Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 8-16-2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 16th
The guys analyze Elon Musk's tunnel project in LA plans, plus a special edition of Swag's Plums, and fallout from Bruce Bowen's firing by the Clippers. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Does this follow our certain spray planes Thursday facing cameras around and sports entertainment the fan on looks like this mosque there are now slowly but surely. I quite as bad as last couple days color running this morning wasn't bad he didn't die of lung failure now nine is still here still taken. Let's get announced its control to be able to got to work outside to make some job a little bit easier burlesque a blue jays were probably on handling the seventh worst air quality in the world now for is not number one anymore are still top ten definitely we have ever wonder Iran men that want to Iran. I would get chillier in the final are getting to distract plums coming up in me and a few minutes here. John Elway said some things that caused disturbed but it needs to be. Factually pointed out. I'll also we have not talked about Bruce Poland yet. Bruce Bowen is that an interest in week. You've not follow that story to my site are fired by maintaining Els after his double down his criticism mobile and coli Lennar cliche cinnamon fire that was that's a dumb thing did that because they wanna sign why Leonard and answer is cracked me up man so he's back in the news this week. I look into that as well let's start with Jason -- guards diners about labeling we just got suspended two games that'll appeal get down to one man got suspended two games easily at vanish unbelievably can do that control your emotions. Not with a gorgeous bad debt hunting in the one up and are selling like Downey and a cute. The Dodger Stadium on his or relics terribly outlook plus some and that's one of the larger baseball stemming get like 57 rows and in their when they fill it up so I Brad is a lot as one of the big night might be the biggest ball part of baseball I don't know since bigger than Yankee Stadium or not I think -- new Yankee Stadium it is I mean I'm old Yankee Stadium I know it is him. I wanted a playoff game last year. We you heard there. And then we walked to a bar that was maybe two miles smile and act as prime mile from the ballpark. We saw a car at the very front again of Britain front and the back part. And we were at the bar for maybe an hour we just saw the car passed the bar to an hour after we got there yes. I was like why did you drive that's a good place to go traffic time to sing on a bar. Well you on musk willow is pretty Smart do you knows we do little bit right yeah. But he's got a title in construction. Tunnel construction and infrastructure firm called the boring company. And he is apparently he's gonna do this that he India cooperation what the city of Los Angeles has announced. That he will build a privately funded tunnel. From a subway station in east Hollywood to a Dodgers stadium and it's expected to reduce traffic. Traffic time by more than an hour. In the car to fewer than four minutes buy electric vehicle so yeah park down at the old station. He hop colonies now boys Josh off right in front of the stadium little loop underground tunnel Elon Musk solving traffic problems the problem is the tunnel part. I don't think this goes as great as he thinks well he's digging a giant tunnel underneath a hill are in a hill that's has the state law how long did it take for the light rail accident go through like from the zoo like out at sunset. 'cause basically what they did they'd. But I don't think people like writing in tunnels I think that makes a lot of people feel unless you've lived in New York sheriff. In the used to what you're promised to be in general shared trust and let you do not LA and yeah a bit if that means you know you can. The governor I'm gonna take this I heard LA you know you don't have to deal with it in and out there and it will cost I don't know 6750. Year whatever it's take five minutes to go from east Hollywood to the stadium yet and I did my question too is if this is privately funded. Does not mean there in cooperation obviously with the city but he say we got the money to do this. How much is it at a costs and then how much is he get a charge people ride this thing of its privately funded who cares now how much does it cost us right that's I mean he's gonna wanna make money off he's not just doing it as a donation on the cellular LA forward. I was is probably a long playing in the super long term thing years so you probably why. Eating five. Ten and they can somewhere between 71510 but yeah I know that's maybe that includes around trip like if you buy I mean if you're. Go to Dodger Stadium obviously gonna wanna come back so we hit it and wanna turn Iraq are so there's nothing around the stadium up there does the state against. I know it's all by itself now. So I don't mean this is a pretty interesting idea and ending is