Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 8-9-2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, August 9th
The guys get a laugh out of Jayson Werth's "super nerds" comments, plus more football talk with the NFL pre-season games, and a special edition of Swag's Plums. 

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Let's do this final hour and spread over Thursdays are gone well thanks vehement us here on Portland's Wesley entertaining in a fan. Take a look inside flags back up while he's coming up in thirteen minutes. It is an update on the PGA championship Dustin Johnson. He's got to go on today. Rickie Fowler still your leader at five under par. Was finalized this mortem. Must we got NFL pre season games to get to those will do its about Dave what actually in Seattle tonight dinner ready on the fan they did on the colts but. Not even as because the Seahawks it's a big deal because they're playing a let's go around the colts though. I'm fired up for now on it's going to be a good thing I have not confirmed whether or not the red zone is operating tonight a stunning to do that. As it'll make it a little bit tough freaking track I try I scrawled on the guided it said sign off I could've sworn at the red zone was on pre season. But it's not for all of them and it's only specified. Certain dates or some yes so that's a big cats are only because. That NFL network has stuff they Maine I don't know and their all mama all go search for and see if I can find some okay we'll get to buddy daddies are based on normal moment I don't wanna pass this BetaNews a long I. It's been. Administered I've fans but Bill Snyder. Has reached a new five year deal at Kansas State. Is Sheikh Ahmed dial this guidelines is 78 years old. 78% to five or DLC is go to their until he's 83. He's gonna make 3.4 five million this season is gonna include 300000 dollar increases each of the next two years. And then it's to be determined after that. The reason I stated this is good news orient if you remember Jim Leavitt. Has that really weird clause in his contract that he can leave and get out of his deal Scot free to go coach at Kansas State now is about Kansas State in. It is like step program is always dreamed about which there. There's a missing link somehow some wind but. Because of the fact bills under stick around in your member there's a power on the on their. As I believe he's still wants his son to take over after he wants to hand the program off to Snyder June or. And the administration hasn't been rumble at that age there's been articles buys cowed unseen so. Bill Snyder said he eighty cents a big deal to stick around public Kansas State let's get to this. Look at some concerning trends about the direction of baseball. And hope bronze and too many strike doubts and some big and too many numbers analytics I don't want it right. Le Jayson Werth longtime Major League Baseball player job worth no interest and probably areas are gray beard. What a World Series of the Phillies do down lean he start with the Dodgers. Did you really cannot Dodgers I believe so and he was actually most recently this year I kicked around in Tacoma is kick our cars and finally affiliate but is it about 200 seat on the lobby retired. I he went on 94 daddy IPE in Philadelphia podcast insulate. And talked about the stick it in the game numbers nerves all that stuff here is Jayson Werth. Call announcing Bernard. Out they've got all these you know. Just to nerds is like home in the front offices and they're about baseball that they'd they'd like the project numbers and project players. And old players are out players are in but you know baseball's baseball in my mind if you can deploy you can play in. This because you can put up numbers for oil and violate those that are necessary to meet you complain about you know. Whatever but I think kill again you know it is if it's to deploy or just put computers out there elements put laptops in in the you know. What have you sort of out there and what unemployed don't even really need to go out there anymore. It's a joke if you know but it's great doing it than they were news when they come down in these. Kids from. MI two years now hopes they have for their heart whatever that wherever they're from you know. They've they've never played this well when they come down to talk of stuff like that and used you say well you know. There's question was asked about the ship or should I you know traders buy it over there they're like no don't don't do that we want you to do that we we want you to homer. Yes so it's like well. Edit it just it's just not basketball today is that if you work there is something that it's not fun to watch it boring that. Return clippers and robots that take any human element out big. The Jason words super nerd urges are killing the game of baseball well. And that's up and say no we were at home run whoa everybody wants to hit a home run a c'mon Paul O'Neill hit a three. You know hop a AI I hate to just parent let another funny daddy says 'cause I can often funny idea about baseball. I mean I agree wouldn't completely I really do I there. And that's what I don't understand is they're. Actually being. Coach coached