Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 9-11-2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, September 11th
The guys open up contemplating whether or not Fall has arrived, then they go over Sam Darnold's NFL debut, Mario Cristobal joins the show to discuss what's going on around ORegon Football, and the hour wraps up with Gruden's coaching debut. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is Durbin spray and. First maybe throw. Career. 41. We're attendee Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprint. Durden spray guns and maybe those soon. I'll ride in his 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt and spray on Portland supports a liter tin eighty the fan. Brandon spraying aviator Johnson in with you on this Tuesday afternoon feeling good ready to go. We gotta get one today we get great show today. And it's got to the first official day of fall none none of that field is down now now know eight on a scale assault baby when his fall actually start Robin until October. I know it's like September 21 or second some like that we still got like ten days to may. It's not the actual final look at the calendar to me it's all about the weather. I look at arbor jury means that you put on there but this weekend's going to be Seattle which is exactly near eighty again so messiness and lysine is added twenty whatever is the start of fall but what if we get a week of 78 in sunshine after that that's not fall. Well you know here's the other problem too. Going off what you're talking about I think in our area it's changed a little bit but not too much in the sense of if I name a season. You pinpoint. One specific weather summer sunshine. Winter when snow whole spring. And SCANA sent mixed whack hits right right where rain at fault for us is kinda. Lose the same thing it's a mix it say some cold or rainy some kinda on. It's Halloween time and and also it's like oh it's November 3 and it's 78 degrees today I think it needs to be consistently. Below seventy degrees one who'll once you're done with seventy degrees then you can tell me it's fall I don't think it needs to be I'd actually like it to be seven and I'm very exciting and I'm not saying and I wanted to be below seventy degrees under same when he tried to earlier this fall 175 degrees that. And I feel about that one what's the what's the high today. Sixteen. High 60s69. Yeah okay and Alex well I just that number out there but yesterday and today I see it on you yes it was my first day that I wore sweater since. I can even remember Yahoo! go on switcher guide and am I have been dove back in the pants yet I'm still hasn't pants are still cling into the shorts I've not done pants yet. I would say as a fact idol winner wintertime is just wonderful. When you can just wears some bigger clothes and sweat shirts and stuff tonight it just sits it's much more comfortable. Clothing wise he had well I yeah I can assure us that's got hot and sticky and stuff like fact I guess a Wear less clothes in the cold. Yet you don't need is modular insulate assurance nicer for a fact had a worse what you don't want is fads Richards as we do in T shirts I would even argue you don't need to Wear switzer if you're chew the fat well yeah you're you're always more serious gasoline out. And we're proud that insulated OK you jerk speak for yourself it's not all just proteins wired are over here I don't enough to know why I'm working on their dad pod like nobody's business. I'd love a feel that when you get that you just kind of wake up and throw a T shirt or sweatshirt on its IRI this feels good no pants I don't want pants wanna hold our hands on as a young man that's just weird I don't wanna shorts I'm out on closing general but yeah I'll what I'll rocks and pants we do need now I'm Mike weed these out as well mark as Suzanne I think he's recording the damn podcasts right now on the studio next to us. Very Leslie's earlier. He he is wearing jeans with holes all of them. Yet and they're like brand new G was muted so it's not a 150 bucks forms we need we needed to Levy's out let people ridicule them all confirm the price tag is still blown out by doing my genes are holes and I'm those certain actually developed from 1984. Yet that the ripped jeans came back extended like big holes right in the knees doubled to keep his recaps there was a I student at Ku was at Oregon State Anke just graduated like couple years ago I don't really know him. Per say it's Boeing more so he reached out. And I was talking a little bed followed among social media ICM sometimes on on in stir Graham as I'm scrolling. And his pictures are always elect himself. By the way middle of the summer that he yeah at a bar. Or your rooftop bar. Wearing jeans and I'm Minnesota like why are you wearing jeans it's 85 degrees outside right down and then two there's a Bal. Twelve holes per lay in the genes and I'm thinking you bought them to thank now again yeah it's a stylus is never quite understood that. Well we'll see if the acid washed jeans maker return. Data and and I could never pull off the the ripped jeans look by the way I was always are low is a terrible and it I never felt comfortable as I was like why am I wearing jeans if they have holes