Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 8-14-2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, August 14th
The guys project the possibilities for Oregon State, plus over-inflated Athletics attendance, an interview with Pac-12’s Mike Yam, and Oregon Football debate rounds out the hour.

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Pitching star Marlins take a look at the year old right hander Randy Gonzales now. This is Durbin spray it. Who attended entered Johnson and Brendan sprayed. Dirt and spray gun and maybe. I'll ride in his 1202 in a row. City it is time for dirt and sprayed all Portland sports leader 1080 the fan Brandon Spragan leader Johnson in which view. And you know despite this bad air warning. That we have here in Portland did not allowed to breed outside the next week I just got it really sad probably ten minutes ago. Because we started going down the schedule and I'm I'm not joking when I say this I believe my Oregon State Beavers might go winless this year yet you're not very optimistic about your squad well so let me give you the rundown here yet as we went through the game by game now this does not Alex Crawford game by game breakdown where he -- nine and three coming B although it would be kind of fun to randomly bring him on -- we need to do that again concealed I think he's in town right now yeah this is going to be a running bit on our show no matter where we go or where Crawford goes we're gonna have Tim Pawlenty and give us a game by game prediction of the organ state season so. We were going through this because well you know not to ruin the whole what's on tap thing but there is one right are out there. That believes the organ docs are going to be a top ten team in college football this year and you might be shaking your head like are you kidding me c'mon. So then this led us down the organ state schedules so they started Ohio State yes. That's a loss it's a brutal game open your schedule way you. Buck mean. It wouldn't matter who's coaching that game they would still be Dorgan state I might I might play some point and under cover the spread though they have the biggest spread of any power five team in college and that's that's a tasty better I might play some money on what's it like 35 or sub right now minding your dropped to 35 and a half 35 and a half I did you could lose that game 45 did ten. I hope we scored ten point right of the American ally in the garbage is Isaac can sue that was say invade they. You should lay the money on the beads because of first year head coach has something to prove got a little extra Jews. Got his guys believe in relief for the first time. You may end up getting smacked but if you can even put up a fight for the first quarter and keep that thing like three nothing heard ever then then maybe you you know a cover let me slip it on those idiots. And tell you this team their head coach Mike did fire the past. It's that could play both ways though that could that could really wet anyways I can also see more playing out the way of 95 is. Three now I will say this for playing for coaches the last time I went. On your ray go they wanna crystal ball to be their guy they said the petition and they're gonna blow all Boise State out because they're playing for their coach and how did that work out for. Completely different circuits. On now come I don't know different circumstance play for the coach I want their distracted not preparing the same I don't know he's going to be there or not what's that talent gap between organ and Boise State ending compare that to Ohio State organs like the record apple I don't even know Florida State has backups but the bigger I'm not even joking here I don't know if they have actual back up players at every position markers Greif says another year of eligibility left mark is greens wasn't starting when he was there are so I don't know off that easy with a lot of optimism about playing Ohio State. So there on one there I just want to add this to the record and this is organ state alarm brand and spray just dumping all over the b.s right now that I'm dumb and on this year there's I don't just dumped it and there's not one beaver fan that thinks they're going to be good this year they know what the reality of this season is it's just a matter are you gonna be the 07 Huskies end a winless. Always have some pride in win one game. Now it might not even the price because get this they're next game after Ohio State this southern Utah at home pay FCS school all right there we go. Southern new top consultant Don Selma is southern Utah right now they're top 25 SES team to upload stories stay almost lost so to leave bottom 25 at CS team last he had an alcoholic colds that was getting in a shenanigans off the field you don't have sadly you don't have that this year a legend you having committed. And and the end. Dedicated coach that is come home and near at Nevada who was in good last year but the returning fourteen starters in your playing act and that. Fourteen crappy starters they sucked last year when all of a sudden they're good enough by NN. Where we and it does we probably should have been when was last year and then you get into the conference we'll tape. At Arizona State Washington State cal cholera I mean there is a real distinct possibility here. They could go winless and I it just sat in walking to the studio that I might have to mentally get ready for this a year