Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 8-9-2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 9th
With Sprague still out Dirt is hold it down, he talks a moth flying into an umpire's ear, updates on the PGA Champoinship, projections for bowl season in college football as well as ESPN's odds for college football teams. 

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This is Durbin spray it. Focused on what they need to do. Hillary will not have anything to whose report about. Obviously be decided on the field by healthy port security how they do their jobs and parameters that we talked about before in terms of who wins the teamwork and entered Johnson and Brendan strength that they. What's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. David Brown looked toward third but shuttled back and no good for us and it's. Sorry dad it's avoid an open. Durden spray guns and maybe those soon. This welcome and happy Thursday everybody thinks a mail desert out brawl in sports leader 1080 the fan. Little certain spring action minuses bradys in Alaska for two more days if we heard from him that I'm alive he's alive and well yeah the wedding UNC was last night so I know I was at the wedding last night out at a good time not midweek wedding amid weak bladder again. It did seem like a very casual wedding I believe it is and they got married okay so it does a very casual in the you know not like I'm Obama is a huge matters will be a foreign country was gonna ask you this young maybe it'll. Ask a Wednesdays are Saturday's I don't know how to do things up Barack does know it stays says stays late or light pretty laid up that. It's always seven at that time I've not had any indication of whether or not he's killed a looser kind of salmon so that's the that's the only report I care about because that benefits me I might get something out that's true I can get a hunk of meat I can get a slap a salmon absolutely like that's than it did news update I'm waiting for and still nothing he went to some below on some big high Aiken south. I think you dig it close still bear a son a bear photo from him so thankfully not eaten he's alive but. We got a lot to get to today there's a time gone on in the sports world pre season football is back tonight and IMAX to each sport. I don't know Malone in that regard acts for the prince. Thanks so normally pre season as the big giant he ought to mean part of it with the first that everybody's been waiting so long for it to come back from her high right the question always is after the the first quarter and when they start cheering and in the back ups in the third stringers will hold your attention. And that's legged and pre season that way even pass the first game is like that for me because all kind of dive into the first one's just a its practices act and the like halt. I've got wind has dragged you get a -- -- out of the rookies look in and about every two with a pre season hourly chairman are gonna talk about in Egypt backed up for week three because that's the big dress rehearsal and then I don't know anybody who watched the more we force right before that's the start college what exactly they should get rid of week for the pre season but yes so we'll talk about that I do wanna start dull and we have the audio to go with this. Did you see what happened last night in Chicago. This gave me the PBG he's man this is like one of my bigger fears out there and because I have like I've heard stories of this and this happened in my mom. One time so if if you didn't see what happened here is the audio play by play of the situation that went down during a White Sox and yankees game. Over at first base. Let us know something might have flown in his ears. A bug probably. So we're going to be down an umpire the ball we have we've got a couple bugs flying in there. The food tonight. Chuck what do you have but otherwise yeah there's been a lot of mob so I think remarks it's been all over the place. So I think that's what. So there's a delay as the Yankees a life size human there's a delay enemies can I went. With the umpire locks on to the yankees' dugout like what's the line here with what's happening when this dude it was Bruce drag men. As the name of the empire and they had to have a a minor delay in the game. Because a mosque flew into his year. Has anybody ever had that happened 55 terrified because this happened and how much she had a like a giant fly goal interior per year. Was like the size of the quarter and ever since I didn't realize I can happen. I got the possibility of bug can actually flying your head. That happened to her age we didn't know what the time how to get rid of it Jin of going a hospital it was pretty obvious actually when she got there. And they sell you gotta do is shine a flashlight in your year in the bug slice of life. And so that's how she eventually and get rid of us now I know that half but this blew me like even was I don't know. And an outside I remembered being in buzz like sometimes to be that gets poster here you cannon but you can hear the B I don't know if you can hear a mob I don't know if the makeshift rockets are like no exco not Marilyn. What does that sound like my leg injury or another has not happened him I mean I've fed little tiny tiny. It see bits