Dirt & Sprague Wednesday July 11th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, July 11th
Sprague is whining about getting 2 hours of sleep, there were 2 of more ridiculous endings to MLB games Tuesday night, and why is Kevin Durant still so juvenile about his feelings on social media despite signing over $200M worth of contracts.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Rescue this whole. This is dirty and sprained it. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spray and service you know. I've just won a car. You're good to just play basketball movement. And you have to tackle roster. I think I think we get dirt and spray John Kennedy. I'll ride in his well mode to in the rose city it is time for dirt despray don't Portland sports leader ten. Eighty the fan. Brand Sprague and Peter Johnson in with you on this happy beautiful hot. Hump day already know it's also be like 96. And I. I'm running on two hours' sleep Hannibal lying you never want those guys he's keep waking up that I get does occasionally and they SA got kind of wind drunk. And the wife and I went to I well sandy how loud. Winds at CEO it would die and I hear what's in between stage of Ted's seen drunk. Drunk life. Yeah and Afghan there's a difference between what honest I'm just a little buzz you're not hammered here I mean it. Rare are out guy probably did drugs like that's a good phrase for a I kind of cut their happy place. It's it's the perfect. Medium of where I like to be that's were I had to Gilmore has got to go to re finding shot I don't go to your happy place I don't like to be. Drunk guy and I don't like to just be a low amount a couple of drinks and then stopped. With the idea you can't it's it's hard is gonna selling alcoholic statement it's hard just have flawed. She left I know it's mean you know let me know I once because I don't drink down I had hundreds of tons during the week that's kind of my saying but like when you get to a Friday or a Thursday night or been spring's case at Tuesday evening we got a militia. I mean you have like a glass of wine at dinner and you're done with dinner then you're like realizing they I don't have to work tomorrow and he only gets a slippery slope from then on now welcome but you don't just opened one model line yep we've had this conversation a co workers of the building before that it is very difficult to not drink an entire bottom line it's impossible to have when you when you start isn't as stress is a couple and he gets going down that bro that's to glasses he's since gone yeah I'd say go pretty quick done right. So you know that I had that going on we go to bed and then. Edges are these kind of weird dreams I remember when they were there ideas can waking me up. And then I got to a point where I thought my neighbor was watching me but I was half asleep half way. Woke up at like 4 o'clock. That was the second time I woke up and I realized it was a a flower bush not a neighbor. So I was like I don't know what I was thinking I was. Housing and I were John's life if you think a neighbor was staring at you and in turn out to be a flower bush are idle on further than drug like let me defend myself a little bit I am kind of race I was always a sleep locker as a kid. And I still from occasions who'll. Jump up in bad and have conversations. To which I never remember with a life. And she's used her she knows that I'm not. Our agency difference though between waking up in the middle of the night saying something when you're like unconscious you don't know what you're doing as opposed to waking up realizing your awake looking out the window and think EC neighbor staring at you hold it. You don't get up don't you like you're still kinda half asleep like your weight that you get down on what I'm saying but if I woke up my son out the window I would A I think that would wake me up. If I looked out the window and I thought somebody was staring at me that's kind of a hard time to get up and let's let's go low. Investigate what's going on a semi badger window. I'm not gonna. Take a glance at it and say how about that he's staring at me and roll over and fall back asleep right right right right well you know maybe that could scares some people I didn't I didn't really care that much so you know rolled onto hours. And guides as to it's it's been held today your drink and liked your first Red Bull lever and proud you yeah I just finished it off you're not an energy guy I drink Red Bull vodka is sometimes you do but that's mainly for keeps party Joan I need to pick me up at the end of the night he had today I needed it. Because I'm excited about the radio show it's going to be a good show today in his came in just like oh my god I might pass out by 1030 we mine it we might even have a it without having to make anymore but we're trying to have a softball practice today. What we want to probably what I have spring shrink as our our big softball season starts next week I was not aware this is like we are writing day is right around the corner and we need pitchers and catchers need to report a little early here. I'm not Terrence some sand on a lot of labor to go allowed you know no ACL joints right right Louisa who's skip bring this club this is this a child ever is the skipper okay he's he's our Lou Brown you have always been Alou brown yells at us for Lally gag in you know not drinking enough beer he is is a good little brown now you got to have a good skipper and yesterday I had to run and may. Costco run with the Fam. I