Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 8-14-2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, August 14th
The guys give the details on the fantasy football league, Dwight Howard’s quest to be the next Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant, and the art of pronouncing a name.

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What's up everybody it's dirt when I think you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's harder. Teams to look back and hazy there man. It's wild stuff I have been like this in over a year member laster countless drive and an eagle over the bridge this more and accountable and earlier this do you see a couple hundred feet. And apparently right this is from a candle fire again. Yeah thanks and I have seen that the news of the day is a new owners are really bad one in northern California and that was messing up southern organ. But apparently that's this is all from from Canada when we flew back and we got near Seattle. From Alaska that it was I mean we flew in to this side pretty bad and somebody on the planes and this is from Canada and they said he go to Portland us again this well it's gonna be the same way importance of that Sox. But in the end the only benefit from not that there is one really. It was us the hundred degrees today it was but I was out there five to six minutes before show and it felt like it was may be seventy degrees. My phone right now res. 88 CI don't know I did it was supposed to be 99 I don't know if it feels 88 the shirt can be a little higher than that feel wise at least Ozzie cooler. All you need feels cooler than macaroni it was almost new when I was out there and a failure seventies and in our outdoor workers went out sound there Betty and attacks on 55305. We have a lot to get to some NFL stuff here in the final hour also NBA player said something that needs to be addressed this needs to be a topic and we will get to it won't just watched the development it's gonna happen lets up. Completed the breaking news out of robot can we have some breaking news on these people's I don't know if he knows where it is we know where this glittering and Hillary and now. So we have been waiting ladies and gentlemen waiting and waiting and we told you this is coming up next week and now we finally have a location. So you did not remember our big fantasy football draft is a week from tomorrow. Yes a week from tomorrow. And we have finally secured in finalized location and said draft. Come on down big thousand beaver attending Al big thousand Bieber did we're going to be in the sports bar area. And again and is next week at next Wednesday's until weeks from tomorrow Wednesday night. According to start this thing around six is on people show up in my start to draft a little bit later than that to give people time to deal at 26 and stuff and get out their behalf to. So for all the people who I'd give us your email only responded geely got you down create at least tonight Donovan over the places and were jumping in the deep amendments do this. Yet in all honesty. We know the time crimes involved here were about a week out from the draft happening. We apologize timeline wise we would just like everybody we've got your emails that we threw this out. If you can be there please be there we do not want people drafting from their couch. I live in organ city you live in Milwaukee we understand people coming from the east side over to be heard in. That can be a little bit of a commute we get that. Only they can maneuver commute date I'll get there you go into and I felt it's going to be a kickass time we always have a good time. He'd chart when your fantasy league. And Dow whoa wait a little bit will try to give people a little more time in six clocks we understand how bad traffic can be around here. But we need people if you haven't given us your email your contact yet we need you be there on Wednesday at and Beaverton in Beaverton of the house. Is so we have I believe all of our leagues are full in terms of me use lag more again we're send her league up and then markets were helping him out a little bent down but if you still wanna show up and you wanna play and you wanna hang out with does we all will take names because I'm sure we're gonna have some other leagues need to be filled -- is going to be out yeah I did not yet have the details for the draft yet I have not resemble -- why do you get those from all of you guys have done this before I was waiting for the other talking points so to speak. So I have a full be open for anyone who would like to join OK there you also attacks and 55305 it's better you today text line if you wanna participate next Wednesday August 22 my day right there yes. August 22 next Wednesday about 6630 you'll start to draft out of big thousand Bieber Tim are going to be in a sports bar area. They're set up like ten or eleven different just table flats Morrissey bring your laptop you bring your Smartphone. He drafty hang out we set the league's up on ESPN so is super easy to do. So we got a whole bunch emails