he like fruit flies or whatever shirt maps or whatever but no nothing. Nothing significant that. Would cause problems. Also had to have to this umpire because not only did they get Hamas out and it like EE was unscathed he was okay. He stayed in the game. And it got to get mark back up their camp umpire and the thing like nothing happened. What do bass there's a story of the night last allies lack. I don't know why it's I have a lot of irrational fears of my life that's for some reason is one of them. Like something going in your ear like a spider crawling in your ear when you're sleeping at night. I don't buddy who once I cannot be going to Waziristan on the inside of his year it is if you picture the buzzing. And on the fly story with my mom they did that would always freaked me out you need is an invasion hearing now buzzing sound inside your head. Fool around waiting trying to get an out of their that would drive in and so that happened in Chicago last night and umpire. A mosque fly into his ear they got out of there small delay and again these statin measure kick ass dude today. Bruce drachma was the umpire let's find out what's on tap for the show today. What's growing I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be grind there's a lot of swearing in as he sale I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligently. Our government more and had the breach on Jenny yeah. That's right what's on tap writing by appellate chamber and company board at the beach a lot of pelican growing dot com. Started tubs before the show he's going to the coast this week it is going to pelicans low enough. You can't sit here somewhere on the northern coast you're near Pacific city if you and your city and or each GAAP. They're gone Tillamook again thank you gotta go there. Finally somebody said L island in Louisiana we had a blood netting over our beds of the cockroaches wouldn't take up residence in our ears happened occasionally with little kids. After lunch time everybody. Pest control guy gender and possible steal your soul it's a fact. Yeah I get about it man united. We are gonna talk Saddam. Pre season football home to do it I'm not coming up a little Lotta good storyline games you'll hear from some of the guys involved rookie quarterbacks on mayfield Allen. It's just watch some of those guys tonight on pump fourths of the doctor pre season football. Jerry palm is seed. Do grew bowl projections if you will for CBS became eligible for Jackson's today where does he have a word and going. Busy up Washington in a college football playoff. Also a US a question I believe on defense Twitter account than I put a new poll question of our own or go are you happy if Morgan makes said ball games that. We judge odds to make the playoffs the Koch Bob playoff according to ESPN and it's not very encouraging if you're hoping for something in this sport. Let us forget Damon Huard could join as 130 color analyst for the Huskies. What do you make of the recruit that left went to Alabama we talked about that story a little bit yesterday. We'll see if he can convince taxable fans to root for Washington there are only hope to see if Damon Huard can be selling. Selling job there. A former baseball player went on an epic rant since super nerves are ruining the game and that's bad I agree with you since that the think that a factory Clinton I'm out I'm like double play them Florio a mile podcast habits that flag. Plums and 215. It's going to be agreeable to show folks I'm excited for O also. We got some solid gambling news. Yeah yeah geez this is again I probably still exist it was running across the scroll and one of the sports channels I was watching in but I. Neglected to go follow up so I'm I'm anxious to hear the details yet this is add into this is what you're gonna have to track because of this happens not only a bad institution but other exists I. Think for the snowball. I brought up speed down the mountain now we're not quite there yet are we and I had anywhere like what's going on and organ and we agreed I actually raced out to somebody had to the lottery the other day I am and said it is there anything going all line. And he said not really that the lottery. If they wanted to know. They can kind of do their own thing it sounds like they don't need any legislative race. But they said it would be foolish for us to act on our own without support of the legislator to governor and that sort of thing so because I'm a problem is. Is now opens in session we got election coming up so people are out campaigning in doing that such and and I don't know that anything big is gonna pick up. Before the end of the calendar year here in Horry and it just doesn't seem feasible. So the big question though for the lottery is if they do it. How Vegas light and they make it. Because if they only come in and they're only able offer partially of what they do or what you can do in Vegas or other states are doing. It may backfire right. And then also. And they do have to either or notify or be in discussions with the tribal casinos. If they're going to do something new. So I don't know that they that the tribal casinos can. Do anything about it but I think there has to be some sort of notification that they're gonna do this and they get a chance to respond