Dirt & Sprague Tuesday June 12th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, June 12th
The guys debate which major sporting even in the next couple of weeks they are most jacked up for, plus signs the Warriors could break up sooner than later, and a college football coach with a rare moment of brutal honesty about his team.

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And third he went full Happy Gilmore he request the big checks spray and they were having such a good deal on golf cleats and cavity I used to get made fun of all the time sends US open which edition of dirt and. Broad drop Ciba area heating cooling don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop its great. Durbin spread on 1080 program. Payloads do its final hour dirt this break on a Tuesday. It is physical while they too Bayless here a pro sports in your 1080 the fan. That's book questions out mentored sprayed onto federal update those as the as the show goes on. Coach admitting something about his team I think it's hilarious that much more I wish more teams that do this. Dennis Rodman drain on green lasting into. I do wanna start dealt with this is because we've had the Golf Channel line and it's got my mind there and I've seen the ads all over the place for some of the other events right. Consumers get through this babbling out what do attacks votes to make it fold because we forgot one of the options on the poll question. Our course libel questions that you decks him 55305 over the next two weeks in the sporting world. What event are you most excited for your options are the US open which begins on Thursday the World Cup which I believe also begins on Thursday. The NBA draft which is a week from Thursday and then the college World Series which kicks into high gear this week and of course organ state. Or is it Washington involved so those your four options what are you most jacks for over the next two weeks the sports world. And the US it's probably US open I love I love the NBA draft. Because you're looking at immediate impact. You know the fact the F five players on the court once how big of an impact on player can have. It's big and I'm always going to be series will Portland's gonna do if there's any buzzing trading setter. But right now probably vote the US open. The only that we amuse switch my mind on that is if the rumbling start to begin that Portland is Johnny suitor for one of the dead contracts we don't want amber to get a big deal potentially next Thursday. Right that paid some there's been a suitor for Evan Turner and this Hank or this or that you know sending I got pops up and is dumping all over your beavers then. I dumping on my beavers you ask me which one I'm most excited for I've been really honest about organ state. And this season specifically. Good luck to armed I know a lot of fans that are jacked out of their minds to try to get a third national championship and they should be. Hasn't Garza is slight there you just ask me which one I'm most excited for a cap al-Qaeda what about he's like or what he must say and I think I know the answer. I think it is the college World Series wow that surprised me as a starter and golf guy yes. I think Oregon State has a very legitimate shot to win the whole thing I've watched that live just about. All of their games through the regional and and the super regionals. As well as some of the other ones there's been there were some goofy stuff going on with some of those at Florida Auburn game three yesterday that was pretty crazy and I went up the guy's glove there's a little brawls and then they run the the guy trails that refer to staff loves the guy at third to steal home and yet there was some crazy stuff but. But with all the guys that got drafted from the beavers in in this is as special a group as there was back when they first got there and 0506 or seven and one the back to back titles and so. No hominem. I'm glad that first came his Saturday at noon I will be home preparing rating might charts for the LS Schwab tires bull call later that night but I'll be able to take that first one and and the fact that it's against North Carolina whom they beat in the finals to win their two national championships. Little extra intrigue to it would be fun this he got yes if you get organ state Washington if they can both advance and fans like our final four kind of on the same side of the I have to see how it all works out they play each other if they win. Yeah man yeah. That's give me a pac twelve us semi final Saturdays gonna be a little sports today that's that's assault on a time and there. Yeah and the top party is it's and fortunes on Sunday because every guy out there has the right to scream Father's Day lead me to hell alone right. Where is Saturday can get a little tricky in gets stuff going on you know they did it won the World Cup I'm just gonna have to ease into all right. I haven't seen alive I I'm curious how Russians can pull this off hard. And it's just there's so much build up and then you get the group stage at the start and so you're gonna get L 11 draw on your begin nil nil Ras is the plan. So that the excitement for the World Cup doesn't kick in and tell. The last go round in the group stage so everybody's third