Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 8-9-2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 9th
The guys talk Buffalo Wild Wings wanting in on sports gambling, just announced the Ducks 3 game series with Boises State, Damon Huard joins the show to talk Husky Football, and the hour wraps up with Crunch Time.

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Let's add our welcome back and turns. Up in sports leader Andy the man. Thursday's column today is last Heatley right through it. Although we get another one next week is supposed to do a lot of that we wanted and the men were supposed to be I think Monday or Tuesday right back into the ninety's to him right back out top so yes so enjoy the supposed to be rain. Friday night overnight into Saturday who I don't feel good so. So yeah. And so that in a little bit there example. Yeah and then the furnace cranks back up next week. Crank up that they say. They lapsing into this hour they showed Damon Huard gonna join us at 130 able toxin Huskies are you rooting for Washington. We'll get to that got to poll question on that today. I got one concern about them them to bring up with him up well against ranked ones coming up a final hour of the show. And a baseball player former baseball player. He used the word super nerds. Super nerds around in the game what do you think I kind of agree with them once flooded idea validate that the final hour of the show. As well you know on this show we always out our ears. To the tune of what's going on and gambling world what are the updates what's happened and when can we place that's what's the deal. We're still way not nearly as stable or Jim but. This got me a little excited submitted to this story SNL and bring in TM. Buffalo Wild Wings we know them well on this show they came out with a announcement yesterday. Saying that they are exploring new ways to attract customers to its chain. And one of the things that they are exploring they are actively exploring opportunities. Including potential partners and they are uniquely positioned to leverage sports gaming. To enhance the restaurant experience. For our guests. ESP it was a first run report does that there including exploring area and gambling space following of course the Supreme Court decision to add. Urging Jimmie to lift the federal band. On sports betting and I think this one. We've kind of wonder what's it gonna look like from state to state every State's gonna be different in this regard that's what the Supreme Court decided leave that to the states and they can all. Pick and choose which direction and they wanna go only seems some states already come out and yell legalize it make up book so. Lending out there mr. Singh B started out that he got Delaware you've got New Jersey there's a handful of other states that temp legislation floating through including California I think when it gets to the West Coast like when California does that or is close to doing at that might spur. Sharp or again Arizona know Washington. Idaho said give movement has jumped followers here than if no one that California did inning get entrenched. Now and it might be difficult to compete with. Yeah and so they but they're extracting metal a lot of predictors it's about 32 states are likely haven't the next five years so enemy decently widespread. Across the United States. But unite as we sat around and wonder what is it going to look like from state to state this is an idea that I've always. Thought about you know especially to look at a state like organ and we still don't know what it's gonna look like you're one isn't officially legalize and acted on that stuff visage as can be casinos have sports books. And bars in stadiums I. There's so many questions about what it may be and this story really piqued my interest because this was kind of my first stop process. Of when the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban. Was to have easy kind of places to go place that you know that there are going to be folks out there. That are hard court degenerate gamblers and you're going to be placing big time bats and trying to make money and that's just get it allows you glory exists another is going to be able to do illegally once is officially Al goes through. But I think there's a lot of people they just wanna do it as a casual thing just wanna do it as hey here's a bit fondest or twenty bucks on mag game and we do that a lot of our private lives work. Hey you know we that we a listener Texan at the start of the show that one and eventually on a cowboy niner game tonight swagger you're back kind of stuff just a fun one to. As thorough little spice it on this game and when you tie in sports cars like that. You know that's one of the better sports bars and United States of America other all of every city go to the Buffalo Wild Wings there. And if you are to add in sports gambling to those restaurants and in what shape and form looks like inside the Russian I'm not sure that it really clarify that. But to be able to have that that ability where you go to a restaurant you're able to place a twenty dollar bet on a game that you're watching. Very similar to what sports action is a very you know they'd put a twenty dollar ban on a three team par lace up my diet is sick you watch us Saturdays were to college football. And you got a couple of games was some money on. At that to me is the the brilliant stab that it's not going to be