Dirt & Sprague Friday June 15th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, June 15th
The guys wonder which event held you attention this morning...US Open or World Cup Soccer, plus Myles Garrett hates KD and Mike Pereira weighs in on the new kickoff rule in the NFL...plus a visit with Mike Parker in Omaha with the Beavers.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time to tee off for the third inspiration because the Mexican Mac O'Grady got to figure out why I'm still shaking a ball. This is third in spray your friends get in the way the fans US open week edition of dirt and spray it grabs you by area heating and cooling. Don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling. When you go to an area needing dot com today your local train comfort specialist. It's hard to stop the train surgeons. Pray and on insanity we think we've found your new single server for him. All right welcome back and our number two under and sprayed with you a hero Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. We so got a ticket give way to get to we got to spring the line Mike Parker is gonna join the show at 130. Get back in the choir Leonard stuff in the final hour give you an update on the US open as some guys are trying to make their way up the leaderboard and apparently listeners are having some delays lag is saying Europe lie. You're a delay play Uruguay. And rice and it's alien start or why. Do they sit out a way that they say my thanks so. So here's the thing about you swagger and I appreciate the effort and respect you have for culture. I think sometimes you are not certain no way you're saying it is right and that kind of makes me wonder should you do it if you don't know if you're right. Sure she's. Winter and there is whatever whatever colors it whatever substance you're testing is disliked stormy day I'm just. It's pretty talkative I go way. And I guess that's a big. Again it if it does at the moral right Yani laurel. Confused. Yes we have a lot of things to get to some NFL Mike Pereira not happy with the NFL. And miles scary it does not like this athlete. And man did he not shy away from giving his opinion on it and dirt might actually take a lot of sadness that Bynum browns Jersey BB let's go I have full disclosure I have to admit something to you OK woody got I meant to do this in the first down or forgot. I could not tell the difference today I acted like I was soccer bro for about twelve minutes he's digging deep down on soccer. And then I turned on Portugal's mean I could not tell the difference between the duties I did not know who was Portugal and I did not know he was strange but in my favor of all of this entire story of a Mamas from under the bus I'll totally from under the bus we worked with a lower than we were with a gentleman by the name -- shock some great guys nice a nice guy he is -- soccer guy he's into these big dark guy right so he's locked in on all of us had TVs so Isaac ensued and their cubicle avid TV Justine Kim have a TV in we have a TV rights rate and I got into a debate before the show what you we watch on our TV US open woke up a junkie debenture and I won so we kept the US open on so you -- watching a soccer game on your laptop. And shot soccer broad chuck comes walking over our cubicle and he's let's watch Spain Portugal a year ago when he says dollars and he's watching the game with you. He couldn't even tell yeah wished he was which you know he couldn't because US he said wait a minute. Which Spain which wants Portugal. And he says. I don't know too good question and tell he was able like two minutes into identify Ronaldo on the field and realizing that yes the red team was Portugal yak yeah Allen's we sell Renaldo we figured that bad boy out. Sell you had you finally got a good match. You got Portugal Spain I just the only victory this Ramos and join another Roca so far is the mighty Iran. So what did Ron do they are apparently leading their group because of that time they are. Haven't seen him Portugal yes so. It was a scoreless into the 90s15 minutes in their match and they got a free kick on the side. And Morocco a unfortunate own goal was the defender came with a diving header an angle that back past his own goal keeper. It's just gives us a fix to yeah led the money on that she's when our branding of the pound payoff. Rocco and an apple make it you know here's a bit on the World Cup. Because I don't mean entered jokingly battling about what to watch out now soccer's over Portugal Spain that was the match you care about is you get the talent and what's the next one isn't it begins on the docket today and they're done today remember that it is only a couple games today right there's there's still a three year for a day now but he also remember there our ten out nine or ten hours ahead of us so it's. Midnight or close to midnight there now mom and ask a quick question and now want complete honesty from listeners you guys are part of the show as well. Are you watching US open in the World Cup 55305. Over the weekend this isn't even close for me I know you sure we know. A I'm not I cannot be a part of the local edition is now I did not matter on the issue I don't want you part of this year and I are you get off I'm taking does that dominate keep projecting back into the US open up I watch it most on Sunday I mean. You