Dirt & Sprague Wednesday July 11th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, July 11th
The guys roll through all sorts of CFB news and notes, plus odds for teams to win their respective conference championships and they get sidetracked with Croatia's World Cup win over England, if there is anything in the sporting world that would get our entire nation to shut down.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. Pretty. Nobody. Oh. This is dirty and spray it. Well that's right yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well attended her Johnson and Brendan prelude. Lot of pressure. He's gonna rise of Buffett and harnessing that energy more confident. Harness energy block that it will. Feel like it's circular durden spray gun 1080 K guys. It's also a paradise. Simulator but also and nobody on the aren't. Yeah and our number two winter and spring here on 1080 the fan in Denver intact game in soccer right now. And dance with him. Bonus time for bonus overtime extra whatever then you wanna call they're still playing soccer. For the right to go to the World Cup final take on France Croatia England tied at. One as anybody checked it would mark Hamilton to see how he is dealing with the pacing is schedules Ly link. This is confidence apparently took a pretty big hit this morning he he was confident England fan of the show yesterday his cocky England you know we had our own money like more from the walls stop I retired before the show and he said yet not quite as. I'm not quite as confident as he was yes. Now here's all fired up after two appears so goal there on the free kick in the fifth minute as I haven't I have wondered by his office cents a Croatia Tenet up sources say his heart stopped. And had him not able to get it going again you can't handle this pressure and about ninety minutes since they scored late night New England played nine you are we got a lot to get to hear in the second hour and now I can wanna start it was some college football news and notes that feels good to hear that meant. Did is anybody else moment I had one on Sunday. I was watching some sports and on my couch. And I just started thinking about college football and I got jacked out of my mind I had it. Last night I was channel surfing around trying to go to bed just find some to help you fall asleep. And it's the Iron Bowl from last year was on the SEC network mean you know that's a good game two dogs like. That's right Auburn beat them in Alabama still has all playoffs brought that back I'll try to play in Washington the start this. Then I'll Alabama didn't win their division and still made the college football playoff we had a moment yes they ran the show we're in our boss is offering and out again and it was a college football classic Nebraska Colorado and apple wine. In Colorado and Colorado just beat up Nebraska yeah that sound and but Nebraska is still in the national championship game and an organ undressed Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl that manner. And that was Neuheisel is there new. I've no good no Miami Gary Barnett. Yeah yeah I was Barnett Dan. But Neuheisel was in Seattle. He was in Washington that have yet they went to the rose more that's right that's right. With that to the us opening face drew realized why not pretty boy enemy that's one of for a lot of duck fans and they bring up that's never won and I'm Bonnie into who. I think the fun memory of winning the Fiesta Bowl. Is this pretty nice compared to what would have happened you against Miami in the national championship game. Miami loyalists dominated and cussing and that was the plan as one of the best college football teams have ever seen dame they really like Nebraska. But that there punching bag twenty years later. Because of the way they lost that game in the way they lost to Colorado that was a damn good Nebraska football team that was still in the peak of Nebraska football. Mom and I am glad that ornaments the Fiesta Bowl and said we have a fond memory of beating Colorado. That's always fun to have that mentality though. Sure other than what it is fun to talk about but some ducks fans seems to believe that they could given Miami a run for the money and everybody in that. Who's more delusional ducks and the things they beat Miami or beaver fan that thinks they beat Oklahoma. The back to back years they missed I would say I would say duck fan just because of that good that Miami team was. Not sane at the organ state team was better than organ because that was a damn good organ team in 2001. But my you're talking and one of the best Kosovo dismal time in my mind no doubt go back and look at the pop NFL hall of famers them hunt them roster. Well. There's a long way to say we're excited for college football this season can we starting should we start countdown. I think it's there's kind of two days 51 days into current bout that. Let's start in this palace of air force college football news is again bring that to our now you've piqued my interest. Well this is an interesting story Ilie got so. Air force. Is gonna enter pre season camp and maybe even this season without an official defense of coordinator. Yes of their defensive coordinator left to take on the Carolina Panthers line backing coaching job okay. And their head coach at tech air force Troy Calhoun. Was talking at a panel lunch. And he told the media