home. Yeah I give me the raiders minus the three as well. I'd I aliens in the tub parties at Wendy's you never get to none of but I just on track vehicles and over how many guys are actually in line up. Like the rams didn't blame anybody laughs now face a third time's starting nod against Eric Carle place series or two I get other a little bit I think though but I think all it's more about the backups and how clean. You know things get its. And and ice you know I think Detroit's priced at going to be figure a lot of stuff out with Matt Patricia I think drew is gonna come in there and he's like. You know she's played with her on fire. Yeah I give me the raiders minus three let's do it the first one though the days on the NFL network he got falcons and jets jets. Minus four and a half I'm I'm gonna go a little and take he falcons to get this one on the road they're confident another offensive Matt Ryan said you today. They're light years ahead or they were last year. Yeah I'm gonna take the for a half points. Do goofy stuff happens is we saw at the end of pre season games to. In the sea hawks game last night with that weird strange defensive touchdown to reality and a so goofy craps gonna happen like that then. Team that's behind you put in a third or fourth string quarterback and he'll have a chance or on the two minute drill and get all fired up and sent him down the field so I don't see much of C a blow up. You wanna make him take the PGA championship. It's tough got no arrests around who's got the job. Boy I'm gonna stick with my am I'm pre determined drag ideas I I had the feeling we've seen a lot of guys breakthrough at a PGA championship being their first inning got avidly needed after awhile. I is Rickie Fowler I think you'll be OK tomorrow I think conditions will be soft in the morning I don't thing going and he's a bad pick coming in and DJ had that ridiculous round if he has that if she is around if you put the sixty T you together yeah age is that a couple of blips on the radar the and it's okay he can say about by to the field so. I don't think you're wrong with either one of those I like to consistently and at the ones that product crazy low number like woodland would be in the tegra nice 6460 say exhibit it'll. The ones it just throughout our random super low number always yeah Brooks kept it comes to mind today. They've played pretty well yesterday just dumped two in the hazard lost a couple of strokes on a but he was hit the ball well. But he a 6963. It's a big discrepancy. But he did play great today they algo salary you did a DJ and don't go DJIA agent contract. By the jock and then the last when I did a random baseball bats Oreo oh. And on line this one peaks my interest. Hot baseball betting talk. Dvd under of nine runs in the Red Sox and Orioles game. For all 51 page under of nine runs Boston and forced the game Baltimore to Baltimore. Whose penchant he of all the end Dylan Bundy. Is there is there whether bucket as to why would you take that monitor that it's taken me under Baltimore Abbas did. You're your first aren't that's not baseball bats for the day it is straight loss and it throwing your money away that fits can't then become. And everybody on the Red Sox is hidden for corny and they'll Monday's mobile island duel money's great lover on T bio what Iraq's is breaks backyard we know it's very sad to yeah I'm not dumb primetime Miller and at this week that black rocks means you're in orgies. He's in you can send you cash at segment and it's our thought about that last two days. And if you have a white rocket your racket he'd pay one Iraq's why it means a year into orgies. And as I guess symbol to other people that are in orgies. And open for business. No I've and I have. Very red team I sure it's a while Crocker not petrified dog. This old dog food did sit there for three months yet become operative you miss read the white rock. Alina as it would undo that here is aren't. Trail I've rented by Jerry doesn't do its batteries surge but he will make better takes than Sprague I do it's not a re certain semi disagreement at Baltimore Boston think that you or your first bring a lot relative Nike brand and an Alaska Leyland as far away from these faces possible. I'm I'm just glad he's not here reverse jinx somebody in the PGA championship like he did last week. That was pretty bad agent Jason Day I think last week right afternoon just imploded on the back nine there at. Trail I read divider darva there are there any longer than springs odds actually went bad. And us straight on about Dubai slides blogs feel in your climbs. The I'm very gal. Based folks we got one more segment left K I LYL one more ado here blond more blood did you on the course like poll results today also some final thoughts. On the 999 program could you. And don't 55305. That's right folks this fatherland all weekend. I was against it coming up in twelve minutes. When they would India dated ABC they Kelvin Benjamin Cam Newton beef last night consume half and I heard about it and cam when locking them tomb for the GM. Yeah. Actually enjoy the candid daddy is the kind of guy that would. You know lock up there's always me that's only important to those two and he's he's he's now. Nobody has really cares. Spent a good show all we started to shell and spent a lot of time on the 999 challenge is dominated the topic today is that is dominated headlines for us. This came from McCain on video you know final nights weeded out at Peter Johnson I did not know that this was an existence or was aides saying that. And I love she was money created Internap led to she went to a Mets game and she tried thankfully the final score again like eight to find Bush's good to a Mets game the 99 I'd shy she is probably. What you have to do employed to sit through that. And so they had their challenges the FTE it's a hot dog and drink a beer every inning for nine innings and no you cannot do it out of order you can't stacked like for hot dogs and one Manning and then just trying to do the rest event. Drink four Beers and an ending you gotta you gotta stay consistent because some Manning's are quick signings are slow. As