on the impact of. Damn that's a story to keep watch him not giving the the bar story about gambling it's it's an intriguing one for sports fans out there especially so we'll get to that at some points on May be in the second hour. Of the shell out more often run and thanks for all the tax by the way out bugs climbing and he years I'm getting all sorts of creeped out one dude got hit the eyeball that's always low ball us at this. I know I'm I'm I'm stoking my irrational fear here it was not necessary but bugs and ears man who is up about that. Is BD DB GB's. Let's start though today with the PGA championship it's the file major championship of the year and I have a requested the PGA. America what they want dammit will start there are often are on and on a Thursday thinks a BM what is certain Sprague. On 1080 the fan. Put back into old eighteen in the midst of some bug in the year doc. Couple more I promise of LaMont. We do empty lunch after all although I RD gain some okay. I'm Barack dead we we aid before the show yet we're getting. The fiance text and he said this happened or he set a mosque affluent courier and you can hear. Flaps its wings around once he got in their seat could hear the month when it was into the show tunes and hooker. There's not a regular thing error I Diaz I got to my nineties doozy and I'm gonna keep gives me images I don't know yes that was a regular thing because she did and lady swords listen all the time yet the blended bill ones that I usually get shovel with the when the moms listen those are the ones it's she doesn't raise too much of a fuss about things that I say on the air she can against him but when what I say is a minute the moms don't agree with whether it's the future mother in law or my mom. I hear about it it's a pretty and a pretty immediate reaction. Really had to be any gonna talk about drinking again are you. The premise of nonalcoholic. We're just professionals. Drive we give K here you all throw a put out a huge dead in Christ. I adds up adds that there I got buried today Tex I'm 55305. Bucks line and years people are going crazy. PGA championship teed off this morning I'll go on my short brief ran up again lies and on TV drives me nuts I don't watch in my phone. But I found a way to do it lot of good groups going off this morning you had a aid Tiger Woods Justin Thomas Rory McIlroy power group which was a lot of fun to watch. This morning but deep deep prominent names so far out there in big guy that I think. Maybe I speak for all of golf fan when I say this but I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyways. I feel like we're all rooting for and it's a great star free and it's Rickie Fowler Rickie Fowler was phenomenal today. He's still in that category of best and never won a major he had a goal and so I think only one bogey today they're six birdies one bogey finish five under par he's got a lead it's not one of those numbers it may be spotted a PGA championship somebody could throw some crazy out just gonna always glad because they had some rain earlier in the week I read is so inches on two. And the course is fairly soft so the guys that have the distance. The bomb it out there but can keep it in the fairway. They will have a huge advantage you know and that's where because I was thinking about doubling the rain they got this week how soft the course was going to be put the but that means the Roth is sure the relatively light or just you can't put it in the fairway. You're going to be in a world of hurt is Jordan's speech found out on his first hole. And that's where you know I know a lot it's so there they younger guys are controversial in a controversial as the rain we're but they're not universally loved I don't agree McIlroy is universally loved Jordan speed has some detractors out there. Dustin Johnson because a somebody off the course from the lives in the drugs Indian allegations that have been around and Patrick reed we know. How low much like a lot. I don't I don't think Rickie Fowler is that way at all I don't know I don't know may be able to design Rickie Fowler. I he was able to develop a relationship with Arnold Palmer before he passed away now Jack and there is say a reverence to the history of the game that Ricky loves. And he's also one of the dudes because he rides dirt bikes and is. How does have and so why are also big he's got back common man vibe to him because that's not. Dustin Johnson when you watch him play it's like I can't. That's out of my mindset my guy can't he's he's massive easy huge human Rickie Fowler looks like a normal is cut entirely still getting it to be gone five and Justin Thomas says ankle and Jimmy Justice Thomas as far as he's like that Aron wise is going to be like that church on a smaller guy not one of those bigger powerfully Brooks cap 'cause they'll like a linebacker Aaron Brooks can play a tight than it does it. He has an MM friend but im glad I did it's fun to see in this a second time now he's got a lead after yeah Reynolds we'll see even hold Dhabi. He is a positive thing he's just got to there's always the one around in the big tournaments for a key that somehow get your way from them. And that's that's going to be the biggest differences skin he. Or when he doesn't have met Kenny BC ten and avoid the pin