in espn.com. I know quote naming gave naming it eve integrators what everyone says you have to do. But they know this game we're going to use inevitably. Everyone on the staff. Collaborate some play calls. He got to ask why do I need to announce it but. He's kind of keeping this a secret and some think he may never released the information of who his real defensive coordinator is. But he might be right if you know this team what does it matter if you know the name. And that's an aid brings up a valid point here is your gonna pick Sony tendencies by watching the film anyway. Yeah. That's true so did an odd they split who calls plays on defense but that's the thing is he doesn't tell other people who it is. Kind these seated switched on a week by week basis you can switch it in game I guess of people until he noted inside linebackers coach rod Vander Linden. And Brian Knorr both have extensive defense of coordinator experience. Up so it's probably one of those two views therefore it's getting creative. That was like. At first show Lego that's dumb and in your make up. Any many valid point it kind of makes sense you can ride the hot hand until funnier guys called plays as a good week and arrived on Nancy and it has next week. Yeah and then if he has a bad week you throw one device right. I was Johns for not Kolb plays again this week bring up Peter this weekend. Let's go to the pac twelve. Some arbitration news to you members Steve's are cohesion. Had filed a thirty million dollar wrongful termination lawsuit against USC for being fired for his alcohol problem Qaeda. Well the arbitrator came out and they side it would USC. Lynn Swann there AD came on to we are pleased that the arbitration has reached its rightful conclusion and wish Steve search keys and well. Sar who is now the OC at Atlanta for the falcons said quote I am disappointed in their decision. But will respect it and move on. Much gratitude to everyone who has shown their support and stood by me last two years have been trying but I am now and a great plays healthy happy and loving my job with the falcons. And have the support of my family and friends. Yeah I never I didn't follow this case very closely that I do remember when it was first announced sign it just didn't really quite think he had. A strong arguments. Some I'm not shocked the USC ultimately won. But it is good to see saarc at least rebounded in his life and seemingly doing OK I think there's questions about a bit of an offensive coordinator he is because Atlanta's offense really struggled last year and they went from being a dominant. Group with with Shanahan to. Falling off our on that side of the football with him last season that was big reason why a lot of Lillian in advance further in the playoffs with a very similar roster. Putting a the year before so there's questions about him being a good offensive coordinator in the NFL but at least health wise and alcohol YC seems to have things under control let's go to Gainsville. Tim Tebow might be in the major leagues with the New York Mets because there's so god awful they might need something to put butts in the seats and sell those tickets he's seven and no case stand right now in now Minor League Baseball. Some have noted he is improved. Significantly from where he started the pace at 1950 in double layers of the semi gas slugging percentage pretty decent. South Florida Gators announced. That the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner. Will be the sixth player inducted in the Florida Gators ring of honor. It all happened during the LSU Florida game on October 6. Many have called team of the greatest Florida football player of all time. He says he is grateful. For the opportunity but he when he mailed to do without the amazing coaches and teammates. Make Aaron Hernandez. Do whatever it takes to kill those guys on the field man at the some people don't forget can you name the other five the players. And I was surprised it was only five in the ring of honor Florida's had an amazing program only got five guys in the ring of honor only five players in the ring of honor I could have named. To a mom anymore full three of on the out suggests worry here Spurrier yup. Anna Smith holds my parents and it's got to be a lot of people probably forget Emmett Smith played Florida. I the other one's big name deserves one more big name. Measles so it's before our time in my aim to force why guards time let's remember eskimos have so I'd say it and swagger are adults trying. Bruce Smith no in the position. I defense event. It's you were close with the position just not the guy that's. It's one of the best football names of all time. Like names are like you know yet names. The live dole. The beginning year times last before and before our time to retire in seventies NFL player 67 he's NFL there. Deluxe why are deacon Jones no. Wilbur Marshall is another one that's another guy that is not a guy that's how. I'm gonna go look we're margin. That's not a great football they Obama more against each and don't tell you. Whose great. Was dead. Since. And. Who would have marked Aston home mean Joseph green that was funny how you said mark gas to know it's. A he's been is out there believe it. About not mean Joseph greens now. Jack Youngblood. He was an offensive end yeah. Jan GM and how about that I don't want to name always loved that name. That's