Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 9-11-2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, September 11th
The final hour kicks off with some college football talk, they then go discuss Serena Williams actions at the US Open, then they talk if they like the new Monday Night Football crew. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Advance notice I'll I'll harder and spray on a Tuesday afternoon thanks to be able that's right here on pro sports entertaining in the sand on them. Getting into a tennis for fossils. I love that word. Serena Williams you she was on bothered did she have a right to be. Town not well yes OK he did she do it the right way no. Need to back in an open thirteen minutes we laid a seventeen par labor it's they all our debts and all three of us Sarunas. We're all we're all in this together guys who pay I have not been encouraged by C comments I've gotten yet this is and I will also read a text message from one Brennan Sprague from last October with distance this to attack come full circle on par allay some would do that some snow whoa -- maybe you'll have. To do is if obviously different pets then everybody's pretty happy she earth gee how. Had to say mentally is then somebody else is the ringleader. To put the parlor together every week at it it. Now but I like the system yeah choosing together and agreeing together now you you were laid in there I was late to the party just one of the puts them you know. More money going to in the city wanted to share the wealth. NA din Ali want an honest thank you a taste this juicy action to solve all our well this GC action packed but you want to see easier actually end. What all the state legislature did Atkins says shared that now what I'm all week. We still are betting it is still do that but it just could be easier Vietnam. Yep and be easier there is I I I guess I do is tell people that'll occasionally hit me up on Twitter that just hate my guts and will just remind me that I'm a degenerate. And one I'm kind OK with that 'cause sports gambling is pretty popular. But I jokingly said this after I laid out par lay and we all agreed in DC seven seamer. Just inject that into my veins whenever I instant yeah. It's UK and Russia like we're gonna hand adware again and it is one of the people are betting group Missouri's that I spent the money mentally so we've been out loses thanks. He's already decided how much she's saving MIT spending where he's spending an ad it's like say you know we're not gonna win in his right you know you don't wanna go there mentally and okay we're new we're Energizer rigid that we do an NFL whip around every Monday at 1 o'clock. Solve order trying college football LeBron every Tuesday at 2 o'clock there's a lot of there's a lot more college hoop on their xenophile do we need a different name and whip around. College football's recap would be boring at snatched them very well what we what should we name it easy to come up was that we need to come up with sayings because we have our NFL sayings that we have college football savings are saints and only. Well and frozen tundra how bout them raiders haven't been cowboy law you're not are fast my friend. So you would say it never rains are kind. He'll be entirely Hillary you don't need leave. What's as far as the chainsaw I guess all to read on BB. Don't because real party had to have to have sensitivity training the last time somebody who went to the burrito coming so. When I outlined what I am few days and it's never told you that story now we used to call a stadium had trouble. It is met it's fiery survived yes Janice thank and address air there was a whole thing like Nancy garrido BBs and non thinking it's not good there I think he's you've got to think Rangel maintains side. After you look at the right and I got chain to stop the French and I put on notice a robo doctor makes. I don't know quack and a man that can't be a normal quack and it's going to be robotic clack. Poconos and this is nuts and the content while rolled out others went in Oklahoma they look good two weeks into the season I have enjoyed by the way Colin is always looking for angles of live baker may feel Sox. And I sang one of his latest ones is that you've seen how many points Oklahoma has soared into games. Woods now baker mayfield I miss that headline but I would just say they've played crappy team did you silly sides memo. But they did evident in news as their starting running back Rodney Anderson knew him as the rest of the season due to a knee injury. As a tough one Sammy is a statesman of the best running backs in the country now they feel like Camelot in depth at that position and I'm sure Oklahoma does but it's unproven death. The starting running back Eddie you're done in Oklahoma. An Oklahoma. Yeah I miss that headline you not to listen let's we buy tickets no I heard I just I can't believe I missed that headline camera and the Anderson. That's unfortunate. I you know Oklahoma is kind of establishing themselves thus far and I know it's early would Lincoln Riley. They might be one of those programs that unless they get a