and I'd go get like the old navy trainer gene got like ten bogged down as a bomb they go energy genes for the year exactly where every day that never aware our freedom grownup there was a lawman container pants well I like the little side comb pocket down by your knee again aren't. You know maybe had those soon I was on dormant those those are my childhood jeans Isaac go to for me now people and it's all of us showing more skin I'm always show on about less skin and I know that it is summer we'll flip flops cents a different story. But the genes nowadays it's all about holes it's all about caprice people showing up third their ankles and stuff on economic arrogant country that I like I like the local like ladies' Wear the belly shirts they're just gone past the boobs now they got the torso show in ejection on skin is a different story there were a couple women mine who I never tell a lie here. My till my dad never told my state fair's story but I went to the state fair and second the last day that it was around in Salem. One too many women wearing shorts with literally their butt cheeks out of flap around and like I know that sounds great. This wasn't this was not ideal they take the good with the bad. There wasn't there was more bad than there is good so I am yeah and that's the issue now and that's what I'm saying that's that's my point. Aren't let's find out what's on tap in today's show. Know what's growing and I'm not paid to be bold and McCain to be writing there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. What's on tap crunching the fans by pelican brewing company boarded the beach online at pelican brewing dot com. Wanna talk about something that happened from my Monday Night Football last night. We'll do that here in just a few minutes we've got the head coach of the Oregon Ducks Mario crystal ball. Is this a cement a thing or is this gonna it. Change segment are as I notice is this is the schedule moving forward and it's so he was usually jump he was on prime time for a couple weeks. And he had to change his schedule around. Because he wanted to go earlier so he's now going to be an ourselves at 1230 every Tuesday. The Mario crystal ball football show film we'll talk organized football with him get his thoughts on the rocks new movie. As I'm sure there's one out right now he's got to have hot takes on the rock. He's got to have a good story on the rock schedule brother never aired publicly I'll wait for download what game is the rocket it comes to. SS US and asking me if again as you know there's going to be a game and it's going to be a recruiting weekend Jerry got Barack walking around the sidelines that's a big deal why would you not melt that do you do it for Stanford. Heard you risk trying to beat Stanford than having a bigger game against Washington. I think you wait for a game that's decent but you know you'll win. Who coastal town it's decently you know you win the UCLA. That's not decent yeah we're using Arizona State. Diego those are there on the other home games and Ali that's a good one and usually. I would take issue I'd invite everybody over for issue BAC gamely in the year and then see if the right schedule opens up. There's a Mario crystal ball join us every Tuesday exit at 1230 and that starts today. Bill Steele of the college football preview magazine he's always so graces with his schedule when he helped us out a ton on this one so we switched him from 1230. 2:1 o'clock. I do wanna get in this segment winning get into yesterday is Toledo tape. Good. I'm serious about this I watched a large chunk of that Houston game. And I understand Kevin someone getting killed by everybody and anybody. I didn't walk away going up case someone not impressive. Are we sure Khalil Tate is good everybody's putting this on Kevin some when I'm start to wonder when is it time for everybody start wondering how quilted is a quarterback. So we'll talk about that say we got NFL ensure false to get to we never got to Serena Williams story that was a wild one. Actually pretty good viewership numbers to for the US open did there was an on Saturday. Saturday right yes and men's final Sunday is on Saturday. I do wanna do a little bit of a college football would around a mini version of the NFL and will go around and maybe some of the games we missed and dad died back in to some of the games we didn't touch on yesterday. So what do that that's the show today were on tour actor and spray at Peter Johnson NM brand in spring Mario crystal ball to a thirty. Phil Steele would join us at 1 o'clock so it's a pretty football heavy show. And yes or often run and on this Tuesday afternoon thank you bring it out when us coming up next. I'm tired of hearing this narrative and it hasn't even been ten hours why are people saying this will tell you what that is next turn sprayed on the fan. I imagine it is 1216. On the Vander and spray would you on this Tuesday. We don't have enough time to get devote those games from last night because I wanna start here. Before we tomorrow crystal ball head coach of Oregon. Now watch that first game I I missed a couple. Chunks because you know I can't just go home and watch football from four to 1030 at night I'll come on man needs kid I now. But