already down if you already set your email and we responded to you. Don't worry about that I got the whole roster down Somerset leagues and so fury newcomer that miss those segments. And you won in the fantasy draft text 55305. With your email as you took down a lot of those emails the last time but now we had a film les Leo leagues for senator and saying so will Luke. Mike and Rashad I might soon be back easy to be he's in Vegas all he's only out for this week I got he's back next week so he'll be out there. I haven't Tex Crawford yet. To see if he's here. So maybe we cannot hold that out I don't know about naymick did either because innings he's still on baby watch is Buchan Crawford met when they have like the Spiderman mean moment I thought that exact play any they do are you know what we do we look nothing alike no and our Big Easy little it's. Yet but the rain is a little judgment echoes through bugs mind he continues at Crawford listen to the junior the old Jack thank who let the dogs out out of from our men out of the rotator. I asked dusty all I was in the in the first places that dutrow offered that is really get to go in Crawford is yeah he's a different guy so. We're gonna have everybody out there think Patrick is him doing his radio show the based on a show out there. She your email yes 5305 and we'll try to fill in as many leagues is we can't if you haven't already given us your email. On the first announced yeah I get the whole roster down soleil percent of these leagues again if you want incendiary you know 55305. The fantasy draft was is or like fourth one sitting one we've been doing this forever our fifth one a lot of fun big thousand Beaverton shout out to big cows for provide in the space for us it's going to be a lot of only been out there before us DOS and space to. You member year one. I do remember a year when it was its hole and epic disaster for us with us and nobody showed always I was bad it was not organized very well it's like 28 unless there and we had hunters can be like 150. By I pissed off the client so that is that's the trailer got hammered was cussing over a microphone and a sports bar have a nice. And we are not we thought they were gonna cancel this event after one year but they keep coming back from war and it's gotten better. Every year it's gotten better and we expected to be the same although again type crime signed a deadline we get Ed but it's going to be a great killer timeout in Beaverton avail so big goes Bieber did next Wednesday we for tomorrow all it's gonna be an awesome time century Noland 55305. NW Jim one of the leagues with one of these sand personalities. Going to be a blast coming out and double talk some football a couple of weeks away from the official start. Of the seasonal let's get to. In NBA player's dream. Dwight Howard where does his career go from here. You'll never guess that next on the Sam. And the size of the blood coming on the bottom of the hour. How about this on man when you get a headline headline like this he just he can't look away you click it you gotta read this story. I was hoping you and bring this topic up because I saw this this morning and I actually got a nice chuckle out of how my not gonna bring miss out wide hour we all of delight our on the show right. I think we're kind of laughing at him many things were laughing with him now wants one of them to be a blazer I tennis does stand by that would mind it. Canas Buckner. The Washington Post caught up led Dwight our member he is now in Washington he's a wizard. By the way the wizards have been saying all sorts of weird stuff this are you see John Walcott weeks ago said they should be in the same category as chaos in Philly. Table maybe if you're not in the lineup because they're much better without Shia. The wizards don't get it they don't quite go to donate players this huge ever that there in the hole like we're actually the best backcourt in the NBA and it's like you know I mean. OK obviously I think Stefan clay or is that. But like why is only when our conversation. For anybody argues against these tips from Claire the best backcourt play but seriously there earth. Four or five should they really don't want to ask you those that are better than those guys just worry about. Your own locker room that's for spout off here we go our Damon CJ better and that backcourt. After last year I would say yes he wanted to react to this that is based on dame. It's all based on gay you're bad plays better Damon Bradley Biel I was already thinking dame the defensive side because the right laser back or not great to know you are awful and I don't know that those Washington guys are much better while can't defend that great he does pretty decent in steals deals not a bad defender and -- is better than McCollum I didn't eat yeah I know for sure. Would they be would the blazers be a better team without CJ McCollum. If you switch Bradley deal with CJ went on us waging a losing CJ goes down for two months in the blazers have a better win loss record than they do with him in line up. I don't know