Dirt & Sprague, Monday 8-20-18 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Monday, August 20th
Sprague was dreaming of Dirt, the AP Top 25 is released, CFB Writer Stewart Mandel and some more College Football talk to end out the hour!

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirt and spray. Since the Astros. Our hands which endangered Johnson and Brendan spray and so about this whole. Why would ask questions. It's okay. That it would write about. Send out there. Dirt and spray John and maybe those and I'll ride it is as well. Oh in the rose city it is time for dirt and spraying a Portland sports and entertainment eighty the fan. Brandon Sprague aviator Johnson in with you on this Monday afternoon. Feels a little I do. Because. I'm probably. Six hours removed from waking up and an awkward dream Moran says Curtis fiance. The minority museum here like are you mad at me was that real you know that's not a great way to start the week between you and a -- Hollis is when I lock in and the first thing you say to me is hey by the way I had a dream of valuing your fiancee last night I know I think I said your injury and weird dream of valuing your fiancee last night which if I say that in my mind is immediately going to places that it probably should not go about what was Sprague dreaming about lower these visions he was having how much of the dream do you remember yachts a lot of unanswered questions here well I had a I had a weird dream. And I woke up and I I did come to the conclusion that if this relationship is going to be truly soured. It's probably going to be involving significant others right that's the way I think most male not lawlessness that is good chunk of male relationships go that way it's because something happens with the with that the lady. Like as I've already concluded that during this upcoming college football season. There will be a game I don't know which one. We are gonna really disagree about organ at some point I know you do. I know how I mean if being another eleven and one is that you can read is really alarmed and 111 and one and will probably yell at each other on the show we won't talk the rest of the day yeah we'll go two or three days were it's kind of weird whatever and get back to normal but I think the ultimate fall of the show. Is going to come via. He made that comment what are you gonna do about it yet he can't work with him anymore yet he continues to do this what are you are going to do I got a good body who went through this see now he is thankfully no longer in the relationship but I had a good body who like grew these are my Brothers aged negro for the same group of friends you know through big young agent all the way through high school. Any came out of left field with his girlfriend like five or six years ago and she just did said it was just like. What's going on and is doesn't make a whole lot of sense and she ended up building ton animosity towards all of his friends. And she nixed him from talking a like five or six people that he had been lifelong friends list and he was kind of in a trance of the relationship so he let it happen. And he didn't really fight back to train to meet regularly getting a and exactly so like it was like 45 male relationships that were completely ruined by this gal. Now thankfully they eventually broke up and everything got back to normal on his friends of those people again sure but he beam beam body and when she was solid relationship surrounded you know that. Fine I guess a lot of you probably can relate to that in some way the thing is I had a body. Through college said we I was actually really close with. And he gave this girl. She was offer rocker I mean she's insane she's coming rush wants go by different name but she won't legally change her name cinnamon. No like legitimately went from I don't know Sarah to call me Amy. And I I remember going why NGOs 'cause I never liked my name and I've always like that anymore I feel I can name me. Nice family was crazy you do that with your name right I just don't feel like Andy did this to hang out this guy all the time in college he gets his girlfriend. I meter I might ditch. The Ozzie it's kind of weird phase a and heat and Derek has since the regular thing you know what guys enjoy so he basically cut me out. If she doesn't like me either. He breaks out when there. Guess who comes crawling back comes back hey I'm sorry allow that occur cloud my vision my thoughts my feelings everything journalists India it right he did sit and a CEO it's okay whatever I think we've all been there are at least once or twice. Go about a year later in the future. Guess research dating you know. Trash I don't earn all he starts dating area and guess what he does on the net all he cuts me out of his life I do and now that's that's got to be it right I'm not accepting somebody back at that point and that's what I would say to anybody out appeared you have to what a jewel are. If you have a friend. That does that. It's it's all well and good if they break up and go guys and sorry all right but you need to. There's a party should look at batting go are you relieved my friend I'm happy you were thrown into this that Willy Nilly do your brother's body. Think he gave up all those years of friendship right. Fred asked for this check and a for a very short term non long term relationship in any just comes back like it's no big deal that he cold. Just turned