game. Would you start to know him can advance to the to the knock episode the third game because. Neither actor myself knew you were talking about it Planon goes on for a month that you have on a fourteen group. And you play around rob I had previously and then you advance to actual tournament bracket. Now what happens. I've I would be curious to see how how closely the sports world is in tune with that. Because the economy even here for a country that's not. A soccer's growing popularity on that stuff. When it would CB USA's in the World Cup it's a pretty big deal everybody got its Dobson and you watch and it's it's it's a everybody's office about a team USA do you and so let's pretend it cares of us actually cares it was don't care every important with men because women I was new idea about the women I don't care about the man. I do think it's important to what extent I don't know although we all at least pay attention of the game on and that's where I'm really curious to see how all just did you myself as an example. How much I fall the World Cup because right now I am zero intrigue and it it's not registering on my sports radar out all well I would say. And I don't know how that's gonna change what well it goes on for a month no I know that. And so once we get past the NBA draft if the beat skipped through all the way to the college World Series. Once that ends. Then your in kind of the knock out round and the really good teams are left and they will start playing each other in the quarterfinals in the semi finals of the stuff. And you can see V best soccer being played at the highest level that's pretty special but some of these group stage are you either get. You get the mismatched to you. From like the third team that got in from Asia taken on like Germany or Brazil or some then and it's like 67. Yeah. Yeah I did EI it's and they said I saw this article today that outside of Russia the USA counts the most pro cup tickets sold the a lot of people apparently are going all over they by those. Three you don't now pumped out of me I don't know I on our I did see that headline earlier today which at that was interesting considering the USA's not even in the dark turn it. But this one this is an easy answer for me it's the US open that I that that's the thing I'm most him for not be eaten the corset they're playing. Is special the fact that tiger is still involved in playing at a added decently high level is always displayed at 12100 dollar bet by the way in Vegas feel good about them guys and hanging out as yachts creek and a half now get ready to go Jeanine as a calls Dini. The sealed it off as as it is perfectly set up from for an awesome tournament this weekend the US open is always has always been for me the number two in the hierarchy of of major championships. I just because of a difficult courses in many years some of the guys who walked around it can give you a guess of what the winning scores going to be. It's always incredible on injured guys lucky to be in the red if they enter this weekend. And that to me is that's all I need for sports this weekend as the US. The weather is supposed to be perfect. But in the seventies virtually no chance of rain in a slight wind ten to fifteen miles an hour. So they won't have the problem that they have the last time it was there when the seventh green got baked out and you couldn't. Putt from anywhere and keep it on the during. Now last year what is NBA draft because in the blazers with 31 round picks trying to make some noise can I was gonna happen here patent it and what if even if they move to contract I mean beret but what does it mean and grand scheme thanks after the first six or seven picks the NBA draft is totally irrelevant abstinence are related alike can disagree more. A inching play from listener I may find a way to watch the mess he's of the world play in World Cup you know just as you see the best. But this is a good point. We. They asked are we find out tomorrow if the US is gonna eat between 26 World Cup that's a pretty big deal forget it. Yeah if that's something I would I would. It would be a North America based out of loyalty it was Elway Mexico and Canada we find out tomorrow knowing. A that I'm not sure if fifa is gonna make that announcement on the if that's part of what they do before they may get into wall parliament have to booed the vikings and stadium they've they've they won almost everything in their venue might not be but whoa if they might not be big enough. Even to host preliminary rounds is that they might they might have a thirty or 40000 seat cause a fumble. You have grass well no end to import the grass before and have. So that's. Yeah they've imported grass before for things when they have the women's World Cup there I don't know when the heck that was twelve years ago or some. Yes so far the we have a two way tie for second we the US opens and 40%. And and Al World Cup and NBA draft at 30% each I did a lot of writings for the World Series of from Bieber fans yet college World Series prohibition on that list. I think for those that don't have interest in the World Cup. Played a fun game that I saw yesterday on line and it's basically identifying favorite foods and how they pinpoint which team who are