number skinny scramble and make pars keep double and triple bogeys down to a bogey keep himself in it and then. When he does have a hop potter any can get six or 78 birdies then he can flap the leaderboard right. Right sob I love that all of the Ricky Bell Fowler is a top right now on five under and so funny really it has saw a leaderboard building up yet a couple of guys. Falloff towards the end of the around Jason days at three under and he's already in the clubhouse that's all tapper as of three under as well. She got some decent names on the top Justin Thomas had a goal and and he faltered a little bit. On his back nine he started on the back this morning a couple of bogeys laid kept him at one under. I'm McIlroy I really couldn't get it going all day he was he was a par machine which I'm adds okay in a major championship but. I wasn't able to put up another enough circles on the scorecards and he just was basically par Audi finish even par. And then I mean everybody always does know about tiger and and I did get up this morning to watch me tee off but yeah thirty he looked like he used to play in the final round of Bridgestone sleazy as he got off to a hair doubles first tee shot was awful second only found the water hazard on his approach shot needs he started three over on his first two holes in your sand cyan are good luck make an act cut. Bloody piece it together he finished the last sixteen holes at three under par I hear is tiger was talking about his round today after. Terrible start and try to hang in there and just kind of eat away at and then sits IKEA somehow get to the turn may be at one over par some might that. Emma can return it to put in a young get a couple on the back nine and just kind of hung in there. Today was cutting it off to such a fast start of I played well most of you know put myself under par and then there are a lot of not unlike us in a runaway with this thing today. Degrees or liberalism on the tough side to park and us. If you commit to feed bear is here and there we don't want. Yeah I mean look it's five strokes back on and a Friday he's gonna have to put up a really low number tomorrow to milk move into the weekend and they're gonna play in the afternoon tomorrow ask away any effort and stuff. Yeah out and went. The one thing I'll say about him at least have a positive indicator is it and the reason why he was in the mix of the open championship has been a driver all weekend I think you lead that tournament fairways head. And that killed and today in the first tee shot went wayward with his driver he couldn't find it much the last two times he used it he did find the fairway but he put it in about and a whole time out like she just stop day and out of the bag any and then all of a sudden they airport in bars in your written those long irons right down the middle so. If he did get the driver though he's got a chance that's a big if with his game right now been out on this course. You're gonna have to be able to you know it's like that I 300 ER LUS analysts 600 yards par fives you're gonna have to be able to use its all out warning. Isn't the driver on just played as a three shot that's true three shot par five and CTK in a stuffed a wedge in close answer investors so there's your Tiger Woods update now on the day Rickie Fowler did talk as well after his rallies enjoy a a listen and am pretty thoughtful guy in Erie is on his 500. It's not a happy about the start fire captain you very shoestring and a lot of parents on the greens. His play within myself and try and you can do anything special is giving me action out of there today it's so I'm definitely happy with the of the starts. See if we can you keep that Roland cause I know lots moss two events we haven't. And exactly pentium the fourth consecutive rounds like we need to want to. And this is a different week. Yes I said there's a different way disseminated to extend out of the Betty today Tex lines and Rickie Fowler I'm sorry dirt I camera forgot the worst tangerine color pants Aubin. He had a yellow shirt bright yellow shirt on today because. Five million dollars yellow shirt. And you'll see guys weren't yellow hats and a lot of young all that threat is in remembrance of Jarrod Lyle he just passed I passed away after. On the third bout with leukemia and overcome a twice. There and test so we see yellow ribbons yellow hats yellow shirts that is historians in remembrance of Jarrod Lyle who was so one of the more well liked affable golfers out there on the two her only aged 3636. Have a little girls and his wife little survive him in its. Most remembered for hitting a hole in one on the sixteenth. Hole at TPC Scottsdale in 2011. Always been famous holes and all in all out yeah if you ever hit a hole or there might be people twelve that a gust seven at its. Pebble Beach but I think anybody on the two if you wanna hit one hole in one as a professional it might be sixteen at TPC Scottsdale now. That is that is going that was a raise our members in ASA that was a really sad indeed Della and all the way since he was a teenager battle zone and. All first got diagnosed and a Golf Channel had done if you watched live from the PGA championship at all on Wednesday. They had to us and tributes and and it happened the announcement came right before