his shoulder to his body has so many points up the Betty today Tex and saving Silverman is a true story yes. As this is we will deal does and sometimes he needed he needed Jack Black in your life to get up and reach it or not Jack black and yet you never eliminate we have a fact I Jack Black didn't do much Indianapolis the other guy's name I was forget that Steve Zahn seats on the and again you know you gotta you gotta go saves government you need to proactive one my sixties on you know by the way the people one NL and you can tell them blow what was the dream about Brandon. Ollie as my fiance are listening right now I'm pretty sure she just got off work so do itself. She's probably like oh my god what was the album is the dream about so for some reason we were here a camera at the office but you know when you know your somewhere but it looks different yeah. But that doesn't matter you get that feel this is very Iraq bright saw Matt work and UN her for whatever reason it was a Halloween the UN her walked in the and you were wearing cowboy being cal girl matching kind of outfits. It urban cowboys she was two months pregnant a move predators are act. And I didn't tell you this but we're on the radio so let's sort out their sons also wearing white pants though. That we're kind of see through so I want to ask you guys intimate partisans I've what did you tell the story over the air now on I'm regretting this decision so I walked past what got my fiance for brawl. So walk past you and I turned and I go hey cowboy cowgirl GDR not Yee ha. And she took a lot of offensive that she got instantly Manning and an iron I didn't mean that offensive way. Being offensive would lead me telling your pants or see through and I do something about that is easy being a Smart fast and then she walked into a bedroom that we somehow had here at the office you went in there are way way way way way way way miracle she was upset OK so I go to console you came out I just think we're done. We're finished -- -- in the chill with you anymore yes and I'm gone solo fish she wanted to show is a half ago it was so dirty fish petition ditch it was two comments and that was it all she wrote that was the end of the relationship it was out there at the front nine you know when man like 56 years has not that of all the ways for it and I would have decide now we're gonna get flash fire guy. I'm and make a comment on your show they fire one of us for like a salary saving move. Well you know two we get out for of that on on that now and just tell you guys is listeners one we appreciate you every day. If there is a day work der it's not here. Or I'm not here. I don't know what the spin job will be carried out its people ask questions the reality is this because I won't be able to answer attacks there will be millions of attacks. They fired one of us for financial aspects don't let them tell you anything different it's not twins in the looming the other ones is gonna absorbed the salary exactly what it is I listen to raise rates to write our let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be writing there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the bleach blonde Jenny yeah. What's on tap brought to the fans by pelican brewing company born at the beach on line at pelican brewing dot com it's right Jack Black finds out he's gay at the end of that movie with the with a little jacket. Drill sergeant and he just passed away to me like four years ago cash price I was a Tom are out for a reason she's taking Joseph out. You see those slight arm only you said that pretty confidently I think it was four years ago poses name. Drill sergeant accurate Sargent guy saving Silverman. I think she was a real drill sergeant you that's when he was so good at art Lee. And Murray are out yeah yeah when he passed away. In April 15 two when he eighteen. Wow I even got here so includes a four months ago they're now even a moral you know reason well my years I mean I sign April he did. Yeah Sarah Monica California. That's wrong. That was three years ago. With Wikipedia is wrong when he dean's been a long year all right. We are hooked on today's show you know we've got college football this week. They do there are games this week when this great god is this Thursday there's no Oregon State Colorado State game this year thank god has a dune and it goes out on this it. Yes his number that was one of the I think that was like the first game of the Euro last year in his eyes and I think that was the and I never been in a wedding that day and I was with some put a lot of beaver fans who were. Very excited and optimistic and that did not last very at all on the actual black sedan that was likely to get what 52 points is on it into the twin. Yes we are college football which means we've got a new top 25 that was just released we'll talk about that. Stewart Mandell. Who helps run the the all American it's the website on the athletics at college football section. He's gonna join us today 1230 we'll get his thoughts on the pac twelve. The NFL with brown coming to you at 1 o'clock as it does every Monday the NFL is doing something that's upsetting a lot of people I actually personally think this is really Smart of them. But you got a lot of people that are freaking out about it. Doug Peterson not a fan of Jacksonville's AF CE. Game plan or approach of attack and Jon Gruden somehow brings up Tom Cruise when talking about himself. We'll