Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 8-16-2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 16th
The guys critique Oregon Football's new uniforms, plus WSU color commentator Jasson Gesser joins the show to discuss WSU Football, and the hour rounds out with the most important Pac-12 games of the year.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And how or where are numbered. Soon. Here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. If you miss the first you can test the podcast at 1080 the fan dot com or on iTunes. Every podcasts. Well I think we're gonna get to hear Jason guess who's gonna join the show at 115 we'll do a little cougar preview tax and kids. Through the tubes are going to be up to this year far away as fun as mascot name to say in the conference. Fun as fun as is not alert. Fund the most fun of mascot named to say in the conference thought this is Laura Wright should be. If she's getting funny years a word right shenanigans on a dictionary that should be a word now. Be like beyoncé and make it famous enough to earn heroin addiction cell FISA word now in used to be a word let's start the trend booty wishes and best word at the dictionary the other guy recognized what is the definition of booed illusionist. My body's two booty wishes for UK I don't now I don't know what they've put in at a glance I'm delicious and I it's disgusting. Booty you know racing and write you an outward its product I'm sorry dad Finn mission messy delicious definition. A woman that is sexually attractive boom. And act. In the neck Imus is not should not have been just a big but like a great but. Why I think it's she's have you ever seen a hot Caroline said she's booed delicious. Will but they'll hold the metric comes out your mouth the lyrics go I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I don't think you're ready for this chimp my body together religious like slam poetry commute his read rap lyrics beyond six odxa. I don't think you Randy Newton for the red he gently before this Jelena. Act act after. Yes so we got a lot of things are gonna get to Jason dancer at 115. We Galilee uniform news yesterday yeah hot uniform tock and it will it involves organic and then this morning and involves Notre Dame is so let's start with the organ docs. They did a big you any reveal Wien we made a note of at the end of the show yesterday they released it. And they're bringing back the winged helmets that they are they have like a year and a half ago so you know those big throw backs. And they went black white green and and I believe in neon yellow right. They'll break elevate him a year thanks so not there there yellow you knees are normally are so slight it's those four colors and then it neon numbers on some more up. But it's it it's the day font size of the numbers it's drawing a lot of attention here I put a picture of this on our FaceBook page if you haven't seen eight yet. The number is like the whole front of the Jersey to big ass number now. I've been very honest with the organ uniforms I've stated which ones I think are really ugly. Another web foot idea was really dumb considering the week you were going into your playing Washington in you're going with a uniform that nobody. Remembers. And you looked like cow that was really weird. And I also said they have a lot of really kickass Younis I have no problem with the color schemes with any inning or doing. Those numbers are comically to beg against big numbers man did the number 35 model they use. The number 35 is the entire front of the Jersey yeah. I don't think this is a good look. That they've had better looks odd given that they had substantially but during this this is got to rank. At the bottom of the new worries jerseys they've made I don't know about that I think any other. Company or team has these Younis were clown and what do you make of. Of the numbers being too big but outside of that I think the uniforms are grade I did the wing helmet is better than just kind of look and they've been more known for as of late some glad they brought those back and I actually love the simplicity of them there's not anonymous nothing on the shoulder pads is not on the pants they don't have iron played Slaton look like consummated. It's said that the only saying is the numbers are too big sell. I've I will say this organ has had a lot of trends and people made fun of over the last ten years people mocked their shiny helmets that they used in the Rose Bowl that looked like Mears and everybody. Made fun of them mercifully for that now everybody has shiny helmets that they use. When they first more than neon and nobody was wearing neon and they had the neon socks in the national title game against Auburn. Everybody made fun of them for using neon and so those look stupid those are ridiculous why would you do that. In everybody mocked him for guess what everybody does now everybody wears neon and their uniforms so. I wouldn't be surprised to see every college programmer half of them at least with Jai enormous numbers that have anti uniforms