they went on the air so Frank Nobilo who's from New Zealand knew him very well. He's he was all choked up he really couldn't talk about it in a lot of heavy hearts out there. Yasser that was the yellow color probably got the afternoon rounds out there right now speed got off to a terrible start to count the double bogey John Daly is weren't cool pants and John rom off to a good start there is your afternoon group observations early on. Rob plan will speed struggling John Daly is out there aren't some kickass loud pants like he always does. Yet day one PGA championship shaping up nice Rickie Fowler a top leader more ample and form this weekend will be a lot of fun. From Maceda is see you get that monkey off his back when his first majors is second down always led after eighteen holes. Other major championship we'll see if that five stroke lead holds as the rest the afternoon guys wrap up. The rounds let's head to some college football shall we we got some bowl projections from Jerry palm and I'm curious. From ducks visit organized a go on this bowl game are you satisfied with that season also the odds are out according to ES the end to make the college football playoff. And I am rooting for them to be wrong wounded and those extra for your so I was sports center. Yeah. And again 1234. Damon Huard rusty color commentator for the radio column there in Seattle is gonna join is coming at a 130 the low Washington preview. I whether upcoming season. Where's our poll questions of the day. But the gonna go download the course I rewards that earn points towards pre cool. Sports prizes we got three of them at thirty sprayed onto there you go votes on your Slater pre season NFL games tonight including exciting matchups and first looks. Ab rookies how much football you watch tonight a compound. Just my team I'll flip back and forth to it or not going to watch so far knock it launches leading though getting 31% of people. Stay and are gonna watch we know husky fans and other Gumbel but the pac twelve fan. Are you rooting for the Huskies may be college football playoff yes the conference needs it. Or had no knowledge so far 54% of you saying yes the conference needs and Eleanor how many of those are husky fans voting. And then last wanted to lead into this segment we're going to talk about Jerry palm the guru a bull projections for CBS K well his first batch of predictions today. He has organ in the Sun Bowl. Taking on North Carolina how should will duck fans feel if they end of the some holds a good season solid or upset we should. Expect more Yasser Jerry bomb came out his bowl projections today don't -- for a CBS all season long. Updates and throughout the year depending on how weeks ago he always does a pre season one. That college football playoff to look at those chances and odds are in a moment from ESPN's metrics. Miami he'd take you gas Alabama no Oklahoma Clemson on Iowa State there's your college football playoff thrilling. Same teams it's always been but then you move on from there I it is notable it has not have a Washington and dodge ball playoffs so he's not. Hopeful pac twelve team gets Syria's Washington playing in the Rose Bowl as the pac twelve champion. Any has Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl. So he's got two teams and it is similar blueprint alas here you got to with a New Year's six games last year was USC and Washington he has in his Washington Stanford this year. The other New Year's expose Georgia and Texas in the Serb also resign on Texas. As I mentioned Stanford they're playing Boise State Washington is playing Wisconsin and then Miami and Penn State in the peach bowl. So there's a resin your selection committee games. And you gotta scroll down there you funny organ Dax and assemble against North Carolina. I should duck fans fields in under the symbol this year. Likely an eight. Before record baby born at three and I and I I've I think he should be fine with that. Because after I mean so the rose bulls their germ I think that Alamo Bowl is second to pick gene. And then after that I think the holiday and sounder kind of got to fly together so he's got a USC about a way in the Al mobile and in a holiday Abel he's got to Arizona so he's got to right now makes USC finishing third in the conference and you're right there with Arizona. So I think I think you're okay function on the Vegas bowl again yet it is yeah. Yeah not another seven and five season usually a player to play an ACC. Teams are gonna play team from power five conference so. Yeah yeah I don't think anybody should be too upset. At that point. I think the qualifier on it when when you say how are you gonna feel as what's the record. Because that have been that is the big question again if you end up and assemble on your nine and three just because the actual illness or USC is necessarily help out here yeah for Washington I'm Goodyear's senior nine and three but you're in the some Boland. I ninety to do an act case minding your pumped about a nine and three season that's a big step in the right direction. And the first year under Mario crucible is if it's a seven and five stumble. They are so I understand. Duck fans are gonna be thrilled about going to El Paso vs and possibly San Diego or San Francisco don't quite know hours San Antonio