I watched a large percentage of that game including the star with a pick six. It was it was the most predictable. Reaction. To any thing I saw this weekend was what I saw yesterday and the jets lions game. I knew after that game wrapped up because by the way I liked the jets in that one you did I not a believer in map Trish or lines this year. But I knew after that game ended. Okay I can't wait to hear everybody in their mom tell me about how big a mistake Cleveland Browns made that was the most. Predictable. Opinion that everybody was going to runway at. Look ultimately will darn old make Cleveland looked bad may be maybe he will I I can't definitively give you an opinion people I'd do that. I think it's dumb. We haven't seen maker made to a yet by the way it's not for his lack of not beating out Tyrod Taylor it's because hue Jackson does not want a player rookie quarterback. He may have to change his tune on that but it's not because baker mayfield doesn't have the ability to be better than Tyrod Taylor. But. I I woke up this morning that would that opinion because let's wait like I don't know maybe two or three years before he conclude who's better about a month right. I woke up going why are people not focusing more on the giants. Right now likes Tom Barkley I think is gonna be damned good NFL player I really do. But it's funny that we're all playing to Cleveland with the number one pick because they would quarterback going holiday Cleveland today top much regret does Cleveland have. And ask you this. How much regret will they giants have if they fall flat on their face this year. Because Eli Manning who by the way was awful in week one. Can't be accompanied quarterback. Yeah I am and you can have a great wide receiver and running back all you want but he got no way they can get in the football still going to be a struggle to win games anomalies he had that did their reaction was hilarious to me how especially considering we and we avenue C may still take a snap and I guess I can understand that narrative it's mayfield and played in week one and really struggled. And thrown a couple of panty Lawson to gamers some thin and Arnold. Who by the way it was OK he wasn't great last night was good enough to win got a complete team effort on defense in the running game threw a pick six but they want my game because Matthew Stafford couldn't stop thrown into the other team right at legacy darling throw from buck 98 against 200 yards on the night so I let let's pump the brakes on any him even have a great night in my opinion. But we haven't even seen may still play yet so that's the one that it just it it made me chuckle but. How was he on the giants you know I love sick while Barkley I think he's gonna be offensive rookie of the year I think he's going to be a monster. But what you saw again in week one for them was he can have a big game he went over a hundred yards analog to Russia Iran. Although Beckham was all over the place against a really tough defense Macon some tough catches. Eat you out of weakness and it was sykora back. So I eat almost a dream scenario for the giants is that the you know they sucked this year you got a chance to get back quarterback but third to be a prime candidate next year. To be one of those teams that mortgages a future. Realizing that you have O'Dell when you have sake Lombard glee Britney to drain a bunch of first tropics and trying to move up and in the top five if they're not there already. To try get their quarterback but it is funny nobody points out loud that they too decided to pass on sand Arnold and it's not. Yet it they did decide a passel is in dark it's not really just like okay. They have a quarterback no big deal move on. It's not that simple it really isn't you can have sake one Barkley and as you mentioned you have for 106 Gil Brandt brand for six yards for carry which is amazing especially inside defense. Eli Manning threw 37 times he only completed 23 and went for 22466. Yard average. But he is captain checked out again. He's exactly what it was last year and he showed is that a week one he'll have the opportunity the next four or five weeks to prove me wrong to make me feel dumb. But I'm gonna hold firm on this one I think you we're gonna look back on teams. And again we are reacting to a one game sample size from Sam Arnold who as you mentioned he didn't even throw for 200 yards from. If we're going to do that it's not Cleveland. It's the giants when we went into the year we talked about their backup quarterback situation it was Davis swept right if you like it was John who is that I was I God's Davis left. They cut Davis well in nineteen anymore Ariel don't really want Davis on Jack she had a decent little free season but they were like dad Davis Webb's not going to be the guy. Okay great what if it's not Eli then why. Now you are the jets and that's what I was thinking about it wasn't Cleveland baker may still be coming in this game in three or four weeks of Cleveland falls flat on their face. And maybe he's up maybe he's down I'm gonna tell you right now Sam Donald's gonna have some really ugly games. As is what are rookie quarterback goes through I think he's going to be exceptional I liked him coming out of the draft. I