in programs. By a the GM SN and managers are relaying the message that they want them taking full packed in if you watch. You watch the Dodgers. A prime example everybody is up there how every seats ever single Thompson last night they actually. Credit squeeze couple times first time it worked in the second time. You're not so much but. But yeah I I still think there's room for understanding the situation. And and if teams are really gonna shift all the way over. Started at the opposite way push thought I would take your base now. If I understand it look there's some. Times a game look if there's two outs and year end and it's the bottom of the seventh in your down run yet you're trying to hit a home run. But if your league not the yen ping and they shift over get on base forced the pitcher in the situation CI. I I don't understand why there is a port situation no understanding of what's going on. And that's riding saver match will always have their place in sports they always well numbers well and more information and everybody wants sure at a tendencies. All of those sorts of thing sure that that Blair it has always been termed the of the point of getting concern is when it goes too far and that's where when I look at the game of baseball right now. A lot of people bring that up about the shifts saying he shifts are not fund a lot odds now I want us united. He should be able to do that rob Manfred even brought it up a couple of times thinking about wanting to get rid of it. Or or or put restrictions on it and that to me is not a problem I you should be able to mover or the hell you on defense. Because you can do that Denise are you gonna double team wide receiver you can doubled in a threat to the other guy. LeBron James coming down the floor doubled to make him pass to JR Smith they're still restraint in the NBA there's the restrictions she kissed him Ryan need to who played a flat out zone sure there are certain restrictions but in terms of double teaming or making it tougher defensively for another team to score you can do outside of Staten who opened staining and keeping do and he wants so. I could that is never been a concern for me that the concerning trend that I have had an idea what he's talking about right here. Is Trent on the offensive side not the defense of so there are numbers out there that when you look at action batting averages for certain guys. That the that the justice created more hits than it is taken away because there are holes that are created. All over the field to this notion that nobody gets on base anymore they're just hit right at. Not sure there are guys that are getting basics that they shouldn't be based its but because the shortstop playing. By second base all of a sudden turn into ahead so yes when he gets up the middle it's taken away. But when he gets its entry to the let which is usually a routine out he gets on base so that metric it is out there you go look at those numbers. The trend of all trying to hit home runs and not having them mindset. That and out is not just. Out and that not all outs are created equal. That's what terrifies me about the future game because question that's the stuff that some notable to me when I wanted to the Dodgers are like that sometimes now they have a lot of home runs on people they they do but they also have the largest percentage of solo home run you're on their home runs it's now and I think guys images nobody's getting on how to move closer trying to at all rock they're already 242 and they're all in on Blair one last point five home runs of their own bulletin fifty and homer just chicks dig the long ball and at times that exciting but. When you have. On first they elected not to block eating going where couple pop ups guy struck out boom ended the inning. Bottom of the seventh inning save it happens mariners get the runner on first base lead for Enron. What are the next guy do they elected to bunt the bottom over to second one and a rapid pace it would to outscored the road they won the game three to. There is still a place for that old style brand of baseball and that's right. I don't think there's occasional or backwards for these analytical guy. I know when you give into the playoffs at every at bat and every run is that a pre DM. If you're an odd schools you're not pro fresh in doing that in certain situations during the regular season and now you're asking a guy to bond who'd. Air show. Yet you've got to take advantage of those situations in the regular season. And see you guys can do with the bat. I didn't look I think all things eventually end up coming back to the middle and baseball for a long time an idea didn't wanna go uncertain directions and now my opinion they've gone too far on the opposite to action. And that it it'll ultimately eat there eventually come back. But it's gonna take some time you Jason Gore he's getting it caught a flight Dodi for saints super Nur a ruin in the game but. I tend to agree with tabbed as when you look at that trend of people sitting out as an out it doesn't matter swing for the fences. I couldn't disagree more biopsy ground ball moves a runner over fly balls can move runners over you put a ball leg I could