and five years ago on an am heavily put the hot together and nobody will copy the number fraud now kind. I don't remember the chrome dome being made fun of all people mocks the hell out of macro moment they were against Wisconsin for the first time just people like to it now I was shiny the way the light reflected off fed people make jokes about them nobly and. In big games and it was people people like to mock things in orient does with their uniform well and then conversely you have that's from or again. That a lot of people had fun with and then this morning Notre Dame tweeted out their uniforms are playing a game at Yankee Stadium. And they made one specific uniform for that game got pinstripes on the shoulder pads. They've got is it black or it's a really dark navy blue which is usually what the Iraqis answer a dark navy blue and and am a black helmet with the Notre Dame logo but B and now I think when you look at this picture of the uniform without a player anybody and it looks god awful. I think when it's gonna be on TV won't really be that noticeable but this year really that you're losing me here this and I'm sorry this is one of the these uniforms and I've ever seen no way they are wearing pinstripe pants. Yeah during wearing pinstripe pants bloody Notre Dame in the New York Yankees have in common there are popular entities. Why are you wearing New York Yankee pants is a plane you stadium. Based if you have a special series here because if you have a special C game like that like Morgan did when they were the state uniforms he made fun of not that's not that did down that does not as a special deal for than they were one time but it's not anywhere in different than playing Eugene. Yeah but then they were made fun of because they were oddly they were once on uniform that was oddly so was does this stupid duck outfit that they did when they were forged cleats and ordered Sox those are idiots and I said they were both terrible had a one officer nasty these are nasty but it is really aware of one time doesn't maybe uniformity better off not saying this is the best uniform I've seen is that only it is. But -- -- why they're doing it for the Yankee Stadium this is actually there's a -- Notre Dame fans that showed there weren't pinstripe pants wanna -- just Iraq in their normal gold pants blue mini chrome dome -- fuel our LA if you wanna do some small the uniform his knowledge of the Yankees you know link on -- should -- yelling like -- and OK with that so all all the cancer pinstripes yeah have you seen advances out there and they are Yankee -- chance -- white pants that are pinstripes because I was OK what I just got a picture on a -- Angola are ceding entirely uniform I was OK with the -- being Yankee they have this this leaves there are Yankee pinstripes and the entire pants. Societe Diddy is uniforms. They look and the truth that's a certain of the girl this is things I've ever seen right it's bad. Yet these I don't know I don't know where he's resonated with the fan bases helmets okay action even helmets chemical 'cause that's the one little bid since the day and OK with that there's an its Notre Dame guy right so I can see why fans are upset with the winning goal that they know nothing in common with the yet did not the Yankees think there's no can actually if they were from New Yorkers like. If there was some sort of connection with the Yankees maybe they had this in examining my hair that's the place. That's a knowledge that's that connects to all day playing and I game I don't god knows. Is that team they're playing got to Wear pinstripes still I checked the ACC schedule and you tell me I don't know whether client and agave and whoever is I doubt that there were armed and stretch and that bad boy yeah. In uniforms are adjusting most of the time I do not care edges sometimes a catcher rise. It also it is they'll organs did the numbers are way they're like comically too big. But I have had bad opinions of jerseys NIC Neman and person and a nice guy assigned as bad as that I thought it was going to be. When the mock thing came out in the ultimate thing you have to remember with the uniforms and this is the same at notre Dame's I can make fun of a mall limelight right if there's recruits at think they're cool that's all these schools care about oil that's why they do I organize a fourth ranked you're pretty classic country right now and they they get one Forestar kid it's like do those are kickass somewhat aware of those right it's totally worth it they don't care who's making fun I'm somebody says they added Laker yellow or duke blue would be ultimate union for their fans effect that's a valid point -- god that's the one joke I've seen as loaded like new what does Notre Dame and yankees have in common they're both you know clinging to you history of the 1930s. And their fan bases are annoying. Yeah I know I just. Yeah you knew your knees I'm with you on the duct stuff you didn't have such huge numbers. Clean look I love the simplicity does not anonymous just explain the numbers are just a tad