Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 9-11-2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, September 11th
The second hour starts out with Phil Steele joining the show to go over Pac-12 Football, then they discuss if Khalil Tate is worth the hype, then it's NFL True or False and the hour wraps up with Crunch Time. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. I would imagine an hour to -- break here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan if you miss our one and check it out to any demand dot com. Let's Schwab tires podcasts on demand section is where you can find that we talked with head coach Mario crystal ball. And Dow will pose that very shortly tweeted out act and he does an actor and spray we allowed to get to hear in our number 20. But we kick it off with the college football guru 30. Steele of the football preview magazine espn.com. And on Twitter at Phil Steele 042 always so graces with his time. He will now be on here Tuesday at 1 o'clock to kick off our number two. And I wanna start would this one Phil okay note never mind. And so. Let's hear from college football's walking encyclopedia. You'll remember two years ago an important part in the debate beating have he I think the player and watch it husky. I think they've made the playoffs and the publisher of the definitive college football Bible seem like what we'll start bill we will take. He was this a fact if you look at the last three games. Personal that they did put up points are producing. In this person or five starts it's time to go still steal record with dirt and spray. You're weekly must listen for the college gridiron. What do you like George McCoy had journey he had more and Alan attorneys have loved being injured in an accident he can help you get the compensation users. Go to war and Allan Dodd John. Our I welcome back in our number two dirt and sprayed with you hear from Portland sports leader 1080. Does fail we have a lot of things were gonna get to hear in the second hour. But usually we catch up with our next guest at 1230. Now he's been great snuff with a scheduled to push it to 1 o'clock because we've got our interview with Mario crystal ball. That is started this week. And if you miss that interview contention attended the band dot com. Less Schwab tires podcasts fills steal the college football guru the phils still preview magazine espn.com. He's on Twitter at Phil Steele 04. To thanks for moving your schedule around a little bit for a spell we always appreciate that. I wanna start the pac twelve because I'm gonna get your thoughts on Arizona. And if I would have if I would have told you were showed you how bad Arizona has looked their first two games not just the record of being go into. But you watched how bad they look how surprised would you have been. You know my biggest question with Arizona culminated a year was Khalil Tate has some last year if you watch your result in his first six games. He averaged over 200 yards per game ago it was unstoppable. But over the final three games of the year once teams got film on them. I think he averaged about 35 yards per game rushing so teams really took away the Rodham but west Arizona lost her last three games and lost them by twenty. And eighteen cent. And then they lost a close ball game but the trail that one big our biggest question mark what I tactical somewhat this year where and so what. What's gonna with Tate is to get a return that 200 plus former is he gonna struggle like last year and as we've seen yet struggled so far. Artie has a grand total to 42 were church after two games just eleven yards per game it seems like teams have taken lots yup let's stop his running they can't throw to be yes and he's only hitting 51% of the 12 ratio. I mean slip in that city at a school in the state who is a surprise in the opposite regarded that as Arizona state of the day when Saturday night against Michigan State how surprised are you abided to and most are former members and can they keep this up. You know I think again. Not that I don't consider him a contender in the south but I believe there are pretty much picked last in the south by the big. Told media at the start of the year but when you look at this team a little bit closer they got the weapon took a one of the best wide receivers and Katrina keel very at quarterback picked up any Wilkens who's a dangerous water and throw work and he'd get up 51 ratio so far this year and then when I talk to her office coordinator in the spring went over the team without any help that eagle Benjamin company would come very close to matching the production of collage of regrets Richard that they had last year and Benjamin churn has looked good so far. Beverage and five point four yards per carry and Isaiah Floyd's another six point eight. Eat sensibly about eleven sacks in the first two games do you always looked at Arizona State government not the boss and said while they've got talent an atomic plant after that connect kudos to your comment worst. You guys are weekly visit with Phil Steele to college football guru the phils still preview magazine every year you find it all over the bookstores online as well. Phil's still dot com. And on two or at Phil Steele 042. Let's go to a pac twelve game that happened this past week in Stanford USC out one your thoughts on that matchup and how wind down into. How discouraging. Is it to watch the way that they