yeah. Yet there's the standard you're selling out the box and I got to go to El Paso come on and that's that the Japan wanna make yes I I thought that was interesting having amend assemble that have been in terms of expectations for the upcoming season. That's sounds about right you're you're in that three through five range in the pac twelve in terms of predictions and when you look at the Vegas over under so it's kind of the ranger and about 88 and a half right now is the over under. For the season you're gonna have Selig and an 849 and three caddie year according to a lot of the projections about what putsch in assembles cell. It for me the discipline would all be about record but seven and five conference has a down year Euro can't be disappointed now. Has he was seven and five last year and Justin barber missed six games during the regular season. So different qualifiers you can put on it but just the ballgame I guess I wouldn't be extremely upset about that the one thing I will continue to mention with organ. You know I Isaak is it would talking about this the other night trying to calm people down a little bit in expectations are getting too high amongst the fan base. And that's true I mean you see some people and myself include I'm guilty this from time to time of looking at how good things could go. And think in the sky's the limit. I will say though it it's nice to have. This feeling that expectations can at least go there in up from where you were the last two years. Last year kind of a huge question mark in terms of what is gonna look like you're coming off for a new south. It was a huge while guardian no clue how to season was gonna go so at least a deal a point where the program can have those kind of expectations again. I'm completely okay would that and the main thing if they have gold forum and I continue to points as it doesn't even necessarily mean. And they're gonna have a dominant year you can win a lot of games because the schedule is one of the easiest in the country yeah mere three and Owen non conference like. Down and that's why I think you say if you're seven and five with the schedules your four and five a packed well I mean she's two years ago and your had a little bit right. Assuming there's no catastrophic run of injuries. Ali and that's for a minute you go wait for you look at Adam of five and four in pac twelve play. Which isn't I mean I think you're hoping for a more than our gas so let's say Washington Stanford the trip to you taught there up one other one. Andy loses Stanford game you lose a Washington game you drop another one you find a way to go nine in three I think that's where. It there's a mix and end don't want people to pump the brakes about high expectations a lot of it for me is just because of the schedule. And returning a ton of talent we know down on the defense side of the ball. Defensive line is basically all back dies factor corners are true sophomores and played it awful off Korea last year. We've seen Brooks James play a lot your film really confidently offensive line. Gerber when healthy is shown what he's capable of see you have a lot of talent coming back and that's a part of the equation but. This high expectation of thicken making get to nine or ten wins in my opinion at least not to speak fraud duck fans. It is simply because you just look out the schedule stacks up of three wins and non conference against Stanford Washington and home. Not quite sure what to think of Washington State this year with the quarterback situation that they have going on. The schedule stacks up nice before you and I think that's for those expectations come from the Jerry palm. As organ playing in this stumbled the other Maxwell teams as I mentioned Arizona and Holiday Bowl. Think and I like USC. Facing West Virginia and the Alamo Bowl. That's sees scrolling Milosevic guys got cal go to ball games ago account hit a six and six in the Kiev does apple yet eight pac twelve teams going to bowl game a attending Ambien close sir which runs in my missing Colorado on the Vegas bowl. They did that would be and aboard damn miss and you Tom Utah's summer they just a slip through my am I reading this here's a Utah. And other there they are in December just Goebel taking on northwestern. So yes so really. Exert umpire that's eights and you know that the pac twelve fellow they've ruled out. Five and seven teams going to bowl games and I don't rule out six and six teams know they should go. I wish they'd remember what they did but yes so so actually Jerry palm. I think he's high on the depth to the conference just doesn't believe there is the one team. To crack they can make it because of those four. As far state and Alabama and Clemson and Oklahoma basically go unscathed. It's going to be hard for a pac twelve champion Ted. You need a perfect season to get my perfect season so that's why you you know we'll talk to Damon you earn a little bit but there's a lot riding on that Auburn came from should. This kept him for the conference damp from Washington themselves absolutely so there's Jerry palms pull our bowl projections I did not get too. ESPN put this metric together of looking at an easy with a qualifiers were before I set this up they look to add strength of record. SPI in terms of how good teams