too vague very clear I've also appreciated the beaver jokes. Like they're supposed to hurt my feelings or make me feel bad about my comments. Mental see this is now Morgan State players can see them running away from humbling and in the end zone I think I know I've dad I just and I had a lot of them on Twitter I've this league to detect signed up beaver homer bashing the Diallo says UEU draft day no one care is drop about your uniforms he tweeted about the Glenn Austin last night between about him. Twice you take your red meat packing appreciate the red meat it's okay yet take red meat when you get it should be noted dumped. We go and meet Jason dancer I hate three beef so Leo from the organ state homer tax and we talked about and last week you right there bring him back he'll be even nation do permanently that should be permanent paying the organ state jerseys I've never relaxed as they did to retrieve. All right Jason dancers the color analyst for Washington State football and join us next to preview. Can my complete surprise people. Or is it going to be a year. Of building confidence up and Pullman we'll talk to Jason gets in next on and 82 fingers at one night and welcome back and on the fan. John alleyway on the record about comment how today validity of this. Attack in. And how many minutes we'll tie it at some point. Allen coming around to some pac twelve to hamster had Damon Huard on from Washington last week. We talked to Matt Stevens UCLA and we've had some people Texan about their cougars. We got to be good to bring in our friend Jason gets on the color analyst for Washington State football. As the cougars looking to move on from the Luke fall air and see what they can do. This season he joins us now hi you doing Jason. Underwear. We're doing good man it's nice to have you back on means football season is upon us and how good deed in Washington State is based on what you seen in camp. It always the question because circle at a potential. Early and eat each and engage. What she lost to which are gaining who commit the act. Credit did just out of the teams around. The area must be quite there other camps alone are correct he I hate thing in this. And they'll appreciate it. We will find out you want to really don't know there's there's been so much transition year. Al Washington State broke no only clear giving you positions and leadership role would also Coke. When you have an tattered yet industry coach Carter. Eagle. You Danica Patrick hooker or he came back. Impact of brown what can you also change your eager to cord injury changer linebackers outside linebackers coach recorders court seat he's coached. Your operative line coach running back coming. There's so many different of variables that go into this at all by the way you have. A position that quarterback who'd nobody's really taken out and oh by the way you have treated operative line. So as you as you're trying to figure out all these things in these Coogan. Step forward you're still trying to gauge how clearly compared anybody else and I think that. At for a single right now. What it is we're about Washington State and how good. We can be. The best player this. A critical role in the we'll find out cursed what they immediately come and appear in September. The agony imagine a quarterback position and get a Mike Leach offense it's always did the first position you think of Faulk is gone and of course the tragedy. This offseason that was so sad to see with Polanski I do. Or the names and what are we looking at a the quarterback position and I can how do you honey is stacked that race right now to be the starter. Seoul would eat when you look at it we have a couple guys tree currently an antique cooler and these guys have been here for a couple years now they're both redshirt. Richard junior energy transfers two seasons ago this is there's certain that. And and that being said. Those two guys know the opposite. Days we understand the offense. The team respects from the response to them. The older two kind of main guys right now we're here we come back and that you prove to be the next. Garbage. Now Gartner. Creepy graduate transfer from east Carolina. Transcript from there got here this summer. Well we know routine and those three guys are cutting your mean treat quake that corporate position and you have a true freshman Kevin Cooper. Who support our recruit and so and you certainly grip art track murdered graduate. High school but you hear all last pastor. What drew all spring ball. Got a taste of what it takes but for all summer and values here fall camp and so. You look at Google what players current skin something out. I think looking in the coming out too is is no matter who the starter comes in at a camp. Org to speak probably three it's not all or most guys play. In the hosts regains. We open up at Wyoming and then he hosts penalties stay in the eastern Washington so. I think we'll see all four of those guys see come kind. And whoever Kenny merge article or streaking Mexico and accomplished when it was first orders at USC. I think outlook