liked baker he did so Qaeda like multiple guys you don't have to proclaim after one game in the NFL in which a guided not even throw for 200 yards. That this guy is clearly better than that guy and right we don't know. Communities in Rosen play you have be silent played basically mop up duty late night game because they were getting their ask excel by by Baltimore I just think the giants of the bigger one it's not Cleveland it's it's the giants cowboy named Simeon visited them one game even just even having the headline of duke teams regret on passing on him it just makes me laugh because we don't know O'Donnell's gonna turn into so that was the other part of but. This I think the bigger story and a last night's game is is what is Matt Stafford at this point in his career. Amid some of the numbers behind the struggles that he's had in big moments in on the role and and they kind of bully away when you see him you realize how little success he's had and you've always wondered. Isn't the organization is its head coach is it. You know what what's going on around him and why is he been more successful because he seems to have all the talent in the world and come on have a game like that. When you're the veteran quarterback and you get outplayed by a rookie like I know he doesn't have a ton of work with the Detroit I know his head coach is now a defense of mine a guy that wears a pencil on has had his hat backwards as the better weapons though rabbit. Probably am. T eight and you've probably I am. Who's the other receiver and I'm blanket. Not a Golden Tate and Marvin Jones Marvin Jones and those are good weapons picked up carry on Johnson. I. Not understanding what the hell's going on around you and I he was awful last night from start to finish. Reminded me a lot of Derek karma gets it late Monday night given a little bit of both those guys as veteran quarterbacks coming in your first came to just. The really bad look for both of our. It was not a good look whatsoever but Sam Donald starts his career wanna know the jets and and this is kind of what the jets might be this year they they might. Be able to sneak one out when people unexpected and they might also lay and allay led Dodd and in moments when people expect them to win. Defense is pretty okay. Isiah crow are I like their backfield got through running backs there and he got Robby Anderson you've got the tide and he's not bad not a bad situation Sam Arnold so the jets start wanna know. Aren't we're going to have to audible here speaking a football. Because now joined by browse the head coach of your Oregon Ducks Mario crystal ball he joins us now I don't coach. Sandy bridge and how we don't have. We're doing good we were just talking about people overreacting to the first game because Sam Donald gets a win and now everybody's proclaiming that the Cleveland Browns made a mistake and I drafting him. I'm assuming you're being in the football business understand what it's like to watch people overreact to one sample size at. Well the first thing uses they orchard and all are shorter. In a current color code are certainly a bit on the golf well. Overreact in you know it will all this is some big step by chapter. Arnold want judge legitimacy and so are home but you don't understand rather held game and I'm sure are so great a carpenter awesome putt well. Criticism of the reviews are are too shall. The culprit. In no way am I am sure is does he coach after that game on Saturday they do how tough was it to get your team up I mean at not only are you plan got a non conference game. Word people aren't given the other ear on a much of a chance that you got 11 AM kick coming just. How hard was that get not that early and get your group rating Golan and such an early kick time. We know there really wasn't as well Morgan operation it is like we actually have a Serb mortar X server we have army truck in 27. And it caught and were practicing here in the morning to cross actually actual. Great. Wake up at the ground running gulf like mistreatment. You know four that in the same that being emphasized we're really shocked yeah sure it's gonna mop up the art Tuesday and Wednesday practices. Are extremely physical and extremely difficult to try to some in orders in its opener soon and make it and so when he. Yeah that we will come players Serb Quayle gonna demand struck well. Other Q and excellence and in electing that would put back on the problem no wonder that so don't you check out at some locals results and good morning I think it's our senior leaders shook and it has been excellent and though they've become a Google Chrome and I. Good head coach of the Oregon Ducks Mario crystal ball is our guest is gonna join us every Tuesday around this time here on 1080 the fan their game this weakening in San Jose state. And you can catch it here on the fan. You know you you play opponents and I know you don't like to hear this and a lot of coaches don't like to hear about the the level of the opponent that they're going to play and I understand that part of it but. If you were to look at the schedule while I would I'm just curious is there is there a party you. That panic braves are may be your circle and in two weeks is thinking about. Big