watch all the US open Muslims and most on Sunday. Tomorrow at noon I will be affixed in front of the is PNC the believes opener in the college World Series that too that's at noon. I was 2 o'clock it's at noon whose 2 o'clock central time. That's at noon can you tell I'm ready for that one. So let's summed up preparing my charts to. Less Schwab tires ball tomorrow does agree 530 right here on the fans just Sierra. It's I don't I don't know what that is hijacked what is happening on the crap is what happens when you blew me out of a segment you go far idly watch more World Cup lives then I will USO. Look I'm not I don't mean Tibetan side a bashing and woke up and give you an update here's Agassi go ahead OK we'll be a Texan and OK with the World Cup I'm glad I get it it's a big deal I understand why people or are into that my only simple argument today. She is that this goes on for a month it had to you have games to watch you correct me if I'm wrong every day basically for a month. To the moral us a certain extent. So that was my on the argument you know we as soccer guy takes an instant sirens went more entertaining and golf 24/7 does match was pretty good you gotta admit that's. Has served activities high was a good game and edited 33 tie was too it was kind of take us this morning I'm knock in a lot stink dealing yes it was rush out with thrilling like 55 nearly they don't mind they blew out the kingdom so that was my only argument for today was the US open is a four day tournament. That's and it's it was Thursday Friday Saturday sunny and it's all over and we have to whale off the next major we have to wait obviously another calendar year for the next US open so. I it you know there's a big one on sale next Wednesday in Lauren your why I have no problem turnout on getting entertained by soccer but. When I have a limited shelf life of the sporting event that I wanna watch I'm not going to is bill pass it up for soccer now before I region results in May be looking at them before I read them. I would keep in mind I know the US open is gonna take another year to get here. But you do have all of these guys to go watch probably within a week or two in the next tournament he still got two more major championships you do via. So in that sense the World Cup is only every four years tripped out right so is much as you wanna watch this tournament and I respect your decision. You get to watch all these guys golf and like two weeks and the next tournament. And in your watch him at the open and then you'll watch him at the PGA championship how many games do you play in a World Cup the good teams and how many games in a playing throughout the tournament everybody will have three games in the group stage okay and then if you invest evidence that it's the knock out round starting with the room group of sixteen so you know most games you can play as what 77 okay is it one loss in elimination yes OK again so you have six more chances to watch from although over the next month potentially right. But that's for people who don't watch Premier League soccer practice. Right so there's some throwing your argument back at us right now I'm just reading a lot of people are saying that this is only every four years that's why it's bigger link with a lot of he was making in the World Cup we get some US open as well and it's a big deal. Here's the thing if if Dustin Johnson is still four or five shots ahead of the field. Then I'm check in the scorers on Saturday I'm trying I'm keeping up on all my cell phone owner flip over commercials or something to see if the field is catching him or he's falling back. But if she's. Six or seven shots ahead after round three. Here here's my thing and I I want us I wanna make is very clear. I think this is both an entertaining interesting. Point. And I also think I get why people are not interest it if you're going US open conversation. I find them struggling to be. Really interesting that's the beauty of the US open these guys are all being terrible golfers right now and you don't see that from these pro golfer last year was ridiculous and out of the normal blood normally US opens are sure. But I can also understand why people go I wanna watch the best in the world be the best in the world and they all kinda soccer because this course is so damn hard. So why you know the good is you get to watch them all sock and who can come out in need at least sake ist this is they would you rather watch an MBA all star game are NBA finals game because in the end sales target you're gonna have 160 Dolan fifty that's the PGA championship. Go ahead knock your socks out single Las Vegas oh and when they were on five courses are like seven I I moralizing can be applied in that though I take another defense of. On a 107 game yeah I want archeology to struggle to score I don't want it to be easy but I understand why people that are taxing in are saying the the World Cup. And a couple who have cited its the scoring XP is an amazing golfer. We're watching him catalyst he is going to stay at plus eight days or eight over par McIlroy is ten over tiger glove feels awful right Jason -- have a terrible turn in my these guys can be done they could MI don't make the tablets I get will drop the entry got in so glad proud of the only point that would get people to turn away at least of your