are determine who our quarterback who won two quarterbacks for the record he's. Now this is former quarterback and now color analyst for Washington staple on Jason gas or you know you you're so close to that program. How close was a leads Tennessee stuff I mean that's a story that it felt like he was basically he had and then boosters stepped in for Tennessee. And then on hold just debacle how close do you think he really started to leaving Coleman. I think. I think there's a lot closer than there obviously you want to beat on anybody else to be but. It was one of those situations work outlook for the seat being. From the beginning it was it was just kind of look. Everybody was watching and I think we're at a at a huge blow up in there and they're. Suspicions her looks or whatever that whatever you do look at that Erik replaces following Twitter. Mean Google are aware what was going out to see how many cooks denied them work or whatnot. But I think it yesterday. That soldier being the case. National coach like each other production he's had here at Washington State what he's done. Overlapped clear that it could bankrupt people. Coached and so on daddy is that easy easier. He's resigned a five year contract so don't believe either illegal anywhere except soon and which is which is good for the compared to the nation. But as far as court uphold that goes I think he's the only one making really carrier and you can get data am. And you deserve a lot more eat exert greater threat so could guerrilla complain that true or go to each. You mentioned the other coaching changes that we saw this offseason in an odd strange going to Ohio State not Tracey clay is a new defensive coordinator. How big of a loss do you think ranges and leaving that gig and and how much different we expected defense allowed this year. Yeah I think you're the huge loss in the last in my personal opinion on the reason why he went from three wins one he's an. 29 wins his very next season. And ain't going to three consecutive bowl games for only the second count schools issued because of too many people. And out how to stretch a loose ball and still to lose both of those guys. But but are circling around grinch what CDs here and how how well. Not just what you became an annualized it would implement it but the culture Ricky Greg. What could that be skeptics go over to the Oscar those who most politically correctly. Com keys especially people over. Guys ones cook is that you. Your rerouting here like he gets he gets the player relations site yet yet knows its recruiting yet the that the management of other coaches. He hit the big picture and silk and the guy like at a huge. Each. But at the same time. I think that would treat at least it has been able to do come in and he has done. Lecture a tremendous job to note to end the Ottawa reinvent the wheel because of what how well our script it here. He's a wanna change occurred. All the habit spin on everything but he tried to take over as much terminology from their standpoint from washing cup points leader has changed everything. He he he turned Google terminology is green and clip it to wash state. In so that's gonna help but the players in their learning curve could help out side the physical and they're learning curve as well. They're easy to see a lot of their album disc I recovered and I think frequent in the brink. Your per pack it in the market. Well look where they look like look at the end they only bring four guy so he eat more on how he rushes. At the corner back in the old quarterback and we saw that prettiest that. Yeah hold able sources Minnesota needed a great job against us let loose ball in our process. Only onus on him we had smoking at seventeen point oh. That being said. I'm excited see what you learn on them but the important point out that Christmas. Is coming to the beach and the attack well you know. You go to speak at work opposite they have 68 to what. Each piece somewhere right around the seventeen to fourteen or Kurt 21 to seventeen marked you can much of the pact will be an average car around 1112. Over the position game it squares in new hires how he translated he adapts to this what other offices across consulates keep you just didn't look too. Well. It is going to be a one year. That you were gonna look a lot about about not only your coaches but our players. And oh lead you to guess it will market Q we can get past that that's it's a market that's global. You know Jason guess there is our guess you know if I was a Washington State fan I have to be 100% honest with him and I am nervous that he is gone next year the way that the whole Tennessee thing went down. Thank you and iron lockstep and how we really perceived what was going on there. Does Washington State may be identified similar feelings because the last thing you want is to slip back into what you were before he got there maybe start kinda I end. Who some of the up and coming assistant stealing the program does stuff like that knowing that he may be looking around. Outside a Pullman. Watching and seeing