time programming and miss San Jose state I know you're not going to do that but. Looking at these three games is there any party that wishes may be had a little more challenged the first two weeks. Well I think it's a big. Critical equity and one that that looks at their opponents Groce who's on the schedule and doesn't quite come to respect the cricket or football coach where. It great in the biggest mystery could possibly mate and I know it sounds. Are redundant and cliche ish put secure code used to the fortunately that I'll. I don't think we have been tested yet that during economics about cut and try to you know or Alter Patrick on the way. I do think that you know that there's been some. Really good for a course more and more players. Excuse should review. And competitors. Actually in government this week that has a lot of root out you know scripture output and patient and make sure. Instituted a rule and mixed it with your twelve models so. And that we complete focus and I think that will accept that. The boat got them to the conflict. There's refresh. People don't wanna skip over and look at other things as opposed to the most in the app which is so common now. And that we expect that up with a gut about whether or not going to be completely woke up. You know clinch a lot of people come into the year were excited to see in kind of wondering why your skill position groups are gonna look like book running back position and a wide receiver position and it felt like kind of a two par four you have felt like you solidified your rotation a little bit in the backfield so. Curious ways off from for Dell and Brooks James and if that's kind of gonna be your your 12 punch whom Florida and also. The receiver position we saw schooler break out make a couple and I sketch is he got to bar Heinz involved in the offense immediately when he hit the field he got a touchdown. It's a wonder what you saw from your skill position groups on Saturday. How old in the key during an up on the running backs I don't think he could let those guys were short and become. A gold certified nature really good competitors they are. They enjoy it they understand why we're doing that and how shall. No reason to take our foot off the gas and relates so well Gardner they're competitive. Situation and told Brooke changes really stepped up and makes public CJ entrap the torture would looks at all these different. A different animal as well also. An entire satirist who cooks or Times Square but so we should. Go to. On some of those plays but the combination of them and the fact that you know you regret the cholera preclude this past week and epic love guys touched on the receiving such. It it gives up. Not only who can get the ball well and so would all get. Known lining up correctly from the right route to a traditional liquid without all financial. I think we can benefit. All week from continuing to push this competitive situation that we haven't done some point in time little little ultra mutt a little bit but so we don't wanna do. Is is ducks head coach Mario crystal ball and joining us every Tuesday now here around 1230. Segment on the show. Other gaming in San Jose state San Jose state this weekend. On you're gonna have to take us into the film room a little bit in this sense coach I can I can watch some games I can notice some things but ultimately you're the coach you guys understand really what's going on on the field. I walk away from a Portland State game 62 points scored fourteen allowed. 500 yards of offense and I just think. What do you what do you yell at your players for like what did you notice on tape pitcher telling your kids about the so far you don't like. Well to Portugal like is the quarterback sack wants which can never happen. We have a post all around your ridiculous that is unacceptable. The door open protection got a short totally qualified early call rule which is all straight to dole. Be big Greenbelt which means very capture all of this and quarterbacks could close up look out. Albany it's suggestion go to pressure the quarterback and I have by this great sort of thinks about that think. It caught you know electric plate. Another one or lose you are losing our larger like they would like aren't currently Archie are a pitch. On the one it took now a couple of what it could try to come about the fact that the Qaeda group. And trek the secondary a little bit but those things really are acting at all like him but it is what it got to do like it. Gold collar guys in the I think we we need to always go like it or not good enough. When you lose it should be could not when you went shall the same thing that we poured out unsuccessful. Ladies days. Reporter about it when a play successful. Liquor pixel. Likely to restrict your gun that you like. Or. Downturn is Jesse coach in this obvious Izzy your first go around as a head coach now on college football but it's been a couple of years since you've been in charge of a program. Just wondered how much different your beard doing things now than when you did things in FY ISI you Hamachi you changed since your last run as a head coach. Or laden could imagine an application to have to be that you are at a you know academic. You know look good