diehard USO president that is a Dustin Johnson is five shots ahead everybody going into Sunday he's not gonna blow that they just the way he's playing right now we've seen a blow before that's true but he's at least got the major monkey off his back soul you you wouldn't sink that's gonna happen again you don't for the people texting and the NBA playoffs go on from Monty watch the whole thing. If this was a question of would you rather watch Friday of the US open or first round NBA playoff basketball. Again no brainer for me give me the US open because the NBA playoffs are gonna go on for a month. All watched the second round all watched the conference finals all watch the NBA finals. But when it went winds up like this is on that that gets my balls yeah I I gotta be totally honest with you listeners I'm surprised how many people have been taxi in the World Cup like it is. It's it's beating the US open we've got USO. And support year net. But the listeners are for a sure there's this one does that mean most soccer fervent towns in the country Soccer City USA. You know out of the point being brought up two interesting arguments back and forth with one rivers I think the premier. Match tomorrow. That has the most intrigue will be 6 AM Argentina and Iceland's. Sir remember when. Iceland went nuts so in the last. Yeah I'd hate mail freaked out and isolated that was going on that Ron and that that bad to me to get a story like that that it is a little bit. That'll be entertaining to watch it again I saw it as long as there's not sudden I was big on tomorrow will be. For beaver fans that's a bit of a dilemma because he got the organ state game going on in the middle of the afternoon and then Sunday obviously is Father's Day the closing date of the US open at the leaderboard Stipe. That's a little bit tough but I I guess if you're soccer guy man this is it you wait every four years for a tournament like this and you get jacked when it comes around. If I were soccer bro I would be watching anything else either. Okay we have a lot more things to get to Mike Parker is gonna join us from Omaha and don't forget we will talk about college World Series that's coming up this weekend as well but coming up next Mike Pereira not happy. With various. In the NFL and that's gonna start this season and miles Garrett not afraid to tell this athlete. He did not like his decision what so ever. That is both coming next on 1080 the fan. Are right now act the GT of and it Ron Tonkin Mazda you can leasing new 2018 Mazda CX five GT for only 347. A month only at Ron Tonkin Mazda out. One at 27 the second way. And it's still making another movie that was. They really yeah Jack Black announces. Let's get to the NFL euphoria to Mike Parker missed all sorts of shots is flying around a fan text line right now two shots across the bow. What are you taking job and I thought that I was very respectful of soccer and that segment. All I said was just kind of feel a little. Citizens returned and that all eyes it was every four years that my personal interest is US open and my only argument was the tournament goes on for a month I was at I didn't say soccer socks and it's boring and it is passing around in games and and tie it. Yeah none of that stuff he does a soccer where your crap out of graphics are people texting in the gulf isn't a sport that golf is dying. On me and I did it doing shots and attack he's got above the bow here people. Well let's let's start with one guy who did not keep it above and that was miles Garrett who is on our sister station in Cleveland 923. Day Tim Carman show. He was I don't know how he was brought up the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James who of course argument that the Cleveland Browns pass rusher. And this is what miles Garrett had to say about wine and Kevin Durant. Can you broke the lead I mean. You you popped onto assembly denying team and they took these are well in my mind goes different foreign LeBron left to kind of went to know we've been. Bosh and there wouldn't surmised something that was already guarantees are mad at you already knew was going to. I'll have immediate success that you come at a hotel and the word things fell into place. But which elitist and many scores I mean you your renew what they had their symmetry and I'm before and you put those second best player in the world on any authority all time great team and of course you have no success and pretty easy success. Visit anybody can have off tonight and assume do to help fund which when. Yet he also went on to say that he doesn't respected dude jumped on a team in need and respect the decisions so. Bob my browns Jersey this morning's on the Black Hills Larry skilled ground jumping in defending Cleveland's honor a little bit and dad telling 923 to two and Carmen show that Katie broke the league sees anything incorrect to. I did. The league is broken and tells somebody fixes that and that's either Kevin Durant leaving. As a free agent or another super team being created that can knock them off and then. Guess what it's like black Kamal then you're gonna have the same problem at the lakers create that super team overall fearful that of this offseason. They well. Then the question market did that question the next three years in the NBA will be how do you knock out the lakers are the lakers