believe he started yelling at a cost coworker. Because they would not serve for a polish dog give an element of the hot dog they heard pulled the polish. What I'm thinking Carrasco personal I was not aware this and neither was she and she let them know that she was not happy guy apparently July 5 and apparently yes Costco is I'm just getting beat up on the social media. Platforms for Eli wire they stop it tonight are batting a burger and they're also adding some more healthy. All solar cells about don't ask plant based protein salad playing. There's a necktie a bear Reid yeah dessert thing bad thing they're still the regular all beef pot dog but the polish is gone yes. And I would be surprised if by the end of the month of the polish is not returning to costumes it's got a grand fashion because of money or they just don't want other wanted to change the menu to go offer. Healthier options so they introduced the burger. Hit three goal at that point because Gus Garcia doesn't almost everything a 100% correctly they do I don't understand if you go unhealthy deeper in the polish and Anna burger. Yen to as when you're eating a Costco I always think two of eased. NN dot Dell polish dogs easier and he can hammer out a sister admits as you just grab a one handed dear once you get it set you can push cart back to the karma Walt eating polish dog. Think all of us say go win on Costco when you eat there and by the way it's almost impossible to go to Costco and not get some thing. Most of us though they go in on that. We know we're didn't. You know I mean like I know that I'm getting a dollar fifty hot dog. With the soda but that's why we're hearing about health right now yeah I hear you didn't there's no such thing as a healthy hot dog and doesn't exist did you take all the sodas out replace them with just water no OK then let's not care too much about it. I let's find out what's on tap today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. What's on tap brought to the fans by pelican brewing company. Born at the beach online at pelican brewing dot com. Got a good show today the World Cup is under way between Croatia and England and right now my croatians or lose and they're down one nil. Just didn't need 52 minute. I don't listeners this tweet me. Two minutes ago. He said. Ever notice how frequently you talk on the air about being drawn its daily. We get it you like to drown your sorrows nobody's impressed. How about tax there are notice that you just wasting your own time between mile it's something I know if it if and they Cody said that in between drunken buzz to cease stage I'm told Steve I like that. Yeah toasty I like dad that's better that's that's that's an and the kids would steal leader. Never get live thing you know they all sorts of words for that stuff those cool kids man toasty from the school kids yeah I do hear about the end of this stock is not welcome inside the Johnson family. Whatever my radio show comes up when talking with the future. Apparently a parent laws or my parents yes that's always is sticking to the sticking point. You know you don't have to talk about drinking so much. Don't have to bring it up so much I'm sure that we don't talk about it it's not like that recurring theme for three hours today okay applause I'm not an alcoholic. I'm an adult like beverages at the Omega shy away from the reality at the a wanna get to these baseball endings. Did you see last that there were two. Wild endings one I'd never seen before on one thing it never happened but I zen scenic we need is filling an hour on these and this was awesome the other involved a phone call. I know I've seen that happen before the phone call I've seen a bullpen this communicate its best your ire. But you don't see it minds right you don't snack time. So into these. Your baseball endings that happen. We do have an update on LeSean McCoy. That one is taken a little bit of a wild turn some people wondering DD higher. A I hit man or a group of people to go and and Robin. And out batter his ex girlfriend who is staying in his house. We got some college football news and notes to get to. We did at the conference title odds in the pac twelve yesterday and so by the way speaking of vices you also know we like to gamble a little bit on the show. They release the other conference title odds suits. Meant media days kick off at the end of this month so just a couple weeks eyes can you grew beyond LA for pactel media day they'll be would Jason Zweig guard for that. We're jacked the season is rapidly approaching and they'll give you updated odds for Vegas thinks about the favorites in college football. Who is the best wide receiver in the NFL ESP and wrote an article about Antonio Brown the and it's quite it side's cause quite the controversial debate. Of which players needing is the best at that position Gordon Hayward does something that I fear and he has the exact same reaction that I would expect. Scatter stories today and doubt we will get to the World Cup. A little later on the show. I know you'll hear the updates but will let you know later on who ended up winning this match our listeners are on point today we did have somebody accidentally claim themselves as AMP sixteen. It's got its enjoyed it meant to say he won league type T sixteen and educate your. ER and then about this one for the a conversation of food that is horrible but tastes great this guy throws in the submission the one dollar hot dogs at 7-Eleven 100% in the ASEAN I'm on the court not guide to lake when