you go to corporate picture of the trial or baker. To order you have to at all because of lack of resources might hear that I was a program. We're inherited a larger corporations. Hit five scholarships a couple of things home. All of that all sorts collector you all were culled out some really intricate legal circumstances. And I think wouldn't go to a place like well a lot oppose that I don't know man and get your power fault program run and director Brent. As a relief to the offseason for a cool where or Psycho attack on mentality. The practice a direct count the rotation of every nickel we're all aware that your game plan to Wear. Your game day I went what coach optical. What degree guys on each and every player that relate to what they don't look. Not a would you at a place like any couple awkward quicker there EXP on several anchored. We applaud the blueprint and gold feel I feel terribly comfortable incompetent. More than any pink speaker congressman Billy cricket cricket after. The plan really does go it will. So when do we expect to see the rock on the sidelines this year what Dana. Yeah you know what you are waiting for a couple this with all. Due to a dual Bhutto you know art at a cinco. Critical little support. Edward. Pretty political one record rate and the guard solo or look at court spokesman in the picture. I just like any dash it is a real quick and we Giuliani on this when not to be too summer anybody's got a curious designs I've never been able to add to ask you this where were you on 9/11 when that happened. I ordered workers to recruit older worker who actually it was my first go. First draw micro. The trigger were recurring. Correct groups and bought. Look at being about fifty minutes from the actual you know from the World Trade Center. And hand. It affect about this whole country lecture. Signal sort of regulation history which coping a certain nor peace track all the troubles in the cricket American shut down. Incredibly Archie. In the community work all the grew up outside the bridge there on that side. Of the polish. Home. Actually it's. Generally yeah Parker couldn't work well. Yeah you could impact what a tremendous. Emotional bullet was. To work team in two people are there are not New Jersey brought up. Now we're up probably stick together published here. Now that's a challenge that most coaches don't wanna have to go through their lies but I'm sure you guys were able to get through as they staff. Mario crystal ball's gonna join us every Tuesday at 1230 here on the fan you catch their game against San Jose state. On Saturday here on the ferry and coach good luck this weekend and islets are due next week. Are all right there you go Mario crystal ball that coach for the organ ducts. On his thoughts on the season thus. You can I needed talent his voice he's right he's ready for a good test he is ready in any senate a couple of times now they have not been challenged yet he's now line he's not fluff and anybody about that they haven't been challenging knows that they're not gonna get challenge this week everybody's got Stanford turned on their calendars. Yeah that's the thing man I know coaches don't like to do that but a lot of people already jumping ahead from this game. To the next on all right let's regular Monday Night Football game. And talk about the raiders in the Jon Gruden debut that did not. Go particularly well especially in the second half we'll do that next is this a sports America. As sports update with swipe. I would imagine in. Certain spring here on the fan. I didn't know he was at Rutgers. I busy down originally was just curious where he was sat in his career. You touched. You can count I yeah I can tell Schnur a little bit they're not a bad way yeah I think he just started rethinking about the day in the moment in. As a candidate for everybody I think everybody is sold enough that's the oath as you know he weighs just fifteen minutes from there you know we saw a Rutgers is he out ads in New York woman. That's a lot of new at a realize that either earth. Yeah I did I can ended down a little bit of I know I saw little back as you can tell lead that was that was an obviously a really emotional time for him but it tilted up to only judge about the rock and things are going to go as it was like somebody was listening and they told him hey they're gonna ask you Iraq question you know it's gonna come to you guys been laid notes and there was your breaking news if you are solid and I'm positive of that interview that is the rock is coming at some point you can tell right either it's got to be Stanford Washington in my opinion it's got to be one of those two games it's I this is why don't think it's Stanford. And I feel really bad AA admitting this I follow him on NC Graham the rock I think he's pretty amazing. He's currently shooting a movie for Disney right now OK thank some jungle cruise movie do we know when it wraps when the shooting wrapped as Louise easily take what 68 weeks issued nine their done no clue. So I would more so circle. A different game that I would stand for a cat but the rock is going to be one listener did point out apparently the I'll followed his closes summit apparently an animal and recruit the country mean