that the track because we know how bad traffic is like the Dodgers are known for having late arriving crowds because people can't you just can't get there in camp by the by the end and then leave at the seventh inning right because it's gonna take him an hour to get out of the parking lot than an hour to drive. Wherever the heck else they got to drive to light Corvallis traffic can be pretty bad if they go to games. Eugene was pretty bad the last time I went to Eugene socks and and we need one of these along 95. That's what they need. And actually pretty bad ass hour on a sub air Anthony is on the issue salmon are just knocking into your little right here can take an elevator south that's at the rose quarter and go down under in inches and cannot shoot me in a tube and I come out some Booker and Vancouver and the only it's intimidating. The only real bad traffic and a blazer games if you park and the garden garage at a guard garage is awful getting out and never park there and even at like a -- -- came if you parking the car garage it will take in our it and ridiculous decision I just top. But you're gonna get you're going to be in like a human sized you know when you do though old canister thing in the drive through teller at the bank yeah. That's essentially what he's making yap for humans defendant but it's not just one right isn't it a group. And up the Specter made light like 45 yeah I could I then yeah I haven't seen the details if it's like a loop. Or if you just go back and forth because. Yeah you get a little like it's like try and if you ever saw the movie right on yeah. And so you're in the is literally I think he called them State's third electronics dates in yet has and it put like 1520 people and it in Beaumont I go get. Rail Bart Bart goes underwater. They are serious charge Myanmar does and I writ large a giants game that that was a big more than they had to do because there's. At the time and he built a there's not a lot of parking down by angels is not so you got me a lot of people think Bart down there but them I mean I know it's is a smashing success here I mean go look at how packed a max's after a blazer game he had LA apparently I didn't realize I was in my south LA in my life dealers say that LA has a subway system. And the promise of me not quite as bigger is widespread is New York. Diagnosis is no we're not as used to it's not as common people of their cars too much red eye and now the third time I've never been on it and dramas in LA. I mean the subway system you know New York is so compact. Between number surely LA is so spread out I mean you've few and trying to go from Anaheim to Pasadena. I don't think the subway goes all the way there. Jack is that LA's pumped about this because there apparently committing where loyal order Diego some like a hundred no we see the number hunter and warranty billion or sentence for the for the Olympics that are coming up. Yeah 120 million worth a word on 28 different projects leading up because it's 128 Olympics. LA's canosa Summer Olympics and self. And NAL money that they're already investing in this job so they're and they're thrilled about visited privately funded the mayor in a sense this is awesome and do whatever you want anybody of any listeners been on those bullet trains. In what is is it China. Or Japan I think Japan has and I might write one when I go to war there's enough there's the one that goes through the Chunnel between France and England. Remember mission possible correct that's right yeah NBA yeah. But no I haven't been on any some of the 12840. Miles that's going to be wild now are just one on the bill high speed rail opened on the West Coast Vancouver BC the San Diego baby. Let's go. Yeah now on metal would take that instead of flying down into your blood pressure on the airline industry to get this stuff together and be awesome I'm Nicole at that lets you rent a flyer do that I rather be in a high speed train. And I'd take flying how awesome would it stop so I guess some might question the trick for the high speed is it only stops in the big cities. So the Portland aware Portland to Seattle but it would only take about an hour and I south of Portland now when's your next job probably stop in Eugene. Medford. Somewhere halfway between Medford in San Francisco gene in Medford get stops. You gotta stop I mean I would see gene and in Sacramento and show differences go Sacramento. Yeah that's the tough part is when you leave you wanna go to southern oriental Venice screwed there you get off in Eugene and rent a car like Eddie cut each other us the last why this is fun to talk about ultimately and I have a fear of it I'm still flying and a well what's wrong with the airline industry the prices priority price thing when save money well that. Plus the train will take you right into downtown and the problem a lot of airports like sea tac okay flight a C tech now in order to get to Seattle it's another 45 minutes whether you have to run scorer. Do that the Denver airport is forty minutes