when you look at that question you look at district general. If you're if if you know patch I've learned that they director and current shelter or president if you're. Good president greedy and any respect your old looking pretty accomplished you look at your your panel also. Whose next of. Coming up next and how your has your plan in place because. As we see across college athletics and continued double. Our home now is as well as coast beaches as a coach Don here has been phenomenal. Arm. I'll go out there that they had just albeit it it was president Floyd. Had a huge influence earlier it was bill moos reddish hue to pollute earlier. And I'll be able to keep passing of the guard and how it goes to that might boxes as low as it is seen what the you hear what dodi's. Wouldn't these at the renovations in March stadium put football complex. You're only a right next to the stadium. So all those that the foundation has been laid it put into place. To where if coach Leach does decide to go to postseason they all lot of epileptic. They'll get Iraq he's phenomenal coach is she turned that we're here today but it would suggest that bill and president Ford is will do. And so they actually do that trio right there it all the stimulus to deal worked out right now and in Allen got end. At that happened. The foundation is late so if you had your your and a poll concluded that up and comer. Well I think that we won't let it fall act when it was prior to Leach getting here's what I'm trying to say. So on is well as you know my feet maybe leaving next year maybe Elise sluggish now you don't tell what you captain happy and it. All security treaty can have good actor and director to know. Okay cool Colombia beat picketed next on now is get people out there that you know at NASA's. Be real geek or sale would look for somebody else what that culture. But I'm sure eat eat guys and all oh who is up and coming and who debt that the potential. Next coach may have to be difficult at least decides to. In the fact of north this year is is one that's going to be a tough division Washington's getting the playoff conversation organ seems to have high expectations once again this year with the talent they're returning. Cal expected to be better in year 200 Justin Wilcox how do you see the north and anywhere you they Washington State falls and that picture. Well at the million dollar question I think I actually do think that you don't as. They have the sabres they have they have all the favor going their their their camp was your quarterback in the background in the back clear returning home and I think that. That is who she would the door to let it. Omni look at or like he said the orange beat Berry tree. I think that Stanford always going to be very tree so I think that it could pick up between trees. Whoever is Yahoo! whose article Stanford. Or you or you dealt with you to be paper now so far as watching dateline and Eric I think Washington State in the north. You're probably gonna find out who Belichick transition going on and on. You know I think we're. I think we're better team or eight I I don't count eating better. You are are an organ state colleges and adjacent. It is bought it aren't. It's horrid that was looking at that you are bill. So I think you'll you'll find us somewhere in the of course this could spot of the north. I'm more on the floor spot. Just in realistic terms of who we are all do here. On it to get back at that that level. But out there that you've referenced to earlier work. As far as going back to where we were prior so this history prior to this mean because I'd record for likely to hear what. Once before but he used to go to will be very important for years. Now closely to cook it on net so we've got a streak of technical into ridiculously this year four consecutive transitional year. Almost in their talked about earlier records here quarterbacking Arctic and numerous senior music. Nobody else you. As well code transition. I think that. If we're able to get so we'll be this year bella speak. Value on how valuable cooks Leach is what you got here to proceed as we built. It doesn't mean that that would article accurate picture I didn't think that is a transitional year and you're gonna finest right at that lower. Middle to lower part of that that the actual you know there but the reality. Yeah yeah in other young color analyst for Washington State football Jason guests are former quarterback as well. Always kind enough to join us here in Portland tock little cougar football a good time we demand we'll catch WIN season it's don't. Celebrated every other now hoping guys have a great week. Yeah the recount Jason and gas are cut line and analyst for Washington State football we'll talk a little pac twelve and when do it next the first. Jason Q that's why guard has a sports update I get this flags gloves coming up. Elon Musk doing something in a sporting venue that's peaking the interest of fans people like to make fun of Ilan mosque. And it's kind of odd considering he. Alex Marty is he seems like a pretty Smart do