leash fault for not that customary. Cuisines from countries practice gives you randomness and in a pin point with your choices what culture you are you're rooting for sweet act here's. The cool thing but you may think it's cool but because they are in Russia with a nine to twelve hour time difference depending on which venue. These are gonna be morning games is going to be like a six a year era like up 5:30 AM. 8 AM and 11 AM on picked Pacific time hunting him. So I don't cancel out the first batch of games. Depending on powerless to vote windows brakes out so when you're up in their attack crunch working out you can actionable live sporting event on while you're. I guess again as 7 in the morning into the Ortiz hit the treadmill and eyes relax and let us on hill. But don't rule and then interfere with. To any storyline on the greats. Like the messy and although pressure packer need to win it's it's mostly on mass because he hasn't won one for Argentina at ten. So the pressure's on Argentina Germany embers Adobe did go to Seattle won a World Cup you cannot be what many are saying they want it. So this exists in all sports on the LeBron is not the only goes through a no no no there's nowhere else he does win it that's at and so there's guys a bomb these memories like all at seven World Cup's a lot of interest in Belgium coming in they've won they've gone nineteen unbeaten coming in the World Cup play as their national team. You know last players that really and a lot of pressure to win a championship the first time I've been on and they won. Maybe Argentina to cheat on me to make a bad is it is a bad that the only major World Cup memory I have in my entire lifetime. Is that guy from France head butting their guy Zinedine Saddam that's the only one I got from a lifetime who just a step down as well Madrid says remember that it was at the final game writing about that let the guy has to do so often and don't know I can't look at it was well he embellished yes but it was a full on it was a full on the head but it does get Thompson a final game that's the only one that's in the memory and again in my World Cup memories rainy chest ain't taking pressure off and a twisted around and like helicopter. I just much prefer the women's World Cup and I do the men's. Adding a lot of it has to with US we have different state wins and mr. The the ladies win in the the whole enchilada nicer if I make a bet on Argentina going in. I melee a real small wage church us to get myself interest it. I'm just not into right now how many people out there can namely the team that won four years ago. On its easy. Who won the Spain I'm stating it was germ. It was Germany. Was it Germany as soccer doesn't just economic disaster just playing around and they amply tried that before you ultimately get it right. And they we know like the five countries Brazil Brazil does result of Portugal adamant Portugal. England Oz England and they don't hide except some sporting events going on the next two weeks Villa England in the final I have no clue it distracts us all from LeBron James stack which got us this. Ours is a welcome it's a cease soccer's not handled since gimmick rundown from street east in England hasn't sniffed the final and decades they got to the semi final they bend it like Beckham now yeah in now yeah I know that I played Rooney shaking his head in agreement and I English and they had been there they talk got a that I Harry Potter character and it's studs back in the day in a I mean really mean that's enough soccer track World Cup starts on Thursday giving US open and a begins Thursday as well in a go bees about that college World Series. I we're gonna go for merely a daydream mongering in Ireland talks in college football. I dream on dream because he's been very vocal CIA as normal with a parade okay we'll go there we will go to drama Andre because he my Peta got the breaks the whole thing up are you buying this we'll tell you what is happening. And where this is gonna go that's next on the fans. Date me a ball game Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson and Grammy Award winning news. Sierra have signed on as owners and investors. In bringing in Major League Baseball team. Or I miss some general Jones and you don't care what the mayor has to say nick fish city commissioner do you think there's a timeline I think the earliest. Anything would come together since tonight's 120 talked about it and guilty inside story from Romeo and herbs and small generator right. It. I'm Jim have injures CEO or reduce sleep solutions. 