pretty crazy alien forever follies had five guys now honoring a monitor a B six with Tebow but five right now Wilbur Marshall Danny wore full Emmitt Smith. Steve Spurrier and Jack Youngblood violating his duty to update today that he is I believe he's dating miss universe she some. Okay and I did down. I think Denny's dating 2017. Miss universe I don't say this to poke fun just genuinely curious does he actively seek out virgins. Where does he not care. I don't know why you laughing it sucks but it. At that but does anybody else think about we're dumb things like that like I do not AA people ponder. The honor I think you got actively seek out the virgin and you want the experience. To be similar oh yeah awkward right nerves. And then excitement and Vienna on par with each other verses you date smoke cannot supermodel and safety Yeremiah eighteen. This is I believe these second miss universities dated now he gets this he's go without it. Yeah he's good looking guy. Good looking cat and by all their you know. All the reports say he's actually good guy could do again. Just don't super religious guy anyway there's a present now led not a we're talking to demon just wait for that later this summer when he comes in does they do is going to be it's gonna happen it's giving us storm into entitlement on the show the Mets are red hole dumpster fire this year and they need some sort of entertainment and excitement and inserts and Tebow are it's still 11 in the World Cup semi final and it is now going to penalty kicks does not yet and I know and I can easily switch hands here there midway through extra time they're switching ends there ego. I keep you updated on that one when echoes final let's stick in college football. We've got the other. Power five conference title odds and we saw. College also do that next. What. Well this once when he unavailable to Max and Croatian dismissed another opportunity to. Win the match feminine outlive my daughter's fifteen minutes. Hello Leo here 1218120. Hank. I only get to penalty kicks it leads in those are exciting. For the World Cup final man. They can be awesome. We we're talking some college football news and notes -- staying college football. Our old friend Brett make Murphy. He set out the latest odds we talked with a packed full body yesterday Washington the overwhelming favorite to win the actual five denying odds stacked into. Is USC four to one Stanford 92 organ 81 era is on Utah tied at 151. And it goes on and on and on let's go to the other power five conferences here. And let's start width. The big twelve. Who would you guess is the favorite the big twelve Chris got to be Oklahoma bright at this point. Even though maker mayfield gone letting we got a goal yes we did Croatia us horrid why now. Hamilton soup conviction you don't thing against my Croatian baby while he's either he's got a little minutes here I hurt their talent I ask one quick soccer question GO yeah. Why is not what can you not just stop the clock when this kind of stuff happens. When that on the ad after notre but I don't know if there's ever a 100% accurate like what did you just literally play until ninety minutes and every time something like this happens you just stop the clock. Because flopping and stuff can take a long time. But maybe guys would be a lot of bad. There's always certain things actually the celebration. That's not an August in all these things accumulated like the flopping the guys laying on the ground the celebration and the goal. Just in soccer stadiums. And nearly as an answer idea dies right yeah I would not be pretty easy thing to do just pause and play. Right yeah you interrupted my foremost I started just might artists are requesting that he probably you can answer some guys questions Kenny answered apologetic. So we a World Cup update Croatia up to one. It's up 109 right now in is it extra time is that yes proper that's extra time over time. You're right Oklahoma is the big twelve favorite five to seven can you guess the next two. I would go probably I think Texas has high expectations this year some people project him to be in in years people are buying him like we do we're recently yearly taxes and I would say that there are in the top three and then also I would include Oklahoma State in that mix Oklahoma State is not okay its Texas you right on that one TCU. Who no longer has said he trails Jimmie trail that your boy act quarterback. Oklahoma State is next though after them there with West Virginia at 821. Texas Tech is down there are forty to one Kansas a hundred to one. They have better odds and organ state to win their conference yet you know what hurts to ask how has that one really that one stinks right there. The Oklahoma one makes sense because the amount of talent they're bringing back and Kyle -- at least you've seen him play college quarterback before we know he's a dynamic athlete that we have we really seen him play quarterback before I mean confidence of winning the conference so no but we know he's he's a dynamic athlete ending that's enough at least as of now with what the offense and Oklahoma runs in the talent they have coming back I'm OK with Clinton in there. The team wants in the big twelve and it's weird to say this because we've been wait and wait and wait and wait and it's taxes. I'd you know I'd I think the big twelve for some raising its propped