the huge chunk a change bats that are going to be you know. Everybody's gonna rave about turn to bring in revenue but just making it easy making it convenient in doing it in places that people often go already to begin with. I think that's a home run idea for an. Question I think and and I think this'll be. In a lot of states unless you have. The New Jersey. Has Atlantic City they have full law and right horse tracks and casinos they have a system set up to handle that amount of cash. If you wanna go blade and 255000000. Dollars on. But if you can laid back kind of coin you combine airplane ticket to Atlantic City or Vegas San whatever the case may be Zell I think you might see other states. Be pretty cautious there might be single bent limits total amount wagered ended you know. Especially if you're gonna go to an on line. Something you can do. In a with a mobile saying or. If you Rhode Buffalo Wild Wings they've got some of them have belittled gaming thing you can do have to play video games like keep the kids in arrested credit that read that your table I'm sure it would be a little kiosk sort of thing like that you just do it now. Imagine that advantage and so there's a limited it's going to be can't bed any more than 100 dollars on on these specific bad run a Max of how Weber many over the course of. That I don't I don't know isn't easy to say I should buy buffalo allowing stock case out I think they did this a disciplinary exploring but just the news that there are exploring it in and I think. If if a chain like them is able to pull off. What does that in open in terms indoors for the rest of sports bars I it's going to be tough for your mom and pop sports bar to have some might this. But for the other places city to city or may be sports bars will pop up. That will be done if betting it you know kind of base you know kind of a sports book kind of sports bar attic when you can opens that door for more institutions to do that. That to me is a positive for everybody because it's Sunday that if you can you can still go to the sports bar and not have to do what you still have a place out. Have a bad some wings had been watching game during couple Beers are fine but. Just that added enhanced experience in a lot of these places I think our. You know buffalo Robbins I think it's some other business numbers aren't as high as they were ten years ago when they're trying to find ways to. Push people back in the doors and get people excited about going there again. And this is the kind of thing that that will do it in a win your national Cheyney near that leg up on other people to do something nationally. Pair with a casino were aura gambling group and get folks back inside your doors. The lay some money on sports this is a brilliant idea so buffalo wobbling to the missing yesterday. Is a present like Z top golf do it on what's young man that's a good ideas what plays like top off people go on watched games hang out. Smashing golf batting I'm completely on board but that so. Buffalo Wild Wings announced today our interest steady uniquely leveraging. A chance to enhance the experience for the guest. NN sports gaming to the next they said they're actively exploring opportunities including potential partners as we evaluates this next step. SA that'll be the trick is who how they'll have to do it could they go with the day. National do they go with like a William Hill or an MGM you know if you see MGM they got a partnership with the NBA do they hook up with the NFL and they hook up with Major League Baseball. And now Buffalo Wild Wings goes in with them. Or is it still gonna be done on a local basis you'll have to go with you know if the lottery brings him back in or again you go with plan. And then whatever state by state sort of situation you out because they I believe they have an all fifty states maybe I don't know them Alaska or Hawaii. And I imagine they do we and I imagine all over the place sell very dollars in gambling is today buffalo on ladies let's put it inside their chains and I'm pretty I'm pretty stoked about dab. We'll get to Damon Huard got and a bottom of the hour as well talks in Washington husky football. I talk about their chances to make the playoffs we also have some baseball stuff to get to the final hour and slacks plums. On the other side we'll talk a little NFL pre season and some Oregon duck news it's gone across the wire it's that next on the sample. Mean I think you're gonna join us bottom of the hour we'll talk some husky football Tim looks. Always got our eyes towards college football season coming up but sometimes you get future. As a doctor as a dock a llama got to play out not. How to feel about this on because they have not had a good run of success against this team oh lead story a half crappy. Is that why you made them more and now I guess you're right the home and home and in the ball game. Or again has announced and Boise State they have announced a new three game agreements organ in Boise states and starting in 20/20. Four. They will play in three consecutive years first at L org and then in 225 there rab Boise State. And then into when he when he six back and Johnson's to a three year Iran were Boise State or you will play each other. And nonconference. Games how about that one. Feel about that Boise State has their number there's not an organ can. Though the conference trying to get him away from play NF CS schools so yeah I know let's got