operated with clay Helton in terms of how you view them going forward in the pac twelve. Well you don't win it's about a quarterback makes his first road start you have to be a little tentative with company B stick that it excellent defense you look its efforts line backing core orders tactical charmed spraying. He was extremely high and this group of linebackers that they have felt there were one of the best in the country and they sure did that not to confuse young quarterback and scheme is good to see Boris love get on track last week 150 I'd urge rushed. And he just felt Stanford which in a better situation you know you look at became statistically. Our USC actually had a twenty to thirteen first count imagining games so it's not like they were dominated the line of scrimmage although they didn't expect you to search out on the scoreboard I think. Ulysses got the potential to lose again this week to Texas but that I think you'll start to see the change and I still expect him to rebound to be a contender in the twelve south. You know so one of the did you talk a lot about last week you were still high on because of the way they lost was Washington where they want on the road basically a road game against Auburn and they showed a lot maybe should've won that game a couple of things. Bounced their way but that may come on it after really slow start and then didn't look particularly great against North Dakota is there any theory there is that a hangover game where you out now two weeks and on the Washington Huskies. Yeah I think there was an and overcame it really when you look at their schedule this year there's two games so I'm really concerned about and that's one albums this week at Utah I think Utah's. Loaded although they're game we get started although I was a lot closer to final score indicate to totally totally interception return touchdown. They've ever been up by more than four but I I think you just going to be type scheme this week in and the organ game on the road. In October that's going to be a tough one for Washington. They did finally put up 632 yards and was a bit of over form coming up that big game against Robert. With the copper so current Becky can get a much beat yourself what you what they had. And that as long as they surpass their past this week's test that Utah. I think these sort agree Chatham make the playoffs this year. Where tiger with Phil Steele of the foot appeals steel college football preview magazine espn.com. As well. What's so what's a team right now whether it's a top three team a top ten team top whatever team what's a team right now that you think is fool's gold that not a lot of people. Have that opinion on. I'm probably can go to topped. Twelve team and I still think it's not going to be quite this season dead everybody's expecting right now relish you Kalish you if you look at them in the first two games at a Miami pretty much shot themselves in the bullet in the the opening game. They played a great game they'd be buying meat that they in the long run direction Qaeda that last week. It really struggle without southeast Louisiana and they've got to play Ann Arbor this week I expect them to lose they sought to play Florida home against Georgia home against Alabama. At Texas say it now. I don't know if you're gonna see LSU ranked at the end of the year for right now we're number twelve that country. So just to write this don't you tell me not to dig LSU plus the nine and a half this weekend with. Yeah at a pretty much kept sir if you read the lines that's one I've ever last year when those two played. Auburn can't they think it which is dominating and they aft and then in the second half sister to let up a little bit Belichick came back and actually beat up. I think you'll see zero let up in the second half of Robert regardless of what the tourists. You know one of the teams here locally we have an ass you much about Yad and and another fan base is always hungry to hear what you think about it and that's organ state they got their first win of the year oversaw. Over what do they play southern Utah southern Utah facility this weekend and now they're going on the road taken on of that. And I it's one of those situations are I think we we always look at it we wonder. What is now that we don't know anything about Nevada so what does Nevada have been what do you think organ stays chances are to get a road win this weekend. You know I've got to give a good shot I don't think I've been most impressed with which ordered state this year. Is clearly in the run game you look at the opening given a year to pick well there's a good party backer tedious durst the two long runs against Ohio State and that last week to merger percent steps that we 200 yards rushing those two guys have combined for over ten yards per carry and seven touchdowns and he gave me a two headed sponsor party back. And I'll like the chances that helps out the defense even though the defense is not been very good this year they're given up five point seven search for carried 68%. But there I think with their two headed monster tech gives them a shot not a bad as much improved in Jake are real second season. Happened at home this year and done that haven't had good quarterback. In two ideology and they played well at times this year in the first two games in are picking against Portland State you know which of course dominated at Vanderbilt. It's just got blown away but