generational. Type back. They can still be okay and they can find guys that are serviceable and ready to go and still have a high powered offense. This is one of the reasons though that you get a little worried when you make pre season predictions you never know where the injury bug is gonna it's gonna bite. And this makes me feel slightly not much. Better about my West Virginia in the big twelve field but Oklahoma has what damn good if it's unfortunate but I think they still have the horses to fill in the gap. Deanna lane and rallies that were heartbroken for armies come overcome so much in his career if anybody can do it again is Rodney Zenyatta value to finance a brutal blow two weeks in the season. Let's head to Lincoln shall we Dow was one of the more entertaining games of the weekend to Nebraska and Colorado. And their quarterback Adrian Martinez went down here is Scott frost and an update. No really ligament damage on his little sore but doing a lot better today than I expected and I don't think will be very wrong we're gonna do everything we can't get other guys are ready. He's endured they can get healthy and in the game plan and I imagine we won't be able to make final decision until probably Saturday. That is courtesy of the money Omaha world herald and anti emanate that is good news for them because as we were just talking about last segment their backup quarterback transfer. Neighbor leveled only one I think the of one of the guys that walk on he almost fifty of the smarts and a little bit eight David we're able passes dropped he did. But Adrian Martinez either abilities of your precious he would take his lumps the building for the future there but good news it is nothing serious and long term and bill please back sooner or later I like what I saw from him. I think style wise it was pretty clear mind maybe Jeb be a lesson to fit in Martinez was he just sees a dynamic athlete that gives him a little more. And a slightly different look and interesting tidbit to take away from this is well not only knee injury status. They were kind of claiming this was dirty by Colorado they worry Al and Mike MacIntyre in congress that they evaluate the film they concluded there was no dirty air it now. The pac twelve said not so fast my friend. And they said they're investigating this right now because Nebraska was not happy and you guys think it was a dirty hit no I think it was awkward it was weird it did my car. I have a hard time saying like you intentionally trying to hurt a kid. You wish you could have not done it. I don't know if you define that is dirty but in the moment I was kind of like you didn't need to add a little. Could he comes in the play is clearly oh is her body is coming from both directions which is why I got pinned in his leg got pinned underneath them right. But it's it's the linebacker if you re watching here is wrapped up the play is dead essentially and the linebacker comes in and does like a last minute. Shoulder into loan which pushes me even more back. It's hard for me this you know say if it was dirty but it definitely could have been without. I'm an amount that made any sense but that's kind of died and omelets and that I think when you would never use the word dirty I think the intent comes in your mind. Was it intentionally dirty. I don't think it was as it's it's hard to decipher because you can't tell what was going to players mine at the time when he hit them and when the collision happened. But yeah I was unfortunate thankfully for Nebraska he's going to be okay not done for the rest of the season so that was really good news. Coming down Lincoln this week how about one of the bigger ass kicking it happened over the weekend and Georgia South Carolina game. First to did Georgia at the Carolina. Seventy yard line going to the Massey Ferguson wrestled here in the first quarter out of the pistols live line from the Audrey gets a handle frankly the near side to that did to the. It touched down. They write what they got to block a bit but I think it may have good crop but that's what it on the air side. We've got to find more play by play for like the local radio guys have more SEC 'cause Ellis got Howard in the Georgia Soledad sports network. And just kicks that perhaps not in South Carolina. Ford wanted to damage your score going in the fourth from threw for a buck 94 they ran it for 271 as a team a couple of picks one of them went the distance the other way for a touchdown. And Georgia won those teams eminent loss a lot of talent to the NFL they're too big running backs were gone. But here they are now too well that's one of the better ones we've seen so far on the college football season where they've played gamma. I did play them this year. I think are the same division now know George is an east famous in the last time I don't see any members less enthusiasm and out of him a Georgia all right you know your great play they have a game Matt Ellis you and I and they play government they get Auburn home. You know the thing about Georgia U mass in the second to last game I'm not. I'm not going to pretend like I know 80% the names of those kids. But