to know those are the only at first you get a two for one effort to one or 2.5 and putting 26 those are the only non conference games so far on organs schedule it is kind of fun ties it all to put this together of course the athletic front of the show. Between this Alec and the next him fully years of their nonconference opponents. Era and action they take on Auburn and that kick off game of the season in Dallas which is gonna be awesome. And then now Ohio State the next two years after Nazis start in Eugene Ohio State 20/20. And then your in Columbus and 20/20 one also some that we both from the boat this. In Tony to anyone they play Stony Brook have to factor on the status Stony Brook have a football program. Well I think third. Of their and FCS. Had. I I mean I've heard of the basketball as a basketball teammate determined before I want to say I guess Stony Brook I think it actually CAA tournament which. I don't know if there in the Northeast Conference at the North Atlantic or whatever the heck it is up there about I'm the actor whatever the heck that is Brad and after that they got the Texas Tech Coleman home so it's nice that they're at Texas Tech into winning 23 and then home against Texas Tech in 24 there's an opening and 20/20 two that they still get the if there is they got eastern Washington in BYU on the schedule or may be it's one of those kick off. At a neutral semi neutral sites that they wanted to let their own games and I hear so maybe they can go play and everything go play Clemson in Atlanta and a half my life. On that they have someone by the way if you look into for local trip they have a home almost Hawaii coming up. So save up your you're shackles and go to Lyon 20/20 four is a good nonconference game Torre in September. And I forgot about this when Jose got all all the Baylor coming up in and a mere ten years starting in 20/20 seventh. Thereafter things that actually happens. All I would hope that apple and they would have burned Libya the Baylor program to the ground so I would hope they weren't still in existence at that point. But if there's still there or that man. This in this is the funny part about and I I've said this now offseason we'll talk Washington football coming up here in ten minutes. I said this about the Huskies to and I don't know what their future nonconference schedule is after this here's a husky fail to help we would that. But I do not mean you obviously some of the Auburn this year and it's funny when you. When you get these I staunch reactions to your nonconference schedule and making fun of it bashing it. A lot of people did that to Washington in the last two years in play anybody. The ESP and went on TV and put a bunch of cupcakes up there in. I that would tick me off as a husky fan because I know organs got to get it this year. In the easy reminder for people let's look at it play in the upcoming years and from Washington and forget what you say it's a dude yeah that's why we didn't play anybody guess what we start the season with a Auburn and basically a road game against Auburn. Yeah I that's a real well I was starting to send that to every duck fan has heard you know with out of their back pocket Texas a and M bailed we're supposed to play that Brian that was supposed to be in on how they got that it is a whole stirred all she ever say no. I am backed out of their game they're supposed to come to opposite of. Not our fault and not our fault so that's that the one thing and I always defended as he's an analogy it's easy to make fun of armed they did play ability and on conference. He scheduled BCI organs or is does. Over portable and easy and then the problem is. If one of the team backs out currency but you know exercise is the bottom collides. And doesn't give you enough time because everything scheduled out so far right. Then it's hard to go eat. Can't find another Texas a and M at the last minute. The other schedules are organs schedule is completely booked now until 20/20 two. They're non conference schedule and they only have one game that's open and Tony twenty so between now. And 20/20 five they have one non conference in that happen now on the next seven seasons they have one nonconference in the Kindle book. And all this kind of city backs out totally on done they have they expand the playoffs and then if everybody agrees you know if they go back. If they decide to go back to an eight game our conference schedule than you can add another one and who knows what can happen between now and then. Ride so this is kind of adds it's just fun look forward to the schedule it's coming up so organs scheduled a three game series against Boise State. Starting in 20/20 four they play three consecutive years twice and Johnson once at Boise Boise had their number man. A member BN at that game and Johnson when they just they ran Chris harper ended up in our quarterback and got a I go to Boise is truly look Derek blog I am not saying gone I didn't go to that game. One then awful. Probably would and I'm gonna get now flying home. That would have been bad so good a life choice stirred staying in Eugene not going that one but I do I. There weren't many games that I almost laugh at them when I was there they got blown out a handful of them and I'll never forget that game because I was leaving the stadium. And neighbor down I wanna say about like thirty points or twenty points the second half. That was a lot these last year and and