you go to like one of those quickie marts or corner store kind of place you get a corn dog all on board with the picture I get your priest a piece today yes 7-Eleven. Oh who. Who should also I hop row quick and or against it I hop actually didn't go I hobby did you seen yeah. So they they tees that they were changed in their name but they didn't they were just promoting burgers. They've gone back I hop now and I believe July 21 they're doing sixty cent short stack pancake day. That's thirst eightieth anniversary or something way so they live their mid their murder joined now another bowl back nine and also it was a it was just a marketing thing and we're already up to promote their murders like we'd serve more than pancake it's incumbent for lunch or dinner. Not a Smart dog got people talking about. And I don't think I Neuberger cells. Has anybody ever eaten a burger and I hop. This have breakfast burgers in English and he's and anybody that's listening to the show or I don't know you every number and I I don't know but I tell you right now probably getting going get multiple short stacks on that day that's how we'll deal. I that's what's on tap for today show or on tour actor in spring got Peter Johnson operated Spragan the better you they tax on his 55305. We'll start. With weird endings in baseball the after its rate on 1080 the fan. Yeah and so it was kind of crazy but yesterday in Major League Baseball. If you haven't seen these plays again and heard about them. There was two different games and had too crazy endings let's start with a bigger one the Houston Astros against Oakland in this so why that was following this game it was while like the Astros were up big in the NBA's came back in the ninth inning and took the lead. And mariner fans are sledding because the days of they would one less than any would woman and five behind together. Days and won seventeen of their rights and what they want their own and that gave her on fire and they just beat gasses and I before they had a chance of again to win last night actually deemed maybe keep did it done there and held our future team is looking bright man they're building a good young core I just hope they don't so often in prospects of the deadline they well because I want they're young talent to be here tonight and 101000 in the fall apart yet that would be an old. And Alex Bragman former LSU tigers steps the plate. And there's one out and Kyle Tucker is standing on second base. And Tony Kemp on first after the Astros had tied the score at five in the in the bottoms of Stevie on that. So Bregman hits a ball ricocheted off home plate. It briefly rolled in foul territory. And then rolled fair. A's catcher Jonathan LeCroy picked up the ball. Turned around to tag him and then drop the ball as he attempted to tag him. Bregman took off for first and after fumbling with the ball LeCroy through the first. Any truth to this to right and the ball goes well past first base. Astros score. So in what should have been a routine out. Led to a walk off I guess hit. And Miley dusty pointed this out this is the second weirdest walk off hit. With air in involving Alex Bregman yet winning is the Padres a couple months ago and he he had the most routine pop up. Probably seven feet from home plate Steve Jobs is right in front of the mount any Eric Hosmer of the Padres overrated by three feet and he just dropped down in a runner scored boom there's your walk off. He has another one last night against Oakland I have never seen this before well here's the here's the call from Houston. Her. Yeah so that's from not AT&T sports net on the cause they're from Houston and you watch this play don't try to find it so we can tweeted out actor and Sprague. It's real plot failed. What I initially when I saw I initially thought it was a dropped third strike I thought he slowly and miss they just didn't chorale and right need to do is tagged him but he did make contact. And it's actually a heads up play by the catcher. To grab it right in front of home plate before it goes foul because he has a chance to have to grab it just Adam does Bregman is standing right next to it. So it's a really adds up play by the catcher to pounce up grab the ball tagged him and you got two outs in the inning and there's only runners on first and second. And he got a good chance to get out of it go to extras there. Bunch and I of that. Sequence of errors continue after words I've never seen that the big league ball game I seem team's DEC teams boo balls guys drop pop ups you know. Be a boob grab it in DC that kind of stuff on a regular basis but to have the kind of play. Where catcher just simply couldn't hold on the ball drops it and then Bragman smartly takes off for first and you throw it in the right field. It also kind of look like be that the first baseman wasn't paying attention or didn't quite realize what was going on. Because it didn't look like he made much of an effort to catch the ball or what was caught off guard hey I can't tell if he wasn't paying attention or is that roe went far to his left right you know anywhere he saudis like I I'm getting that was it an individual right anyway trying to get out of Hormuz a few but. I don't think it is gonna let the ball fly in right field knowing the situation. That's I felt like he was almost cop Carty thought it was a foul ball and just didn't even. Even given an effort on the play I don't know if there's any worse than losing a game like that that has to be the wildest and I if anybody has money