I watched almost that entire game. I actually really like their chances this year it's him to be bam I know a lot of people are counting them into is amazing. But they are playing angry like I watch said South Carolina game they are fast. They're hitting as hard as anybody in the country. I think Kirby Smart has that team so locked in and so prepared this season because about clothes they had a national championship. There's something with that team that feels like there's a little more and watching them play another SEC team won that by the way might win eight or nine games this year. Is no slouch. Watching them play and just beat the living hell out of South Carolina. There is something about Georgia this year I I think they got a great chance to be drama I think they're plain pissed. And big feet just play the game any different level than most teams in the country. As an awash in Jordan this your Jewish they kind of have a a similar situation not. And on exactly the same until when Alabama was Dylan's last year palm because from promising good quarterback but. People are wondering it's almost at a Browning thing magazine and his limitations in big games can he win yet a game like that. Any government they got the number one in the country last year and does he go he was gonna tell McGraw yeah this are LA's not says is a repeat play he's not registered he got in in place in garbage time in south Carolina's weekend. I just feels is his name so that's when you keep an eye and I'm done their got two more notes because of all world quickly number line is only about a bunch of games canceled called off and move to UNC NC state West Virginia Virginia Tech. All of them canceling gains as the a hurricane is is. Heading straight towards the East Coast the Carolinas and then the Ohio at Virginia game that has been moved to Vanderbilt stadium in Nashville. So they're moving stuff around canceling games that they is going to be asking. They've category four right now yet they said they expected to hit category five status load before it makes landfall. So no thanks and I've been of those coast areas they where it's getting hit north and South Carolina. As pleasure to get rid Taylor in Wilmington and Cape Hatteras to southern Virginia. Coast outer worlds in North Carolina it's tremendously big in tremendously glad to hand him. To quote our president and you just don't know but in you you always open for. As few casualties as possible and everybody votes out of there's enough warning that people heated and again. If here on the coast get to higher ground ice ax UH I saw a headline that don't have questions you. I can't remind him for juniors South Carolina but thank the governor was like. Just get out of state just go just getting out of here how would you guys handled the hurricane came down the coast do you would you be the guy and a flag stand on the beach is sitting Carolyn I think he would be Jack Jack evicted to I would malware through the TV camera that's it's do I do it if it's a five iron out of the stadium or on privacy got winds of 140 miles an hour now own and my brother lives in Charlotte Charlotte have good ways inward. In the only problem there is they're gonna get flooding yeah nothing's gonna dump a foot of rain one disturbing about the timing isn't that part of the state is gonna be fifty mile an hour winds and it's going to be Aaliyah whole warrant so let's get everybody pretty yards a bunch of games get canceled and moved. You're gambler techno and act as we wanted to gamble the NC state West Virginia game did you see. Did you see Danny now. Who Danny kanell now only say he too we did man I wish they would at least waited a day before they canceled this football game. Two we just wait to see woody is really. It is somebody could read it's going kind of viral he's like I promise you football isn't this important it's not as important Danny it's going to be OK Danny it's going to be all right. You can miss a game as a perfect example of a guy who's suffered Germany had injuries that denies any injuries or problems tweeting stupid stuff. OK might as a denial he's oh he's a hard court denied error no we know Elaine no 'cause Intel and all you have. Alia he's a truth there is ahead drama true third one last note I'll remember Len Mark Johnson out of that tweet about Washington's Amy took one on the team in the making fun of on and everybody he backtracked I just joking around. What ESPN has apologized to the university. In ESPN executive I believe it was nick Dawson he's their VP of programming. He sent an email to Washington athletic director saying it was childish behavior and totally unacceptable. He then continued as saying. That he knew it was frustrating and disappointing to them on so many levels. And he said the noted they're great interaction and they had during the Auburn game he said it's an example of how the partnership can and should work from both sides he should have been suspended a week he just send a real message cut a paycheck and say don't ever be stupid on Twitter again Talladega ESPN apologizing. Washington after Mark Jones on tickets