then they brought they've pulled Darren thomas' pressure. And he brought I'm almost all the way back and they just they came up just short of Deanna we rescinded the student section be laughed walked to the other side. Heard a roar is poked her head back in the stadium ended until somebody else's seats and it left early. And we watched the rest of the game but now Boise State's other numbers organ schedules. Those three games and as you mentioned the other part about non conference stuff to remember. And it it's on the heels of a segment we just did. That's when the playoffs expands. If there's a lot of people have said that the the college football playoff and allowing for teams to get there is going to be this big push to get people to more tough nonconference games. He's seen in a little bit but not this I drastic dramatic change and I think we want this sport and if you're to expand to eight. In their realize it is a conference champion you can still get a U automatic bid and you just when your cop friends. What the hell you go play out of Amar Singh Clemson if you want you lose all three of when your conference you can still make it. That's where I I wonder is it could change and staying so that's EO is gonna keep that mind but. Just a push to get teams to try and do so at this stuff more often have Boise stays now perennial top ten program anymore. But that's a tough nonconference game especially when you oh there are there what in nine or ten games every year. So you at least you're seeing Orman and it is on now but if you push it what a game playoff I think the floodgates will open knowing there's on an attic is off. Yeah I think the one thing you might see it is go back to an eleven day regular season schedule. So you'll see than the EF CS game drop off for most schools. Maybe except the CC be out but. I think the big tens already doing that. And then the question will be do you go back to an eight game conference schedule or you just go nine and then you try and schedule the best two nonconference games you can get one home one away. Yeah Cuba Doug Sanders and please stop playing Boise State no. And I don't want to on everyone's got to get my tax those schools play Boise State did you ever stand anything to gain. Our president just in theory I is it not considered good nonconference win anymore PB Boise State. I don't Peter symbolize their. Just think you get the credit for it crede probably deserved probably deserve and how difficult to game that is may be on the row to. But if you beat him if you beat him up at home you don't know he really thinks much of it. Yeah endowed by the way Huskies also help me out all Wisconsin bail on home and homes today and all the don't graduate was content and it bailed. The funny part about this bashing nonconference schedules man you schedule this stuff so far out East Coast T hate traveling to the way and I never provider I LSU did not give credit they came to Seattle and I play out and then an Ohio State's image there will come today it will come dory and look under certain USC one season or in certain brands as. And the other funny part about this one last known on this euphoria to Damon Huard is mom. You know when you schedule is so far you don't let the program's going to be yeah forty at a couple of examples of that the last 510 years with Tennessee in Nebraska. A new schedule out with Tennessee eight years in advance you'd think it and it's a better. Equality SEC program. They played ambush jones' there blown gains out of his neck the program Sox. They get Nebraska would Mike Reilly go on for late last year like when you schedule that ten year ago you're thinking this is goalie guy you play Nebraska big time opponent. Bowl Bellini went in nine games every year at DePaul anyway and and then begin amend their tornado doesn't for an inning so that's of Lubbock Texas Tech for organ could be a game like dad you know Baylor can be in my dad. Lot of funny kind of project for but organs schedules nonconference three game series. Against Boise State didn't get to the AFL stuff their eyes still entitlement to a two of those in the final hour as there is an exciting slate non conference games. Tonight our dog has pre season games in my mind and upload form. So it's those in the final hour of the show let's talk some husky football those stick him with college football Damon Huard is the color analyst for the Washington Huskies he's a friend of the show about Nam before. What does he make an average estimate the playoffs Jake Browning a big debt is back here for him. And the recruiting as it's been going on in Seattle last 72 hours or so Damon Huard next first your so I was ports and a and I get 133 like college football talk on the show today. And I don't even give the go right. Everybody is telling me they're the only team with a chance Sarah is got to root for on big year this up in Seattle we're excited are about David you're friendly show. Does the analysts you give a follow on Twitter at today means you're what's up Damon Ozzie our season been. Good and you can't complain you know we. While you've got is when ball pretty good at our guys banged up during the season last year that are finally get healthy which is huge but yet been across seas. Recruiting class again. Everybody's excited appear on the return players shall. Yeah about three weeks worth of move over now and we have a nice cup kick start. A little upgrade that's