up pirate in the pac told in terms of national respect even though they only have one T make college football playoff. Oklahoma's been there twice named plausible times that they banned. On to Clemson and then last year to Georgia and they're semi final games and took it go according joining a lot of people on the was because when you look just from a respect factor. They need one of those other programs to step up Oklahoma State can have good years but has not consistently year in year out thing. TCU is a really good football team last year can heal just are too many interceptions and some of their bigger games and they drops on the they probably shouldn't have. But did the team had a conference is waiting for is taxes and I did tell a story lines just get tired of every single year in dealing when Notre Dame was down asking. When it was Notre Dame going to be back this is the year this is a year and every single year it didn't seem to be that way and this is a big one for taxes Siegel and the year to now what Tom Herman. Did the golden boy of college football there's high expectations and they got had been early non conference game against USC out hole to prove how good they are. I would be very curious to see if Texas who has those expectations. If they finish with seven wins. What is the reaction tolerant they 075 there were 75 last year that believe they lost a bowl game and they won their bowl it's their six and six among their bowl game to finish seven and six Charlie Strong obviously when that great play at. Boy you goes year to waiting to take that jumping you have a seven wind tide season everybody's going to be very frustrated by that one. Let's go on in the Big Ten K you obviously Ohio State's the favorite. As they probably should be their 1011. Odds yadda minutes the overwhelming favorite and you guess the next three I would go Penn State's. Michigan. In Wisconsin you're right. It's a different order by Iraq it's Wisconsin Michigan Penn State Michigan State is down there in Iowa Nebraska are sitting at 42 won the so the Big Ten kind of predictable as well you wonder if Wisconsin can realistically when it. I think with the talent Ohio State I don't know how you don't bat Ohio State to win that conference. One hence it's got their quarterback coming back yeah McSorley is it's always a great college quarterback down their their fourth. So they think say Guam Barkley loss term is gonna be bigger than bringing back their quarterback and you don't see that too often in Vegas why did part of that to you is is you look at the division if you put Penn State my opinion you put in the less with with what Wisconsin has to face. There there the second I's favorite but when you have to play Ohio State Michigan saint Michigan every single year right animus summoned me you know one or two of those if not hopefully all three forum but. Does suggest a couple of Lamar on the road. That's that's a really tough college to go through Wisconsin's division is northwestern Purdue Iowa Nebraska Minnesota and Illinois and there in the better half of that and at Kate's blog and these kind of things bounce out we've seen in the pac twelve for some years it was it was the north to start in the south can have their Ron. Now maybe the north is coming back again so Ed's at some point in May be the Big Ten bounces out especially as Scott processor able to do it in Nebraska. But right now it's a cakewalk for the badger I mean unless one of those three and coaches takes an NFL game I I actually don't think it's gonna balance out first few wide disease and many other teams stepped up like northwestern is getting close there were ten win team last year like FitzGerald what he's been doing just landed that transfer quarterback I believe from closed from Clemson or wherever we can last a one of those five star kids who sit behind somebody else decided to go to northwestern they just got their new practice is practice facility built. So Northwestern's building and then I do I think Scott frost is a dream higher I browsers. He knows the area he's a legend Mary's a phenomenal football coach is a great recruiter you can ask for anything more than that to get young guided. Doesn't seem like he would ever jumper leave for another job B seems like he's got that life for potential. So you can bounce around there's an oven to three really good teams in the north and earned a big canyon east. And also the three really good teams in the last I in the ACC Clemson is the favorite followed by Miami. Your boy Willie Taggart has the third best odds and vile attack at 821 whom. I like Florida State a little more than I like Miami. Arsenault linguistic would be a bad bad. You know Sam went down LA the athletic website mop a Florida State lost a lot of close games last year they did and they're bringing a tonic guys back including their starting quarterback I'd like they lost a lot of close games down in under starting QB for the entire season outside of three quarters against Alabama. That's not easy to go through. That this is a big enough for Miami to 'cause my any kind of one of those runs last year it reminded me of Notre Dame in 2012. They won a lot of Flutie games a lot you know he's sure back and look at some of the final scores in the waited they wind. Andy Kennedy is chocolate shake your head like how how the hell did they do that. But it was