bad for the NBA can anybody do it can anybody compete it'll be the same exact problem. Just simply with a new team unfortunately we've reached. But there's never been any parity in the in the NBA but now when you create these critical super teams of guys don't go play and sacrifice egos are sacrifice Reza Masur. Not care about competing and I like Kevin Durant in that instance. It it's hard to have hope and a lot of markets because it's two or three teams but it'll be good filly when somebody knocks off Golden State and then it'll be bad until somebody knocks off that team. Is Katie respond to it are meeting does not care about it to some is gonna bring it up to. I will do some lumber camp. Yeah probably. Be the easiest way to deal it. Just like rose to money answer Gramm's comments with somebody else counterfeit ticket if I looked into this when my prayer they made a couple of changes in the NFL this coming season and it's a little lanky but Mike prayer was on pro football talk radio. And he's got a he's got a problem heating something is going to come to a head this NFL season with some of these new rules. Only. Drew the line in this setting him or sit okay here's our last and best shot we're gonna make it as much as we can like a punt return where you know eliminate. All way to block so there are two people or more. So you're gonna have one on one blocks. You you gonna have kicking team players that don't yet a running start. You're gonna have eight players on the receiving gene could have to remain inside. Being dark spot too until the ball is kicked. I'm it is going to play more like a par but it. The line drawn in the sand and I say that because look at the end of this year there are more concussions on kickoffs. Forget it it's on there's nothing left to do and we're going to be faced with this. Put the ball what 25 yard line and if you wanna go court them dirt being from. Thirty yard learn you know and try to make the first down in place an onside kick that's what organs seat might gut tells me. Since special teams coordinator were so much. A part of helping to put these rules together. My gut tells me that there's going to be more return. And I don't think they would have put a rule together or contributed to rule. Rule change that would have led to more talkback. Because basically put their job in jeopardy so I think there's going to be really more returns arm and immigrant who achieved more returns appalled that you know it. Three yards deep into the end zone. But in the end. This is a each year for the kickoff and that we have more returns and less impressions. Then the kick off there's going to be here to stay maybe forever. But is it attached. That's what I wanna know how we solve that one million civic hatch if what is a catch what counts did they kick off line is I and we fully admitted we didn't play pro football's I I don't know the impact of the new rule I followed it I saw the video examples they gave his he seems to think there's going to be more returns and he makes a valid point special teams coaches were behind it. They don't want to eliminate the need further chop some maybe they feel this is a weighted to create more kickoff returns. And obviously add more value to what they do. I wanna Noelle if this is gonna get screwed up. Or they catch rule is gonna continue to be screwed on the DNC. Two is amended and that this the rule change. Of the helmet to helmet collisions happening inside the tackle boxes and other one that I think is going to be extremely difficult to officiate a prayer talked about that is well. You know and Andy was targeted to different fishy officials are on the league. About just how possible is going to be in the NFL claims to be adamant that this can happen it can be called inside the tackle box where somebody lowers the crown of their helmet. Whether to get a guy over there it's a running back terrorists are quarterback whatever might be lowered their promise trying to run over somebody. They're supposed to called a helmet to helmet collision and how you're supposed to be a Dallas Kennedy's. So I only saw these crude adding it's important now we have to catch stuff of can't they figured out they sued the reportedly changed language to make it easier for officials to determine what it catches some will see if they can solve that. You have to kick off conundrum of how is that going to look this year and now this added rule of helmet to helmet collisions and tied atop the box. Which breaking news they happen on every single play in the national football like how many of those are going to be called how adamant they get to be about throw on the flag. And on and end how long is gonna take from pupils are protesting DC a lot of those in the first couple weeks it's three of the rules do you think is going to create the most controversy for the league this year I think I think the tackle box won his. Huskies I think the helmets Ali any side helmet I think a running basket to lower his head on a third one and pick up a first down but his lowered helmets get a run into a linebacker defense events helmet. And you're gonna get only ten or fifteen yard penalty on some my dad in sands will be outraged about it forgive me for an hour memory are they going with the injection college model or they not doing that yet I don't believe so but I don't