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That's the sale for 11. And just totally. This is a US open we condition of dirt and sprayed beer rotten teeth by area heating and cooling on tech navy those trim. There have been some football stuff coming up on the dollar prize bribes for yet as well. And we keep waiting for some positive signs that the Golden State warrior run could come to an end at some point and people didn't. The best story can while ago about Klay Thompson leave him like eighty million dollars on the table to keep the band together and now and I want no one that was not good if you were a if you're recruiting for this thing to come to an end. Well there is maybe a sliver of hope and I want to see how far you can take his slimmer because I don't know how much a bind at. Breaking news. It could potentially be breaking news someone decides he's so this comes from our friend. Chris Sainz of ESPN he got these sit down interview little dream on green app for the NBA finals. Now drama Andre and of course he's the glue that keep zoning gather Yani and a guy he's the bees the raw rock guy everybody credits him for doing a lot of things on and off the floor. The interesting part about this piece and I didn't know it's hot about this back story and on eBay bid. Is basically he was the one that took the major pay cut to bring in Kevin Durant who sacrificed twelve million was his last pay cut that he saw coming in his deal was up the year they lot the year before they lost the caps and he went into that season this is even before it possibly any side can address going to be a free agent we wanna add him I wanna add another piece I wanna keep letting. So he signed that deal knowing that if some other moves were made they would have the flexibility designed. Kevin Durant both he and Iran by the -- are adamant that no recruiting happened before the finals laws are not buying it by horse crap that's what they're saying so he was the guy that's at the big pay cut and it was because he wanted to win and he knew how much you gotta Kevin Durant would mean to them obviously you know they have back to back championships well. The interest in part to Chris Haines points out in this article is that. He's gonna take a different path this time so dram on green if you're wondering has two years and 36 million dollars left on his deal. Salt no hope for the next two years at least potential. Now he is eligible free three years 72 million dollar extension this off season. That would kick in in 20/20. So basically it would keep them under Golden State contracts frantic for five years. He according to league sources. Is going to turn it down when and his offer. Because his game plan this time is designed to lucrative contract he is in the Alley positioned to sign a super Max deal. All if he earns MVP. Defense of player of the year. Or all NBA owners next season he could very well when defense of players you could get two of me to get all NBA and defensive player of the year but it's feasible that he gets at least one of the 39 MVP obviously. But if he just gets one of those he will be eligible for the super Max contract of five years 226 million and he is not expected take a pay cut this time around. And here becomes the contract limbo Golden State's gonna have to do to make everybody happy Al. Here's the downfall to my optimism he could really change his mind and watch guys like TD and staff say hey we're gonna take a staff clay. We're gonna take slight pay cuts year and we want you do the same but working to keep court gather. Can eighties enhancing one because he's going to be a free agent. How much they and assign him for there some rumblings that he might be looking to cash out because he is and today he may want to retire at 35 he's taken back to back years of pay cuts as well well I mean and shirt making like when he answered a million chart he may wanna give in on one more big contract. Before moving on from Golden State. So we'll see there this is this as your lead the into the title this is how what happens. I know there's a report with David West and talking about how emotionally they almost came apart in. Katie said I let them see the real side of me that I have built in. I get that emotions can tend to be high in when you go this long and a season you just get to a point mentally were most athletes don't experience. It's going to be financially breaks his team apart that's what it is. Joseph lake open that ownership group and then add the management have been phenomenal. There's only so much of paying a luxury tax teams can be willing to do. So you can say they're willing to pay the tax next year you given the repeater attacks and then everything just goes through the roof you'll have a limit. And at some point I just think. I think James changing goes change. And dollars and cents is what ties altogether. Those other two may change dream on game might wanna change she might say I wanna be different player and eagle wise claim may go want more and trying to act like this yes there we go seek it to staff or Katie or drain much somebody could step out into like I'll wanna do this or that term and then you add the financials to it not making any sense. You're gonna need him to all take substantial pay cuts to continue this thing rolling. But as we saw with Houston. Teens might not be as far away is they think you add the dollars to it and I think this thing ends quicker than people believe the south. That's amazing part of this is just to see what happens because you know according to remains in the sources he's talking to green is gonna turn this extension offer down. And that's where he's a good. It ride and that's where things become I mean if you have your talking a difference of signing a three years 72 million dollar extension or a five year 200 million dollar extension I mean what would we all make what does it at. That's leaving a little more than