are number of losses that they're expecting conference championship status and an independent status. And they've they've got to plug this in the wheel formula and they came out what the odds for teams to make the college football playoff. And I hope we get something that we haven't necessarily see a lot in college football Monta went that is giving the odds when they put Washington. And the other fact those who it is or even show up on this thing is the chance may become a drop plans and into the numbers on their predictable do that next on the fan. Yeah. Well. And it gets a gambling news to get to coming up a little bit exciting I'm pumped for this one also pre season action officially kicks in any NFL tonight. Lot of good games are honestly would take it from city to say here from some of the rookie quarterback make in their debuts tonight. I'm we'll do that coming up in the second hour and Damon Huard gonna join us toxin Washington husky football do that. At 130 a lot of expectations around them this year open they can make. The collagen a playoff ESP and put together a metric to try and decide what the odds were. That teams are gonna make the college football playoffs they've looked at the schedule the teams that you were playing the chances for losses. They're equation of how much talent you have on your roster coming back from your team last year. In flux of a new recruits all this kind of the this metric together but they did a football power index every league this team has a this percent chance of winning game. Well they did it for the entire year and they plug it through for all the programs to see who has the best chance to make college football playoff. And this did not surprise me though it may surprise some. Because having done the easy answer for a lot of folks it has got to be Alabama as the best chances to make the playoffs. It is not it is indeed the Clemson Tigers they give Clemson get this a 67%. Chance. To make the college football playoff they also give Clemson the best chance to win the national title this year. By plugging it into their mantra 24%. Chance for Clemson to an entire thing Alabama does commended second of 47%. And then 14% when the championship Georgia again heard 46%. Returning a lot of talent from their team last year. 13% chance for the bulldogs won a title. The number four as a surprise team and this is the one wild card that I always talk about. In a spread I disagreed for a long time about the number of teams that should be in a college football playoff I am emphatic that it needs to expand to eight teams. Five conference champions three out large is and is in large part. Because of an equation like this so that the team of the fourth best chance according to ESPN to make college football playoff. Is Notre Dame they give Notre Dame a 42% chance to make the college drop lab that is one percentage point and a Washington. At 41 and that is the scenario. That I think is a nightmares now that are not the right word because people will tune in and watched an agreement a playoff. But it's I think a step that will spur some serious action on expanding you know last year for the first time we had a case. A two teams in the same conference making an end and that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way myself included. About Obama not winning their division yet still making the caution ball playoff they didn't have the quality wins during the regular season against their. Didn't make any damn sense but you locked out. Three conference champions from new York College football playoffs or three teams that won their conference to the united chance to play for the national title. And if you put this scenario and there is well you're dealing with the same thing if Notre Dame is to make it and they put Alabama and Georgia 47 of 46. That to me is the ultimate nightmare of only having two conferences represented. In the college football playoff and you have four power five conference champions Big Ten big twelve. Pac twelve all the left out of the college. While playing not so it'll take it will take. A coalition of three or four power five conferences to gang up on the SEC. And go to however the committee is structured and say we can have this happen anymore. This is still been like if you want Notre Dame to make it that's fine if you want Alabama to be an out large team that's fine but when it's up foiling a four spots up for grabs. That's real lose me on that as so and at Notre Dame de I mean they opened with Michigan. Yeah there's a big rank to and wish you guys is crazy they're all words ranked in the pre season. See you receive Florida State's. Is northwestern. No all but there either one of those borderline kind of and they go to at Virginia attack that wall up even if Virginia tech's on the outside that's certainly wouldn't because they lied as. Cakewalk so yeah. Their schedule shapes up for them. This year that if today you know you you can actually they can afford a loss in there somewhere too. At Notre Dame goes eleven and line their rent. Unless there is the last one USC but even that I study give it has not Alabama did that last year. They're only lockers or last game of the season and lost Auburn they still fire and above a lot of this depends somewhat everybody else's