they'll be fired up at all I think organs states get their coach shot at this clearly are great to give a toss ups of the beavers couldn't get what currently. Agassi. Not the asphalt the better get this one. Our guest is Phil Steele and espn.com. Phil Steele that comment on tour at Phil steele's 042 to college football guru he only he always joins us. They weekly appearance for him during the season and now it's going to be here. At the top of the second hour. I do wanna ask you about the organ docs I mean they played Portland State they took care of business they got San Jose state I'm assuming the exact same things gonna happen big blowout. And then they get Stanford to kind of open up their conference us laid there. How tough do you think dad is. Just with your when we do with the way you track teams over that the past few years how tough is it. For a team like organ to have three pat sees like this and then just oh hello your Stanford. Yeah its efforts can be a much better tested team battled the USC last week at San Diego State the first week of the season. But I think with the docs cities it's you know it's six of one and it goes in the other you look at the fact that it trigger remain healthy. They figure to play a lot of back ups in these first two games giving them experience in the DN gaps that they probably one out. They were playing in San Diego State USC so I. You know I I like it. In the fact that organs are committed per capita team they're still averaging over fifteen points per game anytime just Herbert starts at the quarterback spot still look explosive offensively. Stanford's defense be a completely different animal but. Got like the fact that they're going to be able to play a lot of bankruptcies first three games have for the record. Yeah I think your play a lot of back coaches get to have a big state and spartans still struggled in the at this second you're going to get coach. You know one given that I had scheduled her circled this weekend and just for the implications down the road what it can mean as Boise State out of Oklahoma State I think it's a pretty interesting game early one on ESPN and you know we always one or one of those teams can can have an undefeated year like UCF did in Boise State off to a good start what do you make of that showdown since. Loughner. What you know at the end of every year shall we do you guys you hear us refer upset economic short out earlier and that's. Like Boise State and that's what has upset pick of the week when delicate Boise. I I'm just you know dominant team now critic Connecticut's defense last week has to returning starters I what I tactical jets sold in the spring. They have about two seniors and two juniors in a real sort of freshman and sophomore. They've put up 818 yards but I think indeed that's been played extremely well. They dominated which for you on the road back 36 points to get where where the quarterback attempts starters back on defense. Excuse me Alex Madison isn't a returning thousand yard rusher. Elect to receive recorded opera supplied and well look at Oklahoma State they don't what the first two games but they really haven't played anybody yet they're still very young team. And that there were at least expert teams in the country I think boy he's a much more experts seem they've done well on the road epic they can go on the road get this wanted at. Might just cement. That New Year's Capel. It's group of about five bowl bid because it they have won when Michael Oklahoma State which is gonna get better seizure blows up. I think give up a really gauge how to get that spot. Our dejudder here and a big to Carter for you fill out one in two weeks the all too early who are your four best teams that you think right now. The collision course of the college football playoff and then. As you last week about ranking the power five how does that stack up after two weeks for you. Well you know the power tribe has really taken a big turn the SEC and big and I had pretty even up to sir the year no more yeah CC has just been. Dominant you know mark's got to put their number one of support the Big Ten and number QB CC had a couple scenes being weaker than expected. Excuse me clubs and barely get essay about last week but still put the ACC three. The packed full four and then the have big twelve number five this first light 14 surplus I am goal with Alabama. I'd or how little and there are yeah. It closer to get there. I think Ohio State gets there and the for the fourteen. Well its stuff I think Georgia is the best other team out there. They're gonna probably end up losing Taliban and SEC title game up by article with Georgia it is part just imagine not Washington. Now it looks scary in South Carolina that's for sure there we go fill steely joins us every week on Tuesday at 1 o'clock to kick off the second hour. Phil we always appreciate the time man. And I won't talk to next week. As always lot of fun talk a full board do you guys have a great weekend. New is well filled every go Phil Steele. Espn.com. And ask Phil Steele on Twitter. Phil Steele zero afford to our. A lot more to get to still ahead the coming up next. Do you think we'll tell it's good. Is he to blame for where Arizona is a no until we'll talk a little bit of that next on the fans are to do arm I welcome back again. He missed fills steal 1080 the fan dot com will put it out there after the show we got and a vote shortfalls here's