you can think of it's crazier than that. Please let me know the value today tech site I can't think double while they're finished and that. Did the. Jeter home run against Baltimore in the post season was that a walk off. No wind at all all over I don't think's sort of goal okay. I don't think so but I might be mistaken and that's Jeffrey Maier area way he acted I don't know why else it was a late it was late and I was laid out thing was a walk off. My guess would have been bottom of the seventh the bottom of the eighth so is probably go ahead I'm Robbie and go ahead home run okay anti sleaze contract as a dessert tie would ever share that plays pretty wild too because. If you think the outfield is probably tension that has that little. Right doesn't mean over the -- -- steal it's grabbing you have the Buckner ball where it goes between his legs in the playoffs wage and that's the World Series that's game that's a play nobody else will ever forget that this woman sitting right in front all play I know but when you watch a highlight the ball agency grabs and he just a lot of eighth inning can bottom of the -- they trail the those 43 yeah that was a two run that tied it up -- -- tying home run in the bottom of the data that's a pretty good one by the bottom line is that that's a terrible pled it will never be forgotten but in terms of that literally he has the ball on his nanny Disney's attacking him but he Bregman spike takes a step back in the cantor drops at next thing you know the Astros went think about this too if LeCroy has that play ten times. That's probably the only times he doesn't have a collegial as ours if he has a play 500 times front or 99 about these executing right at least you know the good about it less Jeffrey Maier is now 34 years old. Now these guys. I'm Daryn how are was in 97 it was 96 and he was the at the time that's the year they beat the free can robberies. Wow and the Yankees. But Jeffrey Mayer that Soledad that's unbelievable X. Actually we we've we have no we never hear it and that there are a lot of listeners that are a little older than us you just really made some people out there goat tee and it's why guard enemy Mamie fueled. Oh Croatia just tied it Erica oh hell yeah now 11 get us a good World Cup now we had a listener to me as insane at the ball hit off a Bregman helmet. A lot I mean you can't play no on the thrall he's saying this row hit him in the helmet and I didn't I'm watching the replay again now hold on. Did confirm place so while we don't even know what's going on now I just like how did I guess from that angle it does it looks like it glances out the back of the summit so what happens in that instances in the umpires was a step banners that is whatever. As long as he's in the baseline yeah running in fair territory that he was some. Yeah I was ready was running in fair territory so you can animate that situation yet Italy's Fiat in the baseline in that little love. Lame that goes up first baseline then. Then that's on the defense continued to hit him with a she. I didn't even notice at the first time so it it would have been a good throw probably if you and hapless makes sense now why the first baseman couldn't quite react to it because he was ten feet away from him and all of a sudden it ricocheted into right field my Broncos have lost six of their last seven. So it just accident at play that hit him in the had to happen in a home run and five straight games their pitching has kind of gone to crap. Last night at least went you know went. My team didn't lose like that you could be an a's fan antenna right right they were I mean again they make in a row our primary is a little bit nail west I went seventeen to 21 and Indy. Feel like these steal momentum from Houston and in bad ending happens line that was I think that was a welcome sign from her sister because of marriage scored three runs in the top of the first inning last night. Against the angels and then likely came back and I can believe gave up seven that could get out of the fourth. And decide that you're down seven to threes that was a tough loss for them and they were I know they were slip and about Oakland went and I Cayman. Titan in the gap there between a lot guard teams are winning get to adhere. Cleveland. Is the other team that is involved and they had a wild ending in the reasoning is that it's pretty funny and it's one Terry Francona does not shy away from. Once they went that was next to the we will have to ask the question here in twelve minutes. Quiet here worth over 200. Million. Everybody out there whether you make a hundred plus thousand a year met when you may 25000. Really ask yourself right now if I told you could be. In the stratosphere of being over 20200. Million dollars not a bad life that your network. Do you care at all what anybody has to say about you on the Internet that you don't know if you give me five million dollars you can say whatever the hell you want about me. I don't make close and I don't Sharon for saying about me shoot from the hip buddy and out. There's one athlete to just cannot stop doing this and we'll tell you that is and I'm sure you can probably guess it anyway. So we're talking about Houston and Oakland last night in fragments wild walk off with the blunders throw that you know ricocheted off his helmet. And using gets that win the other weird one was in Cleveland. And last night Cleveland's taking on lowly Cincinnati. And they're up in this game for nothing Cincinnati battles back. To a fourth