Johnson Huskies for lose and Topper OK let's get to the tennis for fossil what laurel habit will somebody explain to me the outrage next on the fit. Has good. Bacon and the dividends. What did you make of the mine and broadcast crew. And talk about that yet. How close do you think you can get to them sounding just like whatever it is they are saying. Not very close I think I'm close but I know I'm not. Yeah one of my favorite Jimmy Fallon disease like Twitter contest things about you know people a different questions and one woman is miss. Render miss song lyrics of people putting things into songs and they think it is. And end this assault was one of on the and it was the person that always sang a song with the opening word is Pennsylvania. Yes and yeah you am as AM that makes sense that sounds and I went in on a bit OK let's get to this so this happened on Saturday I'm sitting around I get I get back from AG and I'm watching college football and on and I'm just trying to enjoy my Twitter feed and then people are just just going off left and right. Left and right spam in my Twitter timeline. Was Serena Williams hot takes wishy and the right wishy in the rom was the umpire. I don't know what the hell's going on but if you miss it. Here is this happened on ESPN on Saturday. It. Let me let me just a that she is in the right here because this is a very common occurrence in tennis. Big coach in mated this by the way during the match they yes he was trying to Albers she didn't see him but he admitted that he was trying to out this is a stupid rule by tennis than they don't allow coaching. To go on. I'm a 100% with her. I don't quite understand why she needs to bring up that she has a daughter. In this their honor and integrity though but see here's my thing is. I I'm trying to say this without sounding disrespectful I think sometimes athletes. Get so caught up. With knowing cameras and microphones are on them. That they try to be a certain way and there is something to what she said in the post match. And there's something that way that she handled herself after the match and then that little line there that I'm kind of like how much are you playing this up. For TV for. Everybody that support you because you wanna say don't call me a cheater grade do that. I I can't even begin to fathom why in my mind if I'm yelling at somebody about something I would go I have two daughters. But. We're trying not me right now not kids. Well here glow let's fight as well as the this lies it is I don't let it escalated from there so she slam and Iraq and down soon so that was a warning later she lost I think. Lost another game. And then she totally slammed Iraqi and it cracked in half that was a point. Penalty so she was assessed a point. And she steam at that point. She was still steaming over this. And when they do when they switched yet and then she lost the point. And so in a changeover or whatever and she called the chair umpire at beef pool because he stole point. From merciful. Which deeply Dave being called much worse than a T shirt by she didn't swears she didn't 'cause she didn't. You know what ever and there's videos her argument is that men are allowed to do this others and there are numerous cases word dudes who lose it right and yell all sorts of stuff better barrels towards the stuff Federer in 09 their day somebody put out a video Kazaa I didn't see the story to watch sports center of that and I didn't there was a video put out Federer in 09 with incorporated. Sitting next to a chair umpire he said don't. The linked. Talked to me don't. Happened talked to me. He was screaming the F bomb at a doughnut after the top of the united do about it now no doubt and that's into drama on green treatment and little barely touch and a lot of new and still have. This after she calls them a fee for and lays into a minute changeover. He assess assert a verbal abuse penalty at this point it's now a full game echoes from 43 in the second tough 53 and essentially ended the match. Here she is in the post and our. I don't know if I don't you definitely can't go back in time but. I can't sit here and say I wouldn't say he's a thief concede I thought into the game for me but I've seen other men. Call other umpires several things and I'm here fighting for women's rights and for women's equality. And for all kinds of stuff and for me to say thief and for imitate your game. It made me feel like it was a sexist remark I mean like how he's never seen a game from a man because these are feet. I am blows my mind but I continued. Suffice for women into a fight for us to have equal in court may should be imitators around without didn't. I'm fine like this is outrageous. You know and I just still life. The fact that I have to go do this is this an example for the next person. That has the emotions and I want to express themselves and they wanna be a strong woman. And then be allowed to do that because it today maybe didn't work out remained but it's gonna work over the next person's. And then she yelling go by I don't know I know when you know let's don't have yelling yeah standing ovation and well oppressed