Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 8-14-2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, August 14th
The guys bring you the latest NFL news with NFL True or False, whether or not Oregon vs Michigan State is a marquee matchup, and the free beers promotion for when the Browns win a game.

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What's up everybody it's dirt when I think you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The Mac fans and now. Earned him broad ghosts here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan of your doing Tuesday afternoon. People are fired up today and we've had some good like gravel re debates both before the show and after the show also really too bad blisters can't see you do it's in coming back and is peaches and cream come on I Nina in Dixon peaches and cream you wanna see it again sign tell these TV companies and again tonight here and I'll talk to my friends at the scene of yet foot needing to see Debbie Ayers in the afternoon that's you know what's kind of funny about that so. When we don't you know I heard Irvin showed Els Robert urban Irvine turbines in Irvine easy shaft. Oh he's that ripped bulldoze this is not analyst Jeff shell this is what does he say to make her run off. I don't know he had a show like this it's. Yeah Robert Irvine is say he's like a restaurant critic I think your Megan is that completely and I just can't either ripped guys. He is saying Q you reconfigure ICM on the Food Network my grandpa was on one of his episodes was he really yeah food show like you bang your cousin show when the my cousin was on one of those shows my uncle was on his food show because they went to the Dow's and exploded in my face I do identified who the father was why does this guy have a show like this on the CW on some -- confused right now there's some mountain it's entertaining it weakened pulled out of in the Robert -- ago this my point go to like CBS right now our channel later twelve what the hell or any of the local channels playing right now we have the talk on CBS and -- -- the top -- days of our lives on KGW all right they bump and the Wendy Williams show Wendy Williams -- Half Sox twelve sounds like either should tweet of the programming say how many it is would you watch over us and you know give options able collections there but I like that idea you know what would you would the daytime audiences to what I wanna know more about this Robert mine's a Jewish because he was he's. Flavored town. A guy if you guys yet he has his cooking challenge show ya he what he's like that master chef and a gimmick they have to trying to beat that guy like set up a wash doesn't mean talent and why does he have like love life talk show. I theory goes know that Robert Irvine from being a chef this is like about wired too wide your man run now Tonya I don't and I got to show why is. Maybe has only held the box I'm taking my daughters' kids away for good that's what they're doing now what's the most random thing you enjoyed doing. It. I don't know found this interesting. Now well done to say like maybe this is his son does illustrate a thing you enjoy my will probably be cooking you've been adamant and all that's random. The most random lights out of crazy left field that nobody would ever guess. I actually really like to. Have a glass of wine and watch really cheesy bad movies and got. Yes I deckers nods it sounds like a pretty normal Ali night but I mean like really bad movie that not even like. Classic movies like dumb and dumber or Happy Gilmore. We're we're going and we're going real cheesy here. Real cheese and and I I laughed at Paul Clark mall cop sarcasm I gum kind of symbol Olympia I was going more rom com earlier around calm guy how and a C report rather be known particle pitch perfect. Well I'll watch him pitch perfect he asked at all makes sense now I was raised by a woman what are going to do at this was a Thursday night. And judge me if she gets rob. Mine. Is is this passion this is passions these tell me I need to go get like a cooking show or something that would be the equivalent of this kind dirty talking about spaghetti sauces on TV it would probably have people going why are you doing analyzed her ribbon meatballs on my screen the only talk sports why's he doing a cooking show them don't pay me in a box exactly F flat on feathers among peacock that's how Robert Irvine feels kind of are we a lot of second hour and we're gonna kick it off with this as. Did it stop watching daytime TV very he's sitting here drooling and everything like that on television. Wendy Williams entertaining well not her but but doesn't know she's tired about NRA is a cancer so before he was distracted. Mike goodies Maximus dirt brought up the question because organ scheduled a home and home in Michigan State but it's not gonna startled when he 29. Which is got a lot of people joking and laughing about. All you know who's going to be the coach how old broad to be at that point you still pretty kickass you know home and home again when miss can say those two games they've played really good double the number solid so I missed the trip to East Lansing last summer really wanted to go when I we'll have the chance you know I will be 45 years old Trisha. Good moment there are a lot of good. Will be talking about are people will be talking