the bottom of the hour. But I wanna serve and Arizona a little bit because we've mentioned they act club Dubai Houston 4518. Was not pretty 31 not an attack. Half yes Toyota in the first quarter. It's not a good start for Kevin someone a lot of people thought someone whom thought Kevin someone will tape sounds like a good match she'd worked wonders for joining men's Al a year ago. It's it's slipped everything but good for Arizona fan out there and allowed to point the fingers at someone. I can't help but I have watched that using game and us think about this on Saturday afternoon. At what point do we just start to wonder to ourselves is Khalil tape good. Well I think the first question and even on a answer Aqua it's tough ironic answer is clear tape fully healthy. Are back question is to be answered I was healthy in week one I didn't seem to matter I think it the answer is easy good core Mac no he's and he never has that. He's a good athlete BS a loss to step on my anger at quarterback though because I when this Heisman race these expectations is he good enough of that to me was ever about his ability to throw the football on the new even go back last year when he burst on the scene and he was you know it had been talk of college football. He was nine of thirteen against UCLA for a 140 yards he will. Is ten of seventeen against Washington State for 270. He was ten of fifteen against cal from buck 66 like it was never about his ability to throw the football that was just an aspect the you can use occasionally. The reason he was the talk of college football and everybody put him in those highs and conversations. Was closing consecutive freaks weeks he ran for 327 yards 230 yards 137 yards. 146161. And a 206 yards against Oregon State. Those were consecutive weeks those I was is rushing output output. That's the reason he is a dynamic college football player and for some reason. I don't know if it's Kevin's someone changing things he does a one under Ron I don't know of critically ill tape saying I wanna be an NFL quarterback and I'm not going to run. I think it would be curious to go back and look at last year and look at some of those running numbers and go back and analyze. How much of it was designed run plays that Rich Rodriguez was calling zone read kind of stuff quarterback keep kind of stuff and just using his legs. And how much of that was in scrambling around. Because it could've been the same amount of play calls that you just called passes but last year he was more willing to take often run and he was break in 1670 yard. Touchdown runs off in this series is not dornin. It's a combination of them not calling at. And him not taking off from inside the pocket he's trying to throw the football on its socket worked for Arizona let me just give me an example here. Of. Exactly what what you're dealing with so we you you heard Phil Steele here here's feel still this what he had to say about Cleo tape. Last year if you watch your result in his first six games he averaged over 200 yards per year ago it was unstoppable. But over a final three games of the year once teams got film on them. I think he averaged about 35 yards per game rushing so teams really took Kuwait Iraq and what happened west Arizona lost her last three games and lost them by twenty. And eighteen and and then they lost a close ball games with the trail that when big our biggest question mark what Antarctica which somewhat this year was so what what's gonna with Tate is to get a return that 200 plus former is he gonna struggle like last year and as we've seen he has struggled so far. He has a grand total to 42 were church after two games just eleven yards per game. It seems like teams had taken lots yup let's stop his running became throat Abydos and he's only getting 51% with a 12 ratio. I mean the best game he had from a quarterback's standpoint like non running was their bowl game in the foster's farm bowl against Purdue he was seventeen and 26302. Yards 65 point four completion percentage yeah invite dozen dozen and that's a good to have everything good day for college football quarterback. Before that I mean he was five a seven against Oregon State. Organ made him throw 35 times for 160. Only completed eighteen passes of 35 attempts. Had two picks one touchdown. Arizona State same thing and you look at the rest Charles organ held in the 32 yards rushing Arizona State 28 Purdue. He did well on the pocket but they said do it in the pocket only 58 yards on the ground. I get Kevin someone deserves a lot of criticism he does. But at what point do you start to look at the player is well. And remind yourself oh yeah. Brandon Dawkins was ahead of him at one point. He went in India he beset college hoop on fire he's fun to watch. But right now it can't just be Kevin someone will take just isn't that good. No end and as long as defense as they're able to keep him inside the pocket as long as he is unwilling to use his legs to be a playmaker. There and to Arizona's going to be an awful football team. They are easy to beat when he's and that it will when he's that kind of quarterback running the organ game was the first one last year. I USC did a good job he still ran for a 161 yards against USC or him is really the first line when it he was able to corral because that was the only game. Are at least and it ended his stretch of going over at least a 104 37 was his other low total. An organ held to 32 rushing