voted. There's ways again on days I I'm all about action and put the ball in play and I I hate that analytical trend. The begin of baseball's gone I appreciate Jayson Werth for gone and now doubled its the end of pre season games coming up bottom of the hours of the Saudi once upon from. And tonight both sides stimulated that's why is that a lot see what he's got screwed up for us on a Thursday it would do that some of San. To eighteen on the mag and into the NFL pre season slate on the hour Dustin Johnson has a cut Rickie Fowler. Is Cottam five or did he get out of the guy in a little late tee shot on his lap I don't see that he's come off three straight birdies though so again is dealing. Amid mandala I've been my buddies do like a poll repent for play airs every major championship and the number one pick in every single in the majors is always Dustin Johnson. Except for this on my body will this be number one and everybody raves on DJ Philip it is. There's like stealing money in that he got a deejay the second pick. I took. Stinson and he did not help me out today three or are now 30 no harm. So you have Vijay janitors going on all of did you leaderboard coming under close up the show afternoon groups on the back nine of their rounds of this pull planes to us what you know or all the guys are speeds in a narrow one Olmert trying to save par so. Teasing guys still out there on the court you know we got a couple more days or less like guard. This is Summers who will lead to a Brady's left. Yeah and the sky aren't you playing well I leave August 30 to go to Columbus as righty went on to the organ station are will be out there little family reunion affair on Columbus in the lady's White House and family out there aren't that I have a Mets so. Yeah. Will be out there how ourselves a good time so let's get a goalie if you lie as wags plums left before leaves us until February when we got. This is up your Alley search from our national day Carol is tomorrow. This national daisy de. Wow I love it. I'm NASA's doing inning tomorrow may well Zemin arrived I don't have to come to work. What do you wanna pay being ticked up with the boss. But again on and anyone even know the weather is supposed to cool out on Friday. So crap they hand make. In says that outside picnic time blank gets. Early happy hour the yard and doing nothing is something on tea right there yes it is so any August 10 is national lazy day shout out to my lazy people. Happy happy anniversary we might embrace that tomorrow. It is Friday may live in Friday here after us Craig's been out all we could just what you might get some -- that's your tomorrow's going to be an inching 1 morning clarion and then employment after the show you drink that copious tears well we've got be the entire NBA schedule gets rolled out tomorrow that does I'm hoping at noon is breaking down three I think we need to break it down for the blazers for the first hour of the show maybe I gain gain yeah team limiting what a loss at Milwaukee exactly. So there you go. Celebrate tomorrow and thirds because you're on to do it very. A Florida rehab facility arch on recovery center survey more than a foul. People in the US asked them. How much they spent on drunken shopping sprees one day or dirty. And what they had consumed both forehand. This may do a whiff so people that got on the Smartphone or the Internet and went on Amazon and and what that is found to. Was she can do the most damage after. Jin doesn't do any. Average person spent 82 dollars and forty cents after I have a gin. 5388. After drinking rom fifty dollars and fifty cents after vodka. 46 bucks after a light winds 42 bucks after red wine four dollars after tequila 39 after beer in 3884. After mystery. You know I don't know how this problem when I drink I don't have the prop buying like Al external all things my problem is buying more of the news. I guy I I had a bad seriously and I a lot of people do that you're honest you're on a designer I Yemeni did talk I'm and then eventually you'll do the mr. el Dora was shot in a button on a car that you look at the receipt so that's what I'm really deal. Shin was also a fan to be the number one culprit for people's most expensive drunken purchases. The average top amount 200 and thu five bucks after Jan. 200 after whiskey or tequila here or did I hereby step when you're gonna never knew that I'm really need I don't think so that. Thanks unless they start getting I joined the top shelf yet. It's like your wrapped up a serious bar tab by going right. But but now empty Janet is what my money went on for a disc but other people no data guys or you start and I. That's your next door and then all left funds data Golan by assuming people ascended beyond measure and getting married in your combining and commingling all the songs. If further fiance is a gin drinker watch out. She did she's not injure injury while vineyards shape I'm in a clear man. Yeah beer and bear whiz here the the TC 800 GE street bearden is via. The Oregonian recently. They did surveys and ranked. I'll Portland's best pizza by the slice and this is in places that just sell sell you slice of your outlook for lunch a tickle me intrigued show. So they rank