on 1080 the fan twelve years from now play doctor like. Brawny James junior is you know what he's got going this offseason or something is Greek freak out of his prime now like this you're earnings you can go in your daughter twelve years from now man your daughter's going to be what seventeen. She will be just about done with school yeah all realize ecology is a go to prom time she could be looking at Michigan State bowl pork trip to birds one stone. And we're trying to solve this Soria. You go check out these Lansing campus as say you catch a football game lawyer there I don't know how much of the as a dad if she tries to go that far. Like I allow her to be pretty independent. But thinking about your child being that far away at that age. Being that sex. That's almost just a little unsettling for me is a father as honestly as terrifying I have I go I agree with drop on this that I look I want my kids if I ever have kids to go to a place that I want to visit a very selfish in that regard. I don't go to a school that I can't have fun that. My guess Ike is citing got busier lingle gamers something Michael someplace cool this dovetails nicely and a future discussion. About what schools we like to visit it really does seem rather with your kid went to like all miss am not into that do just fine like Ellis you. How can guess at that Notre Dame now you wouldn't want a guy gay dads weekend that's what's amazing game. Here's what I visited Tennessee for the organ Tennessee here in 2011 I'd just graduated from my undergrad. And I immediately started looking at graduate programs that Tennessee is like that they're so much and when we don't stay there more. See here's the thing though I think we're taking into account. Like going to a football game and all those places is pretty cool. So are you only taking new account that's why you want your kid to go to that school without a doubt. See I that's had its own to me after two games it does and I go to one or two Obama a year. No it's not a season tickets and I can live there she could make it yearly tradition we sure did like K I'm gonna go to it'll pick the one big game I wanna come onto every year right and you go flag tailgate go to the game that's a pretty good point it's either that are going someplace sunny weather and I can go visit gem like Arizona. OK but let me give you let me give you a tough one here in the movie to really the question US. Let's pick pick up big time school that would be kickass beautiful ballgame just thrown out for you LSU got. Your kid. It's accepted defied schools right let's say bucks the trend of your intelligence is way smarter thing I. Two of the five are there favorites San Diego State who or LSU. Where you pushing. I've I don't push I'm OK with either a don't ask your opinion. San Diego State ignored on the Padres games all find some center's golden give me something to do which one would you rather than via probably San Diego State for the weather in the baseball factor but if they went LSU I'd be totally cool that you go to the LSU Alabama game go to the LSU Tennessee game maybe they play non conference game you can go do. That's interesting because Cindy just its party reputation is just through the roof so closer proximity to hear by boys are trying to be a dad that nails cut Ko answer would lead time well well well I really the offspring get anything done there and I partying so much now well there's parents have to worry about that he had to run a matter where I was gonna go. That's its critics say it didn't matter let's go all adds is going to be genetic for him it's just round all right well let's get to a dead big question was asked before the show. So organs playing Michigan say which is pretty cool. If you could have you were favored programs some this is going to be tough one for organs because they never use again it but he your favorite team could have a home and home with any. College football team in the country. Who would it be 55305 we'll get that next on ninety any different. You know I kind of did drop the ball in the last segment. So it wouldn't be like watching she's news that's just like in interest that you wouldn't guess I just a related to Robert Irvine. It would be my love and affection for monster trucks. Yeah no that's a super random thank you might have his radio show in and randomly you saw me on TV doing a monster truck breakdown show yeah like a post game show who would you dig a grave digger. I Indiana high on that one they do you really make wise to come on now doing that and a Eddie Moore and apt comparison. My it would probably be in that regard the urban cowboy ness of me that I love country music and I love rodeos Seattle. That's the one and did that really vibe with a lot of things in my life but it Sunday not passion about that color name dirt good vibes with that it does that it does now. Think we always got something here. You brought up this question before the show. And got a lot of people like wondering with in the office and we were kind of just curious what what listeners would come up with here. So organ gates gets a home and only Michigan State in 20/20 nine. If you could ideally pick a home and home series and anybody in college football and beer fan we all know the reality here Wisconsin was about as good as you're gonna get. Yeah how would you want to Wisconsin do