twelve million dollars on the table leg he did last time he's he's in a different category now contract wise. Because of the way he's played in what he's meant to that team of the last couple years do you when you add the value of what you do mean to a team. I know the super Max is laughable with him because the production he gives you he's a great player really good defensively and we knowing beads triple double guy the low late. Creator Jason Kidd triple double. You do wonder where he ranks in terms of value for them. And I I put him up there right idea writing staff is vital the only guy would move on before I would move on from dram on his clay Thompson. But yeah hi typically also wore really good and I think he would derive any other situation. I would rather dream on. And that seems crazy for me to say but I think dream on means a great deal to them. It's idiocy of the guns and a point of howl and a lot of this to Haynes poison on the article a lot of this too has to do with Todd Jordan bell plays over the next couple years. Because of George bell plays well and are steps into a role that's an every night kind of thing that while the skies god is great on the defense of van. But never been to score the drain on green is how he can't shoot he's never going to be to handle and distributors but can he be the defensive player the dream on green as in if he can be at least in the same category. Dennis a lot easier to say we don't need to sign you know super Max deal would trade you for some general will let you walk in free agency don't feel like you're losing quite as much. But of George bell doesn't pan out I mean you're losing that defense of heart beat of your team. Which has been a huge point of everything that they've won. The last couple years so finally started to Haiti to get to come your team I mean again EU can't undervalues dat. You gotta say that link even on the on the court stuff the emotions that run high he's the bully. I he's got to cut today that I I would love to bring on the show was. Tristan Thompson down and how he does he we're not cut from the same cloth he has the mentality. That not every player has and there's an element to needing that if you're gonna be a title contenders specially dynasties yes a drip Mandarin before they get it turned out a contract extension this off season three year contract extension he's get away because next year she gets defensive player of the year or he's named to an all NBA team. He will be eligible for these super Max extension of 226. Million. That's what he's waiting on he did take a pay cut to bring to rant and yet there's going to say. I don't focus on that as much or look up the team's success that's still loves me in a sense of winning championships building a legacy that lives on forever. I don't look candidates dare turn to do me right if I continue to play my game if I continue to do better. They got to do the right or someone else will I did what I did because I wanted to win championships. So that's paid off so far everything else will take care of itself. When it's time somebody got a got his titles he's won and now he wants to get paid we'll see rather warriors responds I'm going to be easy to follow. With the Dewey drama green this offseason either skip it's a vocalist of Sally Bronco Mendenhall admitting something about his team. And we wish more coaches would it what actual player would you laser point on to win the Heisman Trophy some odds to bring him to do those next but first here's why was fort senator. This is a US open we condition of dirt and Sprague Roxy by area heating and cooling. Ellen with a sports just 'cause. On 1080 I. Streets of dirt they make pizza I've tried it on line at pizza jerky BX dot com first want to build fan. NBA draft all set to go a week from Thursday ushering in the next crop of NBA stars. And the league today releasing the biggest summer schedule blazers open up Saturday July 7 at noon against the jazz Sunday be paid big 2:30 PM tip against the hawks and she's David tenth. 1 PM against the spurs. NFL moving from voluntary OTAs to mandatory mini camps but there are some notable hold outs to start including defensive lineman Eric Donald with the rams linebacker we'll Mac with the raiders. In Arizona running back David Johnson says he won't be there for week one watt receiver Julio Jones in Atlanta a no show as well. The news much better in Indianapolis. After quarterback Andrew Luck. Throw footballs in a public setting for the first time since October addressed the media and said he absolutely. Will be under center for week one of for the colts more sports scores and stories in thirty minutes Jason clog up from the elements sports does feel about a family values driven. If you love these boards produces fewer show checkpoint radio. Thursday nights at eight on 1080 military. When posting on most job sites you get candidates I'm the sales director has sails right your sales director you're looking for when you post and indeed dot com you get to candidates just rank for you. 