bring those C a he's the dough that's why you may have heard the open if you just tuning in Alabama's nick Sabin was now holding a press conference any time out some of the injuries. And he hates the idea that Alabama just passes out players. But it seems to be true so I don't know understand why he's so mad about a stop complaining neck your five stars are backed up by other five stars nobody else gets that college football so we'll talk about that. We got a good show or onto her actor in Spragan. At Peter Johnson an apparatus break all we got overrated underrated college football coaches as well one guy makes a list for both which is in to sing. So we'll talk about that we got happy Monday everybody out there that's what's on tap and we'll start. College football's starting this week eap top 25 what do people think of the pac twelve going in. To the college football season got turned sprayed with you on 1080 the fan. There is a this is dirt and see where you can go on Canada soon. All right slow may eighteenth Stuart Rendell will join us from the athletics will join us at 1230. Did his thoughts on the pac twelve he did a preview we talked a little bit about that on Friday at the when co foods Portland open. Which I hung out on Friday and I came back for the final round of it was a great time and it really was fun to Berman dividend is some of the guys showed us the Allah we got off the air on Friday. Pat some of the boys out there showed us the RV today take from tournament determined to turn meant there was all sorts of cool memorabilia in there. On the grass and Justin Thomas staff curried Jerry Rice all sorts of daily it was just awesome it kind of get a glimpse behind the scenes of what it's like they do have. A great job of that tournament on every year and it was a smashing success yet again so you're able to make it out there at pumpkin ridge. Hope you had a great time. Our let's get to this before Stewart Mandela joins us at 1230 we've got the AP top 25 we the coaches poll released this is the AP that's golf NC with the media members think we it's a college football music here gel and to really give my juices flown. Ran a that they eat every didn't do that. You gonna make me sound so bad and we are not listening here is that I brought it up. This is not terrible. He makes off on Thursday even more awkward. Hey man and he's gonna run out here now warranty through France. I'm not lined up behind you think it. All right here's your top 25 no surprise at all Alabama. The defending national champions. They come in at number one. Cleanse and they come in at number two a lot of people really like Clinton's chances to two win the whole thing this year. Georgia the bulldogs come and number three Wisconsin who I really like out in the Big Ten their my Big Ten pick they come in at number four. Ohio State despite the Urban Meyers does think he would just say a talent wise. Let's assume urban is coaching. They come in at number five the Washington Huskies in the first pac twelve team and they come in six. Oklahoma seven Miami eight number nine Penn State rounds out the top ten some people Lincoln stayed only being ten is kind of disrespectful to who they are. The next pac twelve team is Stanford at thirteen. Followed very closely by USC at fifteen. And in your last pac twelve team is organ. Number 24. In the country according to the AP voters they showed up and his top Tony 5 AM and then some on they have been and others you Todd if you are ranked pass Tony five Utah basically comes in at 28 yep and Arizona at 31. That would receiving both. I in under this line on pac twelve why is it makes a lot of sense to me NN Washington obviously is your top ranked team numbers surprised they were only six to be honest with the considering what they have coming back. But they're deserving of being a top five team probably know ahead of Ohio State at this point because of the coaching situation being influx there but they're number six I like that Stamford offensively to tell they have back offensive line lies price loves best running back in the country. They funny feeling to have an answer the quarterback position and a promise that you I see. As as probably as talented as he gets almost in the country we just another quarterback play is gonna be defensively they're gonna be better they feel good about how they are on offense we just don't know. I'll freshman quarterbacks get a stack up especially early in the season and you guys know my thoughts on organ outing when you look at what they're bringing back. Offensive line defensively. Just Herbert and the potential for a very big season. In my opinion they should be ranked in a pre season top 2510 and right there at 24 it's a good spot for him. You know we'd talked pre show when this came out about how every year in the top ten you get teams that never truly play like top ten teams. I'll give you this Ohio State Urban Meyer he suspended two or three games. The report comes out he's gonna still coach the team but he misses the first few games. He's got a coach predominately this season. What team in the top ten that I just named. Do you think is not top ten worthy or will be there at the end of the year can yes it's fun a look at that because there's a couple of them every year the fallout I'm hoping you don't say don't wanna I wanna say. As of now I would probably say Miami damage. Is that we're you gonna get high you're so