zero cash he got it on with that mindset I am. I am I I I I am more optimistic inside not in terms of them like shocking the world and letting drivers these games can matting got to happen. But I think if you get two of the non conference games you'll feel an okay. Oh if we win to give you what everybody does that in southern Utah and I get out of those that you should be favored in both of those I know you out in a redo is spreading in southern Utah but. Against Nevada Nevada sucked last year on the return and some guys that you should be favored in that game obviously margin but you're gonna be to Vegas favorite using organs it's getting a minus two or three Nevada was three and nine a like amount last what were they last year they socked bad three wins 39 and that team is going to be favored over a tactical team and I'm not -- you pac twelve team that was your line analyze sure what wouldn't what would have Nevada Benazir in the pac twelve they would golfer they couldn't beat Ohio Idaho State we went oh for Yang -- he went one impact well we went oh for you did in Nevada live as well. Using Nevada would a loss to Portland State not a cinema maybe not they lost Idaho State last year well items they might and then Portland State what was the record. Portland sitting winning a game of it I don't post they win. We don't know that answer arise out of state now this is they've they go to lands a non conference I think Megan sneak a pac twelve game and go three and nine. You know I appreciate when you have these moments of optimism for the beavers are 39 this year earlier at three wins Korean nine this year and they're gonna catch Airese over every single year at racer. They get a game that they have no business winning that they either nearly win or they went. Every single year you chalk it up last year it was Stanford they should have won that game. But Ryan I'll fumbled on like the thirty yard line with less than a minute left and they blew it went out about summed up our season surely dead but that if I would have toys you're going into the year you you might be Stamford home ministry would last and no we're gonna beat Stanford you kidding me I would last I would alas the EU the week of that game exactly and they should have won that game is now for a late fumble right but let's also were Bryce they did not play Bryce out on purpose I got into medical they'll take those down the week before you play you don't know what kind of injury either going to be a break your way. There's always one in Greece or every year even the last trying to rally them when they beat Arizona State that night game they think smoke don't Sun Devils were rants and a likely top fifteen team he has smoked a mental home. Black can't believe you talk to me off the hole when was sledge but and here we are gonna get one man. But you want these summit this is a good point I don't even think it's pessimists is to say organ state goes when was what happened with the Anderson quitting is unprecedented coaches don't just vanish leak in the cupboard empty Anderson did. He did NASA reality. Well they're going to be a bad football team I'm not disagreeing with that you think they're gonna win three games though I think so I think you can get to three and nine ha. Three wins would be amazing to Judd team the year before Gary Anderson's last year that was not a very good football team and they went for an eight. That was not a very good football team but it was much better than this team I don't know about much better to had a quarterback. Name. Okay how life. Kind of they had at least a quarterback that Marion was OK at that point they had I was not a good guy if they beat Oregon because they ran the ball 38 straight times while he didn't do anything and bag game that's on your team. I don't know let's say in another comment let's not chalking up to a quarterback went in that game. He threw touchdown pass bidding I think he did he might have maybe it was the week before a mega dead are let's find out what's on tap today show. What's growing I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be crying there's a lot of sporting an easy sale I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. What's on tap Roger in the fanned by pelican marine company boarded the beach online at pelican brewing dot com. Please and they said there's right beaver season's regular straight years every year there's a crazy game every sir all I'm not saying you're not right I've. Did I went to the school and web where I I every year's charm and I feel twice against USC but he's predicting he's predicting launching a C game. Like that eagle halftime and post game you storm field twice in the same game. Brooklyn fourth and. Well we do. Man gets so much fun sort of the first time you're in back into the stands and then ran back out again. About what's it like to be a jerk. In the jerk store called the run an ad you just caught my ear Mike you what you how did you feel towards the one guy may be USC twice I know it's also. Don't sound like country. USC number one we win how fun storm in the field I have one of those storm of the field was a blast it was great I was going to have by Dwayne Jarrett. Most punch in the face do you ever doing your Idaho or 0906. Huge wide receiver. I told him USC's did for you suck. Male genitalia and people who know and I go over if I had to run away if who fooled yet we held back by catching. No Haiti to