remember off the top my hat aptly that one out yeah. You know an Indian prior attitude you know he said in an open space. Where the new old and the role needs to be officiated it's fine leg if you're running back you have this in on a toss sweep for your wide receiver tied and downfield. You're not within a bunch of different bodies inside or Barak Hillary you lower your head you run into another guy you doing what every lead with the crown as the ball carrier that's okay that's easy to officiate you can throw the flag on that whether you agree or disagree with a call. This is different though when you're dealing with five offensive lineman for defensive linemen two linebackers in the mix and tight end in the mix. And our running back and you're trying to determine what's happening between those bodies dad's gonna be a tough one but tell Mike Pereira former. NFL officials fantastic on Fox's coverage. You know alive in game giving his two cents I think he's the best I don't think they've been nabbed in anybody else can even duplicate or come close to what he does. He thinks he NFL kickoff rule. It's gonna be inducing one to watch you got to catch changes that they made and of course is Dirk mentioned meeting with the crown of the helmet are we got a lot to get to in the last half hour here in our number two. We've got to get to the Huskies who are going to Omaha there in Omaha for the college World Series how our husky fans feel about chance of the dogs to get their first championship. Oh start the beats Mike Parker is gonna join us the voice of organ state baseball he's gonna join us live from Omaha. See other beads can do against North Carolina this week in a topic might. 130 tilt as Friday's are going well thanks for being with us you're a pro sports entertaining in a fan it's a busy busy sports weekend World Cup Colin on US open going on and of course for all the College Baseball on beaver fans in the area battle begins tomorrow afternoon organ state. But animator and adding another national championship in what better person to bring on a talk about it in the long time voice of the organ state beavers. And our good friend Mike Parker give a follow on Twitter at MDP. OSU doc how we do it does it ever get old Dolan to Omaha year after year. You know really just in guys and thanks for having me on Andy grant agreed to be where Q on the trap color to a Vietnam then go beyond that excel out that the answer to that is that locally not. In fact. You know we had a pretty good hiatus after that Torre's great years by politics and happened to come again in thirteen. What it was yet the first appearance at TD Ameritrade at little Rosenblatt. And then to be back here to just one year later it's very familiar and I think that's important there's that key guys play. Eat games and all of last year there were earned joke. I just think about practice. Nicole experiential perspective that helps that helps all those guys who know the lay of the land that territory and they can help younger guys navigated. Even I know a guy like Kyle no back hasn't been here. No back locket around wide like her like freshman. They're picture Christian Chamberlain to a march against Minnesota saying this is unreal like yeah this should not real. And guys like mettler grandeur and bad on Arctic look I'm a clutch and chatter can help those guys I think kinda deal with the environment in the apron a lot of experience here. And just coming here it's just. It's been one of the great experience or so my wife and family life that I'm alone on this one shall walk that you know the 56 and seven trips I felt like my daughter's ten and nine in the first group would make here which spent app time that. And restore at least two and got to know Omar out pretty well those three Summers in there are among the best memories of my life. You know docket it's hard to tell how a team and athlete feels when pressure is applied especially before they played any thing. But Vegas seems to think that organ State's the favorite to win the college World Series how does that make Mike Parker the emotional organ state fans feel. Going into a tournament like this. Generally speaking I don't I don't war like. That you know all the years that beepers I think in all sports are live chip on the shoulder or uproot that your your that we may not have that. The credentials and the cap shape and other programs come into into whatever football game tournament whatever else. But this year in this group they deserve to have that kind of attention and they haven't. They talked all along about coming accurate than machine shop haven't shot await that call and I do think they ought that's key here I upped and downed line up. Pitching may not be as good as some of the other keep keep in north Carolina's acute. In the pool and so on May be a little bit better. But. I thank organs eight gives the Epstein. And so I'm not. Usually that happens that makes me are such that actually elect this group but he experienced in the veteran out stay out. It's almost like a parrot they're fine without expectations it's not gonna created a rapid spear that. They have the same expectations. For themselves so I'm OK to. Yeah overtime when our friend Mike harper longtime voice of the organ state beavers is they get ready to begin their run at a cultural series tomorrow. In