boring yeah I'd is Ohio State could have a bad year but I just the way they're not conference stacks up. As Stephanie to see that now Auburn's a decent candidate as well because of the wash if they lose the Washington game right. We you can be a two loss team and be in the top ten real what you look at Robert scheduled Eminem a brutal schedule this is to think they got the Washington game they've got two weeks later they got to play LSU they got to go to Mississippi State they got to go to Georgia and got to go to Alabama. And S three brutal road games not even counting games against teams like an ML SU. Tennessee on Tennessee Sox but. There's three really tough road games and their forum and end that is that on top of Washington games so wouldn't wouldn't shock me a bomber. If they lose the Huskies if they go 84 this year yeah and then you're a borderline top 25 team at that point. I'll give you this I think Oklahoma if it's if I'm not gonna pick Miami gives you did I would go Oklahoma I have no idea what to expect out of Tyler Murray. And I think the big twelve will be a little tougher this year. The Lincoln Riley will probably still have a nine. Win season but I think Oklahoma is a team that would take that step back for one other guy's crazy note that I saw two and I this is gonna be tough did to keep up this year but Clemson now has a streak of seven straight seasons. Where they finished higher. Any post season rankings than they did in the pre season rankings that would be they won the championship yell I'm a man and a number two every year I you know they've been for five or you know six or seven summer and have ranged. And then that I think the year they won the title of Watson they were the number two teams sedan at number one. So minority keep that streak alive they have to the national championship this year gap. Yeah also Wisconsin got one receiving both for number one in the country yeah. They're getting a lot of love there on the SI cover to their offensive line group. So they're not gonna be sneaking up on people this year this will be okay Wisconsin's plane you their average are projected to be the best team in the Big Ten. So we'll see how they fare out with all that expectation. You have for right now in the pre season top 25. How many do you have in the final. AP top 25 contact to half staff at. I don't see any of these teams falling out of the top 2.5 that are ranked non US cica. Have an 84 season into sincerely miss they might get up to it if USC has a bad year I I think it's like it was two years ago form they stumble out of the gate with a road game against Texas and a tough one against Stanford but then the schedule eases up a little bit they actually have five weeks this year. It and you got a freshman quarterback if he's gonna start he's gonna continue to get better Aziz goes on so. I don't see them finish him worsening for this year probably and maybe a 93 type a season. I I can see Arizona sneak NN sauce or about five teams I think eagle plus one on the final top 25 rankings I think they can have six. I really do I need time and I like I like Utah lies. I think USC could be there JT Daniels by releasing nine and three JJ Daniel and USC go 93 this year I think every Trojan fans ecstatic about the freshman quarterback that's a great time for the future is that means he probably had a lot of really good performances and beat some good quality teams and I know this stuff as important as some people only kind of laughter pre season rankings which hit a three day we don't know honey and it just your guessing analyze things unless it is fun it's nice to talk about it some but it also I think you look. What can be called he wins for certain programs and any chance from marquee game for the conference in the one though point to. Is that Oregon Stanford game. Because if organs on the outside of the top 25 The Who and who knows how many weeks it'll take a beginning because they played nobody in non conference like you're not you're not shooting up the rankings by writing Bowling Green in Portland State. So the fact that they're already ranked 24 there's going to be some. You know some losses or how to abominable climb up just I was gonna jump five or six hospitals those slot up at as teams lose ahead of them in the rankings and those first three weeks. It is Stamford is able to take care of USC. Went to be a huge game of the factual early on in the season. I mean that you have the potential for a top ten Stanford team against a top. What twentieth or close to number fifteen Oregon team if they start three you know like they should in their nonconference schedule. You digest kind of for a big marquee game here in the northwest and in a revisit some of a robbery is. A lot of fun in the past you guys know I may pac twelve. I I'm just I'm a pact will die hard I love the pac twelve conference. You are gonna have Washington's 61 Auburn nine. And that is not going to be the primetime game of the week that he's a joke it's going to be Alabama vs Lulu bull who by the way the little guy. No votes yet and I'm ranked in the top 25. Bobby Petrino is trying to say how they can keep up without damage that is going to be up bloodbath and boring to watch this like the Alabama USC once couple years ago you can hate you dove and I get it if your ducks fan but this is an absolute joke that game is not primetime match up that we can yet. So the AP top story five comes