do you know yet. Undefeated but nobody is scheduled that's a schedule where. And armies not on this year so they play navy navy traditionally is a good program Brennan harmful option. Yeah we gave Pittsburgh was horrible last year and the other to a ball stayed on there in week two that's. From a master and the Mac but in Vanderbilt. So SEC team Davis and SEC went down at. That's where in I lie low and as Greg talked about I think when I was out a jury duty about the the increasing coaches that are calling for the eighteen playoff need for David shock cannot say. I love the coaches are being vocal about this let let's expand it because then you have scenarios like this and it's okay. You can in good Notre Dame you can yeah two SEC teams you can have a UCF go undefeated and say. Let's see if they can shock the world tournament is an eight seed and see if they can knock off Georgia and a playoff game like. Those scenarios are a lot of fun would make it look there's always going to be the argument the conversation on wall who should number raped beat and you're gonna have that didn't dispute there's no doubt but. You're disputing teams that did not win their conference championship and I'm okay what that yeah it's like the one game playoff in baseball like he should it be a three game play out this is unfair. And I guess I get that one game sucks after you play on earned 62 of them you don't wanna do it. Win your division you know got to do it there's an incentive there and if you have that football you win your conference you ran then you can divert the final footage. Trickiest ports all of this will be navigating all of the TV deals because you're gonna have to start. You gotta started earlier early air. And how does that affect all the other traditional bulls. Because obviously your TV partners are Dornan dived in on SS and so that means the big cactus bowl Las Vegas Bowl in the San Francisco bowl in the Hawaii Bowl what happens to those as they're going to be. TV to pick those up are they gonna have to move on to random different times what. That that's the tricky part is okay you can go for the money grab their for these just for extra games and an expert in the play off. But does that net you more money in the long run because now you've reduced. Some of these other bowl games may be some of them go away which I think from the fan's perspective isn't the worst thing now but these guys are interest in the bottom line with Ronnie. And you could you know cut your nose to spite your face sort of thing there. Yeah yeah and that's where it did nearly as the thought I have honest to a just load and indeed bin percent chances to make it as image of Washington. They wash in a 41% chance Ohio State's after that 37 Oklahoma 24 Auburn seventeen. The only other teams a double digit odds to make it were Penn State Michigan State Wisconsin. As 1615 and eleven respectively Stamford is that 6% USC 2%. Organ did show up. At less than 1% so you're saying there's a chance ladies and gentlemen thank got a gauntlet just to win their division but the the only and Ozzy about this though is we do is the NBA a lot of flak for not having it's the same teams this socks we all know well it's gonna go. And in college football remodeling you see Jerry palms playoff predictor and you got Alabama. If he's got clubs and you got Iowa State you got Oklahoma. That's the 1 thing I am panel for this your college football in Notre Dame I guess would be another historic great program they've made accountable playoff yet. So at least that would be somewhat of a change of pace I am kind of old for that this year and to give me some give me some ran Al Caroline is. Throw me a wild card in there you know get Miami back in the mix or get. Does any random program that we haven't seen have a chance to get there yet. Almost like when South Carolina made the final four. I just have fun while with South Carolina highway one circular mission to see what comes out of this investigation with Ohio State. To see if Michigan Germany then also hold on sand bandwagon fans and everybody and further fighting our buzz in their khakis you can finally beat Ohio State they think they're a little bit khaki pants rather than the maids should AAF after. Deal Harbaugh look Monday some letter kind of vibe and on lululemon now do it uniforms there are Michigan at. As a US VN British stance is a make the playoffs in the first four usual suspects Clemson Alabama Georgia. Notre Dame Washington you know 41%. Chance. To make it fun talking and college Obama and couple weeks away I can't wait let's get to lots and lots by the way on the docket the second hour of the show. A wanna start with some gambling news as this is a pretty exciting thank you dismiss him. It's a casual thing it's on the everybody can take advantage of and I'm hoping it's the trend that we see. A with legalize sports gambling so we'll start there how to get to the NFL pre season games or some exciting once and I nominal watch a whole bunch of bumped. Fired up about that and then Damon Huard Washington Huskies color commentator he's gonna join us 130 to talk about the Huskies their chances. And the weird recruiting news it's gone on in Seattle the last 72 hours or so ago loaded second hour Oakland werder spread on 1080 the fan.