the top ten. Up pizza jerk. Which is a fine account here at the fan came in seventh okay. Got a couple locations a 42 itself these northeast for a second southeast Orson. The top spot at the crown. I'm never heard of that which is on Broadway okay. I'm not familiar with them escape from New York pizza that's a bond north when he for the heard they were fourth inning I I've been there before the end of pizza baby doll itself. Is so on southeast dark they were third Scott he's pizza party came in number two there on Southeast Division and number one in this is like not far from here we're gonna go check this out again checkerboard pizza on set to a second all let's golf and two to three dollar plane slice. And only to miss you and A half minutes after they ordered ordered it. And a tough part of PG around on his tank so yeah so they they based at one ought to play aimed she's you know plain cheese in this New York stop cherry got a big little big blockbuster big old slice Fulton had absolutely good Jew anti he's saying. And then but there's six different six different. Varieties that they have their four slices so. Does say this are two kinds of food that I just I once I see you do that it's hard for me ever trust you again. And those two trends are. Eating your steak non medium rare that you could you take your state too far idea guy and I thank you do that at a port ladies Eric's family like they're like a guy that well still remains on hold things to hockey puck status today do you enforce them when they cook for you like K police to know they usually have me if there's going to be like OK let's stay with there's something in Seoul I go in keep track of war and spur. But yet ladies swagger never liked understood what a nice state is supposed to taste like my fiance is the same and I've trained her now like is when I first got to consider asked for it was like that not what might add that that's to red north port. As to read yeah. The couple that's Brett what you want you little blunt and they're not exactly the other one eligible they eat pizza with a four and ninth and well if you eat pizza with a floor tonight by judge you immediately now ice you out about a new camera party. And pick that they open their hands folded in half eat like a man exactly even if you Wear a suit and tie that's Rihanna can do that the bend over. If it's US played out in front of Kyra I sucked in the gut leaned forward shoulders you ever get any on him trying to get these aren't safe. They. She seek you pointed this out to me the other day all borrows so did you now a reality fair game. Are coming out with a tell all book after she got did from. Old trumps administration there is yeah. Should play well he's out there or she shot brings the element out on that legacy and act and you'll see apprentice when a shocker gap by but apparently there's some hits now that she has secretly recorded conversation with Carl loved the do you wanna. Do we want that. I mean apple better hope that out I wish she wasn't there in the first place senators did doubt whatever incriminating evidence the give him impeached I get that the do we really want an out yeah. Yeah yeah I'm I'm curious particularly interested in much going on those tapes I'll say this in terms of tapes. If that does anybody at this station and levered him rotten day on by a secretly recorded tape. And I rival and has brought down brought in brought him brought us it's gotten. This debate has brought down by secretly recorded it is brought Michael has friends break in there as in yeah I mean it's going to get fired. Friendly between the pay to all your down it's him went to go without a doubt anybody works here at the deepening now said he'd been within. Fifty yards of our key local gas. Clean he said naming. There's there's blurry lines where he doesn't sometimes no word stop that. Yesterday said Chicago ID style needs of four and I I don't think I that's lasagna. Okay that's a sudden death. I get into deep you're like pagan and I don't consider that pizza to that lasagna layers layers but that's okay UPD dealt with a fork tonight deck a piece of it's literally pizza pie. Ask them for a team that bends a one more thing here is break would precede this breaks fascinated with space. Seed is on Saturday. NASA is launching from the Kennedy Space Center. A new probe. That is says set to travel route the sun's atmosphere and closer to the surface of the sun than anything has traveled before and boom they spent one point six billion on this. Trying to get closer pictures of the sun's surface this. Give through its atmosphere. But it tested it it is is set to withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees. It is a once it gets since the suns orbit it will travel nearly 500000. Miles per hour at the fastest man made object to her that's pretty kickass tee added and I guess the project started in 9058 or NASA is like how do we get one probe of the son 1958. Here in this is the oldest project there but they're all excited. That this thing's gonna get there. That got a four and a half inch thick eight foot diameter Corbin is shield that's gonna protect the spacecraft from each solar flares and solar winds they