outside Denver on the sea tac airport can be its own segment of how garbage out one and is. If people still playing you know and because they need so much land for and it's not generally gonna be right downtown and. My Elan muskies day in my am my company the boring company Michael has chemical company name and other gonna build they're gonna build this tunnel from east Hollywood up to Dodger Stadium and as is supposed to save traffic time gathering apart down there. Andy as subway station Andy's Hollywood he'd take this thing underground all the way drops up to Dodger Stadium their palms can be privately funded. Sadly given ion. Is that you on must trying to help traffic concerns for dodger fans as they are known for showing up Blake has can't get it to an hour. At a stadium two minute arm people an unannounced roads in and out say let's take a look inside swagger back to plums Shelley are they right on this Thursday we'll do it next on the fan. I think balls that those plays. Black they'll see it. Well that's where daylight cameras rolling fire and John Elway. Apparently really bad and evaluating and drafting quarterbacks. He needs a backup. And telling happenings name came up and what he said is Johnson attention yummy straight line. It did. But it's back coming up top and I would say he lied I would say he really danced around reality. He miss characterized yet and they I had spent Zynga Winslet and promoted to answer coming up here and he did on purpose by the way he hit at the bottom money our debt fells purpose pitch yes it was he moves his feet there any opening pitch I'd delicacy and it's take a look inside flags back aplomb swimming out one more of these two more days. We'll. One more. Not a Smart I will be gone on the 29 or the thirtieth or whatever that worry on Columbus got a ticket since. Raw I do leading on Thursday barely even Thursday. Teases how many days off you can get a I just got an email this morning that says hey Portland pilots basketball schedule you've got to love life and yeah were opening world we've got an opener on the sixth. And then yeah how we're plan and opening I've been down there at the Stan sheriff center you better be making now and extended vacation. Well I was supposed to be three games. But. They had a team drop out of the event and so it's a non division one team in Portland already had their Macs and non division one. Teens on the schedule so they had to cut their trip short. So will I go. What does that had a would you take in the misses in making that an extended weekend. Well the mrs. was offered to join me but she will be acting in a play announce the final weekend of it so. Solo trip to whole lot ladies wag it. You turned down Hawaii I yeah its chance. Said she's not about that this was in the works for a while behind the scenes they said hey we're probably gonna play in this event so major mistake here so yes. She shake out Bette Midler. Add to meet her she she consciously made this decision to resign dilemmas of that athletic and let's say I did have Elon Musk saying in here so we'll have to see to that so. Baseball is injured she's Ryan and only now we have taken a picture. Now under 13 weeks now the none I did on senator fiance about venture she is a dish dollars and now is the one that she drank that's a kickass TSE's UNAIDS the dog from saline and says mullets the dog inside the dog has not. Beazer notes it's national intelligence oaks day did you know that. Now I knocked. Is there panel on pilot Jim I got a joke for you know and evidently got banned and jokes knock knock who's there. Larry and Larry to Larry says go ask yourself. And cares about jokes. I'm telling jokes they've been telling jokes according to this since at least 19100. BC he tracked that stuff. I don't know where does that come from I don't know Ryan like hieroglyphics sonic cave somewhere in the if if you could go in look back at human existence after you die. I really am going to wanna go back and see the first human who laughed and from another human. To see what they the reaction was to the sound ended gesture. LeBron James I thought well. Think barricades manned roasts back in the Sears a collection and a drama on the canes tonight Gideon bad gadget iGoogle bad dad I'll literally god. Your American when you go into the bathroom. Your American when you come out of the bathroom but do you know which you are only here and there. Russian European. If I make it tissue dance. It's needs but little billion. Right now though is that enough for that shot today also national rom day all around mountain yes. And two Diller researcher article in Forbes. The first. Distillery overrun is on the island of Barbados. In seventeen no three being mount gay rom. The company was founded. Capturing enough from African slaves and throttle the daily delivery in on sugar plantation sugar cane plantations figured out that you confirmed that the molasses. And thank goodness they didn't and Brohm was discovered and started to be made. Yeah I'm a big tropical