what this roster now the wizards had that last year. They were better without John mall but how much does that speak to Bradley BO because he was her running the point Jerry Reese is studies a great player is really stink and get Nancy I don't know I had that have told me on needed to know about that backcourt situation and I don't you have that Portland Sayyaf I would say Portland would -- NC do you better than them. You could make an argument though feels better than wall. Yeah I agree with that I saw Brad feelings known and it was just wall would they be better now. If it was dame down and CJ now okay yeah. So maybe they're pretty close and had to Blair just like a better. Before we get you far distracted on this so she cut up wood Dwight Howard any as apparently a small entourage of trainers including Ed towns. Who is a pro turf trainer I'm in an approach her training big stuff big time. Also adjust in Zore Melo who has best ball analytics in big to big time and the best ball analytics. I don't know what you're talking about someone who maintains baseball fields it's all right by someone who plays golf in scramble the FDA's desire pro turf to take care of their infield and czar mellow as their new analytical guy you know who's getting on base kind of sad basketball analyst for your golf he's been a nickel and that's right yeah. Was so get this they're talking about a discounted in development at the last hour what the word Allah and apparently according to them last year when Howard I got to the hornet's. They were started transforming his body to make him more suited suited to stand up to life in the NBA. Apparently he was starting from 285. Pounds twelve point 5% body fat. Now he is down to who 65. 3.3 percent body fat has lost twenty pound he lost twenty pounds and 9% body fat and they are working with just to change his game. And they had this quote saying when I came into the league this to Arizona's Mike interleague I was playing against the shacks the Alonzo Mourning is the Jermaine O'Neal's. It was more physical. I'm going to see who the strongest kind of pain is an an arm wrestle match him for rebounds second SF nowadays. It's not the same game so as either evolve adapt or get left behind. So. Where is he changing his game. Is Carmelo said he wants to involve. In to Anthony Davis them into Kevin Durant. But his own version of that. So Dwight Howard. The next Anthony Davis Kevin Durant combined player in the NBA out of sync and I want in the. Same thing too and we'll see who gets their first. You know got a lot of hard work year. Is she insane because of modeling your game after one of those guys wasn't enough. Are you had to go for both you had to go to may be the best perimeter player in the league. Pair that wins the best big man in the league that's what I wanna be. Holy hell. Dwight Howard's never gonna get in his teeth and we noticed it Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant so does the rest of the damn police are terrifying is this for the lizards to do like women elite or does that mean you're gonna shoot a hole punch like what does this immediately tell you to replace marching or tie I was missing Orlando on the boards and put back some don't be funny Scott Brooks was quoted we can bring him into B Anthony Davis is. Why do you really we're looking for any of the day mr. Kevin were at and you're not gonna say no good bride Diana did they ask how and ran out I just read okay do this. What's the over under number you should set for three point attempts next year for him and it's got to be way too many all going decently high on that it's Dwight Howard he's gonna talk a mop fifty. Over. You take any overriding Ian sealed area. In 82 games he could take to a bowling game one or two a game what's the percentage. Bold what's the over under set at 32%. Are put it that I'll put it at 3131%. I'd take the under I guess I'll go under on the attempts in under on the percent on Iran I think I'm gonna try a couple but when it starts out around the 20% range though that's gonna and real court. And can fourteen NBA seasons. Do you wanna take a dig guests. And how many shots beyond fifteen feet delight our has made in his NBA career not as many three not as many as the three point attempts anti Avis have last year I mean I bet you can't guess. Three point attempts for Anthony Davis last year yup I'll say a 125. Tank. In. Let's go it was a banged up right failure to game 163164. Buck you almost have Baghdad on while 162. Any shot 34%. Okay. Shots beyond fifteen feet made in his career Dwight Howard and fourteen years. 