wanna. Did it as close as possible to the sun and try and learn more of ups are our closest star. Talk about the persistence and that is anybody I'd be curious to follow of the Vinny but it from the initial team that works that 1958 is still alive. And any of the initials scientists that were digging NN tank and he started a whole process you get somebody ran out college fans when he one year old boy. A three to 44 times that I am I'm assuming you've got some sort of advanced degree at that point yes you're talking born in like 1930. A dynamic and I think that's why are the latest. As did he meant to organize and your whole life they never did you come to a conclusion. I hope they're stupid I still maybe if you of them journal live we started on the project. So yeah so we'll see. How this goes out and dig up so I'm not bad. And people's and they put their money on rob funny I'm rob isn't it amazing quality candidate detained by secretly recorded tapes and you don't hear this does Sprague says knowledge as reds back even as his coastal and knowledge it's like. Now rot in contact. Rob has a way of easing in and kind of some tester questions to see if you will and to go somewhere gay Jen yeah and he'll take you there if if you seem hearing gauge. Was spread there is knowing ray he's there's just some comes out of left field and smacked on the backs on the head you're like who was that. It dives into the deep dead and you're just holds that that person he Dohmann in the defense led does not betting on things where it it got that they can't. And that you can. And they sounds like a marriage and a work in your own life and never seeing results. And America and on a blow to 2000 until you've been blatant. And one on a while now. It doesn't explode only a few more of those. It's considered and I get. I I stand still stick by my pizza takes too. I know this is with repeats it takes had deep as it's good deep dish is good. Now pizza. And was on Tuesday. I let's get into would be NFL pre C games Shelly gray slate of games and I'm fired up for and I know it's pretty see some football. When waited so long as we are rookie quarterback to nationalism that we got Andrew locks back on the field you can hear him right here on the fan later tonight. It's got to be fumbled take a look at some of the gay games and update the course like poll question on one. Well do it on the other side of searchers who I was sports center on. And. Hello again to 37. Dylan talked about glad Lennar is really authentic thank you notes that and she read that today. And I think I see and thank you move. Also his it's like sign or is signatures and friend. I was going on there they spoke didn't speak he wrote for the first time quality education there at San Diego State pays off enough days off you know I. I'm tied on am or my skis on this one. I'm fired up for tonight's pre season football I really am I we we've been way and that the first one's always weird. At a highways starters didn't even show up to play in a Chicago Baltimore game. Yeah because they don't and now I don't know why a VA may. Those two teams then go ahead and play for more pre season it's beyond that stupid this you get one or two weeks off yak is the bulk wine does plan and I hate and I just when I do yeah. So there might add that I'm with that's completely stupid. That should count as your pre season game. Or you do alleges how about you do it after the hall of fame ceremony a little bit earlier in the weeks of the ceremony Saturday putting in money night. And then there's your game or Wales for us Thursday you get election time off than you ball because that's and can't and they want. I mean everybody after the the ceremony is gonna go home essentially. What do you and I think a lot of people. Went home after the game because there were many people at the hall of fame ceremony though that place was sparse on Saturday night because they've played against first daisy hill for the game. And lets your fan of the player you're gonna hang out watch but. Yet valuable we get a vote question on this course simple question. How you know how much the boy utilizing an annoyance is 32% it was a non 21% say your public means when 1% say just my team and in 26%. So you flip back and forth to it the other is a baseball pennant chase and there's other stuff going on not just exclusively watch football but. There are some gains they we look at this late that then I'll give me a little excited we'll start buffalo so they're playing Carolina. And it all the talk now Buffalo's been it's it's McCarron and Peter moment they're the ones fine for the job. Are you never convince me the Peter Mans a legitimate NFL quarterback so it defied takes an affable pivotal for the question is. How far has Josh Allen come from what we saw him do a Wyoming well let's hear from Josh Allen is he is on the brink of playing his first pre season game. And several times so there's much of their own. You know. Like Staten you know we got to be better as an offense they'll still look to place any time it will only get better than them you know members against the quarterback in his mannerisms or body language. So I decided I'd start a little safety