help back my strength coach. The quota for Italy this serious altercation. I am really was I said I'd write in his face you also almost got beat up by Jeff Ted effort after a game we were at IDA we want done none of them and he's got into Redford's face loud is dead for what you suck. He wanted to beat you up to man. It'd say that I was a media member but I was like trying to take a picture he was none too out it was like 63 of 1499 I was on the ball game I think has some good moments in Oregon State stadium I am well aware they have an upset chalking up let's do this one of those games what was their game last year it was but they didn't win but it was the Stanford game. In winning odds say they're that's my point shear but if Brian all doesn't fumble. You win that game maybe. When nagging don't underestimate the d.s ability to lose the ball game here by. Thought we do have a good shall I call me but I didn't help she's confident Bulldog me writes sorry I believe there. Heard I'll hold bit about this and what it's okay to call people when it's raining or not when you got strategy are we did carefully here you just keep called me blow a bubble we talked to somebody older than you a native never a problem when it and I take offense to this and I'm sorry big guy. We will get some good news for Portland sports final score again cheapens for coming back what are we got next Mikey am from the pactel networks gonna join the show today at 1230 we'll talk some pac twelve football as we mentioned to open the show there's one right of the things organization top ten team in the country. And this may dirt really happy. And I appreciate somebody cape and out for the pac twelve but I do think he's a little insane here. But maybe maybe I'm the insane ones and they Sotheby's sale and save so we'll get to that dirt came up with this question organist playing Boise State twenty years from now they're doing a home and home. Or no Michigan State that's series say it's eleven years from now it's eleven years from now home and homes and I guess only sixteen years from now playing Boise and yes Touche so if you could create. Your ideal home and home. Team comes easier place you go there who is it what's the one college football team you would pick. We all three have different answers on this one and we quite enjoy the conversation pre shows will bring that to you. Maryland held a press conference today and I didn't think it reflected very well on them. It's their first statement by the way since that kid died. That was two months ago this was the first statement sorted that we got NFL ensure falls with Bok is he's filling it was swagger today. Free beer and an NFL game and I'm not so sure this is gonna work very well it turns out we've been saying Tyrod Taylor's name wrong the whole time. It's tough rod. Not tie it's time. But it's TY so it's still kind of confusing for a lot of people and the browns do have shenanigans going on I know we talked to many for. Too many brown stories here more bold browns fans so we're going to. The hard knocks is tonight Yasser you have browns tomorrow for sure and a pencil then did the brow like I'll say this is browns are kind of Portland's adopted crash you know I'm at night and this shows adopted he needs one bad team we've kind of adopted them let me throw this sound there. The browns are intriguing and entertaining. Yes right how was that first episode nine and I do not docked in Miami Dolphins football here yet he Joseph Philbin Arnott has not. So that is the Arizona and just the dolphins kind of -- for for like a quarterback in DC that's story during injury yeah I -- yet they didn't have a helmet on so -- Canada one of points on a daily -- iconic -- is that was a more interest in team we've would be talking about that and I drove right so -- ladies I heard that the coordinators of the browns Gregg Williams in Todd -- got a fight this week and I just as a -- my hallway hole what's intriguing and entertaining to the right great story right there I don't like Todd -- at all no one does let's play Greg Williams fighting do you go Gregg William -- your -- there and you're defending Ben Roethlisberger here in the Big -- always -- never got a -- nice to see -- on the inside on this not really should be blaming his offensive coordinator -- that's not but aren't so that's what's on tap for today -- two -- actor and spray at Peter Johnson our brand and -- good news for Portland sports fan. And it happened last night I bet you don't even know what it is on to say what it is next during spring with the on the fans are pretty. Glad snows. They'll have he's got a clean up. Also I needed change CNBC for Jeter had it's not Friday hoops. Happy Tuesday though OK and I ended may be just somebody thought for a moment it was Friday in a major day you know and I honestly I saw the weekend and I thought we are gonna get the weekend at forgets the last aegis that WE EK yeah the weekend Yahoo! wasn't the case now. You know our air qualities as bad as Beijing right now Ali got a lot rally the mask out there. As horrible and I'd go try and plays golf and it's not a golf courses are just clearance wide open tee times is this is how it's going to be the rest of our lives every summer. Seattle in this one somebody can correct me if I'm wrong this is like a way not close fire this is Canada fires in it I thought it was a Kallis fly bedding northern California is on fire and it was like slowly seeping up state from. Slowly but surely. Because there was did you not read the story about the got it started out fired on am now he was like a satanic ritual is kind of guy innings he was like tell people gonna burn like it this is not an accident fire I think this was a purpose that dude is crazy fire great. That's what I love that's exactly we should do in the summer I've. Cognizant of dumb people out there to continue doing it is this is probably about the time last year that did big. Yeah fire started near Mosul falls. 