yards on fourteen carries in their main emphasis was. Contained contained contained contained we don't care if we sack him. We don't care how much Tommy as a throw the football. It just contain him inside the pocket and make him deliberate and Ian and a busy mention having to throw the ball 35 times and I came and organ won by twenty points. That's the focal point but. At some add simple I think it did either the blame goes both ways and someone and always call plays and squeals take does not capitalizing. At some point a little tape pass to realize what his strengths are if apple party wants to win. And he just has to put it on himself to just start on its gonna surrounding him plays we've seen quarterbacks do in the past when defense and try to keep them inside the pocket and if that's his. May mindset is what's best for the football team not rule not what is what is best for my NFL chances. I still think he can be successful college quarterback but it's only as an athlete. Let's say keep losing let's even go further they lose to organ state what are the chances they bench him. Someone at someone's got to cheer about his own interest and stopped caring about all I gotta put this kidney NFL out of him back and it didn't Dawkins transferred. It Dawkins is gone I don't Dawkins actually retired from football fundamental breaker whatever Rihanna. It is it is funny thing jolly just watch and I game on Saturday CNET score get out of hand how many people and act different programs including organ. One in Sutherland to be their higher. Yeah I I still wonder if that's a little unfair. I ending that kind of goes back to a wait and see moment the question about him is what is he done outside a giant man sell. Our empower five football not a whole time. Not holds on I think he Wendy the average seminary wins and it would assess seven of fighting for every year and an M without man's Elliott the tires that man's Al that they popped yeah and then every other year a seven and fighting for. Yeah I don't know maybe that was the best decision for organ the best thing to happen or maybe he benches Cleo Tate gets real quarterback and they start when I don't know but. Right now specifically Cleo Tate. Boy he's gonna keep Vienna pocket passer I think you're going to be able to to beat Arizona for sure. All right let's move on the NFL it's time friend of ensure false next for swam with the sports update yeah. And when I get 13030. Yeah. And some point the next hour and a half we get into AM on our seventeen par LA it's gonna make us a lot of money this weekend. We the poll question on that what our chances of hitting on all seven bats he can go vote that turned Sprague on Twitter. I'd imagine given noble product odds Natasha nod. Good sailor that is below look around a couple story lines intelligible on top of the hour and then we need attacks of tennis we've got to Serena yet. That's a Tuesday left over Soria. You guys are gonna have to explain to me what the hell is gone because I don't know I just know how is angry and there's only so many things I know about this but. I'd I do think there's parts of it that she was in the wrong for OK well let's get NFL's true or false Shelly so we're doing and a little bit different this is why yards but none together so we can analyze how we that we basis. Yes we do opening the way of opening week of the NFL season Jason's Wagoner went three for four off an NF unsure of policies said navy Biederman. We'll throw more touchdown passes and interceptions he says false yes I was also it's safer. Small time. Eagles will not score more than 24 points he's Cintron owning any team I sent false on that you did it. I know I remember this because I agreements why garner all these and I didn't know how to feel about that. Pittsnogle rushed for less than a hundred yards as a team against the browns since true that's when he missed. Yeah they went I didn't. Brutal weather because they didn't have I don't think they threw as much in kudos to James Connor who play games stepped in and you just gotta stop someone. He went for about 35 there and from one to. On his team. And another alas a dark almost throw for more than 300 yards in his radio you said false he threw for like a buck 98 Y 98 yeah brands breaks bricks narrowed down here. You you hit it try to hit on the head here a little shy quiet you throughout 3.4 billion laser yardage predict I was drawn early yardage that you take it. It just tell you don't give ad in the return yardage from the line it's not now doesn't it kind of doesn't action forty archers on Amazon. Earning 38 to 5250. An arrangement there and close I would add as we are right this way tell one of the biggest surprises in week one was the offensive explosion conducted by the Buccaneers in quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for over forty yards for touchdown that beat the saints in New Orleans and tour false. Fitz Patrick will not throw a touchdown pass against the Eagles in week two from. That's bold. I really like the Eagles this weekend to ovals I love the Eagles this week did Buccaneers are so fat and sassy right now oh yeah after that win just get dollars each I think you everybody's past. Pat him on the back. I am and I go false I think he gets a latent garbage one. You know what what the hell off what is true honest Eagles about one of the best defense is in the NFL great secondary got a great secondary ask Matt Ryan