that nobody else will. It was like Wisconsin was a down program at that time oh I think below most of the coach gadget you wish it that was more McCorkle quid pro quo and cultural politics if you get a schedule you have to do it that way well most schools I don't know Wisconsin thinking here 'cause maybe they're not in the recruiting ranks of some of the other top schools yeah they're good program. But some as disposable commodity here because one they only is worth it recruiting wise ego or again you're competing against organ recruiting. You're not really competing against organ state recruited so would he get out of that OK I'm. But did you get ideally pick any team in college football you get a home and home. Who would it be. Well I haven't answered but I know it's going to be your answers so I'm not gonna have the same one as you because I've a feeling we have skin cancer this question after thinking about his long and hard. I you know I think I'm probably on this one. Gonna go in Georgia. I feel like Georgia LA and hedges between the hedges. It's a great atmosphere I've heard it's an amazing them no matter how good or bad that they Dan 88 gets away from the Alabama stuff I guiding Alabama's two cliche in an answer LSU is really tempting because at just the idea of going to Baton Rouge. But I feel like Georgia where there rat right now as a program. The the aspect of getting them to come to your place and a fun place to go visit well this is going to be ten years from now because that's how cause I don't that is the way that they work our eleventh. LA CC out more 2029. For scheduling 2040 right now and 29 Michigan State's actually comedies jeans your have to wait right thirties on an amateur or Georgia on this one on Georgia but who would you go. I actually like. The LSU answer better than that Georgia answered just because I think on top of getting SEC football culture you can also get tectonic cajun Baton Rouge culture yet. The food getting their tailgate experience may just have a different vibe to it in Georgia's. Ole miss is no way at the top of my list they're you know they. A Cecily claim that they may not win every game but they've never lost a party ever gets really turned out be at at the grove there that would be very high mail list others I put down. Texas West Virginia and Wisconsin. West Virginians is sleeper you'd wanna go to west West Virginia woody or fun country road weary at all Hillary have beyond now like I think those people probably really know how to Taiwan on they have a good time yeah someone tells learning how to help them burn out after organ beats them what I'm part of this tools for me is trying to rule loud deep bags fans and I I don't know that's tough to identify know what is for sure but I think you have some stories like the driver from Morgan State in a winter that LSU game is at LSU fans were awful pool I've actually heard them usually the opposite in CI I have not heard good things about LSU San I don't wanna deal with Alabama fan. You don't wanna see what it's like in Tuscaloosa on game day though man hand and a I mean sure I do but not a top my list see you guys I know the route your taking and don't blame me your take in the route of going. And that is pretty cool like but you mention that East Lansing drew with the organ. I am still kicking myself and I'll always take myself. Because that was the year you could've double dip organ state played at Michigan that morning same day out and then organ played Michigan State like in the evening did you could've gone to both applicable people who I know that went to both that would be really cool and they said it was kickass. It's always regret that I also take into account though the feeling you get to win that opposing helmet trots into your stadium. And I can equated the best way of saying I'll always remember the first time I watched USC and Oregon State. And cottages that surreal holes are trapped thirty years ago he had a big deal because who they are there's something cool about seeing that helmet. Run into your stadium to deceive your team can upset him so and I don't have that with Michigan State. And I was at that organ Michigan's it was a great game awesome game and I agree that analyst doesn't like this change needle what I would likely Michigan was there are Oklahoma was there you say Ole miss and I don't blame you for going to Oxford I would have zero emotion or Kerry if they can surely you're gonna do was beat an SEC team in uranium and say we didn't necessarily seem Arnold's intention which is a guy that's great we did have one Bieber fans thanks in the Betty today Tex signs salmon be realistic here and I go Vanderbilt so we get a couple SEC blends. And then we get to make a trip to Nashville. Yen which is not a battery place and make a trip to boy that's a sneak did you speaking thanks so when I went to the game in Knoxville we actually spent two nights in Nashville first and then we went to Knoxville after that it was a really great. Two city combo tripped. The taxes one the end Yemen oss and I would highly recommend it it is kickass tons of places to eat and drink just a really cool vibe. That's stadium Sox but having them come back without us no time went out of the needle I'm with our core balance would be a big deal why I'm still always going to be. Since I'm not alarm I thought it was