'cause I'm I wanna say that started mid August and in the early August kind of I remember that ash was coming down and got a bit worse and worse and personable Bork burn down one Southern California is completely on fire right now Tim. Is insane like this is how is going to be the rest of relies going to be able that. Hey there was some good news though despite this poor air quality great news for Portland sports fan yesterday. The Oakland Athletics had 101000 people in attendance for their big. Series opener against Seattle Mariners game and a half separating the two teams fighting for a playoff spot to end Rockies crowd down there and now by the way that's tickets. Given now that's not actual attendance some people believe there might have been six to 7000 people in attendance yet. This is coming off of the Oakland Athletics if you don't follow them on social media. Since its early mid August now. They are now bragging about their July attendance numbers. And on July 3 when he first they had the most people that have been at a game this year 56000 lies that they did and look what we did this is such a fun team and had a great attendance streak going in July. Well people are start new uncover the truth here they had eight home games in July. The July 21 game was against the giants. 90% of which were giants fans. And three of the gate where is the series against the giants. So their attendance was completely inflated everybody heighten it up when reality is the giants rule that area. That was all giants fans in the bay and it made the numbers look wept much better than they really were and last night he tennis on the reality and the reason this is good. Is because you know as time goes on and we haven't talked about Portland diamond project. In a couple weeks. It's time continues to go on down there and the more there's not a stadium solution. Man Fred continues to put out a expansion with Portland. I'm still not sold that Oakland's gonna figure out a stadium situation at some point. Rob man Fred and people in the baseball offices need to look in the Mir in just realize. Oakland may not care about baseball as much as you want them to. Six to 7000 people at a game is absolutely pathetic. That's relocation. It's as bad especially when your team as the hottest team in baseball you have a loss munch in what like 34 months and my three months and think they've lost one series it's crazy there on the they've been on. You know I I get pour attendance with Oakland early in the season. Because their ownership group doesn't spend money they often sell off their best players it's usually a rag tag group of guys that not many people know about. And you kind of won a stake into the ownership groups for not being more committed to winning. But then every single year they stumble into a year of on every year but a lot of years they stumble into a season like this and you would sink by August or mid August it would have turnaround of the point of people would be going of their games. Considering how hot they are considering they got a chance not only to make the Playhouse the potentially win the division. Nobody saw that coming in the beginning of the year and if you can't get fan support at this point in the season. That's a terrifying sign I don't care how bad your ballpark is. That is it a decent excuse for some nights for them that ballpark is the worst in baseball the second worst in baseball any outside a Tampa. All but when you read this point fighting for the playoffs you go to games it's cheaper than golden giants games. It's like substantially there is no excuse to not support your team and only have 6000 people show up it's embarrassing. How many mariner fans if they when I had the opportunity to go to that game last night for ten dollars or under would have done it. Right there's your there's your chance right there you have a playoff team you've got another team right right on your heels coming into town for three games sat. And you couldn't get more than 7000 people. I know some cities. Like the Oklahoma City and Seattle playing with it the Sonics to the thunder there's always different stories and circumstance here. I'm gonna get out right friends say I have no qualms saying I hope to god we take note the athletics from Oakland. And edges is a reality the city doesn't wanna pay for it. They don't wanna pay for it they don't get the support you can tell me at stadiums sucks and it doesn't it leaks raw sewage. It's ten dollars to go to a game you can sit somewhere where there's not human feces floating on your feet so that there's there's no excuse to me. For not going to that ball game last night and that continues to be what they are in who they are. I hope that we take him from a because quite frankly I'm not even sure a quarter of that city cares about that team. It's warriors and then even the warriors are going to be going across the bay