Omaha you know last year on the brink of the decimated the greatest College Baseball season we've ever seen any history as soon or of the sport. I'm gonna bring all the talent back on the first round takes a future first round picks and potential first prospects that are on this roster of is is there anything that this group is surprised you by you know just watching him day in and day out how good they've been his inning stood out to -- it's kind of surprised you that you didn't think coming into the year. It's a question anti. Christ early at some of the pitching struggle or. That might stumble and look I'm all and epic and deceit in Spain adding your cola especially quite why Spanish. Look what is he was OK early. But nothing like keys that down the stretch children's last night it's march which is just that not only. So that surprise Millard and on that kind of negative side and back they get back to back series and were 75. At one point in the back well. That article was surprised at Beckett shut me up shy. Not surprised that they get as well I have but that they fit so well one or not there's not an easy out lineup and and that's why this squat. What the veteran experienced back. This year there there's. There's no great vehicle for any pitcher can navigate that's why one through nine they all can hurt you and stay out. And so we can and winning this series against UCLA recently got stretch. Not a top. The top. Five bidders at and RBIs. But there's 678 theaters that checks opened the when Cher show. Even one guy's a product order that arc rent your senator aren't going well there's got to the bottom and get going. That's what surprised you let pat speak insist that they that production one true now I don't want that are. Yeah I seem back and forth with the your fan a little of fun back and forth debate of Madrigal is he the greatest Oregon State baseball player that's ever come through core browse what it would say you. Like to have seen I think the answer would be. An unqualified yes Eddie enabled the plate this entire season ending you know I've got you know the fact that. That it seating is limited by injury that he did want their new core added I am going wanted I think what about the national player of the year award just bet a grind your way and rocks Wallace or at the top shortstop the year. That's the forward toward that kind of history program I think natural wood and of course national player of the year and Bennett angle it any easier simply shake and east the that's where account. Oregon State 26 games at a Mets certainly not all that liked to seen what the numbers portal like etc. ready and able to play the entire year that set. I I would probably I would lean treat yes the best baseball player ever come and I actually didn't want a year and a bunch of other good ones long before I got here. But in my twenty years called it a lot of great players Jacoby Ellsberg Darwin Barney Michael could forego a veteran. He's the most complete player Andy and and there are what the national world baseball Lara I've seen. Any doesn't let. I humility it's genuine then. You know I think attract new people. He's just a great kid and a great baseball. Now we're talking would dock Parker longtime boys the beavers or in six starts around the World Series. A tomorrow in Omaha you know that when you have such high expectations for a program they can be tough if you don't. Give back to that moment especially when you give your fan base the the satisfaction of back to back championships and then you're kind of knock on the door and a blaster coming up. Just short you should should beat her fans have the title or bust mentality this year I mean Audi. Certainly last year we felt that way through the season. But the events that took place at the end of the year that changed. Thank that change banks obviously we're losing the best picture in the country for the super regional in Omaha I think last. Beaver nation that's. A little bit more realistic problem well. Now they're going to all bought after this incredible year. 544. That the best in the country all you'll walk by. You took the best picture in the country out of that equation come back here and so. So I thank our white men began that your. And at a big. A lot of books. Under should go. How could be picked her short they award try to get too early and after winning the first two games they came up short. This year I don't feel. I don't know they're short don't. Give edit the veteran nature of this club. The way I'm looking double rich went seven able has emerged the label island been solid at the back end the Christian Chamberlain's. Real again as well as against Minnesota when they need. A match up against your credit. About it. I. Then I think all these sort of play a legitimate run and that anything last minute championship I could see out this year beaver nation what would Wear that little boy she'll legitimately because I think they're built. This year to one at all and if you fall short about it I think that and educate even more sense than last year it would circumstance. Group. Took trade out of there and pitch your album every bag. Pitching he meant it ought. I believe eight. They should and well. We'll see how the games play out. Well I. Appreciate it became apparent to eat it eat it. Out funny like unfunny I'll eat that bunny like odd quirky. All gate where bound calls strikes on you know we'll see how it plays out I beat number. Oh yeah. That's pretty good. Yeah soccer and and let me get back now that my action where you're from the heartland back to your typical black people would start to look at me like shut up you'd. So I came outside here outside about a little copy shop does not for our OL doled out Omagh. And the wind is howling. 