and see somebody in takes an in Betty today Tex lines they mackerel lunged on and on to go bleed his mom yeah yeah yeah Mac euros. Are legendary visit I don't know maybe there's a story out doesn't actually some Zaria maybe it's out there I missed it I don't know the track record of this. Chair umpire neither do I so hurt by her saying like it she dot he's being sexist wolf how do we know he didn't ever do something to a guy now guys get away with a little more in the verbal department I'm not disputing that. She should stand up for herself because she Serena freaking Williams. I also think this is a mix are. I Naomi Osaka was beating the living hell out ever and you saw the way that she finished that match because that was my first question when this happened was did this cost her. I don't think it cost of the match right because she does girl I'm clearly better than her on the day right and I thought it was. I doctors didn't see this is a mixed thing I think she's right in standing up for herself. But in the post match you know trophies ceremony. The crowds booing the whole time this girl's twenty years old is reserved for state land is our first vs Syria it's Arenas or idol she took a picture or whether when she was sixteen she's in her dream was is to play in the US open weather and she just beater and she beat during got that dream and people largest brewing they're not allowing anybody to talk. I'd dot Serena could've done a little more to step in in that moment. I thought she in order to sell very portly with her reactions and her body language and then they had the officials come out from the US open. And instead of just getting upset like she was with the chair umpire. She started crying any kind of filly complain this sad and woe is me card I ending he conveyed very well. Like I think she's she's right in a lot of a sense. And I also felt really bad for the girl who actually won because she's whiny it's her first Grand Slam. And the only story is Serena and half of this is because of Serena. He now. Yeah that's a difficult environment that tennis doesn't. Having good track record in the equality for years and years in years at the majors. In tournaments where there were both men's and women's the men's purse was larger than the women's purse. Serena and Venus were ones that were fighting the US open was followed the first to have equal. Purses for both sides of at Wimbledon was drawn to it but at the very end so. At issue remit referred to its a woman taking her shirt off just you see guys all the time there shirt soaked in wet they changed their shirt and it. I think one of those women competitors obviously had. You know soccer mom out of sports prize winner and media via her shirt was soaked in she wanna put a fresh went on she actually got fine by a I think it was the US they're US open or some open. For some sort of indecency year whatever you get the thing going on with the and that cat suit. That's now being stands and allowed to Wear red so yes so. There's all whole history in that sport. That kind of all came bubbling up there with with that. And I'm Ed I think the tough part about does he mentions for Jews and it's tough to take the attention away from a somebody who just had their shining moment in the sport. I did just had their biggest career achievement and out of what's her name I mean there aren't Naomi Osaka. Probably never in I guess she had a Japanese brother and I think it's rather win Nancy shoot out deal she's young is her dream and now and nobody's given our attention gallery a couple of quick thoughts on this. The Betty today Tex I'm 55 Israel signs of isn't a popular opinion sounds Asia is a decent REM but I struggle with everyone turning themselves into a hero. Does sound like she's dropping some bugs buzz words to stir up the support of public opinion. I I I really hate kind of saying this because I like Serena I think she's gonna go down as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Blight in this moment. I thought she could handle things so much better in different yeah it was just disappointing to me I see why she's angry are completely get it I understand it. But you're also you need to recognize what your doing and once the precedent was set for her in that chair umpire. The rest of the match was about her attitude. About her being upset slam in Iraq and not about Naomi Osaka now I do you wanna go on the record because I did see a cartoon that was being passed around yesterday in Australia awful what the hell are they think that is absolutely idiotic tease. Odds of is that rather is an economy appeal less than a thief. What else we got here she is playing center and history intent as men and got away with a lot more than women as far as doing idioms and what they say. Yes that if you look at all of the board on this China and waiting and that's 155305. It's buried today tech science and you can interact list. Allure it's a more your thoughts on the other side also we have a par later tell you about it and to make the mud and I broadcasting crew. You really have a beef with this crew is like talking broadcasting crews are