cool in the moment because I wasn't in college yet I still on jealous and think it is so ticket you guys got Michigan and Oklahoma to come back GAAP. Thank watching Oklahoma going to oxen. I remember watch they came on TV Adrian Peterson injured dislike. All Oklahoma is here is a big deals a big deal he had LA and you still having can you give your answer now because I won again and if you're knocking again that I probably. See I'm tough because it's almost a tie for me I'll probably lean Clemson now watch him do the rock for the opening see what is that called the Howard how are Ron Howard's rock. Virginia Tech enter sandman is pretty cool Blacksburg for a night game whereas these sleeper and then I've always for whatever reason loved Florida I'd go to Gainesville that would be really cool. Spirited there's clubs and I did when he uses an answer is yeah I think Clemson is my top panic just traded for everything he get there the fans seem like they'd be pretty cool just because of how many years they were like the program that couldn't do it and they were always knocking on the door. I is a man I've dealt with some big time programs just from traveling to organ games. And it sucks when you get a bad one yeah like Ohio State fans sock I know I already safe and you go to that game this year you'll learn that their fans reduce or they won't care QG for sure how I hated Wisconsin fans at that Rose Bowl ice I did not expect that going in the Wisconsin fans really rub me the wrong way there were a couple of them in the tailgate sexist thing or -- -- -- think you are at bay Wisconsin and nice like c'mon you Wisconsin and they think the same they are exactly right here are made there aren't they raise a -- is the one fan base that was the best I've always said does that them the most fun I've had it a big boring game was against Robert. Auburn fans for some. Like going around bar to bar because you mingle with all these guys when your at a game like that and they were they were cool they're buying drinks are talking about how good the game was. A slight disrespect factor friend SEC to a pac twelve kind of thing. But for the most part they were all really cool and that made the experience of going today game more enjoyable because it if the fan base is bad. Did it turns and like an animosities hang. We and you don't wanna beyond don't want that you don't agree arguing why exactly and so Vera but he's kind of cornered as they're elected it's going to be a fun game let's have a good time and adds to the experiences listeners says or again and organs they both have the privilege to go one of the greatest setting college football go Huskies. Right where the vomit button on your has board I don't know where that is. Yeah we don't we don't really have that on. A sitting we took about three hours for them. Yeah I mean look it is a beautiful setting up. It is is you got to give that to beautiful setting mistake on the lake did I am love this stuff like. A huge fan a home and homes when they scheduled me I am tonight it's still good to talk about eleven years are now did. But is it when he's when you get an out this is why it is easy schedule that the sure this is another reason why I'm hoping you go to eight because I think you give an eighteen playoff your more willing to do this stuff. Why I'm pretty excited when organ steak it's Oklahoma State. That's finally happening is that a home and homer just add Obama gets home and home did that's kick ass out of the of someone can I do all we've always wanted always used to play each other and they're both orange and black rock a easy just go completely opposite shell slackened and lightning blackened and why you guys and also troll that we can raise a 2000 national championship banner like they did for 1945. Likely did you finish eleventh in the polls are you claiming that. This claim to 2000 adding coolest team to see companies stadium. Forget domino on their only coming years I am surprised we haven't said Notre Dame Notre Dame has seen a golden dome come in and Elmer is Kevin and I are cynical but now like. Out of associate have there's been some I think bitterness from people who think. Notre it is an over hyped for too long at Charlotte they're almost like. The brand exceeds the product at this point we're right did does that even mean what it used to mean a million people are Tyson getting you to try to corroborate this awesome Tennessee fans where. They were outs the easy and then as serious just fun writing part is they have lowered expectations that years and it was quite as contentious because they were as competitive it's certainly not a single and walk no knowledge I only. It was Derek Dooley zero to lead and we were with some friends and I was in the group to have these shirts that they made shirt that said we'd hate Lane Kiffin to do that and we got three during straight guys everywhere. After. That's doing bad you what it goes a bit like Ole miss that would make Ole miss a lot of fun as does their fans like did we suck at football we just love to tailgate have a good time. At sick and I mr. wanna party would dole miss that probably have a shirt if you didn't Wear that tie in the whole Paul lo you know Buell a southern I'd probably where teachers says I love the blind side movie. Since Michael Oher went there pentagon confident. Just sandy Bolick a