31. And twentieth and this is this after he slightly better than that he has made 95 shots in his NBA career beyond fifteen to what you can't fault anybody for wondering if it's that kind of numbered. Given what we saw him do in Orlando which was back everybody down and dump the ball is he not realize and say he was to be anti Davis Anthony Davis started his career as a point guard and then all of a sudden grew like four feet and add to it that's why he has the game that he has is 'cause when he was at school he was a tiny point guard. And so he developed the ball in building skills and then all of a sudden turned into a seven footer and now this is is game would this be an equivalent. Of who would indeed back in the Jordan era. Barkley saying I wanna play like Mike somebody be loose Mike and Reggie Miller combined it. Do what would you talking about you know try to pick of a highly touted person then became a failure that we yeah wanted to become. The hall of fame player that was good releasing it ged and then kind of fizzled out. Somebody said I'm putting in the work at the gym to be to come of Darko Milicic and Tommy LaSorda. Maybe Mitch Richmond. Let's go on Mitch Richmond was pretty good but it lights out here is better than mentioned how Lebanese Mitch Richmond he was found back in today. This by the way too is something that Meyers Leonard would say. Are totally in my pregnancy when you see a quote like the headline you like please tell me did he did okay kind of restore power packed. Yeah you know get them get sold the gym and it'd be like Andy Davis is here as we've what did you say I feel like us. Myers would take it even a step further he gave me the quote. And nannies how blessed he would like. Do something with his hair where he could try to grow like an Afro and make. Are you actually trying to turn into those people yak as we did have a leader of listeners wondering does this mean he's just gonna grow a unit morale and get a receding hairline McGee is that what he means Kevin ran into David is a little RIA. Or is this a game. While we go look wise what are we trying to do here to write I want a model my game after may be a top five player of all time and apparently on the vessel and Shawn Kemp aiming to be a combination of Reggie Miller and Shaq. A good one really good and to really go Winamp. That's what our Honshu for the Lou and I guess I ended up being a decent midrange game Portland once he got off the county needs is gained all the way to he'd ever get off the Coke. I was trying to be nice. Think that happened and I think bill I don't know I do you life she did. I don't he denied it Portland by the way Isaiah Thomas we brought out of yesterday's comments he might be right. Shawn Camp only got on the couch once he went to Cleveland. Now Nelson bill. He. Rob you just. Have to do Giuliani's count command so boring. That's why LeBron is all about Akron it's knowing all the time your mind's thinking about it constantly looking out the window loans are due today go to the entire museums cocaine on ran. You can rock and roll hall of fame at times and draperies got to be rock and rollers SR IS you know as best he. Estrada when he exhibits because of how many rock artists have done cocaine over the days you know like one of the one of the places you go they go to the program the party would Mick Jagger for a while. Procter all students. Any chance now there's an underground rock and roll hall of fame to her is when all of this you can't allow drugs and sex that happens. You wanna do the same acid. Then all these guys did sell high to right now Ernie says in the Washington Post he wants to be Anthony Davis and Kevin Iran put its own version now it is not just gonna steeler copied their games. He's gonna take it in and be his only Anthony Davis Kevin Durant. And I yet to be wrong of him if he really does counterfeited those who exactly he doesn't get it into us and teased as he does not understand but I tell you this much wizards. Interest next year old they are already in right top ten league pass must why this got Brookstone jerseys so there Erica yes Scotty Brooks there you go wall Beale who do they clearly don't like jump ball. I don't know how it's gonna go when I'm gonna watch they also have I believe they drafted Oregon guard Trey brown did and they did some of Washington's fourteenth overall and a way to live for again it was not that good college seldom get to clean your way that works out I can. Not be that impressive do you in college and being like a really great pride with a guy siege over kicked ass Klay Thompson yeah clinically doesn't he did him in that play was really good it was due but I watched him in person multiple times and organ state I'd say a citizen award. Yet a game we scored six points and I ago. To discuss against Harden was that way for me I'm aren't listening to you I mean granted. You don't really see dog bit him draw on the found in the line do as much but I didn't think he had the chops to be a top three pick an ad in the NBA MVP right. Right now that's another level so I can't wait to watch is Tony's unflinching girl I know it's going to be fun and gonna be fun catch of fevered DC fever may be does he try to do the donkey did against Nate where he threw it in but he does that from the three point line C thing that's of the except balls that just got jumped its tiniest throws it hard won hand thrill camera thrown into the that the loop when he comes to Portland. I might have to not go as a media member sit really close the court and when he