to cut it to four to three so they're down one run. And in in comes for Cleveland. Dan Botero. Some Indian fans might have been like K why he went oh Terrell here vs Oliver Perez had to make a whole lot of sense as the media was wondering. Well he faced Joseph Levi don't enjoy vital cleared the bases and Cincinnati ended up winning this game. Terry Francona. Did not want to you know Terrell coming from the bullpen. He wanted to Oliver Perez. And here he is explaining after the game what happened. We're actually not a whole would never talk gold Qaeda comeback we had a communication I shouldn't hold okay. They give them small boat called celestial treat. Fell on land squarely on me there's no getting around it I got to be responsible for love. When I was told to go through your head against the overwhelming British troops other Gaza expect them I don't know I don't know corals begin soulful right now much. Don't want lymphoma. Yes so he called the bullpen and he did not want to anode Terrell but the bullpen coach. Heard him call for OT. And not know she adds a nickname problem. So you called Dan don't Terrell OT now Oliver Perez OP I think you should call in DO. Kenneth under the new name here Tony close to while his numbers 842 Harry didn't wanna seven and it seems a lot simpler how Jimmy. Give me Oliver Perez clean I've seen this happening in this action happened once in the World Series with the island cardinals and Rangers are playing in Tony La Russa came out to the mound and he was calling from pitching change in he accidentally released is wrong arm. How does that usually a video lefty or righty warming up and you'll raise left arm for the last year the right arm for the right week. Any was walking onto the mound and I believe he raised as wrong arm and seldom did the bullpen coach saw that hey he wants lefty. He told will it go on and it's your turn to pitch and he started running out of the bullpen and La Russa immediately realize he ordered for the wrong guy. To come into the game and once you comment I believe you have to face at least one batter. Is the Major League rules so we couldn't be can't change it up there's a degree and play bad guy and lest they switched. They bring in a sharp cheddar okay is a switch hitter than you can change the pitcher yet and so they were called for a match up lefty lefty and it didn't united since apple backfired on them. Yet you know. The thing about that though is that sucks is you can't have that a lot of time. Hey miscommunication he did here we write on the phone and beyond gives you the extra couple minutes you have the funny thing was media members had noticed. Francona looked surprised when no Terrel came man. And you know he had a much longer post game press conference were basically said. I was shocked. I didn't know what to think but. In that moment using a gash on his IRA has her own sales hero here we go Dan would seem to god money collecting and I was setting a gas like doubt that happened in other sports and and there is is to did Terry Stotts CJ McCollum one yet the been running them off. I love game tap blurt Hewitt to the bullpen and didn't have anybody up member that's the season it's ray was really fans were losing their minds like we hired this guy's in what way are four games in its funny that they had such a weird start and then now there in first place in announcing a new call for cash and John right now a grade based blog there. Well any other one I thought of dale was it was Thurman Thomas. Of the bills when he couldn't find his helmet. He. The bills defense got to bring out that day and did not matter the audio of the matter is that today they couldn't find his damn well they couldn't put him in the game to start the game of his wonder why is Thomas not out there is a starting running back and people are wondering how do you lose your helmet has happened. I I think I Redman template with guys I think everybody loved magic. Why would -- if that idea the equipment manager I think a loved one give the comment and somebody did they just a good teammate was all jacked up not paying attention and just grabbed at this thing he was there helmet kind of been an offensive linemen and then there's nobody else wears a helmet like that if you don't build Thurman Thomas face mask. It was a very common back fan yeah that's got to be the worst feeling is a coach or manager is win you clearly wants something else like. Coaches get destroyed for this so much in sports doesn't matter league. Where the outcome or there's a play like tie Lou. Tie Lou in game one of the finals. Everybody Killington a highly now did you tell me at one time outlet ran alleged god timeout you know I get it I do. How JR Smith just be somewhat cerebral as a basketball players understand clock management score and situation on their end some of those situations to you shouldn't have to have a coach tell you that that's what I'm saying thank you JR Smith shouldn't need coaches say hey we of one time out he's I look at the score. He should look at the clock and no I'm either gonna get a rebound or are paying called time out from a passer LeBron as soon as I possibly and. You always have those especially before free toaster you have like little team huddles you know you get together and I was in the bats and ended at somebody on the floor needs to point out. They we have a time out left so if he makes the first one a misses the second one and we grabbed the rebound you don't have a look call time out we got one left was set up