what in another year it was a stadium deal done next year are between nineteen I've only ninety when he nice scene I this cesium one more yes. And then the raiders are going to be in Vegas in two years out so like I think there's a lot of sports fans in that city. But I'm sorry. We would care about that baseball team far more than you would on I think the Warsaw and I wanted to get today that in the war sign of that is when you give players having asked for stuff. And Matt Chapman their third baseman. Said this after the game last night. Sony is this time also to just encourage people in Oakland to come out man. All the fans and support we can get we can really appreciate it you know tonight. We're fighting until the very end against the Mariners then I just wish we could get some more people out here man here's what's on the watching we really want the fans come down supporters have been great. That's really sad that sounds like a son asking his dad go to his game please come watch me play at please I'm really go is at at and I'm way July 5. That's is the fact you have to get to that levels. It in the latest news down there I mean a lot of this is people argue if they get a new stadium will come in the giants are decent example that some years their numbers were down a candlestick and it was a big day let's build a new ballpark people will common that was the case they built one of the nicest and all of baseball so that's the blueprint that they're trying to use down there. But even beyond just simply the lackluster attendance numbers which have been their all year outside of three games against the giants in July. Though the latest reports out there Howard terminal site have been terrible it was a whole group that he that is even been created. That's opposing the deal they don't want and there's no traffic plan there's no partying. They don't want the congestion in the area. Like there's a whole anti Howard terminal campaign ads going on and that's kind of one of the last ditch hopes. If you read into it they have two options it's Howard terminal or its terror down the coliseum and build a new stadium there. Wish I. Where do you play in the meantime has a lot of questions are coming out as well also. There has been no momentum towards a new stadium deal and an English Major League Baseball looks at these numbers big game play out on the line. Mariner's big series its players baiting for fans to come. To really balance the a's right now and. I'd give an inch is good news for Portland because I think you know the worse it gets down there were no stadium deal in inside I'd I just think it bodes well for us. With the Portland diamond project group are right let's go to football in the pac twelve and talked to Mikey M of the pac twelve network would do that next the first. But with the sports update. I look back 101235. On the standard Sprague would view on this Tuesday afternoon let's talk some pac twelve football and are you. Maybe. We does own up on amending. What we expect I feel before he's this is not a fan Jimi Hendrix in immediately on how do you like Wayne's world yeah tankers that so I think Cindy. He thinks of the the dance in the bunny dance scene collecting prank called right now is I'm not saying scoring that does sound. And a and things going on. Now we don't have them now. Come on the hammers for China talks and apply here is on hold and then we hit a button in dollars and it was like cameras is good to go on now is not good to go heart rate just stopped me. We I will say this for the the producer background in Maine I feel for buck right now it's not fun these kind of moments in your descend like appears scramble of what happened and I make a mistake he make a mistake right who is whose end is this mistake on we don't know all the had a column back string and trying get him back on I did this with Lenny Wilkens in Seattle had booked a Lenny Wilkens for the show I was where can I love his story and I had called like 95 times and answer didn't answer yes. And then now the segment came. And he totally forget totally forgot that I booked him I don't wanna talk right now. Let me you agree that daisy said now's a good time I don't care if you wanna gonna put you on the air to limit Lanny aren't we got Mikey Ambac till now where is the other line right now tries again Aaron. Did you hear him. Yes yeah yeah yeah. I got really I got nervous at the series is a lot of the entry. I'm like. Are called don't drop ornaments my apartments. I I just got disconnected. Then I get routed back in and you're talking about somewhat like it sound like you're big you and I thought you were talking about first it I was like oh my god I like candidate that you felt that I got word there. You agreed to the interview you gamble catlett is gone. I did. I you alma matter of my words or product it's rare. That I replied never become anyone you have to be at a certain type. Category to. But yes I'm I'm ready to rock. Yeah like I was Lenny Wilkens by the way so he can big time if he wants and he did one time way back along time ago. And I'll tell you he's got enough ways of India. Lebanon and enough velocity we kind of like what's going on here any. We got my act. The guy that leads is like most wins the most losses that BA history coach. I just kind of Brett Favre loses there are you guys got most I'd status interceptions situation now. Michael avid art that although one might impact of network