right a good ball. It was easy SEC teams right. Oh yeah well no with the guitar work cited for sure that's great that is for all together. And no a lot of big expectations appear you know for the season for sure. Well let's start was up before we get to this team and and the puck is in Iran a roster I did wanna ask him into kind of a weird story the last couple days that the big time linebacker commit that was Seattle over the summer he DEA wants to be closer to family. And they mean granted his release he goes out a bit of a what are the folks up there are saying about that situation. Yeah you know I mean that your soul winning rumors circling him and no one. Really knows. But the whole story that we do know that he's no longer husky. He's been would move this woman's. Letterman to obviously and sounds like Kerry's going to be going to Alabama so. You know that all kinds of stories. About. Obviously is Stanley situation in the market for home and then. I don't know turned up in Alabama. Local fishy to me well at yeah. It is what it is and no we worry about the ones we have not the one result so you move on. Well we know a lot of other kids boat started to be here and on the just kind of is what it is. But I would Damon Huard on Twitter at dame Huard. That's let's get to this team such high expectations as you mention adding a lot of Vanessa do and what they govern turning on the defense aside the bomb im im we've seen some great defense is their the last couple years. It's always hard to rank bit but what are the strengths that defense of where is this one rank from emitting college football playoff defense we Sundays ago. You outline the secondary is every bit as to even. The one that has you know all the constructive. First and second round of the bakers and Jones Kelley Cain. These guys. Earl could be first heard directly to -- you know Taylor wrap armor beat George Miller. George Macintosh. Guys with a lot of experience played a lot of football title of the success. Many young guys right behind the push and challenge them. You know large bowl the can down there Austin Jordan played a legit football force last year would toward Oregon her. And then while we're at nickel guy just. Storage and announced our best your apps so. A lot of talented guys on the back in the old coaches about. The engine they can just recruited so well. Even the three kids that we've been in this class you know we'll start with a couple of Gordon religious Jews do. And there are long and athletic and wrong and it just sit back in the dispute centers. There's good guys in here without football. And you know currently. The quickest places season linebacker core two. Booker won. Little football force that is part of the kids that rushed on the outside last year we've been inside the world. He's a talented guy put a lot of football force humble those guys are seniors. So popular with the good about double linebacker and then a lot of depth or Beilein a great game and the maker back. On. But. You know Jim Johnson around eureka a while leading sacker from the year ago Ryan Bowman. His Big Brother Shane Bowman. Give a lot of it yet and maybe the last superstar of great games. The guys who played football and stop the wrong. Obviously we will miss you that they. That you. First round pick in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the number twelve will all but but a lot of guys played a lot of football coming back. Should you really good defense. You in Seattle this season. Now we're title Damon Huard Washington color analyst on Twitter at. Damon Huard you know. It kind of build for the future year to college football playoff the number surges off the charts with what he's doing without offensive and last year a bit of a regression. Well what was last year that you think held him in the offense that may be a little bit wordy you see him going now earlier for. Yeah for sure what there is no doubt about it and that sophomore year. Jake was was beat up on the shoulder was. Was injured and knowing their policies and surgery and missed all of spring ball lead in the last year as his campaign. He missed the weight room we kind of slowly brought along a during training camp. And you know he got a good year mother's transplant but you're right numbers. At the same as a sophomore seasons so. Value healthy. I kept the weight room get involved. Has put up some way. Sort of football rather than ever. Also I love. Bush Camden market to coordinator. Quarterback coach is to change sometimes change is good in football. Get the guidance familiar with or had a relationship we have. Went on to coach Matt Ryan Atlanta welcome back here and joined us and it didn't have to change a whole lot of the off into all that stuff with just another another voice. You know in that you could change the look a little bit like a typical as they taught. Other side of the argument and you're here. And in all the utilities don't you know over the course of the school current. And this opportunity to go out of the way now I think he's been doing this season. It ever so much about the strange this team is we talk about the defense being just loaded and we know Peterson the track record as a coach Browning inexperienced quarterback. What are the weaknesses from Washington is so it's gonna keep them from reaching that may be playoff goal and then beyond deny and 310 into got a year again. What is it that's a weakness and all the