island drink guy can it makes me think now. I'm sorry Laura my tie guy or attack three guys those of the two most common rum cocktails I would go mighty tide. But I'm pretty simple on the edges pineapple juice and prominent good. Lot ice. Ads should be alive goal for me I'd I enjoy around but I don't drink enough of it well there's a lot in my shop as well as the graphic distilling comes about there's a lot more now aged two runs there in their aging them in barrels like whiskey. So you can start your starting to see some you know 10121525. Year old Rumsfeld there will power rank your alcohol was and where does run command. He is for me it's down the list is it really not I've got whiskey. And got Jin. Now I'm taken Rama over Jan. I take it over tequila yeah tequila Obama barrel from me. But Gary is a little more pocket you're just instead that's more of a mixing as I'm saying it's a little more flexible with the cocktails. It might be third yeah. And I drink a lot of it. If I'm starting to buy some liquid third Tim. A city. Let's also soft Forbes come out with the a 25. Highest paying job industries right now in America. Where is our Sports Radio sit on them did not make the list. And next year. So you're gonna have to go to some post graduate schools if you want to run. So us still the number one is a physician median base hourly of a 195. Grand. He's got a really good dad Joseph experience appropriate I damn well if it's yourself and I knew that you know telling really funny jokes here might not work on I wanna tell this joke. But now 213. The third number three is a pharmacist at a 127000. You can graciousness I guess is for you is a pharmacy manager not a 146000. So if you want to see you filling prescriptions. You know I join the secret as whale story pledge as a pharmacy school right very good pharmacy school. Pharmacies you'll pharmacy school not easy to get into bit easier than dentistry school OK and I just imagine a pharmacy a couple of letting go into last Sunday and I know a couple pharmacist with great paychecks. Not very happy work really miserable life on not very happy work for says they're standing on their coat on sale at a joke and stone. Net Tellme with the best thing a pharmacist does. How is worth a 170000. Dollars because if you screw that up. I mean you got to be smarter. And put the red pills on the right bottle. It's going to make it the bills know sometimes they do they did Tim and sometimes they have those signaling a pharmacist tonight rioting that person's making a 170 K yes the Faris is a lot of what I thought OK I just a pharmacist in their era running the four if you. It's like a 145 K my message out and manager more likely than not the person that comes to the drive through into a Rite Aid is probably make an honor care and lowered. And blowing up on a lot of stuff to writing that's out there yes so those are the top of corporate council coming in fifth save your corporate lawyer 115 grand Jamaican. And then a lot of attack. Down sort of job software development that sort of thing so pretty much. Health care industry. Being a lawyer. And it. Being in two. Tech I think people are exactly where joking with me here on the tax line I didn't know mount gay rum was real. Yeah. People are Santa's delicious. Dark from multiple listeners a Texan about mount gay Iran that are out of perform well I think we have some show homework to do. I'll do some research tonight. Ends. If you saw. The Dow make any huge bump the other day I'll Wal-Mart came out and set how many billions of dollars they were Macon and gay McDougall boost in Florida that it's nice to make money when you don't pay employees is being too well. They're trying to eliminate some employees as they've unveiled their grocery picking robots. So. We've all seen that got the know you know you go online you put your grocery or you polyp in your bathroom and they look up deterrent. While what they've got what they're developing. Now is. Dutch store behind the store show in the back in the warehouse sir where they're keeping everything. Now they've got these robots that can be programmed or takes the orders that you place on line and they can go. And grab everything bring them over to a place. And dead they think this will be. It allows him to do much more quickly they can then bring it over to a station where a person then well. Did it all in Germany as high as this illuminating. And another got to work up the technology but I guess the first one is in a Salem New Hampshire. As the supercenters store up there. And they think this news never remains album bots they're called alpha bots helpful but automate specific steps of the online grocery picked up process they use autonomous mobile carts gathered. Shelf stable refrigerated or frozen items from a high density storage system. They retrieved deliver these to restore associate that quickly fulfill online orders and all of it happens in the back to the store where nobody. Sees it out there. No it's company more now on the three bad does