is our guest right now flag in the follow on Twitter now already Mike underscore yam. Let's talk some football league in my we got the football season is now rapidly approaching and I wanna start with something that our friend Jon Wilner wrote heeded his pre season top 25. And heat heat is top 25 based on where he things teams will be at the end of the year which I like that approach. Yeah. He's got organ number nine he has the the nineteenth in the the ninth team in the country. What do you think about that. You know what's really interesting every single year I looked up and I think he got awesome job covering property and attention which I appreciate. I think the one thing its interest in two years you might have known something that I. But every year in August we usually hit the road is UB kind of mix apple was able last week. Gene had a court out on Saturday that I. And I mean at that point to see the organs because I want to see with the new coaching staffs are gullible look like now or in. Pretty much got the same exact staff. The media last year obviously to report will not air crystal ball to him. They're don't seem to be different and what I mean by that as Chris ball hit out there out there about forty 60% of the practice. Which result line and just Cadillac barking and acts as the guys that are in the trenches which is different saw. In the practice that I would that really say all that because he had to be there was a point cracked where Crist spoke coming down on his eyes and you weren't checked out it seemed like his message was resonating. For a physical. From his team I think his comment to meet an account interest is you can't pick and choose when you want a physical. And demean I think you odd looks schedule and probably says to himself up Sunday quarterback. They got some melodic certificate to refresh. Guys and it's like 737479. Eat either team on the field eagle oh my god he's the biggest human beings Sheen and the organ has. Hat guys office supply I think it should questions. Still wanna see that that go to receiver is going to be warm. I'm Tony Burks James certainly you know a guy that could rack up yards deep deep team. To have though and it's hard because you're comparing guys physically treatment and it's like a Greek out on the football hearted taught me those comparisons. But I think John looks at account that's birdied there. And on top of the schedule that the look you go to that that September game against Stanford if they're you know they beat air all signed. I think there's a really good opportunity for the app. Have to kind of continue on this trend you know the fact that the Washington team. Is in Eugene I think it's important for up to lactic they have the potential beat top ten team. She wore when I'd be surprised if that happens this year yeah appetite saint acting. In the right direction. Well let's go to the honestly went to an estate that's organ stayed a new coach new staff John Smith coming home and in a might cause your wins organs AD -- wondering is this a winless football team did you see a winless football team when your in Corvallis. No. That that I like them at one I would Darren are probably elect the worst judge that acts topic it racquet a bunch and after seeing them. In the one practice last year obviously did play out that warms. I need a lot of positives year line. You mentioned John Smit homecoming. It's hard guy you know like our studios are in the Bay Area piloted here and sister LI group in the north east. I would say this about or about every tumbled up there and I got into tablets out Ehrlich what could act some time before practice structure made it was to go to him. And watches TY. There's something really cool and special about that town if your college student and I am not a college student and I like being there. An and believe now what school in the Brock. So there is like it's Kurt inside of me but it does feel like home when you're there and I heard this freeze the lot that China back. And it's a great phrase to use and I don't think people understand just how true is unless spent time. And to meet you really get to her exit. Right now the biggest questions Beilein is is it then and I think that's kind of an understatement I think there was pot reduced. In terms of skill position players that I saw on the football field I don't think it's or got conclusion that. That Ludwig starting quarterback I think honorable actually look pretty good. There and I asked John Smith about that and Michael Riley are practiced people seem to think that Connors or sleepless in that conversation starter. In week number one they're going to be plan a lot of freshmen this year and the best thing that I can donate to a fan who watches orchids. I was there in Colorado when Mike MacIntyre to call it Afro and yet play a lot of freshman. Did not look as good will be left targets as you're in state he does right now it takes time those guys need to develop and in time. Colorado won some of those freshman who work. Getting hit on the defensive side as opposed to blame it on offensive players when they got a little bit bigger state in the system developed. It rippling that's out division and it took actual championship now I. I think this is an uphill battle Jonathan Smith but I do think he's the right after the job and ninety she's out here. Which is football team I think this year might be a little bit rot. Now we're talking we