big it was a big year for them just to get back on the national stage I'm sure it was an uptick in recruiting forum. But to be able to do within the next year and to show that it wasn't kind of a fluke or you can back it up and follow up that type of season. In Miami and a lesser ten and three and allows her last three games. So. They had a phenomenal start of the year and they just couldn't quite finish it's a big one preventive. Capitalize anomaly dealt lawyers say as much as I despise with a dagger for the way that he left organ I understand the decision that he made. But that team is absolutely loaded absolutely loaded that it is anybody else in the SEC going to be George or drama now you don't McGovern has a shot considering how close they were last year while they did beat Alabama last year but on time this year he out to make it beat them but in terms of Macon college football playoff from one in the conference I wouldn't take Robert now. All right well there's your conference ideologues in need power five give you pac twelve yesterday the other four today. Will stay and football bowl go to the NFL. O'Dell Beckham Antonio Brown Julio Jones India Andrei Hopkins. Everything equal quarterback. Who is the best wide receiver in choosing article on espn.com about this with us. Thought I hit 134. Where odd couple minutes away. From the into this game Croatia leaving England 21. Our buddy mark Hamilton wins two minutes away he has left the building he has not been around during the match boom. He's definitely not coming back. I -- there's no way he'd there's no way you show your face after that. Look I I don't mean this to be negative there's a lot of emotion in it for a lot of people with the country in the pride in the getting this far. Boy he was trading jockeying and Sanyo stay on the old radio show like this was an even going to be a close match daddy lies that he was that's why I never go that way I am always like how we're gonna lose we're gonna see clearly that they pack in as in the sand and since high risk tire war. I guess my question as us you know when England scored the fifth minute he saw some video they were in now Hyde Park there in London their viewing party and everybody you know. They estimated a 3101000 dollars a beer into the air when they scored now is there a US equivalent to this anymore. I may be the octopus on the ice rink. When they used to know I don't what would cause us as a gay dads frenzied. As mad collectively as a nation. To stop everything that we are doing for a sporting contest and nothing to lose our stuff well of this this of the super. But I don't know I don't NBC I don't and a World Cup ride and you don't think if we got to this point. And we scored the first school in the semi finals to go to the final. We would have a guy square somewhere where everybody is throwing beer I don't I don't think everybody I don't think I don't think there's a McQuay I think this country is just too big what is the population of England. Genome and all of literally. Elaine probably twenty million maybe 35 to forty okay so you gotta take data in the context we've got 400 million people 5353. So 53 million. It's pretty close. It compared with the size of their country and ours. I am I'm not saying we would match them but I think we would have a lot more people like even meet. The GB from the era to the airfare is the yes it was playing this game and I was watching it with a group of people like that. I would totally be guy that throws it up because everybody else is doing it in you get caught up in the moment trying to. You don't think we would be that way I say novice like I that we would there'd be few played we didn't when we get a lot of the people but I don't I don't think the country would shut down the way other actors do made world and I'm Lewis why god and is slowly out I mean we heard them. With the free world leader but I think a lot of places would. Be willing to stop work. And understand a lot of people are coming back to drawn. It is nominated in Atlanta games overtones that wins game but allow looses against Croatia and France in the final depth Sunday morning Sunday when time eleven. Ten or eleven I'll double checked at four impact amid lean eleven because I've seen ten twice and I've been wrong isn't it yeah I think they compared what you have for American sports but it's not about going crazy and rooting necessarily from one team it's Super Bowl Sunday. Like downright one receivables Sunday for them like that yeah large and that's it for years to ride but I'm just I I could I don't think there's an equivalent anymore the closest we ever came was the 1980 US hockey team. But times were so different back then yeah obviously the political climate pact and and I is there any Olympic sport that would get us to get like we have never will on her Wii is the British general thing was pretty cool when he won that. I don't know that it's not on this level answer that second question Michael Phelps did Michael Phelps come close or was that more like we know he's gonna win in its tail dash -- Dominique dominated so many times DeLeon your just in on it we didn't stop we were doing to watch Michael Phelps. Yeah have I and watch every event he did write a lady and a lot on and I was around and I would stopped to watch him win right. Ryan Lochte went and bathrooms pieces that do for us