like getting people's takes on this kind of stuff a broadcast judging other broadcasts just as broadcasters. Will do it next Richardson I was ports. I don't think I'd be doing my job remains past his message along the for those here on the north interstate area. It is just keep ground as little apparently there is a FEMA lot that is trying to have sex of the tree right now who can anybody just jumped in and say on the tree. Well my branch. Now we think you know. I don't know if the feed mill that is trying to assess the tree is the kind of FEMA wanna jump in with you and your right there's something off about that but what is she was like a hot gray smoke show ranked Louisiana due there is channel one of those. Days that hey it's Soledad good leg injury. Maybe she's just like a super hit the U wanna make like this trees you leave she just is grinding on treason parks and now. Now some big there's a show about this that we might weird obsession or whatever and there was yeah at gitmo relationships with cars. And the like how do you make Levy's I will Wear you what do you think the gas areas like why. People do all kinds of things you don't ever read that a ghost ghost sex lady we did you ask. And she wants to have a kid yes Johnson goes baby sis is gonna get impregnated. Ryan asks him that she met the Australian ghost and that was that men that was the Ozzie did that he had that accent everything going that that's an off. Following the wood jokes here it gets very big tech science and wood for him from our camp. Dear lord I just to sample and everybody is saying isn't taking what once across 31. Exit. What is going targeted dieters are we bride to be entirely out I don't I close between interstate and going all knowing their ego like guys going to inner stating going right now and some enemies that amount went on hot chicks are crazy and all crazy judges are not hot. Have you ever seen a crazy chick that is hot. Don't yeah. So half. The my dad would systems at a hospital in lake went. And I used to what I lived up there very very briefly and I'd walker on the canvassing into his office. There was one and MIK who's any owner of its patient and I was like she smoked in any goes. Yes she she tried to murder her boyfriend Powell seven time to stay away from the she's been in here for seven months I make. Okay I was I was recruited to play football the mighty Lewis and Clark University. And I went Diana recruiting trip for a weekend tonight goes stained campus and check everything out stuff. An out of the as those fellows department they have far more female students and into male students and the good ratio remained right sell there was a saying around the campus in all of football team apparently they to make them like hey this is kind of cool on the you're outnumbered by 31 here that's a good ratio. And they simply responded by saying the odds are good but the goods or god am. And I thought it's a fair way to sum up Lewis and Clark I concede that I know nothing of Lewis and Clark lot of work in stock. Armpits not a lot of raiser Sam app. I was so it's like Reed College I think actors and writers similar always Wear an MS and talking about Serena Williams and just keep reading this text thinking of this guy in his car slid across this is our salary underwear as she wears she whereas Sheikh. I look at there's no right or I answered yeah people are gonna be all over the board IE and I think people go with a preconceived opinion of Serena to use that you like her he didn't like her that that's gonna make you feel one way or another. Alarmed he once did San measure how she was Sosa handle it though she was wrong if you didn't say inning outing changes. I mean that is true stride and she was wrong in this case she was she didn't get the quote a play coaching it is happens all the time ago I decided to make an example of her for some reason. I thought I thought the chair umpire. I overstepped. The situation. I think it was more one thing that you could've handled in a changeover and say. At least say Serena and your coaches starting to signal to you I don't wanna have to give warnings are penalties here in the final. So. Can you get word to commerce Sutton to knock it off otherwise I'm an after the that stuff goes on all the time. In tennis matches this right right listen you need to stop I've had enough forward you need to watch out for this I don't wanna have to. Insert myself the smashing the racquet that's that's a point violation error or warning so had. Had the coaching warning not come the smashing the racquet would have been the warning. And then even if there was verbal abuse after women appoint not a game. Is there are weighing wing you're getting beat though the way she did. You're Serena Williams right see you're upset I get that you're the all true competitor. You do that to a knowledge of who you warned what you are you are everything that's sport. You might peak and Farrah you know this is a hot take you might be the most popular tennis player in the world more popular than all four Federer except more recognizable saw him there there's a part of view as an