gets it on the perimeter young oh she's. Sure are. You know everybody's gonna stand 510 feet away from NC is gonna have his chances he's got opportunities here. But our thanks Kevin Iran denying entity name is he hurting your first get your Bryan Howard jerseys are I was continues. NFL star Shelley how do you respond to somebody may says your name wrong you correct them beat his role would fit how long he led the wrong name go on for. As we have a case that the NFL get to an X for your buck the sports and. Every art nice 7 series and I am fired. Coordinators getting in a fist fight maybe in China might happen HBO tonight fired up. He Jackson did some funny things would tell you about that in a moment. Let's get to this though is it how can you guys you call by the wrong name. There haven't Zia all the time my last and nice now obviously I got a FaceBook message from a listener calling me spray. Mean it's yeah spread during spraying. There he's ranked I don't know why because I don't think I talk very quietly. I'll get like older ladies at you know dental offices or doctors will think I'm saying bring in DE. Which. Full Brandi and I could see potentially we'll yes. Like playing well no Brendan and helping bring ratings yet so what do I say I'm dinner my name GAAP net that is my name in Els Brandon Brandon I would get but it's like Jewish name on late Brandon. A brand and the prime handy. No yes ma'am my name is Brandon I would check that is hearing thank managers may not knowing your name or message or name does well what point does common sense to to take over and we just guessing he's probably not named brand. It's happened four times. He be allowed cooler Freeman brandy and the kind of funny now for the show. And like device that my name's Ryan and someone said Diane dying his hand no Zach Hal ended know what the hell you talking about. Well odd but widowed when people quite the wrong in that you correct them are now jumped in and say oh it is now my name now I don't care. Because buck said he you guys brought this up on the morning show. Done it dozen or rather rather being not remembered at all or be remembered and called by the last name did not remember me because one I can lie to you but if you don't remember me I'm gonna be okay without you taxing me and annoying me. Yeah. I I don't care if you remember my name IDC that's right if you don't remember my name out of all over on tax terms. That's more like a social settings saying right but I don't that's one less person I have to worry about talking to. You know plus an awful as some well that's how CNET guy at the party or that woman at the party. And then I never have to deal with them and Jesse status. Economic semi I don't correct way is somebody says my name wrong or calls me by the wrong name I don't correct them I just go with the flow. How do you ever been in this situation no where somebody says your name wrong in front of people who know you and date corrective for you when you're kind of like EMS and I've heard and that's why our closets garage has and I everything dear parents dear does your mom or dad Evers to wrap your name was siblings decided that occasionally my aunt does she does. Now I don't wanna visit debated Iraq as I call a sale all the time our Brothers and Sam I still get that he Sam I mean Andy so it's okay in his role that I know need we know you meaning me. You know me I know you were dead you're dead right well the breeze would bring this up is because of pardon oxen Tyrod Taylor's cell. Apparently lassie now I miss this but there is a moment and Michelle. Where broken rollback who by the way star of the show last week that's a great name team on his name is brilliant you are broken was star broken was the man he was token of the RV was snacks in his name is broken you didn't think NASA was. A broken was the star NASA giving out financial advice I had a lot of people wondering where you investing also gets a 10% interest rate of return now that's what it was and how that returned everybody's wondering how is he doing is going on here you know. I'm OK you can have a faulty numbers but. So broke and now rollback my boy did back up back up back up maybe quarterback for the Cleveland Browns he was talking about the RV endearing to show he said. That he likes dude the way he sets things up for Tyrod Taylor. When I first heard that I thought. This chump doesn't even know dam into the starting court this idiot just said Tyrod Taylor. I kind of glanced over this until I saw the story pop up again I didn't even catch indicted does it flew right and I heard and I thought he is not going to be you know the starter not to like him very much right to get the first name so apparently this I get a couple people like Bucky Condit and you were like it's Tyrod Taylor okay. So this assassin and circulated around browns' practice this week in Lowell to pull players have confirmed. The pronunciation of the name is Tyrod Taylor so this falls into the gift or just argument. It is spelled Tyrod. But it is his name in his mother or father named him. And