it ever amaze you how lazy we are. I just kind of like how. Often do you go grocery shopping. I'm 02 or three times a week four times and often yeah tangent load up now. You can't do that I don't like to buy things and having go bad so data due later this year I had a lot of sensible things are certain things you got out alive but like you don't load up on meat put in your freezer you belong gas accidental bomb bread I don't like frozen meats. Really yeah and usually when I go to them when I say four times a week I'm in there for ten minutes Max is granite some trades are grandmothers always want some awake or I'm like I think it Eminem makes some thin and very Blanco looked an amount like one thing and I don't run out there and write it at CNN and I get the actors on it this unlike the whole idea of not money (%expletive) like being that lazy that grocery shopping and never quite understood it bloody ever done like Fred Myers innings has one where you can call. And it's you pick it up. And in Safeway has delivery system and be done any of them now. Now I don't dynamic just a hole I just want to Madani I'll Zardari usually takes a half hour you know what you want you make a list of three golf. I like grocery shop we got to do there's only simulate Dudek I want and looks good attitude cart. Especially if you're hungry. By the way got a dead joke from my buddy Johnson who do you call when you. When you break tell. In till breaker. Your close to a truck. I. And tell jokes in the bonus on that notes on that note let's move on dead jokes are undefeated dummies who gave gadgets getting Dillon's 755305. Hey Bruce Bowen got fired for lots and John Elway tells the truth kind of but not really those are next but first here's my Wii Sports center. I don't know why. Casey get a hole in one. Had joked day here on the fans. And I got to get this on any other station out on us at Jana jokes radio will build the Unix facts right here on Portland sports leader tending the fans. If he ever really worried about getting fired for you know doing your job. I did I every day AD I joke about this on the show and a family and friends legitimately every day I have a ten minute span in the morning where I think I'm getting fired that day this is today. This when it happens this is just what radio AZ just come to expect being fired at some point well somebody in the sports Furl Digg gets fired this week and he was you know. Doing his job Bruce Bowen former San Antonio Spurs trying to show actually Deborah spawn on a number of time he's a fun guest to have on not bad. And he I even realizes but he was the color analyst for the LA clippers that was his new gig income and you knew that as you watch the NB ATV's definitely pass splat. She was doing an interview and was asked about it while Leonard situation Andy beam bash caught lettered set I would wanna be in a foxhole with the guy delineated doing them questioned his character. Had a whole bunch of negative things to say about why letter now while Leonard does not play for the LA clippers. Has nothing to do with the clippers or Bruce Bowen. But bruised bone was fired Y eight. Because the clippers or criticize I try and sank while Leonard yet they don't why member is going to be critical of him while they're going after next year and he flat out said of the clippers told him he said they they fired him because of what he said about coli Leonard and he went on and on national radio show and double down a lot of his opponents he ends. And dizzy he ran all over on say and Tim Duncan is a guy you when your foxhole not collide Leonard so new there's no way beyond. And I would never wanna be a bunker local why doesn't support his teammates he'd be made fun of them from going in New York for his rehab assignments. So being doubled down this week any also he also bashed the clippers a little bit I. You know Bruce Bowen is the key play for poppy played for the spurs' season two time NBA champion what we know what Bruce Bowen was the San Antonio. I don't like how many spurs players have come out to say something about him in terms of what kind of team eightieth I don't mean that's fair. On you had a couple other guys come out and say you actually was a good teammate Greg Popovich really didn't need to. And maybe you can make a point that he does it to benefit himself open Gregg Popovich she's not wonder really wanna lament with the media. Talked about how good of a teammate he was when he was there sometimes we get these stories in these headlines. And we just think that's it that's the whole story there's no background there's no anything and it's funny that we wanna bash quiet Leonard and look partially you probably should because I don't. He not talking not handling it the right way. Within certain circles there's something to that. But we bash this guy for losing trust in the organization in knocking were on the team and then what comes out after he goes to Toronto. All. They did it noticed Danny Green tore his hamstring. So there's something to