it again that people calm quite often a very big. Against who Wear and more. How cash boys jotted is something in LA and owls are about that at some point the final hour of the show we just dug Jason guessing you know Washington State. That this is an interesting year for them I think for a lot of reasons one the quarterback position being a fresh start for the first time in my Faulk was there forever felt like. Of course the tragedy was Olin ski this past offseason it was his job and he was gonna be the guy. And that obviously is not the case and they're gonna have to move on and find somebody and this situation with the grinch leaving after the defense that he build. And Mike Leach wanting to leave but the media reports the backlash did allow undertake at Tennessee job itself through the last moment. It and this schedule is manageable Leeson non conference there really play anybody at eastern Washington and I'm against San Jose state somebody else with a pretty manageable nonconference schedule form. But this conference latest often and I it's difficult even uniting a Mike Leach offense when your breaking in a new quarterback. In a really tough division with cal I expected to be improved Washington Leon good they are organ innings to have a good year Stanford's always winning eight or nine games. It could be a tough uphill battle from Washington State this. Your I mean if you told me they lost one of their three non conference it wouldn't stun me I don't know who's. Quarterback at eastern Washington but they seem to be pretty stable program and an expert and Adams there maybe they do I don't know you never know until you plan unless you're a big fan of theirs so maybe they losing game in non converts then you open act USC that kind of feels like a loss right now. You talk coming year place I think Utah's acts can be right there to compete for the south I think the better than you add organ state to win. Or again. I tend to lean a little organ there. Obviously because the quarterback thing thus far at Stanford's a loss cal might be better than you. I mean you look at it they really are going to be fighting. To potentially make a bowl game this year and that doesn't have to be a horrible thing and you know I know it sucks still watch them win 910 games or be in this. Competition for the north for what is it three years now down. I know that's great but don't look it if you end up way if four wins or five winds are hell maybe have a three win season and you really are that bad you don't have to look at it is like oh he's lost it now now the programs in the cropper. This is a rebuilding year yeah you are Washington State you are the equivalent of what the beavers are it's a tough place to recruit. Your coach is clearly proven and good enough to get you out of a real BR rebuild situation rather quickly. So even if they struggled this year they're at four wins. I don't look at Washington State really panic I think if he stays in Pullman and that's the big gaffe if he stays in home and they identified the next passer. They could within a year from now we can be talking about them saying hey. That kid was really impressive they had a lot of close losses. They could be an eight win program that may be sneaks up on yen and buy Chia you know it is way to think in the history and their pro. Graham. They have only gone to three consecutive bowl games one other time medallist from 2001 in 2003 the first two years Mike Price RBC before he left right when some ball rolls bowl in the Delmon took over they went the Holiday Bowl. Then after that data and make him back to a ball game until Mike Leach took over so from 2004 in 2013. Made in not go to a bowl game and now we wait for the last five years I didn't wanna say it. But here is we only made a bowl game every four years now you guys were really bad for a long time you have I mean even in the years before that they had the roles boy you're 97 uneasy when they lost. And but then even after the rolls bullet and go back to a bowl game until 2001 to they had three seasons in between without Golan three straight years the NATO good didn't go to one until 2013. I think that's the ultimate goal from Washington State this year adding it to learn you haven't quarterback position play young guy. You get to six and six you know maybe it's two and one non conference cliche I mean Wyoming sales estate eastern Washington six and six is going to be tough with the factual slate it will it but if you go 30 and on conference didn't get there you insure three and six of trash are plaguing dropped one of those non conference games then yeah I do it's going to be an uphill battle. And and I think that's that all you get to four straight years the bowl game that's that consistency that you won. And you clearly have a framework to build on going into the next seat absolutely especially if you play young quarterback and that's it you want to write big Russ season if Leach is knowing it is mind unless some job whenever that is opens up. Because I do think he was damn close to taking Tennessee is