might impact tool and networking is our guest now on Twitter app might underscore yam. You have the ESPN experience so I'm just wondering how often do you tax maybe some old friends back east and say hey. Can you give the pac twelve a little bit more love because it just feels like they do nothing but hate on the conference. It don't text messages come fast and furious especially on Saturday and at the end of the night I can't call. From doing actual final score and I'll I'll flip it around and I've seen like thirty seconds. A highlight from actual game that was pretty significant anyone you parts of their shell and they threw it into the and it you know it's like its 32 island like you got to eat here and I've dated a point. The night before media day we have like the actual commissioner dinner where you know a lot of our partners in the fox show up. With a lot of their cannot believe me I got a two years of a couple of got at least a few to remind them that there is good football that is played on the side of the country. You eat you mentioned Oregon by the way is there another sleeper team in this conference this year. Who got a good question. I don't know there. Routine that but I do you think they're not getting enough respect and I think you might laugh at me when I say this. But I would surprise them packed full media day. That there were five teams from the south like out of first place well I think that that's too much to begin. But if you would have told me that AS he was not one of those teams its tracks I think ceiling at the bottom of that division right now because the talent. But I get their Herm Edwards saying where it be people associate him with being character and he's boisterous and he says some stops and you mentioned at the four letter words and we're used to work I got to work with arms media bias because this but I don't know their team war. People need a purse and the that I met Ian in or out of it. And it prominent actual coach I'd be worried about her element here because it would be hard. I'd be heart practicing don't Herm Edwards and I used to think that. Before I worked with him when he was in work coach Jeff and I was that to be watched legal I want you could act and acting peers. I know there's a lack of college head coaching experience but he did was coached and well I don't think for actual ball like that I would beat. I wouldn't be shocked if it's you don't better than people. I dejudder on this one Mike Washington is kind of a heavy favorite for this conference to make playoff. And obviously they start season against Auburn which I'm still stunned that's not the prime time game Saturday and it's Alabama hammered out agree with him more every unbelievable but they got a big one to start there year a lot of fueling their run through the conference do you think we have a school is Washington the school. That can win a playoff gaming impact of the title game the way organ didn't when he fourteen. Yeah I actually do think they they had they're looking to cap the least amount of questions I was there on Saturday. Died the defense looks great and I don't know if there's another secondary in the country. That is going to do what you don't. Secondary is going to do these guys look amazing to me about how well all. You mentioned we want it's huge because if it was back innkeeper might note to locking her college football playoff. You lose in week number one you gotta go perfect rest of the way schedules winds up favorably. For you don't in the league and it looked at stuff we challenges there that they get to what if you like USC for example which it is which I think is important. But I don't know how many teams in the pac twelve can go undefeated acting technique pick up got lost and we want it might you know help out of orbit. They they got got to get it done here. All right there you go my camp actual network all over it does a great job in the follow on Twitter at Mike underscore yam. Might we always appreciate the time and let's catch up some time soon down the road. Anytime you got he'd be really appreciate about it. All right there you go Mikey impact to a network. Things he actually says he'd be a little surprised if organ and end up being a a top ten program but likes Washington's chances to be that. Teaneck and find their way into a national title what do you think Jon Wilner in San Jose. Wrote his pre season top 25 out he's an AP voter. He's got organ ninth. Dealing organ can really be a top ten team this year 55305. Is the better you today tax line. Talk a little more actual football next on the fence so the true well. Are we out of the second half hour a lot of things to get to we got some pretty big news to pass along to you guys out there what to all of that. Coming up here shortly. We had my damage you miss that interview he was on the top EO he's is. Can Nat check it out at 101080 the fan dot com am less Schwab tires podcasts is click the odd man section. You John will never San Jose Mercury news is he's basically the pac twelve Ryder army got a lot of beat writers but he's kind of like the pac told columnist. And he covers the back to a really well we Panama several times he releases eight. 