out for pac twelve teams. In the top 25 the highest being Washington at six an organ at number 24. Let's talk some more college football what our guys Stewart Mandell. Who runs a college football section for the athletic store Mandela join us to get his thoughts on the pactel next the first. Joseph B Fisher with a sports update. Yeah certainly and no news to room. And then yeah sentenced him this and yeah. It's fast and this is dirt and spray can and ten it's. Our rule all right welcome back. College football didn't go on this week in a lot of story lines off the field the AP top 25. A lot of throughput now previews and we wanted to get our friends Stewart Mandell who runs he all American on the athletic. Wanna get his thoughts on the pac twelve and talk about some college football so he's joining us now the Atlantic dot com just click the college football section you'll find all their great work there. He just put out his pac twelve preview. On Friday and he joins us now thanks for joining and its importance to we always appreciate the time man on our producers said though coming back from break. You really locked in on the urban Meyer's story what are your thoughts on the urban Meyer's story Ohio State how do you think this is ultimately gonna play out. What an app that that bank like analog I guess I don't know and that's what makes the truly fascinating you know out. One of them you know most successful coaches in the country wanted to treatment successful coaches in the country is eight. Hang in the balance we know there's. The update they would. Or there with team. Told the result of the investigation in new equipment there. Yeah recommendation the president and nobody else could be. Kind of depend on what they found me kinda is entirely depend a lot out. We will leave. Will they pick a completely healed enough to bring him back will eat the fire. Summer between Morgan nieces and as I. I thought Pete Hamel on gotten literally interesting story today people are. A lot of people with knowledge of the investigation and that is it that are never happy particularly completely. Is that get a very narrow investigation about. Condit and Clinton and that would back that power Meyer handled it or is it more about. This picture that we can emerge and that meant and all of these things he's done are gonna you don't regret that pork and widely camera back on a lot of them. It started targeted. Coptic. From a football sample and and another hypothetical for you but you know on hot Ohio State might be without an MIT with Sammy could be a couple of game suspension. It kind of what you heard out of out of Columbus and how this affects the football team going into the year. Well everybody obviously spinning it partly saying you know preparations are going well under her coach Ryan day. If you look at the recent history at this. The appointment of interim coach. Haven't gone well now I have been. How much talent as anybody in the country outside of Alabama on an even that acting out. Playing here that aren't there a lack of propellant. But I had to unite become prediction last week Akron in the in the big apparently Americanism. I'm Aaron you're the coach is going to be so. And they pick up that you stand. Music in Africa for suspension package are argued determine how long suspension should be in the situation. And then he's gonna come back it either having not in the team. In pertinent quote. All throughout the Internet and marvelous piece I don't see how that. Are you good Turkey and I have I. Now the other confident now Steward to my deeds going there we won and beat him and pulled the upset. Is. Stewart Mandell as I guess now the all American on the athletic colorful while wincing does a great job. And writers there Tyson Alger our buddy he's I covered the ducks now for them as well. Right so let's get to the pac twelve here you got Washington over Arizona as your predicted pac twelve title game. And you've got Washington going eleven in line. Breaking them down do you think the Huskies are playoff team. I think that they have all these with a year playoff team I think the biggest question frankly at the Auburn in the first week because certainly cream of the committee. You know we are going into their. That within the pumpkin is scheduled their that would be around unity more directly impact them. But the risk could be left in your city but I think our. They'll be greatly law. There are only warmed up quite a whole trade thing out of could make a play I'll let. I certainly think if you're just looking a lot can connecting. With the poor your current quarterback the you know record setting running back and obviously lose what figured to be. Another dominant defense. And that after the pack well. In on in your predictions as all the fact of the org it's is again Morgan come a knocking on the door in on and just sit a step on obvious from Washington is but. But also stamp from what needs to happen for them this year when he is to go right for them this year to be back in that same conversation. As those two teams have been atop the north for a few years now. Blog number one job Herbert staying healthy for all season. We haven't it's partly April attention. Claim that he gets it yet actually ban her purple feet yeah that'll. You know obviously. I think there fortunes are tied directly to him. While the period the the running Italy we get. Become. Oil and thinking or ought to cut