a look there's no need to panic like that. How you don't discuss that in that moment of the game. It blows me away it's not always on the coach it's easy them. It didn't situations like these ones is a miscommunication the Capital One. Was it that's just him being over his head in his first week as a manager and probably not thinking things through so. Sometimes that they criticism falls on their shoulders rightly so all but other ones. You don't need a manager to tell you that that's something that of the high school basketball player should be able to know you look at but the score clock can you say okay. We yelled one timeout left there's eight seconds left I know if I get the ball this is when I'm gonna do. You know for all the on this court field accent or that were talking about right now. I still don't know if any on top Qyntel Woods ending the trading cards. To a police officers is that's a life gaffes that's not. Assembly gave execution. All well. I mean there's worse things to do. It's a bad rap. Well I think I didn't have a license and you know of what would you do that moment if you're high as a kite he probably animal trading kargil. I would try to hoped that I wouldn't put myself in the situation I but you put yourself and issues. What mother really alternative for for normal people ending like a business card. If you don't have your idea your driving around you go from one I I. I feel like it was my uncle maybe it was a bodies renders ice and somebody told me when I first got my license if you got caught without a driver's license. All you need to do is tell them your license number and a lot of cops who go okay. I'll skate by without you know to give you like a warning don't do this again. And I've always memorize my driver's license number. So I've always side if I was in the situation where I forgot my ID he would be able to memorize it's just my driver's license number officer apologies for that election on my count or not. Hey. I'm this guy I promise you could go like Michael Scott drop picture of yourself could I drew myself you could disagree if you get your phone on you does bring up your Twitter profiles of both. It isn't sure of Gary Payton he's done it's right you know your picture on there believe me they that's that's the reason you gotta have your photo and I'd probably have to go to the fan web site. 'cause I'm not on FaceBook anymore so my only form of identity identification easier instead Graham or have concluded he he should pull up and let. App go to a pod casts you know why no Obama fan RIA and mind. But I think cardinals GM did when he got pulled over refer literally entombed for solid do you still unseen Charlie lie about is I believe his job with the organization and first he said to he went with the eye on the strength and conditioning coach at the cardinals he didn't want to know he was the GM of the team. And then he named dropped and I would be dishonest he name dropped a police officer. That is that it passed away. I'll like hi my driver I remember friends there I think he'd name jobs and I'm friends with someone so. And the cost animal icon and they looked up the guy's name and he had died four years ago in that collect in a car collision. So he's going for the Sydney Carter no ideas they died I will wary of knowledge that one I don't know he is not answered the. Why would you name drop that cat we have we have a couple officers that listened to the show and don't sometimes stop by their amazing. One of these times and they stop while I wanna ask like fifteen questions. Of scenarios ago what do you do in normally here. Yeah well what what's the proper procedure for me in this situations protocol on them this somebody is validating they said they've been pulled over they gave the officer of the driver's license number they accepted it. How about that because it happens right time to time where you forget a wallet or maybe you took the license there. Something happened where you misplace it and for one day you don't have an onion com. Saying goodbye without it that's more power to people need to memorize that I had I can't memorize my license plate it's seven numbers I know I always I'd. As as a whole gonna say yadda memorize. I actually memorized a lot of important number I gentlemen I used to be able to do when I was a kid because used have to memorize phone numbers. Thanks friends and your home phone and family members is of the needed to call what I have all those numbers stored away but right the older I got the further we've gotten away from memorization. And soldiers in your all your contacts on the numbers that I neater and my phone complete moron but the numbers I have. Memorize account number. Routing number driver's license number. Social Security daughter's Social Security other daughter Social Security that's impressive wife's birthday. So I think. I'm more numbers I have memorized don't forget that what do not forget this day that I'm not I'm really impressed by that. It's the only thing I'm actually Smart guy that's how I got my Social Security number down not so bad that it's crapshoot we're gonna aim for this one it's like every time you buy something online you gotta go reinsert the card number around 9 AM I don't mind that stuff all right let's keep it honest here at the better you today tank signed 55305. Let's be honest if I told you were 200 million dollars. Do you still think you care what people say and think about you yes or no. Would say which athlete cannot let the scale when