95 degrees expected to be a hundred tomorrow so it. It's going to be different guys that. I don't heir to great. How will let me let me ask you this talk I am curious you know last year the sees the wait and see going in this year's super talented. Was there any party that was wondering if this season was gonna maybe be derailed from what it potentially could give in the narratives and conversations that have been happening off the field involving one of their teammates. Yeah well. I thought that and I even thought that part of what I alluded to earlier the less than subtle way to start a little bit and that should happen and I record in the pack well art may. Don't who understood that but. Then I would have thought. But the beavers got themselves and that that that silly little to gain Missouri State secrets it went back. I remember looking attacked Casey and articulate little Syrian Egyptian. To be on the schedule early and kind of in the middle well it was not the way out what are trotted out. Any and set me decree gave you that outlook and Arabs were ill. I don't know what you pretty pretty much I don't even know what why what I'm doing here why we're here this is a cup series that have in the middle copper heat did. But the beavers won it there. Came alive. Won those two inch into acute way and haven't lost that a weekend series sentiment they want every weekend weather regional super regional. Or series. They want a ball since the and something happened back there are aware you know I think look. It is great credit. If she was he in any way affect it by distracted by. Aegis eat. He's nothing more he could do other than other than just be the best teammate and player and person he could speak. And each as he set such a great out of the beacon jury ever since that. That I think they got over that pretty quickly and and I can see the hunger and focused as I wrote epic time. That there was a little bit of action whatever. Early but the pedestrian restored in the pac twelve that's long gone now. Then he had great stuff we can't wait to watch it always loved Todd pentium Mike Parker longtime voice the organ state beavers they get their run out and play in Almonte tomorrow afternoon doc thanks so much have a great time and I would love to catch up with the again here soon. I hope we can hope we have more to talk about in the next couple weeks guys greatly beyond what you keep going back there on the mat. They stock rig a great stuff my doc Parker from Omaha and dollar let's pick it up there I mean just kind of to what the thought process is about this team going in of the college World Series not a Bieber fans feel I am curious on that. Is it the title or bust mentality at this point in the program with how talented they've been the last couple Beers crunch time next on the Sam's. They are right now are on target Toyota you can take three grand avenue 2018 Toyota Tacoma or you can take for Randolph and 2018 Highlander only Iran's on can Toyota out. A once when he second way. Pressures on me. We have an opportunity. Re establish themselves get a big win technology mostly steel committee to know we're gonna go home and make sure that we take care risks that are humanness you know it's crunch time. I look at the hottest topic in sports writer do you mind crunch fitness home where his 995 per month or so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership thank god. I'm glad to migrants and as always not any supplements so why would ever pay more frigid membership Noll bill I was not there now learning the wrong way. I'll slacks is we. Not my Sunday Monday and Wednesday. At a guy in our Friday I'll probably get another one in this weekend. You know and it's a we need to address the elephant in the room now to add to build his bills being very disrespectful. You know was taken days off you know build the New England Patriots they sent their team home early. They had to do they have what two or three days of practice less I believe you today's practice he's so long it was us and I noted is off bill ha. And throw rocks at glass out of bastard. They college World Series begins tomorrow on you guys are jacked up on Monday for this thing are we. Are we at this might be a stupid question so when did you just say we're jacked up on mountain do for this. Belliard just medium your jacked up on diet Pepsi's laggards jacked up on mound of Najaf. Is that a stupid question pacifist Tyler bust now. No I think anytime you establish a program now would does that mean you have dash eight NBA angry no but being bases we'll do fan bases do. It should be Tyler bus because that's that's what the ecology of established he won back to back national championships. I believe you've been to Omaha two times since then or three times since I know last year in 2013 at least a mile and a I was twelve all of last year and 2012 you've been to a couple super regionals you posted