for sure one of the producers don't stepping he is the Tennessee head coach not it was a Jeremy Pruitt yeah. If he has in his mind that in less act cynnex programs open up he's staying in Washington State. Then this whole season obviously wanna make a bowl I think the important thing for him is I just one identify my next quarterback pledges of places are watching is say they'd like Washington's day you lose a four years starting quarterback you lose one of the better young defense and minds in my opinion on college football. On an Alex grange Hercules mod also was a monster and a defensive line. It's excitement that's a lot to replace from last year to this year and so I I think it's okay at a lower the expectations little Britney gets a bowl game. May be surprised if we have a good year and they'll see if what you say can do that. Let's stick in the pac twelve though as we had a a list of the five most important games in the conference this year. And I'm wondering if people agree with what those five games that were circle were also Bruce Feldman. Of the athletic Jim Allen his predictions what is evening about the Huskies leading by a nine we'll tell you NX crunch time on the fan. Hey presto I'm Reggie migrants and as always 995 months so one would ever pay more for you gym membership was not the glorious outcome. Today it's all. Up at breakfast to Rita loaded up on some pro team yet softball and I baby. It's not fall now. Just get out of it until they get golf I look back at it and scoot. Lamb lamb a booty around those bases in time and we're supposed to be playing so for those involved in softball leagues you always have a team that takes its super serious again nice Younis I guess we're playing in the Whiting Kennedy group to have visited widened Kennedy as they get to a little bit mystique around their team they out like four or five teams because there's such a big company and I'd probably planned their bottom tier team which is still good. I got a buddy who's got a team in our league too he said their office makes cuts. They may cut and his eyes but let's eyes and you guys have two teams any said no we should because we gotta cut like. Ten to fifteen guys or girls every single yeah there is a point at which you know I think people really want people want to say that they were well you got thirty people that say they'll wanna play July 15 yeah hot yes can't you can have thirty people showing up. It's supposed to be fine it's companies solve all coworkers saying we have players on our team that are good battle sane inning I don't care now. We just talk about them behind their backs like you're outsourced to. It's mainly. Really Mo plus when you win though. I had heard of the that is of Madson allowed a mama opened I'm just opened they hit a home run over the fence tonight 'cause I've yet to do it at this ballpark. And have three Beers yeah. Three cold blue mountain Beers that's a perfect Thursday Iowa perfect Thursday I asked. Well I started back till football Shalit EST NOK I'll list of the five most important games in the conference this year. 12345. The ones you got to circling your schedule you cannot miscue on an island games are amiss if I guess I've got an oracle I would say if they're going in chronological order markets in which I would start with the USC Stanford game a week to that is numero now. Ominous say the Washington Horry in game that is number three on the list. Menace say the USC Arizona game no one's surprise O'Donnell. It should be I agree with their but it's not. These are just pactel verse pac twelve pactel vs packed than the ones that you can't miss there's a tie UNC. Utah I know Utah Arizona. On October 12. They were you. He will be a sagging anti US citizen or a description will begin the season the trojans will deserving of favored by both Arizona and Utah should be considered as contenders it's easy to envision a scenario where the winner of this game goes on to win the division. I have to know is if it's not those ones and we only have. Real well there are the only other one I'm gonna say for. Drama. Reasons is UCLA and Oregon that is one of on UCLA are anyone. The a year of forgetting and I wasn't in Stamford lying Stafford act as a those are the five so it's it's USC Stanford Arizona Utah Oregon Washington Stanford Washington UCLA Oregon I don't visit their side gives up what did on USC Arizona how alliance not a game it's I would put down on me as a bigger game and UCLA organ because I don't expect DC would be contending for much this is outlaw any of the returns back here to ask him. Yeah where it was an surest Gideon intriguing game but like in terms of the five most important in the conference this year UCLA could lose that game by 21 points if it really is just because it's during allergy right at a later game to lose in November Selig can be two in six and Debbie Allen knows where they're going to be. Odds of those other five most important games of the conferences here they did pick the winners and losers no shocker is they have Washington USC in the pac twelve