what about a world class sprinter beating them the you know get back to those kind of days. Turning a hundred real retirement years. As you seem always a big deal obviously not American but if you had an American they would like beat UC bowl but what they didn't what did it mean to Jamaica. Right that's rabble that's like that I know that we wouldn't be the same I guess I don't know man I I'm coming up with blanks year. The only reason I throw burst Jenner was because. You know that was even before my time but I know. You listen to people tell stories and talk about all time great athletes. I mean people still throw him around as the greatest athlete ever and what that meant. Yams and they said refer German company 101000 employees didn't work for a week after they won no way that would happen here yeah that's. The got a sense of retired about our work with the tough thing with this though is you are you're comparing so many countries with popular Haitians right now I know I get that aren't even a quarter of us stature of like we do how close would China beaded doing this let's go that number this athlete let's go over competed Jack damage. And I think in India amber was at a position they enjoy it and million mile go mad. Now I think they wouldn't work the out they would shut down their country all case they'd be like one of these places that not only the Chinese would let. I got I read something that it had gotten to the point where there was a proposal. If England. Won the world cop. They were did it got in the parliaments that Monday was going to be an official holiday right. Well natural likes of it is similar to Acxiom and of course a ton of people be in his hands and knees and you forget ever little was chanting USA during the last broke up. A breast say that you didn't Bruce Morton follow it last time we know like it's a big deal when the USA is playing a World Cup game country shuts down his country shuts down Andy's getting these kind of places you don't go to work everybody's I don't watch party. Like it would US daily death public things with hundreds of thousands of right people like grand floral parade in Portland and that's really got remember the money was saved for years ago when they were applying and it was like we were talking about it walking around the office and people had -- on TVs but it was in the background. It was like all right let's see USA score two on there so do you take. Because we're not gonna sit down companies we know that. But you take USA is Croatia right now they just want to go to the final set in the semis they're going to the final day our feel good story for a lot of soccer fan. How home what's the percentage of the workers though that are working. Data are allowed to follow this on TV. And again to my point boss is probably realize yeah. Production is useless as an interesting question he had to get the semi final final kind of moment obviously the finals on a weekend so that's a different story so according are looking at 8 AM Pacific time Sunday morning -- aren't. I I I think you'd be a lot more. Dane we can't even imagine hopefully find out Sunday. And I think you would get so many of you calling in sick and companies by the way I walked in all those looking for mark Hamilton to get a I hit a nine year. And his office is blasting this game Michael almighty guide he stayed here to watch the game in his office. Now he not there he's not here in the building user in the first half but I walked past in the hall way and you had a pretty good group huddle around Michael and they're watching it on a limb. All fifteen inch television can be overly interesting in 20/20. Six in LA it's easier yeah. Wow you know why and I think the US team needs to demonstrate they need to develop some campuses and we got shows that they didn't. You know might be able to do something had to find a good ten year old you know but I'd be curious to see to what extent it's just. Everybody shut it in just everything shuts down we. I think we're past that didn't I think we're two splintered in diverse. You really don't think in 20/20 six of. We get RS together make the World Cup and somehow get to this point. Look I am soccer guy and under his station and I think you're under so I I know you're underestimating anti soccer crowd unknown unknown unknown hopeful and I probably a little bit of that moment I think what we're underestimating is bandwagon factor. And country pride factor. Right leg I think there's rallying cries for a lot of different pockets in the country in different sports. You know league predominantly. Don't care about College Baseball. But damn do we do have the beavers make the college World Series. We predominately don't care about college basketball. Crede huge significant area is here when their ducks went to the final four bright I think you have your different little instances. Where you're getting so many people they don't care. Now caring and now add the whole country. Represented on a Jersey. Even take a crowd that was sheeting NFL players are taken in the you've now rope then Mindy caring. And US soccer guy I I just think we are. Under raiding the aspect of bandwagon fan country pride fan. Sports fan in general and mixing them in a pot and going hey. Catalyst don't care about this but damn we do now fewer seasons there end of Sino yes. And beyond us and India buried today