regionals like you have put yourself as this top ten programming College Baseball since you achieved. The greatest achievement you canning your sport you have now. Started that you have set that expectation. Pack Casey is not developing in recruiting talent. That he feels is he gonna get him a national championship. So if that's his thinking if we continue to see a top ten team. Why should give the championship or bust it's no different in any other league. Or sport you take Oregon duck football for yourself and actually either top ten for about twelve years said during the chip running got to that point but as they have at the extended this long you're saying what every year right it's championship or bust if you take it to men's basketball if you go to the NBA you go to the NFL. Any time you're a contender of that level. It is championship provide us a very with the way that they're starting pitching has been playing. And you had Y three. Picks in the first round of three yet to death he would have been around a national a bit but could have been put on when or if the Heimlich story never comes out so. Given the talent given the pitching giving the coach and this Ron yes it's championship or bust yet. You have every staying in place. To win. Third there's no. Portion but you know starting pitching bullpen offense defense that is that you're trying to cover for. Bullpen is in as deep as it's been in some previous years but there's quality there they can get outs. They can keep you win games if you're often so slow to start they can hold the lead if starting pitcher gets worn out early so and their defense is outstanding. Nab the things lined up for a big week man paid week in Omaha. All stars tomorrow it's not you know the beavers obviously are the favorites and people are kind of proclaiming they'll win this thing they might we seem weird things happen in Oman including that 07 team. How Washington. You know we talked about the dealers out there for the Washington Huskies have never been there. They're on this incredible run tune out organ state beat them in the regular season then it was two out of three time the huskies' starting pitching is not what the beavers but they will take on Washington if both of those teams can take care of their business against Mississippi State in North Carolina ducks fan finds themselves watching that game ready root for. I don't think I think you turn he's you know he's changed its external. That's going to be my recipes and hit Matty there I think because of the huddle listen ducks are gonna make the cut so the Heimlich story in the fact that it's Washington. And make him not to be for right there. No desire and I've always and decide die you will present for a long time growing up or and didn't have a baseball teams some Morgan State winner goes back to back years I've rooted for them to win I know promising organ state of success baseball. And to the sort of set I still kind of feel that way even though I went org and I it's your thing and I'm glad that there is a great program you guys can get jacked up about some that. That I would stuff makes it different from me this year I did last year and last year I guess was different in the when they went in 2012. And obviously the back to back dues. I had no problem pulling for organs into it all but I just I can't do it to. Most important game as game one. So you are not it if they beat North Carolina it just sets them up due to set up your rotation. They're gonna play whether it's supposed to Washington and unseeded team. And then if you can win that second game tenure off until Friday. So the play they'll play Saturday they'll play Monday no matter wide where they win or lose and if they win if they win their first two. Their off until Friday you can set up their pitching that's still a that's kind of up there it's not my top three year four but that is something because we went Almonte of does your family go to that game. We drove right past that stage at least kickass these stadiums beautiful. And it's Reynard downtown Omaha I still do kind of missile Rosenblatt though it is something to dull moment you know the dome Indiana now feel you see a very eyes is an old Rosenblatt medical to a I wanna go to one year. When I go to the World Series saw a man a lot of time off but it be great to go so it also airs tomorrow for Oregon State waiting Tyler bus that's one of our Paula questions today -- vote after Sprague on Twitter sub par 72% of people say dipped title or bust it should be a way that's fair go when it they outlawed stood against you in the final hour are fine radio program collide Leonard update I do have a question from blazer fans on. How do you feel about this Laker super teams does that excite chewed is that terrify you disaster really dumb question for the is that anybody but golden stay like how we feel about this thing astle updates you on Michael Leonard stuff I get into that we got to spray the line of course. At 230 we will take one final peek at the US open leaderboard going into the weekend and I also have a story. Then there's not much validity behind it but damn is it gonna get your sports pinstriped if that's not a tease out onto high. I don't know what is I don't do dads we're gonna start the final hour of the show. Are you ready to get excited Portland next on the fan.