I'm. And drug tests up its leader pass to Julio Jones in the red zone against that defense I don't think you rounding Fitzpatrick will also. That your of yet no fits magic cure this Sunday so I will say that is true as well. Speaking of James Connor he was the leading rusher in week one. Of all NFL teams yet 135 yards to scores filling the void left by a Levy on bills hold out to a close leading rusher we have 35 there were 4100 yard rushers how. And two. There was so Barkley crow well last night and girly so too homer last night and crow oil and girly and they were both there in the like 1052107. Range. So tour false Alvin Camara will lead the NFL in rushing in week two as today host the Cleveland Browns who gave it up to Connor. I I have Alvin Camara my fantasy team and I'm glad I took him with my first pick because I thought he would have a big year and I still think he will. But I will say. This is false it will not be howling tomorrow it will be. Who's taken on airs on it will be Todd Gurley he's done girlie zero all tiger he's gonna have himself a debut in LA afraid SS second season in Los Angeles I will go tiger Lisa this is false. Yeah that's a tough. That's a tough fast to lead I do I love the saints this weekend I'm thinking about taken amend my survivor pool they're they're ticked they've they've played terribly and they still almost came back and won that game at the end. Chatting and a net again and I couldn't out run him now it also this is falls just because I think they're going to be up by announcing he's not gonna get a tonic carries in the second half. A mom so I'll say that this is sauce but I don't think Camara has a really big game this weekend I think this is true room. I think the browns are going to be looking to get after. Drew Brees they'll be more concerned about the passing attack and I think tomorrow's gonna bust off a couple big ones. So I think I think. I think the cardinals have to be better than keeping anything worse so I think they'll hear it up and no love the force got to beat him over the top. Except total of 39 passes were picked off across the NFL in week one that is roughly one every 24 minutes of game time true or false. They'll be less than thirty total interceptions in week two the regular season. It's a part is Jiri this is all about the crap quarterback's not the good ones. Wild and we'll stay out of order from or you had staffer and three were three car had three. There's ten picks right there with three guys I would say card play like crap. Yeah maybe he isn't a crap guys out and played like crap I'll say that this is true I think there's enough on the course correction some of that was whether to. Bad bounces and stuff but that's so I had 39 saying six pick sixes by the way adds a lot of them go the other way and ironing teams counterbalance corrected a little bit be a little safe from the football teaching moments for some of these younger quarterbacks all stated this is this is true. I must say false I think they do it but throw picks city. I think this is true I think that high total is also a function of starters playing less and less and less in the pre season now down and they're still confusion on route combinations and timing and all that delicate shored up a lot in week to finally. I'm not an impressive start for first year head coaches with their new teams they went a combined oh win seven in their openers. Including Matt Patricia in Jon Gruden last night. Tour false those seven coaches we'll have a combined winning record in week two of the season none of them facing each other. Say gruden Patricia re able to Yahoo! beyond. The boomers for getting. Colts. Right break. Present go to cardinals with his name again Wilkes Wilkes. Charmer in the giants Cameron giants down. There is nagging. I will go false winning record. I think the bears can beat the Seahawks I think the giants can beat the cowboys I don't cardinals can't beat the rams. Know. Colts and Redskins that's a tough one I'll go Washington that's in Washington down. I know I think Detroit winning in San Francisco are use thing down finally dvds in. I think I think he got a chance for a couple of wins in the Oakland play. There in Denver and that's a loss to me so I will go now I know they three and four worse Jack did you get a couple of wins out on. Debian he had. Combined winning record you're asking for a lot there on same false else if false I don't think there's four wins with that group. Me to me drive that they don't they've all lost still win seven. Which team is chilling new queasy is about their higher than. On the lions in the lines are and why why would not be this is such a good point. I heard column this morning. Did you see anybody talked to Patricia I never once saw coach or player talked to a he does Wear pencil yet never use it has a laminated sheets often look. He just does it look like he understands. Any woman they still had a lot of the same coaches from before I thought it how much of his own staff did he bring in like Jim Bob shooters still there is and a people who regard Jim Bob cooter well. And I might not anymore because the jets literally knew what their plays where did you here I am of you guys heard it but I try to fight audio I saw the quote but I just find the audio anywhere there was a plan I was watching in my man cave and I heard the jets tearing the Cole Hall. Sorry sorry sorry. Yellen and Stafford threw a screen