title game. Bruce Feldman also came Allen his predictions today for the athletic and you know Washington's most observers wondering can they get back and they do it can it be the team in the conference. Not only does he think Washington goes to the college football playoff. Bruce Feldman pegged to the Huskies as a twelve and all undefeated team this year yup. Undefeated. Now he's also on other teams and in the northeast got Stanford at nine and 37 into. He's got ordered a nine and three president on conference and goes six and three in conference. Cal seven and five washing UC six and six he's got a organs say it too intent only nine in conference play. And he took Arizona to win the pac twelve south yet the Washington saying like. I. I don't even knelt it's that much of a disagreement mean some people may think Washington's tending to and not worthy of being undefeated or eleven and one. I think they're winning on Auburn game. I think right now Auburn is a left to two and a half point favorite Jerry Lynn is less than three and a lab right in into neutral site but it's gonna be a home game for Auburn I think the Huskies are gonna win that game. On and then it's just a matter of how using the schedules gonna stack up for them to and they play that game. Get to the rest and on conference and then they get organ early. I can't really game after that but than any we have Stanford to within a couple weeks of each other from not mistaken armed confusing their schedules but. Either way I think the Washington Huskies are absolutely worthy and deserving of all this conversation. Of people that put him in the undefeated category playoff worthy. And winning this conference I don't know it's not even like a shocking thing to say that given how much talent they're bringing. Especially at the quarterback slash coach position. Anytime you Chris Peters and I'm in. And and you mix that with a quarterback who's been the starter for what is it 34 years now for your starter will be a for your start I think when you have a kid like that understanding what Peterson's looking for an offense. He's coming off of a little bit of a Pruitt season as well. I I think a lot of that adds up in their favor and by the way their offensive line you mention would Damon Huard is maybe the question mark I still -- to be a good group. You know you either tie ages or their interior I asked him is Syria and is if I get there suddenly keeps them from getting there he says their interior options I still think that's gonna be a good group and in defensively I know they lost a couple guys but I I still think that is. Jimmy lake has some good cornerbacks they're so I think Washington's going to be hey okay on defense as well. At Auburn won all undefeated season they will run on that first game of the year what to be a big one Saturday September 1 of course opening weekend of college football. The crazy thing is to that would be quite the swing for. Is what's the biggest game he's one. Take Browning yeah. The pac twelve title game against Colorado he was terrible on the game. Yeah I have bad shoulder but term so what's the b.'s into one where Rex you credit for winning turf if you wanna save played like the best games he's played. It was probably at oxen when they dropped seventy Dorgan wasn't a good team in our it was terrible layer that was easily probably the best game like ostensibly -- a team and for am on a seventy spot on he and that carries beat Washington State eighteen cent a share pretty damn good yeah and that Colorado -- on -- and Amy was nine at 24 for a hundred need to yet are they ran all over Colorado they didn't really need much through the Air Canada importantly staying he's been a part of when -- so this would be a big swing and they can be Auburn and that thing hole that hole can you meet a big team thing goes right out Dolan O'Neal but we can welcome here here's why I think Washington do it. I think it's going to be obviously a tough environment Peterson is really good in these games this is where he thrived in Boise State. All give me a month to prepare for big program in the ball game. And then he would always come out with a little something new we're expecting. I think he has that ability and I think he's going to be able to do that against Auburn I need to be damn good football game but I think they can beat Auburn I really do. Yes they get there rob Bernie and I utes out of organized UCLA he is Stamford home and then of course LSU stayed so than the actual making it the robber that's a realistic thank to go and if it is a bridge solvents got the Huskies. One of the factual beaten Arizona any conference out of game and then going undefeated. In the upcoming season dale lawsuit against do any final hour of the show Elon Musk trying to do something in Los Angeles mad. Gun intriguing idea how mom bought me getting into sweats plums at 215. John Elway has talked about the Colin cap critic situation and it's causing some headlines around the National Football League we got a lot to get to don't go anywhere there spray on 1080 give him.