and after running game they're running back. But the first one hour and half kind of on a quiet start coming back. And then obviously actually win a championship that he can pick out a lot better luck in what are you getting better. On particular further along lap he. Utterly tired and I thought they would be in and out Batman where markup or lack there are very opposite. And this year it's hard to get it that our current schedule it really won't know until they didn't. Not actual play how good they really are. Is longtime college football writer Stewart Mandell is our guest the other one surprising staying and I I had to do a double take on this one I know it's your one by Chip Kelly getting four wins this year in two and seven for UCLA you have them last in the south. Why well is about the Bruins that leaves you just not confident and all that they're going to be anybody. The cover to spare him a blow back. The defense completely bottomed out by the end it Jim Mora and here. There's not a lot of union you'd think back to your ailment and act like into any bar miles act they don't have that kind of player now. That can't take our trip through at least not the defense. Offensively. Obviously are they wondering who the quarterback who's gonna get guys here. Seemed kind of odd when you brought him world beat epic rhetoric from Michigan who the least bit noble. Which feed your apartment for his offense. I'm not only barely beat and running back. You know I apple patent and the coach and get it going there but I think realistically you want to be pretty. Yeah you know every with a toss of a playoffs and there's always teams that are in the top ten and fall down and then teams that are enact kind of mid 1990 range that they are able to surprise Google climb up a little bit. There are there any of those that you're looking at this year either from either Rangel in the top Indian you're seeing and showing up like that does not bonded they can have a bad year may be a team that's. In that ten to twenty range that you only get near the right amount of respect. I think he he should be getting more respect they have won eleven history and pat fourteen and they were in the big truck pictured game last year. They'd bring back the best defense in the big twelve. They're my pick actually can win the big twelve connecting there's a window. Opportunity there. Obviously Oklahoma. Per year in the big army field particular people or whatever they feel on action. Think that it completely overlook the next year on the other end of it you know. Could ever. You don't want to keep clean up if people came up in the top and completely flop. As part predict that before the peace then our couldn't read bigger company can. Appeal that kind of on the order Notre Dame. Expectations are very academic that they did have early that he can capture. But I I thought that. I didn't get that from a quarterback Reagan and bush. Never show the happy that he could win that game as an arm. Now they don't have to opt out on the running back it's half out there's two tackled it looked like an upper strata capital trapped. The bat I get picked up back at it either name being. More mini pork type team. Rather than worldwide pop and. What are the coaches on the hottest seat in your opinion going into this season. There are a lot of you know look to them on the right now I believe our program. Obviously David being the coach can't. Be. Guys like that add as of this moment. You know I don't know that there's obvious. You know like we were going to collapse it and wondering if they're gonna get coaches that Auburn and Arkansas and places like that. The court taking Urban Meyer out of the equation obviously. Kyra got me even been lucky that I think the thing very. Got a reprieve last year action packed but it's still very much and opting. One high profile one Libya Iran and LG and I don't think the error that you be on top speed actor. Our home. Relax your first. Full season of the permanent coach. But expectations are high there. And a lot of people Buchanan the consolation prize in the first place you can't pointed. Give a picture Tom Herman and on paper that does not very chic so they can predict that act you know to be a problem for him. You mentioned Notre Dame to a joint Brian Kelly's name gets thrown there and once in awhile and good you didn't mention them so I'm just gonna kind of assume you don't feel that it's such a hot seat season for Brian Kelly but if if there are couple glamour jobs that somehow opened up. Do you think any of those programs would take that chance on a guy like playing Kiffin. Not not yet. Now I can write and there yet. Twelve and this year he you peek at home on aggregate picker to park aren't you certainly I think at that point has triggered. Where gate accurate and has coached is actually offer you are coming up by the ball. But it not play in a car that he's creating the pack but he's doing that they eat it harmless. Early armed to your collection that that you. But if you're the coach at. I'll let you every little thing you see the country's huge headlines in each action. I don't know I I think. I think eighties at the top level programs have a hard time. Justifying that are likely damaging you know he's a controversy where it something crazy. But maybe eight. You know next level down power by a team that just really want the tension conflict. Could take that chance. You know one