they said it's tough rock to this guy has been on the on the stage because as a quarterback at Virginia Tech and went to BCS team. And this guy's been a known commodity in sports for over ten years and he's never once corrected anybody at this point you're legal name is Tyrod. Yeah 'cause I don't think he cares because I can appreciate it would've said something never bothered him yeah I mean I I only as any different in the just gift situation or my mom did this to us when I was seventeen I found out my mom's real name. Has she spells and a certain way and she called share. I call them all life and then I found out her real name is sure re. Even though I thought oh yeah and seen it never said it in the source her name is spelled CH DRI. Celek housing cherry cherry but she's always introduce herself as Sherri. And then when I was seventeen. I hurt my grandma who is still alive at the time said her name. And I caught me off guard and I said when they got her real name and I Astor and she said yeah but I go by sharing. It blew my mind be I have I have a buddy I used to work with his last name was Lou LI youth Chinese name and people it was will speed Leo but people just said Lou gave up on in like middle school he does introducing himself as Jason oil as he went oh he's definitely Jason Leo fish. Saddam we still have this will one of our recurring guest friend of the show Tyson all her. Yeah we had him we would have him on the show on a weekly basis we dated for one year we tried him on too many times to count on the last three or four years. The dot organized football now the athletic and I just had him on Friday again. And we miss pronounce his name for the first year and a half of interviewing him and he never once brought it up. I the first time we had on all jury to always call them all jerk. And he never well all year. I think it's I think it is all Gerber with all juror we still don't know Texan right now Texan right now for the front of the pronunciation of his name full but here's the thing because I thought of all girl on Friday so maybe I'm mispronouncing again. Because we said it wrong for so long. It is injures seeing that you can be okay waited for certain time period and then tells somebody to correct it. Thirty left of the tax climate and beat the guy he says violence there's a real ones out there are yes finds good Betty today thanks I'm 55 TO five times in my name is Trent the first time I ordered a pizza from Papa chip on its. The Clinton in the system run now every time I call BS is this for trunks. It's as mayors exhibit this Stumpf is still about it hasn't turned. Yet it gets up down. Tailoring somebody's on the other side near miss pronunciation problems will get to the bottom of value say Tyson's last name for like the fourteenth time all juror wore. All girder to say is safe genetically sound out for a I am hooked on phonics is your last name in a text message please. And I see Woody's I becomes I would doing fanatically I'm doing a LL dash. Jay you are all juror yes and then the other way ALL dash G you'll yes is Kirk. Her girl or juror okay is encourage her okay. Camp that's over adds a Tyrod Taylor his name if you care is. Tyrod Taylor but he isn't sitting in the about it as teammates. Correcting everybody hard knocks episode two tonight I'm fight about that also how does the Cleveland Browns punish you for breaking the law. Next on the sample. You're listening and sorry. All jurors they call last name we I used to enjoy all the time Tyson all girder Oregonian organ live dot com brand. About a year later. X series they might have been a calendar year swagger randomly gets him on the phone right before the hearing goes. Hey guys and his last name is pronounced all juror I want what the breaking point was for him. He just had enough finesse and it's in my S name right I don't know has either way can be right wing you. Read it share so I'd I don't know what the breaking point one is and and I just over the tax line and there's a lot of good ones. This is one that's cut me off guard in three different circumstances. It's the white Devin yes and is it my name is Devin. But it's spelled DE VON I thought Yvonne my entire life right on the short skinny like I just look at me. He might realize dove on it's drop off on. I think that everybody calls in Devin he just gave up white Devin is a tricky one if you don't spell it with the guy man that's for sure is yeah I would yeah I've he met me and I saw the name I would immediately say DeVon. Make is and I'd. It's Davone Allen. See that's ago when I can't remember is a definite DeVine Alan. Casey was an ON I wanna say dead end DeVon Allen. Definitely have this case and everybody did he just never go right to wonder maybe may because it said during a break thing is he's not a skinny white guy was and he he's a quarter African American is an EAZ I don't know percentage but he is part and outlast you me I know of his mom or his dad who's half African America and you Mitt eighty meet the parent. You probably go Davone. Right yeah because you said during