25. And how he voted was trying to see into the future a little batons in this is where eating teams will be this is the thought. I'll ranking is what he's voting for China yeah he's not gonna say all this is where the team is that camp nobody knows right. He's got organ ninth. He thinks Oregon Ducks are a top ten team in the country this year and he cites strength of schedule yet basically nonexistent minus couple games. And Justin Herbert. But he. I think that question to ask with that is can go nine in three. Do you think that oriented O nine and three guys think they have the ability to because of how easy does this doesn't will be at all because of the schedule mom and if you if you answer that question yes and yes there's a chance that organ can finish ranked in the top ten with a winnable game when you look final rankings of last year. You had TCU finish number nine they asked three games Auburn obviously because disease and Abbott they lost four games including the bowl game. On Notre Dame was eleventh and they lost three USC was twelfth they lost three games it's a from nine Theroux prove seventeen they were all teams lost three games last years have you go niners for anyone to bowl game in eagle 103. You're good at the end that territory. And I think that's it it's tough when you talk about or any expectations because so many people when you. When you think if they can have a big year and won a lot of games it doesn't necessarily mean that talent wise they're back to where they were or their rebate and that kind of top ten talent category. It just basically has to do with the scalpel this team is gonna be three NL and on conference. In in your left to ask yourself how many pac twelve games can they end. Because it is third at nine and 30 you're asking for a six and three in conference even if you lose to Stanford and Washington still another pac twelve game that you can lose. And you can go and nine and three this season. It's unfair because the schedules accept extremely easy for them. But it's similar to the year that Washington had two years though Washington went eleven a 12 years ago and hardly beat anybody the toughest game they play was USC. But Washington fans apologizing for being eleven to one. What's your schedule you play who's on an orange got a really easy one this year day. He's got Washington the highest pac twelve team they're and it's sad and Ohio State's eight so I think he's taking into effect the the Urban Meyer uses Ervin if Meyer is on the sideline oh issue could fall of the second tier. I've ZDC means MIT have organ ninth Stanford comes in. Pats were Zia's Stanford eighteen. Dan has USC at 220. And he's got Arizona at 24. So Don well earnings soaring to be a top ten team. That's tough man that really is a tough one it ideally you're saying I don't disagree with the schedule part. There's just something with organ and I think they might be a year away from where they ultimately wanna be. And it was scheduled might shape up but you mentioned like Washington that year that they went they played nobody. And then their toughest was USC they lost that. And every it was like what's going on here to stamp forgot or they weren't a top 25 team really well or again was what organ was Alfred I think at that moment. And so everybody was kind of like what it was Heidi getting that's right you're right that data outcome. Organ has a similar set up. I dissing the problem is I'm not sure they are going to beat. I don't they go down at Arizona this year or does what Arizona's right Endesa and governance that's going to be a tough game in Utah. They beat Arizona pretty well last year in you gene and I thought they laid him Zach came. You top Stanford will be tell us he no matter what and Washington and two of those four at home. But those four games are there would circle and say I'm sure they fare in there and that's what could. A hundred set because of the schedule top 10 am and just another tier though. That's a hole that's a huge step to take I think that they're saying that this team has owlen and it's favor is we're gonna say in a million times throughout the first in the next two months it's non conference schedule because if you have questions about the coaching staff. I think they're allowed to ease into the season this year a few questions about on a wide receiver position and who the normal one guy as. You the chance to figure that out in three weeks of questions about some of the young guys and what stepped in they take from last year this year. You three games to figure all of that out if organ had their schedule of next year. And you're opening with a Auburn and a non conference game and you gotta go to Washington into Stanford if you had next year's scheduled this year. I think duck fans looking at that insane guy. As quarterback in the conference to their advantage accounting that's where the rat. Eight wins this your age for its a good seasons good turnaround crazy thing that ad that has tested in time to think about as it was last year this team went seven and five or Eamon seven and five. Just Herbert miss sixty teams yet and they were god awful on offense and they still went seven and five. And there's no doubt there are much better this year and they were last year it's just. And there's a little bit of the Arroyo offense what that's going to be all questioned her crystal ball that is approved factor their well. Are we allowed to get to an hour number two we're gonna continue a pac twelve football talk to you could pick any home and home. With any college football team going in your favorite team who would abate wheels are there our tutor in spring back with more on the man.