Mac. Well you know I think everyone doors concerned about you know maybe they're all its line. We got to technical that are gonna play on Sunday and they've been bowl probably get drafted first couple rounds two and Terry Adams and kilometer in rangers' big sizable six say. 330 per ounce and it will be an all corporate leaders small American talk and so you really care about. Guys. You know open the line on the outside. At the end of the day it will struggled against the Alabama Penn State discredited interior part altered the laws. And what we have some guys that played a long couple. Are they character left guard and just ever this year. And he started they have been here as a freshman but found little undersized or about 62 or nine pounds which is it. I really good football player. Moving the center for the first time in the open and at that point and then the guards. Look what burgers acute played left tackle actually trojans her. He's a sophomore. Guys have a little experience. But still playing Goran now kind of for the first time at right guard kind of on the ball to deal lot of guys are all football. Boomer so to be Nigerians. Are Henry blah Bert so I let it cure part of our old line with what. You know teams with incredible that would like Auburn's gonna have on their view on corporations and some mission is to plant so. There was really got to shore up and Jake brown people question him at times but when he got our little local law. It is good to anybody in the country and Zachary he's great decision maker almost thanks interior part of your life. I think the other big question markets with people bought it is the wide receiver group. And you know certainly it was a don't think citizens job losses of portal the numbers look who's going to be the god we have a bunch of guys a lot of football column walls. Be not a the go to guy so it could be more by committee deal no chuckled clutching his back probably the most well known to the group airport quick towns or under the chilly all the played cut touchdowns so you'll see who emerges from that group can take the next step that eternal life and it is receiver. A position to be consistent edge actually isn't it just to pass rush specialist. Those guys might be some question marks and the kicker operatives. Over the kicker last year. But the big hitters acute delegates minds souls to collect votes. It you know I had day they'll get on this one guy I went organs this tough sell for me but a lot of in this conference and there's and it Washington the only team they're the only one other realistic estimate the college mob playoff. That all season last year I gotta save face they needed to Auburn make it and and pac twelve fan keep in this pact to all fans should be rooting for Washington to make it. Do you agree with that inning the rest of the conference fan base should be pulled for your dogs. You know you really do need to put all this emphasis on and Jeanne. But because of the way the vols season in the last year. And there's no doubt there's a lot of question marks about our conference. And nobody goes buys six when people and so you're though. Also more opportunity on the big stage but it seemed that the bowl teams in the national championship you're gonna go. And its internal. Players in the quarterback in the defense and so it it is a great opportunity that not only for the universe in Washington. But the corporate world to gain respect earlier this season. We know how massive in pension age. But yeah they integrate. Is there an actual start of the season. If the dogs and in the pac twelve call went out and gore in the world. I guess it was in it is usually culture. On in opulent male mormons maybe made you one overs and I have to stand in everybody in every business and it has the as the wind business street yeah. Article also yeah ethics. And now it's. A little bit about fifteen cases removed most of what our club that no real small build number and haven't followed. You know the ocean wind industry and someone like it is an organ is just it has to conceive. Kuerten or other places were on the way home but don't be a part of it achieved. It's a lot of fun as well. Beat Auburn in that first nonconference ski team and look at to those crunch time next on a fan of Zagreb Brad did back prejudice always in 95 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership that was not the glory does again this morning off. Pass it around mile and a half Sosa got tackled forming. I don't is Steve from trenches chant and he's a liberal and big used deliberately legs round and an end they got should carefully. So we will hear from a memory now amenity Betty today text line and they'll throw. On November 3 circled on the calendar and got a third and see him down there hate that this had only three division one schools are never schedule and at CS school UCLA USC and Notre Dame or always schedules those three schools you guys should be ashamed of your nonconference schedule out. Shame on you slope suffered yet so schools to come to you gene in Corvallis and Los Angeles there. Yeah come on man we got Robert and all ousted the next three years a K we'll be right. And AM Baghdad is here now our fall antsy got a hip pocket there it's right Blair backed out both could replace him. We just got to Damon I always level we announced a cholera atlas though those kind of guys on in the and you re emerged to inform people. Yard coed. You