today I am might have let my emotions that's me at one point but. You know launch the next year's second Austin. You know come into another you know Mickens really throws a dean and finishing strong. That are exactly jail while iron sharpens iron well done Josh Allen. That's that's useful right there Aggies play as had to be from a coach what are getting anywhere it is there now a lot he's got to Atlanta and an idea made these third string and that raised are saying it and now by any of the let of one of the rookie quarterback's going to about a let actives are just 4 o'clock Pacific and on the 1 of those 4 o'clock games. About animal and number two taking got the giants of Brown's take on each other does on of course we'll talk about next gig hard knocks but baker may feel on his debut. Now I think whenever it's. Out there as well and then I have. That's our boys handle it wherever you. Yet here. Make sure you better. Right now it's. Second team residency. Don't translate now doing on offense and he's got he's done whatever I can do. And that's the one alliance and and I think for a lot of people because he supposedly get a player like the entire second half yup. So you're gonna see anti and that one is that's on the NFL network I have never seal wanted her that's moments on the slate alana -- by the way if you earn a betting spreads on these games Buffalo's favor by three Cleveland favored by one we do have you and Dustin saying is gambling on pre season football signage degenerate. So now you're just trying to make money aren't trying to make money. Let's abolish amigos from here how god we go probably go to Tennessee in Green Bay that's kind of a fun game tonight. Aaron writers as this it is wide receivers big expectations for the titans here's markets Mario. Points I mean as. Bottom play. I get up for so I'm looking forward to Thursday looking forward to seeing how all this work throughout the attorney Jeff throughout spring. Fulfill come out and you know duo again this opportunity for young guys so it's a suburb American foreign. You know enforce his kind of nature of the business and are merely carry everybody so. These guys these young guys that are coming and you know there have carpets and have a shot and on the success this the other is does it won't be efficient I think to as an offensive being brought there. Operations clean. You know we're gonna move the ball far she's score points or be very. All but stand out of the auto just little things or die game back into the temple regained. Yeah and and he's when his first pre season game tonight new head coach there and Tennessee obviously new offense according. It's a lot of new stuff from Mario and I'm excited to see what their offense looks like in training camp one more before we go here and I are cons are a lot about this game. An end and rightfully so on this is an exciting one because of the young quarterbacks that are involved in and Houston's playing Kansas City Patrick bald he's getting handed the reins to a team. That's got a chance to be pretty special here's my homes. Al I was talking to the defense I'm glad that we need to say someone else RA. It's it's it's also just to get you get out there and barely getting to like game though guides pre season the same time. As a competitor you know wins aren't gonna go out there are trying to win a football game tunnel like I said the whole can't possibly go up there and be efficient I mean I'll hopefully get a couple drives not hopefully get a couple close down. If it's right just drives into the running to us out of brought us an average is gonna move the ball be assisted. That's a passion in my home sounds like nobody else see that kind. And to me up a little bit and that's a thought wanna watch because more homes is obviously the expectations on him. But also the fact that would would Houston and a demon to shallow a Watson of people are put nine expectations on this or Jimmy played six games last year. And he was dominant when he was out there they lost a couple of games and they may be shouldn't have been doing in Seattle are kind of stuff that. He dazzled last year when he got a chance of playing your open after the surgery miss the rest a year. He's gonna look healthy again so pretty good slight in my mind first some pre season NFL football and I'm fired up floor. I'm gonna watch a lot of that how much were you watch what did the rest the boy answers on the other side also collide Leonard's truly genuine thank you know. The San Antonio goes to show their next on offense. I'm well it's. Think about it go all of these. Listeners. At the Betty today text 955305. Patrick Holmes sounds like Alex Crawford. Didn't anybody else ever heard Patrick no homes are definitely up nevermind me get latest again. Al Wallace taught into the defense I'm glad that we face or else aria. It's it's it's also needs to do you get out there and barely getting to like game though guides pre season the same time. As a competitor you know winds are gonna go out there and try to win a football game tunnel like I said the whole can't possibly go up there and be assisting I mean hopefully get a couple drives hopefully get a couple touchdowns. And it's