program that we've got a lot of fun kind of going back and forth abound is a team has shown up in almost everybody's top five or six Nance Wisconsin and we mean honest on the returning. I guess when I look at them Nolan said. Is that many can't seem to have won national championships with the sub par average quarterback play MS your placing Alabama's I guess my question about was consummate beat. Did they get good enough quarterback play to get them there or are they good enough tells her on the roster offensive line running back defense too wind in spite of their quarterback. Well I think time out every Brooke lose you drew a lot of interceptions last year they don't commit a lot of big plays. He's not strengthen their team but I don't think he's as much. We have to people that certainly couldn't. I think we're confident in actually capable winning the big can make it true playoff. This is certainly going to be their best offense frankly that they've had. In home on primary. My concern at them and the Michigan State. He's he you've frankly. These programs that don't aren't top ten top fifteen million top twenty creek property and make the most of what they have. But they're great formula for winning ten or eleven games maybe winning your conference is not a great part in the playoff. It went back to vaccines against Alabama. Our piracy. And you know another one and just let Georgia electric trolley tracks so I had my contemporary pop and other. You know and as success and the success they've had for five years back very opera they never actually played in the national change. Get it into the playoff I think would be a huge accomplishment kind of milestone accomplishment of that program that in turn. Well probably all of regulatory and. Now now like Camelot I think I have them in my playoff we're doing predictions are goes Stewart Mandell the all American. Go find it go read it it is absolute must must see must read stuff at the athletic. Great job Manning continued success and outlook agility down the road. And amigo Stewart Mandell the editor in chief of the American college football section of the athletic it is as one listener points out crazy how much he sounds like Tyson Alger. It was his allies. Easily detect that and I does that. But he did as they sound identical we should try to have Joseph pulled like one. Thing answer from Tyson in 1102 clip from Stewart and claim back to back in the fight game of who sent it to is that. There's a little I can tell the little difference but it's kinda Tony Fina Tiger Woods to me. There's a lot of similar in the Oregon about Allentown area good stuff from Stewart Mandell continue to count the ball conversation actually think. About this year's college football season what your hot Tate. And pac twelve really get a fair 55305. Is the batteries they tax line with like about that next and it's the end of a whip around. The top of the 1 o'clock hour actor and spray harmony organ ducks 1080 different this time. I'm. This is burdened spread. Are we got our NFL look around that's going to be there in ten minutes and get to that the NFL is doing zoning is driving people nuts actually personally I think it's Smart. May need or disagrees. Maybe he doesn't but it's got a lot of people talking. And we'll get to that as well. It very interesting little note the NFL that Iman again too as well as an opinion and I heard this morning on my drive in and I Hamels had to do leg await. Really play well. And I'll tell you what that is well on the whip around. But I wanna finish up some college football spots it was good stuff from Stewart Mandell if you miss that podcast you can check it out. At 1080 the fan dot com the on demand sanctions are less Schwab tires podcast. And you can go find it there and listen to it as he broke down Urban Meyer allows state pac twelve playoff chances. And kind of a broad view on the top 25 ZAP top 25 got released we talked about that earlier. I feel like every year aside from your fan don't eat. Aside maybe from your allegiance to a conference. There seems to be a team. That Iran. Or next year off right lake. There's a team that people hide and you go no they're not doing Notre Dame gets is a lot Notre Dame is a team every year people love Notre Dame they pick up go to the play out to you get all the push back now. Here's my take Notre Dame won't make the play out this year they won't be that good. Who is your your raw land line you're probably gonna go down with the ship. And who is a team you're not buying it whatsoever. Because I'll give you mine and I I've made this very clear I AM on on Wisconsin I think Wisconsin can do what will horny broke your horny for hardy broke I am horny for him. I think this sophomore running game the running back with the offensive line the defense is always what the defense is a Wisconsin yeah they are Stanford east. I think this is the year with Urban Meyer and certainly. Which may be the lack of really good quarterback play at Michigan Jim Harbaugh and questions somewhat with Penn State. I think this is the year Wisconsin can really do it. Win their conference and get into the playoff that is a team I am all in on this year. I had that it's a tough one because I it's easier for me to go the opposite direction a team and I'm just completely. Not all board US and there's a handful of a Miami I'm not quite there yet I I think they're a little over high into going into this season