solid tee there's all of them blind side movie it'll be peace if you you know I automatically Craig. Put a nice soon for chicken you remain behind him that car I'll tell you why I don't now. I oh yeah and a coach shortfalls what's true what's false we'll find out what buck thinks next on tending to vent. Thank you won 35 so what. This stuff on the fan bases from all over the country. We at a Wisconsin San Texans say Oregon fan was that way they were awful. Yeah organ fans got a pretty bad reputation. Gay guys got some. It I think this is the tough part about fan base in judging a rightly go to one game and now your idea of what the fan bases or you sit around and bad bunch of fans out right exactly and I think the tough. Part like Wisconsin a year that they beat Wisconsin. You know they were coming off a stellar season in organ stage and you have a lot of but traditionally we're not a very good program so what do we have to be so a tie aid in angry about yeah there's an every fan base has has. Has individuals in it that are going to give the entire fan base a batter each night and you just hope that the people you're talking to haven't encountered the people there liked to have her I would say during the Tre Kelley run. It was Twitter for organ Ali was bad because I wish I knew and I would see and talk to organs in all the time in person. And they were always super nice no real shots we joke but nothing anything serious and then on Twitter you get people that will give you death threats. Can visit to think Israel's agenda anybody thinks Nebraska is the nicest fan base out there. And we NORAD that Nebraska game two years ago and I was say this they are in terms of niceness yes like they look like hey thanks for comment like everybody was India's somebody 'cause status of one moment and another fan ran up and apologize to us for that and cussing. There was kind of this era against that flowed through their fan base yes sounds like do you know who we already are Nebraska we used to be very good at this sport kind of thing up. That rubbed me the wrong way a little bit but they were very nice I'll give them that. Yet to see you're not even describing people you're describing the feeling sure it was an arrogance feeling good following through that stadium but when you Hackett and I any to a 100000. We got blocked out on did you cook this sounds like guard took this up. This lifeguard cooked this up I'm just going to tried you feeling in his dad and really just just keep the ship floats most of us and that's why guards. Yes so most of us are not like guards that's why I'm just gonna carry that torch for him today because first. True or false New York Giants first round draft pick. Think one Barkley suffered a mild hamstring strain practiced on Monday. Putting his availability for Friday's game against the lions in question. True or false false Barkley will not have more than ten more carries the rest of the pre season to preserve his health. For the regular season this is a 100% true to. I don't think he's playing against the lines and begin any more time the rest of the free season. You give them like three carries an accent on the you go over ten this is true. What does he need any more carries for he does what it. Yeah I need to learn is running routes acknowledged he is fine he's ready to gul you don't wanna risk injury here in their season might hinge on his health. Let's crazy to say but he is gonna be the focal point of their offense and no doubt back on they showed I hope. Will be true I'll does lessen five I open zeroed in the on this will be a. Yeah I'm with you guys having true is the right call here from I'm not a football player to not play football from what I understand running back one of the easiest. Positions to learn as far as the offensive scheme. He should be taking all the mental reps the rest of the way in practice in in the film room he doesn't need to touch of football in the pre season again. Moving on to number two bears' first round pick linebacker ropes once Smith. Finally worked out in the find out why we worked out the fine print in signed his contract to join Chicago. True or false Smith will not receive any fines for his on field. Incidents in his rookie year namely helmet to helmet on field incidents I don't think he's gonna get one. So I'll say that this is truth he will not receive any fines. As crazy then the fight for that long over this. You know and he didn't really necessarily have needs the and as history in Georgia being a dirty player you know when those kind of guys every bit faster kind of had that Alabama needs some of those hits he had college like 2000 stoning in America when that national title against Clemson. So because of that history not having never been patient I was stated this is true and I can receive any fines. I'm gonna go contrary in on this a mystic falls just because after all this work to get the fight for and worked out why would you define pop up. So that's that's right the wind is I'm still not sure though on the rules out doesn't even weighs in one hand is edges and we've we've taken chooses a league that was dirty we're gonna find yeah. I guess they hit it reviewed is my understanding candidates and down enough and in the intentional in violent nature of it if you know but as being held up and isn't. Make it much movement you drop your