right just drives they would run into us out of sorts us an average is gonna move the ball be assisted. I Harrison similarity the tone is different mentality McClellan grab believe there was occasional is bracing gusts yap. Third there's some similarities site. I I'm taken more autos are runs illegitimate love child I was kind of what they remind there yelling hello location tinge to it. And that is funny like when you we are we have kind of a different vibe because we're on the radio some people he's they hear our voices before they see will we look like for the most part so that I had back in kind of flip that around a little bit. That's always find me when you hear a voice and it just throws you off. But I I know we as a medical condition and I making fun of a bit of the time that that surprised me the most was when the blazers acquired Evan Turner. Because I never heard Evan Turner talked never do an interview and and you hear real likely why. That's it and you get some of those like Mike Tyson trial has a full police knew the free agency Yemen in your pocket just to make any darn sense. Like the dog in the up movie where he is a squeak very loses before Kemper is barred box and he's all high. I've pinch at their me off a little bit pageant moms and isn't live donor is disease does like a sadly a NASCAR driver from the eighties. He does man how many cigarettes Zach I smoke today I mean and now as should be concerning if your team stand right there. How about this on Kauai Leonard he is not talk or done any saying. This entire process with the media or the fans I eighty is disappeared he wanted to talk to his team he's tied it in the back rooms. Is a strange dude and he releases statement today if you missed he'd like. Ms. Lee's effort statement that I have ever read him I think when you just look at it. And that he does bio when you look at at eight he tweeted it out you know of check in on tournament. He is like sign or logo everyone Colin. It looks like one of those pictures when you're in kindergarten and your drawn a Turkey in you Trace the outlining your peak times. That's what his his sign is it's is a picture of his hand it's great. Is it a go back and forth the last few weeks trying to figure out the right things to say it comes down into simple words. Thank you. Thank you. To everyone in my teammates thank you pop always be grateful for my growth under your guidance. Thank you to the fans there's not a more passionate fan base or dedicated fan base. And what I've witnessed in San Antonio through all the ups and downs of glad they're more office home and forget what we shared an accomplished together. Looking forward to the next chapter in my career. Says farewell to phrase it's a little too late princess bride and Antonio. How about that doesn't have what. It blows me away that he hasn't had a handler they at least now the trade stuff summer was dean earlier in Toronto. Well this is Canada's own goal in light labeling members or whatever because apparently he has trust issues with him. So. I sit down and do an interview I had he had anybody do is you know spent time. In the profession. Of PR agency year anything like that they would've. I don't think you would have never gotten to this point I. I it. I it's unbelievable videos and and somebody's leg goes sit down let Chris Haines he's not gonna you know via an unfair in a deal. And I'll be a good little fluff piece for you like there are ways to try to get that merit about thirty to say hasn't done is the first thing he's done publicly so long time. Go look at his logo too by the way that deserves to be made fun it's a hit it just put her picture to. It looks like the tracing of Turkey and kindergarten class that's what he's got to own form on his Twitter account. As throw me out so there's coli latter's thank you thank you don't the folks San Antonio I quite enjoy that and I read this is more thank you. Thankfully the remark oh is that I don't do it if if if if thanks go highly appreciated. Where's iBook questions of the day 32% of you say you're not gonna watchful Bana and I'm not buying it on again oblige him. If boarding goes there's Sun Bowl I should they feel 53% of you say good it's a solid season 47%. Say upset expect more. And as a tax won't say how you root for the Huskies make the playoffs 51% of these sales now. Well done folks well done. One Marcelo showed ago. PGA championship updates there Rickie Fowler a top and indeed days. It is a four under four on Aires stock and above par putt here and being. Now there's a and log jam at three under so a lot of guys good leaderboard so far tiger was any then. Four birdies you and and Jason days in the mix of these two wonder days three under Rihanna is one of those guys roses at three under. Saw lead aforementioned have already met a ball for Fowler of the plane and the African tomorrow you get Ali's afternoon guys playing in the morning tomorrow. Getting folic up lots of golf in missing need to show. Gadget lesser of tires my Castaneda the fan dot com is where. You can find a think to be a part of our Thursday everybody that I live for us today we will talk to you tomorrow at noon. One is next and listening to 1080 defense.