Jesse got today you know you gotta have a little give and take there. So she was not able to accomplish it believe she'd say she did eight NH you get a dot ate hot dogs Napier is still impressive effort very impressive effort and they got into his ways to dig ten Beers and six hot dogs as easily been MP. He went further on the fears but he couldn't quite get there on the hot dogs he does can drink and at that point. And the standards are you cannot have a it is you've just got to be or you want it's got to be sixteen ounce beer. And it's is we're talking normal run of the mill ballpark hot dog has a lot of people are so there's no land now I can totally do that. If it is young one of those foot long sausage Don all yeah I'd think you'd be so I don't know the good two or three of those things down and any Keogh overdo it be all over at that point sell. I just talk a normal ballpark dogs and we have decided. And this is violated second challenge that I have coming up so I have already entered into the bodies of mine we Wiig in our group chat recently we got into an argument about who is the best drug golfer in the group. And this is the group that I've played most it says so we have decided to do they bureau hold my whole challenge. And to see who is in fact the best beer golfer in the group. So I have that challenge coming up and now we have decided man's coworkers why guards are more what does we have decided. Rick we're gonna try this thing really got a 999 challenge we're gonna get I'm gonna do an actual game because we don't spend 400 dollars on beard hot dogs and I'll read good controlled environment will barbecued dog against normal ballpark there ranks like they serve up the stadium out. Pick ups of course they are sixteen ounce Coors lights begin to go try to stay in holes they. They were talked to our friends of pelicans if they have a really really light one yeah I'm getting in on kkk did they Taylor's men agencies and listening every kid doing it like being rejected a big thick stuff it's Kennedy had announced can be gotta be co on I gotta be the sun flare something and something and there now he's not a nominee able to get ice cold spurs aren't supposed to be still in the eighties for life back the next two months ago right. Some cool. Yes amazed at how how did you afforded that's the toughest part right and that's then. And that that's the issue that is a cost Goebel load up on dollars a month. Drove a mob do it on a Saturday sit around watching volume on Saturday due for a football season starts but he got a couple Saturdays lest we gotta we gotta jump on this thing ma'am we Damaso. That was the majority of the show today we did ask our poll question today is can needed is KG pull off the nine Beers nine on dogs nine innings. 61% of you said now 39% a year ago getters like me and think that it's it's due today is a mega ball this thing off let's go. So 39% of you wanna do that the other book questions we had today as a man do you shave your armpit hair. 84% of you say now now 16% and you. I'm not doing a Calvin Klein and they. Ad for anything you know I hadn't I'm not a professional swimmer I don't ever sobbed in my armpit there will be a topic conversation around the office of look at a ball over things most I've had any number of things. Like hemorrhoids come out there and so nothing's nothing's sacred here Yashin battling get blamed hazy Iraq would be a good one for the challenge hazy Iraq is its nights have been like kind of a lighter. Latter summary beer we gotta have put him in sixteen ounce cans for a so there was some on the twelfth as sure Obama does go I want his run listener and Ellis Jamie let's stay needs and that winning is winning in Iraq well for the edge for the challenge woods golf me injuring nine those bad boys 960 announcers a but go get a sixteen ounce cup it is still not. Just load up on crazy rock fill up crack Melanie to the fridge to the next. LA is gonna sit there for long can he get anyone and and extending. And hour and a half to game plan and around the well of course is pitching matchup. We have we need some gas veterans out here so I'm there will be some analysis done and we're not going after it Chris Sale is not going to be in the oldest known and garner enough Maxtor Max Scherzer now lad I'm insurers or start. Felix Hernandez of the bomber is not in the rotation anymore as we go to Tamara game he got their give up land owners some pin and the 01 elbow question mandated taken away from baker may still strong pre season debut 56% of you say. But don't overreact 29% now say nothing and off 15% of you. They absolutely. He looked great. That's he's had a head as the music to my years. Coming a drink a beer. I've I've got some Beers commend. And the men have played some golf this week and I'm fired up about that. I've got golf on the horizon it's golf then. Next week finally is the it's big golf tournament next yeah Waco foods for Oakland presented by Kraft tying so we'll be out. Out there at some point to all of us. I know be out there for sure on Friday. I'll be out there doing the golf show Saturday morning and I've played in the pro am on Tuesday. Yea you're going to be out there big time and it combining of polo or something. Give me and I see we'll see what what lavish gifts come with the with the package yet he getting a player would acres. No aria value Gerri how house carries golf game I'll let you know I am curious what did you like handle and do a poll question on that Tuesday. A good golfer OK golfer are people feel about that. Good stuff folks did miss any other sellers rob tires podcast tenant in the San dot com is where you can find it thanks for suffering through a week solo shows with me Sprague we'll be back officially on Monday. Why are on the area will be here Wednesday. Yep that's right I'll be ready bucks doing the show my Tuesday yeah Bucs gonna do until and a today show on Monday we might make jelly and hot dogs during the show on Monday Johnson listen bring your bring your stomach. The theory is and all this let's go. But do we get everybody. We will talk to you Monday at noon number one is nexus and 1080 to.