head that's going to be worse than. If you try to break up a pass over the middle or something like that and I don't know I don't think the NFL knows. I don't think they know I'm at and I know the players don't know it's going to be an interesting three weeks to see how these last three weeks of pre season ago and how the NFL react because I don't. Think we're at a place yet where people are real comfortable with Iran right. Number three multiple fights in skirmishes broke out during NFL practices over the last couple days including one in dolphins camp. That resulted in the team cutting. Defensive line and deep right for taking a cheap shot at running back tinian Drake true or false. It is the continued escalation of the number of flights in pre season training teams that will cause delete. To reduce the length of free season EMA the number of games in the next few years only. This is a 100% fall how stupid idea to. BJ cheap shot your own teammate. In the moment I can kinda see why ads at you are still got a helmet on like you do that against a guy on another team rescinding your fighting or whatever is not that big of a deal in your locker room you do that like fights always happen in training camp. Ticket cheap shot you running back you have to be psychotic to play NFL football. The list of like how dumb like I don't know it's dumb icing in the moment they are so wired different way. Then they they don't think about anything they are blacked out they are different people thought this is under present false they're not gonna reduce any regular season games. Now numbers pre season game. The orders delayed depreciated in the number three now yes ominous sit this is falsely on a pre season the out campaign the number of priests games and practice known as well some say is falls under an asterisk diet. And it's only because the CBA won't be wrapped up in the next two years this will. As a meaningless game to begin with that nobody plays end and maybe your deciding who's gonna make your special teams line up but. He should be able to figure that out the first three pre season games when you have four quarters and all those games. This will happen but not to the CBI and C. d.s CA is up to like 20/20 12020s. Would eventually will but just not the next two years. Yeah I agree I think this is false police wagon road it's ended the fights are the reason for these snow wind and as a parent I don't think that'll happen at all I do think injuries piling up in the pre season will. Eventually put. You were games on the schedule so. We'll see how that goes the last what we have here on the list. I suppose is one we could save involves Bud Light in the Cleveland Browns you wanna hold on of that laundry when it's your fault here. We didn't do it we'll do the germs faults are right so a Bud Light promotion was what has received. A Bud Light promotion has placed gene up coolers full of beer in several Cleveland area borrowers. That will only be open and distributed for free when the browns win their first game this season. Sure false browns fans will not be drinking three Bud Light and still know them. This is fault this is false c'mon c'mon the browns are gonna go fine if an eleven to extend this you play so it's a home against Pittsburgh at New Orleans home against the jets at openly and hold against Baltimore home against. LA chargers. At Tampa and Pittsburgh got to they've played before November they'll beat the jets jets raiders are or ravens I'm looking at that three week stretch. This totally would be a game with the chargers dropped because they are the chargers after all who. Whom they'll get one of those from the jabs on the road and over in her home against Baltimore other gonna get one of those three did in the year that he Jackson won one game. They beat the chargers on Christmas Eve in my not just in Miami called the 2016 schedules they beat settings San Diego on Christmas Eve. They beat UC LU wants or is there was an it was in week sixteen B well when play owned fourteen that's right. Wow. As silly team he's ever beads they got shot down love look at the chargers again this year has got the head she think he's undefeated against. Charger for the C Abbott as say this is false as well although. I think it might be Dicey I think that they might get their first win in week seven at him by conceal who I am Ottawa who Janus is a start. Yeah walls or are you know boy this is deal's going to be he might not be in there just because he's a terrible quarterback and dirt cutters did not commit to him start and we forum. Is Jamison terrible quarterback yes is Marcus Mario and a terrible when hell no he's ago. How many times has Jim has been the playoffs between these spray into playoff win. Pass LA Louisiana none. It's Rangel is asking the question is those stats and here. Playoff quarterback Marcus Marianna. Playoff winner marketing Mario underneath it it it if if if I were both pretty badly. Not the playoffs. He beat Oregon in a playoff game. Who. Exploded your face it net nods that question and allow me to attack it exploded in my face. Diego NFL unsure of false that we do every single Tuesday at 130 speaking of the Cleveland Browns and their promotion. What do you think free Beers is a good idea prince sat next on Fam I dressed up. Up red team back frontrunners always none any final months so why would