is coming to visit organ the weekend the Washington game so that may be number one. You bring Samir committed kids they talked him into a little more drag drag out your posts help Malick new invites a handful of others and then boom here's Dwayne Johnson. Nice to meet you kids the rock block are on the sidelines. That's always a big deal is somebody famous is on the sidelines I'll never forget being down there walking around at big game during the MBA lock out open. When those LeBron Chris Paul Carmelo. Around and it was like this is kind of weird conjures thoughts we played in the NBA. But it was also crazy just the fact that they were there and an organ went on to lose that game. Right they lost that game to link dissident and say I remember that name mr. Jacob Black America it was a kick to send it to overtime or if they lost in overtime but they've Ozal mall not a mystic kick him off into the night and as the USC. Yeah like I I think that's a moment that admittedly I will be very jealous about. If you get the rock to go. On your sideline. That's pretty bad ass but what's the protocol for me because I will be there I ask I would ask for picture I would say hey I mean experts at night work for the station now has the duck city great for a social media he doesn't care about any of that. Right but it's a way to get in a row quake I cannot act don't just be the guy with a media pass this triggered. Good pick Dick get better tribute page would you call rock or do you call him to wane that's another question if call mister Johnson's kind of weird he's your Johnson that is yell at him I smell your token as he walks by. Nobody be funny if you took a picture and then as he was locking wheel hey they're doing and he looks back and you take your finger riding her nose and go. Smelly contention. And then you just creep believe rockaway and he tells that story for another five years you leave an impression on him for seriously or McCready white kids. Prison walls and cancel those interviewed tonight met his radio guy and a sign lies are really weird guy he wouldn't be able to accept anything either he's an under armour guy he is dad Strauss brand is like the most successful brand that armor under armour has how is that gonna work from walking on the sidelines he camera organ stuff then right. They have to give them my non Nike logo patter of some sort you know they have something around there's got to be some sort of green and yellow gear that he can Wear right right as he Carolina under armour is big no no that's a competitor as a big none other here import and I winning get to their let's get them on and a football game what did you make of John brings debut the better you get a text line is 55305. And boy. The rams look good that's next on offense. Pretty good opportunity for and that's what she said joke trump was asked about hurricane Florence he said quote it's tremendously big and tremendously whack and quote. Bill still would join us so why did no show again I didn't see the quote the president did. Bill still would join us at 1 o'clock we'll toxin college football with him. We did not discussed Jon Gruden what is still not old Johnny always debut last night is the rams. They ended up blowing them out with a pick six in there calm but what did we think of what we made of Jon Gruden I thought Derek Karr Sox. That was my take away from that game last night I love I Jon Gruden is getting in a's get a pretty rough treatment today bees are just destroyed yes team lost by twenty points in his opener and he did not any great quote after the game basically saying we could use a pass rusher and you don't say John you know saying you just trade one away last week's sell. That was what I was think to launch a nagging them and they got outscored 23 enough and I believe in the second half half. So it it was a bad second half and they had no pass rush they had nobody that could set the edge against tiger early in the running game. And the rams basically did whatever they wanted to do offensively against them. So look it's not a great way to start. Should we point the finger first at their car he was awful last night. Yeah that his first pick was Biden still understand what he was doing Z try to see Mike Jordan. Jordy Nelson skirted out but that was clearly just a terrible decision and then. The pics today they were gonna women to take six was it a sixties was the icing on the cake and the one and the one picked that he threw I think it was a one that was supposed to be injury nose and you're talking about. That's one of the Warsaw as I've ever seen that was pretty bad it looked like when he releases it looked like he was trying to throw the ball way that was my thought is the second you release it always is thrown it away but then you're wondering why is throwing away because. The pass rush was on and it wasn't like he was about to go down he just straight lobbed it was an out of bounds there was no receiver. Within it look like five to ten yards then sang and it fell right into the camp some of rams defensive back. He looks like Nathan Biederman he did and I think this is the concerning Bartlett I know to clear a Mac lake no doubt there was an obvious need for Khalil Mac. Bly. Derek Karr