a commercial break but that John Rahm might be John ram. Yeah I heard someone save had that we just put the eight does sound on this is the way we speak this needs to have this needs to be noticed this last name is ram and you can go like ram it kind of jokes. That needs to be public knowledge and maybe that's why he hasn't corrected because of wanna go ram and because I dead Ewing college or high school he got this a lot of party Iran America. If you're and I said silly people on couldn't pronounce the spelling and Jeff I find the around college I was known as G off. I have a friend who DC June EO Jeff with the G1 with a GG off because it's how we tell the two jets apart I've never met this person but there's a radio I was not Smart not. That's been around for a long time and he calls himself that. And I think it's because nobody ever goes oh it's Jeff it's Jeff. It did that's kind of on you of your parents name you Jeff has value it's on the charity it's on your parents and your parents your name is Japanese village GE U oh half half. You expect it happened there. Literally that rigidity and see that the beauty for like somebody like yourself. You have maybe the most basic easy name of all time oh it's as simple as you began it's a four letter first name and easily the most common last name in American guy I'm solid in the name category. Actually some one point some dog on the tax line here part of the way that Nike lost Stefan curry is that in the yes is him. Someone called him stuff on yes in the pitch no way studied this story's crazy or. PH part they thought in their thinking. You know not Steven but stuff follow if you go yeah I can't remember who wrote this story but somebody wrote the story about how Nike loss on the staff legal reasons Strauss Fiat and and it was crazy because one they didn't even send anybody important to his meeting with his dad in him his agent. And ninety cent like some third wrap. And they weren't really prepared to fund this some thought they had at the bet I am telling deal again SNL character as a fond they called and Stephon curry and then he realized under armour wanted to pay him and he can be the sole face of their basketball division he said you know what they know my name on the north tower extra element where they accidentally left a slide in the PowerPoint deck that was specifically meant for Kevin Durant so they aren't ever going oh lied. In the curry decadent ideas like. You know my name and you really don't want pitching through how I want to grandma's shoes and under armor let's go I don't blame him after creating a story not at all not at all somebody says it Dwight how ordering Anthony Davis I don't know that's when they gets prince pronounce all the time points on figure that one out 61 is a Dwight Howard or Anthony Davis I thought it was Kevin Davis who we can be. Anthony during Anthony to rant and indeed there are twice during a mines lives Oak Hill and everyone knows pronounces it I dare you to get it right did I get it right you know hey it's ms. Rocco has the used to intern here that's who I think it is not go believe that is Peter result of the primetime shifts and there's no line there's no ailments and all I don't mean this is sound rude. How have you been here long enough for an intern to worry of coming gone he was in journey here when I showed up okay. And then he interned for prime time and then he did that thing at the end of the internship re read some updates all I heard him say I know yeah you're talking about at. I don't think he goes by Peta I'm pretty sure it's Peter out zealot condescending to column Pete. He has seen a peak. Eater thing is a tough one to have Peters UG a full name you know if it's your Peter do you go by eighteen or do you want Peter. And I think coming on the what's a pistol I was and they said my last name is pronounced fault it's like Luke fault they spelled F a LQ you eat. Called to many different names that are not safe for any this might be one of the best ones of all time to think I was blown away when I found out the real name Chone Figgins zealots like Joni for long distance they did spoke to keep. It would say is that's what good does. Showed me. You not in the name things is gonna pop up today bite you think about a lot of us have a struggle here I go by sprang juice brag he. Sprague. Lot of struggles out there may see no ideal in the name department of people not knowing what my real name is that's the only struggle and I have. We people they know our names are first two years here when your names if you didn't. CNN is nobody calls me and this and I'm quitting I think straight out president buck that was a lot of fun. Happy to thanks let's go giants. They've clearly done yeah tonight let's go baby to a row don't do. Now this is false just to have a scare me about care how you guys like 500 baseball it's cute. But to make the playoffs been to tiger we will this year. We. Hopeful but probably a little easier mark granting fifty on a Tuesday. Battle lines next woods acting to my news and listening to tending to him.