text line said dealing we have in the states or comes close the elation at the world has for soccer. The team winning the Super Bowl that cities excitement it's a microcosm of what happens in the country when they win. Died in need to have a major sports again Matt I didn't even do that city by city I think he sat down now yes at the blazers won an NBA champion our city was shut down Saturday it was so like it let's say they wanted on a weekday yes I think people nobody would go to high thanks you know a lot of people calling in sick on Thursday I I did there would be a huge parading about all the people that would be downtown to watch that absolutely what what I mean they shut Seattle shut down when they had the parade for the Super Bowl I'll pray Davey will. Yeah I don't know to the extent to which they shut down but when your time and don't cancel school and so as they cancel Galileo but these countries are shutting down like. Businesses are closed using we approach that if we get it plays a title here the day acting when I think it's a map per operating day and maybe not the day after the parade today I can't count or else people are going to work the next and act on Oregon parade day as a like they would do something dumb like half game like somebody's city. Harry starts at ten guys Wheeler back in the offices by 230 Wheeler makes a city ordinance the streets have to be clear by 1 PM go back to work everybody you gotta go back and look at markets like memo in Kansas City won a World Series from the scene there. Our family when they just won the Super Bowl I how big of a deal that was from Philadelphia number Kansas City and the royals just said to socio yeah. I just think on cities cities in our professional sports do that I just I don't think there's some I think. Were passed as a country are collectively doing that. I know this is an end their original one last one year and to view and in different contacts of that being in negative this guy says it's that is good news or America because it means we have so many awesome things that we never put all our eggs in one basket. Juan Carlos does England half the. Yes foyer award debates were much more diversified in that adept at the royal weddings that's pretty much. Which they're out of for awhile you know this should know royal weddings for a bad moves announced it was too I give merry little will. Little little little hook yeah Lilly about her yet will rotates oldest is eaten. So you pry got what twenty years 1520 years the longest of wars teaches is a lying king scenario and that family. There's scar move Foss attention going on database Allenby teeing Iowa throat and you know it's like to run the throne and Barack Obama is losing some way wrong I just panning when you involve a country into it. I'm going the opposite way I'm not even soccer guy it's funny soccer guy and the show is thinking you wouldn't do it. Near the did you did it not anti but not soccer guys think he goes the other way things whole country's gonna rally if I'm not a title that totally derailed the segment and we went along but Croatia one they are going to the World Cup final if you do that kind of thing and applying France what he's seen AM Sunday bright and early yet third place matches Saturday Belgium and England only a third place or bash for the third time in the World Cup they play guys care. Why did they do they play hard what does that third place match. Well let's I think it's mostly for TV what is ambulances and AM on Saturday seemed imaginative other sports did that beautiful probably institute dad and my dad in the you know like the NFL you have the loser of the AFC and NFC title game played for a third place trophy do weird loser of the ALCS and NLCS faceoff and a five game series. Would you watch the NFL or NBA or even baseball they did some like that I think I would probably for the four used to do that better yeah the two losers at the final four would play a third place game. Am I can't remember when they stop doing that it's been a few decades and I get rockets and Celtics series I'll watch that the Italy Croatia. They're going mad so I grabbed. They are going man. I don't know if I would ever wanna be in the middle of that mob wound up with LD Tara you're not moving for hours to your feeling like Jack claustrophobic. People are gonna go or not somebody's into some really stupid. And lit himself on fire and put that is one element there. I sorely against it let's get to a privilege it's the best letters even in a tossing it back to a clocks would let them breed little bits that are story to fifteen. But they did on the LeSean McCoy story and a really good point to don't forget about Kansas City and you know his reaction on that and I Kansas City you got to remember Kansas City couple exactly sell local an update on that story Chris. I'm renting back French tennis always not 95 months so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership I was out of the glorious us gains this morning. That's right knowing. It feels really yawning before you went outside to mountain break from behind me stay training your jogging BI did actions and I heard the same India today again anything can happen. Think he's he's also an anti job guy I'll have you know everybody here is so I told them they so far less and Eric. Mile mile and a half. The cameras I can't brag about a