that next on a fan. It's a really good point at 55305. Throw a lot of people very impressive. Memorizing numbers and the routing number one that's. Serve me off a little bit the other reason I had I ended up doing that was because in college I had to use that a lot. And I just got to a point where I had written it down or. Put it down so yeah I'd strategists stuck in my brain to I have that stuff all the time with sports knowledge. Another I'm not as some of the Schwab got a person but the most random things will stick in my mind why don't that's why you're on the show. It doesn't make any sense I'll get into conversations sometimes and we like to play live my buddies and we get Beers and zevil played where did you go to college game. Is dropping names need in its amazing the guys you remember where they went to college like Theo Ratliff. Your Theo Ratliff went to college. Theo rat live the radler. Them. Wired you know the center. Is in a random college sort of random I wanna say LaSalle but it's not LaSalle Bradford. Wyoming I knew that why don't I know that. I don't know. You just never seen it somewhere I just I just know that the around listening to settle I don't Ming I don't ask Venice demo that's that's where Wyoming takes me as I know those kind of things I don't like why does my brain remember that but there's so many of the things are using that 1000 school mentality. Struggle in my way through classes I can't remember any of this nonsense but I know Theo Ratliff went to college it was funny how you can do that right into calculates earnings that involve the math and and you actually go to math class he got right on I am dumb and I. I hit forty home runs last year we climbed one night. And it sucked we get a teacher that would accommodate. They understood sports references helped you Ed did you give the next teacher that does nothing was sort and I don't get a gap I don't know why you put letters in this math equation I have thanks for trying to explain it. And somebody said he asked you might know all that stuff but dean of the cheat codes and Mike Tyson's punch out should know I don't know these guys Jay Guy you want up right there is he did. Hey why is Kevin Iran worth over 200 million dollars he might be valued at more than that. He's won two titles two finals MVPs. A regular season MVP. What why does he still concern himself. With the opinion of people on the Internet. The latest one comes from. The NC Graham post. That is called buckets. Buckets senator. And they put up the post of course they tagged him minute which by the way if you tag you just don't have to click ease ignore it and pretty easy. And they wrote three elite two way players that don't elevated team quite like LeBron and staff do their play making slash leadership deficiencies and cool why. Anti Davis and Katie were all tagged. I don't agree with this post and you don't I don't know but you know somebody put up some than first thought they got over 2600 comments. One of the comments was. From Kevin Durant himself. Who responded being tagged. By saying. Barack. Go sweep your dorm room you don't know hoops stopped tagging meek in the trash. They'd been DM to back and forth. And it did the guy said that he really respects Kevin Durant. You know he he loves watching complaining she's one of the greatest stories ever seen it. And Kevin Durant basically just kept going out I'm back and forth eventually the conversation dies. You know. Dealing disrespect to what am I why is Kevin erect hair so damn much about the Internet casinos he shouldn't never got a Golden State. He knows it he knows it all our opinions about that decision the legal case seeing go join the warriors in his heart of hearts he can't sleep at night. I know it that's the redid the deal is this ever story when he was a thunder player. Was there ever stories out there about him going back and forth in people's Sany can't win with Ross or he can't do this or that. I had the press conference where Cuban said something remembers when he east dis ease stopped rust from talking and said. Easy ED rupture that was about the that's an owner and an NBA team saying something that's not your average Joe Schmo in his mom's basement making an NC Graham post about who can lead a team in the NBA who can't ride I don't ever remember that being a common thing but this is like a once every couple months there's a news story that comes out like Kevin Rand getting into it was some money on line. Not to mention the fact that the guy did it with a burner account and he took shots at Russell Westbrook was the burger account. But the only the only conclusion I can I can reach there is dad. Obviously is an NBA champion he's making a ton of money he's an all sorts of business ventures. In the Bay Area so financially it's worked out well and professionally it's worked out well because he's been a back to back NBA champ. But I think in his heart of hearts there's still some Dinara. That wonders what he could've done on his own what he could accomplish on his own committee of let a team without curry Klay Thompson and drama agreeing to an NBA champion. Am I do like the honesty from this listener at 55305. I love to see I wouldn't care but I'm too petty for that. I'd probably have a generic tweet with a copy of my bank balance Friday descent to all of they haters I'd go all CJ chilling in my Bentley on them. Another listener that basically says I don't make even anywhere close to that. Is that I've 500 dollars my baby down I don't give and ask what people think about me I can't imagine having money. Would change that. Nice as the personality par I don't know it's probably a personality thing I've this is why I'm really do respect athletes who or non on social media. To stay away from it. And what is Kevin Durant get from being on ends are Graham. He gets to probably hit checks out chair if he wants to but the Colorado. How about why that in the arena you pointed chick in the fourth row and say hey what are you doing after the game or some hot chicks sit behind the bench or courts or whatever. You depict ladies open anyway if you're an NBA player you're Kevin Durant that's got to be the simplest thing in the world. You needed scream for that I got bad basically didn't stay away from the stuff because. 