the injury the medical staff the trust and the losing of it there are quite letter was acrid proper despite his funeral. If he's really that bad of a teammate he's as bad as it may he's been made out to be. He's not showing up to that but he did so although I think Bruce Bowen should not have been fired saying that's stupid to your fired for that. I I don't like how many people have come out to really say wow. He's no he's not a player are never wanna be around come on man that's ridiculous because he turned against the team that you played and had success. Or PM yeah and also on analysts say I'll back bruise on up on this. Cream he's not gonna be the reason while Leonard dozens time with the clippers if he wants to go to the clippers in breeze back a look back on a common Bruce Mullen made the previous offseason. And say yeah you know I'm not gonna play for them because a bruise well I think. There's going to be a lot of other color analyst that take note of that because if you can't say that Rocco why a guy who's not your team this is a hope you hope the other chances out of and he's never said he wants to play for you to be wants to play for the lakers right clippers are they only hoping. But is it only players they're hoping to get that you can't say something about so that means for like the second third fourth tier players you can say anything you want because the chances are for an organization like clippers. That's who they end up getting. It's great to want why I get that. But if you can't say that about why Mariah what it teases say that about I don't know fill in the next Austin rivers blank and you have to get them down sides of weird lumber is on double and Downey was fired this week he's since negative things about twilight or the clippers. Are hoping to sign a while Leonard who next offseason so Bruce and he got the ax many enemy careful apparently with what you say add stuff to casinos somebody just asked him his opinion. But like he was going on Twitter rants are doing some on his Sony probably did an interview in somebody's NA what are they about why Leonard and answer the question like he's supposed to during an interview. And it cost him his job so there's your NBA offseason update. Didn't get to John Elway there will do that on the other side also do we get the Aretha Franklin we got that. What are Rica Aretha Franklin she's savvy pass away today what does she think of a lot of the other big time artists I hear from her and I John Allen would do that next on the San. And I can do 47 Simpson hazard coming up top of the hour. Later Aretha Franklin's think a lot of big time artists who gets about the moment I do wanna get to this though I've just been it's not a time on a but it is in the news today. So the Denver Broncos quarterback situation is quite the entire fire passive lynch is just awful football he's pretty he's pretty bad is getting booed off the field Danny is no on their back and Chad Kelly who was mr. or alimony was the last pick in the draft he is now a number two quarterback on the broncos' roster. And so a lot of people are kind of water on the Denver like K okay is Tina is nice but we do get a we got a backup plan here look at what else is going I'm. And so Connick how critic's name was brought up when he was asked today as capita was a viable option. And Kapanen said there should be Elway. Said this he said you know but I said disallowed goal Colin had a chance to be here we offered him a contract he didn't take it as I said in my deposition he's had his chance to be here. He passed it. Now so this kind of everybody's got to have I was like wait a minute while you talk to Cameron recently did turn out a contract that what's going on here you this Osce wanna read. Know this and what does add a link on governing was still playing in the same as his go 49ers member they were trying to trade him and that last year does deal. And there was an attempt to try and trade him to Denver in the broncos' wanted to take his salary from about eleven point nine to seven million. Been and make the niners pay for the rest of the niners would do it Kapanen wouldn't take a pay cat. So when he was in San Francisco with that deal before the kneeling stuff I believe even sorry I was before the protest yeah this is before the process even started. He said no I'm not gonna take a pay cut at that time said this happened sit back. And three years ago. So what is C got had laid this out here because this yo what's gonna happen is you're gonna have. You're gonna have a lot of people who. Ideally stand on one side at this in the other and they're gonna class hall all the time about this comment. You need to lay it out for for further context and not only this happened pre protest. Two years removed from a Super Bowl the Denver Broncos asked him to go from eleven and some change almost twelve million to seven million a year. Two years removed hey. You know we know Yemen new civil war on two years. We want you'd only make seven million he said no thanks on that