distance about wrecked. May look at the L wide receiver talked in the file on the show I also have a question just popped in in my mind that I wanna talk about as well. It's not sports related but I will ask you got the final hour starter story. Some stuffs still yet to but yesterday we talked about this is the big story the NFL and was Mosul Rama LeSean McCoy DNC Graham post that. Basically accused him of not only beating his dog beating his kids. It's taken steroids but also beating. His ex girlfriend and the pictures are horrific and he immediately denied any sort of involvement and said he hasn't had any communication. With the girl or her friend posted on NC Graham. And a long time. And so it's a he said she said at the start of the last nine this was the update on it as. The lawyers. For the Vic Tom said that she was the victim on the home invasion of a home owned by McCoy in Georgia. And this is the as you brought I guess in the shows right there is pending litigation between the two of them in the state of Georgia. And immoral wondering what was what this is what it is that apparently it's his house he's trying to get around and it. All but this aliens came in at home and they demanded specific items of jewelry that'd been previously gifted. Two of the girl by LeSean McCoy. When they McCoy had requested those items are jewelry back on many occasions and the attorney explained quote. In fact after mr. recorded refused to return her jewelry gifts to mr. McCoy he would often suggest or her. If she should be robbed of them because it was expensive. So he is saying take me maybe not presently under right now he hasn't had any contact with her personally blinds. This obviously leads everybody does think that he hired people. To go when. Rob her rougher up a little bit and get his stuff. Back if that story kind of checks out right I I don't know how you have any other conclusion. If they're able to somehow pin point who it is and get those people to snitch you might end up having. Quite a story in your hand this is a Tonya Harding kind of taming high Aaronson might it is something you really is you just gotta find the people who did that get him to admit to or find any evidence of trail phone calls text messages between the cup the two right right no doubt about it a Jewish some McCoy and you know that you had something to do it this. You the next. Four months in your life you are waking up every day you have notification Zahn. You are ready to fight something because you realize they might be able to Trace of activists. They may not maybe they investigate this and they can't pinpoint it enough on him. But a story like in that. Where he has been cited as saying. You should give me back those items right and end of the dubbed the burglars and in the domestic indeed inning as beater out come in and specifically ask for those items. Yes that that's a pretty bad luck and that leads a lot of people who believe. All right he did it eve he I was somebody going there in and kick her ass and steal stuff. And points a finger right directly at him and now it was a pretty big bombshell to be drop last night that the attorney of the Vic Tom by the wedding gal I solitude that made the post so the friend of the ex girlfriend. She has to buy because it's obviously blew up yesterday and it was a national conversation about what happened. Om and she is standing by everything that she said in currency Graham post. And I mean you look if this ends up being churlish comical way not only bully and played his last down in the NFL. He's got some pretty serious legal stuff to continue to be worried about. And I and I know the police is investigating they are investigating this case right now in Georgia but there's your update the attorney of the victim says that McCoy a I had often threatened to steal the jury back said she should be robbed because the jury was expensive because she wouldn't give him back. And the assailants the broke into her home demanded specific items of jewelry and her previously given to her Beimel. Boys are really ugly story it's only at the beginning of it and you're gonna continue to follow it and wonder where what direction is again and out by the way deaf in Syria impose that the friend had put up. They got the lead it. So vague that you know that and young lady either back tractor was given advice to not put something out there like this while an investigation is gonna be ongoing. Cheney maintains is innocence and now we kind of play the waiting game to see if they can link him with those people and if they can't. He is going to you probably playing this season. Yep solo to get to down I won us the latest one he's still maintains his innocence and the attorney says otherwise they lost to get to any final dollar on the show status story coming up at 215. All the talk about the best wide receivers in the NFL there was the the article ran on ESPN got some folks fired up. About who actually is the best when in a poll question on that we'll get to as well an update on the Tampa Bay Rays and what they're trying to do down there in terms of building a new stadium. Maybe the excitement should be tampered it temper down a little bit and down as we begin to. I'll fund TV question I want ask because I was thinking about something TD class a fun TV question a last a lot of final article in order to spread on 1080%.