90% of social media says toxic as just people saying stuff that send a blank anonymous staying and the taken shots left and right in the vast majority of these Diebler saints up about Kevin Durant myself included and I radio show to say is if I would say new stuff to his face. Us face to face it about probably wouldn't be like duties snaked out left OKC liberal stay OK okay in a candy I think they need to stay away from us. Because naturally you may not go to a game and say it but if he sat down a distant never happen but if he's importantly I'll do an interview. He sits in your for an hour you would not one time. Sure if you're having a cordial conversation day out you know I know you're gonna to secure I don't like a move that's a difference on how would Holler and item item I'm sitting in a blaze in game four rows back from the lawyers next year I wouldn't Holler at adventurous nature and laughter is the time place for everything down you're not going to be immediate member and a blazer game and randomly go hang. I didn't like your move what do you think but if you sitting down in an interview setting or something and then that makes sense to me. By the way yet offense a Graham and you still wanna talk to girls to scope you'll Google hack. He's already doing the commercial you know there at some point are probably going to appease him and he'll be able to have Google contact on the rise. Yet an and somebody says I like these points today you today Tex lines seems like every title he wins the skin gets a little bit thinner as you know we took the easy way to do it. And it is a part of that dare weary heads is that why you keep responding this sounds really allowed that media narrative Diaz and social media narrative chair kind of consume. His. Kind of feelings on his situation well and somebody said when you respond like that clearly struck a nerve for that's true leg and I think there is a small minority ending at times have people responding you're just having a bad day and it's like the one the clincher over the top. But if you're gonna constantly do this stuff it's it's clearly getting to a UN regard the eve feel like you need to respond to somebody. Who's completely irrelevant your life a slight one axis it why not take something that bothers you so much. And you you put in perspective it really does not matter now literally does not matter you say about you know. Just get office right that's a cent to delete the thing and I you I did the people out there court patty right nobody is more petty than my co host yeah. I would tell us. And I think overall petty to a certain degree yeah but if it's consuming you write what you get out there's a different look there's different levels of patty right. Well and I think a good example this in an athlete who solid this trap and pulled out. And LeBron James. LeBron his first year in Miami. And all the animosity towards him the burning of the jerseys the year you're now the billiard healer the MBA skip Bayless snared rise in before then he was kind of his local hero to head and you know there is always a hot take stuff about him but he wasn't Haiti and around the league right when he went to Miami kicked up another level and he's done interviews and talked about he wore the black headband and he got it he body in this villain role any kind of got stuck in this rut of listening to the things people were telling about him in any kind of tried to portray that role out on the court. And he couldn't get out of his own head and that's what a lot of people think led to his finals performance against Dallas. Re didn't show up when he got shut down by JJ Barea because it was thinking about all these comments among people are saying about him. And he'd pull out of it the next Siri just these screw that no matter what anybody thinks any got back to being himself to play basketball and ignoring all this nonsense on. Social media a good point here to Durant does do cool stuff with fans he would pick a football game or does it toward China. Generate does a lot of great things nationalist community. You know active member of the immunity does one that community a war is. So just hand the hand low self funded he assisted. Pay you don't know order some cool fans is they shoot out a message. Just you know I just think you two point emotionally where it bothers you rat somebody else do it. And just ignore it not allowed in your life and still do the cool kickass stuff and there's no doubt about that it's possible to do that are we got a loaded second hour. I'm allowed to get to. We're gonna start hour two. With some college football news and notes are some things that I wanna bring up and talk about we'll do that next turn spray our two back with more on the fan.