there were two years still left on his deal exactly who sold like take him. Given up almost twelve million but a school is making is that. Chase Daniels making seventy yeah. Million a year now and now people feel about contact Craig signed detects and how much she socks okay we get it you don't like on Caprio in protest whatever but. Contacts needs to be said here this is a total mischaracterization. Of really well was going Downey didn't just offerman contract and can't cap critics say no now because the headline makes it seem like he. And because you said no pre protest. This this doesn't register to what these people are kind indicating. Yup this happen right before the 2016. Draft soda plated that that's when the deal officially fell through and then and that draft the Broncos trade in the first round and took. Paxton lynch here they are so on DC John Elway headline make sure you put deed. The actual dates of what happened behind it not been recently as happened with the Broncos. And Colin camera again the sadness and it was a wreath at Franklin passed away. We love her music I think she's the best female vocalist of all time I'm really sad is in the music industry but she sat down and how long it go to visit. Do you take place a couple of years ago he had wanted to fourteen or third yes she did album. Of covers of the other modern divas songs okay cheated 42 albums by the way forty damage is around forever producing music forever so she said now a Wall Street Journal and and they candidate is dead lightning round of what you think of a lot of the big name artists current former all that stuff here is Aretha Franklin. But I say that the name Adele who comes to lighten. The yellow wearing a good singer. Alicia Keys. Young performer good writer producer and Taylor Swift. Okay great turn breakdowns. Beautiful grounds. That Whitney Houston. With me it was 88 talent. Definitely a county had India. And since these baby. And that's a change and so nick human judge. Me humanize. Him. None won't pass on math. Not gonna tell us now on I'll pass on Taylor Swift beautiful gas food what a great compliment to all too easily at a time. You dress is nice. Zach got hurt going to tell us of was a huge redirect Aretha Franklin fan and she sees that answer would you be expecting her to say anything different. I don't know but that would her way nick your heroes says an idea of Leon in your time and this is the queen of soul you you line somebody alien and if your female musician you want her blessing you want her to think that she is. You want courtesy you know Phillies don't spouse you as a talent she clearly didn't would saying she workers beautiful gallons. You could just let even early sixties she clearly does indeed the world releasing keys is voice but she at least was like. Great songwriter era talented music now is crazy former and that sort of thing. And demonize and now acts this way if. Noon and met a pass on that month. Yeah ninety does she was born in 1942. In Memphis Tennessee pass away today. And Detroit Michigan the queen of soul pass to Wayne that's it that's a tough one for music. And does a lot of people have noted kind of the the league crazy fact of this Dayton and death history you know have Babe Ruth. Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin on the same day and it's Madonna's birthday. Today's Madonna Brittany she sixty. Madonna scam. By the way you wanna see a six year old who's aged well. Don't who Madonna. Google Angela Bassett Angela Bassett sixty years old and you are welcome there. And boy ol' boy I don't know what that woman's been doing. Yeah how is that that that that that she still still got her groove follow stoic guy and not things the and I about it. She does I was isolates had worked either now she doesn't not super fake black don't crack. He never heard that expression. Not a random. She's gorgeous. About them tiger gimme a very interesting look when I said that I think it's never been said before election just liked. Where's iBook questions and ladylike and it got beautiful our city 5% of you say yes 45% of you say no all we as a tiger dissenter that tore five years a go anyways when he insists he'll Malia and then as dollar 75% said yes 2.5 percent say and do it. And I how many games should Jose Iranians be suspended for 35% of you say twenty game suspension the whole season all smiles and games all the history in this sport and what is the add fuel not a money that would get you to walk away from your job 42% said five million. 24% of these in a million boxing do it and one million dollar loan is that you none Aaron. 22% said 101000000 and 12% said fifteen million Elizabeth Hurley is almost sixty soon I'm turning. Some beautiful ladies out there and say comes Illinois tomorrow ID when he goes into Portland open will be out there hanging out pumpkin ridge comes sale and a do lunch going to be fun. And no press though folks since a hazard number one is next thing to be a part of our Thursday. You're listening to 1080 the fan.