and especially your last year but building a program. To get to that point of Clemson Alabama Georgia it takes at Ohio State takes a lot of time and I don't Miami's quite periods and that's when I look at. And another one that I think is a little over hides in a lot of minute yes says it with the coaching situation. Is Ohio State. I I think you look at a lot of teams that have been through years like it is where there's some coaching situation flock is there is he not easy suspended how much of a role could he have and training camp. And a lot of times those years don't go god and I think in the Big Ten this year. I'm what -- Wisconsin did a great team I don't think they can win a national championship but can make a playoff sure I mean there there is good as he gets outside the quarterback position in the country. Penn State I think is a little underrated this you're number 10 and I am buying into Michigan this year. I think urban very should be Jim Harbaugh has been building for a couple of years now Shea Paterson seems to find to be a quarterback. They can be somewhat of a difference maker for a manei announced today that he's gonna be their starter but I. How are you. I think the big ten's a tougher problem than people give a crap for not an Ohio State's a bad football team right but it's it's not gonna be a cakewalk like maybe it's been some of the years past I I agree with and I think it is going to be a really tough test which is what I think you've Wisconsin's their team the year is gonna and have a lot of people liking them may be their chances in the playoffs because of who they would have to a play or they want the Big Ten is chairman they're likely intimacy get one of those crazy years words to SEC teams again aren't Notre Dame sit there my my being hesitant on a shape Paterson can he play well under half bar are Harbaugh sure. Why could he not be this next level quarterback. When it was Hugh freeze ago. A part of it was playing SEC defenses say there's a reason is that damn good offensive mind he has he has I I think he's gonna have more talent around him now I it's going to be a better team at Michigan. And you're not facing the same caliber of defense is you are when you're going against Alabama and Georgia or LSU. Yes it is tough to trust number 23 quarterback so us. There's that happened there might when shall c'mon now remedies by and that babble like yeah I think Washington's another interesting example though to Piaf because if you're Washington a lot of it rides on an opening game. And I'm not as cut you're pretty content you like the Huskies and I game I met super all right I like their chances yet that was scares me just because of the top within the top of the crop SEC pactel matches we've seen in the past a lot of them have gone against the pac twelve I hate to say that as a pac twelve god that's just the reality of the situation. So I think it Washington is to lose that game. Amid you can recover you can still make college football playoff. But what does it what you're then gonna have to do is you're gonna have to root for. Law I Stamford have a good year you're gonna have to root for organ to have a good year. You're gonna have to root for either USC or Arizona are you toss somebody that comes out of the pactel south. And they can rise into the top ten kind of conversation. Because if Washington is to lose that game you're gonna need help and that's gonna knock them down from a national respect factor C candy with the SEC you know will be there with the conference. And then if you get a say an 84 Stamford. An eight and for organ in your pactel south champ is Arizona at only nine in three. Well where's your quality went on the schedule that. And I know they got in a couple of years ago without one of those core local call he wins outside many Colorado in the pac twelve championship game but. Then you're relying on the SEC beat each other up nobody good coming out of the big tech and Oklahoma TCU being down in the big twelve. I if you lose that Auburn game to open the season you're than rooting for good teams in the conference because if you don't get it it's gonna be tough to make it and happy one doesn't says I'm all in on. To lose every game. I might be there to be honest with you if they can look at southern new top man well it's great to be home a half after Athens and its year zero don't freak out when they freak out out there okay. I'm Jack man I really am I'm pumped for college football not to tell you these games this week are really all that great now let's college football accounts I mean did to sit on our couch because I think the first games Thursday of I'm not mistaken. To sit on our couches and turn the TV on C college football that's gonna be about as feeling just to sit around watch some football man my b.s by the way is if that is it probably we're gonna be they discontinued. Have the injury bug bite them in camps that's been I know that's brutal Calvin does stand out you see dad hit that had George into a Georgia have one of the top rated recruits in the countries in five starts right back yeah it was supposed to come and have a big year torn ACL you know I we have a lot of second hour but we're gonna kick it off with a more football yes the NFL with brown we had games over the weekend. And we'll talk about those sets in next hour to durden Sprague back with more. I'm Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.