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He's got dumped her on its. They notice another into these states accent and eyes are thinking about he does he kind of runs like he's clinching a little bit. The slower on. And thank you glad you yeah I do believe George Miller on ago listeners on a sentiment there hey Dennis Rodman cried on national TV today now are yesterday's union gets that. Coming up in 910 minutes simple bus after a moment let's get to a prize bribes though. Quick lead a four pack of tickets are less front tires bowl presented by express employment professionals organs also our football game. June 16 at Hillsborough stadium collar number 450325. Votes and eighty. UNA four I can take its doors open at 4 PM kick off at 6 PM tickets available less wobble. Dot com slash front tires bull. One of the things we low lowest in sports is looming and honesty from people we've talked about Beckham earlier coach Bryant even though bulldozed disagreed with what he had to say at least he was honest in his opinion a and B didn't shy away from what he wanted to say it's all I want man I can disagree media but I won't bash you for being honest well this is happening with a college football coach Al Bronco Mendenhall the grammys at Virginia. He's been there now for two years and you know kind of building building plotting waiting to see a bronco can make some noise in the ACC. Well he had this to say to see amble all of the daily progress in talking about his years three roster of at Virginia. He said quote. I believe we have 27 ACC caliber football players on our roster today. 27 problem is you got more now on your ros for those of you wondering their 85 scholarship players on a roster. 27 of them are easy easy caliber a case of how many do not how he seems a pac twelve or close to that number. Wounds organ state or insane obviously right and you probably argue yes. Advertise so be pac twelve caliber player actual caliber. This. I mean you're talking a basically a quarter of the team. Your team is like out burned up to play the congress the rest of armor Nokia but is it unfair to put cal there. Now they were five and seven last year I think Wilcox and maybe develop them and get chair to a ball game but I I. And there a talent that category. Outside of that I don't know I comedy from Washington State would you vs the system. That's what I wonder is how much of the system. May be takes this number. Higher than it needs it actually Johnny talented running backs dole lot of offload the defense of lyme and it's now I'm back I know they're gone out and saying. They end at least it just looking looking led last year's roster writes in the fall was a walk on. He was not looked at his impact of doubt turn into a pactel caliber player that's a coach that's the effect right at the Barton that's the effective it. I love that idea I amid an Paul is can now I think hmm maybe get some people upset at you VA that are fans of the cavs but. I can appreciate. Being so blunt about it but we're not very good. And the pressure of him winning this year could be there are some people rumbled in wonder could he leave and come to Corvallis and how he kind of been left in the cold by Riley when he was in Corvallis at one point. It never happened he stayed in Virginia but he is telling you right now he's getting ahead of this thing. Right now we sock. And now you late to see with the coaching impact does it out for his team again not in front of it if I've ever seen in legal three and nine this year just bear with me or one ideology in June that we on the M 27 caliber playmakers on the roster right to be a long hair what if any bills ember they're looking in their like an eight win team he's going to be able look back into a share guys eternity this team sucked look when I was able to do this is a win win situation for all bronco I sucked it was because you knew it and if you win it's because he deserves a pay raise I do. Wish there were more our coaches and teams out there that would acknowledged his kind of stuff I just like we know it as the giants are in Miami they're playing the Marlins right now. And just like watching because I was watching the Marlins broadcast of the game and we I mean we know they bottom that thing out beside granite they won yesterday. But which we just know how bad did the moral hazard to. In every pro almost like a ticket probable trying to sell excite men and comes with a young stars in. Are off to a better start that we imagine in the broadcasters every time when they're young guys and a big moment. We're just Buena island a field day in a press blogs like this knowledge that he's not and it it would be more enjoyable for the fans to own up to it like hey. This is going to be a long year ticket prices are gonna go down because we can't win but it was just come have some fun wants and seeded team stuck together and imagine a TV commercial with the team going hey. We suck suck out and wanna come watch me neither but tickets are nine dollars. It's kind of a sit in the bleachers all summer come on now they still have wanted the best and freeze framed pictures this fan when Notre Dame came back as Sam that yes was hunched over the brick wall that was my Du'Shon Kaiser fall love moment when he threw that practices and he is as good and so I -- Bronco Mendenhall says they sakes get down front and Mike Leach is got the ability to do this he's done is just for an interview he does it