athlete and I think all great athletes in their respective sports need to understand this if not do understand it. There's a repercussions for how you act in what you say. And are you mad yes. Do you need assault after every point as if all you've just been wronged. No 'cause Osaka was hit forehand. RS. When my backhand is right done lying easily right passion no problem. And you you had no answer for anything she was doing on the court were you upset by the chair umpire shirt you were gonna lose that match anyway. She was just better they knew she was she and I incredible run. Nobody saw it coming. But I just think there is a way to handle yourself. And I understand why she's mad but you're also Serena Williams's re repercussions and in response to everything you say and do. And you wanna say some of the chair umpire fine other great tennis players have done that. For for decades. But it's the going on the court. The smashing in the racquet did then having you know as all of us out and crying in trying to play the woe is me card and then oh socket hitting the winner and you just going. Alone insulting your shoulders down and looking up sad casino all those reactions are gonna eat your fan base. Fired up and that's exactly what happened in the post match you could have been upset. You could've played you can awaited and you could Ghana podium afterwards and destroyed him on the right your phone right there's a there are ways you could've handled that substantially better in my opinion. I can't marry that's probably the most tennis dot we've ever had on this show it's probably going to be the most in the soccer ball time and I don't know Mueller talked Tennessee M military does not tennis California Serena as a as is frustration when an official end I don't three others are tennis talk I was ready to talk about trio thing but you any different I did I wanted to keep it someone's someone series there are estimated say it's a unique way to shave is you know. Thanks for that image and that's how it's painful it does right. A game. Since mark was tapped by then OK let's give sorry seven games are labeled do it on the other side and I'm gonna get my dam mine and I broadcasting conversation ended his skin in this segment I promise you might an apple bought crew. And are seventeen par lay next on the facts. Five what are our chances to make some money here. We do a couple of these a year. Get a few people are on the office we split put a little money and you get a decent pox Olin and naive place big Carla you swing for the fences right even sell I do wanna read this though first as we know we have a group chats. About this parlay that we place and I was scrolling back from 21 last year. It's so bloody. Kyle now for in this group Chad said. The NFL isn't possible to predict assuming that we had placed a parlor and probably lost a game. Our brand is ray responded it's a Sunday October 15 of last year you simply responded. Five team darlings are not Smart. And incurred Lodwick also in this gambling group said no doubt I can't figure this league out. That was our interaction so fast forward this year what are we don't graduate of five team pro labor what do seventeen correlate Deanna we added two more games so today. Two when I thought you couldn't get Sheehy and film told BB Anke it. I'm so here is our Orlando and Alicia being okay were taken to chiefs. Plus five in Pittsburg. We're taken Syracuse. This one is one of my more nervous why plus four home against Florida State no they all liquids baser quarterback every excuse it is healthy. Dungy Sophia a casket. The wise Vegas have Florida State is the road favorite hustlers and there's Florida State you really it's what it is yeah I have gotten. And Syracuse let's Orleans for say we got the saints minus nine home against the browns. I feel like our overconfidence in this one might be our undoing this is the moment what is they have a two weeks stinker they wind seventeen and thirteen holes staying Carrick. Dollar take and the rams minus thirteen and at home against the cardinals. I like this I don't think the rams are gonna be letting up this year I think they're trying to make a point to people that they are here relaying the big one on Allen's big spread and the cardinals saw art that is new to a Washington did when Tony for six and we're good out. I'm Ortega and the niners at home minus five and a half against the lions Tubbs was not excited about this one Ali didn't like dat but we ended up coming to an agreement on it we're saying and the Huskies and minus six and a half at Utah I want this to be noted even though he's wearing a dark sweatshirt yes I think the big and Peter Johnson that this is 81 he wanted this is main blood you tightly Utah's a tough game a tough matchup I get does a tough place to play defensively there's a night game on asset. They they're offences awful. All they couldn't of the ball it's northern Illinois last week. But it's it's a conference opener I need to Keeneland by touchdown make it went to one of 417 you're seeing good game. Now in Washington covers the spread Richard Browning I'm all over this