you ever pay more for you gym membership that was not the glorious us to gain some now are buying all day off. Off. Today up a bit tomorrow bright and early I was there doing a little work and let's bet hockey's. I had a big bag and Jai enormous. Bust dude. Plant themselves right next to me intimidating and bench press probably 300 intent on the incline redoing about 95 a couple of a couple of fifteens on their dogs kept country. He's awareness same Alfred and you gotta go works out it kinds you know. Now you guys do mound saying there you feel good you Icahn gains Max size today. When that guy he sits next to UN and does his thing on a much bigger level little intimidating you tend to do is kind of walk away to a different area and planet information. Did you help you take some he's played softly as if it. I did see well as yesterday morning there was a conceal or count the morning in Lawrence on Saturday pleaded today I saw a car that was your make Gaza guys predators are I would see him in a week. And then I looked dead and for a brief moment I got really excited and and realize it was in your car but the seats were covered with like cow hide they had like cow hide covers on the inside their seats. I did trigger a fall last guy you like skins and cows up fair. Bring it back put it on LA's that is cart now. Now on his car I would have done the grizzly bear hide it technically not admit I'd rather not that's right. A question for you guys is there anything better than free beer. OK I mean to sound like years not guy here dawn till way it. Dearest one particular fear that I will not take for free free beer now there's on the short answer is no. There's no such thing as if I if somebody walked in with a any kind of beer and you would just turn down there's one bureau sentiment he's in now I don't like that there. Now as it has gears now I don't care how bad the beer is rob or take altering condition can now say which spears is no right now not for for a potential run us into Asia and I understand that's why I asked him in the Amazon. But the Cleveland Browns or do and it's they are far. Trying to celebrate winning a game this year they're hoping they're only game I do like the attitude and approach here so they are they have partnered public Bud Light and they have an apparently. Feels Clinton blocked four inches of beer. Oh around their stadium now they are filled with a about a 101 or two CB 200. Aluminum sixteen ounce bottles there's these little orange fringes and they say at Cleveland Browns and on the front evidence says when the browns when. Cleveland when it's in the promotion here is when the browns won a game this year did you guess I should say if the browns when again this year. The fragile automatically be unlocks ends the fans in attendance will get free beer. This is a genius promotional idea what you think everybody that's when he won and Miller will really get a beer though are using they run out I think you are underestimating. The love of free stuff. None are no I'm not underestimating the crowd wanting it I'm saying whoa they not think. Everybody that can drink will probably ball once it they I don't I don't know I don't know how many of these beer fridge examine the stadium has had done research on that I've been to blazer games when they had the Chiluba promotion day would be out of those coupons to as people would get multiple. And then you've locking out all my solution and they make I don't have any more it's gonna date you make I don't wanna lock down there at all saying only one out of three to open and I basically at that point to Boise and now I just say no because I know I'm never gonna use it. Takedown ninth and now thank you but I'm not gonna go to that place I don't know why I was cut this is it this is the beer yeah sure it's okay eight I'd like Budweiser a lot actually I'm really big Budweiser and I do now like Bud Light in your diet but that he's an animal up but have you asked south gimme some butt head are easy America's nonstop during the summer I'm out on this so yeah this is the promotion they said. Related say the bud but my Brown's victory fridge is a fun way to celebrate and reward a fan bases never wavered and enthusiasm board dedication to their team no matter what happens. This is what's up Bud Light said in a statement we're proud to show our support for Cleveland revolver always looking to bring NFL fans and friends together. For memorable experiences. Yet I'm curious how many people will just pass on this out of it I wanna waste for red. But brought up good points about they stop alcohol sales like the in the third quarter right so the thing was that I read at least in slack. For false is a diss. Ridges or locked bridges would be placed all around borrowers in Cleveland not necessarily the stadiums are also not the stadium stadium I don't know how you get around the hole no beer sales after the end of the third quarter so you put them not around to say I just figured they had to be in the stadium at your point they probably can't do that so yes hence the gonna be a bars. That would make a lot of sense you know OK yes here right. But the real profit but even that's easy conceal the beer in their right mind a clear piece of we don't know what we don't we hope it's not glass. Probably Plexiglas but there will be some of these you appear people are