about his team when they lose a game do it at halftime Mike what happened effort that while basically we socks we get our heads out of grass will be a Microsoft for a bunch of pansies we can compete at that they cannot play better. And the second half a lot of college although for a guy that we saw this earlier today always get excited when this comes at every year even though the award doesn't. At least from laws mean what used to a Heisman Trophy odds are out Las Vegas Bryce love is the early favorite tees at five to one. Of course coming back it was a shocker to a lot of folks that he was back. So he's back after 2218. Yards nineteen touchdowns runner up to baker mayfield so easily he's ever. Annex B of Jonathan Taylor that was concert running back at 7012. Of course tenderloin Jed from is after that and then. You have a couple packs of players also it makes dude Jake he should be just Herbert and actually a hate. Fourteen to one odds to win licensee of three basically in a top five and their followed pretty closely by Jake Browning whose only had a 21 on two when eyes yeah. I. Negative things reported John Boehner today just came out there's a story Washington State projected and when he 23. Dole Bill Gates thirty million dollars from their pac twelve network deal. Which will be substantially. Fewer than any other power five school. So the headlines in GB native everybody freaking out about commerce being one and a napping in the playoff. You stepped back from minute and you'd just I know duck fans not think it but it just really kind of Washington can have a good showing against Auburn. They have the talent they have the players people talk about you just need to put it together on the field with the team. Going to a playoff because I think this conference. Is inconsistent as may be. As frustrating is it may be off the field with financials. They have talent on the field. Nobody would refute that Vegas is screaming to you right now three of the top six players in the country of the best football players available. Are we in this conference. Colonial Tate Herbert. And Chrysler and Bryce loud with. Jake Browning not too far away when you have which met would you place five to one on love 141 on her murder Tate are twenty to one I'm Browning. This is easy for me I go colonial tape 141 I think he'd been island place yet he's got good guy and Arizona could win that conference of someone can get that that system established and the south being kind of a question mark with USC. How would wanna go Herbert but I don't think organs get a win enough games for him to be there exits up hard out there an eight win team that's a good season for crystal ball that's not enough to get you into the Heisman running and held price was down last year Bryce love is not ideal atop the numbers he had last symbol over the nine and four. And that was enough to keep from when you guys been well and he may or may not he may be that transcended town laying this season will show allied he chose to bypass the NFL. Washington average last year defensively. Two point six yards per carry given up that's just a filthy number from their defense did not play around. Bryce love got a 166. Yards and three touchdowns on. So I ain't Kenny beat those numbers I mean Chris McCaffery. We always wondered about that Kenya match which she did. It's a tough ask for a player but he may be one of those kind of players we I'd I think this year is gonna tell. Yeah as of early Heisman odds out the pac twelve Bryce love the early favorites in the nation at five to one. And then you have Herbert ankle healed tables kind of in the top five time category. At 141 Browning how far behind at 22 once he got canceled pactel players. And Vegas things as a chance to win the Heisman Trophy it will update DR arrest the poll results for you on the other side also. Dennis Rodman went on CNN yesterday and started crying the audio you got to hear it that's next on the sand. We go to bullwinkle some of these critters every year and we have these staff and able Eagles cover up. We just taped the laser tag things of the teachers can't be hit. The sensors that's truly good he's been watching and those kids melt down when they can't take out there do you feel like pitcher it is crisis and that's a good rewards for those teachers. Dusty and jam in the morning weekdays from 6 to 9 am contaminated. And. Right now the exact radio commercial you're listening to is being broadcast on other stations so don't even think about switching. If you switch to anything go to Geico dot com and see how easy it is to switch and save on car insurance tyco's been saving people money for over 75 years. And now the news my mother in law is coming to state for a few weeks. I can't wait are you insured. 