and not all of this time I'm wash in my six after an and we are indeed taking the or index minus 41 and a half. And a lot of this is we've gotten some criticism on this we have we have but here's here's my thinking. San Jose state scored twenty points. In their two games I believe 38. Think they lost like four I did I did you research on Sanders did they dropped 38 they did they lost they lost daily resource they lost to UC Davis I got there moderately point one EAY anyway 38 Alaska they scored nothing at Y zoo getting a shut out last weekend even if organ is up forty then nothing in half and nobody plays because now it's Stanford there was 4438. I think Levitt is still going to be able to maybe give up two touchdowns and organ puts up two touchdowns in the second half yet again hand the ball off and ran down to throw those eight and three touchdowns I think they can win by 42 like this they lost to UC Davis. Need a hole that was her home opener that was her home opener yeah. Misty Sox yeah yeah so there's are seventeen parlor we did a poll question on his ads are straight on Twitter like our chances of hitting and I. Dale played a big word. 36% of you said 0% you're all morons. 32% said I give you 1% account. 23% so percent shut and then 9% a year with us it's a lock maybe. We have hundred to one odds according to a lot of water to one odds in this thing. And let's go. Is at a huge financial commitment if you get a handful of people to put in a few bucks of payouts Craig. Rob make rob make it a ton of money on this thanks so there's are seventeen partly which one which one is as you the most nervous I. I have and yet there's a couple that Lee mean there is still one I'm probably most nervous about his Florida State and Syracuse out that terrifies me because we know nothing I have not easier just play my claims she Marietta is Mike Miller Dave other team this year rather than dungy I know he sits down with some Jurgenson watching yet what is yours because I actually I feel really good about the saints I feel really good about the rams I feel really good about the niners I feel really good about the Huskies when you feel really good in the struggle goes the other over the border into these we know the reality is and then I think I do today about organ the other one it scares me is Kansas City. Steelers tying their first game against Cleveland Kansas cities are high and mighty either played in Pittsburgh. That about one scares me a little but here's my saving grace on that game Kazaa I am with the end the nervousness Andy Reid is a better coach than Mike Tom he is. It is. The museum will cease to lose by five. To lose by four and I'm kind of nervous about immoral and regular nervous about what to do is browse. I've seen teams be weird the NFL is a tough league to bat it is it doesn't really long college I have. Kindest I've been near in the NFL the NFL's Merlin years sources say away from the NFL for three weeks and we're not point medevac. I do I I'm with ya and you get weird performances from teams I just don't think you often see you back to back weeks will insist seawall and as much talent that's the moment the world wants. Did the organ spread one is funny we're not saying a 41 and half points spread leaving us nervous. Which makes me nervous. We're just very confident they win that's by six touchdown pass. But it was who can win what would 31 nothing was our final. Was it 131 of them. You. Went right now I'm thinking about it at the bears are far away it's good that the financial though. The payout is amazing what. The six touchdowns sickness or what their own state by how many touchdowns is that he posed by 48. Okay. They don't we need San Jose state truly be worse than Portland State. By late last night Jason Witten. Once when a four minute span out saying a single word he doesn't talk much it's Booker or it's a just a lot of yes a tour. They're clearly what's wrong with that there was and there is a period where there's no time outs called local Merck. Can't talk for four straight minutes so what is that he's the big moneymaker that every was frightened over he's not Romo. It's romo's good and I was bad I'll that cruise says it's and oddly did did they don't fit together yet now bloggers also in some high eighty. Share center SATA I hard to do you can only do that after a cruise been together for awhile now. Waiting on their mother and but urges talk easy easy you just you have to have a knowing a feel for it. It took awhile for her with his does to used to the high school games with me on the sidelines right. It's just share like that nine losses on auction but have you have to have a good feel and I trusted that when your finished your your partners can pick up then to do that with a brand new crews really tough. And they don't think it was just like an umbrella company tomorrow I'm Rick bird is gonna join us into a talk college football and in Bruce Dow vegan is gonna join as the one he wrote the book cap in hand. A salary caps are killing pro sports we'll talk to him at 1 o'clock to want to miss this aerial attack and brought in all sizes and intimate event.