gonna try to break into the is a lot somebody's gonna punch this and got a hand on this is gonna happen you guys don't have one beer. Dennis somebody goes here's a couple of beer you go thank you but I'm good yeah I'm an idea. And now down you have a view I will not drink a blue moon if offered me. Now really seem not like limited to Shockey who hate it it's like fate could be here. He's a little Blake made it but even remotely was it January bright blue moon was kind of my gate way to really. Getting into the craft beer senior ballistic keeping an agent I got to get a lot of vegetables off of that gave way and they're like this is great appeared no it's not found the key players do once you get into pressing forward he's in the good Craigslist doubts etc. yea just forget about that original gateway you know there's a lot of people out there are two that are the opposite way I know a lot of people that were turned down nice Beers. That they don't they don't like class CI PA's six dead sheriff I just want a bond liner Mike cores light will you know winning Juno like that's how most of them SLA is yeah I got ten members that are like that yeah it's yeah I feel like image you know bar and there are like what you're like well IP is you have on tap joint you can have the letter but everywhere you log into last Amar your Olson's. You're only in the last Ellsbury. But I went the wedding I went two for Mike and I actually showed up. With an IPA from the brewery the husky IP from Alaska. And it's a really get IDA. And I had an uncle. And his buddies were there in their from Alaska and let's just say we had to make another beer run because we had to go get some eighty different choices and yet it's okay. But had these Miller he had to go get the and the classic I guess a qualifier I would put on this is what's the setting that I'm being offered to free beer like in my hand edge in my at a drinking lewd because it that's the case in the answered to me is now. There are bad Beers but if I'm like out on a Friday are out party or some some is like hey we got this beer you won't want to ask her why not there's really not one now still a reserve that what now let's do it. Makes a little nervous on the blue moon and yeah I'll say no about lied and if I was going real Beers not even a probably wouldn't but if I was. I'd probably throw log any design there. Now relief you now lock and he does I didn't I don't think I ever try to tell we did first year Ben dale trail. And I two I put it I got a ton of it in my Hydro class. And a porn like half of it out I hated it is that's a sandy candy that I O clock news tonight. I was on the Islamic go to rating but that's that's a solid. Well distributed like those are going no no doubt no doubt but I'm just saying those are probably the only two Beers nobody's even named Matty ice. Now I'm blue load over Matty ice but can exploit has given us Milwaukee best analog might add a row and I saw Heineken on theirs while well Heidi generally I don't I'm not panic and I'm not a big not a King Abdullah drink when you give it to me for free it's free beer. They corona smell can get to you too can own ass Mac but you know and a we also got bush lite in Henry wine cards making appeared bush cites is pretty good one. You can do I it would have set some people in this building because they're all but heard about money but you could do a brackets college of the worst fear. Yeah Alley could never pull that off from that sponsors but why. I just because what if one of amended of the senate sponsor was a difference in us doing that and Jon Stewart bashing armies for thirteen years he has millions of viewers if you blink it's funny and armies actually likes the attention. Orson giving the company its Internet. I don't like but life but I tell you that Budweiser shirt still part of the company doesn't unfortunately people don't like you quite as much as diligently and don't think we're quite in the same category. Almost though and they were I like I sigh I like you I was C guys are right there by did not play Jon Stewart's each of you know you're dead spots there's like there's like the Jon Stewart class. Then under his radar and I try to say where the likable Eliza likable as does Ron is saying. I think people get their panties in a twist too much when you say some Indian like some outing like that does it mean. Danny has to be the most horrible thing for the company. Right like if somebody comes in and says this donut from nine donut shop down the road is horrible. Guess I'm gonna go do media getting a drug donut. I'm gonna see if they're right in the is a lot of people that they're not out there that the contrary play all right prove it lending to that ice in Milwaukee's best now after this segment I don't mind Milwaukee's best. If I didn't night they don't like Milwaukee's. Best them. How are area a lot Ali got on a but the browns are giving away free Bud Light if they won a game that's gonna happen and I think it's a pretty good promotional idea. They've got up to get to in the final hour they show a show announcement that we've been waiting to make that we've finally camel gets is that at some point we've been saying Tyrod Taylor's name. The wrong way apparently hue Jackson did something that made me laugh we don't want to get to in the final hour to go and ordered to spring on any defense.