there's really some than to be said about him because I like Derek Karr. I don't know what's happened to Derek Carr and I can't I might have been blogger might have been tacit Torre kept somebody on my NF applaud suggested. Or thrown out something about post that laid injury. He isn't the same now alas it last year and then obviously this opener this year he sees a little jittery he doesn't wanna hang around and that pock Katie doesn't wanna obviously take a big head. And you saw that his reaction Aaron Donald winner Donald got that DS roughing the passer penalty because he grabbed his legs because by the way what else he's supposed to do in that situation. You can kind of see the anger they're like don't touch my legs. I'm starting to wonder if he is if he's like mentally cooked right now. If he's allowing. Too many things to consume his spots whether that's being timid. Being gunshot I don't know what it is but there is something off about their car. Yeah and that that was added to me the main take away from last I don't modeling the raiders are gonna be a great team this year that on the opposite side I do think the rams are the real deal they do is they have weapons all over the field I don't know how they don't like the favorites everybody why it's tough it's time to than to think of Medina looked better than that many opener just in the way they can beach in the running game the targets they have on the outside the exit weakness. Jerry goth for all the jokes we make I thought he actually took Lee looks like he took a big step up from the and that offense he looked like he was confident. He's in command of it. McVeigh trusts him. He is not sheared off of two years ago that we made fun of for no one or not knowing where the sun rises or sets when he of one of the worst rookie years we see in a long time from a quarterback he was terrible. And again to Jeff Fisher are being your head coach is not a great place to start. I I would still say he's their weakness but I don't even Nolte called it a weakness studied you're trying to find one point of their team that could hold them back from winning a championship. I don't I certainly he's on the same level is some of the upper Echelon quarterbacks in the NFL would put him in that top five conversation on no doubt so I think if you're gonna try and find one it would be bad but he has the benefit of one of if not the best offensive line and head coach and McVeigh. He is a benefit of a softens and flying is a benefit of the dominant defense he's got Todd Gurley to hand the ball off to. And he can pick between you know Cooper Cobb and him branding cooks and Robert was we went for the ball to. Pick your poison got weapons all over the place and they just leaned on him in the second half with the help us end our current perceptions. Would you bet on them right now if you had to bet on a team to win now. Who would you bet. I did walk away just from one week. Saying damn if we're going off one week fields now. Again where's the weakness complete with cost they have to make today that that the engine part about thank you Los Angeles it was close amid Mac game why haven't they and the raiders had deleted the half or a thirteen to ten. A wanna say it was still like thirteen thirteen or 1613 summer that range likened late in the third quarter and it. They were hanging around now ballgame and then it was a couple of cakes and open could move the ball a couple of us. Eight they just couldn't gain any going in the running game late in the second half and things overwhelmed on them. And the rams eventually ran away with that I think that the overriding story go from week one of the college ball season are usually NFL season. Is is just terrible quarterback play. From guys that you would even think our established starters to. I'm Rob Lowe has been through a bunch of text her car after a bunch of picks Mario and it didn't look good and Ellie was banged up those are terrible debut for him. Ben Roethlisberger threw three interceptions case Keenan threw three interceptions. Until AME just keep going entangled through a couple of pegs eagle up and down a lot of guys you're kind of looking at is either established starters or guys going into really big years of here's your chance let's see what you got and lot of guys fell flat week one. Yet there's I had I was like there's like three or four different things we did touch on here who we got Phil steele's gonna join us here in like four minutes this is a quick question and this is an easy answer freak weather worst week in car Mario and a. Car for me CIA it's easy Mario he got hurt. I am sure soil without injury is that is car was I think you just don't wanna get injured and that regard yeah Mario did it because they're not healthy he's going to be that's the unfortunate part. Our we might dive back into that because I still think there's a couple avenues we can take that with Jon Gruden how we really felt about him and then just the rams in general how amazing Sean McVeigh in that team really are. Other coming up next the start hour two Phil Steele to college football guru. He will join us now every Tuesday at 1 o'clock and that starts next certain spring back with more important sports leader.