and it was a no game. And I said Dan they knew the play how much ado is on a quarterback to realize laid the defense is yelling out what's gonna happen maybe I should change. Nobody knew his hand signals this is on Jim Bob scooter ride that if they if if your Stafford in your. Hand signaling in the defense is yelling at you screen and you're like wait a minute we are running a screen but they knew the formations they do you know they need this. Just does the look they knew they handle even when you do overstaffed. Hospitals just turn out all over bush called time out from the sideline and say we need some it's. And yeah. Its turnaround and it's an easy any other answer for the lines the right one here. Based on week one and about Wilkes and an Arizona now we knew they were gonna sock and the war member of the worst odds to win the Super Bowl again. We knew they would be terrible. Yeah they need to stop the Sam Bradford experiments in scores that's Johnson and I Rosen. And John and Danielle Owens nodded. Crable and should Tennessee injuries and weird weather delay that stuff out as a weird game you have seven some odd hours to see what the dolphins are doing during a weather delays vinyl and there apparently is eating barbecue barbecue yeah there. Because they were told it's thirty minutes it turned into hours that are I guess it is usually TV some city area and longest game in NFL history but certainly the posting sporadic light in the September current. Of the brave online and you'll be able to tell that I think till the midway point this is assuming Mario it comes back cherub. You wanna see the offense be better. That was their problem their offense was boring and predictable. You wanna see with a new head coach how much better the offense gets Yemeni Embassy in essence we in week one. Yeah I didn't see in the weather delays the injuries on that stuff kind of up against them salary a lot of suntrust also wrote a dowel analyze how we did again nine next Tuesday and 2130. Odd coming up top of the hour we'll take a look at a couple of college football notes and from Nebraska Georgia South Carolina we got games being. Delayed and postponed and then also ESPN apologizing for something we haven't talked about you know Michelle. But come on and yes I do wanna get to a bit of good news for Oregon State football they that a couple injuries as of late but. How about this bombshell would tell you what that is crash sat next on offense. It's genre you like French fitness is flawless 995 per month no hassle no pressure no gimmicks no judgment that was not a glorious testing means kind facts wrong. I was in back got a tomorrow he got a morning workout in today the last two days I do I. But still I think I did my first leg game in almost three years. Out of Nacchio not good mine my glue it's are on fire just fire glued 7 AM and if the T Rex was coming I would probably you guys would out run me fetal position I'm done yeah. I have a little post leg day walk as the real thing man. In usually the day after the day after is the worst did you do leg day good enough seed in the 48 hour window your end. It's pretty brutal it was Soria Syria and ended the foam roller I was I'm OK you are right now woke up now now. Leg day troubles let's get to a bad news is that they are in state football programs and other third Ellison injuries right now our peers gonna be out a couple of weeks away easy Bradford complained wondered. Just candy indeed the mood to wait alliance can look against them out this week but. They did have some good news or get this engine was shot over in beaver blitz she was a report in this fun. And this came out right forum on on the air today and it is the news that a four star defense and then from the class of 2017. Who is playing out Oklahoma or Berra was hundred this year but on the roster Oklahoma. I has decided to transfer to Oregon State his name is Addison in gums great name as a phenomenal name gums. He was at as I mentioned four star recruit. He played in four games last year. As a true freshmen. And recorded eight tackles pass break up into a tell they was slated to be their starting linebacker of one other starting linebackers coming into this year. And they suffered a season ends ending injury in practice ripe for their opener against SA USA's offer the year. All but agency I don't know what it was why after suffering the injury and being slated as a starter maybe didn't like at least treated at a what was going on there but. He is since decided to transfer organ say he's shown up on their student directory this is a. Pretty big one for down this is the way this is bridging the gap from year zero to jumping ahead to year two in terms of win loss wise now I don't know what organ states and end up this year we've argued a wanna argue we've talked about this the over under two and half whatever. I think give you can get the jedi a kid ready by next year and I'm sure you welcome he's already there he as the playbook. It feels likes you know the ability he has the Forestar kiddies probably the favorite to be starting quarterback if he can live up to the billing. You've got the other four star linebacker for Nebraska and now you have a four star defense have been transferring as well. Those three right there those are big stop gaps those are big. Fill in the while you continue to try to build what she won a building go get all the players you want again. And I will