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Those dollars and number came on the back in 249 Isaak incident coming up top of the hour. And Ali Al gets blazer fever in the off season. Easy to big news today. Remember. Big news mustn't miss that one NBA summer league today soften the blazers July 7 against the U and it's no one of these years I. I really wanna go to. Black. So I think it's cool to go and now holds a as the great thing they got all thirty teams are gonna play. And so Garrett the Orlando league which they should have a thing sock gas so everybody's in it. But. All the NBA GM its front I was guy's head Carl Edwards is hanging out that's where it is like I'm not saying I would want to do this because I really games are almost secondary. It's got to sources are made a good debt sources and I don't wanna get sources I just wanna kind of take it all in. I watched loads working the network in watching these young up and coming writers go -- he my source feasible for those of you adjusted they play the jazz Saturday in the seventh. Atlanta Sunday the eighth two back to back tough packed back. And then you get this since he got San Antonio on the tent at rest this gadget dvd game Monday that made them a CE GUMD racquet and have a playoff so I'm very similar league stars muscles that I kind of getting excited about the potential I brought what happened. Of them maybe drafting on the way player let's do this white European gave me a lengthy why you know the 67 kid from Maryland god. Because the last one from Ireland as lame no way around so great although they claimant was certainly second round this kids' projects we have top twenty pay out why I. He can shoot like half pol he didn't she lets column missing piece fear the turtle to Atlanta it still may be viewers interview we've ever had knowledge uncle who yes he's yes there is of an athlete like sports figures will be rerouted to fend off classic we had on right drafted it was. How excited are you really excited. Hey what are you gonna bring it seemed you know my game. We found out. Makes the logic to me to me like the bowlers. Spotlight at me he sounded nicer than we said but dad basically that was the ethnicity text and several they were Meyers Leonard earns his money is he playing in several ladies should be. Many years is this. He is a look at your harassing and cease fire plan. Welcome back you're reflected junior who probably should be on varsity right right you're gonna play with the or the guy who got held back and he's nineteen still playing high school football equity dealer dude they so I got rotate it is yesterday I did you guys catch Dennis Rodman on CNN. 7 probably around. 5 o'clock ish 530 samarra that window. I've been making an effort to try to stay away from politics front month like I could not resist Dennis Rodman on TV crying and he went on CNN yesterday and well. This happened. I thought like that. I guess or to myself. Paranoia and the people Ronald war you know what I'm not in here I'm in this for no money and that was sort of personal money. This is not about did as well being to deploy this force in the world delete these two people together to ignore feature. That's just a small snippet of it he went on for a long time and he ended up crying on national TV. Dennis Rodman peace broker and he was sold some pot calling in case your interest in buying some. Crypto currency and marijuana Dennis Rodman had hoped champions and it. He said he was getting death threats from people and I was thinking the folks who stood by his side for brokering this peace deal between North Korea in the unit and stay there was a funny he. Moment trot out an that was a tweet from trumping fourteen. Where solid Dennis Rodman trump said Dennis Rodman says seeking yet. Or he he basically accused as rob missing trump would go do it and in trump said no way never be in the same room with that guy. There's zero chance that whatever happened in the and it the other side flash forward to Dennis crying on TV wearing a Mac hat. Because from digging deep into meeting with him summit I just is Canas at all watching on TV I've slipped by C Dennis Rodman's on CNN I'm like OK I gotta check this out and he started balling that that's one of the TV moments of the year for me right there I just try to decipher what is happening. That was crazy do we have any I don't wanna votes during elections and then if that happens we have to agree we have to have new candidates. So like if you took the twenty to one because a lot of people looked at TVS Jason what to F is going on my TV right now is how. Happening I think you may get more people that tell you they don't wanna vote. And yet the Rees. I called the whole thing and I'm dat iMac and just give meaning people about how do I handle this. That's kind of what it's in my you boils down to in the last election I don't wanna vote for either of these again Matty here. They tomorrow. Fired up by Monday for this. We got a half hour yes I don't know damn right we haven't goes out as we damn can't you are gonna hold him hostage Phil steele's gonna be on the show tomorrow. Any sending magazines are. You know that means folks comfortable season and I got to people who are going to be attacked the media day. Not days and two more days days I think it's you don't get along weekend on the one day one day. So I got some of the stuff for effort in Beverly center for Phil Steele tomorrow don't miss that that the missing data showed an analyst rob there's podcast tenant in the CNN com is where you can final tweet out. On Twitter as well things have been part of our Tuesday everybody we were attacked you tomorrow at noon number one is next you're listening to two and eighty the fan.