know get off your knees with the hottest you know back Canas is a bit. This is yeah there is color analysts is that when you win a Geri Allen when he goes on a station in Seattle retired but that's what do you think he says about the Nazis very very positive and optimistic about their upcoming season. That's real about those guys on that gets people fired up at the other going to be very optimistic about. What is it got I was at the two concerns because one Obama I didn't realize in one of a minority had this is gonna concerning for a while there. With now energy has to be job but to make college football playoff. One I didn't realize in the he pointed out in that's a concerning weakness is the interior offensive line yeah if you're struggling with a margin senator play against Auburn and CC defensive front. That's a bit of an issue and and I did he said there's strong in the tackles which is good at least for pass protection. You know given defense men's out of there but. But yet they're gonna als gaskins gonna have to be able to you know establish themselves to keep the heat off Browning white in just a if you can't run of the middle to adjust to Ed just asked him back Allen's yeah Justin. You get down our friends get some early first downs and not at all times but have you seen any good SEC team that did not have a ferocious defensive line up they call it. LSU Georgia Alabama and L do and they say travelers is to be able to lob. Lock them up front so that's a concern but I think the main one that you have if you're gonna say Washington can't make the college football playoff this year. Can make big plays downfield they can't make big plays down the field because their quarterback. Yeah I do enjoy Browning in his sophomore year was dot net and he was great but he had a lot of good weapons and had a really strong offensive line and make a run the ball efficiently but when it came down by Alabama grad that happens to a lot of offense is on the play Alabama. They could move the ball and then in the injury stuff con was behind the scenes last year. He had a really down here you look at that they lost eight games last year they laws in your member Stanford on the road. When they got up for truck racing box horse won. They lost to Arizona State which is Jim I forgot about the thirteen to seven their kicker missed a bunch cakes as always wearing an awful game is an ugly ugly for blog from start to finish and and lost the ball given Penn State. In those three games for the first out ASU he was seventeen of thirty fri 139. Yards and member how bad that ASU defense was last they could stop a nose bleak. And he'll deliver by 39 the loss at Stanford seventeen to 23 so lace your fish in. But a 190 yards no touchdowns so lessons 200 yards and seventeen completions. And then the bowl game against Penn State eighteen it's when he for 175 yards and all three of their loss as last year. He had lessons 200 passing yards so it adds it's being able to make plays down the field open things up against the defense and just to have a dynamic I had deposition and I think. In college football if you're gonna weigh and was on a a a legitimate starting quarterback you need to be perfect almost never were also on your roster Alabama can do they can when it didn't go on national talk would Jalen herds because of how good they are also. Washington's got to have the defense for it this year. The rest of the offense concern me and less Browning can get back to sophomore levels in what Damon is saying with the injury is surely he's healthy it's. No course and ended if you will mean to find somebody to emerge. On a receiving corps. That will only to him he won a security blanket when they needed third down and sticks and he's got to make you completion but somebody that can stretch juror fences as well. And it it was just an odd yen and John rocked the year before that was a monster downfield so. And and it was amazing it was brownies most impressive victory. I you know I say yes Colorado in the title title game. Probably. At the loss to USC that year. In the way they smoke Dorgan was pretty impressive trustee general that was it 77 and twenty ornament of court and tit TI TI is lacking one allows a Los US see us Alabama. Lost to Penn State's loss to Stanford last year. Lady needs a couple of those gains it reminds you like Herbert. NA we be about a big time program look at back calling when you put it up on the board. And then maybe some of those concerns go out the window when I look at a Washington that's the one thing I bring up. They got it on the defense side of the other as good as they've ever ban on defense but can't Jed Browning do it. And it's gonna have to start against Auburn which is not easy place to start pres Sevareid did prejudice always 995 months why would you ever pay more. For a jet net membership to funnel more of our spring an hour out. Actress dot com we got a trying to get the final hours wags plums coming up into to team we'll see if the right on this Thursday. I wanna take a stroll around the NFL pre season games and I cannot be glued to my TV. A might have a problem is desperate football sold bounce around some of those Big Three teasing games let's start though. What they former baseball player. Saying super nerves or no and ending game mandate to nerds adding here ethnic. Are nerds were hitting baseballs start their little final hour of gonna murdered spring on 1080 the fan.