go as far as say this. Right now I think you John Smith can show us some things in these next four or five weeks maybe they beat Arizona at home. Maybe TV Nevada. You're rolling you got three maybe get four wins this year and surprise some people. I think that can potentially be of a couple team next year and why I know and I'm not I I really mean this I think when you get a four star quarterback. That really liked John and Smith but for whatever reason he chose to go to Nebraska yeah. When you can give him and you can get him to play up to the ability he showed throughout high school to earn that Forestar. You now have changed the game right in Oregon State and Connor Blount has been fine. If organs say at a four star type quarterback or quarterback that was playing at that level right now. Would we even wonder if they were going to be Nevada now we ale be given to us Arizona you look at that you go mighty tasty. You would look at the schedule allowed different with the quarterback. If jedi can be accompanied quarterback when John Smith. And right now he's only showing they know what they're doing on offense. You got a couple guys like this defense of leak along with who'll return from injury who we back next year and who you bring in recruiting level. I I don't think it's a big jump to proclaim them to go from whatever they're gonna be this year to potentially hurting would be the bulls team next year. I'd love it I love that let's go this is the way you do have to do the guys that I'm in LA I know the expectations are different in the two programs that there is no different than what's been going on an organ for the last year and a half it's all about looking good feels good as you want about the coach or not gonna compete until you get the talent talk about how the talent and started recruiting and getting these kind of kids inside your program and that's been the focal point. And then it's up there will it seating coach should be some of these guys Phillies are recruiting classes there or seen a talent lies eventually. You're going to be able to hang in now organ state started in the same thing. As you mentioned again BAK energy is a jedi jedi jedi if it's like Jeff from Jesse jedi interest in jedi shifts with the G six a four star quarterback transferred from Nebraska Avery Robertson line the linebacker you were talking about. He too came over on from Nebraska in this one Addison guns. He was a an all American and army army all American high school. He had offers from all Washington Nebraska Oregon Tennessee Ole miss USC and UCLA. That's just naming a field. NM apparently made a strong push but he and a silent local only. Six foot 3230 pound I I think this this tax or at the very day tech sign is a 100% on I think this is where he learned from this is a dead Dennis Erickson example absolutely it is this is get a gallon by Wright Harry got to do and he's got to get talent because they are not without talent rightly we know their backfield are pierce and fortunately is that we know the backfield as Jefferson sat too Marge ever since there's a freshman trump Bradford establishing himself. Isiah Hodgins maybe he can discover who he is in college now after having a four catch weekend. And you had a couple guys on either side of the ball that are hurt. This team is not absolutely without any talent. But it's just selling consists in lacks depth that it's tough to win ball games this is that same model though. You fill in the gaps you out and the kids who were returning and who are getting now experienced this year. And you work on your recruiting classes yet say was slated to be a starting linebacker Oklahoma I'd imagine and he didn't play any game is suited this will count as a sign out here in the beginning on X here I'm assuming that's the Casey and Lee transferred like week three of the season. Who are this kid can Emmys about to sit out a year but I'd imagine since he didn't play a snap this year I don't think now I think rule wise he's going to be eligible for next year I hope I'll go look at the artists and tonight I played four games and then transferred. Had no idea I yanks please I think eligible for the next season's. That's a big that's a big get Oregon State they get a big time I defensive line men. Addison dumb this is his name he was one of the highly touted recruits in the class two dozen in seventy was playing in Oklahoma played last year as a freshman. Appeared in four games got injured and has decided to transfer organ say to sounds like. Freshman corner Du'Shon Wilson and him went to high school together and doubles some was a big part record and become organ state scenario third transfer can become. And I commit to John and Smith and Mike rally in the organ state beavers. The last couple weeks good news for them they loaded file our we got to get to Serena Williams and I talk about that yesterday when we make of sci. The back and forth that happened. It's an act eleven to fifteen we have placed a seventeen Charlayne football this weekend what could go wrong. Would tell you what the seven games RNC meeting were Smart or for stupid. Let's start docudrama they say a word try every Tuesday. Around 2 o'clock we're gonna look around college football we got all sorts of music games get canceled injuries happen and guys potentially be in healthy and ESPN apologizing for some sensible start they are loaded final hour Oakland werder spray on 1080 the fan.